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Wink ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Hey everyone, this is where I will begin posting up, again... "An Adventure of a Lifetime!" Follow the story of a teen named Kevin Sun and his many adventures in Johto. I hope you all have a chance to read my story... you won't be dissapointed...

Dr Skottie

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Talking Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

An Adventure of a Lifetime!
Chapter 1

"Pokeball Go!" yelled a voice.

A red and white sphere flew from the trainers hand and out onto the
battlefield. It opened and white light exploded from within. The massive
crowd cheered from the darkness as the light formed into a Charizard.

It roared as it flexed its wings. Its orange scales shone in the stadium lights
and its eyes glistened, filled with crimson fire.

The other pokemon, a huge Dragonite, eyed its opponent.

"Charizard use Flame-thrower!" called the voice.

A great ball of flame grew in the creature’s mouth.

"Dragonite use Hyper Beam!" ordered a second voice.

The dragonites eyes went yellow and a beam of golden energy shot forth
from the dragon’s mouth, lighting up the whole stadium. Charizard
unleashed its flame-thrower at the same moment and the 2 devastating
attacks flew through the air. The attacks hit each other in the middle of the
stadium with tremendous force. The two energies twisted and contorted
around each other causing a huge explosion...


Our story begins in the Western territories of Johto, in the quaint little
village of New Bark town where our hero, Kevin Sun, has just woken up
from a dream, to the sounds of his alarm clock. This is the beginning of his
pokemon story...

Kevin rolled over in his bed and switched off the alarm clock that was
beeping loudly on his bedside table. He ran a hand through his thick blonde
hair and looked out the window to see the sun rising over the hill in the
distance. He wondered why his alarm had gone off so early.

And then he remembered.

"Of course!" he thought stupidly. "I get my first pokemon today!"

He pushed off his covers and jumped out of bed, almost knocking over his
magnemite lamp in the process. He changed as fast as he could, putting on a
bright orange T-shirt and pulling on a pair of black cargo pants with red
trim around the pockets, Lastly fastening it with an orange belt, with a
pokeball symbol on the buckle. He went to his bedside table, picked up his
silver Pokegear and strapped it to his left wrist. He then looked at himself
in his full length mirror. He flexed his muscular, 15 year old body and his
emerald green eyes shone with excitement.

He pulled on a pair of flame colored gloves as he ran downstairs. The
aroma of bacon and eggs wafted from the kitchen. He walked in and sat
down at the table. His beautiful, blonde haired mother placed his breakfast
in front of him, smiling.

"Thanks Mum" said Kevin. "You’re the greatest!"

"Eat up honey" she said to him admiringly. "You’ve got your whole new
life ahead of you!"

He wolfed down his breakfast, got up, kissed his mum goodbye and
strapped on his single strap black bag.

"Make me proud son!" called his mother as he left the house. "Oh wait, you
forgot this" she dashed up to him, something in her hand. It was his father's
old silver necklace that was made especially to hold gym badges. She stood on
her toes and put it around his neck. She kissed him on the cheek. "Be careful

"Don't worry mom, I'll be fine!" he said smiling. He gave her one last hug and
walked out onto the dirt road.

He took a deep breath of the fresh morning air and made his way to Prof.
Elm’s Laboratory to get his first pokemon.

Ten minutes later he arrived at the lab. The gleaming glass doors slid open
and he walked inside to see Prof. Elm, glasses shining, sitting at a computer
looking intently at the screen.

The Professor turned in his chair, saw Kevin and said, "You must be

"Yep that’s me!", he replied excitedly. "I’m here to get my first pokemon!"

"Of course" said Prof Elm. "Right this way!"

He led Kevin over to a desk. On it were three pokeballs.

"You may choose a pokemon Kevin" said the Prof happily. "Which will it
be? Cyndaquil, the Fire pokemon; Totodile, the Water pokemon or
Chikorita, the Grass pokemon? Choose carefully"

Kevin thought about it for a moment.

"I think..." he said, "I’ll choose Totodile."

"Excellent choice!" said the Prof. and he handed Totodile’s pokeball to
Kevin along with a bright red pokedex and a handful of empty pokeballs.
Kevin put the pokedex in his pocket and clipped the pokeballs onto his belt.
"Your goal as a pokemon trainer is to become number one in the
world and to collect as many different kinds of pokemon you can find. At
the moment we know of roughly 300 different types but that total keeps
growing as pokemon trainers like yourself discover more and more. I wish
you luck on your journey Kevin."

"Thanks Professor! Cya later!" said Kevin leaving the lab.

"Goodbye Kevin! Good luck!" called Prof. Elm.

Kevin jumped down the steps and onto the road. He plucked Totodile’s
pokeball from his belt and pressed the button. The gleaming red and white
pokeball shot open and white light spilled from within onto the ground. The
light took shape and there was a little blue croc, smiling up at Kevin.
It's cute tail twitched back and forth and its eyes shone.

"Hey little buddy, I'm Kevin! Are you ready for an adventure Totodile?"
asked Kevin excitedly.

It quacked happily and it jumped up and down.

"OK then!" said Kevin. "On to Cherrygrove City!"

He shouldered his pack and with Totodile at his heels left his hometown for
an adventure of a lifetime...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

I'm so glad AAOAL is back on. I can't wait to read more Dr. Skottie!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 2

Kevin decided to leave Totodile out of its pokeball for awhile as it had loads of energy.
They headed east from New Bark Town to enter the beautiful forest surroundings of
Route 29.
The sun was now beaming brightly at the pair as they traveled to Cherrygrove City, on the
look out for pokemon to catch. Kevin touched one of the empty pokeballs at his belt. Time to
fill one, he thought.

And then Kevin saw it.

On top of a grassy knoll, not too far away, was a little brown and white bird, digging for
worms in the soft turf. It scratched at the grass and soil with sharp taloned feet.

"Alright!" said Kevin. "A pokemon!" Kevin got out his new pokedex.

<Pidgey> <Tiny Bird Pokemon>

<Pidgey is a common sight in forests and woods. Gentle by nature they kick up blinding
sand at their enemy to avoid a fight. Capturing a pidgey is a good test of a beginning
trainers battle techniques>

"Do you think you can beat it Totodile?" asked Kevin to his pokemon.

Totodile quacked in affirmation.

The pair ran up to the Pidgey and it turned to face them. It tilted its head, sizing them up.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin. "Use your tackle attack!"

Totodile ran towards Pidgey at high speed, catching it off guard, and knocked it to the

The pidgey jumped up and blasted sand into Totodiles face with a flap of its wings. It
then flew up into the sky, circling around Totodile.

"Get that bird out of the air with a bubble attack!" instructed Kevin.

Totodile leapt into the air and shot 5 shiny bubbles at the Pidgey. The bird pokemon
dodged the first 2 but was hit by the other 3, causing it to crash to the ground.

"OK! Pokeball Go!" yelled Kevin hurling it at the dazed pidgey. The pokeball struck the
wounded pokemon, opened and the pokemon transformed into a brilliant red light, that
was sucked into the pokeball. It snapped shut. The ball fell to the ground and it rocked
from side to side. Kevin waited anxiously for the ball to lock...


"Yes! We did it!" yelled Kevin happily. He ran over, picked up the pokeball and clipped
it on his belt.

"Okay Totodile, you deserve a rest, return" said Kevin and a red beam returned Totodile to
its pokeball.

Kevin couldn’t believe it. He had already caught his first pokemon!

He strolled leisurely in the dappled light of the forest until lunchtime where he let out his
pokemon under the shade of a great, big, berry tree. He reached up and picked some of
the dark red berries for himself and his pokemon.

"These are good" he said with a mouth full of the berries. "Here try some!"

He threw some into Totodile's gaping jaws, who chomped them down grinning. Pidgey
flew up onto his shoulder and Kevin gave it a berry to nibble. Pidgey, still a bit worn out
from being captured, seemed to regain its health. Pidgey chirped happily.

He returned his pokemon and started off again.

Kevin walked the rest of the day without coming across another pokemon. As the sun was
setting on the western horizon, he stopped, unrolled his black sleeping bag, climbed in
and fell asleep instantly.

He awoke the next morning bright and early and continued on his way to Cherrygrove
City. He hoped to arrive there today. After a few hours of traveling, he could see the
small city in the distance.

"Hey you there!" yelled a voice.

Kevin whirled around to see where the voice had come from. A boy, a bit younger than
himself with black hair, blue pants and a yellow T-shirt, was pointing at him.

"Yeah what?" replied Kevin.

"Are you the son of Lance?.... The Dragon Trainer?" asked the boy excitedly.

"Unfortunately" thought Kevin to himself. All his life he had been known by the whole
world because of his dad . He was always in his dad’s shadow no matter what he did. He
had won the Johto Martial Arts Championship, but it had seemed hopeless that he would
be known for anything he himself had done. That’s why he had become a pokemon
trainer, to beat his dad at his own game and become number one. But for now at least he
would be called 'the son of the Dragon Trainer' and there was nothing he could do about
it. He loved his dad very much, but he hardly ever got to see him. He didn't like being
linked to someone he barely knew. One day he'd be known for what he had done, not what
his father had done.

"Yeah why?" said Kevin a little bitterly.

"I challenge you to a pokemon battle!" said the boy confidently.

"You’re on!" replied Kevin. "Pidgey go!"

Kevin threw the pokeball out onto the grass and out came pidgey.

"Go Spinarak!" yelled the trainer as he hurled the pokeball onto the field. It burst open
and out came a little green bug.

"Pidgey, use your gust attack!" ordered Kevin.

Pidgey started flapping its wings, creating a mini tornado. The little spinarak tried to
stand its ground but was blown backwards by the rushing winds.

"Come on Spinarak, use a poison sting!" ordered the boy. Spinarak got to its feet and shot
out a volley of poison barbs.

"Dodge them Pidgey" called Kevin. Pidgey swooped away, narrowly avoiding the attack. "Now use
a quick attack!" Pidgey dived at the insect type, its beak punching into the green carapace. Spinarak
was sent reeling.

"Hang in there Spinarak!" said the boy. "Use your Stringshot!"

Spinarak got to its feet and spat out a line of web towards Pidgey. The web wrapped itself
around Pidgeys wings, tying them to its body. Pidgy fell to the ground and got up on its
taloned feet. Pidgey tried to spread its wings but the sticky coating kept them firm to its body.
It couldn’t fly now because of its entangled wings.

"You can do it Pidgey!" encouraged Kevin. "Give it a peck attack!"

Pidgey sprinted over to the Spinarak and pecked it 3 times on the head. Spinarak fainted.

"You did your best Spinarak, return" said the trainer, returning Spinarak into it's pokeball.
"Lets see if you can handle this, son of the dragon trainer!"

"Don’t call me that! Pidgey Return!" shot back Kevin, recalling Pidgey with the red laser.

"Go Sandshrew!" yelled the boy.

"Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin.

The two pokeballs flew onto the field and opened revealing the pokemon.

"Use bubble Totodile?" said Kevin. Totodile shot out a rapid burst of white bubbles. Sandshrew
leapt aside, avoiding the water-based attack.

"Sandshrew, use your scratch attack!" instructed the trainer.

Sandshrew darted over to Totodile scratching it on the face.

"Totodile, use your rage attack and then use scratch!" ordered Kevin.

Totodile started to glow an angry red and its eyes were aglow with fury. All of a
sudden, Totodile, full of fury, started slashing at Sandshrew again and again and again.

"Get out of there Sandshrew!" yelled the trainer. "Use rollout!"

Sandshrew jumped into the air tucked into a ball and rolled straight at Totodile, knocking
the croc over. It then started circling around Totodile.

"Totodile, use water gun!" yelled Kevin.

Totodile opened its gaping jaws and blasted a streaming jet of water at Sandshrew. The
attack hit head on. The sandshrew was defeated.

"Sandshrew return!" said the amazed trainer. "Wow, you’re awesome!"

"Thanks" said Kevin, "Totodile return, awesome work!"

"What did you say your name was?" asked the boy.

"Kevin" said our hero smiling, "Kevin Sun."

The trainer gave him a thumbs up and an admiration filled smile. He turned and walked away.

"Cya around!" called Kevin as he began walking again. Half an hour later he arrived in
Cherrygrove City.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 3

The city of Cherrygrove had a certain tranquility about it. The peaceful home of many
with a crystal clear river running through the center of town. Kevin could see a wooden
bridge up ahead and on the other side was the city itself. Kevin stepped onto the bridge
and the sound of slow moving water could be heard below him. His feet thudded on the
wood. As Kevin was crossing, he heard a splash down below. He peered over the railing
and saw a funny blue pokemon, smiling up at him. Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Quagsire><The Waterfish Pokemon>

<This carefree pokemon is one of a kind as it is a water and ground type pokemon. It is
said that it adores round objects>

"Cool! I’m gonna catch it" said Kevin and grabbed a pokeball from his belt. "Totodile

Totodile leapt from the pokeball and dived into the river with a splash. The croc
resurfaced shaking water from its head.

“Totodile use scratch attack!” Totodile swam up and scratched the Quagsire across the
face. Quagsire winced then used a double slap attack, knocking Totodile under the water.

“Totodile, use Bubble!” called Kevin. Totodile resurfaced with a small explosion of
water. White bubbles shot out from Totodiles mouth and burst on impact as they struck
the Quagsire. The Quagsire was too dazed to fight back. Kevin grabbed a pokeball from
his belt and pressed the button to enlarge it. It was ready to go

“Alright! Pokeball Go!” yelled Kevin as he threw the pokeball at Quagsire. All of a
sudden, in mid flight, the pokeball was blasted out of the air by a jet of water! The
Quagsire poked out its long tongue used the distraction to dive under water and swim out
of sight.

“What the...” said Kevin and turned to see where the watergun had come from. There on
the bank was a Squirtle looking quite pleased with itself. Its little paws were on its waist
and it was smiling confidently. Next to the little turtle pokemon was a boy. He was
wearing dark blue 3/4 pants, a lime green shirt with a dark blue vest over the top, and a
pale blue belt. His long spiky hair was the colour of the sky and his eyes were a deep
ocean blue. His well muscled body and posture gave him the look of a fighter.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin in an agitated voice. “And why did you stop me catching
that Quagsire?”

“My names Storm” said the boy. “And what you were doing is against the law!”

“What is?” asked Kevin.

“You are not allowed to catch Quagsire in the Blue Moon River” explained Storm.

“Why not?” asked Kevin.

“This is a protected zone, no one is allowed to touch the Quagsire.”

“Oh sorry. I didn’t know” apologized Kevin, feeling stupid.

“That’s ok!” said Storm. “My Grandpa says all the new trainers that come from New
Bark Town do it. Hey! Lucky I stopped you or you would have been in for a hefty fine-
...hang on.... aren’t you the son of the Dragon Trainer?”

“My name is Kevin!” he said defiantly. “And yes, I am”

“Don’t you remember me?” said Storm with a smile on his face. “We versed each other in
the martial arts final. You snapped me!”

“Storm?”said Kevin remembering. “Oh yeah... I didn’t recognize out of your karate gear.
Anyway, I didn’t snap you, it was a tough match. It was pretty close at the end!”

“Whatever!” said Storm embarrassed. “Hey, why don’t I show you around!”

“OK” said Kevin. “Totodile return!”

They walked around through the quiet streets for awhile talking.

“Well it seems we both like pokemon!” said Kevin. “Why did you become a pokemon

“Well after the arse kicking you gave me!” he said laughing. “I decided to try my luck at
pokemon. I’ve always liked pokemon so it seemed like a good thing to do. How about

“To make a name for myself” replied Kevin. “My whole life I’ve been called ‘The Son of
the Dragon Trainer’ and it’s really starting to get on my nerves! I’ve done nothing for the
fame I have, so I decided I’d earn it.”

“That’s cool” remarked Storm. “Well here’s the Pokemon Center!”

They had arrived at a great big building. This would be Kevin’s first time in a pokemon
center but he knew this was the place that healed your pokemon, free of charge! The glass
doors slid open and they entered into the freshness of the air conditioned building. They
walked up to the counter and behind it stood a really good looking chick.. She looked to
be about 15 or 16, had bright pink hair and she was hot as. The way her hips swayed in
the little nurses outfit she wore was hypnotic.

“Hi Storm!” she said smiling. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine” said Storm.

“That’s great!” she said warmly. “And who is this?” she said looking Kevin up and down.
A glint in her eye and Kevin realised she recognised him.

“This is my buddy Kevin Sun. You know, the son of the Lance?” said Storm.

Kevin smiled at her. “So whats your name sweetie?”

“My names Nurse Joy” she said smiling, biting her lip nervously.

“A beautiful name, for a beautiful girl” he said winking.

“Thank you ” she said blushing, “ummm... would you like me to heal your pokemon?”
she said.

“If it’s not too much trouble” said Kevin. The song sexual healing seemed to be playing
in his head. Nurse Joy was on his lap and his hands were around her tiny waist. “Ohh
baby I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’...” he sang outloud.

Nurse Joy and Storm just stared at him confused.

“Kevin?” said Storm shaking him. Kevin seemed to snap out of it. He sweatdropped and
unclipped Totodile’s and Pidgey’s pokeballs from his belt and put them on the counter.
Storm grabbed two pokeballs from his belt and did the same.

“I’ll be finished treating them in an hour” said the sexy nurse.

“Ok cya later babe!” said Kevin and he and Storm took a seat at a table not too far away
and ordered lunch that was served up by a fat pink Chansey.

“Smooth moves Kevin!” said Storm grinning. He looked at Kevin quizically. “But what
was with that singing? You kinda killed the moment”

“I was just thinking out loud I guess” said Kevin laughing.

“Anyway, I think she likes you” said Storm.

“Of course she does!” said Kevin smiling. “With this buff bod of mine no woman can
resist!” He flexed his muscles and they strained against the orange muscleshirt he wore.

“Hey man!” said Storm. “I gave you that body when I fought you, don’t forget that!”

After lunch, Nurse Joy arrived and gave them their pokemon back. After Kevin flashed
one more perfect smile, and Nurse Joy blushed once more the pair left the pokemon

Storm invited Kevin to spend the night at his house with his Grandparents so Kevin
agreed. The next morning they walked to the edge of the city.

“Hey Storm!” said Kevin. “I challenge you to a pokemon battle!”

“Challenge accepted” said Storm grinning evilly. “I’ll beat you this time!”

“We’ll see about that, Pidgey Go!” said Kevin tossing the pokeball onto the field.

“Go Rattata!” yelled Storm. He tossed the pokeball and it burst open, revealing a little
purple rat, with sharp teeth.

“Pidgey use your quick attack!” ordered Kevin.

“You too Rattata!” yelled Storm.

Pidgey swooped and dived at the rattata, who was ducking, dodging, running, trying to
get a piece of the Pidgey.

They broke apart, both wounded, but still able to fight.

“Pidgey use your gust attack!” yelled Kevin.

“Rattata use Hyper Fang!” instructed Storm.

Pidgey flapped its wings blowing Rattata onto its back and into the dirt. Rattata got up,
shook it’s head and leapt up at the Pidgey giving it a hyper fang around its middle. Pidgey
desperately shook it off and rattata fell to the ground.

“Pidgey, use a sand attack!” called Kevin. Pidgey flapped its wings blowing sand into
Rattata’s eyes. Rattata pawed at it’s eyes, trying to regain its vision.

“Come on Rattata!” encouraged Storm.

“Finish it off Pidgey” said Kevin. Pidgey swooped down at Rattata who at the last secong
jumped away and quickly attacking with another Hyperfang! Pidgey was down and out.

“Pidgey Return!” said Kevin, a bit disappointed but still confident.

“Looks like I win the first round! Rattata Return!” said Storm laughing.

“Alright Totodile Go!” yelled Kevin throwing the pokeball.

“Squirtle Go!” yelled Storm, sending out his squirtle.



“Water Gun attack!” they yelled at the same time.

The two water pokemon both shot out streaming jets of water that hit each other in the
middle of the field, water splashing everywhere. They were both equal strength.

“Squirtle use Skull Bash!” yelled Storm.

Squirtle lowered its head and dived at Totodile.

“Totodile jump!” yelled Kevin.

Totodile leapt out of the way just in time.

“Now use Bite!” ordered Kevin.

Totodile ran over and bit Squirtle on the arm where it isn’t protected by hard shell.
Squirtle cried out and then used a tackle knocking Totodile onto it’s back.

“Now Squirtle use a tailwhip!” ordered Storm. Squirtle spun and slapped Totodile in the
face with its tail.

“Don’t take that Totodile!” yelled Kevin. “Watergun!”

With Squirtle’s back to Totodile it was knocked facedown into the ground by the sudden
shot of water from Totodile. Squirtle struggled to get up but it was too much. Totodile
had won!

“Great job Totodile!” yelled Kevin happily and went over and hugged his little blue

“Squirtle return!” said Storm and the red beam returned Squirtle to its pokeball.

“Looks like its a draw!” said Kevin happily.

“I guess so!” said Storm smiling and they shook hands.

“Storm do you want to travel with me? We’d be an awesome team.” asked Kevin.

“It’s a nice thought” said Storm. “ but I think we should go separate ways. If we were
traveling companions I think we would get in each others way.”

“Fair enough” said Kevin. “Well it looks like we are rivals again!”

“I’ll see ya ‘round. I’m off to get the Zephyr Badge in Violet City.” said Storm and he
walked into the forest.

Kevin, thinking this was a good idea, left Cherrygrove City and headed north onto the
wooded surroundings of route 30 to get his first badge at the Violet City Gym.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 4

The leaves rustled in the wind as Kevin made his way towards Violet City. The air was
cool and sweet and Kevin sighed happily as the breezed ruffled his hair. It was a perfect
day. As he walked amongst the trees he began thinking about his father. It was a very rare
occurence and always an exciting one when Lance came to visit. He would always fly in
on his most powerful pokemon, Dragonite and his mother would have tears in her eyes
and she’d rush out to hug him. Kevin was always overcome with a sense of awe
whenever he saw his father. With his armour and fluttering cape and his shock of spiky
red hair, who wouldn’t be impressed. I just hope I can be as awesome as him one day. But
it’s gonna take time and effort. Training. That’s what he should do. He realised that he
found a small lake, and he was standing on the deep brown earth that was the muddy
shore of the clear water. This looks like a good spot for some training.

"Come on out Totodile, you too Pidgey" he said, releasing his two pokemon from their

He told Totodile to do some laps of the sparkling lake and he got Pidgey to fly around at
top speed darting through the trees. He decided he’d go for a swim too so he pulled of his
shirt and kicked off his shoes. He braced himself and dived into the water. It was cold!
He swam to the bottom and he realligned himself before kicking off from the bottom.
There was a splash as he broke the surface, shaking his head, flicking water everywhere.
He joined Totodile and they began swimming laps. Kevin and his pokemon had swum
there for about 10 minutes until a noise got there attention. He looked to a bank near
where he had dumped his bag. He saw a leafy bush and out from behind had stepped a
girl. She was very pretty and looked to be about 14. She had long blue hair and was
wearing very tight jeans and a white top. Damn she’s fine.

"Hey sexy!" Kevin called as he waded through the water towards her. He walked up onto
the shore, a few feet away from her. "How long have you been watching me?"

"Ever since you got in! I’m impressed" she said smiling cheekily, looking him up and
down. "Your the son of the Dragon Trainer hey? So your... Kevin?"

"Yeh that's me" replied Kevin. "What's your name?"


"Care to join me!" he asked, licking his lips.

"Of course I will baby!" she said smiling. "But only if you give me a pokemon battle."

It was then Kevin noticed the pokeballs on her belt.

"Oh I’ll give you much more than that babe!" he said. She smiled at him. "OK you’re

By this time, Kevin’s pokemon had come over to see what was going on. Pidgey was
perched on his shoulder and Totodile was at his side.

"One on one, okay?" she said. "Go Honey!" and she threw a pokeball onto the field.
From inside white light burst forth and took shape. A little bear with a crescent moon on
its forehead appeared, sucking its paw.

Kevin got out his pokedex:
<Teddiursa><Little Bear Pokemon>
<This little pokemon has a unique ability to find honey anywhere. When it gets close to
the honey the crescent mark on its head glows. It usually has its paw in its mouth as it is
soaked with honey>

"She’s pretty cute!" said Kevin looking at the baby bear. He looked at Joanna and winked
"Just like you..."

Her ice blue eyes, sparkled and she smiled at him.

"I choose you Totodile!" said Kevin and Totodile walked up to face its opponent.

"OK Honey use your scratch attack!" yelled Joanna. Teddiursa ran up and swung at
Totodile, little claws extended. Totodile ducked under it. Teddiursa swung again and this
time Totodile grabbed its paw.

"I’m sorry babe, but you’ll have to do better than that!" called Kevin. "Totodile use your
water gun!"

Teddiursa who was standing right in front of Totodile got the full blast of the gushing
water. Teddiursa was sent flying through the air.

"Honey, Rollout!" yelled Joanna. The little bear tucked into a ball while it was in the air
and landed with a bounce and started rolling towards Totodile. Totodile wasn’t expecting
this and was taken out by the spinning Teddiursa. Totodile flopped to the ground eyes
spinning. It shook its head clear and jumped back to its feet. Teddiursa skidded through
the dirt and rolled towards Totodile for it’s second attack.

"Jump Totodile!" called Kevin. Totodile leapt over the oncoming Teddiursa. "Now use
bite attack!" Totodile fell down on the moving Teddiursa, trying to bite it. However it
was spinning too fast and Totodile was flicked away, barging into Kevin. They fell in a
heap, Totodile down and out.

"Yey we did it!" yelled Joanna leaping in the air. Teddiursa ran over and jumped into
Joannas open arms. "Good job Honey!" said Joanna hugging her pokemon.

"Geez that was quick, Totodile return" said Kevin putting his pokemon away. He got to
his feet, brushing himself off.

"Return Honey" said Joanna.

"Okay Joanna" began Kevin smiling. "I kept up my end of the bargain so lets go for a

"Sure thing" she said and she pulled off her top. She then slowly, teasingly pulled off her
jeans. There she was in a dark blue bikini, revealing her perfectly tanned and curved
body. She then walked past him and into the water smiling slyly and beckoning him
towards her. Pidgey took off from his shoulder and perched in a nearby tree. He walked
down to the water and swam out to her. The waded out to the shallows so they could
stand on the bottom, only their torso’s above the water. He reached out and gently pulled
her towards him wrapping his arms around her. She put her hands on his bare chest.
Kevin brushed her cheek with a hand and kissed her. She kissed him back and he could
feel her tongue in his mouth, as it danced with his own. She smelled so good he thought.
They stopped kissing and she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. He held
her for awhile, kissing her neck until he noticed on the shore, a little yellow pokemon
with big ears rummaging through his bag, scattering things everywhere.

"Hey get out of it!" yelled Kevin.

"What is it!" said Joanna startled, lifting her head from his shoulder.

"That pokemon’s messing with my bag!" said Kevin angrily. "Pidgey go get it!"

Pidgey leapt from the branch and dived at the little yellow pokemon, who cried
"Peee-chu!" and used thundershock, sending a bright yellow bolt of electricity out from
its pink cheeks towards Pidgey. It’s eyes began spinning like it had been dazed.

"Pidgey watch out!" yelled Kevin who had now scrambled up to the shore pulling Joanna
by the hand. Pidgey swooped out of the way and dived down, knocking the pokemon
away from the bag. Kevin picked up his pokedex from the ground and pointed it at the

<Pichu><Tiny Mouse Pokemon>

<This tiny electric pokemon is just a baby so it has not yet perfected the ability of storing
electricity. Don’t be fooled by this pokemon’s cute appearance as it can even zap humans,
sometimes causing paralysis>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "I’m gonna catch it, Pokeball Go!" and he plucked a pokeball from
his belt and threw it at the Pichu who had just risen to its feet and was shaking its head.
The pokeball struck the Pichu and it flew open, sucking the pokemon inside. It snapped
shut and fell to the ground. It rocked one.....twice.....thrice......


"Yeah! Good job Pidgey!" said Kevin and he went over and picked up the pokeball and
clipped it to his belt. Pokemon number three...

"So, where were we" he said turning to see Joanna, who was finished pulling on jeans and
was now slipping on her top.

"What?" said Kevin annoyed. "You leaving already?"

"Sorry babe!" she said slinging her bag over her shoulder. "I have to get going, my
friends are probably wondering where I’ve gone."

Kevin smiled. "Get going then"

She walked over and kissed him. "Thanks for everything"

With one last dazzling smile she was gone.

"Well lets go! Return Pidgey!" and it was sucked into the pokeball by the red beam.
Kevin grabbed all his things, put them in his bag and strapped it to his back. All of a
sudden, Pichu’s pokeball flew open on his belt and Pichu jumped out onto the ground,
looking a bit frazzled.

"Don’t you like it in there?" asked Kevin. Pichu shook his head. "OK jump up!" and
Kevin held out his hand. Pichu looked at Kevin’s hand, smiled, jumped into his palm and
climbed up onto his shoulder.

"Comfortable?" asked Kevin.

"Peechew Peechew!" he said smiling.

With a last look at the waterhole, Kevin trudged back under the cover of the forest.

"Hey I'm Kevin Sun by the way" said Kevin to his new pokemon. "And you know what Pichu,
if it weren't for you, I could have a hot chick on me, instead of a yellow fuzzball..."

Pichu zapped him, and then, a little dazed, laughed at Kevin. It's cute little voice
echoed through the forest.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 5

Kevin walked down the main road of Violet City, the tall buildings rising up into the sky around him. Pichu squeaked excitedly. He came across a sign that read: ‘Violet City: the city of nostalgic scents’. Kevin made his way to the Pokemon center and entered to find Storm just about to leave.

"Hey Storm!" said Kevin. "How ya goin?"

"I’m fine" said Storm. "Check this out!"

He pulled open his vest and pinned to the inside was a silver badge in the shape of a set of wings.

"Is that what I think it is?" said Kevin grinning.

"Yep!" said Storm proudly. "An official Pokemon league badge!"

"Great going Storm!" said Kevin.

"Thanks" said Storm. "Well I’ll see ya ‘round!" and he left the pokemon center.

After getting his pokemon healed and flirting with the beautiful Nurse Joy, Kevin made his way to the Pokemon gym. A few minutes later he arrived outside a tall pink and blue striped building, that spiraled up into the sky. A sign next to the door read:


Leader: Falkner

The Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon

"This must be the Gym" said Kevin. "Ready Pichu?"

Pichu squeaked happily.

They entered through the door and walked down a corridor. At the end of the hall was an elevator which they took to the roof. The elevator hummed and Kevin buzzed with nerves. The doors slid open to reveal an open sky arena. Kevin stepped out onto the roof. On the otherside of the arena stood a boy, about 16 years old, wearing a dark blue robe. His long blue hair fell across the left side of his face.

"Are you Falkner? The gym leader" called Kevin across the expanse that separated them.

"I am" he said. "I wish to be the greatest bird pokemon trainer ever! You are the son of the dragon trainer are you not?"

"Yes I am, my name is Kevin!" called Kevin. "I challenge you to a pokemon match!"

"I accept! Three pokemon each! Lets go Spearow!" and Falkner threw a pokeball onto the arena. It opened and out came a little bird pokemon with a stubby beak. Kevin flipped open his pokedex.

<Spearow><Tiny Bird>

<Don’t let Spearows size fool you. This little bird has a ferocious temper and will fight to the end, even if there is no way it can win>

"OK, I’ll use my bird pokemon! Go Pidgey!" yelled Kevin throwing out Pidgeys pokeball revealing the little bird pokemon.



"Fly!!!" they yelled at the same moment. The two pokemon flew up into the air and displayed some impressive midair acrobatics. They dived, swooped, climbed, banked, pitched both attacking each other, both taking some damage.

"Spearow, now its time for a fury attack!" called Falkner. Spearow tucked in its wings and swooped at Pidgey who banked sharply to the left. Pidgey barrel rolled and extended its wings, soaring up into the air.

"Impressive!" yelled Falkner. "Spearow use Gust attack!"

Spearow began flapping its wings at high speed.

"You too Pidgey!"

Pidgey did the same. They both formed tornadoes and launched them at each other. They hit in the middle causing great blasts of wind to knock them out of the air. They both spiraled out of control and fell to the ground. It was a draw.

"Good job Pidgey, Return!" said Kevin.

"You deserve a good rest, Return" said Falkner returning his wounded pokemon.

"HootHoot Go!" yelled Falkner throwing the ball. The white light transformed into a little owl and it looked like it only had one foot. Kevin looked it up.

<HootHoot><The Owl Pokemon>

<This usually nocturnal pokemon has excellent night vision. With a curious nature, this pokemon always stands on one foot and can identify pokemon, especially ghost type, with its foresight ability>

"OK Pichu, I choose you!" yelled Kevin and Pichu leapt from his shoulder and onto the arena. Kevin was taking a gamble using a pokemon with no experience but he had confidence that Pichu’s electric power would win the round.

"HootHoot, use tackle attack!" ordered Falkner and Hoothoot took flight barging into the little Pichu.

"Come on Pichu, you can do it!" encouraged Kevin. Pichu scrambled to its feet. "OK good job, use your double team!"

All of a sudden, pichu split into five and all of them began scampering around the stadium. Hoothoot, who had risen high above the stadium, didn’t know which tiny mouse to attack. Falkner realized this and had an idea.

"Hoothoot, use foresight!" yelled Falkner. Hoothoot shot red transparent beams, like spotlights, from its eyes down at the pichus. Everytime the red beam fell across one of them they would disappear with a flash. Soon there was only one Pichu left, the real one.

"Ha ha! It worked!" cried Falkner. "Now dive down there and give it a take-down!"

Hoothoot dived down at the little Pichu.

"Pichu Spark!" yelled Kevin and at the last moment, Pichu erupted with electric blue energy shooting out in all directions, zapping the Hoothoot and bringing it to the ground. It struggled back to its feet. Pichu shook its head, dizzy from the attack.

"Pichu finish it with a thundershock!" called Kevin. Pichu balled its little paws into fists and it sparkled before shooting out a bolt of electricity. The attack knocked Hoothoot to the ground, out cold.

"Yeah great job Pichu!" yelled Kevin. "Return!"

Pichu sprinted up and leapt up into Kevin’s arms, giggling hysterically very pleased with itself.

"Return Hoothoot!" said Falkner. "Very good! But can you handle this?" and he threw a pokeball into the middle of the arena. It sprung open revealing a tall pokemon with two heads each sporting long sharp beaks. Once again Kevin checked his pokedex.

<Doduo><Twin Bird Pokemon>

<Doduo can’t fly but they’re are so fast they don’t need to. Doduo leave giant foot prints in the ground. By alternately raising and lowering its two heads, it balances itself to be more stable while it is running>

"OK its your turn, Totodile I choose you!" yelled Kevin releasing the croc from its pokeball.

"Doduo use Extremespeed!" yelled Falkner and all of a sudden Doduo disappeared. It reappeared on the other side of the arena in the blink of an eye right behind Kevin’s pokemon. It kicked Totodile in the back with one of its long legs. It kept doing this, moving around so fast that Totodile couldn’t keep track of it and was taken out again and again.

"Your pokemon can’t take much more of this" taunted Falkner. "Better quit while your ahead!"

Then Kevin had an idea.

"Totodile blast a watergun straight down!" yelled Kevin.

Using the water gun attack, Totodile propelled itself into the air.

"What?" said Falkner disbelieving.

Totodile landed on Doduos back and used bite attack on one of its necks. The other turned and aimed a drill peck at Totodile who leapt nimbly avoiding it easily.

"Totodile use bubble attack!" yelled Kevin and Totodile blasted 5 bubbles at the doduo. Doduo however leapt aside.

"Doduo, Fury attack!" yelled Falkner. Doduo sprinted up to Totodile and began stabbing at Totodile with its sharp beaks. Totodile jumped, ducked and side stepped avoiding the attack.

"Totodile use Watergun!" ordered Kevin.

Water gushed from Totodile’s mouth blasting the Doduo to the ground. It couldn’t get up.

"Doduo Return" muttered Falkner.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin and ran over and gave Totodile a hug.

"Very well done!" said Falkner smiling. "Your a great trainer and I confer upon you the Zephyr Badge as proof of your victory.

Falkner walked over and gave Kevin a badge, exactly the same as Storm’s.

Kevin undid his necklace and clipped the badge to it and put it back around his neck.

"Good luck on your pokemon journey!" called Falkner as Kevin left the gym. He healed his pokemon at the pokemon center and checked his Pokegear for the map. The next city was Azalea Town where he could get his second badge.

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 6

Route 32 was a beautiful valley that funneled down to Union cave in the south. Kevin gazed up at the tall peaks wondering what was up there. He strolled happily down the track, surrounded by grassy fields and rolling hills. It had been about a week now since he had left his home in New Bark and he had already earned one of the eight badges he needed to get into the Johto League Championship. His thoughts were interrupted by a rustle in the grass. He leaned closer to have a look and saw a little green pokemon with a yellow flower on its head. He got out his pokedex:
<Skiploom><Cottonweed Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Hoppip, this grass/flying pokemon spreads its petals to absorb the sunlight and it floats in the air to get closer to the sun itself>

"OK Pichu! I choose you!" sad Kevin. Pichu hopped down from Kevin’s shoulder and eyed its opponent.

"Pichu use a thundershock!" Pichu blasted a electric shock at the skiploom who jumped off the ground avoiding the shock. It floated up and over the Pichu and used a poison powder attack. Pichu scampered out of the way and tried another thundershock. This one was a direct hit.

"Pokeball Go!" and Kevin threw the pokeball. Skiploom was sucked inside. It fell to the ground and rocked again and again and again....

Ping! The pokeball locked.

"Yes! We did it!" said Kevin happily and ran over and picked up the now occupied pokeball. All of a sudden there was a loud grumble from Pichus stomach.

"About time for a bite to eat, hey Pichu?!" Asked Kevin smiling. Pichu nodded and laughed bashfully.

"OK come on out every one!" said Kevin and he threw 3 pokeballs. From inside came Pidgey, feathers shining; Totodile its sharp teeth glistening in the sun and lastly the newly acquired Skiploom. They all sat down and had lunch and then Kevin returned all his pokemon and set off again.

The sun was now heading down below the horizon and the last rays of golden sunshine spread out across the valley casting long black shadows everywhere. Kevin unrolled his sleeping bag and fell asleep.

The next morning he was awoken by a strange buzzing sound and Pichu poking him, looking worried about something. He got up and quickly put everything away all the while the noise getting louder. All of a sudden he could see coming up the hill, a swarm of bug pokemon, long stingers shining in the early morning light. They didn’t look too happy.

"Are those Beedrills?" he said nervously, checking his pokedex.

<Beedrill> <Poison Bee Pokemon>

<The evolved form of Kakuna, this bug pokemon uses its three stingers to poison its prey. Beedrills are very protective of their territory and will attack in swarms>

"I think we better run!" said Kevin and Pichu nodded and scrambled up behind his head. Kevin slowly turned and, taking one last glimpse at the beedrills, ran. He sprinted down the hill as fast as he could the Beedrills slowly gaining. Leaping over fallen trees and skidding down the hillside trying to outrun them but they were too fast. Their stingers flashed in the sunlight.

"I have to think of something!" he said to himself desperately. "I know! Go Skiploom!" and he turned and threw the pokeball. It sprung open revealing the flower pokemon.

"Skiploom, use your sleep powder!" Skiploom floated up and above the beedrill, who were only 10 feet away, and dropped sparkling blue powder on top of the bug pokemon. They slowly closed their eyes and dropped to the ground one by one.

"Yeah we did it!" yelled Kevin stopping to catch his breath.

"That’s one fine Skiploom ya got there!" said a voice. Kevin turned to see a boy, about 11, who was chewing on a stalk of grass. His wide brim straw hat cast his face in partial shadow and an oddish was sitting on his shoulder.

"Thanks!" said Kevin.

"Hey aren’t you the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin. "My name is Kevin!"

"Sorry, like I was saying, thats a good Skiploom. I’m a grass pokemon trainer and I specialize in training grass pokemon to be the best they can be. How about I trade you my Chikorita I just caught for it?" he asked. "I’ll show you! Come on out Chikorita!"

The boy casually threw the pokeball and out came a little pokemon with a leaf on its head and its red eyes stood out against its green skin. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Chikorita><The Leaf Pokemon>

<The sweet smelling leaf that grows from its head can be used for the devastating Razor Leaf attack. This particular specimen is from the Violet Valley area where the more tougher and aggressive Chikoritas live>

"Cool!" said Kevin. "But why don’t you want your Chikorita?"

"I’ve already got 3" said the boy.

"Then why did you catch it in the first place?"

"I catch any pokemon I see and ask all the pokemon trainers who pass this way if they want to trade for their grass pokemon. Traded pokemon grow faster so they are easier to train" explained the trainer.

"That makes sense" said Kevin nodding. "Well how do I trade?"

"Come with me" said the boy and they walked down the hill and Kevin could see a cave in the distance. Next to the cave was a little pokemon center. The boy led Kevin inside and over to a machine.

"It’s a trading machine" explained the boy. "I just put my pokemon here" he placed the pokeball containing Chikorita in a slot, "and you put your pokemon there" and Kevin placed Skiploom’s pokeball into another slot.

"Now I just press this button and the trade begins" and he pushed a red button. The pokeballs were sucked up into a tube and into the machine. The silhouettes of the two pokemon crossed eachother on the screen and the fell down into the opposite slots that they began in.

"And the trade is complete! Thanks!" said the trainer and he shook Kevin’s hand and walked out of the center. Kevin clipped his new Chikorita’s pokeball onto his belt and walked out of the center towards the entrance of Union Cave.

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 7

As Kevin entered the cave he realized that the cave walls were lined with flickering torches, the fire light dancing across the cave floor. It looked like a huge cavern and he could here the ripples of an underground lake not far away. He followed the torchlight, Pichu on his shoulder, around the dark water and continued into a tunnel. He could hear the screeches of the bat pokemon, Zubat, echoing throughout the cave as he made his way down rough stone steps that had been carved out of the cave itself. He made his way into a smaller tunnel and it was here the torches, and therefore light, ended.
"Pichu, do you think you could do the flash technique?" asked Kevin turning to his little friend. Pichu nodded. Little sparks of energy leapt from Pichus electric pouches and then Pichu began to glow with little static bolts of electricity swirling around it, giving off enough light for Kevin to continue. With Pichu glowing on Kevin’s shoulder he made his way down the tunnel. He realised that it was getting considerably warmer...

All of a sudden the cave floor collapsed and Kevin was sent tumbling down through the opening. He reached out for something to grab and his left hand found and held onto a ledge. Pichu kept falling however and Kevin quickly reached out and grabbed Pichu by the tail before it was to late. As he looked down to see if Pichu was alright he realised where he was. Twenty feet below him was a cavern filled with bright red bubbling lava and the heat was almost unbearable. He pulled Pichu up and onto the ledge and began to pull himself up when the rock he was holding onto began to crumble.

"The heat must have weakened the rock" he thought to himself panicking. "If I try to pull myself up, the rock could give way and then...." he couldn’t bare the thought.

Was this it? Was he gonna burn alive in a great pool of lava? Kevin had to think of something...

"Hang on a mate, I got you!" said a deep voice and then Kevin realised he was being pulled up onto the ledge almost effortlessly by a pair of great big hairy arms. He looked up to see a great round face with little black eyes and a great big bushy beard smiling down at him as he was carefully put down away from the ledge against the cavern wall. Pichu ran over and Kevin hugged the little mouse glad it was okay.

"Gee that was a close one!" said the fat man who towered over Kevin. He was wearing hiking gear and his great big belly hung over his belt. "Lucky I was here trainig my pokemon or I wouldn’thave been able to save you!"

Kevin couldn’t believe his luck.

"Thankyou sir!" he said very greatfully.

"Ahh cut that sir stuff, you can call me Cliff" he said sitting down next to Kevin. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I think so" said Kevin shaking a bit. He looked at his rescuer smiling. "My names Kevin Sun"

"Kevin Sun?"said the man surprised. "The Kevin Sun, the son of the dragon trainer?"

"Yeah thats me!" said Kevin also surprised that the man new his name.

"Wow!" said the man laughing. "I rescued Kevin Sun! Do you think I could have your autograph?"

Kevin laughed. "I’m not that special!"

"Oh but you will be!" said the man grinnig happily. " If your even half the man your father is, you will be, I know it!"

Kevin smiled. He decided he liked this man very much. He looked around at the rest of the cavern. It was enormous and roughly circular in shape. The ground they were sitting on made its way around one half of the cavern in the shape of a crescent. A tunnel led off into the darkness. The rest of the cave was filled with lava and little islands dotted the boiling mass. A shape leapt from one of the closer islands and made it way over here. It was blue and yellow and sparkling fire was flickering on its head, like a moehawk, and fire also came from its tail end aswell.

"Come here ‘Blaze’" called Cliff beckoning for his pokemon to come closer. Kevin got out his pokedex.

<Quilava><The Fire Pokemon>

<This firery pokemon is the evolved form of Cyndaquil. It is totally covered in fire proof fur so it can withstand even the hottest of flames. Be careful if this pokemon turns its back to you, it could mean that it is about to attack with the flames on its back>

"Cool" said Kevin.

"You think thats cool, watch this!" said Cliff rising to his feet. Kevin did the same."Blaze lets show Kevin here what you can do!"

And with that Blaze ran and dived into the lava dissappearing from view.

"What the-" began Kevin but then all of a sudden, the quilava leapt from the boiling lava in a shower of glowing embers and landed on one of the islands, lava dripping from its fireproof coat.

"Wow thats amazing!" cried Kevin.

"It helps his coat to be more heat resistant and builds his muscles swimming through the lava!" explained Cliff grinning.

Kevin thought he heard a noise off to his left and turned to see what it was. Lying comfortably on a boulder was a orange lizard. Fire was burning brightly from its tail as it yawned, showing its glittering teeth.

Kevin looked it up in his pokedex.

<Charmander><The Lizard Pokemon>

<This lizardlike fire pokemon loves to live in warm places and enjoys battling others of its kind. It has a flame on the tip of its tail that shows Charmander’s life force. The stronger the flame the stronger the Charmander>

"Alright, I need a fire pokemon, Go Totodile!" yelled Kevin and threw his pokemons pokeball onto the cave floor. It opened and Totodile appeared, spines gleaming.Cliff withdrew to the sidelines as the charmander rose to its feet.

"Totodile scratch attack!"ordered Kevin and Totodile moved over and lashed out at Charmander who reached up and stopped Totodile with one of its own clawed hands. It then spun around, using a tailwhip to knock Totodile off its feet. However Totodile jumped over the lizards tail. The charmander then used an Ember attack, fireing red hot embers at Kevins Pokemon hitting it in the chest knocking it backwards.

"Quick Totodile, get up and use your Watergun!" instructed Kevin and Totodile leapt to its feet and blasted an ice cold jet of water straight at the charmander knocking it down.

"Charmander, your mine!" yelled Kevin and he threw a pokeball striking charmander on the head. It opened sucked charmander inside and snapped shut. Kevin waited for it to lock...


"Totodile return!" said Kevin recalling his water pokemon and he went over and picked up the pokeball containing his new pokemon, Charmander. He clipped it to his belt.

"Well done Kevin!" said Cliff excitedly. "I don’t believe it! I just saw Kevin Sun in action!"

Kevin laughed.

"Its getting a bit hot in here Cliff" he said. "Do you think you can lead me to the Azalea

Town exit?"

"Of course! Sure thing!" said Cliff and led Kevin through the tunnel. With Quilava and Pichu lighting the way, Kevin could see the light of the exit in a few minutes. Exiting the cave Kevin took a deep breath of fresh air and turned to thank Cliff for everything.

"My pleasure!" said Cliff shaking his hand. "I have a feeling we will meet again someday!"

And with a wave goodbye, Kevin continued on his way to Azalea Town.

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 8
[FONT=Verdana]Walking through the long grass, surrounded by pine trees, Kevin wondered how long it
was until he got to Azalea Town.

“Hey you there!” yelled a voice and Kevin whirled around to see a beautiful woman with
blue hair, wearing a police uniform. “What are you doing here?”

“Umm I was just passing through” said Kevin a bit scandalised.

“Sure thats what they all say” said the police woman.

“No I promise!” said Kevin. “Here is my ID” and he pressed a button on his pokegear.

<This pokegear belongs to Kevin Sun, 15 years old from New Bark Town>

“Oh I’m sorry” she said looking worried. “You’re the Dragon Trainers boy aren’t you?”

“Yeah thats me” he said. “Whats up? You look worried Miss...”

“Officer Jenny” she replied. “Its the town Slowpoke. A few days ago they were all
reported missing. People are saying its Team Rocket but I’m not sure. Team Rocket
haven’t been around for three years now!”

“Slowpoke...” Kevin thought outloud as he activated his pokedex.

<Slowpoke><The Dopey Pokemon>

<This slow and dopey pokemon is of the water/psychic variety. It takes an average five
seconds for pain to register in its brain. Evolves into Slowbro if Shellder latches onto its

Kevin pulled a face. “It doesn’t sound that special to me”

“To the people of Azalea town it is a sacred pokemon” said Officer Jenny. “400 years ago
the town of Azalea had the worst famine and drought ever recorded. The crops were all
dead and people were getting sick.
“It was the Slowpoke that saved the town” explained Jenny. “They all gathered around
the dried up well and they all yawned. It is said that a slowpokes yawn brings rain and
that is exactly what happened. The town was saved because of the slowpoke. Now the
townsfolk are worried that another drought may come!”

“Well that makes sense” said Kevin thinking about it. A twig snapped in the bushes to his
right. They both turned and saw a figure dressed all in black. The man turned and ran.

“Hey you stop there! This is the police!” yelled Officer Jenny and she and Kevin took
pursuit. The figure ran into the forest and the pair gave chase. Darting between the trees,
losing ground, Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita, stop that man with your Vinewhip!” yelled Kevin throwing a
pokeball. Out popped Chikorita. She shot out her vines, wrapping them around the mans
legs tripping him over. He fell with a thump and a groan. They ran up and Chikorita
flipped him onto his back revealing a man dressed in black with a crimson red ‘R’ on the
front of his uniform.

“So Team Rocket is back!” said Officer Jenny angrilly. “What have you done with the

“I’ll show you! I’ll show you!” he whimpered. “Just please don’t hurt me!”

“Chikorita, tie up his hands behind him with your vines!” said Kevin. Chikorita did just
that. The Rocket led them out of the forest and Kevin could see the town of Azalea in the
distance. He took them over to a well. A sign nearby said : Slowpoke Well.

“This is it” said the Rocket. “This is the entrance, down the Well.”

“How many pokemon do you have?” Jenny asked Kevin.

“I have five” said Kevin. “Totodile, Pidgey, Pichu, Chikorita and Charmander!”

“Ok come with me!” and she cuffed the man to the side of the well and began to climb
down the ladder in the dried up well. Kevin recalled Chikorita and followed. About 15
meters down, the ladder stopped and he dropped the last three metres into a dark, damp,
stone cavern which was filled with dark murky water. Jenny unclipped a flashlight from
her belt and shone it around the cavern, Kevin and Pichu watching and listening intently.

All of a sudden someone grabbed Kevin from behind and Pichu fell into the water. Kevin
took a glimpse at Jenny. She had been punched in the gut and was on the ground, tears
welling in her eyes, the flashlight rolling away. A teen about Kevin’s age wearing grey
pants, white shirt with a blue jacket. His white hair was spiked up in all directions and
steel knuckles glistening on his fist.

“Ice?” whispered Kevin disbelieving

“That’s right Kevin, I’m back...” he said menacingly, a glint in his eye. This couldn’t be
right! The boy that had gone missing from New Bark Town two years ago had joined
Team Rocket? Kevin remembered back to when he was in school, where he had first met
Ice. No one had known much about him except that he was as evil as sin. He had beat up
little kids until they were a bleeding mess, just for the fun of it and he had walked away
laughing. His real name was Simon Vortex, but as soon as people saw what he was
capable of they began to call him by what his heart was made of... Ice. He had loved the
name. But the one person that Ice had loathed, was Kevin. Everything about him he had

One day though, Ice had just dissapeared. Some people thought he had commited suicide,
others just thought he had commited a hideous crime and had run away. They never found
him and people forgot about him. Just another missing person...Now here he was.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time...” he said brandishing a knife.

Thinking fast, Kevin threw his head back, smacking the guy behind him in the nose
making let go of him. Kevin shot out a high kick at Ice, striking him in the chin, knocking
him into the water.

“Get him!” yelled a man nearby just before he was zapped by Pichu. His order was met
with cries from the darkness and suddenly the cave lit up with great roaring fires.There
were about thirty men, all wearing the rocket uniform, all wearing evil grins. Kevin could
see the slowpoke in a corner, locked in cages. Kevin let out all his pokemon and dashed
over toward Officer Jenny, who had just sat up clutching her stomch and he assumed
battle stance, ready to put his martial art championship skills into action.

The fight began.

Charmander, its eyes reflecting the great fires in the cave, added its own flame as it
blasted down two of the men with a Flamethrower. Pidgey took off and began pecking at
a Rockets face and Pichu zapped a man into paralysis. Chikorita was in the midst of five
men unleashing Vine whips and Razor Leaves in every direction. Totodile stayed near
Kevin, stopping any Rockets sneaking up on him and blasting them to the ground with
watergun attacks.

It was Kevin however who led the attack. Jenny watched in absolute amazement as Kevin
took down one man after another, lashing out with punches, kicks and chops; jumping,
spinning, ducking and side stepping, dodging their attempts to hurt him. But all the effort
he was putting in wasn’t enough and he began to fall back. Two men grabbed pokeballs
from their belts and let out a pair of Machoke.

“Everyone take out those Machoke I’ll take out the rest!” yelled Kevin to his pokemon,
blood seeping from a cut above his eyebrow. Kevins pokemon banded together and used
their attacks to take out one of the Machoke but they were too worn out to take out the
other. The reamaining Machoke came over and pinned Kevins arms behind his back after
he had knocked two Rockets to the ground. It hurt so much, they felt like they were gonna
break. But Kevin refused to scream or cry, he wouldn’t let the Rockets have that
satisfaction. It seemed to Kevin as he bit his lip in agony, that he was gonna die here, in
the hands of the Rockets when all of a sudden, a bright light dropped down from the well
and Kevin recognised it as an Elekid.Then he heard a familiar voice yell from the top of
the well.

“Elekid! Thundershock!”

It swung its arms and blasted down three of the closest Rockets with a thundershock.
Then Kevin new where the voice had come from as Storm, dropped down the hole and
swung a fist at a Rocket, breaking his nose.

“Elekid, Thunderpunch that Machoke!” yelled Storm as he jump kicked a man with a
goatee. Elekid ran and punched Machoke in the cheek, electricity flying from its fist.

Kevin scrambled free and realized that his pokemon too had been put into cages
alongside the slowpoke. It was then Kevin heard the sirens overhead and he turned to see
Jenny sitting in the corner with her walkie-talkie in her hand. She smiled at him
reasuringly. They were going to be saved.

“It’s the cops!” yelled Ice. His snow white hair glistened in the firelight and bright red
blood dripped from his mouth. The Rockets began to hurry around the room, ignoring
anyone else, as they gathered up the cages full of pokemon.

“Oh no you don’t your not taking my pokemon!” yelled Kevin and he shot the red
recalling beams from his pokeballs. They sped between the bars and recalled all of
Kevins pokemon. Pichu jumped out straight away and huddled in Kevins arms.

It was then the police dropped down through the hole with a K-9 squad of growlithes,
teeth bared in a growl. Since most of the Rockets were either out cold or in no shape to
fight, they gave up without a fight.

All but one. The teen with the white hair swung a dagger at Kevins chest, slashing
through the fabric, soaking it with blood. Pichu fell away from Kevin as he fell to the
ground clutching his chest. Storm dashed over and lashed out at the Ice’s face, who
dodged it. Then Ice swiped at him with the knife slicing him on the left shoulder. Storm
winced and then knocked the knife from Ice’s hand with a chop. The teen breathed
heavily and spoke.

“My name is Ice, a Team Rocket Elite and you will regret this day! I will kill you, son of
the dragon trainer!” and with that he ran into the darkness and splashed into the water
disappearing from view.

Storm recalled his Elekid, helped Kevin to his feet and led him out of the well. He was
placed in an Ambulance and rushed to the Azalea Town Hospital. Kevin blacked out.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

* * *

Kevin awoke in a hospital bed, staring up at the light blue ceiling. His muscles ached
dully, and there was a stinging sensation on his chest. Kevin turned his head to see
Officer Jenny, Storm and an old man with a white beard.

“How are you feeling” asked Storm.

“A bit sore, but I’ll be fine” said Kevin.

“You were amazing” said Jenny smiling. “You were so brave!”

“Thanks” said Kevin sitting up. The white sheet fell off him and Kevin looked down to
see he wasn’t wearing a shirt. A 5 inch scar that ran from his left shoulder to his belly
button, striped his chest.

“My name is Kurt” said the old man. “And I thankyou on behalf of the whole town for
helping to save our precious Slowpoke. The towns people have asked me to give you
these” and he handed him what looked like two pokeballs. One was bright orange, had
two yellow cicles on the side and a yellow zig zag on the top; the other was a deep green
and had a red patch on the top. Kevin gazed at them intently.

“These are my custom pokeballs. The orange is a Fast Ball which is used for catching fast
pokemon; the other is a Lure Ball for catching water pokemon. Use them well!”

“Thanks a lot!” said Kevin putting them on his bedside table.

“That is one wicked scar!” said Storm smiling, upper arm bandaged in white linen.

“I kind a like it!” said Kevin grinning. “Are my pokemon okay?”

“They’re fine” replied Officer Jenny. “They are at the pokemon centre ready to be picked

A few hours later, Kevin had picked up his pokemon and was sleeping in a comfortable
bed at Kurts house. His dreams began with him winning the badge that he was gonna try
to get the next day. But his dreams turned into nightmares of Ice, his new mortal enemy, grinning evily, knife flashing in his hand...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 9

>>>Author’s Note: Since Kevins T-shirt was slashed by the blade, he got himself a new
shirt. It’s a blood red button up shirt with a yin yang symbol on his left side.<<<

In the afternoon, Kevin strolled down the road towrds the Azalea Town Gym, Pichu on
his shoulder, dark storm clouds billowing overhead. Kevin arrived outside the glass dome
gym and saw a sign. It read:

Azalea Pokemon Gym
Leader: Bugsy: The Walking Bug Pokemon Encyclopedia

“Well, lets go” said Kevin taking a deep breath and he pushed open the heavy double
doors. It seemed he had walked into a jungle, vines hanging from trees. It was very dark
as it was about to rain and the canopy of trees blocked out a lot of light. He walked
carefully through the dense foliage, brushing cobwebs away from his face. A lighting bolt
streaked across the sky and it began to rain, the water droplets thundering down on the
glass dome ceiling. Bright flood lights flicked on, lighting up the green house, and Kevin
could see he was standing in a clearing with a huge oak tree growing in the centre, great
branches spreading throughout the gym.

“Who goes there? called a voice from the tree above.

“I’m Kevin Sun from the town of New Bark!” said Kevin to the tree top. “I’m here to
challenge the Gym Leader and win myself a badge!”

“Challenge accepted!” yelled the voice and a boy, about 12, dropped to ground from out
of the tree. He was wearing, khaki shorts and shirt and his dark purple hair stuck out in all

“For I am Bugsy, the leader of this gym” he continued. “Lets get started! Three pokemon
each! Go Heracross!” and his pokemon leapt from the ball. It was a blue bug, about five
feet tall and had a great big horn protruding from its head.

Kevin got out his pokedex:

<Heracross> <Singlehorn Pokemon>

<This fighting/bug pokemon has a two pronged horn that it uses to throw its enemys. This
pokemon is usually docile but is a very strong and should be approached with caution>

“Fine with me! Go Charmander!” yelled Kevin and threw the pokeball onto the field. He
figured that because fire had an advantage against bug type he had a good chance of
winning. Charmander leapt from the pokeball, swishing its tail, heating up the air around

“Heracross! Tackle!” yelled Bugsy and his pokemon charged at Charmander striking it in
the stomach.

“Charmander use Ember!” yelled Kevin and shot out fire and brimstone, striking it in the
face. It shook the ashes from its face, hurt but still able to fight.

“Heracross! Use Megapunch!” ordered Bugsy and Heracross swung at Charmander with a
clawed fist. Charmander ducked under it and rammed its head into the bugs underbelly in
a headbutt attack. Heracross fell backwards.

“Good stuff Charmander!” said Kevin.

“Heracross use Horn Attack!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross flicked open its shell which
revealed buzzing wings and it flew over and rammed its horn into Charmander, knocking
it to the ground.

“Now finish it off with a Seismic Toss!” yelled Bugsy and Heracross thrust its
two-pronged horn under Charmnder, lifted and threw it over its shoulder. Charmander
flew through the air.

“Charmander, somersault and land!” yelled Kevin desperately. “Then use Flamethrower!”

Charmander spun in the air and landed on all fours. It lifted its head and blasted a searing
hot Flamethrower at Heracross. Heracross was sent flying into the trunk of the great tree
and it slumped to the ground.

“Heracross Return!” said Bugsy, recalling his worn out Heracross. “You are very good,
son of The Dragon Trainer.”

“Thanks” said Kevin. “But don’t call me that!”

“Lets see how you do versus... Yanma Go!” called Bugsy sending out a pokeball. It
sprung open revealing a red dragonfly-like-pokemon with big green eyes. Kevin flipped
open his pokedex:
<Yanma> <Clear Wing Pokemon>
<This flying/bug pokemon’s eyes can scan 360 degrees. It can look in all directions to
track its enemys movements. If it flaps its wings hard enough it can cause shock waves
that can shatter glass>

“Ok Charmander use ember!” said Kevin and Charmander blasted red hot embers at

“Yanma, whirlwind!” yelled Bugsy. The Yanma flapped its wings, blowing the embers
back into Charmanders face, knocking to the ground.

“Finish it off with a Sonicboom!” ordered the gym leader and Yanma flapped its wings at
an incredible pace. All of a sudden the was a huge bang and Charmander was sent
skidding through dirt. Its tail-fire was very low.

“Good work Charmander, Return!” said Kevin returning his pokemon. Pichu squeaked as
if to say it was ready for battle.

“No Pichu its not your turn” he said and he unclipped a pokeball from his belt and
through it onto the arena. It opened and out came...

“A Chikorita?” said Bugsy doubtfully. “Don’t you know that grass pokemon are weak
versus bug? You don’t have chance!”

“Type isn’t everything you know! Chikorita Razor leaf!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita spun
its head leaf like a propellar and shot out three razor sharp leaves at Yanma.

“Yanma, use agility!” yelled Bugsy and Yanma dodged the leaves with ease. It then began
zipping all over the stadium at incredible speeds.

“Go on!” taunted Bugsy. “Hit my pokemon, if you can!”

Kevin ground his teeth. “Chikorita, try another Razor leaf!” Chikorita swung its head leaf
again sending sharp leaves at Yanma but the dragonfly pokemon just dodged them aswell.
Then Kevin had an idea.

“Chikorita use Sweetscent!” A pink vapour wafted from Chikoritas leaf and up into the
air filling the arena. Yanma, entoxicated by the smell, slowed down considerably.

“Now use your Vinewhip to wrap around Yanma!” said Kevin smiling and Chikorita shot
out two vines and wrapped them around Yanma, trapping its wings. Unable to fly it
couldn’t escape the grass pokemon’s grip.

“Now use slam attack!”ordered Kevin. Lightning flashed over head. Chikorita swung its
vines and slammed Yanma into the ground.

“Clever, quite clever” Bugsy muttered to himself, recalling his pokemon. He threw out a
pokeball and it opened revealing a beautiful butterfly pokemon with blue wings. Kevin
looked it up.

<Butterfree> <The Butterfly Pokemon>
<This bug pokemon is the fully evolved form of Caterpie. It flaps its wings very fast,
filling the air with toxic dust such as Sleep powder, to put an enemy to sleep, and
Stunspore which paralyses>

“Butterfree, use tackle!” yelled Bugsy and Butterfree swooped down and rammed into

“Chikorita use Vinewhip!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita lashed out with its vines, striking
the bug pokemon. It recovered quickly.

“Now use Confusion!” yelled Bugsy. The room went dark, even though the bright lights
were still on. It seemed that Butterfree was sucking the light out of the gym and into
itself. Rainbow patterns began to trace themselves around Butterfrees wings. It was so
bright that Kevin had to shield his eyes. All of a sudden there was a blinding flash and
Chikorita was out cold. The room returned to normal as Kevin returned his Chikorita and
chose his last pokemon.

“Pidgey I choose you!” yelled Kevin and he released his bird pokemon out onto the arena.

“Pidgey Gust attack!” Pidgey flapped its wings, sending strong winds towards butterfree.

“You to Butterfree!” yelled Bugsy and the bug pokemon flapped its wings aswell,
blasting a gust of wind at Pidgey. Butterfree, being the bigger of the two pokemon and
having the stronger gust attack, blew Pidgey out of the air. It crashed to the ground.

“Your little Pidgey is no match for my butterfree!” taunted Bugsy as Butterfree hovered
in the air.

“Come on you can do it Pidgey” said Kevin to his pokemon. “Your my only chance to
beat him. Do it for me Pidgey, we need that badge!”

Lightning flashed as Pidgey rose to its feet. It chirped loudly, and in a flash of light began
to evolve. It turned into a white substance and grew in size and in a few seconds there
stood a Pidgeotto. The clouds parted revealing the sun. It spread its wings and its
feathered crest shone pink and its tail feathers were pink and yellow. Its sharp beak
glinted in the sunlight.

“All right!” said Kevin disbelieving. The first pokemon he had ever caught had just
evolved right before his eyes. “There is no way I can lose now!”

“We’ll just see about that!” said Bugsy. “Butterfree Tackle!”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Butterfree dived down at the newly evolved pokemon.

“Agility!” yelled Kevin ang Pidgeotto dissapeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared
on the otherside of the arena. Butterfree tried again and again but Pidgeotto was too fast
for the bug pokemon.

“Your pokemon won’t be able to escape if its asleep!” called Bugsy. “Butterfree use sleep

With one flap of its wing it shot out blue sparkling dust at Pidgeotto.

“Quick Pidgeotto! Use Whirlwind!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto caused a great rush of
wind with a few flaps of its wings. The attack blew Sleep powder back at Butterfree.
Butterfrees eyes began to droop and it fell out of the air. It fell to the ground, out cold.

“Yeah we win!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air, Pichu trying not to fall off his shoulder.
Pidgeotto flew in circles around the arena, calling happily.

“Butterfree return!” said Bugsy, a bit downcast, recalling his sleeping pokemon. “That
was a great match Kevin.”

Bugsy walked over to him.

“Here is the Hive Badge to prove your skills as a pokemon trainer.” Kevin took the badge
and held it up to the sun. It was round and looked like a red bug with with three spots on

“Thanks” said Kevin, clipping it to his silver necklace along side his Zephyr Badge.

They shook hands and Kevin recalled his new pokemon. He left the gym and found Storm

“Hey Storm! I just won the Hive Badge” said Kevin smiling.

“Cool!” he replied. “I’m gonna go challenge him now!”

“Good luck!” said Kevin shaking Storms hand and with a wave goodbye, he left Storm
and Azalea town behind, and continuing on his pokemon journey, he headed towards Ilex
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 10

Ilex forest was a dark and dank place and Kevin walked carefully along the path, Pichu on
his shoulder. The canopy was so thick that the sunlight couldn’t penetrate to the forest
floor. It was unnaturally quiet and Kevin shivered in the darkness. His stomach was
complaining so he turned to Pichu.

“You think we should stop?” he asked his little pokemon. Pichu nodded and squeaked
hungrilly. He unstrapped his bag and rested against a tree. He let out Chikorita and
Totodile to help gather some firewood. Once he had amassed enough wood he released
Charmander from its pokeball and told it to use an ember on it. Kevin let out Pidgeotto to
fan the embers and soon they were all sitting in front of a crackling fire and they cast
flickering shadows on the surrounding trees.

Kevin undid his fathers necklace and showed it to his pokemon.

“Look guys!” he said beaming at them. “We only need 6 more badges until we can enter
the pokemon league!”

His pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled happily.

“I couldn’t have done this without you! You are the best pokemon a guy could ever

All the pokemon gathered around him, hugging him to show they loved their trainer.

“Thanks you guys!” he said and he placed his necklace on a nearby rock, Zephyr and
Hive badges shining in the fire light, so they all could admire it. They had a flame grilled
lunch and sat back and relaxed, enjoying each others company. With food in their bellys
and a cozy fire, all of Kevin’s pokemon nodded off one by one. Kevin thought about
things as he looked around at his sleeping pokemon.

“I only have five pokemon” he thought to himself closing his eyes. “Most trainers usually
have at least six pokemon before they get their first badge. I need to catch another...”

He opened his eyes to admire his badges. They weren’t there.

“Oh damn it!” he said flicking his eyes across the campsite. They were nowhere to be
seen! All that hard work for nothing he thought. But then he saw them. A hand was
dangling from the canopy and hanging from a finger, was his necklace.

“Hey give it here!” yelled Kevin.

A round purple face with a big grin protuded from the foliage and laughed at him.

“Its a pokemon!” said Kevin excitedly as he flipped open his pokedex. The pokemon
continued to pull faces as the mechanical voice spoke:

<Aipom> <Long Tail Pokemon>

<This playful pokemon lives in the tops of very tall trees. When leaping from branch to
branch, it deftly uses its amazing tail as an extra limb, helping to move quickly through
the trees. Has been known to steal things from people>

“You little thief!” Kevin taunted. “I’m gonna catch you!”

Aipom laughed at his threat, leapt to the lower branches and ran. Kevin ran after it,
leaving his pokemon by the fire. The monkey pokemon leapt from one branch to another,
the necklace swinging on its tail. Kevin sprinted after it, pulse racing, as he struggled to
keep up with the pokemon. He was beginning to lose ground, the aipom getting further in
front. Then Kevin had an idea.

“Fast Ball Go!” he yelled, plucking the orange and yellow ball from his belt and hurling it
at the purple pokemon. The fast ball sped towards Aipom. It struck aipom on the back of
the head and opened to suck the pokemon inside as a red energy. The necklace and the
fast ball fell to the ground and Kevin ran over and picked up his fathers necklace. He
turned and saw the Fast Ball rock from side to side, the aipom trying to escape...

Ping! The ball locked.

“Yeah I did it!” said Kevin triumphantly and he clipped the ball to his belt. He made his
way back to camp.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

When he arrived his pokemon were all looking confused.

“Its okay guys!” he said happily. “We have a new friend! Come on out Aipom!”

Kevin held out the fastball and it opened. White energy leapt out and formed into a
smiling Aipom.

“Aipom, this is Totodile, Pichu, Pidgeotto, Charmander and Chikorita!” said Kevin
pointing to each pokemon in turn. “Say hello guys!”

Kevins pokemon squeaked, chirped and growled to Aipom. The monkey pokemon waved
with its tail hand.

After Kevin had given Aipom something to eat, he told Totodile to use water gun on the
fire, dousing the flames. Once Kevin had returned all his pokemon and Pichu was on his
shoulder, he strapped his bag to his back and continued on his way.

He walked for awhile thinking about his latest capture. Kevin was now content. He had
six pokemon.

He continued along , beams of light finding their way through the dense canopy, to
criss-cross the path. He stumbled into a clearing where there was no trees and the sun
beamed down at Kevin in all its brightness. A twig snapped to his left. He whirled around
to see a two headed shadow coming towards him.

“Arghh!!” cried Kevin. Falling over backwards. “A two headed monster!”

“Hahaha!” laughed the monster. “Your an idiot Kevin! Its me!”

“Storm?” said Kevin. The figure stepped out from the trees and into the light. It was
Storm, pale blue hair blowing in the wind, a Hoothoot perched on his right shoulder.

“Hey Kevin!” said Storm laughing, helping Kevin to his feet. “Hows it going?”

“All good” said Kevin, brushing himself off,” I just caught my sixth pokemon; an
Aipom” he replied proudly.

“Six?” said Storm disbelieving. “I just caught this Hoothoot and shes my seventeenth!”

“You have seventeen pokemon?” said Kevin surprised and annoyed.

“Yeah” said Storm acting as though it was not a big deal. “Hey why don’t I show you a
few in a battle?”

“You’re on! Three pokemon each!”said Kevin. “Go Pidgeotto!”

“Fine with me, Meowth I choose you!” yelled Storm. The two pokeballs flew towards
each other, opened and released the pokemon. The cat pokemon Meowth drew its claws
and Pidgeotto soared up into the sky.

“Pidgeotto gust attack!” called Kevin to the sky. Pidgeotto flapped its wings blasting a
mini tornado at the meowth.

“Meowth Endure!” ordered Storm. Meowth dug its claws into the ground and the gust
attack whipped past causing little damage.

“Pidgeotto! Dive down and use quick attack!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto tucked in its
wing and plummetted towards the cat pokemon.

“Meowth Jump!” yelled Storm and at the last second, meowth leapt over Pidgeotto, out of
harms way. “Now use swift attack!”

Meoth conjured up little yellow stars in its paws and it hurled them up in the air. The stars
streaked across the sky, striking Pidgeotto. It was hurt but still able to do battle.

“Pidgeotto, dive again!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto spiralled towards meowth.

“Meowth, use payday!” yelled Storm. Meowth began blasting out golden coins from it’s
charm towards the diving Pidgeotto. Kevin’s bird pokemon swooped between the coins
and streaked towards Meowth. Pidgeotto struck the cat pokemon, blasting it to the
ground. It rolled away, eyes spinning.

“Meowth return!” said Storm recalling his fainted pokemon. “Was that the Pidgey you
used against me the first time we battled?”

“Sure is!” said Kevin proudly. “It evolved when I battled against Bugsy!”

“You’ve trained it well, but it won’t be able to defeat...Elekid Go!” he said hurling a
pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing an Elekid, the same Elekid that had saved
Kevins life in Slowpoke Well. An image of Ice appeared in Kevins head. He rubbed his
scar beneath his shirt, remembering the Rockets words... ‘I will kill you Son of the
Dragon trainer’.....

Kevin shivered. Storms voice brought him back to the present.

“Elekid use Thundershock!” yelled storm and Elekid rotated its arms, built up enough
electricity, and unleashed the attack towards Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto Agility!” yelled Kevin and Pidgeotto dissappeared in a flash and reappeared
behind Elekid.

“Use Peck attack Pidgeotto” yelled Kevin and the bird pokemon plunged its beak into
Elekids back. Elekid cried out in pain.

“Spin around and use thunderpunch!” ordered Storm and Elekid spun and punched
Pidgeotto in the gut, electricity flying from its fist. Pidgeotto fell to the ground in a
crumpled mass of feathers.

“Pidgeotto Return!” said Kevin and he plucked a pokeball from his belt. “Chikorita Go!”

Chikorita leapt from the pokeball, red eyes glistening.

“Elekid, Quick attack!” yelled Storm. Elekid dashed towards Chikorita, head down,
ramming Chikorita down.

“Chikorita Razor Leaf!” ordered Kevin and Chikorita spun the leaf on its head, firing
razor edged leaves at Elekid. The leaves slashed Elekid as they darted towards it. Elekid
fell to the ground.

“Quick Chikorita, use Vine whip” yelled Kevin grinning. “Wrap your vines around it!”

Chikorita shot out its vines from its neck, wrapping them around Elekid’s middle. It then
lifted Elekid in the air and slammed it into the ground, again and again. Storm had to
think fast or he was going to lose this round. An idea popped into his head.

“Elekid Thundershock!” he yelled and his pokemon blasted out electricity. It travelled
through Chikorita’s vines like they were wires, zapping Chikorita into paralysis. All of its
energy gone, Elekid fainted.

“Chikorita return!” said Kevin returning his grass pokemon.

“Elekid return!” said Storm, recalling his pokemon.

“This is it!” said Kevin. “Last round, I choose you...Aipom!”

Kevin threw out the fast ball. It opened and white light gushed out, forming into the little
monkey pokemon. It grinned cheekily, bouncing on its three fingered tail.

“Ok, go Houndour!” yelled Storm hurling a pokeball onto the field. It opened revealing
the dog pokemon. Its black coat shone and its teeth glittered. It was in real good
condition. Kevin had heard that Houdour were pretty tough so he checked his pokedex:

<Houndour> <The Dark Pokemon>

<This ferocious, Fire/Dark pokemon is very intelligent. As it is a pack hunter, it uses
howls and barks while hunting to know the location of others of its kind so it can easily
circle and trap its prey. Approach with extreme caution>

“Be careful Aipom” said Kevin. The little monkey nodded.

“Houndour Ember!” yelled Storm. Houdour reared its head back and breathed out
burning ashes at Aipom. Aipom used its tail like a spring and leapt away from the attack.

“Give it a Headbutt!” yelled Kevin. Aipom dived at Houndour striking it on the head with
its own. Houndour fell back on to its hind legs. Aipom, being young, fell backwards also,
dazed from the attack.

“Houndour Flamethrower!” ordered Storm. Houndours howl echoed through the forest as
it unleashed its Flamethrower sending a blast of flames at Aipom. The monkey pokemon
only just managed to evade the attack.

“Aipom doubleslap!” yelled Kevin and Aipom darted over and slapped Houndour across
the face with its tail three times. The Houndour clamped its jaws down on the monkeys
tail. Aipom squealed and jumped away from the wolf pokemon. Aipoms eyes flashed
menacingly as it drew back its fist. Its hand glowed with a white light and Aipom swung
its fist at Houndours jaw. The dog pokemon was sent soaring through the air and fell
heavily to the ground. It was out cold.

“Yeah we won!”cheered Kevin. “Aipom return!” and he returned his grinning pokemon.
Storm returned his pokemon and approached Kevin.

“That was great” said Storm and he shook Kevins hand. Pichu and Hoothoot waved at
eachother. “I’ll beat you yet!” said Storm and he turned and walked into the forest out of

Kevin looked up at the sun beaming down on him, took a deep breath and strolled back
into the cover of the trees.
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