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Old 03-11-2004, 10:19 AM
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 11

Emerging from Ilex Forest, Kevin gazed out at the rolling hills, breathing the fresh
morning air. It felt good to be out of the dingy forest and Kevin smiled up at the sun.

“Pichu Pichu” said the pokemon on his shoulder as it pointed at something.

“What is it?” said Kevin, following Pichu’s gaze. There, nestled on a hilltop was a cozy
wooden cottage painted white with a red roof.

“Lets go take a look shall we?” said Kevin and he began to hike up the hill. Once he
reached the top he noticed a garden out the front of the house which reminded him of
home. He suddenly realised how much he missed his blonde haired mother and her loving
smile. He also missed his room with his PC, warm bed, and posters of his favourite
Pokemon League Trainers like Azure Sapphire, Will Scarlet and Lance Sun, hanging on
his wall...

A white picket fence surrounded the garden. Kevin walked over to the gate and realized
there was a sign on it with red writing on it. It read:

Pokemon Daycare Center: Trainers Welcome

We’ll raise your pokemon for you!

“Pokemon Daycare huh?” he said and he opened the gate and strolled up the path to the
house. A Pidgey chirped at him from a perch near the door. He knocked. A few moments
later the door opened, revealing an old woman.Her white hair was pulled back in a bun
and she was wearing a red robe with lotus flowers embroided on it. She looked him up
and down, noticed the pokeballs on his belt and the pichu on his shoulder, smiled and
said “Come in, come in!”

She opened the door wide and Kevin, feeling kinda weird, entered the strangers house.
She ushered him over to a dining table where an old man, with a grey beard and ponytail,
was reading a newspaper. Kevin sat on a nearby stool and the old woman sat next to her
husband. The old man put down his paper and smiled at Kevin.

“Welcome to the Pokemon Daycare” he said, “My name is Dojo and my wife’s name is

“Hi I’m Kevin Sun” he replied nervously, “What do you guys do here?”

“We help trainers raise their pokemon” replied Old Man Dojo. “When a trainer is busy
they can drop off a pokemon for us to look after. They can leave it here for as long as they
want! From a few hours to a few months, we don’t mind. We love all Pokemon.”

“Our home is also open to trainers who need a break from their pokemon journey!” added

“Cool” said Kevin. Pichu nodded.

“Would you like me to show you the pokemon?” asked Old Man Dojo, a glint in his eye.

“Sure!” said Kevin smiling.

Old Man Dojo led him through the house and out the back door. It was an incredible site.
For miles around all Kevin could see were pokemon of almost every variety. There were
Zigzagoons, chasing eachother in the grass; a pair of Machop having an arm wrestle; and
even a giant Snorlax, snoozing in the shade of a tree, just to name a few. The giant
enclosure was full of things for the pokemon to play in, including a sparkling blue lake in
the middle.

“Wow!” said Kevin.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Old Man Dojo chuckled.

“I’ll say!” said Kevin laughing.

“Why don’t you let out your pokemon and let them relax and have fun” said the kind old

“Yeah ok” said Kevin. “Come on out everyone!”

The pokeballs on his belt sprung open revealing his Pokemon.

“Go have some fun guys” said Kevin smiling.

Totodile ran off and dived into the lake; Pidgeotto soared up into the clouds; Aipom
grabbed Pichu with its tail and ran off to play in and amongst a pile of rocks(they had
become fast friends in Ilex Forest); Charmander went over and played with two others of
its kind; and Chikorita trotted over to a patch of wild flowers and slept.

“You have a good team there!” said Old Man Dojo. “They will take you far, but , I doubt
you could become a champion with only six pokemon...”

“Yeah you’re right...” said Kevin.

“You are aware that a trainer can only carry six pokemon around with them at any one
time?” queried Old Man Dojo.

“Yeah...” said Kevin.

“Well, my boy, you can’t catch another pokemon until you assign a holding place for it”
said the old man.

“A holding place is where I keep the rest of my pokemon until I need them right?”

“That’s right” said Old man Dojo. “I saw you compete at the Martial Arts Tournament
and I must say I was impressed. You reminded me of myself when I was your age. I used
to be a Ninja Master myself. Now that I’ve met you I’ve taken a liking to you. Kevin Sun,
I ask that you would let the Pokemon Daycare Center be your holding place and that I,
Old Man Dojo, be your pokemon’s Caretaker.

Kevin smiled up at the old man.

“Old Man Dojo, looking around this place I know you will be the best possible person to
take care of my pokemon. Of course you can.”

“Thankyou very much! Well we better setup the APTPOC System!” said Old Man Dojo.
He turned and walked back inside and led Kevin over to a machine in the corner of the
main room. There was an area where it looked like a pokeball should go and there was a
blank display screen.

“APTPOC?” questioned Kevin.

“It stands for Automatic Pokemon Transfer as at Point Of Capture” said old man Dojo.
“When you capture a pokemon, it will automatically be teleported here.”

“Cool!” said Kevin.

“I’ll just need your pokegear for a minute” said the old man. Kevin unstrapped the silver
pokegear from his wrist and handed it to him. Old Man Dojo inserted it into a slot on the
machine. A picture of Kevin appeared on the display screen. A bar began to fill up at the
bottom of the screen. When it reached 100% a female voice came from the machine.

<Kevin Sun: Pokemon Trainer from New Bark Town age 15, now registered>

“All done” said Old Man Dojo smiling and he handed back the pokegear. Kevin strapped
it back to his wrist. “Kevin, if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to put my martial arts skills to
the test, against you...”

“Are you challenging me to a match?” asked Kevin surprised. He looked the man up and
down. The old man was wearing green fighting robes and a black belt was tied around his
waist. He looked in pretty fair condition for an old man but Kevin was sure that he would
be an easy opponent. “Sir, I don’t know... I don’t want to hurt you...”

The Old man smiled. “Trust me, son of the Dragon Trainer, you won’t.”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Okay...” said Kevin a bit uneasy.

Old Man Dojo led him outside again and took him over to a patch of grass. There was a
white circle on the ground about 5m across. Old Man Dojo kicked off his slippers and
entered the arena. Kevin also kicked off his shoes and slipped off his shirt revealing the 5
inch scar on his chest. He unclipped the pokeballs from his belt and took off his pokegear
before entering the arena.

They both assumed fighter stance. Kevin cautiously approached the old man. He then
lashed out with a fist towards the mans face. Dojo easily caught it and aimed a kick
towards Kevin’s gut. The kick hit home and Kevin reeled backwards holding his
stomach. Kevin’s Pokemon had seen their trainer and gathered around th edge of the
circle along with other pokemon.

“Don’t hold back Kevin!” said the old man smiling. Kevin jumped at Dojo and began
unleashing chops, kicks and punches at the old man. Dojo blocked everyone and swung a
fist at Kevin’s head. Ready this time, Kevin flicked his head to the side before planting a
knee in the old man’s stomach. The man fell backwards, breathing hard.

Using this opportunity Kevin leapt towards Old Man Dojo, aiming a jump kick at his
head. Dojo ducked and Kevin went sailing over his head. Spinning on the spot the man
turned and unleashed a kick at Kevin’s back. Kevin was sent sprawling out of the circle,
losing the match.

Kevin sat up, rubbing his back and looked at the old man, disbelieving.

“But... how?” said Kevin amazed. The man chuckled and extended an arm towards
Kevin. Kevin gratefully accepted and Old Man Dojo helped him to his feet.

“Never judge a book by its cover!” said the old man smiling. “The same rule applies for
pokemon. Just because a pokemon looks weak doesn’t mean it is. Never let your guard

Kevin stayed there for the rest of the day admiring all the pokemon and getting some
martial arts training from Old Man Dojo. At the end of the day he decided to stay the
night and he had a very restful sleep. He left the house promising he would send back a
new pokemon soon. He continued northward scaling a huge hill. When he reached the
peak he gazed down to see the beautiful sea side city of Goldenrod.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 12

Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. Goldenrod city was enormous! Hundreds of skyscrapers
rose up into the clouds. There were people everywhere going about their business. A
flock of Tailow soared between the buildings over head. Kevin saw a sign. It read:

The Festive City of Opulent Charm

Kevin wandered the streets in search of the Pokemon Gym. Instead he found the
Pokemon center. The doors slid open and Kevin entered into the air conditioned building.

He strolled up to the counter where the beautiful Nurse Joy was waiting.

“Welcome to the Goldenrod Pokemon Center” she said smiling. “How may I help you?”

“Hey Nurse Joy” said Kevin. “My names Kevin Sun. Do you think you could direct me to
the Gym?”

“Your the son of the dragon trainer aren’t you?” she said excitedly.

“Yeah that’s me” replied Kevin.

“Cool!” she answered. “Umm... Just keep following the main road to the otherside of the
city. Cross the railway line and it will be on your right. You can’t miss it.”

All of a sudden a Chansey came bursting through the door, wheeling a stretcher. On it
was an unconscious Growlithe. A girl followed, a worried look on her face.

“Thats the second one today!” said Nurse Joy sadly.

“What happened to it?” asked Kevin.

“Whitney...” she said.

“Who’s that?” said Kevin.

“A very powerful trainer” replied Nurse Joy. “She is also the Leader of the Goldenrod
Gym. No one has beaten her in a long time. Be careful Kevin.”

“I will...”

After getting a checkup on his pokemon he took Nurse Joy’s directions and arrived at the
gym half an hour later. A sign outside said:

The Incredibly Pretty Girl!

He entered into the red and white domed building. Kevin felt like he had stepped inside a
huge garden. Grass spread out in every direction and bright flowers spotted the landscape.
Pichu hopped down from his shoulder to sniff a bright red flower by Kevins feet. Kevin
gazed around. He could see what looked like a greek style parthenon at the far side of the
gym. Thats where Whitney must be, thought Kevin. He called Pichu who leapt up
effortlessly onto his shoulder. He marched toward the building but before he could enter,
two 16yr old girls appeared at the entrance, blocking his way.

They both were beautiful in every way a girl could be. They both had long blonde hair
and were wearing tight blue dresses. Kevin guessed that they were twins and he was right.
The only difference was one had sapphire blue eyes and the other had emerald green.

“Who are you?” said the one with green eyes.

“I’m Kevin Sun from New Bark Town, and yes, I am the son of the dragon trainer...”
sighed Kevin.

“Cool!” she said. “You are so much cuter in real life!”

“Yeah you look fatter on tv...” said the other.

“Right...” said Kevin. “And you foxes are...”

They smiled shyly at him.

“My name is Caitlyn!” said emerald eyes.

“And I’m Alissa!” said the other.

“We are the door guards of the Goldenrod gym!” said Caitlyn smiling.

“No one is allowed to see Whitney until they beat us first!” said Alissa.

“Okay lets get started” said Kevin reaching for a pokeball on his belt.

“Not so fast mister!” said Alissa. “At the goldenrod gym we do things a little different.
Time for a Double match.”

“Double?” queried Kevin.

“It’s a two on two pokemon battle” said Caitlyn smirking. “Four active pokemon on the
arena at once. Think you can handle it?”

“I know I can!” said Kevin smiling. They moved back into the garden, girls on one side
Kevin on the other.

“Ok go Jigglypuff!” yelled Alissa.

“Go Clefairy!” yelled Caitlyn.

Two moon balls flew out onto the arena. They burst open revealing the pink pokemon.

Kevin checked his pokedex

<Jigglypuff> <The Balloon Pokemon>

<This mysterious pokemon can use its sing technique to sing its enemys to sleep. It can
also puff it self up like a balloon>

<Clefairy> <The Fairy Pokemon>

<This exceptionally rare pokemon is said to have magical abilities. Using its Metrenome
ability, anything can happen>

I need two pokemon that can work well together, thought Kevin to himself. I know just
the ones. He plucked the fast ball from his belt.

“Go Aipom!” yelled Kevin and hurled the ball onto the field. It flew open and out came
the little purple monkey.

“You too Pichu!” he said and Pichu leapt from his shoulder.

“Let the battle begin!” said Caitlyn. “Go!”

Jigglypuff and Clefairy charged towards Kevin’s pokemon in a tackle attack. Aipom leapt
nimbly aside followed by Pichu.

“Pichu get clefairy, Aipom stick with Jigglypuff!” ordered Kevin. “Pichu Bite, Aipom
double slap!”

Pichu skitted around behind Clefairy and sunk its teeth into the pink pokemons tail.
Clefairy shook him off and delivered a pound attack to Pichus nose. Pichu fell backwards.
Meanwhile Aipom was slapping Jigglypuff around with its tail hand. Jigglypuff glared at
Aipom and blew itself up like a balloon and began using its own double slap attack on

“Aipom send Jigglypuff soaring with a megapunch!” ordered Kevin. Aipom drew back a
sparkling fist and lashed out at Jigglypuff, sending into the air. Jigglypuff didn’t seem
phased though. It just pumped up like a balloon and gently floated to the ground.

Clefairy now having the upper hand, began to use metronome! It rocked its fingers back
and forth and then suddenly, Clefairy unleashed a sparkling blue Ice Beam!

“Pichu watch out!” called Kevin. Pichu flung itself to the ground, just in time and the Ice
Beam flew past freezing a patch of grass nearby. Before Pichu could attack however,
Clefairy was already halfway through another Metronome, a confident smirk on its face..
Clefairy began to glow a brilliant white and then all of a sudden...


There was a huge explosion! When the smoke cleared there lay Clefairy eyes spinning,
out cold.

“What the...?” cried Caitlyn, Clefairys trainer.

Kevin had already figured out what had happened. “That was Self Destruct!” Kevin
laughed. “Metronome’s attacks are totally random! Unlucky!”

“Thats unfair!” cried Caitlyn falling to the ground.

“Thats life baby!” called Kevin. “Pichu go help Aipom!”

Pichu nodded and ran over to its team mate. Aipom and Jigglypuff had been using hand
to hand combat until Alissa’s pokemon had used its sing technique to make Aipom fall

“Pichu give Aipom a thundershock alarm clock!” yelled Kevin. Pichu abliged and sent
out a bolt of electricity that woke up Aipom in an instant.

“Aipom fling Pichu into the air!” ordered Kevin grinning. He could taste victory! Pichu
leapt into Aipoms tail hand. Then aipom used its tail like a catupult, launching Pichu into
the air.

“Pichu use Thundershock!” yelled Kevin.

“Peeee-chuuuu!” cried the pokemon and blasted a yellow streak of electricity towards
Jigglypuff. The pink pokemon was zapped into paralysis and fell to the ground.

“We did it!!!” cried Kevin.

“Ohhh we lost...” moaned the twins at once.

“You can go on through” sighed Alissa.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin congratulated his pokemon and returned them. Taking a deep breath
he walked into the parthenon. Down a flight of ten steps or so Kevin
walked onto a clay arena. He stepped into the trainers box.

Across on the other side of the arena stood a girl. She looked to be a little
shorter than Kevin and looked about 13 years old. Her red hair was tied
back in two pig tails. She was wearing a tight button up,pink and white
shirt and white hotpants. Her bellybutton was showing. The sign outside
was right, thought Kevin. She was pretty sexy.

“I’m Whitney, of the Goldenrod Gym!”she said. “I started collecting
pokemon because all my friends were. Pokemon are so cute!” she said
giggling. “Hey you’re the son of the Dragon Trainer aren’t you?”

Kevin smiled. “Yep my name’s Kevin!”

“Cool!” she said smiling. “My pokemon are cute and strong! Think you
can handle them?”

“Only one way to find out!” said Kevin.

“One on one pokemon battle! Go Miltank!” she cried and hurled a pokeball
onto the arena. It sprung open and out came a pink, cowlike pokemon.
Kevin looked it up.

<Miltank> <The Milk Cow Pokemon>

<The milk of the Miltank is packed with nutrition, making it the ultimate
beverage for the sick or weary. Do not be fooled by its docile appearance as
Miltanks are strong fighters, handle with caution>

“Okay I choose Totodile!” yelled Kevin and he threw a pokeball onto the
field. It opened revealing his beggining pokemon.

“Miltank use your horn attack!” ordered Whitney. Miltank mooed and
charged towards Totodile, horns shining. Totodile leapt from harms way.

“Totodile use your bite!” ordered Kevin. Totodile jumped at Miltank and
bit its long tail. Miltank cried out.

“Miltank! Headbutt!” Miltank turned and delivered the attack sending
Totodile skidding through the dirt.

“Totodile get up and use your Water Gun!” yelled Kevin. Totodile opened
its jaws and a jet of water came gushing out, blasting Miltank to the
ground. “Great going Totodile!”

“Not so fast Kevin, you won’t beat me that easily!” smirked Whitney.
“Miltank recover!”

Miltank began to glow and in a few seconds was in perfect condition.

“Dammit!” said Kevin annoyed. “Totodile use another Watergun!”

Totodile blasted another jet of water, but this time Whitney was ready.
“Miltank Rollout!”

Miltank bunched up into a ball and began spinning, the water gun
rebounding off it. Miltank then began to roll towards Totodile at high

“Totodile aim a water gun at the ground!” called Kevin. Totodile used the
water gun and was propelled into the sky to avoid the rampaging Miltank.
Whitney wasn’t phased at all as she knew Miltank knew just what to do.
Miltank still rolling leapt from the ground, knocking Totodile out of the
air. Totodile fell to the ground badly bruised.

“Come on Totodile get up!” cried Kevin. Totodile struggled to its feet, but
Miltank came rolling towards it. Totodile was sent crashing into the wall. It
slumped against the wall, out of energy.

“Looks like I win!” said Whitney smiled. “Just think I’ve beaten the son of
The Dragon Trainer!”

“My name, is Kevin!” he said defiantly. He then turned his attention to
Totodile. “ Come on Totodile get up. I know you can do it! We need that
badge to get into the pokemon league! Come on Totodile do it for me! You
can do it!”

“Pee Pee Chu” encouraged Pichu.

“Get up Totodile and teach that Miltank a lesson it will never forget!” said

Totodile slowly turned its head and smiled at Kevin...

Then it happened.

There was a flash of light, and Totodile glowed with a white radience.

“He’s evolving...”whispered Kevin.

Totodile got to its feet and began to change shape. The white light doubled
its size and the light vanished. There stood a newly evolved Croconaw. Its
yellow underbelly was covered in blue patches. Its head was addorned with
a red crest and its yellow eyes shone.
It looked ready for round two!

“Oh no...” groaned Whitney.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Croconaw> <Big Jaw Pokemon>

<Croconaw the evolved form of Totodile. This savage pokemon has a
monstrous jaw that it uses very well in battle. It always has 48 fangs in its
mouth. It is also an excellent swimmer>

“Aright!” yelled Kevin. “Croconaw use your Rage!”

Croconaw started flashing red and fire flickered in its eyes. It let out a loud
roar and charged at Miltank with the force of a speeding train. Croconaw
plowed into the pink pokemon knocking it to the ground. Then in a rage of
Fury, it unleashed Mega Punches, Scratches and Bites on the poor Miltank.

Croconaw backed away to see Miltank gasping for breath, covered in
bumps and bruises.

“Finish it Croconaw” yelled Kevin smiling. “Watergun!”

Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a huge jet of water, that
blasted Miltank into the concrete wall. The Milk Cow Pokemon slumped to
the ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah we did it!!!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air. Pichu laughed with
glee. Croconaw came over to his trainer. “You were great Totodile, I mean

“No this can’t be!” cried Whitney tears streaming down her face. “I’m
supposed to win not you!” She glared at him, “You! Get out of my gym

“But I won!” he said defiantly.

“Go away!” she screamed, hugging her pooped out Miltank.

Kevin cursed to himself, returned Croconaw and walked up the stairs.
When he got to the top the twins stopped him.

“Don’t worry about it” said Alissa. “ Whitney always crys when someone
beats her”

“Yeah just go back and ask her nicely for the badge.” agreed Caitlyn.

“Thanks” he said and turned around and approached Whitney.
“What?” she said. “Oh sorry here you go. Heres the Plain badge”
She reached down her blouse (hehehe) and revealed a yellow diamond with
silver edges.

“Thankyou!” said Kevin. He attached it to his necklace, alongside the Hive
Badge. He winked at her, and she smiled. With that he left the gym, Pichu
giggling on his shoulder.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 13

Walking along route 35, Kevins thoughts were distracted by a ring from his Pokegear. He
pressed a button on it and a text message appeared. It read:

Hey Kevin, the Bug Catching contest is on today at the National Park! It’s a great
way to catch a new pokemon! It would be great if I could see you there!

Kevin flicked to the map on his pokegear an realised that it was only ten minutes walk
away. I’m there, thought Kevin.

“Let’s go Pichu!” said Kevin. “Off to the Bug Catching Contest!”

Kevin raced through the forest and arrived at the National Parks gates in no time at all.
There was a big crowd of trainers mingling around the entrance.

“Hey Kevin!” called a voice. Kevin turned to see his rival Storm running up to him. A
Hoothoot was perched on his shoulder.

“Hey Storm wassup?” said Kevin.

“The Bug catchin contest thats what!” said Storm. “I can’t wait! It should be starting

Sure enough, a man with a red cap stepped up onto a small podium. He started speaking
thru a microphone. “Welcome trainers to todays Bug Catching Contest” he began. “The
rules of this contest are simple. Using one of the special Park Balls provided, and using
only one of your own pokemon, catch the best bug you can find. At the end of the contest,
the pokemon you caught will be judged and the winner will win a Sunstone! You also get
to keep the pokemon you caught! Here are the park balls!

Four women began handing all the trainers a parkball each. Kevin looked at his own. It
was green on top and grey on the underside with lime green bug wings coming from the
release/lock button.

“Okay everone through the gates! Leave your packs by the gate along with the pokemon
you are not using.”

Kevin dumped his pack on the ground and removed all but one pokeball from his belt.
“Pichu look after my bag okay?”

“Pee-chuu” it said nodding. Storm dropped his bag and took all his pokeballs off his belt,
leaving himself with the Hoothoot on his shoulder.

“You have twenty minutes until times up! ” said the man. Kevin set his pokegear to count
down from twenty minutes so he’d know how much time he would have left.

“On the gun we’ll begin! Three...”

“I’ll beat you this time” whispered Storm.


“We’ll just see about that”said Kevin grinning.



The trainers raced into the forest. Kevin jogged between the trees on the look out for a
rare bug pokemon. He pressed the button on the remaining pokeball he had. It sprung
open and light gushed onto the ground. It formed into his Charmander, tail swishing back
and forth. Kevin had used his head and realized that Charmanders fire attacks would extra
effective on the bug pokemon.

“Charmander, be on the look out for a rare bug type!” said Kevin. Charmander growled
excitedly. A rustle in the grass behind them caused them to turn. This could be it, thought
Kevin. Out from the grass emerged a....

Caterpie...(Kevin and charmander fall over, anime style)

Kevin continues searching between the trees, through the grass and in the tree tops but to
no avail. Kevin checked his pokegear:

>>7:23 remaining<<

Come on I have to find something soon, thought Kevin.

“Charrr Charrr!” called his pokemon pointing. Kevin looked and saw what he was
waiting for. Between the trees he could see a clearing and meditating on the ground, eyes
closed, he could see...a Scyther!

“This is it” said Kevin to Charmander. They carefully creeped into the clearing. Kevin got
out his pokedex:

<Scyther> <The Mantis Pokemon>

<This terrifying Pokemon is of the Bug/Flying variety. It’s sharp scythes are perfect for
fighting. Add to that its ninja like speed this is one pokemon to avoid if you are a
beginner. Approach with extreme caution>

“Alright with its eyes closed I can catch it easily.” He grabbed the park ball from his belt.
“Scyther, your mine!” he yelled and hurled the green ball at the pokemon. The Scyther
opened one eye and the park ball was sent flying back at Kevin. He caught it in one hand.
“What the...?” he said and his pokedex spoke from his left hand:

<Scythers Slash attack moves too fast for the human eye to see>

“Incredible...”said Kevin smiling. “I gotta catch it! Charmander, you’re up buddy!”
Charmander growled and marched towards the Scyther. The bright green bug pokemon
stood up and faced its opponent.

“Charmander use your ember!”ordered Kevin. Charmander opened its mouth and shot
forth three fireballs. Scyther slashed through them with ease. It then used a quick attack,
smacking Charmander to the ground.

“Quick Charmander get up and use your Flamethower!” called Kevin. Charmander got up
took a deep breath and blasted a stream of fire at it’s opponent. But Scyther used a double
team attack and avoided the Flamethrower.

Now, five images of Scyther surrounded Charmander, who didn’t know which to attack

All of a sudden Charmander roared and turned into a white light, and it began to grow.
The white light faded and there stood a Charmeleon. Its skin was a deep red and its claws
were longer and sharper then before. Kevin couldn’t belive his eyes! His Totodile had
evolved into Croconaw only a few days ago and now this! His pokedex spoke:

<Charmeleon> <The Lizard Pokemon>

<This pokemon is very hot headed by nature, so it constantly seeks opponents. With its
Fire Spin attack charmeleon can attack two to five times in a row before its enemy can

Kevin glimpsed at his pokegear:

>>1:15 remaining<<

“Ok Charmeleon” called Kevin. “Use your fire spin!”

Charmeleon roared and spun on the spot, sending out waves of flame from its tail in all
directions. When the smoke cleared there was the real Scyther lying unconcious at
Charmeleons feet.

>>0:26 remaining<<

“Scyther your mine!” called Kevin as he threw the ball at the pokemon. The parkball
sprung open and the scyther was transformed into red energy that was sucked inside. The
Park Ball snapped shut and fell to the ground.

>>0:08 remaining<<

Kevin waited anxiously for it to lock...


“Yeah we did it!” yelled Kevin jumping in the air. Charmeleon blasted a spout of flame
into the air. “Great going Charmeleon, return!” the red light shot forth from the pokeball
returning the Fire pokemon. The horn sounded from the gate to indicate the game was
over. All the trainers made their way back to the podium. All pokemon that were captured
were placed ino a basket so they could be judged. The judgeing was finished in no time
and the announcer read out the results.

“Here are the results for todays Bug-Catching Contest!” he said. “Placing third is Lucas
Abraham who caught a Butterfree. Placing second is Kevin Sun who caught a splendid
Scyther! Placing first is Storm Craft who caught a Heracross!”

A massive cheer from the crowd as the top three walked up onto the stage. Kevin was
given a pokeball with his new Scyther in it and a ticket to see a performance by the
Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City. Storm was given his Heracross and a Sunstone. All of a
sudden the pokeball with scyther in it that Kevin was holding in his hands, vanished in a
flash. Kevin realized it had been transported to the pokemon daycare, south of Goldenrod,
and he knew it was in safe hands. After the ceremony Storm approached Kevin, a big grin
on his face.

“Well I finally beat you!” he said.

“Well enjoy it while it lasts!” said Kevin smiling. “You won’t beat me again!”

“It was nice seeing you again!” said Storm and he shook his hand. “’Til next time?”

“Til next time” replied Kevin. “See ya round”

With that they went their seperate ways both on their way to Ecruteak City to earn their
next Johto League badge.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 14

Continuing his Pokemon Journey, Kevin and Pichu look up into the afternoon sky to see a
small flock of Pidgeotto.

“Wow” said Kevin smiling. Pichu squeaked in excitement.

The Pidgotto were swooping in and around eachother, putting on a fantastic show.

“Impressive aren’t they”

Kevin jumped in surprise, and turned to see a middle aged man in khaki uniform, a pair
of binoculars slung around his neck.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin.

“I’m Jack Ravenwild, a Pokemon watcher! And you must be Kevin Sun!”

“Yeah thats me. A pokemon watcher?” asked Kevin.

“A pokemon watcher is like a proffessor in the field. We follow and study different
Pokemon, make sketches and take notes. Its also our job to discover new pokemon
species. I’ve been following this flock of Pidgeotto for sometime now but there seems to
be a problem...”

“A problem?” queried Kevin.

“This flock of Pidgeotto used to be a huge group of fifty or so birds, that migrated
between their nesting grounds on the Whirl Pool Islands and the coast of Fuschia City in
Kanto. But as you can see there is little more than a dozen left. I can’t understand whats
been happening.”

Kevin nodded.

“And the strangest thing is that they’ve only been disappearing in the last week or so!
They retire at sunset to roost in the treetops and I set up camp a few meters away to keep
an eye on them. But in the morning five to ten birds are gone! These last few nights I’ve
been staying up to see whats been happening, but the same thing keeps happening.”

“Whats that?” asked Kevin, beggining to become really interested.

“Well the last thing I can remember is sparkling blue powder wafting through the trees”
Jack said. “And then I always fall asleep... I can’t understand it...”

Kevin nodded. He thought about it for a second and had an idea. He plucked a pokeball
form his belt and opened it. There was a flash of white light and there stood Chikorita.

“Sir, did the powder look anything like this?” asked Kevin and the he directed his
attention to Chikorita. “Chikorita show Jack a Sleep Powder”

“Chiko” she said and exaled. In her breath were little blue glints of light.

“Thats it!” said Jack. “Thats exactly what it looked like. Of course! Its so obvious! But
are you saying that someone’s been putting me to sleep?”

“Thats exactly right” said Kevin solemly. “And while your asleep, they’re stealing the

“This is Terrible!” cried Jack. “Those poor Pidgeotto...”

All of a sudden there was a bird call from the sky. They looked up to see a lone Pidgeotto
flying towards them. It looked seriously beat up. Suddenly it began to fall from the sky,
plummeting out of control. Kevin gasped, and ran towards it. Pichu jumped aside. Kevin
leapt from the ground, catching the wounded pokemon in mid-air. Jack, Pichu and
Chikorita ran over to Kevin. Kevin gently placed the bird on the soft grass. It’s colouring
was darker then a regular Pidgeotto. Its crest was a deep red, its wings were a dark
maroon and its underbelly was a dull pink.

“Quick, spray this on it!” said Jack and handed Kevin a Super Potion. Kevin sprayed the
healing mixture all over the injured Pidgeotto.

“I know this Pidgeotto!” realized Jack. “She’s the Leader of the Flock and one of the first
ones to go missing. I gave her the nickname Scarlet. She must of escaped.”

The potion had done its miracle and the Pidgeotto regained conciousness, although it still
was a bit tired.

“We need to find out where the others are” said Jack, stroking the birds feathers.

“Leave that to me.” said Kevin reaching to his belt. Grabbing a pokeball he said
“Pidgeotto, I choose you.”

A white light revealed Kevin’s own Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto ask it what happened” said Kevin. Kevin’s pokemon and Scarlet met eye to
eye and it was love at first sight. Scarlet battered her eyelashes at Pidgeotto, and Pidgeotto
turned bright red.

“Hey look!” said Kevin pointing. “Pidgeottos going red!”

Pidgeotto shook its head to clear its mind and began chirping to Scarlet in an inquisitive
tone. Scarlet nodded and chirped back pointing back to where she had come from with a
wingtip. Pidgeotto began to talk to Kevin.

“Pigdeo-Pidgeo-geotto-Pi-Pidgeotto” it chirped at Kevin who nodded.

“You understand that?” said Jack a doubtful look on his face.

“I think so...” replied Kevin and continued listening to Pidgeotto. Kevin’s eyes widened
and he cursed when Pidgeotto finished.

“What is it? asked Jack.

“We were right.” said Kevin. “The Pidgeotto have been stolen by a teen with white hair,
and if I’m not mistaken, an elite member of Team Rocket”

“Team Rocket?” gasped Jack. “We’ve got to find him!”

Kevin nodded. “Scarlet’s gonna show us”

Scarlet nodded, spread her wings and rose into the air.

“Pidgeotto, stay with her” said Kevin. Pidgeotto nodded and flew up next to Scarlet.

“Let’s go” said Jack. Kevin nodded and returned Chikorita back into her pokeball. They
raced after the two airborne pokemon.

After what seemed to be like fifteen minutes, They found themselves outside a small
warehouse. Standing outside it, leaning against the door was Ice, white hair blowing in
the wind, a smirk on his face. He was wearing a white jacket over a dark blue shirt and a
pair of white boardies.

“Ice...” muttered Kevin.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“I had a feeling you’d showup Kevin” he said smiling malevolently.

“Your not wearing a Rocket uniform?” said Kevin surprised.

“Yes I am” said Ice. “This is my personal uniform given to me by Giovanni himself. I
kinda like it, don’t you?”

“What have you done to the Pidgeotto!” yelled Jack.

“All in due time good man” he said confidently. “First I would like to reclaim one of my

He gazed into the sky, sights set on Scarlet. He grabbed what looked like a gun from his
belt aimed and fired. A net blasted from the gun, wrapping itself around Scarlet and
bringing her to the ground. He picked up the bundle from the ground and dumped it at the
door. Kevins Pidgeotto looked like it was ready to peck Ice’s eyes out.

“Kevin, I’ve decided I don’t want to kill you for now” he began turning to Kevin. “But
I’m rather bored. How about a one on one pokemon match? If you win, I’ll give you all
the Pidgeotto. If I win... I’ll kill you. Fair enough?”

“Don’t do it Kevin” whispered Jack. “It’s too dangerous!”

“I’ll be fine” said Kevin smiling. Then to Ice “Your on! Are you gonna use the pokemon
you put Jack to sleep with?”

“What? Venomoth?” asked Ice. “No I have another pokemon in mind” he plucked a
pokeball from his belt. “Lets destroy these weaklings! Go, ‘Wolverine’!”

Ice tossed the ball onto the grass. It sprung open in a flash of light and out came his
pokemon. It’s black coat shone in the sunlight, and it’s pair of twin claws flashed.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Sneasel> <The Sharp Claw Pokemon>

<This Dark/Ice Pokemon is vicious by nature and will hide in the shadows before
attacking without warning with its sharp claws. After they reach a certain level they learn
to hover using special powers.>

“Pidgeotto, I choose you!” called Kevin to the sky, where his pokemon began to dive
towards the Sneasel at top speed. It shrieked a battle call and extended its talons aiming a
slash attack at Sneasel.

“Dodge it Wolverine” said Ice arms folded, smirk on his face. Sneasel dissapeared in a
flash and reappeared a few meters away.

“Wolverine, Powdersnow” said Ice confidently. Sneasel took a deep breath and blew out
thousands of freezing snowflakes.

“Pidgeotto use your whirlwind!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto rapidly flapped its wings,
blowing the Powdersnow away.

“Use your Faint attack!” yelled Ice. Sneasel nodded and streaked through the air towards
Pidgeotto. Kevins pokemon braced itself for the attack... but nothing happened. All of a
sudden, Pidgeotto was sliced from behind and it began to fall.

“Pull out of it Pidgeotto!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto strained its muscles and pulled out of
the dive just in time, scraping its underside on the grass. Kevin looked up to see Sneasel
hovering in the air an evil grin on its face.

“What happened?” he said turning to Jack.

“That was Faint attack” the pokemon watcher began. “The user creates an identical image
of itself that attacks from the front, while the real pokemon attacks from behind, putting
its opponent off guard.”

“Well done Wolverine” said Ice.

“Pidgeotto, use Quick attack!” yelled Kevin.

“You too Wolverine!” ordered Ice.

In a flash the two pokemon streaked towards eachother and collided midair. SMACK!
Wolverine fell to the ground with a thud. Pidgeotto had mussed up some feathers and lost
some altitude, but was alright.

“Get up you pathetic weakling!” yelled Ice.

“Wolverine’s trying its best!” called Kevin to Ice in anger. “Cut it some slack!”

“It’s not trying its best, you idiot!” the evil teen called back. “And I didn’t ask for your
opinion. Wolverine use Icywind!”

The dark pokemon got up, narrowed its eyes at its trainer, then turned to Pidgeotto. It
took in a deep breath and breathed out a storm of very fine glittering frost at the bird

“Watch out Pidgeotto!” called Kevin. Pidgeotto dived away from the ice attack and sped
towards Sneasel.

“Wolverine use Faint Attack!” yelled Ice and Sneasel leapt towards Pidgeotto. Kevin
remembered what Jack had said and was ready this time. The false image of Sneasel
dissapeared in a flash.

“Pidgeotto, spin around and use Gust!” cried Kevin. Pidgeotto turned and sure enough
there was Sneasel. Pidgeotto flapped it wings and within an instant had conjured a small
tornado. Sneasel was caught in the swirling wind and was sent crashing in the dirt. It was
out cold.

“Yeah, Alright Pidgeotto!” called Kevin, Pichu grinning ear to ear.

“Useless Pokemon” muttered Ice recalling his Sneasel. “Well Kevin, your life is spared...
for now. Here’s the red one.”he picked up the net containing Scarlet and threw it into the
air towards Kevin.

“Pidgeotto grab it!” ordered Kevin and Pidgeotto swooped at the net, catching it in its
talons. Pidgeotto slowly brought it to the ground. Pidgeotto opened the bag with a well
aimed peck. Scarlet clambered out and snuggled up under Pidgeottos wing. Pidgeotto
cooed softly to her and Scarlet blushed an even deeper red. “Takes after me” thought
Kevin smiling at the couple.

“Sickening...” muttered Ice.

“Here are the rest of them” he said as casually as he could and he pulled open the big
doors of the shed. The entire flock of Pidgeotto erupted from within and soared up into
the sky. It was a beautiful sight. “We’ll meet again son of The Dragon Trainer” said Ice
and he turned away into the forest. Kevin watched him go.

Kevin looked down to see his own Pidgeotto, looking up at him a tear in its eye. Kevin
understood immediately. Pidgeotto was torn between Scarlet and Kevin. Kevin knelt
down beside Pidgeotto, stroked its feathers and smiled.

“Scarlet” said Kevin turning to the bird under Pidgeottos wing. “I want you to take good
care of Pidgeotto for me”

Pidgeotto looked at Kevin in disbelief. Kevin nodded. “Have a great life ol’ buddy. Go
join your new family”

Pidgeotto chirped with joy and rose up into the sky, Scarlet close behind. Pichu began to
cry as it waved goodbye.

“That was a very noble thing you just did Kevin” said Jack putting his hand on Kevin’s
shoulder. “Thanks for everything you’ve done Kevin. I’ll keep an eye on Pidgeotto for

Kevin smiled up at him. “Thanks Jack!”

The pair looked up into the afternoon sky and saw the entire flock of Pidgeotto, sun
reflecting of their feathers, flying off into the distance.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 15

“Are you a pokemon trainer?” called a voice. Kevin turned towards the voice.

“Yeah why?” he said. A girl stood in front of him, a bang of red hair fell across one side
of her face and the rest of her brown hair was tied back in a bun. She had beautiful olive
skin and deep brown eyes. She was gorgeous, thought Kevin as he looked her up and
down, and she knew it. She was wearing a fleecy orange jumper with a hood and tight
blue jeans that showed off her beautiful shape. She looked to be about 13.

“I challenge you to a match!” she said smiling. “One pokemon each!”

“Your on!” he said. “I choose you Aipom!”

He threw out his fastball and it opened. White light poured out of it and formed into
Aipom. Aipom grinned happily, ready to go.

“Okay, Go Eevee!” she said and threw out a pokeball. It opened revealing a little brown
dog like pokemon.

Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Eevee> <The Evolution Pokemon>

<This rare pokemon is very unique as it has unstable DNA. This attribute allows it to
evolve into one of five other pokemon: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon or Umbreon>

“Interesting” muttered Kevin to himself.

“Eevee use tackle attack!” called the girl and Eevee bounded towards Aipom. Eevee
lauched itself at Aipom but Aipom just bounced it away with a flick of its tail. Aipom
chuckled to itself. Kevin tried to hold back a grin.

“Aipom, show these girls your tackle!” he said and the purple monkey obliged. It sprinted
towards the dog pokemon and collided head on, sending Eevee flying.

“Eevee are you okay?” asked the girl. Eevee struggled to its feet.

“Aipom finish this” said Kevin. “Use your Mega Punch!”

Aipom grinned evilly and drew back a sparkling fist. It lashed out and hit Eevee with
tremendous force, knocking the little pokemon to the ground. It was out cold and the girl
recalled her pokemon into its pokeball.

She looked at him with a smile on her face and said “You’re perfect!”

“Perfect?” said Kevin recalling Aipom.

“Whats your name?” she asked.

“Kevin” he said surprised. Most people already knew his name. “You know... Kevin

She shook her head puzzled.

“The son of The Dragon Trainer?” he asked again.

“Doesn’t ring a bell” she said honestly.

Wow thought Kevin.

“By the way, my name is Bonita, Bonnie for short” she said revealing her beautiful smile
again. Kevin had fallen in love with her smile, even in the short time he had known her.
“And we have to go see my sisters!”

“Sisters?” queried Kevin.

“Yeah, now come on!” she said taking his hand and began pulling him up the hill. They
reached the top and Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. Looking down he could see a huge
town. Jutting up from above the buildings he could see two towers, one which looked to
be have burned a long time ago. Kevin new exactly which town this was. It was Ecruteak

She led him down the path into the city. Kevin noticed that a lot of the buildings were
very traditional with stylised roofs. They finally stopped at a big building. The property
was huge with gardens, creeks and bridges. They entered through the gates and
approached the building. Kevin could here music coming from within.

“Sounds like my sisters are performing...” Bonita thought aloud. “This way”

She led Kevin, who was still wondering what was going on, around the back . She opened
the door quietly and stepped inside. Kevin followed her in and found himself backstage of
a performance. He could see four beautiful seventeen year old girls, wearing tight silk
robes dancing on stage. OMG, he thought, my dreams have come true...

“Hello... Earth to Kevin...” pestered Boni, waving her hand in front of his face. “They’re
only my sisters”

Kevin nodded and continued to watch.

“Boys...” muttered Boni. The performance ended with a huge applause and whistling fom
the crowd. The crowd filed out of the building until the hall was empty. Bonita
approached her sisters who were sitting on the edge of the stage.

“Hey guys” said Boni.

“Hey sis!” they said happily.

“I found the perfect one!” said Boni excitedly. She dragged Kevin over by the hand. The
touch of her skin on his was electrifying. “His name’s Kevin Sun!”

“Pleased to meet you!” they all said. They introduced themselves.

“I’m Naoko” said the one in red.

“I’m Zuki” said the one in white.

“I’m Kuni” said the girl in blue.

“And I’m Miki!” said the girl in the yellow robe. “Kevin Sun... aren’t you the son of the
Dragon Trainer?”

“Yeah thats me” said Kevin who was now under control from first seeing them. “Why
does Boni think I’m perfect?”

“You mean she didn’t tell you?” asked Zuki.

“Boni, how could you?” asked Naoko, who was the oldest.

“Sorry” she said embarressed. “I was just so thrilled at finding him, I guess I forgot”

Kuni began to explain. “Boni thinks you would be perfect for a traveling companion, and
Boni... you picked well this time...” she said licking her lips.

Boni giggled. “He’d be great! I challenged him to a match and he beat me hands down.
His Aipom is really tough! Besides he’s really nice don’t you think?”

“He looks strong...”said Naoko. “Hey... didn’t you compete in and win the Johto Martial
Arts Championship?”

Kevin nodded.

“That’s good. He would be able to protect her if the need arose” continued Naoko.

“How many badges do you have?” asked Zuki. Kevin showed them the necklace. “Three:
The Zephyr, The Hive and The Plain.”
“Impressive” said Kuni.

Miki spoke up. “Girls, don’t you think we’re forgeting something? Does Kevin actually
want a traveling companion?”

They all looked at Kevin, realising their mistake.

“It’s okay” he said grinning.”Its starting to get lonely by myself. I would love to have
Boni along, it would be great.”

Bonita smiled at him.

“Well there is only one thing left to do” said Zuki. She stood up and faced Kevin. “To
prove your worthy and strong enough to take care of Boni, you have to defeat me and the
girls in a pokemon battle!”

“A pokemon battle?” asked Kevin. “Great!”

“Let’s go out into the garden” said Kuni. She led them outside. “Each of us sisters will
use one pokemon each and you can use four”

“Sounds good” said Kevin. Boni retreated to the sidelines
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“I’ll go first, I choose you Vaporeon!” said Kuni throwing a lure ball. It opened and out
came a blue dog, with gills and a fish tail. Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Vaporeon><The Bubblejet Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Waterstone is used. This clever water pokemon can melt
into water and make itself disapear. Vaporeon likes to live close to rivers and streams>

“A Vaporeon...” thought Kevin to himself. “Pichu your up!”

Pichu nodded and leapt from his shoulder into the arena.

“Pichu use Thundershock!” ordered Kevin.
“Peeeee-Chuuu!” calld the mouse pokemon, shooting electricity from its cheeks at

“Vaporeon, Mirror Coat!” ordered Kuni. Vaporeons skin rippled like liquid steel and the
attack was deflected out of harms way. “Now use your Bubblebeam!”

Vaporeon shot out a jet of rainbow bubbles at Pichu, who only just managed to scramble
out of the way.

“Pichu use Quick attack!” called Kevin. Pichu zipped across the field at high speed
ramming into Vaporeon.

“Vaporeon, get up and use watergun!” ordered Kuni.

“Pichu use agility!” yelled Kevin. Vaporeon shot out a column of water at Pichu, who
jumped clear.

Vaporeon kept blasting out water attempting to hit the yellow mouse. Pichu continued to
avoid danger. Kevin realised, looking at Pichu struggling, that it won’t be able to keep
this up for much longer. He had to think of something...

“Pichu, aim a Thunderbolt at the Watergun!” yelled Kevin. Pichu worked up and released
a great amount of electricity. The Thunderbolt traveled through the water and electrocuted
Vaporeon. The Bubblejet pokemon collapsed on the ground.

“Vaporeon return, “muttered Kuni downcast recalling Vaporeon.

“Yeah great going Pichu!” cried Kevin.

“Peechuupee!” it squeaked.

“My turn now, go Jolteon!” said Miki tossing out a fastball. The orange ball opened
revealing a yellow dog pokemon with spiky fur.

“Let’s see what the pokedex has to say...”thought Kevin activating the database:

<Jolteon> <The Lightning Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Thunderstone is used. This Pokemon collects negatively
charged atoms from the atmosphere. It then uses them to crash out 10,000 volts of
lightning. In battle the hairs on Jolteons back turn into needles that it fires at its

“Pichu use Thundershock!” called Kevin. Pichu sent out a streak of lightning. Jolteon
easily avoided it.

“Jolteon, use Sandattack!”ordered Miki. Jolteon turned and kicked up sand into Pichu’s
face, blinding it. “Now use Thunderbolt!” Jolteon howled and blasted out electricity that
knocked Pichu to the ground. It couldn’t get up.

“Pichu are you okay?” asked Kevin, picking up the little mouse. Pichu squeaked softly
and lost conciousness. Kevin put Pichu in its pokeball so it could rest. He would let it out
later. Right now he had to choose another pokemon...

“Chikorita, I choose you!” said Kevin throwing out a pokeball. It opened and out came
the grass pokemon. “Chikorita, use tackle!”

Chikorita nodded and galloped towards Jolteon. Bang! Jolteon skidded through the dirt.

“Jolteon, use Pin Missile!” called Miki. Jolteon barked and its hair stood on end. It shot
out glowing yellow pins, that streaked through the air towards Chikorita.

“Chikorita, use reflect!” yelled Kevin. Chikorita’s eyes flashed and a yellow panel of light
appeared in front of it. The pin missile attack hit the sheild and did no damage to
Chikorita. “Okay Chikorita, use Razorleaf!”

Chikorita spun its head leaf, flinging razer sharp leaves at Jolteon.

“Jolteon, use agility!” ordered Miki. Jolteon zipped between the leaves easily. “Now use

Jolteon howled again and shot out a bolt of lightning that struck Chikorita but Chikorita
didn’t seem to feel it.

“That was a direct hit!” called Miki to Kevin. “Why didn’t your pokemon feel it?”

“Electric attacks don’t work very well on grass types” said Kevin grinning. “Chikorita use
your vinewhip!”

Vines shot out from Chikoritas neck, which lashed out at Jolteon, hitting it across the
face. Jolteon fell to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Oh I lost too!” cried Miki, recalling Jolteon.

“Alright! Great going Chikorita!”said Kevin.

“Okay, lets see if you can handle this! Go Umbreon!”yelled Zuki. Throwing out a
pokeball. It opened revealing a black dog with yellow markings. Kevin checked his
pokedex again:

<Umbreon> <The Moonlight Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee at night under certain conditions. When darkness falls, the rings on
the body of an Umbreon begin to glow, striking fear into the hearts of anyone nearby.
These dark pokemon are very clever and should not be underestimated>

“Umbreon, use your Scaryface!” ordered Zuki. Umbreons eyes glowed and it bared its
teeth. Chikorita cringed in fear. “Now use scratch attack!”

Umbreon swiped at Chikorita with a paw, knocking the grass pokemon to the ground.

“Chikorita use Leechseed!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita got to its feet and launched a seed
from a bud around its neck. Umbreon ducked and the seed went flying harmlessly past.

“Umbreon! Use your Nightshade!” ordered Zuki, white robe flapping in the wind.
Umbreon focused its energy and unleashed a red and black beam of darkness at Chikorita.
Boom! Chikorita fell to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Well done Umbreon!” cried Zuki. Umbreon barked happily.

Kevin shot out the red recalling beam from Chikorita’s pokeball, returning his pokemon.
“Good work Chikorita, you deserve a long rest”. Kevin plucked a pokeball from his belt.
“Time to get serious now, go Croconaw!”

Kevin threw the pokeball and it sprung open. White light cascaded down onto the grass
forming into Kevins Croconaw. It roared loudly, ready for some action.

“Croconaw, Bubble!” commanded Kevin and Croconaw shot out white bubbles from its
mouth. The bubbles hit Umbreon and exploded on impact. Umbreon was pushed back.

“Umbreon, use Faint attack!” ordered Zuki. Umbreon nodded and disapeared into thin

“Where did it go?” cried Kevin anxiously. An invisible enemy is a dangerous enemy he
thought. Croconaw didn’t see it coming. Bang Bang Bang! Croconaw fell to the ground,
clutching its chest. Umbreon reappeared, evil grin on its face.

“Croconaw, are you okay?” asked Kevin. Croconaw nodded and struggled to its feet.

“Pretty neat trick isn’t it?” said Zuki smiling. “Umbreon goes invisible and can attack its
opponent without fear of getting hurt!”

Kevin nodded. “Croconaw use your Rage!” Croconaw began flashing red, and anger
filled its entire being. Croconaw roared and charged at Umbreon, claws flashing in the
sun! Umbreon was sent flying as the Big jaw pokemon slammed into it.

“Come on Umbreon!” encouraged Zuki. “Use Faint Attack again!”

I’m ready this time, thought Kevin smiling. Umbreon dissapeared from view. Silence
filled the garden.

“Croconaw, use a whirlpool attack and surround yourself with the water!” called Kevin.
Croconaw caught on and nodded. Croconaw opened its mouth and white water poured
out. The water then began twisting around and circling Croconaw, traveling incredibly

All of a sudden there was a flash of light and a spray of water and Umbreon was in sight
skidding through the dirt. It was unconsious.

“What happened?” cried Zuki, kneeling down by Umbreons side.

“I guessed Umbreon had never failed when using that attack, so I figured it had let its
guard down. When Umbreon tried to attack, the whirlpool surrounding Croconaw
deflected him away!” said Kevin smiling.

Zuki nodded, thinking about it. “Your good at this” she said before returning Umbreon
and retreating to the side lines.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Okay Kevin, if you beat me, you win Boni” said Naoko. Bonita smiled and rolled her
eyes. Win, she thought, whatever.
“Lets make this a quickdraw round”continued Naoko.

“Quickdraw?”asked Kevin.

“We’ll put all the other rounds behind us and we will pick one pokemon each to do
battle” Naoko explained, reaching into her robe to pull out a pokeball.

“Okay return Croconaw” said Kevin retreating Croconaw into its pokeball. He plucked a
pokeball from his belt. He threw it out into the field. “I choose you Charmeleon!”

The pokeball opened and out came Charmeleon, snorting fire from its nostrils.

“Looks like its gonna be a fire fight... Go Flareon!” called Naoko sending out her
pokemon. There appeared a red and yellow dog pokemon. Kevin flipped open his
<Flareon><The Flame Pokemon>
<Evolves from Eevee when a Fire Stone is used. This fiery pokemon stores thermal
energy from the sun in its body, causing its temperature to skyrocket to more than 1,600

“Okay lets get started, Charmeleon use Slash attack” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon lept
forward towards Flareon claws extended.

“Flareon, Swift Attack!” yelled Naoko. Flareon barked and shot out yellow stars from
glowing eyes. Charmeleon was caught in its tracks and was knocked back by the spinning

“Charmeleon use Ember!”called Kevin. Charmeleon abliged by shooting out a burst of

“Flareon use Agility!” ordered Naoko and Flareon zipped between the flames with ease.
“Now use a Flamethrower!” Flareon howled and unleashed a jet of flame that blasted
through the air towards Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon use your Protect!” yelled Kevin quickly. Charmelon nodded and crossed his
arms in front of his face. The fire was deflected away inflicting minimal damage.

“Dammit!” muttered Naoko to herself. “This guy is too good.”

“Okay Charmeleon use a Firepunch” called Kevin. Charmeleon stood there, scratching its
head puzzled.

“Char Char Charmeleon?” it growled confused.

“Hmm... I guess you havent learned that attack yet” said an embarressed Kevin, grinning
Mareepishly. (All the girls and their pokemon fall on the ground anime style)

“Then again...” shrugged Naoko. “Flareon use a quick attack!”

Flareon nodded and jumped at Charmeleon, striking it in the chest.

“Quick Charmeleon use your Furyswipes!”cried Kevin. Charmeleon grinned evilly and
leapt towards Flareon, claws flashing. Charmeleon slashed Flareon again and again.
Flareon fell to the ground badly injured.

“Time to finish this, Charmeleon use Flamethrower!”yelled Kevin. Charmeleon opened
its mouth and a jet of flame blasted out from within. Flareon was knocked away by the
roaring flames and skidded through the dirt. It couldn’t get up...

“Damn straight!” grinned Kevin, giving a thumbs up. Charmeleon roared happily and
shot a spurt of flame in the air. “Great work there Charmeleon! Return!” said Kevin and
Charmeleon was sucked back into its pokeball.

“Yeah!”cried Bonnie, throwing Eevee into the air. Eevee laughed with glee.

“I lost...” said Naoko, sinking to the ground.

“Sure did!” said Kevin smiling. Naoko glared at him and returned her fainted pokemon.
She got up and approached him.

“Listen you! I want you to take good care of Bonita! You hear me?” she growled.

“Okay okay I will!” wimpered Kevin.

Kevin watched as Bonita hugged her sisters goodbye and grab her things. She came up to
“Ready to go?” he asked her.

“Yep!” she said smiling. “So where are we going?”

“Well first to the pokemon center where we’ll crash for the night. Then tomorrow I’ll
challenge the Gym Leader of Ecruteak City!” said Kevin.

“Okay, lets go!” she said and they began walking towards the Pokemon Center.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

YAY! Bonita's back! Great work Dr. Skottie, you really make the story come alive!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 16

The pair arrived at the pokemon center and Kevin approached the front counter. Behind it
was yet another beautiful Nurse Joy.

“Can you heal my pokemon please?” asked Kevin, putting Pichu on the counter along
with his pokeballs.

“Sure thing” said the nurse smiling.

“Mine too Nurse Joy” said Bonnie and handed over Eevees pokeball.

“Of course” said Nurse Joy. “They’ll be ready to pick up in an hour”

“Thankyou” said the two trainers. Kevin and Bonnie went over and sat on one of the
lounge chairs.

“Why did you want to leave home Bonnie?” asked Kevin, picking at a loose thread on his
black pants.

“Well for two reasons”, she said, smiling sweetly. God, I love that smile thought Kevin.
“The first reason is because I wanted to get away from my sisters. Sure, I love them and
all but they are way too protective, they don’t let me do anything! I was always kinda in
their shadow, you probably felt the same thing with you and your dad.

“Yeah pretty much” said Kevin nodding. “What’s the other reason?”

“To become a great pokemon trainer” she said.

“Thats what all trainers are trying to do” said Kevin, pulling a face.

“Yeah but they do it different ways” said Bonnie, shaking her head. “A lot of people want
to become the Champion like your dad. Others want to become pokemon masters with
incredibly strong pokemon. But I want to collect all the rare pokemon out there. I have
Eevee and she’s rare, but to collect other rare kinds I have to travel. But my sisters
wouldn’t let me leave by myself. I thought I would never be able to live my dream... but
then you came along”

She smiled prettily and lent over and kissed him on the cheek. Kevin blushed. He had
never done that around a girl before, he was usually Mr Cool. There is something special
about her, he thought smiling.

They began talking for awhile and the subject of winning the badge at Ecruteak Gym
came up.

“Kevin, why wait until tomorrow?” asked Bonnie. “Why not verse him when your
pokemon are healed?”

“It’ll be dark by that time” said Kevin. “Won’t the gym be closed?”

“Nope, Morty the Gym Leader keeps it open until midnight. His Ghost Pokemon enjoy
fighting at night,” she replied.

“Ghost Pokemon...” thought Kevin aloud. “I’ve never battled against a ghost type

“They are really tough” she said. “But I think you’ll manage”

Kevin nodded. He decided he would have a crack at it. He had never lost against any
other Gym Leaders before, why should this one be any different? They waited around
until Nurse Joy returned.

“All your Pokemon are fully healed” said the nurse smiling. “And I must say that both of
you must take exellent care of your Pokemon. They are all in excellent condition.

“Thanks Nurse Joy” they replied. Nurse Joy handed back their Pokeballs, along with
Pichu who leapt off the counter and into Kevin’s waiting arms.

“Well shall we go then?”said Kevin, clipping the last pokeball to his belt.

“Yep lets go” replied Bonnie.

They strolled out of the Pokemon Center. Kevin looked up to the top of the hills that
surrounded Ecruteak, and saw the fading golden light of the sun setting in the west. He
looked up to already see little diamonds in the sky, as the first stars appeared. Bonnie led
him through the city until they found themselves out the front of the gym. It looked like
an ancient Japanese temple, with ornate bronze dragons, decorating the roof. There was a
sign at the beginning of the small flight of steps that led to the huge double doors. Kevin
could just make out what it said in the fading light:

The Mystic Seer of the Future

The pair walked up the stairs and pushed open the huge double doors. The door creaked
as it swung inwards. Inside it was completely dark.

“Hello?” called Kevin into the darkness. Pichu huddled behind Kevins neck. “Is anyone
here? I’m here to battle the Gym Leader.”

Kevins voice echoed in the dark and there was silence. All of a sudden a light flicked on
at the far end of the gym. A figure stood in the ray of light.

“I am Morty, Gym Leader of the Ecruteak City Gym. I specialise in ghost Pokemon. Who
are you?”

More lights flicked on. Kevin could see Morty more clearly now. He looked to be about
22. He had shaggy blonde hair that he kept back with a blue head band. He wore a light
blue, long sleeve shirt and dark blue denim pants with white skate shoes.

“I am Kevin Sun of New Bark Town, son of the Dragon Trainer, and I challenge you to a
Pokemon Battle.”

“Challenge accepted” he said and the house lights turned on revealing a huge arena.
Columns of stone lined the walls of the gym. Kevin stepped into the trainers box...
“Son of the Champion himself?”thought Morty out loud. “This should be fun. One on one
pokemon battle. Lets do this! Come on out Gengar!”

Morty threw out a pokeball. The light reflected off the smooth surface as it flew through
the air. It shot open, spilling its contents of white light onto the arena. The light took
shape, forming into a dark purple beast, as tall as Morty, with glowing red eyes.

“A Gengar...” muttered Kevin accessing his pokedex:

<Gengar> <The Shadow Pokemon>
<Gengar is the evolved form of Haunter. Like all Ghost types, it has the ability to make
itself invisible, making this a tricky Pokemon to deal with. When the moon is full, Gengar
wander about the land scaring people by pretending to be their shadow>

Kevin thought about what pokemon he could use. He had heard there weren’t many
pokemon who had the advantage against ghost types, and he didn’t think he had any of
those pokemon who did. Gengar was a fully evolved Pokemon so it would be strong...

Kevin plucked a pokeball from his belt.

“I choose you, Charmeleon!”

Kevin threw the pokeball and it sprung open, with a flash of light. There stood Kevin’s
Charmeleon, tail fire blazing strongly.

“Charmeleon, use Flamethrower!” commanded Kevin. Charmeleon abliged by blasting a
jet of flame from its gaping jaws. The fire streaked towards Gengar.

“Gengar, dodge it” said Morty calmly. Gengar jumped aside and the Flamethrower flew
past. “Gengar use shadowball!”

Gengar summoned a swirling purple and black ball of energy in its hands. Gengar lauched
the attack. It flew across the room at an incrdible speed and exploded into Charmeleon.
Charmeleon fell to the ground.

“Geez that was fast” said Kevin. “Get up Charmeleon, you can do it”

Charmeleon got up rubbing its chest. The dazed fire pokemon looked up to see its
opponent, but Gengar had disappeared!

“Where did it go?” shouted Kevin, looking around. Then he remembered what it had said
in the pokedex. Gengar had become invisible.

“Neat trick isn’t it?” said Morty smiling. “Now that Gengar is invisible, your pokemon
will have no idea where the next attack will come from...”

Kevin looked around the gym, but there was no sign of the ghastly ghoul. Morty was
right, there was nothing he could do. The whole gym was tense and silent. Bonita, leaning
on a pillar, held her breath. Kevin was full of dread... could this be it?

Morty stretched out his hand and simply said, “Now Gengar”

All of a sudden there was a flash of light, as black and red energy blasted out of a corner
near the ceiling, as Gengar used its Nightshade.


An explosion shook the gym and a huge dust cloud covered the arena.

“You have been defeated Kevin Sun” said Morty. The dust settled revealing Charmeleon
unconscious on the floor of the arena. Its tail flame was dangerously low.

Kevin couldn’t believe it. He raised the pokeball in his hand and shot out the red recalling
beam. Charmeleon was sucked inside the pokeball. Kevin clipped the ball to his belt,
turned and left the gym.

Bonnie stood, fixed to the spot, shocked at what had just happened.

“You better see if he’s okay” said Morty to her gently. “He probably thinks that you were
confident in his abilities, and now he has let you down.”

She turned to him with a worried look on her face.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be okay” said Morty. “He is destined to be great, maybe the greatest
ever. I have seen it...”

Bonnie nodded and darted out of the gym, and off into the night...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin wandered down the road towards the Pokemon Center, shoulders slumped with
hands in his pockets. Pichu squeaked softly as Bonnie came running up behind him.

“Kevin, are you okay?”she asked. Kevin was silent for a moment.

“I lost...” he said quietly. “I was so sure I could do it. I’ve never lost a gym battle because
I have never run out of ideas. Each time the strength of my pokemon and my quick
thinking has got me through... but this time...”

Bonnie grabbed his arm and stopped him. “Don’t be so down on yourself Kevin. Even
the greatest pokemon trainers lose from time to time. You can always go back for another
go when you think you’re ready.”

They looked into each others eyes.

“And don’t worry about feeling silly when you lose in front of me,”she said smiling
sweetly. “I’ll always be proud of you.”

She put her arms around his waist and held him. Kevin layed his head on her shoulder
and breathed deeply. She smelled beautiful and he felt the sadness melt away from him as
he hugged her.

“Thankyou.” he said, whispering in her ear.

“Your welcome” she said and gently pulled away from him. “How about we go back to
the center and get some rest? Tomorrow we will try and think of way to beat Morty.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he said smiling. “Lets go.”

The pair walked back to the center and entered through the glass doors. Kevin gave
Charmeleon’s pokeball with the pokemon inside to Nurse Joy to be healed. Kevin and
Bonnie made their way to the back of the Center to the bedrooms. They found a room that
was unoccuipied. Inside were two beds on opposite sides of the room, along with 2
bedside tables.

Kevin unbuttoned his red shirt and threw it over a chair, took his gloves off and kicked
off his shoes before climbing into bed. It was the first time in weeks since he had slept in
a bed and it was unbelievebly comfy. He looked at the wall that the bed was up against
while Bonnie got changed. She took off her jumper and singlet top she wore underneath
and pulled on a tight little singlet from her bag. She pulled off her jeans and put on a pair
of gym shorts before taking out her hairtie. Her silky hair cascaded down her shoulders.
She climbed into the other bed and pulled the covers up to her chin. Pichu jumped up on
the bedside table closest to Kevin, curled up in a ball and began snoring softly.

“Goodnight Bonnie” muttered Kevin as he drifted off to sleep.

“Goodnight Kevin” whispered Bonnie and closed her eyes.

* * * * *

Bonita awoke suddenly in a cold sweat. She was shaking and holding the sheets close to
her body. She glanced up at the window. It was closed and no one was there. She
breathed softly and tried not to think about the nightmare that had woke her. However,
trying not to think about it made the images flood back into her mind. In her dream she
had been lying in that very bed when all of a sudden the window had opened and in had
crept a man. There was a knife in his hand and it glinted in the moonlight. The figure had
turned towards the other bed, but in her dream, her old boyfriend was there asleep instead
of Kevin. The man hidden in shadow lifted the knife in his hands... and plunged it into
her boyfriend. He cried out and blood soaked the sheets as it oozed from the wound. The
man sniggered softly and turned towards her. A beam of light from the moon outside lit
up the man’s face. Then she knew who it was that haunted her dreams...

It was the same person who had attacked her two years ago. His name was Simon Vortex.
She had been walking in the park just after sunset with her boyfriend. It was puppy love,
because she was only 11 and the time. Her boyfriend had his arms wrapped around her
and he had held her close. A shadowy figure that had been hiding in the bushes had snuck
up behind them, with a knife glittering in the early starlight.

“This is what you get for stealing my girl” he had whispered before plunging the knife
into her boyfriends back. He went rigid in her arms and his eyes glazed over, before
slumping to the ground.

Bonnie had looked to see who it was that had done it. Simon stood there, smiling at her.
He had liked her as soon as he had laid eyes. He asked her out but she turned him down.
Simon was an evil and unpredictable boy and so he had decided to hurt Bonita the most,
by watching her boyfriend die.

Bonnie was shocked and tears streamed down her face.

“Now its your turn my sweet”, Simon had said, advancing towards her. Thats when Eevee
had stepped in, the same Eevee she had now. It had been wild then but it defended Bonnie
like she was its trainer. Eevee had leapt towards Simon, shooting a swift attack from its
golden eyes. Simon had fallen back on the ground, clutching his stomach.

“If you tell anyone, I will come back and finish what I started” he had whispered
menacingly before running off into the night. She never saw him again. She kept the
Eevee and it had been with her ever since.

Bonnie lay there in her bed at the Pokemon Center, and shivered. She was still afraid that
he would come back and get her one day but it had been two years since that awful night.
She had never told anyone about it.

She looked across the room to Kevin’s bed and felt drawn to him. His sheet had slipped
down and she could see his muscular body. He’s hot, no doubt about it, she thought to
herself. She new she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, so she swung her legs around
to the side of the bed and got up. She slowly walked towards Kevin’s bed, trying to be

Kevin however, with his many years of martial arts training was a light sleeper and he
opened his eyes. Bonnie was standing there, hugging her slight body. Kevin noticed a tear
roll down her cheek. She’s so beautiful, he thought.

He shuffled across and invited her to lay down. She gladly accepted and climbed into bed
with him. He spread the sheet over them with a flick of his hand. Bonnie wriggled closer
to him and snuggled up against his bare chest. He put an arm around her and held her
close. She began crying silently. He squeezed her gently.

“Shhh...” he whispered softly. “Its okay... I’m here...”

Kevin stroked her hair. She stopped crying after awhile and fell asleep in his arms. Kevin
smiled to himself before drifting off to sleep.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 17

Kevin awoke the next morning with Bonnie laying by his side. Her singlet top had come
up a bit during the night and a lot of her stomach was showing. He gently pulled it down.
Bonnie stirred and opened her eyes.. She saw what he was doing and giggled.

“Don’t you like what you see?” she said smiling cheekily.

Kevin smiled and squeezed her gently.

“Time to get up Bonnie” he said pushing his golden hair out of his eyes. “We have to beat
Morty today, and still have to figure out a strategy.”

Bonnie nodded and climbed out of bed. She took her bag and left the room to go have a
shower. Kevin yawned and poked Pichu, who was still sleeping. Pichu awoke with a start
and sent out a thundershock, filling the room with electricity.

“Ahhhh!” cried Kevin falling out of bed in a tangle of sheets. Pichu looked around and
saw Kevin on the floor a sheet over his head. Pichu started laughing as Kevin pulled the
sheet off revealing a bump on his head.

“Its not funny Pichu” he said in a fake stern voice, trying not to laugh himself. Pichu just
laughed more. Kevin jumped up off the floor, grabbed Pichu and started tickling him.
Pichu shot out little sparks from its cheeks as it giggled.

“Good morning Pichu!” cried Kevin laughing.

“Peechu!!” said the pokemon happily. Kevin threw him playfully on the bed and put his
red shirt on, not bothering to button it up. He quickly pulled on his gloves and shoes.

“Come on Pichu” he said walking towards the door. “We have a phone call to make!”

“Peechu Peechu” squeaked the little pokemon and leapt up on Kevins shoulder. They
walked out into the main room. There were a few other trainers having breakfast and cups
of coffee to wake themselves up. Kevin grabbed a bowl of breakfast from the counter and
sat down at a phone terminal. He typed in a few numbers and a picture of a ringing phone
appeared on the screen.

“Time for a chat with Old Man Dojo” he said, winking at Pichu. “He has something I

The screen flashed and an image of the old man appeared.

“Hello Kevin, Hi Pichu!” he said in his kind voice. Pichu smiled and waved.

“Hey Mr Dojo!” replied Kevin.

“Where are you?” asked the bearded man.

“In Ecruteak City” answered Kevin.

“Ahh Ecruteak...” he said. “Morty the master of ghost pokemon is the gym leader there if
I remember correctly. Hes a powerful trainer.”

“Yeah I know” said Kevin. “Thats what I wanted to talk to you about. I challenged him
yesterday but his Gengar defeated my Charmeleon in two moves!”

“Charmander must have evolved, well done!” he said before continueing. “Charmeleon
was a wise choice to go against Ghost type. Charmeleon has a very high attack power.”

“Yeah thats why I chose him to battle but during the match Gengar just disappeared!
Charmeleon didn’t know what hit him.”

The old man nodded

“A pokemon with the foresight ability would come in handy against a ghost pokemon. Do
any of your pokemon know the technique?” asked Old Man Dojo.

“Not any of the ones I have with me” replied Kevin. “But I have read about some
Scythers knowing the attack and I was wondering...”

“Sure Kevin I can send you your Scyther. Its an excellent pokemon. It did a great job
trimming the hedge in my garden :P ”

Kevin fell off the chair anime style.

“Well the gardenings gonna have to wait!” said Kevin climbing back onto his seat. Just
then, Bonita appeared by his side. She punched his arm playfully. “Who’s this?” she
asked, looking at the screen.

“That’s Old Man Dojo!” said Kevin. “His home is just south of Goldenrod City. All my
pokemon when I catch them get transported there and he takes care of them.

“Hi Mr Dojo!” she smiled brightly. “My names Bonita, pleased to meet you.”

Kevin looked at the screen and saw Old Man Dojos eyes almost pop out of their sockets
and his face was a bright red. He kept opening his mouth as if he was trying to say

Kevin laughed. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

Bonnie nudged him. “Stop it” she said smiling.

The old man just kept staring.

“Umm... Mr Dojo... my Scyther, please” said Kevin.

“Huh!?” cried Old Man Dojo, shaking his head clear. “Oh of course, I’ll just go get it!”

He dissapeared for a moment and reappeared holding a shiny new pokeball. He placed it
in a machine and pressed a button.

“Here it comes Kevin!” he said. The machine hummed and a bolt of white energy struck
the pokeball and it dissapeared.

Kevin looked to the left of the moniter and saw what looked like a pokeball holder. White
energy swirled around, there was a flash of light and there was the pokeball that held the
key to victory. Kevin picked it up and clipped it onto his belt.

“Thanks Mr Dojo!” said Kevin and he hung up. He quickly spooned down the rest of his
breakfast and got up and went to the counter.

“Do you think Scyther will help?” asked Bonnie.

“I know he will” said Kevin. “But I’ll still need Charmeleon aswell.”

Nurse Joy heard him and handed over Charmeleons pokeball. He clipped the ball to his
belt and he went outside, Bonnie by his side. He plucked a pokeball from his belt.

“Come on out Scyther!” he said throwing the ball. It shot open and white energy gushed
out. It swirled around and formed into the green mantis pokemon. It slashed the air in
front of it in a show of strength.

“Hey Scyther, I’m counting on you today. We have to beat Morty so we can get a badge.”
said Kevin. Scyther nodded and the sunlight flashed off its carapace. “Do you think you
could use a foresight?”

Scyther crossed its scythes in front of its chest and closed its eyes. When it opened them,
a beam of yellow light shot out of them.

“Yes!” cried Kevin. “With your help Scyther I know we can win!”

“What does foresight actually do Kevin?” asked Bonnie confused.

“Foresight is an ability that stops ghost pokemon from going invisible” explained Kevin.
“It also allows physical attacks to do damage to ghost types when they normally go right

Bonnie nodded. “Cool” she said. “Well lets go to the gym!”

“Exactly what I was thinking. Scyther return!” said Kevin recalling the bug pokemon.
They walked down the road and found themselves outside the gym in no time. Kevin
couldn’t help having a feeling of dejavu as he pushed open the big double doors for a
second time. No, he thought, this time things will be different.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Once inside he looked to the far end of the gym and could see Morty, laying back on the
steps that led to the small pedastal where he waited for challenges. Morty looked down at
Kevin and smiled.

“I knew you would be back” he said. “I saw it in a vision. I believe you have another
pokemon this time... no matter, I will still defeat you. This time it will be a two on two
match. Are you ready?”

“Sure am” said Kevin smiling smugly.

“Very well then, Go Haunter!” cried Morty, leaping down the stairs and into the gym
leaders box. The pokeball flew through the air and burst open. Twisting energy cascaded
down and formed into the indigo ghost. Its clawed hands flew around and Haunter

“Go Scyther!” yelled Kevin running into the trainers box. The bright energy leaped from
the ball and formed into the green pokemon. It cut the air about it with swift strikes.
Bonnie stayed by Kevins side.

Kevin grabbed his pokedex from his pocket. He flicked it open:

<Haunter><Gas Pokemon>
<Haunters are usually found in caves and abandoned buildings. They wait in total
darkness, where nothing is visible, silently stalking their next victim>

“Lets begin. Haunter us your confuse ray!” ordered Morty. Haunter gathered a white light
between its palms and released a white beam of light towards Scyther.

“Scyther use agility!” called Kevin. Scyther nodded and dissapeared in a flash,
reappearing on the otherside of the arena.

“Fast...”muttered Morty. “Haunter use Nightshade!”

Haunter blasted beams of red and black from its hands at Scyther.

“Scyther, knock it away with a slash attack!” Scyther slashed at the two beams deflecting
them into a pillar. Boom! The dust cleared and Kevin could see that a huge chunk of the
pillar was missing.

“Haunter you know what to do!” said Morty. Haunter laughed and vanished!

“Now Scyther! Use your foresight!” called Kevin. Scyther shot twin beams from its eyes
and scanned the room for the ghost pokemon.

“Scyther!” It cried as it revealed the Haunter. Haunter didn’t know what was going on.

“Haunter! Dissapear again!” cried Morty. Haunter nodded, tried and failed. “I hate that

“I love it!”cried Kevin smiling. “Scyther use a quick attack!”

“Scyther-Scy!” it cried and its wings came to life, buzzing at an incredible speed. Scyther
dashed across the arena and plowed into Haunter, sending the ghost pokemon reeling.

“Haunter use another nightshade!” commanded Morty. Haunter blasted the attack at close
range knocking Scyther to the ground.

“Get up Scyther and use your fury swipes!” called Kevin. Scyther sprang to its feet and
dived at Haunter, blades slashing everywhere. Scyther stopped and leaning on one of its
scythes, examined its handywork. Haunter floated motionless in the air, out cold.

“Yay!!” cried Bonnie giving Kevin a hug. Pichu danced around happily.

“Return Haunter!” said Morty as the red beam recalled his defeated pokemon. Morty
clipped the pokeball to his belt.

“Your Scyther is quite impressive” said the ghost trainer. “Time for the final test, I
choose you, Gengar!”

He hurled the pokeball on to the arena. It sprung open revealing the shadow pokemon.

“Okay Scyther, thats one down, one to go!” said Kevin determinely. “Use your swords

Scyther stretched out its arms and spun on the spot. It stopped and the lights gleamed off
the sharp scythes. Scyther was ready for more.

“Gengar, use your mean look!” Gengar smiled widely and narrowed its eyes. Time
seemed to stand still for an instant... and nothing happened.

“Okay...” said Kevin doubting that anything happened at all. “Scyther use your

Beams of light flashed from the mantis pokemons eyes for the second time and fell across
Gengar. A faint light seemed to ripple around Gengar, signifying the technique had

“No matter” said Morty calmly. “Gengar use your lick attack!”

Gengar dashed over and licked Scyther, paralysing it for a moment.

“Now use Hypnosis!” ordered the gym leader. A purple glow came from Gengar and
Scyther fell asleep!

Scyther is no good to me asleep, thought Kevin. “Return Scyther!”

Kevin shot the red recalling beam at Scyther but just before it hit, it was deflected away.
Kevin tried again and again but Scyther would not be recalled.

“What did you do?” Kevin asked angrily turning towards Morty.

“Mean-look” replied Morty reading a line from a handbook that had appeared in his hand.
“A move that prevents the opposing trainer from recalling their pokemon.”

“Where did you get that book from?” asked Kevin surprised.

“I don’t know?” said Morty looking at the book suspiciously.

Kevin looked back at his helpless Scyther. It was a sitting psyduck.

“Gengar use your dream eater!”ordered the gymleader. Gengar laughed and began the
attack. The light dissapeared from the gym and a trail of swirling yellow light was
transfered from Scyther to Gengar. Scyther who had been standing this whole time fell to
the ground.

“I think your pokeball will work now” said Morty.

Kevin angrily called back Scyther and this time Scyther was sucked inside the pokeball.

“Thanks buddy” said Kevin to the pokeball. “You did great”

He clipped it to his belt and selected another pokeball. “But Charmeleon here has a score
to settle.”

He threw the ball up in the air. White energy shot out from within and took shape. There
stood charmeleon, dark red scales shining in the light. It swung its tail and the flame leapt
and danced. Charmeleon locked eyes with Gengar and growled.

“Okay Gengar use Shadowball!” called Morty. Gengar summoned a ball of purple and
black energy and unleashed it at Charmeleon. Charmeleon was ready this time and leapt
to one side and the attack flew harmlessly past.

“Charmeleon use Flamethrower!” called Kevin. Charmeleon shot out a pillar of flame
that rocketed towards Gengar.

“Gengar use Barrier!” called Morty. Gengar waved its arms and the barrier appeared,
protecting it from the flames.

Charmeleon growled angrily.

“Charmeleon use Firespin!” cried Kevin. Charmeleon opened it mouth and flames poured
out, twisting and crackling as they swirled around Gengar, trapping it in the midst of the
fire. There was nowhere Gengar could go and the flames burned painfully.

“Finish this off Charmeleon, Slash attack!” Charmeleon ran towards Gengar and leapt
through the flames, clawed hand outstretched. With one swipe, Gengar fell to the ground.
The flames died out.

“Come on Gengar, get up!” called Morty. Gengar struggled to get to its feet, but collapsed
on the ground. The match was over.

“Yeah you did it!” cried Bonnie ecstatically. Pichu jumped around, sparks flying form its
cheeks. Charmeleon turned and looked at its trainer. Kevin just grinned and gave him the
thumbs up! Charmeleon returned the gesture and shot a ball of flame into the air.

“Return Gengar” said Morty recalling his pokemon. He smiled. “You were awesome!”

Morty came up to Kevin. “That was a great match Kevin! Almost as good as the one I had
against Storm Craft a few days ago.”

Kevin collapsed on the ground. He smiled weakly. “Storm came through here?”

“Yep” said Morty. “Beat me first go. His Noctowl and Houndoom were amazing! Why?
is he friend of yours?”

“He’s my rival” Said Kevin scratching his head. Storm was getting too strong for his
liking he thought to himself.

“Well anyway, heres what you came for, the Fogbadge! Congratulations!” said Morty and
he handed Kevin the badge. Kevin held it up to the light. It looked like a little grey ghost.
Kevin smiled broadly and clipped it next to the Plainbadge on his necklace.

“I’ll see you around Kevin” said Morty holding out his hand. Kevin took it and they
shook hands.

“Later Morty” said Kevin nodding. He recalled Charmeleon and left the gym.

Once outside Bonnie leant against him and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m so proud of
you!” she said smiling. Kevins ears went red and he smiled.

“Well where to next?” asked Bonnie. “We could go west to Olivine City at the beach or
we could go east to Mahogany Town in the mountains.”

“I’d love to see you in a bikini, so lets go to Olivine!” laughed Kevin. Bonnie giggled,
punched him, grabbed Pichu from Kevins shoulder and ran on ahead.

Kevin smiled. “Olivine City it is then,” he said to himself and ran to catch up.
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