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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 18
“Eevee, use your quick attack!” ordered Bonita.

“Give it all you got Sentret!” called the opposing trainer, a young boy with red hair.

Kevin watched from the sidelines from under the shade of a tree, as Eevee darted towards
the Sentret. Sentret jumped to the side and flicked its tail out, tripping up Eevee.

“Quick get up Eevee!” cried Bonnie. Eevee sprang to its feet and bared its teeth.

“Sentret use Fury Swipes!” yelled the boy. The Sentret squeaked and leapt towards
Eevee. It lashed out with its paws scratching Eevee again and again.

“Eevee use Swift Attack!” Eevee howled and its eyes went yellow, blasting out stars.
Sentret was caught off guard and knocked to the ground.

“Don’t give up Sentret, use a slam attack!” ordered the boy. Sentret nodded and brought
itself up onto its tail. Kevin watched in amazement as the little pokemon used its tail like
a spring and sprung into the air. Spread eagled, it plummeted towards Eevee in the
devastating slam attack.

“Eevee use agility, hurry!” cried Bonnie. Eevee lept to the side as Sentret plowed into the
ground belly first. “Quick Eevee, pounce on it and bite it!”

Eevee jumped on the sentret and plunged its needle like teeth into Sentrets back. Sentret
cried out in pain and passed out.

“Dang it!” cried the boy as he recalled his injured pokemon.

“Yeah!” cried Bonnie, throwing her hand in the air. Eevee jumped about on the springy
grass and Pichu clapped its little paws together from the perch on Kevins shoulder.

“Nicely done Bonnie” said Kevin smiling at her. She winked at him. It had been about a
week since they left Ecruteak City and she had flirted with him all the way. She hadn’t
kissed him since that day at the gym, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t good enough for her
he thought so he was happy with her friendship. He had been helping her train her little
Eevee and it looked like all the training had paid off.

“Well it looks like I win Timothy!” she said to the boy.

“Not so fast!” he replied. “I still have a pokemon left. You didn’t set down any rules
before we began so technically the battles not over”

Timothy smiled knowingly. Bonnie looked to Kevin for help. He shrugged.

“He’s right Bonnie” said Kevin.

“But I only have one pokemon!” she said. “Do you think I could borrow one?”

Kevin pointed to his belt. “Which one do you want?”

Bonnie thought for a second. “Aipom” she said.

Kevin casually plucked the fastball from his belt and threw it to Bonnie. She snatched it
out of the air with a quick movement. She smiled at Kevin sweetly.

“Come on back Eevee!” she said to her little pokemon. Eevee bounded back and sat by
her side. Kevin had told Bonnie there was no point in keeping Eevee in her pokeball
when that was her only pokemon. The exercise would make it stronger as well.

“Come on out Aipom!” said Bonnie throwing the orange fastball. It shot open revealing
the purple monkey pokemon. It jumped up and down grinning cheekily.

“Do what ever Bonnie tells you to do!” called Kevin. Aipom nodded.

“I choose you, Killer!” cried the boy and he hurled a pokeball onto the field. The bright
morning sun shone off the spinning pokeball. Killer, thought Kevin, I don’t like the sound
of that.

The pokeball made a electronic sound as it opened. The white energy swirled around and
formed into a pokemon. Blue and yellow stubby horns glistened on its forehead and its
fleece shimmered like gold. Killer, the Mareep had emerged.

Everyone falls on the ground anime style, even Kevin who was sitting down at the time.

“Don’t pay any attention to them Killer!” said Timothy to the Mareep.

“Ma-Mareep” it said and sparks flickered from its wooly body.

“Kevin, what does the pokedex say?” asked Bonnie. Kevin took it out and pointed it at

<Mareep> <The Wool Pokemon>
<This electric pokemons fleece is always growing. If static electricity builds up in its
body the fleece will double. Touching it then will shock you>

“Okay, Aipom use doubleslap!” ordered Bonnie. The monkey pokemon hopped over to
the opposing pokemon and slapped it across the face five times with its tail hand.

“Come on Killer! Tackle!” yelled Timothy. Mareep pawed at the dirt with its hooves
before charging at Aipom. Bang! Aipom was knocked back but it steadied itself with its

“Aipom use quick attack!” cried Bonnie. Aipom darted towards Mareep and struck with a
forceful blow. It then began circling the pokemon at high speed jumping in every now
and then to deliver an attack. Timothy looked at the helpless situation and had an idea.

“Killer charge up your fleece!” called Timothy and sparks began to fly from the Mareeps
body. “Get ready...”

Aipom darted in for another attack. “Now use Spark!”

Mareep blasted out bolts of static electricity in every direction and Aipom was knocked
down by the attack.

“Well done Killer!” called the trainer. “Now keep your distance and use a thundershock!”

Kevin watched as the mareep ignored its masters command and started running towards
Aipom in a horn attack.

“What are you doing?” cried Timothy. “Stop!”

But Mareep just kept up its steady gallop, lowering its head to charge at Aipom. This is
exactly what Bonnie wanted.

“Aipom use a Megapunch!” called Bonnie. Aipom drew back a sparkling fist and
unleashed the attack on the Mareeps nose. The Mareep was sent skidding through the dirt.
It came to a halt and its eyes were spinning. Bonita had won.

“Well done Aipom!” said Bonnie. “You were great! Return!”

Yeah, because its my pokemon, thought Kevin. The Mareep had gotten to its feet and it
approached its trainer. Timothy was downcast and he wiped a tear away from his face.
Killer tried to nuzzle up to Timothy to help comfort him but the boy moved away.

“Get away from me!” he cried angrily. “If it wasn’t for you we would have won! If only
you had listened to me!”

Killer looked like it had been slapped in the face. Kevin, Bonnie, Pichu and Eevee
watched as the Mareep bleeted mournfully and dashed off into the long grass. Timothy
didn’t seem to care and he just sat on the ground head in his hands. Kevin got up from the
shade under the tree and approached the young trainer. Bonita came up behind them
carrying Eevee.

“You shouldn’t be so harsh on your pokemon” said Kevin.

The boy looked up at him. “He made me lose!”

“Whats more important Timothy?” asked Kevin gently. “The outcome of a match or your
pokemons feelings?”

“Its feelings...” said the boy.

“Exactly” said Kevin. “The only way a pokemon can grow and get better is if it learns
from its mistakes. Killer will know now to listen to its trainer. You have to encourage
your pokemon, not tell it to go away.”

“I didn’t mean it” sobbed the boy. He got up and looked around. His pokemon was
nowhere in sight. He looked up at Kevin and Bonnie. “Can you help me find Killer? I
miss him already.”

“Sure we’ll help” said Bonnie. “Did you see which way it went?”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin scratched his head and gazed out and around from the top of the hill they were
standing on. Long blades of grass bent in the wind for miles around. Kevin could see a
small patch of forest away in the distance. He couldn’t see the mareep anywhere.

“Wait!” said Timothy. He grabbed a pokeball from his belt. “I have an idea!”

He popped open the pokeball and out came his little sentret.

“Sentret, see if you can see Killer anywhere” said the boy. The sentret raised itself up on
its tail and shielded its eyes from the midday sun. Kevin checked his pokedex:

<Sentret> <The Scout Pokemon>
<This pokemon is very cautious and wary of danger. It has an extremely useful tail that it
raises itself up on to survey its surroundings. If it sees a threat with its excellent eyesight,
it raises the alarm and warns the rest of its kind>

Kevin watched as the Sentret turned this way and that. It gave out a cry and pointed down
near the forest in the distance.

“Can you see Killer?” asked the boy. Sentret nodded and raced down the hill, and Kevin
and the others took off after it. They sprinted across the grassy fields and were soon in
amongst the forest. Sentret called back for them to stop. They halted and carefully
scanned the area with eyes and ears.

“MAREEEP!” came a cry.

“Thats Killer!” cried Timmy.

“Its sounds like its in trouble!” said Bonnie, Eevee by her side.

“That way!” yelled Kevin pointing deeper into the forest and they ran towards the
direction of the cry. They burst into a clearing and there was Mareep... with a gang of
angry bird pokemon with huge wings surrounding it.

“Those are Fearow” said Kevin and he flipped open his pokedex:
<Fearow> <Beak Pokemon>
<It can stay aloft for hours on end with its huge regal wings. It uses its Long beak as a
weapon and to dig up insect prey. Fearows are known to be very protective of their
territory and with their long neck and beak they have a long reach that can inflict some
serious damage>

Thats exatly what the birds were doing to Mareep. They were diving and swooping on the
wooly pokemon stabbing at it with their long beaks.

“Stop that!” cried Timmy. “Leave my pokemon alone!”

He ran towards the Mareep and dived under a swooping Fearow.

“Don’t do it Timmy!!” called Kevin but Timmy had already reached his injured
pokemon. He put his arms around the mareep, shielding it from the attacking Fearows.
“Are you okay?” asked the boy.

Killer looked up into the caring eyes of its trainer.

“Its me who got you in this mess, I’m sorry!” whispered Timmy. A Fearow streaked
towards Timmy.

“Timmy watch out!” cried Bonnie. Timmy turned and saw the Fearow and cried out in
fear. Killer sprang into action. The Mareep leapt towards the onslaught of sharp beak and
feathers and blasted out a Thunderbolt attack!

The Fearow was caught dead in its tracks and it crashed into the leafy floor of the forest
clearing. There was a bright flash of light and all eyes were on Killer. A white ball of
energy was twisting and growing and Timmy looked on in amazement. His pokemon was
evolving. The light dissapeared and there was Timmys new pokemon. Its head and
shoulders were covered in an electric blue fleece and its rubbery skin was pink. A bright
blue ball was attached to the end of its stripey tail.

“Wow” said Kevin and he pointed his pokedex and the newly evolved pokemon.

<Flaaffy> <Wool Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Mareep. This pokemons fleece can easily store electricity and its
rubbery skin prevents it from being shocked by an electric attack. Its thunderpunch attack
has devastating power>

Timmy was grinning stupidly. “Yeah! Alright! Okay Killer, take those other two down
with a thunderpunch attack!”

Killer nodded and dived towards the other pokemon. The two Fearow dived towards the
Flaaffy at high speed. Flaffy pulled back both its fists and they began to crackle with
static energy. The bird pokemon came into range and Killer unleashed its attack. It swung
and lashed out with its fists, electricity flying everywhere. The two pokemon crashed to
the ground and quickly took off into the forest.

“The other Fearow! Watch out Killer!” warned Timmy. Killer turned to see the other
Fearow on its feet and ready to plunge its beak into the wool pokemon.

“Peeechu!” cried the little mouse pokemon as it leapt off Kevins shoulder, electricity
flying from its pink cheeks. It zapped the remaining Fearow and Kevin plucked a
pokeball from his belt.

“Pokeball Go!” cried Kevin and the metallic ball flew through the air. With the last ounce
of its strength, Fearow knocked it away with a wing before flapping its way back into the
forest to join its brothers.

“Oh dammit...” muttered Kevin picking up the empty pokeball from the ground. Kevin
looked up to see Timmy hugging his new Flaaffy. Bonnie idled up next to Kevin and he
put his arm around her. Pichu leapt up onto Kevins shoulder and Eevee sprang up into
Bonnies arms.

“That’s so cool” she said quietly.

Kevin smiled. “It sure is. A boy and his pokemon.”

Timmy came up to them, Killer by his side.

He held out his hand and Kevin shook it. “Thanks for all your help Kevin! If it weren’t
for you things could have turned out for the worst.”

“No worries” said Kevin.

“I”m gonna head to Ecruteak City and challenge Morty at the gym!” said Timmy.

“Goodluck!” said Kevin grinning. “Your gonna need it!”

“Don’t worry about me,” began Timmy. “With Killer by my side there is no way I can
lose! I have a feeling we’ll meet again sometime Kevin.”

“I’ll look forward to it” said Kevin and gave him the thumbs up.

“See ya guys!” he said walking back into the forest.

“We better get going too Kevin” said Bonnie. “Lets go!”

Kevin nodded and they continued there journey to Olivine City.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

I'm confused? What pokemon do the main characters have? Last time I saw, Kevin(I think this what his name was) had caught someone a skitty. Also, do you think you could a character I made up for one(If you use it for more than one, No objection! ) chapter? You don't have to if you don't want to, I was just thinking a side guest for them to battle. You can name her and everything! But, could you try to make her sound like an old woman who refuses to act her age.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Originally Posted by LolJolteonMaster
I'm confused? What pokemon do the main characters have? Last time I saw, Kevin(I think this what his name was) had caught someone a skitty. Also, do you think you could a character I made up for one(If you use it for more than one, No objection! ) chapter? You don't have to if you don't want to, I was just thinking a side guest for them to battle. You can name her and everything! But, could you try to make her sound like an old woman who refuses to act her age.
What are you confused about? I have had to repost the whole story again cuz the forum is different. What your thinking of doesn't happen til about Chapter 24. This is only up to Chapter 18. And sorry I won't use your character, although I do like it. Maybe I could use her in the sequel for my next story...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 19

“Help! Stop him!” cried a female voice. Kevin and Bonnie whirled around to see a slim
young woman with short purple hair wearing jeans and purple long sleeve shirt. What
they failed to notice was there was a rampaging Tauros, horns shining, heading straight
for them.

“Ahhhh!” cried Kevin and Bonnie as they jumped clear, and the Tauros went rushing

“Are you okay?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah I’m fine!” said Bonnie. Pichu squeaked and Eevee nodded.

“That Tauros is out of control!” said Kevin getting up. He plucked a pokeball from his
orange belt. “Come on out Chikorita!” he called and he threw the pokeball. It made a
noise as it sprung open and Chikorita came out. “Chikorita use your vine whip to stop
that Tauros!”

Chikorita nodded and shot out vines from the sides of its neck. The bright green vines,
lashed out towards the Tauros and rapped around its legs. The ferocious Tauros stumbled
and fell to to the ground heavily, dirt skidding everywhere.

“Thankyou so much!” cried the woman, flicking a bang of hair out of her eyes. “I’ll take
it from here. Come on out Granbull!”

She threw a pokeball into the air and it shot open and light spilled onto the ground. It
turned into a purple, dog-looking pokemon, with a huge bottom jaw lined with sharp

“Cool!” said Kevin, accessing his pokedex:

<Granbull><The Fairy Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Snubbull. The massive fangs in Granbulls jaw are so heavy,
Granbull always keeps its head lowered. With its vicious bite and fearsome appearance,
Granbulls make excellent guard-dogs>

Granbull bounded towards the flailing Tauros and growled menacingly. The Tauros
quieted down.

“You can recall your Chikorita now” said the young woman. Kevin nodded.

“You heard her Chikorita, come on back” said Kevin and Chikorita released the Tauros
from the grip of the vines and came bounding back to Kevins side. The Granbull nudged
the Tauros’ side and the bull pokemon rose to its feet. The purple pokemon then escorted
Tauros back to the young woman.

“Well done Granbull!” she said smiling. She turned to Kevin. “Thanks for your help kid!
My names Sandy, whats yours?”

“My names Kevin, and this Bonita!” he said.

“Pleased to meet you!” she said happily. “Would you like to come back to my ranch for
some lunch? Its the least I can do!”

“Sure!” answered Kevin. Pichu jumped up and down on Kevins shoulder.

“We’d love too!” added Bonnie. Eevees eyes glinted.

“Well then, follow me! Come on Granbull!” called Sandy,and Grandbull took the lead,
shepherding the Tauros.

* * *

“Mmmm!” moaned Kevin, mouth full of food. “This is delicious!”

“Peeeechuuu!” cried Pichu, gobbling down its lunch.

Sandy giggled. “I’m glad you like it, its my own secret recipe!”

They were all seated in Sandys dining room. She lived in a small wooden house, just the
right size for her. Kevin gazed out the window to see rolling pasture land as far as the eye
could see. Off in the distance he could see a herd of Tauros galloping across the grassy

“What do you actually do here Sandy?” asked Bonnie, putting down her knife and fork.
Kevin turned to listen.

“Well, this is my familys Tauros Ranch” she said smiling. “When my Ma and Pa passed
away they gave this ranch to me. I make a living off training the Tauros and selling

“Cool!” said Kevin.

They all watched as Pichu dived off the table in a playful tackle attack on Eevee. Eevee
skipped away and swiped at Pichu with a paw. Pichu ducked under it and sprang on
Eevee, and began wrestling, laughing with glee. The two pokemon were having so much
fun, that they weren’t aware of Granbull approaching. Granbull growled loudly. The two
pokemon froze with fear and looked up at the menacing face of the dog pokemon.
Granbull glared down at them... and then smiled broadly and began laughing.

“Pichu!” cried Pichu smiling and jumped towards Granbull who pretended to have been
hurt by the gentle tackle. Pichu and Eevee looked worried until Granbull raised its head
and started laughing again: “Gran Gran Gran!”

The three pokemon then started to wrestle, laughing and carrying on.

“Wow, look at that!” said Bonnie smiling. “Granbull is getting on really well with the
other pokemon. They look like they are having so much fun!”

“Sandy do you think I could battle against you and one of your special trained Tauros?”
asked Kevin eagerly.

“Challenge accepted, lets go outside!”she answered, a glint of enthusiasm in her eye.

This should be good, thought Bonnie. They got up from the table and taking their
pokemon, went outside onto a grassy hill. The clouds rolled pass overhead and the sun
shone down on them.

“Okay, two pokemon each,” said Sandy, plucking a pokeball from her belt. “Are you
ready Kevin?”

“You bet I am!” said Kevin, Bonnie by his side. He grabbed a pokeball and threw it into
the air. “Croconaw, I choose you!”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

The pokeball sprung open and light leapt out, forming into the water pokemon,
Croconaw, who bared its teeth menacingly.

“Tauros, come on out!” cried Sandy and a huge Tauros emerged from the ball, muscles

Kevin checked his pokedex:
<Tauros> <The Bull Pokemon>
<When angered, this mighty pokemon goes on a rampage, charging with its great horns.
Its hot headed nature makes it a challenge to control, even for the advanced trainer. Its
three whip like tails, sharp horns and hooves make this pokemon hard to defeat and
should be handled with extreme caution.>

“This is gonna be tough Croconaw but I know you can handle it!” said Kevin
encouragingly. Croconaw nodded and eyed the Tauros which snorted in anticipation.

“Tauros, use your take down attack!” ordered Sandy, hand outstretched. Tauros pawed
the ground, kicking up dirt, and charged towards the water pokemon.

“Croconaw, cool that hot head down with a Watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw breathed
in and blasted out a jet of water that struck the Tauros on the head. The bull pokemon
charged on through the attack and slammed into Croconaw. Kevins pokemon was sent
skidding through the dirt.

“Uh-oh” muttered Bonnie, Eevee in her arms.

“Woh...” said Kevin. “Sandy’s Tauros ploughed straight through Croconaws watergun!”

“That was only a taste of Tauros’ power.” said Sandy. “Tauros, use another Take-down!”

Tauros rounded on its opponent and galloped towards it.

“Croconaw, watch out!” cried Kevin. The big jaw pokemon scrambled to its feet and
leapt out of harms way. The Tauros went speeding past. It dug its hooves in and came to a
halt. It turned and started bearing down on Croconaw again. Croconaw only just manged
to dodge the rampaging Tauros for a second time.

Its too fast, thought Kevin. I need to slow it down somehow...

“Croconaw use your bubble attack!” called Kevin. Croconaw opened its mouth and
blasted out a barrage of bubbles.


The bubbles burst as they struck the speeding Tauros. It slowed down considerably.

“Keep it up Tauros! Use a Horn Attack!” cried Sandy. Tauros lowered it head and its
horns glistened.

Its worked before, I’ll do it again thought Kevin. “Watergun straight down Croconaw!”

Croconaw blasted a jet of water down at the ground and propelled it self into the air.

“Your not getting away that easily!” said Sandy grinning. “Get it Tauros!”

Tauros leapt into the air after the water pokemon and thrashed its head wildly. Tauros
landed with a huge thump on the ground, with Croconaw trapped between its horns.

“Oh No!” cried Kevin. “Try and break free Croconaw!”

Croconaw squirmed with all its might but it was stuck.

“Tauros... Seismic Toss!” said Sandy.
“Croconaw, No!” cried Kevin. Tauros spun wildly on the spot and thrashed its horned
head and Croconaw was sent flying. Croconaw landed heavily on the ground.

“Come on Croconaw you can do it!” yelled Kevin. Bonnie bit her lip.

“Finish it Tauros, Stomp!” cried Sandy. Tauros galloped over and towered above the
grounded Croconaw. Tauros mooed loudly and raised its front hooves ready to inflict the
devastating attack.

“Roll away Croconaw!” yelled Kevin. Croconaw rolled to the side, as the the stomp
came. Boom! Dust flew into the air as the hooves struck the dirt narrowly missing
Croconaw by an inch.

“Again!” ordered Sandy. Tauros raised its hooves and tried again. Croconaw rolled back
and the attack missed.

“Croconaw watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw shot out a huge stream of water that
blasted the Tauros off Croconaw and onto its back.

“What???” cried Sandy. “Get up Tauros!”

“Croconaw use a tackle attack!” yelled Kevin grinning. Croconaw ran at Tauros, lowered
its shoulder and plowed into Tauros. It mooed painfully as it skidded across the grass. It
tried to get up but it fell back to the ground out cold.

“Yeah! Well done Croconaw!” cried Kevin. “Thats the stuff!”

“That was awesome!” said Bonnie smiling. Croconaw grinned and did a little victory

“Tauros return” said Sandy returning the bull pokemon to its pokeball. “That was one of
my best Tauros, Well done Kevin”

“Thanks” he replied.
“Lets see how you do against... Granbull Go!” she said throwing out a pokeball. It popped
open and out came her Granbull. It growled menacingly.

“Croconaw, tackle attack!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw ran at Granbull at full speed.

“Granbull use your Pound!” cried Sandy. As Croconaw approached, Granbull drew back
a fist. As soon as its opponent was in range, Granbull unleashed the attack on Croconaws
chin. Croconaw was sent reeling.

“Finish it Granbull, Bite attack!” called Sandy. Granbull pounced on Croconaw and sank
its teeth into Croconaws side. Kevins pokemon cried out in pain and fainted.

“Come on back Croconaw, good job buddy!” said Kevin, recalling his wounded
pokemon. He looked to the pokemon on his shoulder. “Your up now Pichu, I’m counting
on you.”

“Pi!” it said, a determined look on its little face. It leapt off Kevins shoulder and ran
towards the purple pokemon.

“Pichu, use thundershock!” cried Kevin. Pichu bared its little paws into fists and closed
its eyes.

“Pichu!” it cried sending a jolt of electricity towards Granbull. Granbull wasn’t fast
enough and was shocked by the attack. Pichu’s eyes were spinning and it looked a bit

“Come on Granbull, Take down attack!” called Sandy. Granbull shook its head clear and
growled loudy before sprinting towards Pichu.

“Pichu, use charm!” said Kevin. Pichu looked deep into the Granbulls eyes and smiled
cutely while its eyes sparkled. A shiny love heart appeared and floated towards Granbull
before it shattered on its forehead. Granbull came to an abrupt halt and gazed at Pichu

“What do you think your doing Granbull?” called an annoyed Sandy.

“Well done Pichu!” said Kevin smiling. Pichu grinned broadly and clapped its hands
together. All of a sudden there was a flash of light and Pichu began to glow brightly. It
turned into a white light that twisted and changed before dying away.

“Wow...” gasped Bonnie. Kevins Pichu had just evolved into an energetic Pikachu.

“Awesome, my very own Pikachu!” cried Kevin happily, getting out his pokedex:

<Pikachu><The Mouse Pokemon>
<This electric pokemon is very intelligent. It roasts hard berries with its electicity to
soften them up. When a whole group of Pikachu gather in one place, their combined
energy can cause thunder storms and power outages in nearby citys>

“Alright Pikahu, finish this off!” called Kevin. “Use a quick attack!”

Pikachu nodded and darted at the dazed Granbull at high speed. Pow! It knocked the
Granbull to the ground. Pikachu then started flexing its muscles and showing off.
Suddenly, Pikachu was knocked off its feet by a punch from Granbull. Pikachu rolled
across the ground.

“Come on Pikachu!” yelled Kevin. “Stay focused!”

Pikachu jumped to its feet and nodded.

“Pika-Pika... chuuuuuu!” it cried and blasted out a huge bolt of electricity in a
Thunderbolt attack. The streak of lightning blasted into Granbull knocking it to the
ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah!” cried Bonnie hugging Kevin around his waist from behind. Eevee danced about
on the grass.

“Alright! Nicely done Pikachu!” called out Kevin. “Come here!” He held his arms out
stretched and Pikachu bolted back to its trainer leaping into his arms.

Sandy returned her defeated Granbull and walked over to Kevin and the gang.

“Well done Kevin” she said shaking his hand. “Your gonna go far!”

“Thanks Sandy!” said Kevin. “You helped my Pichu evolve into Pikachu”

{Pika Pi!}

“No Problem” said Sandy smiling.

“Come on Kevin” said Bonnie scooping Eevee up into her arms. “We better be going, we
are almost at Olivine City.”

Kevin and Bonnie said their goodbyes and left Sandy and the ranch behind to continue on
their pokemon journey...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 20

Kevin and the gang reached the top of a hill and gazed out at the sight before them. The
ocean sparkled as the noon day sun reflected off its surface. Hundreds of bulidings were
scattered all over the shore and a lighthouse stood tall to the south-east. This was Olivine

“We finally made it” said Kevin, breathing in the fresh sea breeze.

“This place is beautiful” sighed Bonnie.

“What do you say Pikachu, think we should find the gym?” asked Kevin turning to the
electric mouse on his shoulder.

“Pika Pika!” it cried.

“Alright lets go!” cried Kevin and sprinted down the hill. Bonnie ran after him. They
entered the busy harbour side city and slowed to a walk. It was a hot day, and sweat
trickled down Kevins face. He wiped it away with the back of his glove. He saw a sign a
few feet away. It read:

The Port Closest to Foreign Lands

“Excuse me” said Bonnie. Kevin turned to see her walking up to a young sailor. He
looked to be about 17 or 18 and he was a little taller then Kevin. He had dark olive skin,
and was well muscled. He had spiky black hair with blonde tips and a black bandana
circled his head. His handsome face was framed by a trimmed moustache and beard
(similar to Craig David). He wore a white muscle shirt and blue baggy jeans with black
skate shoes. Three pokeballs adorned his upper right pant leg and he wore indigo training

Kevin walked up to them and slipped an arm around Bonnies waist.

“Yeah?” said the sailor, looking at the pair. “Can I help you?”

“Yes” replied Bonnie, smiling sweetly. “Do you think you could tell us where the gym

“Yeah sure, for all the good it would do you” he replied. “Just follow the main street and
turn into Iron road. Just follow that until you get to the gym.”

“For all the good it would do us?” asked Kevin looking at a puzzled Pikachu on his
shoulder and then back to the man. “What do you mean?”

“Jasmine the Gym Leader isn’t there at the moment.” said the Sailor. “Hasn’t been there
for three days now.”

“Do you know where she is?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah sure,” said the sailor. “Shes up at the lighthouse looking after a sick pokemon. She
won’t leave the pokemons side. That woman has got a heart of gold.”

“To the lighthouse Kevin?” asked Bonnie, looking up into Kevins eyes.

“Of course!” he said squeezing her gently. He turned to the young man. “Thanks for your
help. Whats your name by the way?”

“No problem, my names Jacob” he said and flashed a perfect smile.

Kevin felt Bonnie tremble slightly when he smiled at her. They turned and headed in the
direction of the lighthouse.

“You like him don’t you?” said Kevin grinning at her.

She bit her lip trying to hold back a smile but failed. “And what if I do?”

“Well, you have no chance with him” said Kevin matter of factly. “Your 13 and hes -”

“Almost 14!” she interrupted.

“Almost 14” he said shaking his head smiling. “And hes about 18!”

“Yeah I know” she said nodding. “He’s still hot though” She turned to him and put a
hand on his chest and leaned in close to him. There lips were inches apart. “Don’t worry
Kevin your the only man for me...”

She moved in closer and Kevins heart pounded in his chest. He closed his eyes, waiting
for their lips to touch.All of a sudden, she pushed him away laughing. “Keep dreaming
Kev! Friends only!”

Kevin fell to the ground anime style, and Pikachu and Bonnie burst out laughing. That
was mean thought Kevin, grinning embarressedly.

“Pika Pikachu!” Pikachu had stopped laughing and was pointing. They had reached the
base of the lighthouse. It looked like it was covered in panels of mirrors which made the
sunshine bounce everywhere. An automatic glass door was set into the side and Kevin
and Bonnie walked inside, Pikachu on Kevins shoulders.

Once inside, Kevin realised this was the place where people hung out and battled
eachother. They walked around to the stairs without anyone challenging them. The
staircase spiraled up around the inside of the Lighthouse. They reached the second floor
and a pokemon battle was under way. The bug pokemon Ledian verse the rock type

Kevin scanned the rest of the room and saw a familiar face. A teen with spiky blue hair
and fair complexion.

“Hey Storm!” called Kevin. “Long time no see!”

Storm turned and seeing Kevin, he grinned. “Not since the bug catching contest.” He
turned and looked at the young girl beside Kevin with the olive skin and and silky black
hair with red bangs framing her face. “And whos this lovely lady?”

“This is Bonnie” said Kevin. “Her older sisters are the dancing Kimono girls”

“From Ecruteak hey?” asked Storm.

“Yep” she replied. “And who are you?”

“I’m Kevins long running rival, ever since the martial arts contest” he replied. He looked
at Kevin.“So up for a Pokemon battle Kevin?”

“How could I refuse?” said Kevin. “Three pokemon each?”

“Sounds good to me!” he replied. Bonnie moved to a bench against the wall and sat
down. She never got tired of watching Kevin battle.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Storm grabbed a pokeball from under his green vest and threw it. “Come on out
Noctowl!” The pokeball sprung open and out came the brown bird. It spread its
magnificent wings and landed gently on the floor.

“Okay go Pikachu!” said Kevin. Pikachu leapt from Kevins shoulder and onto the tile
floor. Its coat bristled with electricity.

“I see your Pichu has evolved” said Storm.

“And your Hoothoot aswell” replied Kevin as he got out his Pokedex:

<Noctowl> <The Owl Pokemon>
<This majestic looking pokemon is the second and final evolution of Hoothoot. Noctowls
eyes are specially adapted for the night. They concentrate even the most faint and distant
light and are able to obtain perfect night vision. You can always tell a Noctowl is thinking
because it turns its head 180 degrees>

“Noctowl, quick attack!”ordered Storm. Noctowl jumped inot the air spread its wings and
streaked towards Pikachu.

“Pikachu use agility!” said Kevin. Bonnie watched as Pikachu vanished and appeared on
Storms side of the battle area. “Now use Thundershock!”

“Pika!!!” it cried as it shot out a bolt of electricity from its cheeks at Noctowls exposed

“Noctowl turn and use reflect!” called Storm. Noctowl spun in mid air and its eyes
flashed yellow. A barrier of light appeared in front of it and the Thundershock was
cancelled out.

“Pretty good Storm” said Kevin.

“Not so bad yourself!” replied his rival.

Bonnie, sitting on the bench heard a noise coming from the staircase that led up to the top
floor. She turned and saw at the top of the staircase a young woman sitting on the steps
watching the match. She was very beautiful Bonnie thought. She was wearing a light
purple dress and her hair was a honey blonde that was tied back into two pigtails that
reached down to her waist. This must be Jasmine she thought.

The young woman became aware of Bonnies gaze and turned to her and put a finger to
her lips to tell her to keep quiet. Bonnie nodded and turned back to watch the match.

“Noctowl, use your confusion!” ordered Storm. Noctowl spread its wings and a blue aura
surrounded the pokemon. Its eyes flashed and Pikachu was sent reeling backwards.

“Come on Pikachu!” called Kevin. “You’ve got the advantage!”

Pikachu got to its feet, shaking its head.

“Noctowl fly!” called Storm. Noctowl pushed off the ground and rose into the air.

“Don’t let it get away Pikachu!” ordered Kevin. Pikachu scrambled across the floor and
leapt into the air. It grabbed hold of Noctowl by the leg with a paw.

“Oh no...” said Storm.

“Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” cried Kevin.

“Pi-ka-chuuuu!” it cried as it blasted out a dozen bolts of electricity. Noctowl was
shocked by the attack and it fell to the ground. Pikachu leapt aside as the Noctowl hit the

“Good job Noctowl...” said Storm as he recalled the defeated pokemon back into its
pokeball. He clipped it to his belt and grabbed another pokeball.

“Sudowoodo, I choose you!” he cried as he threw the pokeball. It opened with an
electronic buzz and white light poured out. The light took form into an odd looking
pokemon that resembled a small tree. Kevin checked his Pokedex again:

<Sudowoodo> <Imitation Pokemon>
<This unusual pokemon looks like it might be a plant type at first glance. However, on
closer inspection, these Pokemon are rock types and hate the water. Sudowoodo usually
live by themselves in forests and hide from trainers by staying motionless and blending
into their surroundings>

“Okay Pikachu, use a Thunderbolt”

Pikachu shot off another blinding bolt of electricity that hit the Sudowoodos antenna like
head. However the attack didn’t seem to work.

“Didn’t you listen to your pokedex Kev?” asked Storm grinning to himself.

“Oh yeah, Sudowoodos are rock type!” cried Kevin exasperately. “How could I be so

“Its okay Kevin, you can win!” called Bonnie from the sidelines. He smiled at her and she
winked at him. He was so glad he had her around.

“Pikachu, use double team!” ordered Kevin. Pikachu nodded and split into five.
Sudowoodo looked at them confused.

“Sudowoodo, use rock throw!” said Kevin. Sudowoodo conjured up a mass of rubble out
of thin air and threw it. It hit all the targets and 4 Pikachus dissapeared and one fell to the

“Pikachu...” moaned Kevin. He ran out to it and scooped the little pokemon up into his
arms. “Are you okay Pikachu?” The little pokemon nodded weakly. He rushed over to
Bonnie and looked pleadingly at her. She nodded and reached out to take the pokemon.
She held Pikachu like a baby in her arms.

Kevin turned back to the battle. He grabbed the fastball from his belt and threw it. He
should have chosen Chikorita or Croconaw because they would have had the advantage;
But he wanted to beat the Sudowoodo when it had the advantage. He had to prove he
could do it. Aipom popped out of the pokeball with a flash of light. It did a cartwheel and
bounced up and down on its tail grinning like only an Aipom new how.

“Aipom use your swift attack!” called Kevin. Aipom jumped on the spot and spun,
shooting stars out from its tail. They hit home and Sudowoodo was pushed back but
recovered quickly.

“Sudowoodo, use your slam attack!” called Storm. Sudowoodo rushed forward towards
the monkey pokemon. It swung down at its opponent with one of its strong arms. Aipom
bounced away, and Sudowoodos attacked missed, cracking the tiles on the floor.

The woman on the staircase winced. That one was gonna cost the owner of the

“Aipom try a Headbutt!” called Kevin. Aipom launched itself at Sudowoodo headfirst.
They bother staggered backwards from the force of the blow.

“Come on Sudowoodo!” called Storm. “You have the type advantage, use a low kick!”

Sudowoodo lashed out with a kick. Bang! Aipom bounced across the tiles. It shook its
head and got gingerly to its feet.

“Well done Aipom, use a Mega Punch!” ordered Kevin. Aipom skipped over to the
Sudowoodo and jumped in the air. It drew back a sparkling fist and unleashed at
Sudowoodos face. Smack! Sudowoodo toppled to the floor out cold.

“Yeah!” yelled Bonnie happliy. “That was awesome!”

“Yes!” cried Kevin. “You did it Aipom well done!”

Aipom danced around on the spot, ending with a peace sign from its tail.

“Sudowoodo return.” said Storm recalling his pokemon back to its pokeball. He grabbed
another pokeball.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

I would have to agree with Bonnie on this one...I never get tired of watching (or reading) Kevin's battles either! Especially against Storm, rival battles are usually the best. Keep it up Dr. Skottie!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Wartortle I choose you!” yelled Storm as he threw the pokeball. It popped open and
white light gushed out. It formed into a blue turtle with pointy ears and a curly tail. Kevin
checked his Pokedex:
<Wartortle><The Turtle Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Squirtle. Wartortles are excellent swimmers as their long ears help
them to balance in the water. The longer its tail the more mature and wise the pokemon
is. Wartortle like to hide under water to sneak up on prey>

“Wartortle, watergun!” cried Storm.

“Wartortle!” it growled. It took in a deep breath and then blasted out a jet of water at
Aipom. Aipom didn’t know what hit it. It cried out as it was blasted into a wall. It
slumped to the floor.

“Aipom return” said Kevin recalling his injured Pokemon. He clipped the fastball to his
belt and chose his last pokemon.

This was Storms beginning pokemon and a water type. I think I’ll use my own.

“Croconaw I choose you!” said Kevin. Croconaw leapt from the thrown pokeball and
bared its teeth ready for battle.

“Croconaw, use your rage attack!” called Kevin. Croconaw began flashing red and its
face turned to a scowl. It roared and dashed towards Wartortle.

“Wartortle Withdraw!” cried Storm. Wartortle pulled its head, limbs and tail inside its
hard shell. Croconaw ploughed into it and the shell flew through the air and bounced off a

“Croconaw, bite it!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw ran over to the shell and clamped its teeth
around it. It kept biting down hard and little cracks began appearing in the shell. “Keep it
up Croconaw!”

“Oh no you don’t Kevin!” cried Storm. “Wartortle use Rapid Spin!”

All of a sudden, Wartortle spun at an incredible speed and freed itself from Croconaws
jaws. Croconaw moved back rubbing its jaw. It spat and two teeth fell out. Croconaw
wasn’t worried, they would grow back but damn did that hurt. Croconaw looked at its
opponent to see it was now out of its shell.

“Croconaw, Watergun!” called Kevin. Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a
jet of water at Wartortle.

“You too Wartortle!”

The two jets of water splashed everywhere as they struck in the air. They were equal

Kevin got a sudden sense of deja vu from the first time he and Storm had battled. His
Totodile had battled against Storms Squirtle. Kevin supposed that the rivalry that was
between himself and Storm must be as strong between Wartortle and Croconaw and he
was right.

“Wartortle tackle attack!” called Storm. Wartortle sprinted towards Croconaw. This was
the chance Kevin had been waiting for.

“Croconaw, Bubblebeam!” cried Kevin. Croconaw took in a deep breath and blasted out a
barrage of rainbow bubbles. They burst as they struck the turtle pokemon and Wartortle
was sent sliding across the floor eyes spinning.

“Alright!” cried Kevin. He gave Croconaw a high five.

“Wartortle return” said Storm, dissapointed. The turtle pokemon was sucked inside the
pokeball. He turned to Kevin. “You did well this time Kevin, but just wait until next
time.” He smiled at Bonnie and nodded his head to Kevin before descending the stairway.

“Cya later man!” called Kevin, before turning to Croconaw. “You were awesome buddy,

“Hello Kevin” came a voice from the staircase leading up. The young woman that Bonnie
had spotted before was now walking down the flight of steps.

“Who are you?” asked Kevin as she approached. Damn shes fine thought Kevin.

“I’m Jasmine, leader of the Olivine Gym.” she said smiling, but she looked tired.

“Awesome, I’ve been looking for you!” said Kevin grinning. “I want a battle with you to
win a badge.”

“Normally I would accept, but I can’t leave the lighthouse. The pokemon that lights this
tower has caught a disease and I have been caring for it for the last few days.”

“Why don’t you just take it to the pokemon center?” asked Bonnie walking over to them,
cradling Pikachu in her arms. Kevin nodded.

“I did at first but the Pokemon Center couldn’t do anything to help. But you can Kevin.”
said Jasmine.

“ME??” cried Kevin. “What could I do?”

“There is a young man that lives in Cianwood City by the name of Stan. He makes special
potions for pokemon. If anyone has a cure, he does” she said. “I need you to go to
Cianwood City and bring back the medicine I need. Can you do that for me?”

Kevin nodded. “Bonnie and I would be glad to help, wouldn’t we?”

“Of course” said Bonnie.

“Thankyou so much. I knew after you defeated Storm that you would be the best possible
choice. Here let me help...” said Jasmine and she pulled a Full Restore out of her pocket
and sprayed it on Pikachu. Its eyes flicked open and it jumped into Kevins arms, smiling.

“Thanks Jasmine, we won’t let you down!” said Kevin and Bonnie as they left the
lighthouse begining a new quest...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 21

“Wait!!!” cried Kevin and Bonnie as they raced along the sun drenched boardwalk, arms
flailing trying to catch the attention of the ferry in the distance.

“Pika!” yelled Pikachu from Kevins shoulder.

“Don’t leave without us!” called Kevin, but it was too late. They stopped running and
watched despairingly as the ferry pulled out of the harbour and began sailing towards the

“Ohhh, we missed it...” sighed Bonnie. “That was the last ferry for today...”

“For this week actually” said a voice. They turned to see Jacob, the sailor they had spoken
to earlier.

“Great...” said Kevin sarcastically. “So we are stuck here until next week!”

“Not necessarilly” said Jacob smiling. “I own a small jetboat. I’d be happy to give you a
ride. On one condition.”

“Whats that?” asked Kevin.

“If you’ll let me join your little group” said Jacob. “Is that -”

“YES! Of course its okay!” cried Bonnie, grinning from ear to ear.

Kevin leaned towards Jacob. “You see how shes so excited? Its because she really -”


Kevin fell to the ground, rubbing the red mark where Bonnie had punched him. Pikachu
laughed. Bonnie giggled nervously as a sweat drop ran down her face.

“Don’t pay any attention to him” she said. “Wheres the boat?”

“Its just a few jettys away...” he said looking at Bonnie apprehensively.

“Great lets go!” cried Bonnie. “Come on Kevin!” She grabbed him by the collar and
pulled him to his feet.

Jacob led them to his boat. It was a sleak hightech looking thing. It was white, silver and

“Hey this looks pretty sweet!” said Kevin. “What do ya think Pikachu?”

“Pika pi!” it cried happily.

“Climb aboard!” said Jacob smiling. Kevin and Bonnie climbed down the ladder on the
side of the jetty and dropped into the boat.

Pikachu scurried off to the front of the boat and looked over the side. As Jacob untied the
boat, Kevin gazed south to the horizon. The vast ocean was calm and the skys were clear.
Kevin took a deep breath of the fresh sea air and sighed contently. He couldn’t believe
how lucky he was. A now experienced trainer, he was already halfway to qualifying for
the pokemon league. He had a good repertoire of pokemon of all different varietys. Kevin
was still a bit phased by the fact that he only had six, but he was sure he would catch a
new pokemon soon.

Kevin looked over to where Bonnie was staring out over the water. Her olive skin
glistened in the sunlight and her hair blew in the soft breeze. She felt his gaze and she
turned to look at him. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled as she tucked a bang of hair
behind her ear. At that moment, Kevin was filled with an absolute adoration towards her,
and he swore to himself that he would never let anything bad happen to her.

He turned the other way to see the newest member of the group. Jacob had finished
unting the boat and Kevin watched as he jumped from the jetty and landed persian-like on
the deck of boat.

“Lets get going shall we?” he said, moving towards the cockpit. He started up the motor
and slowly steared them out of the busy docks of Olivine and out into the open ocean.
They cruised in silence for awhile. The sun beat down on the boat and Kevin began to
sweat. He unbuttoned his shirt and the breeze whipped it back behind him. He ran a hand
through his blonde hair making it stick up. Bonnie went below deck and came out a few
minutes later wearing a red bikini top and a pair of small red and white boardies.

Kevins eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She walked sexily across the deck,
rocking her hips back and forth. She sat down down on one of the 2 deck chairs and put
on a pair of silver sunglasses with red lenses.

She looked up at Kevin and smiled. “Kevin, can you rub some lotion into my back?” she
said innocently. Kevin couldn’t believe his luck.

He walked over to her and sat down behind her. He sqeezed a bit of lotion onto his hand
from the bottle that Bonnie had and began massaging it into her back and shoulders. She
rubbed some into her arms and legs and onto her stomach before leaning back into Kevin
as he gave her an expert massage.

“Ohh, that feels good” she sighed. Kevin prided himself in his massages. Back at school,
girls had sat near him at lunch just for the chance of getting their shoulders rubbed.

As Bonnie closed her eyes and lent back into Kevins chest, he struck up a conversation
with Jacob to distract him from the beautiful girl.

“So Jacob, what do you actually do?” asked Kevin, still rubbing Bonnies shoulders.

“Well, I used to be part of a small ferry business, but it got closed down. The big
oceanliners were just too much competition. So now I hang out at the docks, looking for
work and battling trainers in my spare time.”

“Hey do you think I could battle you?” asked Kevin, a glint in his eye.

“If you think your up to it” said Jacob. “There’s a little island just over there where we
can battle.”

Kevin looked over to where he was pointing. A small island, about a kilometre across
broke the surface of the water. It was covered in dense tropical plants and a pearly white
beach rimmed the island.

“Sounds good” said Kevin. Jacob steered the boat in the direction of the island. The bow
of the boat sliced through the sparkling water. He shut off the ocean 20 metres from the
shore and dropped the anchor.

“Time for a swim!” said Jacob before pulling off his shirt kickin off his shoes and diving
into the water. Kevin followed suit, taking off his shoes and shirt and joining Jacob in the
water. Bonnie tipped her sunglasses and looked over the top of the lenses. Needless to say
she blushed. She still couldn’t believe that her travelling companions were the two hottest
guys ever. She had to join them.

“Wait for me!” she said. She jumped up from the deck chair ran to the railing and jumped
over into the water. The water felt cool against her skin. She broke the surface of the
water, flicked her hair back out of her eyes and swam after the guys.

They body surfed the waves and clambered up onto the shore. Kevin all of a sudden got
the feeling that he was forgetting something...

“Oh no, I forgot Pikachu!” cried Kevin, looking back towards the boat.

“Pikachu didn’t forget us though” said Bonnie giggling. She pointed.
There was Pikachu, surfing on a surfboard with Eevee crouched at the nose of the board.
Eevee must have gotten out of its pokeball she thought.

Kevin smiled. “Where did he get the board from?”

“It belongs to one of my Pokemon” said Jacob as Pikachu continued surfing. “Anyway,
lets get this battle started.”

“I’m with you there”said Kevin.

Bonnie moved into the shade of a huge palm tree and sat down, resting her back against
the trunk. She watched as the pair faced off, psyching eachother out. Her gaze rested on
Kevin, and she studied his bair chest. He was well muscled and his stomach looked as
hard as rock. She noticed for the first time that there was big scar that striped his chest.
She wanted to ask him how he had got it but the battle had started. So she sat back and
waited for what she knew would be an exciting battle unfold.

“3 on 3 sound good?” asked Jacob, hand poised over a pokeball on his pantleg.

“Thats fine with me!” said Kevin.

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Go, Tyrogue!” cried Jacob throwing a pokeball onto the sand. It burst open and white
light spilled out, forming into a little brown, human shaped pokemon.

Kevin got out his pokedex:
<Tyrogue><The Scuffle Pokemon>
<This fighting type pokemon is very competitive. It willl constantly seek out opponents to
make itself stronger. It will always fight no matter how difficult the challenge. Be warned,
Tyrogues tend to attack at random>

“Hmm, I’ll need something fast, but has a lot of power aswell...” thought Kevin. He
plucked a pokeball from his belt and threw it hard.“Scyther, I choose you!” It flew
through the air and sprung open, spilling energy onto the ground. It formed into Kevin’s

“A Scyther aye?” said Jacob. “Okay Tyrogue, Focus Energy!”

Tyrogue stood with its feet apart, fists clenched, eyes closed. A red Aura appeared and
swirled around the pokemon.

“It’s gathering power” thought Kevin, watching closely. He turned to Scyther. “Scyther
use your swords dance!”

“Scy!” it relied. It held out its scythes on either side of it’s body and spun on the spot at
an incredible speed. Sand was whipped up in the swirling wind of the technique.

“Scyther! Slash Attack!” cried Kevin. Scyther jumped towards Tyrogue, wings buzzing.
SLASH! Scythers blade sliced through air as Tyogue flipped away.

“Tyrogue go for a tackle!” called Jacob. Tyrogue ran down the beach a few meters
skidded in the sand, turned, and came sprinting towards Scyther.

“Scyther, try a cut attack!” called Kevin. Scyther faced the oncoming Tyrogue and drew
back both its blades to use a scissor move. Jacob watched Tyrogue come flying down the
beach. Just as Tyrogue was about to hit, Jacob cried out, “Low Kick!”

Tyrogue dropped and stuck out a leg, as if it was sliding into homebase. Bang! Scythers
legs were kicked out from under it and it fell to the ground.

“Quick Tyrogue!” cried Jacob. “Get it with a Karate Chop!”

Tyrogue jumped up into the air and came down on top of Scyther ready to deliver the

“Scyther Agility!” cried Kevin. Scythers wings buzzed to life as it zipped away from the
Tyrogue. “Now use Quick attack!”

Scyther spun in midair and came rushing at Tyrogue, knocking it to the ground.

“Now use Fury Swipes!” ordered Kevin. Scythers blades slinted as it slashed at Tyrogue
again and again. Tyrogue was hit by the first strikes but avoided the rest; jumping side
stepping and ducking out of the way.

“Tyrogue use double kick!” called Jacob. Tyrogue waited for a break in the onslaught of
sharp scythes and jumped up in the air. It lashed out with one foot, spun and kicked out
with the other. Scyther was hit in the chest and face and was knocked back.

“Tyrogue finish this!” yelled Jacob. “Fire Punch!”

Tyrogue drew back a fist and it ignited, flames burning a bright red. It struck Scyther in
the stomach. Scyther fell to the ground, breathing heavily.

“Scyther Return!” said Kevin, calling back the wounded bug pokemon. Scyther was hit
by the red beam of the pokeball and was sucked inside. He clipped it to his belt and
grabbed another pokeball. “Your Tyrogue is pretty tough Jacob, but lets see it beat my
Charmeleon, Go!”

Kevin threw the ball and it burst open. White light poured out and formed into the red
flame pokemon.

“Tyrogue, use a swift attack!” called Jacob. Tyrogue conjured up a handful of bright
yellow stars in its hands before throwing them at Charmeleon. Kevin’s pokemon avoided
the first few stars but was knocked back by the rest.

“Charmeleon, use a Flamethrower!” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon open its mouth wide,
and searing red flame erupted from within. It streaked across the beach and hit Tyrogue
right in the chest, sending it skidding through the sand. It was down and out.

“Tyrogue return” said Jacob, recalling his first pokemon back into its pokeball. He
grabbed the next pokeball.

“Wingull, I choose you!” cried Jacob, throwing the pokeball out onto the beach. It sprung
open and white light spilled out forming into a white bird pokemon with blue on its

“A wingull...” Kevin said to himself, flipping open his pokedex:

<Wingull><The Seagull Pokemon>
<This flying/water type pokemon rides updrafts rising from the sea by extending its long
and narrow wings to glide. It uses it long beak for peck attacks and also hiding any
objects it steals from unwatchful trainers.>

“Okay Charmeleon, Wingull has the advantage” said Kevin. “Do you want to keep

“Meleon..” it snorted, sending a burst of flame into the air.

“I’m asking the wrong pokemon here” said Kevin rolling his eyes. “Charmeleons
probably my most stubborn pokemon. Okay Charmeleon use another Flamethrower!”

Charmeleon opened its jaws and blasted another plume of flame towards Jacob’s
pokemon. Wingull sprung into the air and spread its wings, avoiding the attack easily.

“Wingull, use Fly!” said Jacob. It soared up into the air and began to circle Charmeleon
from above.

“Use your ember Charmeleon!” ordered Kevin. Charmeleon took a deep breath and
breathed out a barrage of fireballs, that soared through the air towards the seagull
pokemon. Wingull dived toward Charmeleon, wings tucked back against its body. It
dodged the oncomng fireballs as streaked towards the beach. It opended its wings and
swooped at Charmeleon, orange beak shining. Bang! Charmeleon fell to the ground
rubbing its jaw, from where it had been hit.

“Good job Wingull!” called Jacob to the air. “Now use supersonic!”

Wingull pulled off a perfect Imelman turn and came back towards Charmeleon. It
squarked loudly and bright yellow rings streaked towards the ground, passing through
Charmeleon. The flame pokemon began to turn in circles, not knowing what to do.

“Charmeleon! Snap out of it!” cried Kevin.

“Now that your pokemon is confused, I can easily win this!” called Jacob to Kevin.
“Wingull, Watergun!”

“Wingull swooped around, opened its beak and out came a jet of sparkiling water. The
watergun attack knocked Charmeleon to the ground. Its tail flame was almost out.

“Charmeleon, Return!” said Kevin, sucking Charmeleon into it pokeball. “There is only
one pokemon in my team that could beat wingull...” he thought to himself, “and that’s

Kevin looked out at the surf. He could see Pikachu and Eevee still surfing.

“PIKACHU!” yelled Kevin. “YOUR UP BUDDY!”

Pikachu’s ears twitched. “Pika Pi!” it cried as it rode a wave into shore. It leapt from from
the board, and scampered across the sand towards Kevin. Eevee sprinted over to Bonnie
and jumped into her arms.

“Okay Pikachu” said Kevin, arm outstretched. “Use a Thunderbolt!”

“Pikaaaa-chuuuu!” it cried as it blasted out a bolt of yellow lightning from its cheeks. It
streaked through the tropical air and struck Wingull, sending it spiraling to the ground.

“Get up Wingull! Come on!” called Jacob.

“Alright! Pikachu, tackle it!” called Kevin.

“Pika!” said Pikachu, as it ran over and plowed into the crumpled mass of feathers.
Wingull was out cold.

“Wingull Return” said Jacob and the seagull pokemon was sucked back into its pokeball.
He clipped it to his pants and grabbed the remaining pokeball.

“Your good Kevin!” said Jacob smiling. “And luckily for you, you’re gonna have the
advantage in this last battle”

“Doesn’t mean I’ll win though” said Kevin modestly.

“Just what I was thinking” replied Jacob. “Octillery, Go!”

He threw the last pokeball and it burst open, revealing a dark orange Octillery.

“Lets see what the pokedex says” said Kevin opening the database:

<Octillery><The Jet Pokemon>
<This water type pokemon love to hide in underwater caves and often steal the nests of
other Octillery. During battle, it will trap its enemies with its tentacles, and then use a
devastating Skullbash attack with its rock hard head>

“Okay Pikachu, use a quickattack!”

Pikahu scampered over towards Octillery and dived straight into it. Bang! Before Pikachu
could revover however, Octillery had it trapped in its tentacles.

“Thats a bind attack!” said Kevin.

“Octillery, Skullbash!” cried Jacob.

Octillery drew back its head.

“Quick Pikachu! Spark!” cried Kevin. Pikachu let out a burst of blue electricity in every
direction. Octillery cried out and lossened its grip enough for Pikachu to scramble free.

“That was quick thinking Kevin” said Jacob grinning. “Octillery, IceBeam!”

Octillery shot out a rippling static beam of blue at Pikachu.

“Woh Pikachu, watchout!” cried Kevin. Pikachu flung itself sideways and the Icebeam
froze the patch of sand where it just was.

“Again Octillery!”ordered Jacob. Pikachu only just managed to dodge the second

“Pikachu, use a Thunderbolt!” yelled Kevin.

“Octillery, stop it with a sludge attack!” said Jacob. Octillery shot out a blob of brown
sludge that hit Pikachu in the face, cancelling the attack.

“Ahh, Pikachu!” cried Kevin worriedly. “Get it off!”

Pikachu tried to wipe it away from its eyes but it wouldn’t come off.

“Yeah that did it!” cried Jacob. “Octillery, Finish this with a Watergun!”

Octillery shot out a jet of water which blasted Pikachu to the ground. Pikachu fainted.

“Looks like I win” said Jacob smiling. “Octillery Return!”

Wow hes good, thought Kevin. I’m glad hes on my side...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 22

Back on the boat, miles away from the little island, Bonnie and Kevin laid back in the
deck chairs and relaxed in the warm sun. They had pushed the chairs together and were
resting their heads against eachother.

Pikachu and Eevee were playing around on the deck, chasing eachother all over the place.
Jacob had a firstaid compartment on his boat and had used a full restore on Pikachu.
Jacob was now off in another world, steering the boat and listening to his favourite tunes
on his discman.

Bonnie began talking quietly with Kevin.

“That was a great battle Kevin, even though you lost” she said.

“Yeah, Jacob’s tough” said Kevin. “Especially that Octillery of his...”

They were quiet for awhile before Bonnie spoke up again.

“Kevin,” she began. “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that scar from?”

Bonnie felt Kevin tense up and he traced the scar on his chest with his fingertips without
meaning to.

“I was attacked” he said quietly. He then told her of the time he had jumped down a well
with Officer Jenny, when he was only a rookie trainer. Bonnie listened as Kevin
explained how he had almost managed to rescue the stolen Slowpoke, when the white
haired teen by the name of Ice and slashed him with a knife. Bonnie winced as she
imagined a knife cutting through Kevins shirt and drawing dark red blood. The thought
flicked back to her memory of her boyfriends murder...

Wait a minute, she thought, white hair?

“Was Ice his real name?” she asked nervously.

“No,” said Kevin. “He just liked to be called that. His real name was Simon Vortex...”

Bonnie shivered, even though the hot sun was beaming down on her. She wriggled closer
to Kevin and he put his arm around her.

“Whats the matter?” asked Kevin kindly.

“Nothing” she replied.

If you tell anyone I will come back and finish what I started...

“Tell me,” said Kevin, holding her close.

“I’m scared” she whispered after awhile.

“You don’t need to be scared Bonnie,” said Kevin smiling. “ In fact, the last time I saw
him was only a few days before I met you. He had stolen almost a whole flock of
Pidgeotto, but I stopped him. I havent seen him since.”

Bonnie relaxed a bit after she heard this. She had been with Kevin for a few weeks now.
Simon would be far behind...

“But I have a feeling we will meet again...” said Kevin carelessly. “He wants to kill me.”

“Aren’t you scared?” asked Bonnie.

“Not really,” he replied. “I have escaped from him twice and even if he does come back,
the three of us have more pokemon then he does. I think we’ll be able to handle him.”

Bonnie, thought this through and realised she was safe as long as she stayed with Kevin.
He had been so good to her in the short time she had known him. He had allowed her to
get away from the place where she had seen her boyfriend stabbed to death; and in doing
that, enabled her to fulfil her dream of catching all the rare pokemon out there. She
smiled... it would be okay.

All of a sudden there was a squawk from the air. Kevin looked up and saw a pokemon. It
was a brown bird and it was holding a leak in its beak. It looked like it was circling the
boat, getting ready to attack at any moment.

“Thats a Farfetch’d” said Jacob, pulling the earphones of his discman out of his ears.
“There is a whole bunch of them that live out here at sea and they nest amongst the rocks
that break the surface of the water. We must have entered into this ones territory”

“Farfetch’d...” said Kevin as he got up from the chair and got out his red pokedex:

<Farfetch’d><Wild Duck Pokemon>
<This flying type pokemon likes to live amongst the reeds of a stream but some prefer the
open ocean instead. The leak it carries is used as a weapon and Farfetch’d are never seen
without them. Sometimes Farfetch’d fight eachother to get better leaks>

“I’m gonna catch it!” said Kevin, determined look on his face. “Lets go Pikachu!”

“Pikachu” growled Pikachu. The Farfetch’d pulled back its wings and plummeted to the

“Get ready Pikachu” said Kevin warningly. The wild duck pokemon came closer... “Now
Pikachu! Thundershock!”

“Pikaaa-chuuuuu!” it yelled and a bolt of yellow lightning streaked towards Farfetch’d. It
was zapped by the electric attack and fell to the deck of the boat. Thump. It quickly got to
its feet and brushed itself off and spun the green plant around, finishing with a pose and a

“That Farfetch’d is quite a character!” laughed Jacob.

“Sure is!” said Bonnie smiling. She looked past the Farfetch’d and saw dark clouds in the

Kevin grinned. “Your gonna be mine Farfetch’d! Pokeball Go!”

Kevin grabbed a spare pokeball from his belt and hurled it at the bird pokemon.

“Farrrr- fetch’d!” it sang out as it swung its leak like a baseball bat at knocked the
pokeball back into Kevins hand.

“Its too strong” said Kevin to no one in particular. “Okay Pikachu, get in there with a
tackle attack!”

“Pika!” cried the yellow mouse as it ran towards the Farfetch’d.

“Fetch-far-far!” it said as it hopped away and spanked Pikachu on the ass with its stick.
Pikachu crashed into the railing of the boat. “Far-far-far-far-far” cackled the bird

“Ahh, come on Pikachu!” encouraged Kevin. “Get up and use a Thunderbolt!”

Pikachu got up and started to get ready to use a thunderbolt.

“Pika- Pikaaa!” it cried as it blasted out a bolt of electricity. Farfetch’d was zapped for a
second time. It squearked loudly and fell onto the deck, eyes spinning.

“Farfetch’d... your mine!” cried Kevin throwing the pokeball. The red and white ball
struck the wild duck pokemon and flipped open. Farfetch’d was turned into a red light
and was sucked inside the pokeball. The ball snapped shut and fell to the deck of Jacob’s
boat. It rocked once.... twice... three times.....


“Alright! I caught it!” cried Kevin, punching the air. He ran over and picked up the
pokeball. As he admired it, it flashed white, and was gone.

“Where did it go?” asked Bonnie.

“All the way back to Mr Dojo’s house!” said Kevin. “I’ll get it later.”

All of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder. Kevin and the gang looked up at the sky,
to see navy blue storm clouds sweeping in covering up the late afternoon light of the sun.

“Woh, that came out of no where!” said Bonnie worriedly. A fork of lightning zig-zagged
across the sky, lighting up the clouds, followed by another clap of thunder. Boom!

“It looks bad...” said Jacob, a grim look on his bearded, olive face.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin felt a droplet of rain fall on his nose. Then his cheek. It began to
pour. The rain thundered down on the boat, and Kevin pushed back his now
dark gold hair out of his face. Bonnie returned Eevee to its pokeball,
grabbed Kevin by the hand and pulled him under the canopy of the cockpit
where Jacob was.

Lighting flashed again and the sea began to churn. Waves began splashing
over the deck.

“Pika Pika!!!” cried the frightened voice of Pikachu.

“Arghhh!” cried Kevin, concern filling his face. “Where’s Pikachu?”

“Kevin, over there!”yelled Jacob, pointing. Kevin looked to see Pikachu
holding on to the railing of the boat for dear life. Another wave splashed
over the boat, rocking it from side to side. Kevin looked back to where
Pikachu was... he wasn’t there.

“No!!! Pikachu!” screamed Kevin. He pulled free of Bonnie’s arm and ran
across the deck to the railing. He looked over the edge to find Pikachu, but
the rain was falling so heavily he could only just see a few metres away
from the boat.

“Pika” came a cry of panic, muffled by the downpour.

“Don’t worry Pikachu, I’m coming”cried Kevin to the darkness, but the
strong wind swept his words away.

“Kevin, don’t!” screamed Bonnie, clutching tightly to Jacob’s arm.

“I have to!” yelled Kevin, and he climbed over the railing and dropped into
the rolling ocean. Splash. It was almost silent underwater and then Kevin
broke the surface and the deafining sound of the storm filled his ears.

“Pikachu! Where are you!” cried Kevin, trying to stay above the water.

“Pika pii” came the faint cry again. Kevin began swimming towards the
sound. He looked about desperately for his pokemon. And then he saw him.
He dived towards Pikachu, who was on its last legs. Pikachu slipped
beneath the surface...

“Noooo!” screamed Kevin, getting a mouthful of salty spray. He dived
beneath the surface of the water. He looked around franticly through the
churning water, beginning to panic. He saw Pikachu struggling to get to the
surface. He kicked through the water, and reached out, grabbing Pikachu
around the middle. His lungs were hurting now, he needed air. He swam up
to the surface and as he broke, he was greeted with the roaring noise of the
huge storm. Trying to keep himself and the yellow pokemon above water,
he reached down to his belt and grabbed Pikachu’s pokeball.

“Pikachu, get inside” yelled Kevin above the thunder. Kevin pressed the
button and Pikachu was sucked inside. He clipped it back to his belt just as
a huge wave towered over him. It broke and crashed down on top of him.
Kevin was swept under, turning over and over. He straightened himself and
made it to the surface again. He took a deep breath and struggled to stay
above the waves.

He peered through the darkness. A flash of lightning lit up the ocean and in
the distance he could see the shape of an overturned boat. Jacob’s boat...

Oh no, thought Kevin despairingly, Bonnie...

Kevin splashed through the treacherous waters, swimming with all his
might to get to the overturned boat. It seemed like he had been swimming
for miles when he finally got there his muscles burning from trying to stay
above the water.

All of a sudden, a figure surfaced in front of him. It was Jacob and he was
breathing hard. He had his blue backpack and Kevins black bag.

“Where’s Bonnie!” yelled Kevin, as the raindrops thundered down on the
dark sea surrounding him.

“She’s trapped!” replied Jacob. “She is still in the boat!”

Kevin began to panic. He looked at the boat and saw that it was almost
totally under the water.

“Jacob I need Octillery! I have an idea!” said Kevin, reaching down to his
belt and grabbing a pokeball. He brought it above the salt water and pressed
the lock/release button, bringing out his Croconaw into the water. The blue
croc easily stayed above the waves. Jacob released his orange Octillery into
the water.

“Croconaw, Octillery!” cried Kevin, getting their attention. “Bonnie is
trapped under the boat! I need you to help me get down there and help get
her out!”

The two water pokemon nodded. Jacob knew what Kevin planned to do. He
was going to have Croconaw help him swim and Octillery would help get
Bonnie out from under the boat. Jacob gave the okay.

“Okay lets go!” yelled Kevin and Croconaw dived under the surface. Kevin
followed and reached out and grabbed his pokemon’s feet as Croconaws
use their tail to swim. It was eerily quiet under the water. Croconaw’s tail
slashed back and forth, propelling the two deeper into the water. Kevin
looked to his left and saw Octillery, using its 8 powerful tentacles, gliding
through the water. The yellow spots on its head and tentacles glowed
guiding them down. The three began to swim straight up under the boat.
Kevin saw Bonnies red and yellow over-the-shoulder bag, hooked on the
railing of the deck. He reached out an arm and pulled it free. Octillery led
them inside the boat.

Kevin saw Bonnies legs up ahead. His lungs were burning, he needed air!
He let go of Croconaw and swam himself. Splash! He broke the surface of
the water and breathed in deeply. Kevin looked around and saw that they
were in an air pocket inside one of the sleeping quarters. He turned towards
Bonnie just as she flung her arms around him. She was crying.

“Thankyou!” she sobbed into his shoulder. “I was so scared...”

“Me too” he said pushing her away gently. “But its not over yet, we need to
get hell out of here! I’ve got the water pokemon here to help. We’re gonna
swim down, across and up to where Jacob is, okay?”

“I can’t!” she whimpered, shaking her head. “I’ll drown!”

“You won’t drown!” Kevin said to her loudly. “Octillery is gonna carry
you, because he’s the strongest swimmer. I’ll be there as well!”

Bonnie nodded, tears still streaming down her face.

“Okay, Octillery hold onto Bonnie!” said Kevin turning to the jet pokemon.

“Octee!” it said. It quickly swam around behind Bonnie and wrapped its
front 2 tentacles around her, holding her tight.

“Okay Croconaw, lead the way!” said Kevin grabbing onto both of its feet
with his hands. The all took a deep breath, and dived into the icy water.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

They swam down until they were out of the boat. Kevin pointed across and
away from the boat and they glided through the water before swimming up
to the surface. They broke the surface and took a deep breath. Kevin looked
around and saw Jacob a few metres
away and they swam over to him.

Lightning forked across the dark sky and the thunder rumbled loudy around

There’s no way I’m gonna get out of this one, thought Kevin as he and
Jacob held onto Bonnie. The only thing that could help us now would be a

A huge wave splashed over them and they were underwater, surrounded by
the silence of the world under the waves. A sound began to fill Kevin’s
ears, like a strange mournful cry...

A giant shadowed silvery shape, streaked through the salty water in front of
Kevin heading towards the sky.

It’s a pokemon... thought Kevin in awe.

Kevin quickly swam to the surface to see what it was. Back above the
water, Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob, Croconaw and Octillery watched as the huge
shape flew up into the heart of the storm. Lightning flashed and it was
relfected off the silvery white feathers of the enormous Pokemon and for a
brief second, Kevin knew what it was...


The half drowned group of trainers and pokemon watched in reverence as
the mighty pokemon of the sea rose up into the sky and began to illuminate
the dark sky with a ghostly radiance. The blue aura that surrounded the
creature of legend, blasted out in all directions, filling the sky. The
lightning and thunder ceased, the sea began to calm and the clouds
dissapeared. It was almost sunset and the rays of golden sunlight streaked
the orange, blue and purple sky.

Lugia looked down upon them and its gaze fixed on Kevin.

“Thankyou...” whispered Kevin, a gentle smile on his face. The mighty
pokemon replied with its haunting song. It flashed a brilliant white, and was
gone. What looked like a glimmering star fell serenely down towards them,
and landed in Kevin’s outstretched hand. Kevin looked at it closely and
realised it wasn’t a star at all but a silver feather.

“Wow, thats a Silver Wing!” said Jacob, floating in the water next to him.

“Silver Wing?” replied Kevin.

“Yeah” said Jacob, looking closely. “The Silver Wing has been a lucky
charm in this area for centurys. People make jewlery that looks like it. But
only a few people in the whole world actually own a real silver wing. It
symbolises peace, success and goodluck. This is a gift from Lugia to you

“Wow, thats so cool” said Bonnie smiling.

Kevin was speechless. Why would the lengendery pokemon of the sea, the
controller of storms and guardian of the ocean do this? thought Kevin.
Why would it pick me; of all the trainers in the world? Why give me it’s

“Look!” cried Bonnie excitedly. “Theres an island over there!”

They turned and looked and, sure enough, there was a little island in the

“It’s getting dark” said Jacob, looking up at the sky. “Lets get going.”

With the help of Croconaw and Octillery they made it over island. The stars
were shining down on them by the time the clambered up the sandy shore
and into the cover of the the tropical foliage. They hung up there wet
clothes and built a fire. Jacob recalled his Octillery. Kevin returned
Croconaw into its pokeball and released Pikachu.

“You okay buddy?” he said to the little yellow mouse.

“Pika pi!” cried a happy Pikachu. It then scampered over to a soft patch of
grass and curled up and fell to sleep.

Kevin was wearing his red boxershorts and a white t-shirt; Jacob was
wearing a black pair of shorts and a blue t-shirt; and Bonnie was wearing
her little grey gymshorts and a yellow singlet top.

They rolled out their sleeping bags. Bonnie moved close to Kevin and
asked him if they could unzip the sleeping bags and share them, using one
as a mattress and the other as a blanket for the both of them. Kevin agreed.
They hopped into the newly made double bed and Bonnie snuggled up to
Kevin, putting an arm and leg over him. Jacob was already snoring softly.
She propped herself up on an elbow and leaned down and kissed Kevin
gently on the lips.

“Thankyou” she whispered in his ear. Kevin wrapped his arms around her
and held her close to him.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let anything happen to you” he replied,
stroking her long dark hair with his fingers. With their arms around each
other, they fell asleep.
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