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Old 03-17-2004, 11:21 AM
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 23

Kevin awoke early the next morning. The sound of waves, gently foaming up the beach,
filled his ears. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and turned to see Bonnie sleeping
peacefully beside him. The dawn light shone through the foliage, lighting up her innocent
face. Kevin smiled and quietly pulled the blanket back and got up. He stretched and ran
his hand through his golden blonde hair.

“G’Morning Kevin” said a deep voice. Kevin looked to see Jacob rekindling the fire.

“What are you doing?” asked Kevin walking over to him.

“Cooking some breakfast” he said, standing up. “It should be ready in about half an hour.
Hopefully your little ‘Sleeping Beauty’ will be awake by then.”

Kevin playfully swung a fist at his head, which Jacob caught in one of his indigo gloved
hands. Jacob spun him around and got him in a headlock.

“Didn’t know I could do that, did ya?” he said laughing, letting him go.

“Do you do the martial arts?” asked Kevin, straightening his fathers necklace. The four
badges glinted.

“It was a hobby of mine for awhile” he said shrugging. “But I’m no where near your
standards. I watched you compete in the Johto Martial Arts Tournament! You were

“Thanks” said Kevin blushing, scratching his head.

“Why don’t you go for a walk?” suggested Jacob. Kevin thought it was a good idea so he
grabbed his pants and shirt from where they were hanging up. He pulled them on and,
barefoot, he strolled out of the shelter of the trees and onto the sand.

Kevin began strolling along the beach. The feel of the soft, white sand between his toes
was soothing. He thought about last night and the kiss he had shared with Bonnie. He
smiled. It wasn’t something he would forget about any time soon. He wondered if it
would lead anywhere. Bonnie and him had been very close, ever since that night back in
Ecruteak City. He had woken up to see her crying. Kevin realised he had never asked her
why she had been so upset. He had a sick feeling in his gut about it...

He had lied to her back on the boat about not being scared about Ice. He was plenty
scared and he often had nightmares about it. The thought of Ice hunting him, caused him
to shiver. He saw a rock on the ground. He picked it up and hurled it as hard as he could
into the water. He would have to talk to Bonnie about it later and find out why she had
been crying; and also why she had been so scared when he had mentioned the real name
of Ice...

All of a sudden his thoughts were interupted by a roar from the ocean. He turned to see
water flying through the air and in the midst of it, a huge Gyarados, the early morning sun
glinting off its scales.

I must have hit it with the rock, realised Kevin. It must have been sleeping in the
shallows. Woops...

“Let’s see what the pokedex says” said Kevin to himself. Getting it out from his pocket.
Surprisingly it hadn’t been damaged by the storm. He flipped it open and pointed it at the

<Gyarados> <The Atrocious Pokemon>
<This pokemon is the evolved form of Magikarp. These water pokemon usually live in
the open ocean but some live in rivers and streams. Its fangs can crush stone and its scales
are harder then steel. Rarely seen in the wild, huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying
entire cities in a rage>

Gyarados swam a bit closer and thrashed its head about. It roared again. It didn’t look too

“Gyarados, I’m gonna catch you!” yelled Kevin. Pikachu would have been the perfect
pokemon for this battle but it was still sleeping back at camp. So Kevin reached to his
belt and plucked a pokeball. He threw it out onto the sand. “Chikorita, I choose you!”

The pokeball burst open and the white light turned into the little grass pokemon. “Chiko!”

“Okay Chikorita, start off with Leech seed!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita popped out a seed
from around its neck and it sailed through the air, landing on the Gyarados’ forehead. It
glowed and then sprouted little vines. It began to flash red every now and then, sapping
the energy from the water snake. It reared back its head and blasted out a watergun, icy
blue water gushing towards Kevins Chikorita.

“Dodge it Chikorita!” cried Kevin, and the grass pokemon jumped aside. The water
pounded into the beach, sending water and sand everywhere. “Now use Vinewhip!”

Chikorita shot out snake like vines from the sides of its neck. They slashed at Gyarados,
whipping its face from side to side.

“Okay that should be good enough!” called Kevin and reached down and plucked the
empty Lureball from his orange belt. “Lureball go!”

Kevin hurled the blue and red ball into the air. It struck the Gyarados on the side and
sprung open. Gyarados was turned into a field of red energy that was sucked inside the
ball. It fell to the shoreline and began rocking from side to side on the white sand. It
rocked once...twice...three times....

All of a sudden it burst open and out came the scaly blue Gyarados, looking madder then
ever. The Lureball flew back to Kevin and he snatched it out of the air. The enraged
Gyarados reared back and shot out blue swirling energy, filled with white and blue flame.
It hit the ground and spiraled upwards, creating a tornado of surging energy.

“Woh, Chikorita, watch out!!” cried Kevin. “Thats a dragon rage!!!”

Chikorita galloped away and the dragon rage attack streaked past, ripping up the sand. It
flew back up the beach and dissapeared.

“Chikorita, use Razor Leaf!” ordered Kevin. Chikorita twirled its head leaf and shot out a
volley of razer sharp leaves. They struck the Gyarados, all over its body. It was starting to
look tired now.

“Gyarados, your mine!” yelled Kevin, throwing the Lureball for the second time.
Gyarados was sucked inside and the ball fell to the ground. Kevin held his breath as he
waited for the ball to lock. Once... twice...3 times...


Kevin’s face broke into a grin.

“Alright!” he yelled jumping in the air. “I caught a Gyarados!”

“Chiko-chikorita” cried Chikorita running around Kevin’s feet. Kevin bent down and
stroked the grass pokemons head.

“You were great Chikorita!” he said smiling.

All of a sudden, Chikorita flashed white and began to change shape. It grew and the buds
around its neck, opened up. The bright light vanished and there stood Kevins new

“Wow!” said Kevin, pointing the pokedex at the new pokemon.

<Bayleef> <The Leaf Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Chikorita, Bayleef is much stronger and faster. The leaf on its head
has many uses. It uses it to perform the attack Razorleaf and can also be used to create an
unusual aroma. When a pokemon smells it, it makes there urge to battle increase>

“Sweet!” said Kevin grinning. “Two pokemon in one go! Thanks Bayleef, return”

The new grass pokemon was sucked back inside its pokeball. Kevin walked over and
picked up the Lureball, containing his new Gyarados inside. It flashed white and

All the way to Mr Dojo’s house, thought Kevin.

He made his way back to camp where he was greeted by the delicious aroma of hot soup
that Jacob had made. Bonita was up and dressed and was now combing her hair. Their
eyes met and she smiled and winked at him.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Eat up Kevin” said Jacob thrusting a bowl of steaming soup into Kevins hands.

“Thanks Jacob!” he said and started spooning it into his mouth. It wasn’t until the first
mouthful had been swallowed did he realise how hungry he was. He wolfed down the

“Wow! That was great!” said Kevin, licking his lips.

“Well, we need to get off this island and over to Cianwood City! If only we still had the
boat... my poor boat...” said Jacob. He looked like he was about to cry. He grabbed a ball
from his pants and opened it, releasing his wingull. It flew around the camp and chirped.
“Wingull, do a flight around the island and see if there are any houses or boats

Wingull soared up into the sky and flew off, squawking.

“Hey my Farfetch’d could help!” said Kevin, reaching for his belt.

“Kevin, Farfetch’d is at Mr Dojo’s remember” said Bonnie, tying her hair back.

“Oh yeah...”Kevin sweatdrops.

“You could use your pokegear to talk to this ‘Mr Dojo’ guy, whoever he is” said Jacob
packing stuff away into his back pack.

“How?” said Kevin looking at the silver pokegear on his left wrist.

“You can use it to teleport pokemon” replied Jacob. “You just have to establish a link
with Mr Dojo’s computer.”

Kevin started pressing buttons on the pokegear. The screen flashed. There was Mr Dojo,
on the screen.

“Hey Mr Dojo!” said Kevin to the old man with a grey beard on the little screen.

“Kevin, is that you?” said Mr Dojo, peering closely. “How are you doing?”

“Well not too good. Our boat sank and we’re stuck on an island” replied Kevin.

“Where are you?” asked the old man.

“Somewhere in the Whirlpool Islands.” said Kevin vaguely. “Listen, I need you to send
me my Farfetch’d and my Gyarados.”

“GYARADOS?”cried Bonnie and Jacob. “Where did you get that??”

“I caught it this morning!” said Kevin grinning triumphantly.

“Sure thing!” said Mr Dojo. “But you’ll have to send me two of your pokemon to make
room for them.”

Kevin thought about it for a moment.

“Okay I’ve decided” said Kevin. “What do I do?”

“Just put the two balls on the ground infront of you. The computer will home in on their
ID signatures and teleport them here” he explained.

Kevin plucked Charmeleon’s pokeball and Aipom’s fastball from his belt and put them
on the ground. “See you guys later!” said Kevin to the spherical devices.

“All ready Mr Dojo!” said Kevin.
“Great! Three, two, one...” he said and the two balls vanished in a flash of white. There
was another flash and there was a glossy pokeball and lureball. Kevin picked them up
and clipped the lureball to his belt, but he pressed the button on the pokeball. It opened
and white light splashed out and formed into Kevin’s Farfetch’d. It twirled its leak around
and posed, winking at them.

“Farfetch’d, I need you to fly around the island and see if you find if any people live here”
said Kevin. “Wingull is already up there, go help it.”

“Far-fetch’d” squawked the bird pokemon. It put the leak in its bill, flapped its wings and
soared up into the sky.

“Goodbye Kevin, and goodluck!” said Mr Dojo and he hung up.

“They should be back in a few minutes” said Jacob, sitting down, his back against a palm
tree. Kevin walked over and sat down next to Bonnie. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Did you have a good sleep Bonnie?” asked Kevin.

“Of course I did” she said smiling cheekily. “ I was with you!”

Kevin blushed.

“Bonnie, I want to ask you about something” said Kevin regaining his composure.
“Yesterday, back on the boat, when we were talking about Ice... do you know him?”

Bonnie hugged herself and she looked frightened.

“Bonnie” said Kevin gently. “I need you to tell me...”

Bonnie took a deep breath. “I know him...” she said croakily. “He... about a year or two
ago... I was with my boyfriend. He, he was jealous of him. We were out walking in the
garden at night. He came up behind Ryan and... he had a knife...”

Tears ran down Bonnies face as she said this. She lent in towards Kevin. He put his arms
around her and held her tight. Bonnie hugged him back. Jacob watched with pity.

These guys are too young to have to deal with this stuff, he thought to himself.

“That’s when Eevee came” said Bonnie continuing her story. “She chased him away.
Before he left he said that if I told anyone he would come back and kill me. Then he ran
off. I hadn’t heard of him since. That is until you said he’s hunting you....”

Kevin sighed. Well, if I can save her from the ocean, I can save her from Ice...

“Fetch Far Far-fetch’d” came the cry of Kevins pokemon as it swooped down
towards them through an opening in the foliage, followed closely by Wingull. Kevin gave
Bonnie one last reassuring hug and got up.

“Did you find anything guys?” asked Kevin.

The two pokemon shook their heads.

“Does that mean we’re stuck?” said Bonnie worriedly.

“Not at all!” said Jacob standing up and recalling his Wingull, blue bag on his back.
“Kevin’s new Gyarados is going to take us!”

“Oh yeah!” said Kevin smiling returning Farfetch’d to its pokeball.

They gathered up everything, put their shoes on, strapped their bags to their backs and
strolled down to the beach. The sun was higher then before and it was starting to get hot.
Kevin took a breath of the fresh sea air and threw his lureball out into the water. It burst
open and white light poured out into the surf. It formed into the impressive Gyarados with
its shining scales. It roared menacingly but saw Kevin and relaxed. It came over and
dipped its head down to Kevin. Kevin stroked the huge pokemon’s head.

“Pika Pikachu” said the yellow mouse on Kevin’s shoulder.

“Gyarados, we need you to take us to Cianwood City. Do you know the way?”

The water dragon nodded and dipped its head lower so they could climb on. Jacob
climbed on first, followed by Bonnie and lastly Kevin. Kevin sat just behind Gyarados’
head, Bonnie behind him, arms around his waist. In back of her was one of the
pokemon’s huge fin-like spines, with Jacob holding onto it.

“Alright Gyarados, lets go!” yelled Kevin. “Cianwood City here we come!”

Gyarados bellowed, thrashing its tail back and forth and began the long swim towards
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 24

From his perch on top of his Gyarados, Kevin could see lights in the distance. That must
be Cianwood City, thought Kevin. It was early evening and the stars were coming out.
The moon was full and it reflected off the surface of the water. They had been traveling
for two days on Gyarados and Kevin was glad that they were finally there. The lights
drew nearer as Gyarados’s powerful body moved through the water. Kevin could see the
buildings now. They arrived at the docks. Gyarados swam up to an empty jetty and
lowered its head. Kevin jumped down and Bonnie clambered down after him, followed
by Jacob. Gyarados mumbled a roar.

“Thanks for your help Gyarados, you deserve a good rest! Return!” said Kevin and
Gyarados was sucked inside the lureball, the red light filling the night air.

“Lets get to a Pokemon Centre” said Bonnie tiredly.

“Pika-pi”said a worn out Pikachu from Kevin’s shoulder.

“Okay follow me guys, I know where it is” said Jacob, and he walked up the jetty and into
the city, Kevin and Bonnie following close behind. They made their way through the busy
streets. Kevin saw a billboard on the main street:

“A Port Surrounded by Rough Seas!”

They found the Pokemon Centre a few minutes later. The shining glass doors slid open
and they walked inside. Another beautiful Nurse Joy was behind the counter and the room
was full of trainers of all shapes and sizes. They approached the counter.

“Hi, how may I help you?” she said smiling sweetly.

“We need a room for tonight and we would like you to heal our pokemon.” said Kevin.

“Wait a minute... aren’t you the son of the Dragon Trainer?” she asked excitedly. Kevin

“Yeah that’s me” he said. “My name’s Kevin Sun”

“Wow! Are you really the son of the Lance?” asked Jacob, eyes wide in shock.

“Yes” said Kevin a bit annoyed now. “Here’s my pokemon”

He had taken a tray before and on it now were 4 pokeballs, a lureball and Pikachu of
course. Jacob put his 3 pokeballs on the desk and Bonnie put Eevee’s pokeball up as well.

“They’ll be ready by tomorrow, have a good sleep” she said smiling and gave them a key
to a room they could stay in. She winked at Kevin and licked her lips. Kevin sighed.
Another one hungry for fame...

They weaved their way through the trainers standing around in the hall and made it to
their room. They went inside and got into bed.

“Guys, I expect a good present tomorrow” said Bonnie.

“A present?” chorused Kevin and Jacob. “What for?”

“My birthday of course! I’m 14 tomorrow!” she said happily. “Goodnight boys”

Kevin and Jacob looked across the room at each other (they were both on the bottom
bunks) and pulled a face.

“Where are we gonna get a present from?” mouthed Kevin, brushing hair out of his eyes.

“I don’t know!” whispered Jacob. “We’ll find something tomorrow”

Kevin rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes. I need to get that medecine for the
sick pokemon in the lighthouse and on top of that I need to get a birthday present for
Bonnie; and I need to win a badge from the Cianwood Gym.

With these thoughts Kevin drifted off to sleep.

* * *
“Good Morning boys!!!” yelled Bonnie happily.

“Argghh!” cried the two as they fell out of bed. They got up untangling themselves from
the sheets and looked at the 14yr old beauty. She was already ready to go, her glossy
brown hair tied back and red bangs hangind down at the front, framing her face. She was
wearing a white low-cut singlet top and a short denim skirt and white shoes. They wished
her a happy birthday.

“Thanks guys!” she said and gave them a hug kissing each on the cheek. “Now, I hope
you know, today is my day! So what I say goes, got that?”

“Yes miss” sighed Kevin and Jacob.

“Oh, cheer up guys, we’re gonna have heaps of fun!”she cried. “Now hurry up and get

She left the room to go and get Eevee from the front desk.

“Prepare yourself Kevin, this is gonna be a long day!” said Jacob pulling his baggy jeans
on and fastening them with a black belt.

“Why’s that?” said Kevin buttoning up his red shirt.

“Have you ever been shopping with a woman before?” he said putiing on his white shirt
with blue sleeves.

“I went shopping with my mother once” said Kevin fully dressed now, and admiring
himself in the mirror.

Jacob smiled. “What was that like?”

“Hell” said Kevin, smiling sarcastically.

Jacob laughed as he put gel through his hair with his finger tips, causing his black hair
with blonde streaks to stand on end. “Well teenage girls are so much worse then that!”

“Damn!” muttered Kevin.

“Ready to go guys?” yelled Bonnie barging into the room, Eevee in her arms.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” sighed Kevin.

“Oh come on Kevin!” said Bonnie pouting. Her lips broke into a smile and there was a
cheeky glint in her eyes. “I’ll make it worth your while...”

Kevin snapped to attention. “Alright, Lets go!”

They ran into the main hall, grabbed their pokemon and ran out the door.

“Pika pika?” said Pikachu curiously, from Kevin’s shoulder.

“Get ready for a big day Pikachu!” said Kevin trying to keep up with Bonnie as she
weaved in and amongst the early morning shoppers. She took them from one shop to the
next, looking at makeup, jewelry and all sorts of things.

“Wow this smells nice!” she squealed, testing some perfume at one of the shops. “Smell

She sprayed the perfume right in Kevin, Pikachu and Jacob’s faces. They fell on the
ground, gasping for breath.

“My eyes are on fire!”cried Jacob clawing at his face. Bonnie grabbed the two guys by the
hand and pulled them to their feet. “Come on! We got no time for your silliness!”

She dragged them to the next shop.

“Oh no...” whimpered Jacob.

“What now?” asked Kevin worriedly.

“Its a clothes shop!” he cried.

“Arghhhh!” screamed Kevin as the were pulled inside the shop. It was a girls only clothes
shop. Girls everywhere were looking at clothes. Kevin saw other lost souls like himself
and Jacob who had been dragged in by girlfriends and bestfriends. They looked ready to
hang themselves with the nearest pair of jeans. Bonnie darted around the store, taking
shirts, tops, jeans, skirts, pants, dresses and accessories of their racks and piling them on
Kevin, Pikachu and Jacob. She nodded finally and led the two towers of denim and cloth
over to the change rooms.

“Here it comes” came a mumbled voice from one of the piles of clothes.

“She’s not going to try them all on is she?” replied the second mass of clothes, followed
by a muffled cry by Pikachu.

“It think so...” answered the other, and they were right! They dumped the mass of clothes
at the entrance to the change rooms and they waited for Bonnie to try them all on. It
wasn’t that bad, because they got to admire Bonnie in all these sexy clothes when she
came out to show them. After what seemed like forever she said she was finished. Kevin
watched in exasperation as she only took a pair of dark blue jeans with sparkles on them
and white belt with studs to the counter. She paid for them with her sisters money, put
them in her bag and left the shop.

“What now?” asked Kevin, checking his pokegear. It was 11:52am. Bonnie stood there
thinking. All of a sudden there was a growl of a terrible beast coming from inside her.
Bonnie sweat drops...

“I’m hungry” she says bashfully. Kevin and Jacob fall over anime style. “Lets get an

“Now we’re talking!” said Kevin and Jacob grinning. They found an Icecream parlour
and sat down and ate their icecreams. As Kevin spooned the sweet icecream into his
mouth, he realised he still had to get Bonnie a present.

“So, where’s my present?” said Bonnie smiling, licking some icecream off the corner of
her mouth. “Jacob...?”

“Umm...” thought Jacob, looking frantically around for a gift for her. He looked across
the street and saw a shop. A little sign out the front said it was the: CIANWOOD PHOTO

Jacob’s mouth split into a huge grin as he reached into the back pocket of his jeans and
pulled out his wallet. He opened it up and pulled out a piece of paper. Man, I’m so glad I
kept this! he thought to himself.

“Well, with this we can get a free photo shoot for two people” he said showing her the
coupon. “The studio’s right over there!” he pointed to the building across the road.

Bonnie smiled. “Wow! Thanks Jacob!” she said jumping up and hugging him. “Lets go

They finished up and walked across the road. Bonnie walked in first, followed by Jacob
then Kevin. BUMP! Kevin falls to the ground rubbing his face where he had walked into
the door.

Jacob opens the door and looks out. Peering down he sees Kevin sprawled on the
pavement. “Ahh, sorry Kevin but this is for two people only, you’ll have to wait out here”

Kevin watched as the Jacob closed the door. Kevin got up and brushed himself off. Stupid
Jacob... thought Kevin, as he started walking down the street.

“I still need to find a present for Bonnie” said Kevin. “Any idea’s Pikachu?”

“Pika Pikachu Pi!” said Pikachu clambering down and tapping a pokeball on Kevins belt.

“You think I should give her a pokemon?” asked Kevin.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Pika!” cried Pikachu, giving a thumbs up.

“Thats a good idea!” said Kevin scratching Pikachu behind the ear. Kevin looked down
the road and saw that it led up into the grassy hills that surrounded the west side of
Cianwood. “I bet we could find a pokemon up there!”


They ran down the road and in a few minutes were up on one of the hills. The wind blew
around them bending the grass stalks. The whole hillside rippled. It was quiet and

“Skitty?” came a soft cry from the grass.

Kevin and Pikachu turned around to see a little yellow and red pokemon, peering
curiously out of the grass at the two of them.

“Hey thats pretty cute!” smiled Kevin.

“Pi Pikachu” sighed Pikachu.

“Lets see what the Pokedex says” said Kevin reaching into the pocket of his black pants
and pulling out the red Pokedex:

<Skitty><The Kitten Pokemon>
<Rarely seen in the area of Johto, it is more common in Hoenn. Skitty are fascinated by
moving objects and love to chase them around. They are so playful they often chase after
their own tail until they get dizzy. Because of its cute appearance and playful nature, it is
a favourite among female trainers>

“Perfect!”cried Kevin, balling his hands into fists. “Alright I choose you, Farfetch’d!”

He threw a pokeball onto the ground, releasing his Farfetch’d in a flash of light.

“Farfetch’d!” it cried.

“Farfetch’d, use a cut attack on that Skitty!” ordered Kevin, pointing at the kitten

“Fetch-far-far!” it squawked as it dashed towards the Skitty. It swung with its leak, but
the Skitty leapt aside. The grass stalks fell to te ground where they had been cut. The
Skitty dived at Farfetch’d in a headbutt attack. Farfetch’d was sent sprawling on the
ground. The little Skitty giggled at the wild bird pokemon.

“Get up Farfetch, and use another cut!”called Kevin. Farfetch jumped to its feet and ran at
the Skitty. However, Skitty sent out a shiny red love heart that broke as it hit Farfetch’d in
the face. Farfetch’d blushed at the Skitty and drew pictures in the dirt with its leak,
obviously embarressed.

“An Attract, clever” muttered Kevin. “Farfetch’d, snap out of it!”

Farfetch’d shook it’s head, and refocused on the task at hand.

“Farfetch’d, use peck attack!” said Kevin. Farfetch flapped its wings and dived at the
Skitty, hitting it with its beak. The Skitty fell to the ground.

“Your mine Skitty! Well you’re really Bonnies, but we’ll worry about that later!” said
Kevin. Pikachu sweatdrops. Kevin threw a pokeball. It sailed through the air and struck
the little pokemon on the side. The ball sprang open and Skitty was turned into a red
energy that was sucked inside the pokeball. It snapped shut and fell to the ground. It
rocked once, twice, thrice...


“Sweet!” said Kevin, picking up the pokeball. “Thats Bonnie’s present out of the way!
Lets go Pikachu! I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she see’s what I got her!”

“Pika Pi”

All of a sudden the ball flashed white in his hand and was gone.

“Man thats getting annoying” said Kevin rolling his eyes. He made his way back to the
Pokemon Center, Pikachu on his shoulder. The glass doors slid open and he walked in
and sat down at a Computer Terminal, where he rang Old Man Dojo. The old man
appeared on the screen along with Kevin’s Charmeleon. The fire pokemon was using a
weak flamethrower and Mr Dojo was toasting marshmellows on a stick in the flames.

“Now be careful Charmeleon, not too much firepower.” said the old man. Without
warning, Charmeleon sneezed sending out a huge burst of flames. “Arghhh!”

“Umm... Mr Dojo?”

“Oh hello there Kevin!” he said smiling, wiping the soot off his face. Charmeleon waved
and grinned cheekily, flashing a mouthful of needle sharp teeth.

“Hey!” replied Kevin.


“Where are you now?” asked Old Man Dojo.

“I’m in Cianwood City, and I just caught a pokemon” replied Kevin.

“Ah yes! A Skitty isn’t it?” wondered the old man.

“Yeah thats the one!” said Kevin. “I caught it for Bonnie. It’s her birthday today!”

“An excellent idea! I’ll just go get it for you, won’t be long” said the old man getting up
and walking off screen. Kevin watched as two very familiar people sat down at Old Man
Dojo’s computer. One was tall and skinny and had glasses and brown hair. The other was
a tall, attractive blonde haired woman. Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Proffessor Elm? Mom???”cried Kevin.

“Hi Sweetie!”replied his mom. Prof. Elm waved.

“What are you doing at Goldenrod?” asked a shocked Kevin.

“Well you havent kept in touch!” yelled his mother. “I have been worried sick about you!
You should have called!”

Prof Elm butted in. “Old Man Dojo is an old friend of mine. So I rang him up and asked
if he had seen you. He said he was the one who looked after the pokemon that you
weren’t using. I was interested in your progress of course so I decided I would visit. I
decided to bring your mother as well because I thought it might cheer her up.”

Kevin nodded. “Mom, I’m sorry I haven’t let you know whats going on. I just forgot! I’m
having an awesome time. I’ve made some new friends and I have caught and raised some
awesome Pokemon. Plus I have 4 badges!”

“I’m so proud of you Kevin!” she said admiringly. “I’m sure your father would be very

“I have had a look at your Charmeleon and your Aipom. They are in very good condition”
said Prof Elm smiling. “What other pokemon do you have?”

“I have Pikachu here!” said Kevin pointing to the yellow mouse on his shoulder.

“Pika Pika!” it said.

“Plus I have a Croconaw, a Scyther, a Bayleef, a Farfetch’d and my Gyarados!” said
Kevin grinning.

“Thats a good team!” said Prof Elm.

“I have your Skitty, Kevin” said Mr Dojo, pushing his way into view. The pokeball ID
signature has been changed from yours to Bonita’s. I’m sending it now!”

Kevin watched as he put the pokeball in a round depression next to the computer.
Electricity flashed down and hit it making it dissapear. It then reappeared next to Kevin.

“Thanks Mr Dojo!”said Kevin piccking up the pokeball and showing them. “Goodbye!”

“Bye honey!” cried his mother.

“Goodbye Kevin!” said Old Man Dojo and Prof Elm. The link was closed and the screen
went white.

Kevin got up and made his way back to the Photo Studio, just as Bonnie and Jacob were
coming out. They showed him the photos and they looked great. Bonnie handed him one
and said he could keep it. It was her standing there, looking beautiful. She had a peaceful
smile on her face. Kevin took his bag off and unzipped and took out a little box that he
had where he kept his special things. Inside was a photo of him and his family; a few
pokemon cards; a Dragonite tooth that his Father had given him; his SilverWing from the
Lugia that saved his life; and now a photo of Bonnie. He zipped his bag up and put it on.

“Here’s your present Bonnie” said Kevin, holding out the pokeball. “I hope you like it!”

Bonnie took it and pressed the button. It opened and white light spilled out onto the
ground and took shape into the kitten pokemon.

“IT’S SO CUTE!!!!” cried Bonnie grabbing it up into her arms.

“Skitty!” it cried happily.

“Its the rare pokemon Skitty” said Kevin smiling.

“I love it!” she said hugging it tight to her. She moved over and kissed Kevin on the lips.
“Thankyou so much!

“Anytime” said Kevin blushing.

“But there is still something I want for my Birthday...” she replied, returning her new
Skitty into its pokeball.

“WHAT!?!”cried Kevin and Jacob.

“I wanna watch Kevin get his 5th badge” she said smiling.

“Wow, you really mean it?” said Kevin excitedly. She nodded. “Alright lets go right

“Don’t forget, we need to get that medecine for that sick Pokemon at the lighthouse.” said

“We’ll get it tomorrow” said Bonnie.
“Okay lets go” said Kevin, hardly able to contain himself. He ran off down the road with
Pikachu; Bonnie and Jacob close behind.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 25
Kevin and the gang approached the gym. It was beside the beach, its granite walls
reflecting the sun. They walked up the path to the door. Nearby was a sign.
It read:

“His Roaring Fists Do the Talking”

Kevin wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead with the back of his gloved hand. He took a
deep breath and pushed the heavy doors open. They creaked as they swung inwards.
Kevin and the others walked inside, there footsteps echoing in the long hall. The walls
were earthy colours of red, gold and brown. Pillars lined the walls and the floor was make
out of polished wood. Huge boulders were scattered around room. Kevin thought it was
too quiet.

“Hyahhhhhhh!” came a war cry from the air. A skinny man with red long pants and bare
chest was flying through the air towards them, leg outstretched. Kevin flung out a hand
and caught the foot sending the young man to the ground. Bang!

“Owww!” cried the man, getting up and rubbing his backside. He winced. “That hurt!”

“Umm... sorry” said Kevin sweatdropping. “But you attacked me”

“I wasn’t going to hit you!” he said indignantly. “I was just trying to make a big

“Well you certainly did that” said Jacob sarcastically. Bonnie giggled.

“Anyway, I’m Dave, and I’m training here at the Cianwood Gym under the guidance of
the great Chuck, Master of the Martial Arts!” he said with great gusto.

“Well I’m Kevin Sun and I’m here to battle him” replied Kevin.

“Chuck doesn’t have time for weaklings like you!” he said cockily, folding his arms
across his chest. He blew a bang of orange hair out of his face. “I’m more than enough for
your skills!”

“Alright, lets just see about that!” said Kevin, grabbing a pokeball from his belt.

“Okay this will be a one on one pokemon battle! I choose you Hitmonchan!” cried Dave
as he threw a pokeball. It burst open and white energy poured out revealing a
humanshaped pokemon with gloved hands and a mean look on his face. It punched a
nearby boulder, and it exploded, bits of stone flying everywhere. Hitmonchan smiled

“Woh...” said Kevin checking the Pokedex:

<Hitmonchan><The Punching Pokemon>
<One of the evolved forms of Tyrogue, this fighting type pokemon uses only its fists for
fighting. It can punch faster than the speed of light. With the ability to punch right
through concrete walls, this pokemon is one of the strongest of its type>

Kevin threw the pokeball in his hand out into the air. It sprung open revealing his Scyther.
It slashed the air a couple of times with its twin scythes and awaited the first order.
Bonnie and Jacob moved onto the side lines.

“Hitmonchan, Mega Punch!” cried Dave, arm outstretched. Hitmonchan ran at Scyther
and drew back a fist.

“Dodge it Scyther!” yelled Kevin. Hitmonchan swung its fist, enveloped in white flames.
Scyther ducked under it and Hitmonchan missed, putting it off balance.

“Scyther Skull Bash!” cried Kevin. Scyther rammed its spiky head into Hitmonchans
stomach. Hitmonchan gasped and was sent flying through the air. It hit the ground and
slid on the wooden floor.

“Get up Hitmonchan and use a Fire Punch!” ordered Dave. Hitmonchan jumped to its feet
and dashed towards Scyther, its flaming fists drawn back, ready to unleash the attack.

“Watchout!” yelled Kevin. Too late. Boom! Scyther was knocked back by the force of the
fiery attack. It breathed heavily and shook it’s head trying to block out the pain of its
scorched carapace.

“Alright! Quickly Hitmonchan, Seismic Toss!”ordered Dave, a smug look on his tanned

Hitmonchan grabbed the mantis pokemon and began to swing it round. Around and
around and around.

“Let it go!” cried Dave. Woosh! Hitmonchan let its victim go and Scyther was sent flying
through the air towards a pillar.

“Brace yourself Scyther” yelled Kevin desperately. Scyther quickly realigned itself and its
wings buzzed to life bringing it to a halt. Scyther hovered in the air a few meteres above
and a way from the Hitmonchan.

“Alright Scyther!” cried Kevin happily. “Dive down and finish this with a barrage of fury
swipes.” Scyther buzzed towards the Hitmonchan, its wings moving at lightning speed.

“No! Hitmonchan!” screamed Dave.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

Scyther gently lowered itself to the ground stood motionless. Behind it, Hitmonchan
groaned and fell to the floor unconcious.

“Alright!” said Bonnie and Jacob smiling.

“Pika Pi!” cried Pikachu happily.

“Well done Scyther!” said Kevin giving his pokemon a thumbs up.

“Scy...”said Scyther, giving the air about it a slash. Kevin returned it to its pokeball.

“Oh man, you beat me so easily!” whimpered Dave, returning his KOed pokemon to the
ball in his hand. “Wow... I can’t wait to see you battle with Chuck!”

He showed them to the back of the hall where another huge door was inlaid into the wall.
Dave pushed it open and they stepped through it. Kevin felt as though he had just stepped
into a ravine. The roof was completley open and the sun shone down and bathed the stone
walls in a bright light. In the center of the room was a pokemon arena, made out of fine
red dirt.

On the otherside of the room was a big armchair facing a TV in the corner. Great booms
of laughter echoed through the arena. Walking over to the chair Kevin saw a bare chested
man, his round stomach hanging over his belt, eating a packet of chips and watching
Spongebob Squarepants. His black beard was full of chip crumbs.

“Ah sir, there’s a challenger... he’s here to battle you” said Dave a bit nervously.

“Well duh!” said Chuck. His voice was a low rumble. “Why else would he be here for,
you idiot?” he laughed at his own joke and put his chip packet aside. “Well hurry up and
help me get out of this chair!”

Dave leapt forward and pulled the man out of his seat. Kevin saw that even though he
was fat, that he was still very muscly. The muscles in his arms and back rippled as he
stretched and brushed the crumbs away from his chest and beard. Dressed only in a long
white pants that were tied with a black belt, Chuck spoke to Kevin.

“So your my next victim are you?” he said laughing. “What’s your name kid?”

“Kevin Sun” said Kevin.

Chuck’s eyes bugged out. “Woh, you’re Kevin Sun!? You’re Lances boy aren’t you?”

Kevin nodded.

“Hmm.. this will be interesting...”said Chuck moving into the trainers box. Kevin did the
same and Bonnie, Jacob and Dave sat on a seat by the sidelines.

“Remember you have to win for me” called Bonnie to Kevin and she blew him a kiss. “Its
my Birthday remember.”

Kevin smiled and winked at her as he fingered the four badges that hung aroung his neck.
Time for another badge to add to my collection...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Alright, in case you didn’t know I’m a master of Fighting Pokemon! I’m second only to
Bruno of the Elite 4. Let’s see if the blood of a master trainer flows through your veins,
just like your father’s. This will be a 3 vs 3 match.”

He grabbed a pokeball from his belt and through it onto the arena.

“I choose you Hitmonlee!” cried Chuck as the pokeball burst open and revealed the first
pokemon, commencing Kevins 5th gym battle. As the white light receded Kevin saw an
olive brown pokemon with extremely long legs and glaring eyes. It flexed it’s muscles
and assummed battle stance. Kevin whipped open his Pokedex:

<Hitmonlee><The Kicking Pokemon>
<This fighting type pokemon, unlike it’s cousin Hitmonchan, uses ony its legs for
fighting. The evolved form of Tyrogue, Hitmonlee is able to stretch its legs so it can
cover great distances with ease. Also known as the kicking fiend>

Kevin reached down and grabbed a pokeball.

“Croconaw, I choose you!” he cried as he threw the pokeball. It spun through the air and
out onto the arena, bursting open with a flash of white. Kevin’s Croconaw formed on the
ground and it growled menacingly.

“Okay Croconaw, use watergun!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw took a deep breath and then
blasted out a jet of water. It flew across the arena towards the Hitmonlee.

“Hitmonlee, dodge it!” ordered Chuck, sweat glistening on his forehead. Hitmonlee leapt
nimbly aside and the watergun streaked harmlessly passed. “Now Hitmonlee, get in there
and use a double kick!”

“Monnn-Lee!” it cried and dashed towards the Croconaw. It jumped and lashed out with
one of its long legs and spun kicking out with the other a split second later. Croconaw
skidded through the red dust of the arena.

“Hang in there Croconaw” encouraged Kevin, brushing the hair out of his face with his
fingers. “Get up and use Slash attack.”

Croconaw got to its feet and ran at Hitmonlee, clawed hand back and ready to strike.

“Hitmonlee, agility!” cried Chuck in his deep voice. Hitmonlee disappeared and
reappeared on the otherside of the arena.

“Woh that’s fast” commented Jacob as he intently watched the battle.

“Try again! Slash!” yelled Kevin. Croconaw’s feet pounded the earth as it ran at the
Kicking Fiend.

“Quick attack Hitmonlee!” ordered the Gym Leader. Hitmonlee moved at an incredible
pace as it streaked towards Croconaw. “Now use Hi Jump Kick!”

Hitmonlee leapt in the air and kicked out with a clawed foot. Bang! Croconaw was sent
reeling. It hit the ground heavily, face down.

“Finish it off with a Mega Kick!” cried Chuck, through his black mustache.

“Quick Croconaw, Bubblebeam!” cried Kevin. Croconaw flipped on its back and blasted
out a beam of rainbow light, bubbles and water at point blank range. Hitmonlee was
knocked away with a tremendous force. It hit the ground but quickly got back to its feet.

“No way!” yelled Kevin.

“Hahaha, yes way!” laughed Chuck. “Time to end this round. Hitmonlee, use Hyper

Hitmonlee jumped high into the air. It’s right foot began to glow yellow.

“Now Hitmonlee!”cried the Gym Leader.

Hitmonlee kicked out with its foot and at the same time unleashed the golden energy that
was the Hyper Beam. The beam of light rocketed towards Croconaw and hit it dead on.

There was a huge explosion followed by a dust cloud that filled the arena.

“Croconaw!” cried Kevin. The dust began to settle and there was Croconaw, out cold.

“Oh no...” said Bonnie worriedly.

“This is not a good start” said Jacob, grimacing.

Damn it, thought Kevin to himself. “Croconaw Return”

The red recalling beam sucked Croconaw back into its pokeball. “Well done buddy, you
fought well...”

Kevin clipped the ball back to his belt.

“Pika!” said Pikachu determinedy from Kevins shoulder, little paws balled into fists.

“No Pikachu, it’s not your turn.” said Kevin as he grabbed another pokeball.

“Farfetch’d, go!” cried Kevin, throwing the ball into the air. It burst open and Farfetch’d
flew up into the air, leak held in its webbed feet.

“Farfetch’d!” it cried as it hovered in the air awaiting Kevin’s order.

“Use an agility!” Farfetch’d began darting around the arena at full speed. Hitmonlee
watched warily. “Now quick attack!”

Farfetch’d turned abruptly in mid air and streaked towards Hitmonlee. Bang! Farfetch’d
flew away, leaving a bruised Hitmonlee behind.

“Hitmonlee! Use another Hyper Beam!” ordered Chuck, belly wobbling.

Hitmonlee jumped high in the air and its foot glowed gold a second time. It flung out its
long leg and the golden beam erupted from its foot. The arena lit up as the attack streaked
through the air towards Farfetch’d.

“Farfetch’d, Fly!” cried Kevin desperately. Farfetch’d flapped hard and shot up into the
sky, narrowly avoiding the powerful attack.

Kevin looked at the Hitmonlee. It was kneeling on the ground, tired from attack.

“Now Farfetch’d! Attack!” yelled Kevin. Bonnie, Jacob and Dave held there breath as
Kevin’s Farfetch’d pulled back its wings and plummeted to the ground at high speed. It
dived right at Hitmonlee, who was too tired to react in time. Smack! Farfetch’d hit the
kicking fiend at full force knocking it to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Yeah!!!” cried Bonnie and Dave jumping out of their seat.

“Nice going Kevin!” said Jacob, giving a thumbs up.

“Not bad, not bad....Hitmonlee, return” said Chuck recalling the unconscious pokemon.
He grabbed another pokeball and threw it out onto the arean. “Go Primeape!”

The pokeball burst asunder, and a white energy field leapt forth and took shape. A big
hairy pokemon, with a pig nose and angry eyes appeared ready to go.

“Hmm Primeape...” wondered Kevin checking his red pokedex:

<Primeape> <The Pig Monkey Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Mankey. This fighting pokemon is always furious and tenacious. If
you make eye contact with it, it will become enraged. When it gets mad it will not stop
until it beats up its victim. An excellent fighter, Primeape are extremely hard to train and
inexperienced trainers should avoid them>

“Woh...” thought Kevin. “You ready to go Farfetch’d?”

“Fetch Far Far!” sqwawked the duck pokemon.

“Alright, remember you have the advantage!” reminded Kevin. “Use a peck attack!”

Farfetch’d flapped its powerful wings and darted towards Primeape, beak glistening.

“Primeape, mega punch!” called Chuck.

“Priiiiiiiime-ape!!!” cried the pokemon swinging a sparkling fist at the oncoming
Farfetch’d. Bang! Farfetch’d was knocked to the ground.

“HAHAHA!” laughed Chuck. “Primeape... haha... Low Kick!”

“Farfetch’d Fly! Get out of there!” cried Kevin. Farfetch’d pushed up from the ground,
leak in its mouth . Primeape lashed out with a lowkick, narrowly missing as Farfetch’d
soared up into the sky. The sun shone on its glossy feathers as it circled the arena.

“Primeape! Sky Uppercut!” ordered Chuck.

Primeape tensed its muscles and leapt up into the air uppercutting Farfetch’d. Farfetch’d
plummetted to the ground.

“Farfetch’d!” cried Kevin.

Kevin’s Pokemon extended its wings at the last moment and landed gently on the ground.
Primeape fell back to the ground a few meters away. Farfetch’d twirled its leak about,
showing it was ready for more.

I’ve got to think of something, thought Kevin to himself. Primeape is extremley strong
and can get Farfetch’d in the air. Maybe if Farfetch’d stayed on the ground... speed is the

“Farfetch’d, get in there and use a fury attack! As fast as you can!” ordered Kevin,
crossing his fingers.

Farfetch’d streaked forward, leak ready to swing. Primeape made a grab for the feathered
pokemon, but Farfetch’d easily avoided it. The wild duck then began pummeling the Pig
monkey, making large angry welts all over the Primeape. It screamed and thrashed about

“Primeape! Stop squealing and use a body slam attack!” bellowed Chuck.

Oh no! Farfetch’d is right underneath that brute! realised Kevin. The Primeape began to
fall, its huge bulk seemed to move in slow motion as it fell down towards Farfetch’d.

“Farfetch’d!!! Stand your ground and use your leak!!!” cried Kevin. Farfecth’d
understood its trainer and rolled to the dirt ground, holding the leak up so it pointed
straight towards the Primeapes advancing belly.

The Primeape screamed in agony as its weight fell on the leak, bruising its stomach.

“Push it off you Farfetch’d!” said Kevin grinning. Farfetch’d heaved against the leak and
the gym leaders pokemon fell to the dirt floor with a thump, out cold.

“Alright! That was smart thinking Kevin!” cheered Jacob from the sidelines.

“Your the best Kevin!” squealed Bonnie, clapping her hands together.

Dave sat silently, watching in disbelieve. No one has beaten Chuck in a long time... could
this kid change things...?

“Not bad kid, you certainly have your dad’s skills.” said Chuck, laughing to himself as
the red recalling beam, returned the Primeape. His face turned grim. “But its not over yet.
One more for you to beat... go my most prized pokemon!”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chuck threw a pokeball out onto the field. It shone as it sprang open, spilling the white
energy on the ground. The energy formed into a deep blue pokemon with a white
stomach. There was a black swirl on its stomach. The pokemon flexed its arm muscles in
a show of strength.

“Poleee!!” it growled, knocking its fist together.

“Kevin thats a Poliwrath” said Jacob from the bench. “They are really strong”

“A Poliwrath hey?” he said before checking the database:

<Poliwrath><The Tadpole Pokemon>
<The fully evolved form of the water pokemon Poliwag, Poliwraths are fighting types
aswell as water types. A powerful swimmer, it uses its strong arms and legs to swim
faster then any champion athlete. With the capability of using water and fighting type
attacks, Poliwrath is one tough customer>

“Do you wanna keep going Farfetch’d” asked Kevin to his pokemon.

“Far!” it squawked, noddin its beaked head.

“Alright use get in the air and use a quick attack!” said Kevin. Farfetch’d clamped the
leak in its mouth and took off into the sky. Poliwrath watched it with its gleaming eyes.
“Now dive down and hit it full force!”

Farfetch’d whirled in the air and put the leak in its webbed feet, tucked its wings back and
plummeted towards the blue pokemon.

“Poliwrath, Dynamic Punch!” cried Chuck, spit going everywhere. Poliwrath pulled back
a fist and unleashed the attack on the attacking Farfetch’d. There was an explosion and
Farfetch’d was sent reeling though the air.

“Finish it with a watergun!” ordered Chuck. Before Kevin or his pokemon could so much
as blink, Poliwrath had unleashed a jet of water from the center of its spiral, knocking
Farfetch’d into the stone wall. The three trainers on the sideline grimaced.

Kevin pressed the button on Farfetch’d’s pokeball. The red beam zipped across the arena
and sucked the wild duck pokemon inside the confines of the metal sphere.

“Excellent job Farfetch’d” said Kevin to the pokeball. He clipped it to his belt. Chuck
watched smugly from the otherside of the battle field as Kevin took his last pokeball from
his belt.

“I choose you, Bayleef!” he yelled, tossing the ball out onto the arena. It burst open,
revealing the grass pokemon. It twirled the leaf on it’s head, ready for battle.

“WOW! A BAYLEEF!” hollered Dave, jumping up from his seat, his face split in a
toothy grin. Everyone looked at him. He blushed and sat back down when he realised that
all eyes were upon him. “Bayleef is my favourite Pokemon...” he said, his face almost
matching his hair. Everyone sweatdrops and turns back to the match.

“Poliwrath, use a watergun!” yelled Chuck, belly wobbling. Poliwrath cried out and shot
a jet of water from its belly. It flew towards Bayleef.

“Bayleef use lightscreen” called Kevin. Just in time, Bayleef erected a barrier of light
with a flash of its eyes. The water splashed everywhere as it struck the shield. The
lightscreen began to weaken and the water came through, striking Bayleef but doing next
to no damage.

“Poliwrath use a takedown!” cried Chuck. Poliwrath flexed it’s muscles and ran flat out
towards Bayleef, its big feet slapping the dirt.

“You too!” ordered Kevin. Bayleef reered up and then galloped at the oncoming
Poliwrath. The two pokemon came closer and closer...


The opposing pokemon collided, knocking them both to the ground.

“Quick Poliwrath, use Megapunch!” ordered the Gym Leader. Poliwrath rolled over and
punched its opponent, with incredible force. Bayleef was sent rolling across the arena.

“Come on Bayleef! I’m counting on you!” cried Kevin.

“Pika Pi!” cried Pikachu, jumping up and down on Kevin’s shoulder.

Bayleef got to its feet and glared angrily at the gym leaders pokemon.

“Alright!” cried Kevin happily. “Use a Vine whip!”

Bayleef shot out twin vines that streaked towards Poliwrath. They began striking the
water pokemon, doing considerable damage. Poliwrath cowered beneath the onslaught of
whipping vines.

“Poliwrath grab onto the vines!” called Chuck. Poliwraths hands darted out and grabbed
both vines. “Now use Seismic toss!”

Poliwrath began spinning on the spot, swinging Bayleef around by its vines.

“Bayyy!” screamed Kevins Pokemon.

“Poliwrath... let go!” ordered Chuck, grinning widely under his facial hair. Poliwrath let
go and was sent flying through the air. Bayleef hit the ground hard. It struggled to its feet.

“Keep it up Bayleef!” cheered Kevin. “Use a Razorleaf!”

Bayleef’s spun its head leaf and shot out a volley of razor sharp projectiles that flew
through the air. The first few struck Poliwrath doing damage but Poliwrath jumped
behind a rock on the field, avoiding the oncoming leaves.

“Poliwrath, use bubble!” yelled Chuck. Poliwrath emerged from is hiding spot and faced
its palms towards Bayleef. Its hands glowed white and shot out speeding bubbles. Bayleef
shot out Razor leaves, splitting all the bubbles, popping them harmlessly. Poliwrath
darted back to its shelter.

“Bayleef use Vinewhip and wrap Poliwrath up in your vines!” ordered Kevin. Bayleef’s
vines rocketed across the arena and reached around the rock grabbing Poliwrath. Chuck
looked on in disbelief as Bayleef lifted his pokemon up onto the rock, holding it in place.
The swirl on its chest was a perfect target.

“Bayleef, this match is ours! Use a Solar Beam!”cried Kevin. The sunlight from above
bathed Bayleef in solar energy. As Bayleef powered up, the leaves around its neck lit up
one by one, bright yellow in colour. All the leaves were glowing, Bayleef opened its
mouth and blasted out a white blue and yellow beam, the colours flowing into eachother
as it blasted across the arena. It hit Poliwrath with tremendous force, light energy going
everywhere. Everyone shielded there eyes from the brightness.

When chuck opened his eyes Poliwrath was unconcious on the ground, defeated by the
power of the Solar Beam.

“Yes!”cried Kevin, punching the air. “That was awesome Bayleef!”

The onlookers on the bench jumped to there feet and cheered, Dave the loudest.

“Incredible! What an unbelievable battle, what an excellent Bayleef!” he cried jumping

Chuck laughed to himself and recalled his Poliwrath. He walked over to Kevin.

He shook his hand and smiled.

“Thankyou Kevin!” he said smiling.

“For what?”” replied the son of The Dragon Trainer.

“For an excellent battle and teaching me something I forgot. I have gotten lazy and
haven’t been training with my pokemon. The bond between a pokemon and its trainer is
where the real power lies. Never forget that. I’m going to start training so I can increase
mine and my pokemons power, and hopefull lose some of this in the process.” said
Chuck, grabbing one of his rolls and shaking it. He laughed and reached into a little
pouch that hung by his belt. He pulled out a badge, that was shaped like a little golden
fist. “Here is the Storm Badge, wear it with pride...”

He gave Kevin the badge, who held it up to the light to admire it. He clipped it onto his
necklace next to the Fog Badge. Kevin recalled Bayleef and beckoned Bonnie and Jacob
over as he began to leave.

“Goodbye Chuck!” said Kevin waving.

Bonnie grabbed one of his hands and held it in hers. “You were great Kevin” said Bonnie
smiling at him. Jacob slapped him on the back. “Great job buddy!”

Just as the gang left the gym, Dave came running up behind them. “Wait!”

He caught up and held out a pokeball to Kevin. “Kevin, can I trade you one of my
pokemon for your Bayleef? I have always wanted to own one!”

Kevin looked at him. “I don’t know... I’ve had this pokemon for a long time...”

“I’ll give you a pokemon I just caught the other day! Its a rare psychic type that I have
never seen before. I’m sure you’ll love it.

“Only if Bayleef wants to...” said Kevin. He grabbed Bayleefs pokeball from his belt. He
hit the button once to increase the size and a second time, releasing Bayleef onto the

“Bayleef... you want to come with me?” asked Dave, nervously.

“Bayyy!”cried Bayleef happily, galloping over to Dave, knocking him to the ground. The
grass pokemon licked Dave all over the face.

“I think that’s a yes!” said Jacob laughing.

Kevin agreed and they all went to the Pokemon Center to make the trade. After the trade
was complete, they said goodbye to Dave and made their way to Stan’s to pick up the
medicine for the sick pokemon back in Olivine...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 26

Kevin studied the special potion they had got from Stan, from the perch behind his
Gyarados’ head. It was the day after Bonnie’s birthday and the sun was beating down
upon them from a cloudless sky. Bonnie’s arms were wrapped around Kevin’s waist, and
her body was pressed against his back. Could this day be any better? he thought to
himself as he put the bottle of indigo potion back in his bag.

Gyarados moved through the water like a serpent, swishing its powerful tail back and
forth, propelling itself and its passengers through the water. Kevin could hear laughing
behind him and he turned his head to see the back of Jacob’s head. He was leaning back
on one of Gyarados’ spines and he had gotten out his Tyrogue from it’s pokeball. He was
playing a game of Jun Ken Po (Scissors, Paper, Rock). Whenever one lost, the other was
allowed to punch the loser in the arm. Kevin smiled and turned back around and looked
out over the sparkling ocean. The sea was a deep blue and Kevin glimpsed the shapes of
ocean dwelling pokemon just under the surface of the water, out of reach to the blonde
haired son of the Dragon Trainer. He felt the five badges that hung around his neck. Only
three more to go...

“Pikachu!” cried the yellow pokemon, from its lookout on top of Gyarados’ head. Kevin
looked to see his pokemon pointing to his right. Kevin peered in that direction to see over
two dozen rocks breaking the surface of the water. Amongst them was a guy, about
Kevin’s age, maybe older, with light brown wavy hair and well tanned skin. He was
sitting on the edge of one of the rocks in dark blue board shorts, his feet dangling in the
water. He was supervising a little girl in a one piece pink swimming outfit. Her short
strawberry blonde hair was tied back in two cute pigtails. She was splashing about in the
water with a fish pokemon, a white horn protruding from its head.

“Wow what a pretty Goldeen” cooed Bonnie from behind Kevin, who looked closer at the
boy and saw a pokeball hanging around his neck on a gold chain. Time for a battle
thought Kevin.

“Let’s go Gyarados!” Gyarados roared and began gliding towards the pair on the rocks.
As they approached, the boy stood up and the girl stopped playing with her pokemon and
waded in the water. She looked at the Gyarados with awe and at the same time, fear. She
scrambled up out of the water and onto the rock, hiding behind the young man, clinging
to his leg.

“Hey man, cool Gyarados!” said the trainer on the rock, his hand shielding his eyes from
the sun’s rays. “Did you raise it yourself?”

“Yeah!” said Kevin grinning, scratching his head. “All the way from a magikarp!”

“No you didn’t!” said Bonnie indignantly and she thumped him on the arm. Jacob and
Tyrogue laughed at them before putting away his pokemon. He clipped the pokeball back
to his belt swung his leg over and jumped down, persian like, onto one of the rocks.

“Hey!” he said jumping over to the stone the boy was standing on. “My name’s Jacob” he
held out his hand and the trainer shook it. “Those two you see fighting up there are
Bonnie and Kevin Sun, you heard of him?”

The youth’s eyes widened. “Yeh, I have heard of him, he’s the son of the Dragon Trainer.
They did an article on him in the latest issue of Pokemon Today. Just a short one, saying
how he is following in his father’s footsteps and begining to make a name for himself. By
the way, my name’s Sebastion.’

Kevin and Bonnie leapt down from the sea serpants back, Kevin returning the Gyarados
back to its shiny blue lureball. He approached Sebastion. “Did it really say that?”

“Sure” said Sebastion. “My little sister Maria is a bit of a fan of yours.” The little girl
hiding behind Sebastion’s leg smiled shyly and Kevin blushed.

“Well Sebastion, I came over here to battle you, think you’re up to it?” said Kevin, a bit

“Wow! A battle with Kevin Sun!” said a grinning Sebastion. He regained his composure
and stared determinedly at Kevin. “Bring it...”

They moved to each end of the archipeligo of scattered boulders, Jacob and Bonnie
standing alongside Kevin.

“One on one! said Kevin.

“Perfect” said Sebastion, plucking the pokeball from the gold chain around his neck and
throwing it into the waves. It burst open with a flash of radience and electronic buzz as it
struck the water. The light twisted and grew forming into a red and white fish pokemon.

“Seaking!” it proclaimed in a deep baritone. The sun shone on its ruby red scales.

“This is Seaking, my most prized pokemon”, said Sebastion, his hands on his hips.

“A Seaking...?” said Kevin thinking aloud as he checked his pokedex:

<Seaking><The Goldfish Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Goldeen, these water type pokemon make excellent parents. Using
their sharp horn, they crack and burrow into underwater boulders, making caves to keep
their young in. The father and mother are extremely protective of their offspring and will
guard them with their life. Seaking is one of the most loyal pokemon>

Kevin put the pokedex away and with a quick movement was holding a pokeball in his

“I think I will use my latest pokemon, go pokeball!” he said confidently. I’m such a good
trainer, I’ll win no matter what this pokemon turns out to be, he thought to himself as the
ball broke open and white light poured out. It formed into a little grey pokemon with pink
cheeks, a flat nose and a pink pearl on its head.

“Spoink, spoink, spoink, spoink”, it chanted as the little pokemon bounced up and down
on its spring-like tail.

“Is that my pokemon?” wondered Kevin a bit surprised at what he saw.

“Kevin what are doing?” asked Bonnie grabbing his arm from behind. “You havent
trained it yet!”

“She’s right man, you’re taking a huge risk here...” said Jacob, who was just as shocked
as Bonnie.

Kevin ignored them and got out his pokedex for the second time. He flipped open the red
device and pointed it towards the bouncing pokemon:

<Spoink><The Bounce Pokemon>
<Spoink, the Psychic pokemon. This pokemon keeps a pearl on top of its head, which is
used to help control and increase the pokemon’s psychic powers. The bigger the pearl, the
stronger the pokemon. Spoink is always seen bouncing, as it is that which keeps the
pokemon’s heart beating>

“Okay, Spoink, I’m Kevin, let’s beat this Seaking” said the emerald eyed trainer. Spoink
just kept bouncing, and didn’t look at Kevin, oblivious to the fact its trainer was talking.

“Seaking, build up some speed” ordered Sebastion. The fish pokemon darted around
under the surface of the water. The shadowy shape of Seaking skimmed just under the
small waves.

“Spoink, use a psybeam!” said Kevin excitedly, he had never seen a psychic pokemon in
battle before. Spoink bounced up and down at top speed the pink pearl on its head
begining to glow a vibrant violet. All of a sudden, as its spring made contact with the
rock it slipped and fell in the water.

“What!?” gaped Kevin. Seaking hadn’t even touched his pokemon and it was already in
the water. Bonnie and Jacob tried to stifle back giggles. “Its not funny!” growled Kevin.
The little girl Maria looked startled at this sudden outburst.

“Seaking, use a Horn Attack!” called Sebastion. Seaking streaked through the water at top
speed, leaving a wake of bubbles behind it. Seaking, drove its horn straight into Spoink.
Bang! The little pig was blasted out of the water and fell with a thump on one of the
rocks, covered in water. With a quick twist of its body, it was cleverly back on its spring
and jumping away.

“Spoink hurry up and use a disable!” ordered Kevin. Spoink looked a bit confused and
then didn’t seem to care, as it happily jumped up and down in the sun. “Spoink what are
you doing?”

Nothing it seemed as Spoink jumped up onto a taller rock and jumped around in circles.

Sebastion looked a little dissapointed. Not to mention his little sister Maria, who looked
downright devastated, at her hero’s lousy performance, not to mention his temper.

“Kevin Sun, I expected better from the son of the Dragon Trainer...” said Sebastion
sighing. “Seaking, use a bubblebeam.”

“KING!” it bellowed in its deep voice as it leapt out of the water and shot a jet of
bubbles, swirling with rainbow colours, out of its mouth and straight at Spoink. Kevin’s
newly aquired pokemon was struck mid leap by the attack and was sent reeling, landing
with a splash in the salty water. Its unconcious form floated to the surface.

“Spoink Return...” said Kevin, the pokeball shooting out its red recalling beam and
sucking the pokemon inside.

“Well my Seaking still looks ready for a battle, so -”

“I just gave it a battle!” yelled Kevin, cutting off Sebastion.

“You call that a battle?” said Sebastion tauntingly. Kevin went quiet at this and looked at
the ground, lips held tightly closed.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Anyway, do you two wanna battle me and my sis’ in a double match?” he said gesturing
at Bonnie and Jacob, who looked a bit shocked at Kevin’s loss, since Jacob had never
seen him lose before, let a lone so miserably.

“Yeh... okay” he said moving in front of Kevin. Bonnie gave Kevin’s hand a quick
squeeze before stepping forward next to Jacob. She grabbed a pokeball from her belt and
pressed the button releasing her little Skitty onto the rock beside her. The little kitten
pokemon meowed happily.

“Skitty, I want you to watch Eevee, because you two are similar pokemon, that way you
can get some ideas at how to battle.” said Bonnie smiling sweetly as she stroked the little
pokemon’s head. She stood up and grabbed Eevee’s pokeball and held it in her hand, the
sun reflecting off its shiny surface. Jacob thought about his choice of pokemon, before
selecting one of the pokeballs that were clipped to his right pant leg.

Maria stepped out from behind her brothers leg, a determined look on her face. “Let’s go

The Goldeen swam serenely through the water until it was next to its evolved form,
Sebastion’s Seaking.

“One pokemon for each of us” said Sebastion. Kevin sat down behind them and looked
between their legs to the battle field of water and stone. I hope they do better then me,
thought Kevin. That shouldn’t be hard, said another voice in his head.

“Octillery I choose you!”cried Jacob, throwing the ball out over the water. It skipped off
the surface splashing white foam. Tsssuuu! The pokeball buzzed open and Octillery
appeared within a flash of energy. It thrashed its primary tentacles and glared at the
opponents pokemon.

“Go Eevee!” Bonnie threw the ball into the air. It sprung open and light dropped out onto
one of the rocks. Eevee appeared swishing its tail.

“Alright lets get this battle on the way, Seaking watergun that Eevee!” Seaking leapt from
the water and blasted a jet of water from its mouth.

“Eevee, jump!” cried Bonnie. Eevee leapt nimbly aside, avoiding the attack. “Now quick
attack!” Eevee sprang to life and and streaked through the air, knocking into Seaking.
Eevee fell into the water and quickly began to swim to one of the rocky platforms.

“Goldy, get Eevee with a horn attack!” squealed an excited Maria.

“Goldeeeen” its voice echoed as it moved below the surface and moved torpedo like
through the water towards the splashing Eevee.

“Eevee move!” called Bonnie anxiously.

“I’ve got it. Octillery, bubble attack!” ordered Jacob. Octillery moved under water and
shot out a volley of bubbles towards the Goldeen. Maria had obviously trained her
pokemon well as Goldy, weaved in and around the onslaught of exploding bubbles,
moving closer to Eevee who was alomst at the rock.

“Octillery get between them!” yelled Jacob and Octillery moved at an incredible pace, its
strong tentacles propelling across the surface of the water to intercept.

“I don’t think so!” yelled Sebastion grinning. “Seaking, take-down!” Seaking, who had
now recovered from Eevee’s quick attack, streaked through the water, leaving bubbles
and churned water in it’s wake. Octillery shot out a tentacle to stop the speeding pokemon
but missed and Seaking barged into Octillery with all it’s might. Bang! The two were sent
tumbling through the water leaving a clear shot for Goldy.

“Hurry Eevee!”cried Bonnie too her little pokemon who was now only a foot away from
the rock.

“Go Goldy!!!” encouraged Maria as her Goldeen put on a burst of speed. Goldy’s horn
stabbed into Eevee from below, sending the little furry pokemon careening out of the
water and through the air, landing with a thump on the boulder. Meanwhile, Octillery and
Seaking were still fighting beneath the waves. Sebastion called to his pokemon.

“Seaking, use a fury attack!” Seaking obeyed and began lunging at Octillery with it’s horn
over and over again, pushing the orange pokemon away.

“Octillery, get it away from you, use Octazooka!”yelled Jacob. Kevin, who by now had
crawled to the edge of the rock to watch the underwater action, watched excitedly. As he
watched he realised what a fool he had been to go into battle with an inexperienced
pokemon. He promised himself that he would raise the young Spoink, and add its power,
and more importantly its friendship, to his own.

“Goldy, go help!” called Maria, jumping up and down, water dripping from her body.
Sebastion smiled at her.

Octillery slapped at Seaking with its front two tentacles, to give itself room. It breathed in
the surrounding water and its yellow suction caps glowed. It glared at Seaking, before
blasting out its strongest attack. Oil, mixed with water and energy, rocketed out of its
mouth towards Seaking.

“Move!” cried Sebastion, and Seaking managed to avoid the attack, but it’s partner
wasn’t so lucky. Goldy who had been swimming up behind Seaking to help, was caught
unawares and was hit by the oncoming Octazooka.

“Noooooo!” screamed the little girl, jumping into the water. The Goldeen was now
floating belly up on the surface, totally spent. Maria went out and hugged her pokemon
and swam back to the shallows of the rocks, towing her Goldy. That’s how trainers
should treat their pokemon, thought Kevin, feeling even more stupid about how he had

“Pika Pi?”, came the mouse pokemon’s voice from behind him. Kevin looked at his
Pikachu and saw a hint of fear mixed with sadness in it’s glossy brown eyes.

“I’m okay Pikachu” he said reaching out to his pokemon. Pikachu smiled and jumped into
his arms. Kevin smiled and they turned to watch the remainder of the match.

With Goldeen now out of the picture, there was now only Sebastion’s Seaking to worry
about. Octillery and the fish pokemon sized eachother up under the water. Eevee was now
recovering from the attack from Goldeen and was tentativley standing up. It peared down
into the depths at the two pokemon.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Seaking, Water Pulse!” cried Sebastion, arm outstretched.

“You too Octillery!” came the cry from Jacob and the two pokemon attacked. They shot
out a series of white rings from their mouths that got bigger the further they travelled. The
sound of them echoing through the water, filled the trainer’s ears. Boom!!! There was a
huge blast of sound as the Water pulses collided and the ocean lit up. Jacob shielded his
eyes and as the light dimmed, he saw Octillery had been knocked hard by the explosion.
Sebastion’s pokemon was in the same shape. Bonnie saw now that Eevee was now ready
to enter the battle again, the little puppy splashing at the water with an outstretched paw.
Skitty meowed excitedly. Bonnie smiled to herself and whispered something in Jacob’s
ear. He shared the smile and then gave his command.

“Octillery Dive!” Octillery began moving down deeper into the darkness. Kevin could
only see its glowing tentacles, and they were getting dimmer.

“Your not getting away that easily, Seaking use Dive!”said Sebastion to his prized

“Seaaa” came the deep voice of the Seaking as it dived down at Octillery.

“Now Octillery, to the surface, full speed!” cried Jacob.

“Follow it!” yelled Sebastion. Octillery moved at an awesome speed, rapidly nearing the
surface, Seaking close behind. Octillery broke the surface of the water, leaping high into
the air and landing on one of the rocks, water splashing everywhere, the sun shining
through them, causing a rainbow to appear. A split second later came another crash of
water as Seaking leapt out of the sea, its scales glistening wetly. Bonnie was ready.

“Eevee! Swift Attack!” she cried and Eevee blasted out a ray of yellow stars from
glowing eyes. They hit their target and Seaking was hit full force. With a splash, Seaking
fell back to the water, unconcious, defeated.

“Yeah Alright!” whooped Jacob, throwing a fist in the air.

“We did it!” cried Bonnie, hugging the tall bearded form of Jacob. Kevin smiled. He had
to admit, it was a great battle.

“Seaking Return” said Sebastion, smiling kindly, the red beam recalling the fainted
pokemon to its pokeball. He clipped it back to his necklace.

“That was awesome, you guys” he said waving. “One of the best battles I’ve had in a long
time. Well we gotta go now, wave goodbye Maria”

“Bye-Bye” she said smiling, and she waved at Kevin.

“Oh and Kevin, don’t feel down about losing, I know your better then what you showed
me. Trust me, I’ve been a trainer a lot longer then any of you. Maybe I’ll battle you again

He turned to the ocean. Looking out over the far horizon he let out a long low whistle,
that seemed to travel along the surface of the waves. He closed his eyes and listened
intently. Kevin and the other’s watched him eagerly. From the ocean came a long
mournful cry. Bonnie sighed and Kevin smiled, it was beautiful.

All of a sudden there came a mighty crash of water as a huge pokemon erupted from the
surface of the water, about 300 feet away. Its huge blue body leapt from the ocean, its
great bulk temporarily blotting out the sun. It then it seemed to look right at Sebastion, its
body suspended in mid-air. It then plummeted to the ocean landing with a resounding
crash, water splashing in all directions. It momentarily disappeared from sight but then
emerged again, just a few short feet away from Sebastion and his little sister. The two
trainers leapt aboard the giant pokemon. It shot a plume of water from its blow hole. The
pair waved goodbye as their ride began moving away at a surprising speed. Kevin was in
awe. He quickly got out his pokedex:

<Wailord><The Float Whale Pokemon>
<From the oceans of Hoenn. No futher information available>

The group watched as the young man and his little sister dissapeared into the horizon.

“I’ve got a feeling that he was just playing with us...” said Bonnie, cradling a sleeping
Skitty in her arms.

“I think your right, he’s a lot stronger then he was letting on to be” agreed Jacob nodding
his head.

Kevin listened to them and the thought crossed his mind that whatever pokemon he had
used, Sebastion would have beaten him some how. He had got angry at Spoink and his
friends for nothing.

“Sorry guys...” he said softly, standing up and facing them. “I was an idiot to yell at

“No problems man” said Jacob patting him on the back. Bonnie moved up to him and put
her arms around his waist.

“Its ok Kevin, you know I love ya” she smiled at him sweetly and kissed him on the
cheek. I’m so lucky, realised Kevin, as he brushed a strand of red hair out of Bonnie’s
eyes with his fingertips. She let him go and returned Skitty and Eevee to their pokeball’s.
Jacob recalled Octillery and clipped the ball to his jeans.

Kevin grabbed a pokeball from his belt and opened it. White energy leapt out and formed
into a bouncing Spoink, who still looked a bit tired, but seemed very happy.

“You’re not mad at me are you Spoink?” asked Kevin apoligeticaly. Spoink bounced
higher and higher until its bounces were eye level with it’s blonde trainer.

“SPOINK!” it cried happily as Kevin grabbed it mid-bounce and gave the little pokemon
a hug.

“Thank’s little buddy, I promise I won’t treat you bad again” he said smiling, poking the
bounce pokemon on its black nose. Spoink giggled.

“Pika Pika!” said Pikachu affectionately, jumping up on Kevin’s shoulder and patting the
little Spoink on the head. “Chuuu...”

“Time to get going again Kevin” said Jacob, hoisting his bag on his back. “We still got to
get that potion to the sick pokemon back in Olivine City.”

“Right” said Kevin, returning Spoink to it’s pokeball. He plucked the lureball from his
belt and threw it. With a burst of light and sound, Kevin’s Gyarados appeared, ready and
raring to go. They climbed aboard and continued onwards across the vast ocean,
Gyarados’s mighty tail propelling them forward to their next adventure...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 27

“Man I didn’t realise how hungry I was!” Kevin mumbled around a mouth full of
succulent fruit, the juice running down his chin. He wiped away with the back of a gloved
hand and gave some fruit for Spoink to nibble. The bounce pokemon greedily gobbled it

“Pika Pi!” said Pikachu, mouth full to the brim with one of the many bright purple fruits
Kevin and the gang had found. The exotic fruits seemed to grow everywhere on the island
they had arrived at. Jacob estimated they would be back at Olivine within the next few
days. At the moment however, Kevin was content with filling his belly with the delicious
morsels. Bonnie nibbled at her fruit thoughtfully looking at her two little pokemon. Eevee
and Skitty were chomping into their own piece of fruit as were the rest of the companions

Bonnie was thinking about why she was here. To collect rare pokemon and to travel she
said to herself. The collecting of rare pokemon had seemed to have taken a backseat in
her life since she had joined Kevin. She had certainly travelled but she hadn’t caught a
single pokemon since she had been away and that had been close to 2 months ago. If I
could get either of them to evolve...

“Hey everyone watch this!” said Jacob grinning like a simpleton. “You ready guys?” he
asked a line of pokemon that had formed. They all nodded smiling. Kevin had been too
busy eating his food, and so had no idea what Jacob was about to do with the bunch of
pokemon. He looked at the long row of different monster’s. In order was Jacob’s
Tyrogue, then Kevin’s Scyther and Farfetch’d. Next came at a 90 degree angle to
Farfetch’d was Jacob’s Octillery. Each was spaced at least 10 yards apart to form a big L
shape. The ex-sailor’s Wingull soared above Octillery. They all seemed to be waiting for
something. Kevin and Bonnie, intrigued, watched closely as Jacob handed a plump fruit
to Tyrogue.

“Okay... GO!” yelled Jacob. Tyrogue drew back his arm and threw the fruit with all its
might along the line. As it passed Scyther, the mantis pokemon’s blades swished through
the aira number of times. The fruit, now in five parts, continued to hurtle along towards
Farfetch’d who drew back its leak like a baseball bat. The fruit approached... Wak Wak
Wak Wak Wak! The fruit was sent towards the awaiting Octillery who lashed out it’s
tentacles catching the bits of fruit. Putting them in its mouth it shot them high in the air
with a water gun. Wingull then, in a flash of speed, peirced them through with it’s beak. It
swooped low and dropped them acurately into Jacob’s upturned mouth. He swallowed it
in one gulp.

“Tada!” he said grinning. Kevin and Bonnie laughed giving him a round of applause.

They heard a roar from the ocean and they turned to see Kevin’s Gyarados and Croconaw,
swimming in the ocean hunting for fish. Bonnie spoke up. “Boy’s do you think we could
do some training today. I want Skitty and Eevee to get a lot stronger.”

“Yeh sure thing baby” said Kevin touching her thigh. She glared at him. “What made you
think that you could call me that or touch me?”

“But I thought we were -”

“You thought wrong Kevin” she said harshly, then more softly. “Sorry Kevin, but I have
told you before, just friends okay?”

Kevin gave a tiny nod, trying his best not to yell at her. He pushed him self up from his
seat on the sand and brushed himself off. Spoink bounced around by his feet. He looked
out over the horizon, the sea breeze blowing his blonde hair about. It was oddly quiet, and
he looked around at his friends and realised they were all staring at him.

“I’m gonna go for a walk, you guys can train” he began walking away from them, leaving
shoe prints in the sand. Spoink began bouncing after him, smiling dreamily to itself.
Kevin heard the little pokemon and stopped, smiling fondly at it.

“Spoink stay here and train, I wanna be alone for awhile” he patted the black pokemon.
He grabbed his little box of treasures from his bag and holding it in his hands walked
down the beach and out of sight.

Bonnie couldn’t help but feel bad about what she had said... if he only knew how I really
felt about him... her thoughts were interupted by a shrill blow of a whistle.

“Alright you maggots, to attention NOW!” bellowed Jacob, a whistle in his mouth, a drill
sergeant hat sitting at a jaunty angle on his head. “Line up, Attention!”

The pokemon hastily ran to form a line. They lined up: Scyther, Tyrogue, Octillery,
Pikachu, Farfetch’d, Eevee, Croconaw, Skitty, Wingull. Gyarados continued to swim
about in the surf, Jacob and Bonnie already finding out that Kevin was the only person
Gyarados would listen to.

“Salute!” came the order from Jacob, and Bonnie laughed. All the pokemon put their
claw/scythe/hand/tentacle/wingtip/paw to their temple and cried out their name.

“What you laughin at missy! In line NOW!” screamed Jacob with only a hint of humour
in those deep amber eyes of his. Bonnie jumped up and quickly joined the line, making
room for herself between Croconaw and Skitty. She gave her own hasty salute.

“Are you ready to do some training?” he asked them. They all cried out loudly.

“I can’t hear you...”

The pokemon yelled their names as loud as they could.

“Thats better” said Jacob, the beginnings of a smile playing around his mouth, as he tried
desperately to stay in character. “Everyone pair up, the person who you pair with will be
your sparring partner.”

The pokemon, and Bonnie, paired up. Croconaw with Octillery, Farfetch’d with Pikachu,
Skitty with Scyther, Eevee with Wingull, Tyrogue with Jacob and Bonnie with...

“Sir I don’t have a sparring partner” said Bonnie raising her hand cheekily.

“Yes you do, right there” said Jacon pointing out to the ocean just as the mighty form of
Gyarados leapt from the water in show of strength.

“Ahhhhhhhh! NO WAY!” screamed Bonnie. All the pokemon laughed at her. Jacob
chuckled and then counted everyone.

“Thats not right, you should have a partner too...” he wonder outloud. Then it clicked in
both Bonnie and Jacob’s minds.

“Where’s Spoink??” they cried looking around.

“Pika-Pika” came the cry from Pikachu, pointing to little circular tracks that went on
down the beach, following Kevin’s shoeprints.

“The little rascal has followed Kevin after all” said Jacob smiling. “Ohwell, I guess I will
sit out, you can par with Tyrogue here...” he winking evily.

“Ah thats ok I’m fine, I’ll just watch...” said Bonnie nervously, as she sat down in the
sand and watched the sparing take place. Octillery launched a water gun at Croconaw
which was countered with its own water gun. Scyther seemed unwilling to attack due to
Skitty’s charm technique. Farfetch’d was nimbly avoiding thundershocks from Pikachu
while Tyrogue was lashing out with kicks and punched which were all blocked by Jacob.
Wingull was using a wing attack on Eevee who jumped aside, shooting out a volley of
stars in a swift attack as it swooped away.

Bonnie watched attentively but she wondered Kevin was gone and what he was doing
with that box....
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin wandered down the beach thinking about Bonnie’s remark to him. Kevin angrily
kicked sand into the air. I thought she liked me more then that, the way she acts around
me sometimes...

As he walked he noticed a little trail that led off into the jungle overgrowth, the fruit trees
heavily laden with the sweet purple fruit. Kevin, wanting to escape from the heat of the
sun beating down upon him. He greatfully moved under the respite of shadows that the
canopy provided and began walking up the track, that began as an upward ascent before
dipping down into the cool dampness of a little vally. Kevin could hear the gurgling of a
stream. He ducked under a branch that was blocking his path and turned a corner to find a
little spring, bubbling cool fresh water over the submerged rocks and down the little
stream that ran as far as Kevin could see. Seeing the crystal clear water made kevin aware
of how parched his mouth was. The fruit was tasty he thought, but it left you thirsty. He
knelt down by the little brook and dipped his fingertips in. It was icy cold. Kevin removed
his gloves and and cupping his hands, plunged them into the water. The water felt good
on his skin the current tugging gently at his fingers. He brought a mouthful of water up to
his lips and drank deeply. He did this a few more times until his thirst abated. He looked
around the small clearing and saw a fallen tree. He sat down and leant against the tree
trunk behind it and closed his eyes. So peaceful he thought.

He put his gloves back on his hands and pulled out the little box from his pocket. As he
opened it he got the weirdest sense that someone watching him. He heard a rustle from
some of the foliage a few meters away. He peered through the leaves but saw nothing and
so returned to his box. He pulled out the picture of Bonnie and stared at it, trying to take
in every beautiful detail about her. If only... he thought sadly to himself and he put the
photo next to him on the log. The glint of the Lugia feather grabbed his attention and he
carefully took it out. He turned it in his hands, running his fingertips over its unflawed
glossy surface. Kevin thought he could still see a soft shimmer of blue aura about it.

He heard a rustle in the foliage again. He looked up, his heartrate building by the second.
The was definetly someone there.

“Who’s there?” he said warily into the darkness of the trees.

“Just an old friend...” came a cold voice that dripped spite and hatred, just like an Ekan’s
fangs would drip venom. The figure of a teen emerged from the heavy foliage, his white
shaggy hair covering his head. Two eyes, as hard as steel stared in an almost amused way
at Kevin’s shocked features.

“Ice...” Kevin muttered the name under his breath, full of contempt for the person it
belonged to.

“Hello Kevin...” he said smiling silkily.

“What do you want?” said Kevin cautiously.

“What’s that in your hand?” said Ice, stepping closer. Kevin glared at him.

“It’s a silver wing, given to me by a Lugia” boasted Kevin. “What do you care?”

Ice’s eyes glinted with excitement as he looked at the shiny feather in Kevin’s left hand.

“Give it to me” he said commandingly. He reached out his hand, palm open to recieve it.
Kevin gritted his teeth and knocked his hand away, with a quick chop from his hand. Ice
drew back a step and massaging it. He looked furious.

“Over my dead body...” said Kevin softly so Ice only just caught it.

“That can be arranged” said Ice coldly and he smiled at the thought.

“What is wrong with you?” asked Kevin indignantly. “Why do you always wanna kill

Ice who had begun to move forward stopped abruptly and looked Kevin in the eye.

“They are weak... weakness disgusts me” he said coldly and he spat.

“I bet when you killed Ryan it had nothing to do with weakness... more like jealousy?” said Kevin mockingly. Ice looked shocked.

“She told you didn’t she” he said looking at the photo of Bonnie that which had
fallen to the dirt floor. Her smiling face imprinted itself into Ice’s mind.

“Yes” said Kevin warily. She will pay thought Ice to himself and then he looked into Kevin’s emerald green eyes with his own blue-grey.

He whispered menacingly. “You have no idea what it’s like Kevin. I’ve
hated you since the moment I first saw you, because I was jealous of everything that you
had. You think you are so perfect, with your good looks, and your fame, and your money and you
popularity... I had nothing Kevin. But Giovanni took me in and gave me a purpose, a way I could
make something of myself, to accomplish something worthwhile -”

“Hurting people and pokemon is not something that is worthwhile” interrupted Kevin.

“Don’t feed me your charity bullcrap!” he yelled
at him. Then softer he said, “Give me the Silver Wing.”

Kevin knew Ice was running out of patience and yet, stood
firm and shook his head. Ice lashed out with a fist at Kevin’s face. Kevin grabbed his fist
with his own hand and made his own punch. Ice ducked under it and spun, planting an
elbow into Kevin’s midsection. Kevin gasped for air, the wind being knocked out of him.
He pushed Ice away with a shove, who came back almost instantly. Kevin made a hasty
punch which connected with Ice’s brow. Blood began to seep from the wound. The white
haired teen swung his leg up to break Kevin’s jaw. Kevin had no time to duck so made a
quick block with his left forearm.

CRACK! The kick connected and the Silverwing floated softly to the ground

Kevin cried out and fell to the ground clutching his arm to his chest. The silver wing lay
in the dirt.

“Sounds like its broken” said Ice smiling. Kevin bit his lip and fought back the urge to
scream. Tears welled in his eyes. Ice kicked Kevin away from him, who rolled through
the dirt. He came to a stop, unconcious.

Ice gingerly touched the spot where he was bleeding and winced. Bastard... he saw the
picture of Bonnie on the ground and he picked it up.

“I told you not to tell anyone...” he whispered before getting out a pocket knife from the
inside of his jacket. He put the picture on the log. He hesitated only for a second before
stabbing the knife through Bonnie’s smiling face. The knife stuck in the log. Ice bent
down and picked up the Silverwing. He brushed the dirt from it.

“Thank you Kevin” he said smiling.

Tsuuu!! A pink and purple beam blasted out of the foliage and hit the hand Ice was
holding the Silverwing.

“Aaarrrghh!” he yelled and held his hand to his body.

“Spoink-spoink-spoink!” came the cry of the bounce pokemon as it leapt into the
clearing, its head pearl already charging up for a second Psybeam. Ice made a desperate
grab for the Silverwing. Spoink glowed blue, and used its psychic powers to quickly pull
the wing to its mouth.

Ice cursed loudly. “Next time Kevin...” he said hate dripping from every syllable. With
that he turned and ran into the foliage dissapearing from sight.

Kevin dreamed he was underwater at the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. A voice
appeared in his mind.

“You must not let him have it” said the voice and Kevin was filled with fear and awe.
The one who spoke had power, he knew that.

Kevin peered into the murky gloom, pressed in on all sides from the water. A cerulean
glow eminated in front of him and there was the mighty Lugia. Its hugeness astounded
Kevin. It’s eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul.

“What are you talking about?” he asked. Bubbles came from his mouth but Kevin could
hear his own voice inside his head.

“The bringer of death,” echoed the voice in his head. “The Silverwing holds great
power that he must not aquire. If he does, the entire world will be plunged into darkness. You are the only
one worthy enough to guard its power. If he should obtain it, you alone are the one who must retrieve it.”

This doesn't make sense thought Kevin. "Why do you have to give it to me?"

"Every decade I must shed a single feather, you are it's keeper."

Kevin couldn’t believe this was happening. It isn’t happening he thought, this is just a

“Is it?” echoed the voice once more. Kevin was dumbfounded. “He must not have it...”

There was a great flash of white light and Kevin closed his eyes to shield them. When he
opened them again he found he was laying in a bed staring up at a white ceiling. His arm
hurt and he realised it was in a sling.

“Where am I... ?” he whispered aloud.

“Shhh... you’re in the Olivine General Hospital” said an angelic voice to his right.

“Bonnie?” he asked hopefully.

“Yeh I’m here sweetie” said the voice again, full of concern. He turned
his head and smiled at her.

“Hey bro I’m here too” came Jacob’s voice. Kevin looked to his left and saw Jacob
standing there with Pikachu on his shoulder.

“PIKA!” cried Pikachu jumping down onto Kevins chest. Pikachu licked Kevin’s hand
and hugged him.

“Spoink-spoink-spoink!” The little grey-black Pokemon jumped up and down on the bed.

“Ice!” he yelled and sat up, gritting his teeth against the pain in his arm.

“Kevin lay down” said Bonnie forcefully and she pushed him gently back down to the pillow. “You
are hurt enough, just be still.”

“But Ice, he -”

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Don’t worry Kev, we know what happened. When you had been gone for sometime we
went off to search for you, and for your Spoink who had followed you. We came across
the track leading deeper into the island and we saw you unconcious in the dirt with
Spoink standing, well bouncing I guess, over you. The Silverwing was sitting on top of
his pearl and instead of it being pink it was blue. Spoink began talking to us! We could
here its voice in out minds, it was crazy!”

“It wasn’t actually Spoink that was talking though Kevin.” said Bonnie who was now
sitting on the bed and playing with his hair gently. “It was Lugia!” her eys lit up when she
said this and Kevin couldn’t help but smile. “Lugia was speaking through Spoink!”

“I guess Lugia had made a psychic link between itself and Spoink using the Silverwing
said Jacob, thinking out loud.

“What did it say?” he asked.

“Lugia told us what had happened with you and... Ice...” Bonnie said his name as a
whisper. “And ordered us to take the Silverwing and keep it safe. We took the silver wing
and Spoink went back to normal. We sent out Wingull and Farfetch’d to look for help.
Wingull came back after a few hours, having found nothing, but then Farfetch’d returned,
with a small fishing boat following it. We loaded you on the ship and we set sail for here.
It took us all the rest of that day and all night to reach here.”

“And we have been sitting here since yesterday waiting for you to wake up,” added Jacob.

“Have I been unconcious the whole time?” asked a surprised Kevin.

“Yep, you had a bit of a fever from being injured so yeh you have been sleeping this
whole 2 and a half days. Except you were muttering something in your sleep when we
were on the boat about Lugia and the Silverwing...”

Kevin nodded. “What about this” he said, moving his broken arm about in the sling.

“The doc says it was only a greenstick break and you will be okay in about a month or
so.” said Jacob smiling.

“When can I get out of here?” he asked, looking at Jacob, Pikachu, Spoink and Bonnie
who smiled when there eyes met.

“Tomorrow!” she said happily. “The doctor wants you to rest up a bit and then you can
continue your journey.”

“Oh yeh, Kevin, we gave the potion to Jasmine a few hours ago and she gave it to the sick
Pokemon. It turned out it was an Ampharos. She’s incredibly greatful and she said she
can’t wait to battle you when your ready.”

Kevin grinned. “Awesome, I’m looking forward to it, what type of pokemon does she

“Steel” said Jacob. “And she says its going to be two pokemon each. I’m suggesting a fire
and water type because some steel types are part ground aswell...”

“Charmeleon and Gyarados” it is then he said without thinking.

“This match is going to be so awesome!” said Jacob excitedly and Bonnie grinned. Kevin
looked at Spoink who was still jumping around on the bed. “Thankyou heaps Spoink, I
might be dead if it weren’t for you!”

Spoink jumped around happily until its tail got caught in the bed sheets, causing the
bounce pokemon to fall off the bed. They all laughed and Kevin laid back and relaxed. He
had a big day ahead of him tomorrow and he couldn’t wait to get started...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 28

Kevin strolled down the road with Aipom on his shoulder, the little purple monkey
grinning widely. Bonnie and Jacob were by his side, anticipating the battle that was to
come. It felt weird not having Pikachu there. Kevin had swapped his pokemon around
that morning with Old Man Dojo. He had sadly had to part with Pikachu and Croconaw,
to make way for Charmeleon and Aipom. He decided that it was for the best and that
Pikachu and Croconaw, the Pokemon he had been with him the longest, deserved a rest.
The other pokemon still needed to be trained more aswell.

Kevin could see the white buliding that was the Olivine Pokemon Gym in the distance.
As it loomed nearer, Kevin began to wonder what pokemon Jasmine would use. He had
only ever read things about Steel types and had never actually seen one before. He
remembered seeing that Magneton was a steel type and he wondered if that was one of
Jasmine’s pokemon.

They had arrived. Kevin could see his reflection in the glass doors that led the way into
the gym. Kevin fixed his hair with his right hand, his left resting in the sling. Kevin had
never broken a limb before, surprisingly, and he didn’t like it very much. The life of a
pokemon trainer I guess, he thought to himself. as the glass doors slid open. It was nice
and cool inside and the interior had a vaque futuristic-techno feel. The walls seemed to be
made of a shiny metal and the glass and steel dome overhead let the light from outside
pour in, bathing the gravel arena in sunlight.

“I thought you would be here today” came a voice from the far end. The group saw
Jasmine, standing in the trainers box at the opposite end as them. She was smiling.
Wearing a sky blue sun dress that came to below her knees, and with her long brown hair
tied back into pigtails, she was the essence of sheer beauty.“Thankyou so much for
bringing that medicine for Amphy! It came just in time.” she stopped and looked at his
cast apoligetically. “I’m sorry about your arm, I feel like it was my fault.”

“No thats okay” said Kevin. “I was glad to help. Right now I want to win my sixth

He showed her his necklace which now contained a Zephyr, Hive, Plain, Fog and Storm

“Its the least Ican do” she said kindly. “But don’t think I’m gonna go easy on you...”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way” said Kevin grinning. Bonnie and Jacob moved to the
bench on the sidelines. Aipom leapt from Kevin’s shoulder, soaring through the air and
landing nimbly on Jacob’s head.

“Two pokemon each Kevin” said Jasmine taking out a pokeball from a bag she wore over
her shoulder. She pressed the ball to enlarge it and it was ready to go. Kevin plucked a
ball from his belt and did the same.

“I choose you, Lairon!” she cried and she threw the pokeball. With a flash of light and a
crackle of energy, Jasmine’s first pokemon appeared. It snorted from its nostrils and
pawed at the ground, the steel plates on its back reflecting the sun.

“Lair-ron...” it growled deeply.

“Go Charmeleon!” yelled Kevin. The ball bounced onto the gravel arena and burst open.
The light from within formed into Kevin’s Charmeleon. It snorted flame from its nostrils
and slashed the air with its razor sharp claws.

“Meleon...” it said confidently, its tail flame burning brightly.

“I’ve never even heard of a Lairon before...” said Kevin puzzled at the steel pokemon’s
presence. He withdrew his Pokedex from his pocket, flipped it open, and pointed it at the
cool but unusual looking pokemon:

<Lairon><The Iron Armour Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Aron, these pokemon can only be found in Hoenn. Lairon tempers
its steel body by bloating itself with mineral rich water that is present on the mountains
where they make their home. Lairon are very teritorial and often clash with humans that
encroach on their homes. Built like a tank, Lairon make the perfect pokemon for battles>

“Woh... Well good thing I’ve got the advantage.” said Kevin a bit apprehensively.

“I caught this pokemon when I was hiking in the mountains of Hoenn, when I went their
for a holiday.” said Jasmine smiling cockily. “Lairon, use Takedown!”

The steel type roared and charged at Charmeleon, its head lowered. Its heavy feet
pounded through the gravel arena as it came closer.

“Charmeleon use Slash!” cried Kevin. Charmeleon stood its ground and wiated for the
armoured hide of Lairon to come in range. At the last moment, Charmeleon stepped
sideways and raked its claws against Jasmine’s pokemon, sending sparks flying.
Squinting, Jasmine gave her next order.

“Lairon turn and use tackle!” Lairon skidded through the gravel and barged sideways into
Charmeleon knocking the fire pokemon to the ground. “Now use Body Slam!”

“Move Charmeleon!” called Kevin. Lairon leapt into the air to an inredible height,
condidering its weight and then plummeted towards Charmeleon who was quickly trying
to get back to its feet. Charmeleon leapt aside and tumbled through the gravel just as
Lairon crashed into the ground.


“Lairon, go get that Charmeleon with a Metal Claw!” said Jasmine pointing. Lairon left
the small impact crater it had made and ran at Charmeleon.

“Charmeleon, Flamethrower!” cried Kevin and Charmeleon shot out a plume of fire from
its gaping jaws. The flame scorched the stones as it streaked towards Lairon. Lairon
however leapt aside and the Flamethrower sailed harmlessly past. Putting on an extra
burst of speed Lairon knocked Charmeleon to the ground and sunk its claws into
Charmeleons stomach.

“Charrr!” it cried out.

“Use Ember!” cried Kevin and Charmeleon shot out a mouthful of flames that blasted
Lairon off its body.

“Now use a Flamethrower!” cried Kevin again.

“CHARRR!” cried Charmeleon sending out a huge explosion of flames that rocketed
towards Lairon, hitting the pokemon full force. The tongues of flame licked and whipped
at Lairon’s fire susceptible body. It cried out and collapsed to the gravel floor, the flames
still burning around it.

“Lairon return...” said Jasmine, the red beam shooting out and returning the unconcious
pokemon to the confines of its pokeball. She put the ball back in her bag and then she
brought out another one.

“Steelix, I choose you!”she proclaimed as the pokeball left her hand and burst open. A
huge amount of light cascaded out and took shape. Whatever pokemon this is, it sure is
big... thought Kevin as the light began to fade.

The huge pokemon roared and the light from outside reflected on its metallic surface.
Kevin guessed it was over 30 feet long as it swung its head about like a snake. Great steel
spikes came at intervals along its body and they rotated slowly, as Jasmine’s pokemon
looked down at the comparitively small figure of Charmeleon who met the huge
pokemon’s with its own determined stare.

Kevin checked his pokedex for information about the impressive looking pokemon:

<Steelix><The Iron Snake Pokemon>
<The evolved form of Onix, this steel-ground type pokemon is rare to come across in the
wild. It’s said that Onix’s go deep underground which compresses their bodies until they
become like steel. The steel plates are highly reflective, and are sort after by collectors
who pickup up plates of steel that have been shed by the Steelix as it grows>

“Okay Charmeleon, use a Fire-spin!” called Kevin. Charmeleon’s jaws sprang open and a
torrent of flame burst forth and encircled the huge Steelix. The flames scorched the sides
of Steelix, who roared and ignored the pain.

“It’s gonna take more then that to beat my Steelix!” said Jasmine winking before giving
her first order. “Steelix, go underground!”

The giant serpantine body of Steelix uncoiled itself and with a spray of dirt and gravel, it
plowed its great head into the arena floor. Its body and tail quickly followed and Steelix
was gone.

A small hoot came from Aipom as it looked around searching for the huge pokemon.
Bonnie couldn’t believe it... how could something that big dissapear so quickly? Kevin
was asking the same question as he stood stock still. Charmeleon looked agitated and
worried, swishing its flamed tail back and forth. Kevin could just feel a tremor through
his feet as the Iron Snake pokemon moved below the gym.

“Now Steelix!” cried Jasmine suddenly. The earth shook under Charmeleons feet and all
of a sudden Kevin’s pokemon was airborne, Steelix leaping from the ground from where
it had stood. Charmeleon landed with a thud on the ground and a gasp from its mouth as
the wind was knocked out of it.

“Kevin, ground moves are super effective against fire type pokemon.” said Jacob aloud.
Kevin turned to him and nodded.

“But fire is strong against steel” said Kevin under his breath. “Charmeleon,

Charmeleon shot out a jet of flame that seemed to singe the air about it as it flew towards
Steelix. It crackled loudly as it struck the gym leaders pokemon, the flames licking
Steelix’s side. Steelix roared in pain.

“Steelix, Iron Tail!” called Jasmine, a hint of shock in her voice. With the flame still
spilling onto its body, Steelix swungs its tail about, glowing white in the process.

Bang!! Charmeleon was sent flying through the air, skidding through the gravel and
bouncing out of the arena. It was unconcious and its tail flame was a mear flicker of light.

“Charmeleon Return” said Kevin holding out Charmeleon’s pokeball. The red beam shot
out and dematerialised the unconcious form of the fire type pokemon which was sucked
back within the pokeball. “Awesome work Charmeleon...” Kevin downsized the pokeball
and put it back on his belt. He grabbed the Lureball and pressed the button. It enlarged
and was ready to go.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“This is your first real battle but I know your strong so, I choose you Gyarados!”cried
Kevin throwing the lureball with all his might. It bounced on the gravel in the middle of
the arena before unlocking and sending forth a dazzling white energy that formed into the
impressive form of a mighty Gyarados. It’s teeth shone brightly and its might tail swept
the gravel arena. It looked about two thirds the size of Steelix however so its power was
in the shadow of Steelix, metaphorically and literally. The final round was about to begin.

“Steelix Tackle attack!” ordered Jasmine. Steelix roared and charged towards Gyardos.

“Gyarados Tackle aswell!” echoed Kevin. Gyarados met the attack head on, the pokemon
colliding with a burst of sound and an explosion of gravel.

“Gyarados use dragon breath!” The Atrocious pokemon shot out a focused jet of green
flame. Steelix ducked its great head and neck, the attack only singeing the steel plates.

“Steelix, Iron tail!” yelled Jasmine. Steelix’s tail glowed bright white. Steelix then swung
it’s tail about with an incredible amount of power. Bang! Gyarados winced under the
spine shattering attack, but recovered quickly enough.

“Gyarados use watergun!” cried Kevin. Water attacks will be the key, he thought to
himself. Steelix is also part ground type. As Kevin pndered this, Gyarados shot out a
burst of water that splashed against Steelix’s head. Steelix looked considerably pained at
the attack.

“Nice try Kevin, but lets see you try that again when the sun is scorching” Jasmine
smiled. She then turned to the massive form of Steelix. “Steelix, use sunnyday!”

Steelix seemed to go rigid. It looked straight up through the glass dome of the gym at the
sun above. It then emitted a deafening roar, that sounded like a deep rumble of boulders
grinding together. Nothin happened at first but then there was a burst of light from above
as the sun doubled its power, heat and light.

Jacob, Bonnie and Aipom squinted through the glare of the suns rays. What happened?
wondered Bonnie.

“So what if its a little bright?” said Kevin shielding his eyes with a hand. “Gyarados use
another watergun!”

Gyarados thrashed its tail about, drew back its head and shot out a stream of water that
splashed all over Steelix. However this time, Jasmine’s pokemon didn’t seem at all
phased and just shook it off.

“What?” muttered Kevin. “I used the same attack before and Steelix looked like it was in
pain but now...”

“Do you now understand the effects of my Steelix’s sunnyday?” asked Jasmine politely, if
not a little mockingly.

“Kevin, she is useing a weather status change technique” said Jacob, who having had
more experience with pokemon then both Kevin and Bonnie put together, knew what was
going on. “The move sunnyday changes a lot of aspects about the battle and one of those
is that the effectiveness of water attacks are cut in half!”

“Damn it...” said Kevin.

“Steelix! Attack with a crunch attack!” cried Jasmine and the snake like form of Steelix
slithered through the gravel arena towards Gyarados. It opened its mighty jaws and
crunched them down on Gyarados’s scaly neck. Gyarados cried out in pain and renched
its neck from the attacking jaws.

“Hang in there Gyarados! Get in close and use a wrap attack!” called Kevin. Gyarados
wrapped its long body around Steelix and began to squeeze. Steelix however looked like
it could barely feel it. Kevin then realised his mistake.

“Kevin, wrap is a normal move! Normal is NOT at all good agianst Steel type”

“Steelix, use Thrash!” ordered Jasmine. Steelix rolled onto the ground and began writhing
around in the gravel, twisting and turning, badly hurting Kevin’s Gyarados.

“Hold on Gyarados!” cried Kevin, balling a fist, the other hand resting uselessly in the
sling. At this rate there is no way Gyarados can win unless the weather changes...

“Jacob, how can I change the weather?” cried Kevin suddenly. Jacob looked mildly
surprised before answering.

“Raindance, try raindance!” he replied.

“Gyarados try to use raindance!” yelled Kevin. Gyarados, still clinging to Steelix, roared
at the sky. The sun’s brightness seemed to die immediately and then Kevin heard a
rumble overhead. Dark rainclouds had suddenly appeared. It was cooler now and then the
rain began. The rain came in torrents from above and seemed to fall right through the
glass dome above. Kevin worried that the rain water would hit the cast and that he would
need a new one but the rain seemed to be only falling on the gravel arena that was quickly
becoming muddy.

“Kevin, now that Raindance is in a effect, water attack power is doubled!” called Jacob,
over the noise of the rain. Bonnie was leaning up against Jacob with Aipom in her arms,
not likeing the drop in temperature.

“Alright Gyarados! Lets finish this! Use Bubblebeam!” hollered Kevin. Gyarados roared
and breathed out a jet of bubbles swirling with rainbow colour that exploded off Steelix’s
hide at the point blank range.

“No!” cried Jasmine, eyes wide. Steelix’s voice bellowed from deep in its throat. Its great
head swung heavily from its neck before collapsing to the gravel arena, with enough force
that Kevin had to balance himself.

The rain stopped suddenly and light peirced down, causing a hue of rainbow colours to
appear in the air.
“Yes!” yelled Kevin, throwing his right arm in the air. “That was great Gyrados!”

Kevin’s water pokemon, uncoiled itself from Steelix and moved towards Kevin, lowering
its head. Kevin touched its head appreciatively before returning it to it’s lureball.

“Thanks Gyarados” said Kevin smiling. All of a sudden he was hugged from the side by
Bonnie. Kevin kissed her quickly on the forehead. She looked a bit apprehensive but
smiled and hugged him tighter. Aipom was jumping up and down on his head and Jacob
patted him on the back.

“Nice work mate” he said grinning.

“Couldn’t have done it without your help” said Kevin matter of factly.

Jasmine approached them now, having returned Steelix to its pokeball. She was holding
something shiny in her hand.

“That was great battling Kevin!” she said smiling politely. “I wasn’t expecting a
raindance technique. You deserve this, the Mineral Badge...”

She gave it to Kevin. It was a pale purple colour, almost grey shaped octagon. Kevin tried
to put it on his necklace but couldn’t with one hand. Bonnie snatched it from his hand and
did it for him. Kevin couldn’t believe it... two more to go...
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