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Old 03-24-2004, 01:39 AM
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Back at the Pokemon Center, as Kevin’s pokemon were being healed, he decided to ring
up his mother, all the way back in New Bark Town. Bonnie and Jacob were having a little
battle outside between Wingull and Skitty. Skitty was doing pretty well, using a clever
charm act on Wingull to stop its onslaught of Peck attacks. Kevin sat down at the phone
terminal and punched in the number for his home. A little animated ringing phone
appeared on the screen...
Fiona Sun was in the front yard gardening when her new pet Poochyena came running
from the house barking. She wondered what was wrong. She listened carefully and heard
the phone ringing.

“Ring Ring Ring - Ring Ring Ring - Phone call - Phone call!” came the sound from

“Good girl Cheeni!” said Fiona affectionatly, scruffing up the the little pokemon’s fur.
Cheeni licked her hand briefly as Fiona dashed inside and took the call.

“Kevin!” she said happily as an image of her son’s face appeared on the screen. An
Aipom sat on his shoulder and it grinned and waved.

“Hi Mom!” said Kevin smiling. “How are you?”

“I’m great, I just - WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM!?” she screamed as she saw his
arm in a sling.

“Oh that” said Kevin smiling unconcernedly. “Yeh its nothin to worry about, its just a
greenstick break it will be good to go in a week or two as long as I take the antibiotics
that the doctor gave me.”

“How did you break it sweetie?” she said, still not entirely convinced.

“Oh, I just, tripped actually” said Kevin thinking quickly. “Yeh I tripped on a tree root.
Luckily Bonnie and Jacob were there to help me out.” Kevin didn’t really know why he
had made up the story. He guessed that telling her the truth that there is a psychotic out
there trying to kill him would not be a good idea.

“Thank goodness, make sure you thank them for me” she said sincerily.

“Yeh I will” said Kevin nodding. There was a bark from his mothers end. “What was

“Oh thats Cheeni!” his mom said excitedly. A little black and grey pokemon with bristly
fur jumped up on her lap and licked her neck. She giggled. “My pet Poochyena!”

“Where’d you get it from?” asked Kevin.

“Proffessor Elm gave it to me. She had been sent to him from Hoenn and he had been
doing research on her. When he finished, the people in Hoenn said he could keep it, but
Prof Elm has enough to do without looking after an energetic puppy aswell. So he gave it
to me, to ‘keep me comapny’.” His mother replied as she scratched the Poochyena behind
the ears.

“Sure sure” said Kevin winking. “I think he fancies you...”

His mother blushed. “That is a possibility. But if he lays a finger on me, I’ll get your
father to blast him away with one of Dragonites Hyper Beam attacks!”

They both laughed.

“Well I just rang to tell you that I just won my sixth badge. I’m on my way back to
Ecruteak City and then on to Mahogany Town up in the mountains.”

“Okay be careful Kevin” his mother said.

“I will” replied Fiona’s son. He hung up the phone with a click.

“Come on Aipom” said Kevin standing up and stretching. “Lets go get the others, we
need to get a move on”

Aipom hooted and ran outside to see Bonnie win her match against Jacob, her Skitty
using a pound attack with its tail, knocking the seagull unconcious. They packed their
things and left the city. At the top of the hill that surrounded the port, they turned, took
one last look at the ocean, and continued their journey.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 29

Kevin’s arm itched inside the cast. Having a broken arm is not good, he thought to
himself as the group slowly plodded up the hill. Huge cumulus clouds rolled by lazily
overhead, the sun peaking at the trainers with its shiny face every so often, beating them
down with its intense gaze.

“Man it’s hot...” muttered Jacob from Kevin’s left as he wiped sweat away with an indigo
glove. “When I was a sailor I would have just jumped overboard to cool myself down.
But here! No water anywhere!”

He was right. Kevin looked out over the rolling planes, the once lush green grass begining
to yellow. Delicate little wildflowers filled the air with their sweet scent. Kevin could see
mountains on the horizon to the west. He turned his head the the north east and saw a
snow capped moutnain way off in the distance.

“That’s Mount Mortar” said Bonnie leaning against Kevin’s shoulder for a rest. “Its the
second largest mountain in the whole Johto-Kanto region. Between here and there is
Ecruteak City and beyond Mount Mortar is Mahognay town, where you’ll get your next

Kevin could’t help but smile at that last remark. He had been journeying for just over six
months now. He had travelled far and seen plenty, as well as meeting lots of different
people. I still have a long way to go though, thought Kevin.

Tsuuu... came the sound of a pokeball opening. Kevin looked down at his belt to see a
pokeball snap shut and white light on the ground forming into Spoink.

“Spoink Spoink!” it cried bouncing up and down.

“Who said you could come out of your pokeball Spoink?” said Kevin mock sternly.
Aipom scrambled from its spot on Kevins arm up onto his head. It then started pulling
faces at Spoink , spanking its butt with its tail hand.

“I think Spoink is jealous of Aipom” said Jacob. Kevin watched in amusement as
Spoink’s body glew pink and Aipom was lifted into the air. Aipom was scared witless, as
Spoink made it do a loop-da-loop, before making it crash head first into the grass. They
all laughed.

“Aipom thats what you get for teasing Spoink. I think you can get back in your fastball,
and Spoink, back in your pokeball.”

Spoink activated its pokeball on Kevins belt and was sucked inside with a red light.
Aipom hung its head in sadness before Kevin returned it to its yellow fastball with the red
recalling beam.

“That was a bit tough Kevin” said Bonnie sceptically.

“I need to be a little tough on them otherwise they won’t listen to me in battle.” replied
Kevin shrugging.

“Yeh I guess...” said Bonnie.

“You guess right” came a familiar voice from behind her. She turned to see Storm,
Kevin’s long running rival; and a teenage girl with bright orange hair that was tied into
two pigtails. She was wearing a white minskirt with a yellow lowcut top. Kevin thought
she was beautiful.

“Hey Kevin, long time no see!” said Storm grinning as he approached. His smile faded as
he saw Kevin’s arm. “What happened to you?”

“I broke it” said Kevin sarcastically. “It will be good soon”

Storms smile returned. “Kevin Sun, always optimistic... oh, have you met my girlfriend?
Megan - Kevin, Kevin - Megan”

Kevin smiled at her but it was no where near as big as hers. “Wow, are you really THE
Kevin Sun?”

“Yeh that’s me...” said Kevin.

“Umm, do you think I can battle you?” she said shyly. Kevin was about to say okay when
Storm jumped in.

“Hey! No I’m going to battle him, he’s my rival after all.”

“Why don’t we make it a doubles match?” said Kevin, gesturing to Bonnie.

“Yeh that would work!” said Megan excitedly.

“And to make it more interesting, lets’s make it two pokemon each, so that is eight all
up.”added Storm.

They all agreed and moved apart. Jacob was going to referee the match.

“This is a Doubles Match.” said Jacob in his best judges voice. “Kevin Sun, Bonnie Rose
versus Storm Craft and Megan Kiln. Two Pokemon each, no time limit, no boundaries.
Let the battle begin!”

“Go Pokeball!” came a chorus of voices and four pokeballs bounced onto the ground.
They all burst open revealing their pokemon: Kevin’s Farfetch’d, Bonnie’s Eevee,
Storm’s newly aquired Bulbasaur and Megan’s pokemon, a Gligar.

Kevin flipped open his pokedex:

<Bulbasaur> <The Seed Pokemon>
<This strong manageable pokemon is an excellent pokemon for beginning trainers. No
one knows whether Bulbasaur is a plant or animal, as it holds characteristics of both.
When born, the mother plants a seed on their back that grows and develops with this

<Gligar> <The Flying Scorpion Pokemon>
<This Pokemon ususally clings to the side of cliffs, and when it spots its prey, it spreads
it’s wings and glides down to attack. This pokemon is very fast and with its sharp claws,
needle teeth and poisonous sting, is a tough opponent.>

“Alright lets get this battle started!” cried Kevin. “Farfetch’d, use a cut attack on that
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Bulbasaur don’t let it get near you, Razor Leaf!” ordered Storm.

“Gligar, use Poisonsting on that Eevee!” called Megan, to her purple pokemon.

“Eevee dodge it and use swift attack!” instructed Bonnie.

The wild duck pokemon Farfertch’d, sprinted towards Bulbasaur who shot out a volley of
Razor Leaves. Farfetch’d dodged through the attack and was on top of Bulbasaur.
“FARFETCH’D!” it cried as it swung it leak, bringing it down on Bulbasaur’s head.
WAK! Bulbasaur took the heavy blow but then unleashed a sudden vinewhip, catching
Kevin’s pokemon off guard and knocking it back towards Kevin. Gligar streaked towards
Eevee, its tail stinger out stretched. Eevee ducked and Gligar went sailing over, followed
by yellow stars as Eevee shot out a swift attack. The attack hit home, but Gligar seemed
barely effected at all.

“Farfetch’d get up into the air” said Kevin. Farfetch’d put its leak in its bill and flapped
its wings propeling itself into the sky.

“Bulbasaur, use another Razorleaf!” called Storm. Bulbasaur used Razor leaf, shooting
the sharp projectiles up into the sky at the flying pokemon. Farfetch’d swung at the leaves
with its leak to knock them away, and it thought it had succeeded... until its leak fell
A farfetch’d without a leak??? Kevins pokemon began to cry.

“Oh no, don’t cry Farfetch’d, you can still win this!” encouraged Kevin.

“Gligar use a Screech!” cried Megan. Gligar spun around in mid air and let loose an ear
peircing call. Eevee flinched under the sound. “Now get in their and use a Slash attack!”
Gligar dived down towards Eevee at top speed and swiped at it with its claws. Eevee
cried out in pain as it tumbled through the dirt.

“Come on baby you can do it!” called Bonnie to her Eevee as it struggled to get back to
its feet. It barked and then flashed white. Bonnie watched in wonder. “Eevee’s

Everyone turned to watch as the white form of Eevee grew larger, its ears grew longer
and its tail split in two. The light faded and there stood Bonnie’s new Espeon.

“Kevin check your pokedex!” said Bonnie excitedly. Kevin hurriedly got out his pokedex
and pointed it at the sleek form of Espeon:

<Espeon> <The Sun Pokemon>
<Espeon, the evolved form of Eevee. This rare psychic pokemon only comes about if the
bond between it and its trianer is incredible strong during the day time. If it evolved at
night an Umbreon would have come about. By reading air currents with the fine hair that
covers its body, Espeon can predict things such as the weather or its foes next move.>

“Bonnie lets swap opponents, your psychic powers will work well against Bulbasaur
since it is part poison, aswell as grass.” said Kevin. “Come on Farfetch’d pull yourself
together and use a Wing attack on the Gligar!”

Farfetch’d shook its head to rid its eyes of tears before flying towards Gligar, its wings
glowing white. It hit Gligar, knocking it out of the air. Farfetch’d chased it to the ground
ready to deliver the final blow but Gligar counter attacked. As Farfetch’d was just about
to hit, Gligar lashed out withs stinger in a Poisontail attack. Farfetch’d fell to the ground a
crumpled heap of feathers. It had been poisoned badly.

“Finish it off Gligar!” called Megan, and Gligar defeated its opponent with a Slash attack.
“Farfetch’d return!” said Kevin and the wild duck pokemon was sucked inside its
pokeball. Kevin grabbed the Lureball from his belt and pegged it out into the feild,
“Gyarados! I choose you!”

The lureball sprung open, white light flashed brightly and the mighty form of Gyarados
appeared, towering above the other pokemon.

“Bulbasaur, use a Solarbeam on that Gyarados!” cried Storm. Bulbasaur’s bulb began
taking in sunlight powering up the most powerful grass type attack.

“Espeon, stop it with a Confusion!” called Bonnie to her newly evolved pokemon.
Espeon narrowed its eyes and barked, blasting out a wave of blue psychic energy.
Bulbasaur leapt out of the way and continued powering up.

“Gyarados use a raindance!” cried Kevin. Gyarados’s upper body began swaying like a
charmed snake and then it emitted a terrorfying roar. Out of nowhere, dark rain clouds
appeared and rain began to pour down. “Lets see you get that Solarbeam charged now”

“Good thinking Kevin” said Jacob over the rain. “Except your cast...”

“Oh crap!” said Kevin trying to cover his arm.

“Here,” said Bonnie. She rushed over to him and hugged him from the front, his arm
between their two bodies, keeping it dry. Kevin smiled at her and she blushed. They
turned to continue the match.

“You think thats going to stop me?” said Storm. “Bulbasaur might not have full power
but it can still attack. Bulbasaur, Solarbeam!”

A blast of solar energy rocketed from the bulb on its back, and it struck Gyarados witha
lot of force. Gyarados was hurt but it could still fight.

“Espeon, we have to get rid of Bulbasaur otherwise Gyarados is in a lot of trouble!””said
Bonnie. “Use a Psybeam!”

Espeon shot out a red and pink beam from the jewel on its head that blasted the Bulbasaur
off its feet, knocking it unconcious.

“Gyarados, use a bubblebeam on Gligar!” called Kevin over the raindrops.

“Gligar, use quick attack!” called Megan. Gligar zipped through the air towards Gyarados
but it wasn’t fast enough as it was blasted out of the air by a surge of rainbow bubbles.
Gligar was down.

“Alright!” cried Bonnie and Kevin, and they hugged eachother closer.
“It’s not over yet, not by a long shot!” called Storm, as both he and Megan recalled their
Bulbasaur and Gligar. They each got out a new pokeball.

“Houndoom, I choose you!” yelled Storm throwing a pokeball. Out of it came Storm’s
Houndoom, Kevin knew one of his strongest pokemon.

“Go Plusle!” cried Megan, the pokeball leaving her hand and bursting open revealing its
little yellow and red pokemon. Electrical energy buzzed around it and it looked ready for
some fun.

<Houndoom><The Dark Pokemon>
<This Dark/Fire type pokemon is the evolved form of Houndour. Upon hearing its eerie
howl, other pokemon flee the area. It is rumoured that if you are burned by the flames of a
Houndoom, the pain will never go away. In legend it is the messenger of hard times hence
the name Houndoom.>

<Plusle><Cheering Pokemon>
<This electric type pokemon is from the land of Hoenn. Often seen in the wild with
Minun, this pokemon fights better if it has one by it’s side. This pokemon loves to cheer
on its team mates by emitting electrical sparks from its cheeks.>

“Gyarados use a watergun on Houndoom, you have the advantage!” called Kevin.
Gyarados balsted out a torrent of water. Storm’s Houndoom leapt nimbly aside avoiding
it easily. It then shot a Flamethrower at Gyarados. The flames however were weakened
considerably by the rain and Gyarados just shrugged it off. Gyarados shot another
watergun that hit Houndoom knocking down.

“Espeon use a psybeam on Plusle!” cried Bonnie. Espeon shout out another beam of
Psychic energy at Plusle who dodged the attack.

“There pokemon are fast...” muttered Kevin to Bonnie as they held eachother close. She

“Plusle use the rain! Direct a Thunder attack on Kevin’s Gyarados!” ordered Megan.
Plusle charged up, eletricity buzzing around it. A blue bolt of lightning crashed down
from the heavens above onto Plusle as it prepared to launch the electric attack.

“Espeon, use a lightscreen!” yelled Bonnie. The psychic pokemon dashed between the
Plusle and Gyarados and closed its eyes. A glossy yellow lightscreen appeared just in
time and the huge fork of lightning which was the thunder attack was deflected.

“Oh no you don’t! Houndoom use a Crunch on Espeon!” called Storm. Houndoom
sprinted over and barged into Espeon from behind knocking it down. Its eyes glowed read
as it snapped its jaws savagely on Espeon’s neck. Espeon screamed and passed out.

“No Espeon!” cried Bonnie. She grabbed it’s pokeball and shot out the red beam.

“Gyarados! Use a surf attack!” ordered Kevin. Gyrados shot out a huge jet of water that
grew larger the further it went. The rain falling down seemed almost magnetically drawn
to it and the collosal water type attack punched hard into Houndoom. Houndoom was out
of this match.

“Houndoom return” said Storm. He clipped the pokeball to his belt. “Well I’m out of the
match” he said rolling his eyes.

“I’m not, come on out Skitty!” said Bonnie tossing a pokeball into the rain. It burst open
and with an angelic mew Skitty appeared.

“But someone soon will be, Plusle use another Thunder!” called Megan. Lightning
rippled through the sky, blasting into Plusle and then forking out and zapping Gyarados.
A direct hit. Gyarados cried out in agony, letting loose a deafening roar before falling to
the wet ground with a crash. Kevin recalled Gyarados.

“Good job buddy” he said to the pokeball. “It’s all up to you now Bonnie.” She nodded.

“Okay Skitty, quick attack!” called Bonnie. Skitty bounded through the rain and bashed
into Plusle knocking it into a puddle. Plusle got up and shook the mud off its once clean
and glossy coat. Up above the rain had begun to stop and the clouds were receding to

“Plusle, use a thundershock!” cried Megan.

“Skitty use a faint attack!” ordered Bonnie.

Plusle chared up the attack and released the thundershock. Skitty darted away and
dissapeared. Megan watched closely...

“From behind, use spark!” she cried, and Plusle charged itself, forks of blue and yellow
electricity buzzing around its body. Skitty attacked but was zapped and knocked away.

“Plusle use a thunderpunch!” said Megan. Plusle charged up its fist and ran towards Slitty
who had just gotten up.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Skitty, quickly use sing!” called Bonnie. Skitty glowed a very slight shade of pink and
began to sing. It’s song was beautiful and incredibly calming thought Kevin. Plusle eyes
began to droop and in mid run toppled to the ground, sleeping like a baby. Kevin yawned
and tried to stay awake.

“Skitty, stop” said Bonnie. Skitty stopped and smiled cutely. “We win!”

“Plusle return!”said Megan, and Plusle was sucked back into it’s ball.

“That match was great!” said Jacob.

“I’ll say!” said Storm moving over to Kevin. “probably the best we have had yet!”

“Good job man” said Kevin shaking Storm’s hand. “I’ll see you again sometime. I can’t
wait until we face off in the Silver Conference. It’s gonna be awesome!”

The rest of them said there goodbyes and Storm and Megan left. Kevin was feeling pretty
good about himself. Just two more badges... it’s gonna be so easy, what could go wrong?

“Great job Bonnie, you won the match for us” said Kevin as they began walking again.

Bonnie blushed. “Oh it was nothing, It was really Skitty who won it for us. Plus my new
Espeon! I love it so much, it’s so cool!”

“Another rare pokemon for your collection” said Jacob smiling at her. Bonnie couldn’t be
happier. She linked arms with Kevin and Jacob on either side. I’m so lucky she thought as
the gang continued their Johto League journey.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 30

Kevin stretched out on the sofa and closed his eyes. The sound of a busy pokemon center
surrounded him. The young trainer was back in Ecruteak City and he was worn out.
Because of the cast on his arm he had had trouble falling asleep on the road from Olivine
to Ecruteak. All the walking, late nights, early mornings; they were starting to take a toll.
Kevin smiled serenely. It would be good to catch up on some rest. Bonnie had gone to see
her sisters and to show off her new Espeon and Skitty to them. They would be proud of
her, thought Kevin. Jacob had left a little while ago to do a little sightseeing. He’d never
been to Ecruteak before and the history that surrounded it fascinated him. He had gone to
check out the Burnt and Tin towers. Kevin wasn’t all that interested. Sleep was a much
better alternative. He shifted his postition and exhaled. If only everyone were a bit more

He began to think about all that had happened since he had left home, all those months
ago. Going to Prof Elms lab early in the morning to pick Totodile as his starter. Catching
a Pidgey the same day. Meeting up with Storm in Cherrygrove. Catching Pichu, after
getting with that blue haired chick... what was her name? Oh it doesn’t matter. I’ve
changed since then. No more womanising for me. Kevin realised then how much he had
grown up and learned since leaving New Bark town. Getting his first badge... that was
something he would never forget. Catching a Skiploom and then trading that for a
Chikorita, who evolved into Bayleef which he then traded for Spoink. Meeting the kind
climber Cliff and catching a Charmander. Rescuing the Slowpoke from Ice. Kevin
touched the scar through his shirt with a fingertip. Winning his second badge, and
catching Aipom in Ilex forest aswell as battling Storm again. Old Man Dojo and his wife
at the Pokemon Daycare. Getting his 3rd badge in Goldenrod when Totodile evolved to
Croconaw. Catching a Scyther in the bug catchin contest and Charmander evolving to
Charmeleon. Two new pokemon in one day. Kevin still couldn’t believe it. Releasing
Pidgeotto into the wild after rescuing the flock from Ice. Meeting Bonnie... Kevin sighed
to himself. That olive skinned beauty. She had been so helpful, always encouraging him.
Winning the badge from Morty. Meeting Timmy and Sandy on the way to Olivine.
Battling Storm in the Lighthous at Olivine. Crossing the ocean. His first encounter with a
legendary pokemon, the mighty Lugia. The Silverwing... why was it given to him?
Catching Gyarados on the deserted island. Arriving in Cianwood, catching a Skitty for
Bonnie because she was turning 14. Getting his fifth badge. Returning back across the
ocean. Sebastian and his little sister, from far away Hoenn. Facing Ice in the jungle.
Kevin grimaced as he remembered the snap of his arm as it was kicked. He scratched at
the cast with a fingernail. Getting his 6th badge from Jasmine, and then battling against
Storm and his girlfriend a week ago.

Only two more gyms left to go to. Then he would be able to qualify for the Silver
conference. He couldn’t wait! He had seen pokemon tournaments on the tv before, but he
wondered what it must be like, standing in the trainers box, with thousands of people
screaming for you. He heard a phone ring from the reception desk

<Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring Ring, Phonecall! Phonecall!>

I wonder when Bonnie and Jacob will get back thought Kevin. His thoughts were
interrupted by Nurse Joy’s sweet voice.

“Kevin Sun?” she called out across the room. There was a murmur among the people in
the center as they looked around eagerly.

“Yes nurse?” he said reluctantly. He thought he heard someone whisper, “It’s the son of
the Dragon Trainer” but he ignored it.

“Theres a phonecall for you, take it in the other room.”

Kevin nodded and got up, trying to ignore the stares of some of the people he walked
passed. He opened a door that led into a small room with four phone terminals. The room
was empty. He sat down at the closest phone, typed in his ID and waited. The screen
came alive and Kevin could see...

“Ice?” Kevin asked disbelievingly. The teen with the shaggy white hair and blue grey
eyes smiled at him.

“Hello Kevin, you seem surprised to see me” he said evily.

“What do you want?” Kevin’s voice barley came out as a whisper.

“Your cold lifeless body, but that is not what I’m calling about.” he said smiling. “The
Silverwing, I want it.”

“What makes you think I’ll give it to you. If you try anything, I’ll call the police!” said
Kevin menacingly.

“No, I don’t think you will.” he said confidently. His arrogance disgusted Kevin. “Not
unless you want to see Old Man Dojo, join his wife in the next life...”

“What??” gasped Kevin.

“See for yourself” said Ice and he turned the camera. Nina’s body lay on the wooden floor
of the daycare center, in a pool of her own blood. Weeping over her lifeless body was Old
Man Dojo.

“He will be next son of the dragon trainer” came his venomous voice, “if I don’t have the
Silverwing within 5 minutes. I’m sending you a pokeball. In it is an Abra. Use it to
teleport here. Come alone. If you don’t then I’ll shoot the old man. You have no choice
Kevin. See you soon...”

The line went dead and the screen went black. Kevin was panicking. He couldn’t let Old
Man Dojo die. But Lugia had said not to give Ice the Silverwing. Ice was right... he had
no choice. Kevin was startled as the little socket next to the computer terminal lit up and
a pokeball appeared. Kevin took a deep breath and took the pokeball. This was it...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin could still here the sounds of people talking and laughing in the other room,
completely unaware of the dilemma that he was facing. The light reflected off the shiny
pokeball in his hand. He took a deep breath and pressed the button. With a flash of
brilliance there was Ice’s Abra. The unusual looking yellow pokemon seemed to be
asleep. Kevin tentativlely reached out and touched his hand to the pokemons head.

“Abraaaa...” it spoke in a haunting voice. Kevin’s body tingled as a yellow light traversed
around his body. Kevin shut his eyes. He heard a weird noise and then he reopened his
eyes. He had been teleported, right into Old Man Dojo’s dining room.

“Ahh Kevin, glad you could make it...” came a voice. Kevin whirled around to see Ice
leaning on the table, a gun in his hands. The youth looked at him with cold eyes. “Now
hand me the Silverwing.”

Kevin hesitated, trying to think of something. He sensed movement behind him. Turning
he saw Old Man Dojo, tears running down his face into his beard, standing defiantly.

“Kevin, the Silverwing?” said Ice again.

Kevin tried to stall for time. “First tell me how you knew about this place. How’d you
know I would come?”

“Isn’t it obvious Kevin?” said Ice. “I’ve been spying on you. Why else do you think we
keep meeting up with eachother?”

Kevin was shocked by this. “Why do you want the Silverwing so badly anyway?”

“Why should I tell you? I have my reasons, and so does Giovanni. Hand it over.”

Kevin reached into his pocket to get the wing when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t do it Kevin. Don’t give into him.” said the old man. “We can stop him -”

“I’d love to see you try,” said Ice smiling. “One wrong move and I’ll shoot you both.”

Kevin thought about getting one of his pokemon out. If he could just get Gyarados or
Scyther out of their balls, I could stop him. Kevin slowly moved his hand towards the
Lureball. Ice saw it and cocked the gun pointing it at Kevin’s arm.

“Do you want me to bust up the other arm too?” said Ice.

Kevin gave up. This was too big for him to handle. “Okay... you win Simon...”

“My name is Ice, son of the dragon trainer.” said Ice swiftly. “And of course I win..”

Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled out the Silverwing. It seemed to shine of its own
acord. Ice walked over to Kevin, the gun still pointed at his head. Ice reached out and
took the Silverwing. He grinned and put it away in his jacket. He moved towards the
door, his Abra floating along behind him. He turned and locked eyes with Kevin and
raised the handgun. “Goodbye Kevin...”

“Noooooooooo!!” cried Old Man Dojo.


Old Man Dojo pushed Kevin aside, the bullet hitting him in the chest. Blood splattered
and the martial arts master cried out in pain. He fell to his knees and slumped to the floor.

Kevin looked up, tears begining to well in his eyes, just as Ice teleported away with his
Abra. Kevin crawled over to the heavily breathing Dojo. Kevin rolled him over onto his
back. The old man grimaced in pain. He looked up at Kevin, his eyes slightly out of

Kevin had trouble forming words. “W...Why?” was all he could muster.

“Because...” started the old man. He coughed and blood started to dribble from his
mouth. “You... are the only one... who can stop him.... I - have lived my life...”

“What if I can’t stop him?” Kevin cried. He wiped his tears away with the sleeve of his
red shirt.

“You will... you must believe...” coughed Old Man Dojo. “Goodbye Kevin... I go... to
beee, with my... wife....”

Old Man Dojo’s eyes rolled back and his eyelids closed. He drew one last ragged breath
before falling silent. Kevin crawled to a corner of the room and cried. It’s all my fault....

That’s where Bonnie, Jacob and the Goldenrod police found him. They had asked Nurse
Joy in Ecruteak asking where Kevin was. After watching the hi-res security camera’s,
they knew where to go. Bonnie used her Espeon to Teleport herself and Jacob to the
Goldenrod Police department, but they had been too late. After they had cleared away the
bodies, they questioned Kevin about what had happened. Kevin was reluctant to speak,
seeing how he felt as if he opened his mouth that he would throw up, but he told them
what had happened. The Police thanked Kevin for his help. Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob
teleported back to Ecruteak. By that time, the sun was setting, and the dying sunlight
caused the Tin tower to cast a long shadow across the town. Bonnie and Jacob
encouraged Kevin to eat something but he couldn’t do it.

“I’m going to bed” he whispered, before standing up, his chair scraping on the pokemon
center floor. Kevin made his way to their room. Opening the door, he stepped inside
before closing the door again behind him. Kevin went to his bed, the only light being the
moons eerie white glow. Kevin buried his face in his pillow again and the tears came.
Why did this have to happen? Old Man Dojo and his wife are dead, and I gave up without
a fight. I should have done something...

The door creaked as it was opened, light from the hallway, spilling into the room. Kevin
didn’t need to look to know who it was. The way she breathed and the sounds of her light
footsteps; it was enough to know that it was her. He thanked God for her. She shut the
door behing her. He heard her approach and felt the bed move as she sat down. Kevin
wiped his tears on the pillow before turning to look up at her angelic face, that was bathed
in moonlight from the window. The tears in her eyes sparkled. The little singlet top she
was wearing clung to her olive skinned body, as did the little gym shorts. Her dark brown
hair was tied back, the red bangs hanging free, framing her face. They just looked at
eachother, staring into eachothers soul. She moved down the bed and took his shoes off
for him. She then slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing more of his chest and abodmen.
He sat up and shrugged out of it, the muscles in his arms and chest rippling with hidden
power. Bonnie lay him down and lay on top of him. She kissed his scar tenderly before
moving up and kissing his neck. She whispered in his ear.

“Kevin... its not your fault...” she breathed. It was almost as if she had been reading
his mind. “There was nothing that could have been done to save him. If you had tried
something... he... he would have killed you...” He felt the wetness of a tear on his
neck. “Kevin, I don’t know about you, but I believe in fate. Things happen for a
reason, because they are supposed to happen. I was meant to find you on that sunny
day a few moths ago, just as you were meant to survive this encounter. Last time we
were in this room, you were the one who cared for me. This time, I’m gonna take care
of you...”
She ran a hand through his thick blonde hair, and kissed him on the lips. Kevin was
taken aback. She said she didn't like him more then a friend...
"But I thought -" he began before she cut him off by putting a finger to his lips.
"I didn't want to get close to you becuase I was afraid that I was gonna lose you, just
like I lost Ryan. But I don't care anymore... I love you..."
Kevin woke suddenly and opened his eyes. There was no one else in his bed. He
looked across the room and saw Bonnie sleeping softly in the bottom bunk, Jacob
dead to the world and snoring on the top. Kevin grimaced. It had only been a dream...
he was very alone. He closed his eyes again and saw Old Man Dojo pleading him for
help. Tears came freshly from his eyes again. It was his fault. If he had never met Old
Man Dojo and his caring wife, they wouldn’t be dead now.
Kevin shook his head, as his body was racked with silent sobs. It wasn’t his fault. It
was Ice’s... that bastard! he thought angrily. Kevin made a covenant with Old Man
Dojo’s memory to stop Ice, no matter what.
His grief still remained and so did the tears...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 31

Three pairs of feet skuffed dirt into the air with each step, as Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob
made their way uphill. The sun beat down. It was another hot day. But Kevin still felt
cold inside. Bonnie squeezed his hand reassuringly. Kevin was fine during the days, the
sunshine lifting him away from grief and sorrow, and he was thankful for Bonnie’s rare
sign of affection towards him. Jacob was awesome aswell, always makin him laugh with
his crazy antics with the pokemon. His friends were helping him as best they could and it
was working. He was slowly but surely coming to terms with the shocking tragedy. They
were on there way to Mahognay Town which was nestled amongst the foothills of the
biggest mountain range of the entire Johto/Kanto area. There, Kevin could get his next
badge, making it 7 out of 8. So close...

As all these things were going through Kevin’s mind, there came a beeping from his
pokegear on his wrist. Kevin moved his arm with the cast on it to press the button. Kevin
peered at the screen and saw Professor Elm’s face.

“Hello Kevin, how are you?” came Prof Elms voice, slightly distorted by the tiny speaker.

“I’ve been better...” muttered Kevin, as he and the gang sat down under a tree to get out
of the suns heat.

Prof Elm looked a little uneasy.

“Sorry Professor, did you have something to tell me?” said Kevin apolegetically.

“Yes I do actually.” he said beaming. “The APTPOC system has been recalibrated to my
labratory, so any pokemon you capture will be sent to New Bark Town. Your Croconaw
and Pikachu have been relocated here from the Daycare Center and are doing fine.”

“Thanks Professor.” said Kevin.

“Okay well I have more research to do and I must look after the pokemon. Goodbye

“See ya.” said Kevin and the screen went blank.

Kevin, Bonnie and Jacob enjoyed the shade that the tree provided and sat there for
awhile, recovering there strength, getting ready to face the heat again. As Kevin was
taking a swig from his water bottle he looked out across the fields. They were in fairly
hilly country, and the grass was yellowing, a visual sign of the heat. There were a few
scattered trees around. Kevin looked to the west and saw a mountain towering in the
distance. That was Mount Mortar and Kevin knew that a little further on was Ecruteak
City. The sun reflected off the snow capped peak of the mountain blinding Kevin. He
looked out towards the east and saw other mountains in the distance. Thats where they
were headed.

A hint of movement caught his eye and he turned to look at the long grass to his left.
About a hundred feet away he saw what looked like a big yellow sun flower. Except it
was moving. It was a pokemon!

“Look over there!” he said pointing. Seeing new pokemon always made him happy.

“Its a pokemon!” said Bonnie.

“Yeh it looks like a Sunflora,” said Jacob rubbing the stubble on his chin. “Check your

They approached carefully and Kevin got out his pokedex. The Sunflora was stepping
back and forth, moving rapidly, soaking up the sun’s rays and it seemed oblivious to there

<Sunflora> <Sun Pokemon>
<This grass type pokemon is the evolved form of Sunkern. Sunflora like to live in warm
places where there is lots of sunlight. It will move around during the day as the sun is
constantly being converted into energy. At nightime, Sunflora closes its pettles and comes
to a complete stop>

“Why don’t you catch it?” said Bonnie smiling.

“Yeh, a new friend is just what you need!” said Jacob from behind him.

Kevin smiled. They were right. Using his good hand he unhooked a pokeball from his

“Scyther I choose you!” he said and threw the ball. It burst open with a dazzling flash and
there stood the mighty Scyther. Sunflora whipped its petaled head around to see what was
going on.

“Scyther use Cut!” came the first command from Kevin. Scyther lunged forwards through
the grass stalks, rapidly reducing the distance between itself and the Sunflora. Kevin’s
pokemon slashed out with its scythe at Sunflora’s skinny neck. The grass pokemon bent
back doubled over, the attack missing by inches. Sunflora righted itself and sprung
backwards, giving itself room. It flicked its leaf arms at Scyther shooting out a volley of
Razor leafs.

“Cut them up Scyther!” called Kevin. Scyther cut them all in two when they came near,
the foliage falling to the ground in a harmless pile. The petals around Sunflora’s face
began to rapidly light up one by one a brilliant white.

“Woh, watch out, thats a Solarbeam!” warned Jacob. “Because it’s so sunny it will be
ready real soon.”

The last petal lit up and then Sunflora’s face was alight with radiance.

“Sunflora!” it cried, and it launched the powerful attack. The huge white and yellow beam
rocketed through the steaming air right towards Scyther.

“Woh! Scyther agility!” cried Kevin. The blood was pumping in his viens. A pokemon
battle was just what he had needed. Scyther disappeared in a flash, and reappeared next to
the Sunflora, completely avoiding the devestating grass move that streaked past into the

“Scyther Slash!” yelled Kevin. Sunflora was taken completely off guard and was knocked
to the ground hard with a one powerful swing of Scyther’s blade. Sunflora started to get
back to it’s feet.

“Fury Cutter!” came the order from Kevin. Scyther cut at Sunflora 5 times in sucsession
knocking the grass pokemon unconcious.

“Sunflora, your mine!” cried Kevin, hurling a pokeball. It spun through the air, hitting the
motionless pokemon. It popped open with a buzz and Sunflora was enveloped in a red
light, which was drawn inside the pokeball. A metallic click sounded as the sphere
snapped shut. It fell on the ground, bounced and rolled, rocking
sporadically. Kevin crossed his fingers...


“Alright!” said Kevin punching the air! His friends smiled. Kevin was back again. Kevin
went to pick up the ball which contained his new Sunflora when it dissapeared with a
flash before he could reach it. Kevin rolled his eyes.

“Proffessor Elm is gonna have a new arrival.” said Kevin. He tapped in a number on his
pokegear and a tiny phone symbol appeared. Prof Elm’s face came into view.

“Hello again Kevin” he said cheerfully. “I assume you are calling about the Sunflora you
just sent me. I did a quick scan on it as soon as it arrived and its an excellent specimen.”

“Yeah, I thought so, it used a solarbeam on my Scyther, it was impressive!” said Kevin,
grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you want to swap your team around?” he asked.

“Yes, if its not too much trouble. I’d like to send you my Gyarados, Farfetch’d and
Aipom in exchange for my Croconaw, Pikachu and my new Sunflora.”

“Sure thing” came Elm’s reply. Kevin carried out the steps, placing the fastball, lureball
and a pokeball on the ground. They glowed white and vanished soon being replaced with
3 shiny red pokeballs.

“Thankyou very much Professor!” said Kevin and he hung up. Kevin bent to pick up the
pokeballs when suddenly one burst open, releasing an unhappy Pikachu. The unhappiness
quickly transformed into delight as Pikachu saw its trainers face. It jumped up on to
Kevin’s shoulder and hugged his neck.

“Its good to see you too buddy!” said Kevin laughing.

“Whats that over there?” came Jacob’s voice. Kevin saw him pointing down to a
nieghbouring hill. “Is it a pokemon?”

Kevin squinted, the sun hindering his vision. “I’d say it looks like a boulder...” he
muttered. Pikachu made a sound and hid behind Kevin’s head.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Guys, its a man, and hes coming this way” Bonnie was right, and
he was already half way to them. He was bellowing loudly at them, and he seemed

“Kevin! Kevin Sun is that you???” he hollered. Kevins eyes widened in surprise. It couldn't be...

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Cliff?” he called back. The fat hiker with his big black beard and even bigger belly
began huffing and puffing up the hill until he stood by them. He towered over them, even
Jacob who was pretty tall. He was grinning like a simpleton and he grabbed Kevin in a rib
crunching bear hug.
Kevin gagged and Cliff let him go when he realised he was hurting his idol.

“Kevin, its you again!” he cried.

Kevin smiled. “Yeah its been awhile.”


“Kevin whos this?” asked Jacob.

“This is Cliff, I met him back in Union Cave when I was about to fall into a pit of
smouldering lava. Cliff here pulled me out. He saved my life”

“Aww, stop it Kevin, it was no biggy” said Cliff grinning, scratching the back of his head.
“I was just in the right place at the right time. Woh! what happened to you arm!”

“Thats a long story...” said Kevin

The four of them sat down and continued talking about all that had happened between
Union Cave and now. There was a lot to tell and the sun had reached its zenith hours
before they finished. The gang told Cliff the same story that Kevin had relayed to his
mum, how he had tripped and broke his arm. Cliff was very impressed with Kevin’s six

“I told you were gonna be a damn good trainer!” he laughed, his rolls jiggling. “WellI
have been doing some serious training myself...”

Cliff paused and then nodded, as if he had made up his mind about something.

“KEVIN I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE!” he roared, his gargantuan
voice blasting from his mouth. Kevin winced noticably.

“Yeh sure, no need to yell...” he said, a finger twisting in his ear.

“Oh, yeh, right... sorry...” Cliff sweatdrops.

“Lets make it two pokemon each” said Kevin getting up and moving to a clear area of
grass for the match.”

“Two sounds good to me” said Cliff. They moved apart and faced each other, Bonnie and
Jacob staying in the cool shadow of the tree.

“Go Graveller!” cried Cliff, throwing a ball out into the arena. It burst open and zoomed
back to Cliff’s outstretched hand leaving behind an impressive looking pokemon. Its two
sets of stone arms flexed, daring anyone to challenge the living boulder.

Kevin whipped out his pokedex:
<Graveller><The Rock Pokemon>
<This ground/rock type pokemon is the evolved form of geodude. As Graveller grows its
shed its rock like skin. This pokemon rolls down hills to move around and it won’t stop
for anything. Once it reaches the bottom of the hill its slowly climb up again. This keeps
them in peak condition.>

Kevin put away the database and picked a pokeball from his belt. He spoke to it.

“I’ve never used you in battle before but I’ve seen how powerful you are. I know you can
win this. So I choose you, Sunflora!”

Kevin threw the ball and it exploded in a white light releasing the grass pokemon onto the
field. The ball streaked back to Kevin and he snatched it out of the air. The stage was set.
“Graveller use Rockthrow!” bellowed Cliff. Graveller summoned with a yellow glow,
small boulders into the palms of its hands. It heaved them with all its might at Sunflora.

“Sunflora, dodge it!” cried Kevin. Sunflora dashed about, avoiding the rocks as they
crashed into the ground, sending dust into the air. “Now use razorleaf!”

Sunflora flicked its leaves, sending the sharp projectiles spinning towards the rock

“Harden!” It’s skin flashed briefly white and the leaves bounced off with a metallic
CHINK. Cliff was grins all over.

“Hahaha!” he laughed heartily. “I can’t believe I’m battling Kevin Sun! Oh Gravller,
good job by the way!”

Kevin chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Sunflora... use your... megadrain!” he said, trying to
think of a move and succeeding. What looked like a ray of sunshine shot out from
Sunflora and hit Graveller square in the face. A visible ball of energy was sucked across
to Sunflora, weakening the hiker’s pokemon.

“Graveller use a defense curl!” Graveller tucked itself into a ball, increasing its defensive

“If he’s going to increase his defense, then I should increase my attack” said Kevin aloud.
“Sunflora, use growth.”

Sunflora nodded and looked up at the blinding sun. Sunflora glowed a faint yellow and
slightly increased it’s size.

“Quick Gravller, use a rollout!” shouted Cliff. Graveller leapt forwards and began
tumbling towards the preoccupied Sunflora, rolling at an incredible speed.

“Woh, Sunflora move!” Sunflora turned to move but it was too late. Bang! It was hit by
the oncoming Gravller, doing considerable damage. It streaked on past and began to turn
around for its second run.

“Kevin be careful, that rollouts attack has been doubled!” called Jacob.

“Because of the defense curl?” asked Kevin. Jacob nodded. Kevin turned back to the
battle to see Graveller bearing down on Sunflora.

“Move Sunflora!” cried Kevin, and Sunflora sprinted away, but Graveller beagn
following it and was slowly gaining.

“Yeah! Thats the stuff Graveller!” yelled Cliff. Graveller was just about on top of

“Sunflora spin and use Vinewhip!” Quick as lightning, Kevin’s pokemon spun and shot
out twin vines slapping them into graveller. who was deflected off course and went
sailing overhead. It landed with a thump on the otherside and kept on rolling.

“Now Sunflora, charge up a Solarbeam!” Kevin guessed in this sunlight that there was
just enough time. Sunflora’s petal lit up one by one, as Graveller came ever closer.

“Speed up Graveller! Don’t let it finish!” called Cliff, jumping up and down. Graveller
seemed to increase its speed. I’m cutting it close thought Kevin...

The last petal lit up and so too did the smiling face of Sunflora. “NOW!”

Boom! The swirling solar energies erupted from Sunflora’s face, the yellow and white
beam plowing right into Graveller. Cliff’s poke was sent reeling through the air, landing
with a groundshaking crash outside the field. Its eyes were spinning.

“Yeah alright!” cried Kevin, punching the air with his good hand. “That was excellent
work Sunflora!”

“Pika Pikachu!”

“Wow...” breathed Cliff, eyes wide in astonishment. His face split into a huge grin. “This
is so awesome! Graveller return, you did a great job old buddy!”
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

The battle is looking great so far Dr. Skottie, I thought it was Cliff, especially when Kevin mistook him for a boulder! Keep it up Skottie, this fic is great!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“Alright Kevin, I’m not holding back now! I choose you Blaze!”

Cliff’s belly wobbled as he hurled the pokeball out onto the field. the red and white ball split
open and poured out the white energy. The light faded revealing a yellow and blue pokemon
almost as tall Kevin. Its narrowed eyes glared at them and it bared its needle sharp teeth. Kevin
checked the pokedex:

<Typhlosion><The Volcano Pokemon>
<Typhlosion is the final evolution of Cyndaquil, evolving from Quilava. This very strong fire type
pokemon is ferocios in combat. When it’s rage peaks, its fur can become so hot that anything
that touches it will burst into flames. Handle with care>

“Time to heat things up!” yelled Cliff. Voom! Flames erupted around the back of Typhlosion’s
neck and the fire type let loose a roar. Sunflora recoiled from it and held its head in its leaf like
hands. “Blaze, use flamewheel!”

Suddenly, Typhlosion’s fur exploded with flames, the fire spiralling around the its sleak form. It
lunged towards Sunflora, sprinting on all fours.

“Sunflora use a vinewhip!” cried Kevin. Sunflora shot out twin vines but Typhlosion avoided
them easily and kept on coming.

“Again Sunflora” The grass pokemon tried again, this time nicking Blaze’s shoulder. The fire
pokemon stumbled slightly but recovered quickly. Putting on a burst of speed, it plowed right
into Sunflora.

“Ember!” rumbled Cliff. Blaze whipped its head around and blasted a shot of flaming ember’s at
point blank range. Sunflora wobbled around and fell to the ground. It was out.

“Good job Sumflora, return” said Kevin, “That Typhlosion of yours is powerful!”

Cliff’s beedy eyes widened and he began jumping around. “He complimented my pokemon!”

Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob and Pikachu all sweatdrop. Kevin put Sunflora’s pokeball back on his
belt and grabbed another one.

“I choose you Croconaw!” cried Kevin, sending out the water pokemon. Croconaw balled its
fists and was ready to go. “Croconaw use a bite!”

Croconaw dashed over to Typhlosion biting it on the arm, clamping down hard. Typhlosion
flung its arm hard, flinging Croconaw off. Kevin’s pokemon hit the ground but flipped up onto
its feet in no time.

“Blaze use Flamethrower!”bellowed Cliff. Typhlosion shot out a plume of fire, that streaked
towards Croconaw, burning up the air.

“Croconaw, hit it with a watergun!” ordered Kevin. Croconaw launched a out a jet of water
that hit the oncoming flames head on. The two attack hit in the middle, pushing against eachother
sometimes gaining a bit of ground and sometimes losing. Both Pokemon stopped.

“Wow, your Croconaw has spirit. But lets see if its watergun can take this. Blaze! Fireblast!”
yelled Cliff. Typhlosion stood tall, breathing in the air about it. It opened is mouth slightly flames
licking up out like thousands of tongues. Blaze opened it mouth and the searing hot flames
exploded outwards, forming the fireblast symbol, like a 5 sided star. The huge fire attack
rocketed towards Croconaw.

“Croconaw watch out!” cried Kevin. Croconaw stood firm and shot out an impressive
watergun attack that slowed the fire attack, but didn’t stop it. It came ever closer to Croconaw.
Suddenly there was a flash of white light from Croconaw and it began to grow.

“No way...” breathed Kevin, a smile playing across his lips. Bonnie and Jacob were wide eyed,
as they witnessed Croconaw’s evolution to Feraligatr. The light faded and there was Feraligatr
at almost 8 feet high, towering over Typhosion. Its sky blue scales shone in the light and its huge
clawed hands flexed with new power. The sun reflected off the giant red spines that stood erect
on its head, back and tail.

“My very own Feraligatr...” said Kevin exilerated. The Fireblast was still bearing down...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

this is real great skottie. i cant wait to see feraligater beat up tyflosion. good work!
"i'm here to kick ass an chew gum, an i'm all outta gum!"

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

“My very own Feraligatr...” said Kevin exilerated. Kevins previous pokemon had past on
the baton to Feraligatr, water still streaming from its huge jaws. The fireblast was being
pushed back! It dissolved and the raging flames died with the water.

“Come on Blaze we have battled harder opponents then this!” said Cliff passionately.
Typhlosion smiled at its trainer and snorted flames from its nostrils. “Go Blaze,

Typhlosion in an instant dashed towards Feraligatr and barged into its stomach. Feraligatr
only winced slightly.

“Feraligatr, use a Slash attack!” called Kevin. Feraligatr swung its arms raking its strong
claws into Typhlosions flesh. It cried out in pain.

“Flamethrower!” cried Cliff. The flames blasted out of the Typhlosions mouth and point
blank range. Feraligatr barged through the flames and tackled Typhlosion to the ground.
Feraligatr’s menacing form stood over it.

“Alright Feraligatr! Watergun!” ordered a smiling Kevin. Feraligatr breathed and blasted
out a torrent of water, hitting the fire pokemon with incredible force, pinning it down into
the mud, preventing its escape.

“Alright thats enough Feraligatr” said Kevin. Feraligatr stopped the flow of water. Its
mighty tail swished back and forth. Typhlosion lay unconcious in the mud. Kevin was the

“Yes!” said Kevin. He smiled at his new pokemon. “Great job Feraligatr!”

Feraligatr let out a roar and winked at Kevin before it was sucked back inside its

“Typhlosion return, you fought bravely!” said Cliff returning his pokemon with a flash of
red. Tears welled up in his eyes...

“THAT WAS THE BEST BATTLE EVER!” he bellowed at the top of his lungs. “Kevin
you are amazing. Your going straight to number one! Your already number one in my
books anyway.”

Kevin laughed. “Thanks a lot Cliff, that means a lot to me.”

Kevin moved over and shook the giant hiker’s hand. He grimaced slightly at the crushing
force of his grip but endured.

“I’ll see you at the Silver Conference Kevin! I’ll be sitting in the front row!” said Cliff

“Seeya round Cliff, take care big guy!” said Kevin.

“Will do” said Cliff winking. “Goodbye Kevin, Bonnie, Jacob...”

The gang said there final good byes as Cliff plodded off down the hill, over the next and
out of sight. It was late afternoon, but there was still enough light to travel a bit more
before they set up camp. They grabbed there things and set off again towards the
mountain range in the desert.

“You were impressive back there Kevin” commented Jacob patting his back.

“Kevin just keeps on getting better and better.” said Bonnie, nudging him with a shoulder.
Kevin blushed.

“And now that I have Feraligatr, I’ll be unstoppable!” he said grinning, stroking
Feraligatr’s pokeball. The Silver Conference... Kevin couldn’t wait.
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Chapter 32

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. They had finally made it to Mahogany Town. It was a
intriguing village that was nestled amongst the lower skirts of the Golden Range
Mountains. The small yet classy houeses perched on the slopes that surrounded the center
of town, sometimes precariusly, as if a small gust of wind would send them crashing
down the mountain. The air was fresh, sweet and cool here. The searing temperature had
slowly fallen since Kevin aquired his two new pokemon, and there was a slight chill in
the air even though it was around eleven in the morning. During the time he had travelled
from Ecruteak to Mahogany here had come to terms with the loss of Old Man Dojo and
his spirits had risen considerably. The gang walked down the main road of the town,
people going about their everyday business. Before this day ends, thought Kevin, I’ll have
seven badges... A smile played across his lips.

“I’m so glad we are finally here...” breathed Jacob, his muscles sore from the ascent to the

“Pika-Pikachu” said Pikachu happily from Kevin’s shoulder.

“No wonder your happy” said Jacob resentfully. “You’ve been taxied around by Kevin
this whole time, you fat lump!”

Pikachu growled “Pika...”

Uh oh, thought Kevin as he braced himself.

“CHU!” cried the yellow mouse, sending a jolt of lightning from its furry red cheeks.

“Ahhh!” cried Jacob falling on the ground, fried to a crisp. Kevin and Bonnie both

“Serves you right for insulting one of Kevin’s pokemon!” Bonnie giggled.

“Yeah, they know they are champs, just like their master!” said Kevin egotistically. He flexed his right arm muscles (as his left was in a cast still) and winked at an invisible
crowd. Jacob rolled his eyes.

“Your not the champ yet Kevin” he said, bringing Kevin abruptly down to earth.

“Well yeh... umm anyway, lets get to the Pokemon Centre, get a checkup on all our
pokemon and while we are there we can grab something to eat. Then I’m gonna go get
badge number seven! Oh yeah!”

“Good idea” said Bonnie leading the way. They searched for a few minutes and then
stumbled across the dome shaped building. Kevin pushed the door and it swung inwards
letting the gang enter in. The moved up the counter and her greeted by a stunning Nurse
Joy who was soon overwhelmed when ten pokeballs and a Pikachu were placed on the

“Permitting they are healthy this shouldn’t take more then fifteen minutes” she said
brightly. The gang thanked her and went and grabbed a pizza from the cafeteria before
taking a seat, Kevin and Bonnie next to eachother, Jacob sitting across from them. They
began there lunch, Kevin taking a slice of the steaming pizza and biting into it. They
commented on how good the pizza was and just generally relaxed.

Suddenly the door burst open with a bang as it hit the wall. Kevin looked over to see what
looked like an experienced pokemon trainer a long with two friends. The trainer looked
angry and frustrated. His shock of white blonde hair was tied back in a neat ponytail, and
his long brown trenchcoat trailed behind him. He had black pants and t-shirt. A long
white scarf was thrown around his neck, finished the impressive look. Kevin glimpsed
pokeballs at his belt.

“Hey Rick you did great!” said one of his companions, a short girl with bright pink hair,
tied into two cute pigtails. She had a white top on, with a red jacket over the top, a tartan
miniskirt and knee high white socks with white shoes. Not bad thought Kevin. “You were
so close, I swear you looked like you had it in the bag.”

“Shutup Amy, I sucked!” said Rick angriliy.

“No you didn’t! You did better then last time!” said Amy, not giving an inch.

“Oi, don’t start now” said the other guy, with a shock of black spiky hair with a white
jacket and jeans. “You fought for a whole hour last time you battled Pryce, just drop it
now. Rick can always try tomorrow.”

“Your right as usual Danny...” said Rick smiling. They moved and put a bunch of
pokeballs up on the counter and moved away to the otherside of the room to take a seat.

“I wonder what all that was about” said Kevin curiously.

“Kevin, I think Pryce is the Gym Leader here...” said Jacob.

“He sounds tough Kevin...” said Bonnie, taking a small bite out of her slice of pizza.

“Sure does...” muttered Kevin. “But I know I can beat him...”

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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Kevin looked over to the counter and saw Nurse Joy still checking up all the pokemon.
His eyes wandered the room and settled on the group in the corner. It wouldn’t hurt to
know something about what he was up against...

“I’m gonna go talk to him. See if I can find anything about this Pryce guy.”

“We’ll come with you” said Bonnie, gesturing for Jacob to follow. They got up, leaving
the half finished pizza on the table and approached the group. The one called Rick looked
up at them.

“Can we help you?” he said in a disinterested manner.

“Yeah, I was wondering if you could give me some tips about how to beat Pryce.” said

Rick looked him up and down. “Why should I help you?”

Kevin controlled his temper. “Why shouldn’t you?”

“Because you don’t look like anyone worthy of help.” said Rick grinning at his friends
who laughed.

Kevin balled his fists, but before he could do anything Jacob stepped in. Rick and Jacob
looked about the same size and age noted Kevin.

“You seem pretty cocky for someone who hasn’t beaten Pryce.” said Jacob confidently.

Rick glared at him. He stood up in his seat but Danny, his black haired friend stepped in
front of him. Jacob and Danny locked eyes with each other.

“How dare you talk to the grandson of the great Gym Leader Pryce!” said Danny coolly.

“And how dare he be rude to the son of Lance the Dragon Trainer himself!” matched

Kevin and Rick’s eyes widened and they peered around there ‘bodyguards’ and stared in
surprise at each other. Amy and Bonnie looked at each other, and rolled there eyes
giggling. ‘Boys’ they thought in unison.

“It looks like you have a good friendship with Rick” said Jacob smiling. Danny returned
the gesture.

“And you and... Kevin is it?” he asked. Kevin nodded. “You guys seem pretty close”

“Do you want battle?” asked Jacob. He had been itching for a good battle for a long time.
Seemingly so had Danny.

“Let’s do it!” he said. The pair made to move outside.

“Umm guys” said Kevin and Rick at the same time. They laughed and Kevin continued.
“Doesn’t Nurse Joy still have all our pokemon?”

Jacob and Danny fall over anime style, crashing to the floor. They got up laughing. “Got a
bit carried away then” said Jacob and Danny agreed. They all took a seat and introduced
themselves. Rick apologized for his rudeness, as there were many people who asked him
for things because he was moderately famous. Kevin knew exactly where he was coming
from and readily forgave him. Rick told Kevin he hadn’t left Mahogany town to go on his
journey yet and that he wasn’t going to until he could beat his grandfather Pryce. He had
caught a few pokemon from nearby areas and had been training for quite awhile but he
hadn’t yet been able to beat his grandfather. Danny was Rick’s best mate and had left and
come back from a Pokemon journey to join his friend in his adventures. He had only won
a few badges. Amy just liked the two boys and wanted to travel around and meet people.

“So tell me about Pryce” said Kevin.

“He is an extremely powerful Ice type trainer. He has had his pokemon for years and they
are incredibly faithful to him, not to mention strong! He doesn’t lose often...”

“Woh... he sounds like a bit challenge.” said Kevin stroking his chin, feeling the bit of
stumble that had been growing there lately. Kevin scratched the plaster on his arm. It was
really annoying him...
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Default Re: ~An Adventure of a Lifetime!~

Great Job, Dr Skottie! I really can't wait to read more!
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