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Default Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

First Act: Introduction

“How the heck did I get myself involved with this,” Shaun sighed, absentmindedly staring outside the window, as the blue Volvo went up Mist Mountain.

“Shaun, you’re such a killjoy,” Louise said, sitting next to Shaun in the backseats and punching him on his shoulder. “Be glad someone invited you to stay at a mansion.”

“Don’t forget who to thank for it,” said a voice coming from the passenger seat.

“As if you would ever let me forget it, Joel,” Shaun noted, rubbing his sore shoulder.

“Hey, don’t forget about me, or I’ll stop driving you guys around,” the driver said, looking at Shaun and Louise through the rearview mirror.

“Thank you, Mike!” they quickly said, and they all broke out in laughter.

“Heck, what I wouldn’t give to be 18 with a driver license stuffed in my pocket,” Shaun sighed.

“Well, it’s only a couple of months until you’re 18, isn’t it?” Louise said, twirling her finger around her long, brown hair.

“Yeah, but you’d expect it to come sooner. I’ve been waiting ages for it,” Shaun replied, returning once more to his gazing at the scenery behind the car window.

They continued their little chit chat until they arrived at the mansion a good half an hour later. As soon as Mike had pulled up on the drive way, a man in a gardener’s suit came running towards them.

“You must be our last guests. We’ve been waiting for you. You can park the car over there.” The gardener pointed to a spot where several cars were already lined up. With this said, the man hurried back toward the door.

“Not even a proper welcome? I must say these workmen around here are ill mannered,” Joel said.

“He probably has a million things to worry about, so cut the man some slack,” Mike responded, as he turned the engine off. “Anyways, I’ll pop the trunk, so get your stuff out, before I leave you guys out in the cold.”

Five minutes later, our four friends were inside a warm room, with their bags next to them. Seven pairs of eyes were staring at them, but they didn’t mind the attention. Suddenly a familiar voice broke the silence; it was the gardener. But he had changed his clothes this time around. He was wearing a butler suit, apparently made of the finest materials, as Joel graciously pointed out. His graying hair was now neatly combed back; unlike the chaotic hairdo he had just a couple of minutes ago.

“Welcome youngster, to this mystery game. I assume you’re all anxious to get started, - Yeah, right! a voice said, only to be hissed into silence - but first let me give you a brief explanation of what is going to happen, and I’ll let show you your rooms afterwards. You can mingle amongst each other until dinner time.” The butler paused for a second. “My name is Grimm and – Really funny, Grim Reaper, said the same voice, followed by a silenced shriek of pain – and I’m the butler, gardener, and cook of this mansion.”

“So even if we say the butler did it, we’re always right. So much for the fun,” the same voice said again.

“Harry, shut up!” yelled a blond haired girl next to him. “You’re such an as…”

“Tut, tut, young lady,” Grimm said, “Such foul language doesn’t befit such a beautiful young lady like you. As I was about to explain,” Grimm continued, “This mystery game has several interesting events in store for you. Your task is to find out the culprit before tomorrow night. The winner or winners will get a price; the rest will get a less honorable award. So now, I’ve you’d like to hand in your mobile phones and other high-tech gadgetry, I’ll show your rooms in a minute,” Grimm ended his story. “You can keep your watch, son,” he quickly added, seeing one of the guys, who was definitely in his twenties, taking off his watch.

After half an hour Louise, Shaun, and Joel came down the grand stairs, only to find Mike going through his notebook besides a suit of armor.

“What kept you guys so long?” he asked, staring at them with a nosy expression.

“Well, excuse me for wanting to check their rooms out,” Louise said. “Some of us…”

“What did you find out, Mike?” Shaun asked, while trying to look over Mike’s shoulder.

“I’ve been snooping around, and ‘mingling’ as that butler put it,” Mike answered. “Remember that girl, who told off that dude earlier?”

“Yeah, the feisty one,” Joel said with an impish smile on his face. “What about her? You don’t happen to have her phone number?”

“Hold, it! She’s way out of your league, Joel,” Mike said, “At least I know this much: her name is Catherine, though she prefers to be called Cat. She’s 23 years old – Holy smokes! Joel said –, studies Biochemistry, and she’s here with her friend, not boyfriend, that jerk from earlier.”

“As for the jerk,” Mike continued, “he’s called Harry, if you haven’t guessed already. He’s 6’4”, and has jet black hair, and he’s studying Molecular Science. He’s 24 years old, by the way.”

“Who’s that babe?” Joel asked, gasping at a red haired girl walking past, accompanied by the guy who wanted to hand in his watch.

“That’s Danielle,” Mike replied, “She’s also 23 years old, studying History, and the guy next to her, I believe his name is Kevin, an archeologist, is her 25 year old boyfriend.”

“But weren’t there two other girls around here,” Louise asked, “I’m sure I counted 5 girls including me.”

“Yeah, one of them went out for a walk, the other is upstairs getting ready for dinner,” Mike answered, being the know-it-all again. “Either way, the brown haired girl is Andrea of 17, a senior in High School, and the purple haired one is her older sister Kimberly, or Kim, of 21, who’s studying medicine.”

“Thanks for the info, Mike,” Shaun said, patting his friend on the back.

“Though, you couldn’t even hook me up with that Andrea girl,” Joel sighed.

“Knock it off, Casanova,” Louise said irritated.

Suddenly a gong echoed through the hallway, followed by Grimm’s voice bellowing: “Dinner has been served.”

Moments later, they were all having dinner in the grand dining room. The walls were covered with beige colored paint, with large paintings of supposedly deceased owners of the mansion. In the four corners there were suit of armors, with each a different weapon clutched in their padded gloves.

“So,” Kevin said between the entree and main course, “When’s the game going to start?”

Louise and Shaun, who were sitting opposite of Danielle and Kevin, glanced at each other, barely able to hold back their laughter.

“Ehm...,” Grimm spoke, “The game has started ever since I finished explaining the rules. Don’t tell me you missed it?”

“Talking about missing something, where’s Andrea?” Kim asked curiously. “She still hasn’t returned from her walk?”

“I thought I heard someone entering the mansion just before dinner, but it could have been the wind. Maybe Andrea isn’t hungry?” Harry said without looking up from his plate. He had just got scolded at by Cat, for being - how to put it in a friendly manner – such a pain in the behind.

“It’s not like her to skip dinner,” said Kim, “But I suppose you can’t have it all. She said that she didn’t feel well during our trip over here. I’ll go look for her in her room. Excuse me.”

“Wait,” Louise promptly said, “I’ll go with you. I’ve forgot something in my room.”

So the two girls left, leaving the rest to enjoy their dinner. Though, the girls were taking their time checking on Andrea. All of a sudden, the girls ran into the dining room, banging the door open in the process.

“What happened?” Grimm asked.

“It’s Andrea…” Kim panted, being out of breath after running down the stairs.

“She wasn’t in her room, so we went to check the bathroom. But she wasn’t there, and when we tried to open the window, we heard a scream,” Louise explained.

“It was Andrea’s. I’m sure of it,” Kim added.

“What the hell are we doing here then? Let’s go look for her,” Cat said, standing up.

“Let’s split up,” Shaun said, as everyone stood on the porch, wondering where they should search first. “Each group should consist out of two person of the same gender. Is everyone okay with that?”

“Why should we do that?” Harry asked with an annoying voice.

“Because, generally speaking, each of us men can easily overpower a girl. This way the risk of someone hurting another is lowered substantially,” Mike explained

“You don’t seem to take this as a game?” Danielle noted, frowning her left eyebrow.

“You shouldn’t take it as a game too,” Louise replied, “Anyhow, we should start looking.”

So they did, splitting up into five couples: Mike with Kevin, Grimm with Joel, Harry with Shaun, Louise went along with the almost hysterical Kim, and Danielle tagged along with Cat. Joel and Grimm left to check the greenhouse and drive way, while the others went into the forest behind the mansion. They received flashlights from Grimm, who kept them in a cupboard in the garage.

“Andrea!” Cat shouted, as she carefully walked through the bushes.

“Andrea!” Danielle yelled behind Cat. “Do you suppose she went back to the mansion?” she asked Cat.

“Dunno, but I reckon she’s still here,” she replied. “That Shaun guy said that he didn’t see any tracks suggesting someone went out the forest recently.”

“And you believe a seventeen year old? God, you must be thickheaded.” Danielle let out a sigh.

“Wait, what’s that?” Cat suddenly yelled, flashing her light toward some place between the bushes. Something was reflecting it, and it had the shape of a person.

“What’s what?” Danielle asked, but Cat had already run into the bushes. “Oh, wait up!

But Cat was nowhere to see. Danielle tried to search for her, cursing Cat under her breath, but after a few minutes past she gave up. So she went back to the mansion, assuming Cat would end up there eventually. How true that turned out to be…

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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Second Act: Death

Danielle arrived at the mansion after wandering for a few minutes. As she walked out of the forest, she saw someone sitting in front of the front stairs. A nervous sigh escaped her mouth, and she walked up to the shady figure.

“Thank god you’re here. Dunno what the others would have said, if you would have disappeared on me,” she laughed.

The figure simply kept silenced.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” Danielle chuckled at her own joke, though the figure didn’t.

“This isn’t funny anymore, Cat,” Danielle was loosing her cool. “Say something, for crying out loud,” she said, standing in front of the shady person.

Nevertheless, the figure stayed quiet.

Danielle put her hands on the person’s shoulders, and shook. “Hey, snap out of…,” but she never finished her sentence, when she saw Cat’s face. Her eyes were popping out, her face showed blue lines, where blood vanes had sprung. Blood was dripping down from her lips.

Danielle let out a horrifying scream, and plunged to the grounds, her hands gripping tightly in her pale face.

It looked like ages, but they were more like minutes before everyone was back in front of the house. Shaun and Harry were the last ones to arrive, and then all hell broke lose.

“Who screamed?” Shaun asked, while trying to catch his breath.

Harry looked for Cat between the people standing in front of the stairs, but he didn’t see her. “Where’s Cat anyway?” he asked, still looking around.

“You’re not going to like this, Harry,” Kevin said with a face as pale as a ghost, stepping back and showing Harry the body in front of the stairs.

“Oh my God, that’s Cat,” Harry said, his voice sounding like he was amazed. “You know, Grimm, you make some cool dummies. She looks convincing, and all this in such a small amount of time.”

“I must say, I didn’t do anything,” Grimm replied.

“Of course, you didn’t. You didn’t do anything, right.” Harry just stood there laughing his head off, while the others where still in shock.

“Has anyone touched or moved the body?” Shaun abruptly asked, moving up to the body, and kneeling down.

“I’ve shook her,” Danielle softly said, “But no one touched her after that.”

“Hmmm…” Shaun mumbled. “Louise, could you give me the gloves?”

“Sure, I’ve picked them up from my room during dinner,” she responded, handing over the latex gloves to Shaun.

“Hey, what are you going to do?” Kim asked Shaun.

“Oh, I’m just going to search for the cause of death,” he said, as if it was just a stroll in the park for him.

“What does a high school senior know about that?” Kim asked. “If someone ought to do it, it would be me. I’m a med student for crying out loud.”

“Thanks for saying the obvious, Kim,” Shaun replied, “But I’m just as qualified as you.” “Maybe even more,” he softly added.

“Anyway, just trust him,” Joel said. “His dad is someone from this field of work.”

“Hmm… Seems like she drowned,” Shaun noted, looking down into Cat’s mouth. “Her shirt is a bit soaked too, and she bit her lips, I assume she wanted to keep her mouth closed. Seeing as how the blood hasn’t set yet, she only has been dead for under an hour.”

“Well, I’ve could have told you that,” Danielle said. “We lost each other about twenty minutes ago.”

“Anyway, seems she didn’t put up much of a fight, also there are no sign of her being tied up judging from her wrists and ankles,” Shaun continued his examination. “Though,” he said, “she has some skin fragments under her fingernails.”

“So, do you know who attacked her?” Kevin asked, thinking this was something like CSI.

“I can’t tell without going to a police lab, and getting my hands on your DNA. But anyway, she was unconscious when she was being drowned at first, but she woke. I can tell that much from self inflicted wounds on her lips. So it wasn’t chloroform, more like something less controllable, like ether.”

“Every med student knows that ether is a highly untrustworthy as a tranquilizer,” Kim pointed out. “So am I off the hook?”

“Not necessarily,” Mike replied. “You could have used ether, while knowing that, to place suspicion away from you.”

“Either way, this is positively the real Cat,” Shaun said, pulling off his gloves. “There’s no way Grimm could have made a synthetic resembling human flesh that well.”

“I… I don’t believe you,” Harry shakily responded. “It can’t be Cat, not in a million years.”

“At any rate, we should call the police,” Louise said. “Where can we find a phone?”

“I’m terribly sorry, young lady,” Grimm said, “But all the phones in the mansion have been put into a vault, which only opens tomorrow night. Even if we called the police, they wouldn’t come until sunrise, because of the thick mist surrounding the center of the mountain road.”

“Seems like we’re stuck here with a murderer,” Shaun simply said.

“At any rate, you two, Shaun and Harry, are the most suspicious. You were the last ones to come out of the forest, and Harry has some sort of relation to the victim,” Danielle pointed out.

“You’re saying I killed one of my best friends?” Harry seemed to get a bit angry. “Why you filthy little… You seem even more suspicious. You were the one with her in the forest. You had enough opportunity to kill her.”

“Me and Harry are still innocent,” Shaun said. “We were late, because we were busy inspecting some mirrors.”

“Mirrors?” Kim asked, “How does that clear you guys from suspicion?”

“Well” Shaun continued, “Harry moved his flashlight a bit, and thought he saw someone standing behind several bushes, so we went up to the thing we thought to have seen.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. We ran up to that thing, but we only found several pieces of half transparent glass in the shape of a person,” Harry finished.

“Cat thought she saw something too, but I couldn’t follow her,” Danielle said.

“Did someone else lose his buddy out of sight?” Shaun asked, looking at the others.

“Well, Kim and I lost each other for a few moments, because she saw something,” Louise said.

“And, I lost Mike for a little while too,” Kevin responded.

“Seeing as what happened, let’s keep all this at an indiscriminate murder,” Shaun said.

“But why?” Danielle asked.

“Because the murder set out several mirrors and he probably didn’t know who was going to take which route,” Shaun replied. “At any rate, we should find Andrea first. I think she holds the key to this mystery.”

“Well, let’s all go in before we catch a cold,” Grimm said.

“Oh wait! Do you have any photo camera?” Mike asked. “We can’t leave Cat out here, and we can’t move her unless we take some pictures.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Grimm merely responded, and he went inside for a few moments. He came back with an old Polaroid camera in his hands. “I think this’ll do.”

“Mike, if you and Joel could finish doing this, Louise and I will check out that bathroom upstairs,” Shaun said.

So the four friends split up, only to be accompanied by the others. Harry and Danielle stayed put with Mike and Joel, while Louise and Shaun were accompanied by Kim, and Kevin tagged along with Grimm to make some tea and biscuits.

“So,” Shaun said, once they got to the bathroom on the second floor, “this is where you two heard the scream.” He looked around the room trying to look for something misplaced. Though, he couldn’t find anything obviously weird. Heck, the bath was spotless, and even the sink looked as if you could eat of it. The toilet seat was down, so Shaun decided to feel it; it was as cold as rock. It seemed like no one had used it recently.

“Tell me exactly what you did before the scream,” Shaun told them.

“Well, we first walked around the bathroom like this,” Kim said, showing her exact route, which wasn’t too hard, since the bathroom was fairly small. “Then we hoisted up those plastic things, I forgot what they’re called, in front of the window.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Shaun absentmindedly said, as he checked the window.

“Then when we tried to open the window, we heard something snap, and something falling on plastic,” Kim finished.

“Something snapped?” Shaun asked, abruptly turning his head up toward the upper part of the window.

“Yeah, I heard it too,” Louise said.

Shaun reached up for something entangled between the window and the sealing. It was a piece of sowing thread.

“How did Andrea’s scream sound?” he asked.

“It was kinda close at first, but it quickly got somewhat distant.” Louise replied after pausing to think for a second.

“Let’s take a look outside, shall we?” Shaun said with a strange expression on his face.

Minutes later, Shaun was crawling between the bushes below the bathroom as if he was searching for something, while Louise and Kim stood behind him, wondering what in the world he was doing. Shaun soon found what he was looking for, and he stepped out of the bushes.

“What’s that in your hand,” Kim carefully asked with a shocked face.

“This, my dear Kim,” Shaun explained, “Is what our murderer used to trick us into believing that Andrea was kidnapped during dinner, while everyone else was in the dining room.”

“I don’t get it,” she replied with a confused expression.

“Well, that’s all I can say for now, since I still miss a vital piece of evidence,” Shaun sighed, already walking towards the front entrance. “Hurry up, you two. Let’s get inside.”

“Hey, wait up!” Louise yelled, and ran after him with Kim behind her.

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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Grest story, DU!The suspense is killing me, keep going, keep going!

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Credit to Mitsuko Souma for the 'is mine' idea.

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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

ooh,this story sounds pretty sweet, cant wait 4 next chap.
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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Third Act: Reunited

They met up with Joel, Mike, Danielle and Harry in the front hall as they were heading to the living room. Grimm and Kevin had already finished serving tea.

“So, where did you leave Cat’s body, anyways?” Kevin asked, while pouring Kim some tea.

“We moved her into the fridge, so she could stay cool,” Mike answered, carefully sipping the hot tea. “I suppose that’ll hold her in one piece until the cops get here.”

“So what are we going to do tomorrow morning? How about heading down the mountain with a car and get the cops.”

“I suppose that’s impossible,” Grimm noted, putting his tea cup on a saucer. “The radio weather forecast said that we’ll have a blizzard coming this way, and it won’t be safe to head down until tomorrow night.”

“Seems we need to stay here for a while… Great!” Harry sarcastically said.

“Let’s get some shut eye,” Joel said. “We’ll all feel better after a good night sleep.”

“How can I have a good night sleep, while the murderer could be staying in the room next to me?” Danielle frantically said.

“Grimm, do you have two large rooms with beds?” Mike asked.

“Yes, there are three of those rooms,” Grimm responded, “But what are you planning?”

“I say all the guys sleep together in one room, while the girls take the other,” Mike explained. “That way, you don’t have to worry about the murderer, since you’ve got at least two other persons in the same room.”

“Seems reasonable,” Kevin said, “But what about…” He stopped his sentence, and turned his head toward the living room door, as did the others.

The door slowly opened, screeching as if someone was running their nails down a black board. Suddenly the screeching stopped, and a dark hole could be seen. Everyone was wondering what could’ve opened the door, when a trembling hand grabbed the wall. Everyone stopped breathing out of fear, thinking that a mad axe swinging maniac would appear. Slowly the hand got an arm, and the arm got a shoulder, and soon enough brown hair could be seen. The door unexpectedly swung upon, and the person behind the door fell onto the floor.

It was Andrea, and she didn’t look too good.

Everyone jumped up to their feet, but Kim, who was sitting closest to the door, reached her little sister first. “Andrea, what happened to you?” she said, crying her eyes out.

Joel dropped down next to her, and started to examine Andrea’s wounds. “It’s nothing serious, she’s just tired. She’ll be fine once she has rested.”

Suddenly Mike noticed something clutched in Andrea’s right hand. He slowly loosened her grip on it, and examined the piece of cotton. “This smells funny,” he said, “It must be chloroform, I’m positive.”

“So, she has been unconscious the whole time,” Louise wondered, “But where has she been.”

“Probably locked up somewhere in the house,” Shaun said. “We thought she was outside because of the scream you heard, so we didn’t bother to check the mansion. Besides, seeing how worn out she is, she never could have been that far.”

“Clear that table,” Mike commanded, and carefully picked up Andrea with some help of Kevin and Joel.

Grimm swiftly moved all the trays and cups off the table and onto one of the chairs. Andrea was carefully put on the table with a cushion beneath her head.

After several minutes, she opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times.

“Andrea, do you know where you are right now?” Joel asked with a calming voice.

She nodded, and closed her eyes for a few seconds. Then she opened them again.

“Can you speak?” Joel continued to ask.

“Yeah,” Andrea whispered.

“Can you tell us what happened to you?” Joel asked.

Andrea tried to sit up straight.

“No need to sit, you can just lie down,” Joel said, gently pushing Andrea back.

“I remember,” she whispered, unable to speak up load, “That I was taking a walk around the mansion, when I heard footsteps behind me.” She paused for a second, trying to catch her breath. “When I turned around to look who it was, a hand pushed something on my mouth, and everything became dark.”

“Could you tell us what happened when you woke up?” Joel asked the whispering girl.

“I woke up in one of the basement rooms with the door unlocked, though I couldn’t move,” Andrea whispered. “I tried to a couple of times, giving me these wounds, and after a while I got out of the basement. I heard voices coming from here, so I went over here, but I was still kinda weak,” she finished. “I suppose you saw the rest.”

“Try to rest for a while,” Joel said, and he stood up.

After a while Grimm, Mike, Kevin and Louise went out to prepare the two large rooms, Joel stayed in the living room with the tired Andrea. Danielle and Kim went to get some stuff from upstairs, as did Harry and Shaun. Shaun and Harry finished getting their part of the stuff fairly quickly, so Harry went downstairs, while Shaun went to search for Danielle and Kim to see if they needed help.

Shaun heard music coming from a room, and stopped to listen. Suddenly he heard a click, and the music stopped.

“Now we can finally talk,” Shaun heard Kim say, as he eavesdropped.

“You know I don’t have anything to say, Kim,” Danielle responded.

“Of course you don’t, since you’re the one who killed Cat and kidnapped my little sister, so she could take the blame,” Kim said with anger resounding in her voice. “Too bad for you, you’re plan backfired. Andrea managed to escape.”

“I’ve no idea what you’re saying,” Danielle calmly said.

“Of course you don’t know. Kevin’s such a great liar,” Kim laughed. “Don’t tell me you didn’t figure out that the only reason why Kevin wanted you as his new girlfriend was to make Cat jealous. You’re not that stupid, now are you?”

“I don’t know anything, but I do know what you’re saying is non sense,” Danielle replied. It seemed like she was getting a bit angry.

“Kevin and Cat were an item before you ever showed up. If you didn’t know by now, you’re more of an ignorant airhead than I thought you’d be.”

“Okay, that’s enough. Get the hell out of my room!” Danielle yelled.

Shaun hastily took a few steps backwards, and acted as if he was just walking by, when Kim walked out of the room with an ugly smirk on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Kim asked.

“I heard yelling, so I thought I’d check up on you,” Shaun lied.

“That’s very nice of you, but it’s Danielle who needs to comforting it seems,” Kim said, before she walked down the stairs and out of sight.

Shaun walked into Danielle’s room, and saw her crying. She stopped once she noticed that he had entered her room.

“What do you want?” she kindly asked, as she walked up to the cassette player on her table.

“I heard you yelling, so I’d thought I’d check up on you.” This was Shaun’s second lie in a minute.

“Thanks, but I’m okay,” Danielle responded, trying to push the play button on her cassette player.

“What’s wrong?” Shaun asked, alerted by the potential cause of the defective play button.

“The play button’s been stuck ever since I lend her it,” Danielle said, hitting the button with full force. It finally started to play, and they listened to the song for a while.

*Jesse James and Frank James*
*Billy Kid all the rest*
*Sport to be some bad cats*
*Out there in the west*
*But when they dug me*
*And my gangster ways*
*They hung up their guns*
*And made it to the play*

“Suppose we should head back downstairs,” Shaun said, opening the door.

“Yeah, suppose we should,” Danielle replied, as she packed some stuff together, and turned off the cassette player.

When they got down, Andrea was recovered enough to walk unsupported to the other rooms. Though, Joel carefully guided her, as if she was a fragile old senior. Shaun and Joel left the girls in their room and went to the boys’ dorm.

Harry had retrieved a deck of cards from his room, and so they boys started to play some card games to pass the time. When it got near 2 AM, the lights went out and all slept quietly. Who would have foretold all this to happen?

The next morning everyone woke up energized, only to find out that a heavy blizzard was turning the landscape into a snowfield like the ones near the artic.
Grimm and Kevin cooked breakfast, and especially Kevin seemed to be a master chef. Meanwhile Kim was taking care of her little sister, while Danielle and Harry where cleaning up the bedrooms. Louise, Shaun, Joel and Mike headed down into the basement to find the room where Andrea had been locked up in the previous day.

They eventually found an open door, leading into a dark room with some fort of plateau near on corner. Mike found some scratch and blood marks, so they concluded that this must have been the place where Andrea had been. Having done this they went up to enjoy breakfast.

Grimm and Kevin had prepared a delicious meal, and everyone enjoyed it. Though somewhere in the middle of the meal, Danielle saw Kevin’s finger bleeding.

“What happened to your finger,” she asked Kevin.

“Ow, this?” Kevin replied, holding up his hand. “It’s nothing; I cut my finger while cooking. It doesn’t hurt, and the bleeding will soon stop.”

“We should get you a bandage,” Danielle said, grabbing Kevin by his other hand and standing up.

“I have a first aid kit in my bag,” Andrea said. “You can use it if you want.”

“Thanks, Andrea,” Danielle said, and led Kevin to the girls’ dorm.

After quite some time, a scream could be heard echoing through the mansion.

Everyone quickly got up to their feet, and hurried to the source of the sound. They found a frightened Danielle on her knees besides a twitching Kevin. Suddenly Kevin stopped contracting and lay there with his eyes open, and drool coming out of his mouth. He was unmistakably dead…

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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Fourth Act: Finale

Joel kneeled down besides Kevin and checked his pulse, but quickly shook his head, and stood up again.

“What happened this time, Danielle,” Shaun asked, kindly putting his hand on Danielle’s shoulder.

“I-I don’t know exactly. We came in here, and I found the first aid kit on the table,” she said through her sobs. “Then I disinfected the wound, and put a bandage on it. One moment he was fine, the next moment he fell to the ground twitching and jolting all over the floor. Gurgling sounds came out of his mouth, and his eyes started to spin. It was like he was having a seizure.”

Mike and Louise ran out to get the Polaroid camera, and when they came back they took several shots of Kevin’s lifeless body.

Once they had finished taking the shots, Shaun took of Kevin’s bandage, and sniffed at it. He knew this kind of death was be caused by cyanide, but he didn’t smell the sweet scent of it on the bandage.

“Joel, pass me the disinfectant,” Shaun instructed his friend. He sniffed the substance of the bottle, and quickly put it down. He had found what it was. “Seems like we have another indiscriminate murder on our hands,” he said, looking at everyone’s face.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“Our murderer couldn’t have foretold who would injure themselves first,” Louise explained. “So, Kevin was just as unlucky as Cat was.”

“Though, what’s bugging me is that Danielle always has something to do with the murders,” Mike pointed out, the Polaroid hanging down his neck. “Talk about bad luck.”

“I’m not so sure it was completely bad luck,” Shaun said, and he left the room.

Mike, Harry and Joel carried Kevin’s body away to the fridge, while the girls either tried to comfort the sobbing Danielle or cleaned up the mess made by making breakfast. Shaun, however, had a little talk with Grimm about several things.

All was quiet in the mansion; at least till after noon. A female scream interrupted the serene, but horrid silence. Everyone hurried up to the second floor, only to find Andrea screaming her lungs out in front of a room. Louise looked inside the room, and couldn’t suppress a soft yell of horror. Inside the room, there was Harry hanging down from the ceiling, as if he was hung just recently.

Everyone looked horrified at the morbid swaying body, until they heard a familiar voice chuckling behind them. They slowly turned around to see, Harry standing at the top of the stairs, laughing his head off.

Mike took a closer look at the body swinging inside the room, and noticed that it was just a dummy with the same clothes as Harry. They had fallen for a practical joke. A misplaced joke, but a joke nonetheless.

“Harry, where the heck did you find this dummy?” Mike asked, being a bit upset.

“Chill you guys, I found the dummy in a cupboard besides the staircase. I suppose they’re used for the real mystery game,” he replied looking at Grimm for confirmation.

“Ermm… Well, yes, they’re used for the mystery game from time to time,” Grimm said, rubbing his hands due to anxiety.

“Anyway,” Shaun said, “How in the world did you get out of your room without us noticing?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I found a secret passage last night, and I decided to explore it a bit this afternoon,” Harry explained. “Somehow it took it through all the rooms, and eventually to that cupboard, where I found the dummy and came up with this joke. I reckon you guys know what happened afterwards,” he ended.

“Hmm… that’s very interesting,” Shaun said. “Andrea, would you care to follow me. I would like to ask you something.”

“I don’t mind,” she said, standing up, and following Shaun.

“If the rest of you would like to wait in the living room, we’ll be joining you very soon,” Shaun told the others, before entering a room with Andrea, and closing the door.

Ten minutes later, they joined the others in the living room. Andrea had a blank expression on her face, while Shaun looked rather absentmindedly.

Shaun let out a long and deep sigh. When he finally lifted up his head, he glanced at the others with a determined look on his face, and spoke: “I know who killed both Cat and Kevin, the murderer’s motive, and the tricks he used for his alibi.”

“Well, who is it then?” Danielle asked, being scared as hell.

“I’ll get to that in a moment,” Shaun said, “but first I need to explain which trick the murderer used, starting from the top.” Shaun paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, and continued. “When my friends and I came down, we found out that Mike already finished collect information. He told us, that Andrea went out for a walk. During dinner time Harry pointed out that he had heard the door close, just before dinner time, and after hearing that Andrea had been feeling a bit sick, we thought that she was still upstairs during dinner. So when Kim and Louise heard her screaming, we logically concluded she was taken outside by someone who wasn’t in the dining hall.”

“But everyone was in the dining room, except Louise and Kim,” Harry said, “so who could have made her scream.”

“After we found Cat dead, I went up to the bathroom to inspect it. I found a thread, which was caught between the window and the ceiling. I also found a weight with a piece of string attached among the bushes below the bathroom window,” Shaun explained. “It’s actually very simple. Tie a piece of string to the weight, and hang it above the play button of a cassette player, with a tape recording of Andrea’s scream. Run the thread between the window and the hook, making sure that the hook can cut the thread. Connect the other end of the thread to the curtain rails, so that if someone would bring them up, the thread would straighten. The culprit only had to wait until someone opened the window, cutting the thread, and making the weight fall on the play button, so that a search party could be formed.”

“Sounds kind of complicated,” Kim said, “But where’s any proof for that?”

“Danielle has a cassette player she lend out yesterday, which was brought back with a badgered play button. I’m sure forensics will found traces of plastic on the weight,” Shaun replied. “Now let’s continue to the murder of Cat. This one is kind of easy to pull off. Since we thought the kidnapping of Andrea was an outside job, we trusted each other a bit more. So when Cat and the killer met up, after Cat was tricked by the mirrors - which were set up to make it look like an indiscriminate murder – she wasn’t that aware of the danger. The killer used ether to calm her, and finally drown her. After that, the killer went back to its partner to avoid suspicion.”

“But there were at least 5 people without a partner during the search,” Grimm said, “So how could that prove anything?”

“I’ll get to that part,” Shaun said. “After Cat got killed, we found Andrea, or better said she found us. She told us something pretty weird. She had been brought into the mansion by the killer, so she could take the blame, but she ended up making it rather obvious that the murderer was one of us. But when the second murder occurred, we would have thought it was Andrea again, if Danielle wasn’t there at the scene of the crime first. We thought it was another indiscriminate murder, because of the unlikely chance of someone special getting hurt. Though, what I’ve heard from Grimm, the killer was in the kitchen, when Kevin cut himself. The weird part was that Kevin cut himself, just when the killer called his name.”

Grimm stayed perfectly calm, while everyone’s attention turned to him. It seemed that he knew who the murderer was.

“Though the night before Kevin’s death, I happened to overhear a interesting fight between Danielle and Kim. It seemed that Kevin was dating Danielle, for the sole reason of making Cat jealous, so she would take him back. Isn’t that right, Harry?”

“Ehmm… Well yeah,” he stuttered, “But she made me promise not to tell anyone.”

“But somehow Kim found out,” Shaun continued, “and she confronted Danielle with the truth. This way, if the cops ever investigated the matter, they would think it was a crime of passion.”

“But I didn’t kill him,” Danielle yelled.

“I’m not saying you did, but I am saying that there was cyanide in the disinfectant. Enough cyanide to kill a full grown man,” Shaun noted. “Thanks to Andrea here, I found out that another person had a grudge against both Cat and Kevin. That person had the resources to get ether, chloroform and cyanide, and the opportunity to kill Cat. That person is… YOU!” Shaun calmly said, pointing his finger at Kimberly.

“Me?” she said, completely flabbergasted. “But I was in my room the whole time, and Danielle didn’t lend me the cassette player.”

“That’s right,” Shaun said, “She didn’t lend you the player. She had lent it to Andrea, but you took it from her after you put her in the basement.”

“But I was in my room the whole time,” Kim said, trying to defend herself.

“Harry over here showed us that that doesn’t have to be true. Maybe you found the secret passage when you were here previously. I bet it was you who invited Cat and Kevin here in the first place.”

“That’s just wild guessing, and circumstantial evidence,” Kim desperately said.

“So what if they are? I bet I could find the ether, cyanide, and chloroform bottles either in your stuff, or with your fingerprints on it. Even if I don’t find them, we have the testimony of Grimm over here, and the DNA beneath Cat’s fingernails.”

“Even then, what’s my motive?” Kim desperately asked, trying to find a way out. “You can’t convince anyone if you don’t have a motive.”

“I believe your little sister gave me that,” Shaun said. “It seemed that you dated Kevin about a year ago, but it suddenly ended when you found out the truth.” Shaun paused. “In truth, Cat and Kevin are two shrewd, manipulating demons, who had made a wager to see if Kevin could charm you into believing that he actually loved you. A wager Kevin eventually won, and thus ending your so called relationship. But being the proud person you were, you came up with a plan to get rid of both of them, while putting the blame on someone else. Too bad for you, my friends and I were here too, forcing you two make sudden adjustments in your plans.”

“No… this c-can’t be true,” Kim cried. “My plan was perfect. Nothing could have gone wrong, even with you guys around.”

Sirens could be now heard coming up the mountain, and arriving in front of the house. Police officers entered the dining room, and their captain walked in behind them. Once he saw Shaun, Mike, Joel and Louise, he smiled. “Could have known it were the four of you,” he said beneath his thick graying mustache. “Seems like you and your friends show up at every murder, Holmes.”

“Did you just say Holmes?” Harry asked, “As in Sherman Holmes, the greatest detective of this century?”

“Yes, I did,” the chubby captain replied. “Shaun over here is his son.”

“Seems like I’ve been defeating once you had entered this building,” Kim said, standing up to be brought to the police station by two officers.

“This was some mystery game, eh Grimm?” Shaun suddenly said, being quite cheerful again.

“Why you!” Louise hit him on his shoulder again.

“What! Can’t a guy be cheerful after such a long time of being serious and all?” Shaun groaned.

The End

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around
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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

I knew it!Kim was the only one able to do this.Beacuse of her knowledge of medicine, she was able to know what will kill them and make herself unsuspiciable(sp?).I found some spelling errors like:

“What’s wrong? Cat got you’re tongue?”
It's your not you're.

“Yeah, suppose we should,” Danielle replied, as she packed some stuff together, and turned of the cassette player.
It's off not of.

I will also like to see a conyinuation of this story.Keep up the good work!

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Credit to Mitsuko Souma for the 'is mine' idea.

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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Thanks for the spell check. :P

Kim wasn't that obvious, was she?

I'll be writing another story about these folks, when I got time for it that is.
I wrote this within a weekend, so maybe I'll do something like this pretty soon.

Near a tree by a river, there's a hole in the ground.
Where an old man of Aran goes around and around
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Default Re: Mist Mountain Mansion Murder Case

Originally Posted by DaRkUmBrEoN
Thanks for the spell check. :P

Kim wasn't that obvious, was she?

I'll be writing another story about these folks, when I got time for it that is.
I wrote this within a weekend, so maybe I'll do something like this pretty soon.
Well, she blamed Danielle, she studies medicine, she knew the items used to kill Cat and Kevin and their effect, not obious enough? :P

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Credit to Mitsuko Souma for the 'is mine' idea.

Danny Phantom rocks!
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