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Old 06-09-2006, 02:25 PM
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Default The Diamond Robbery Case

The Diamond Robbery Case


It was a rather peaceful Saturday night in Amsterdam, while a lonely airplane soared across the dark, cloudy sky bearing southwest on its way to Schiphol Airport. Most companies and shops had already closed their doors, though some all-night shops were still open for business, with their clientele existing mostly of late-night travelers and shady figures, whose work only started after midnight.

A lone cat tiptoed across the Dam, wiggling its long tail, to check whether the trashcans on the other side contained some eatable leftovers, when it suddenly stopped. It wiggled its little, pointy ears, not sure whether it had actually heard a sound. There it was again, the cat seemed to think, wiggling its ears, and swiftly turning its head toward the Palace building on his left. Its sea green eyes scanned the two floors of the Palace to see where the sound had came from, when it saw a window being carefully opened on the second floor.

The Palace on the Dam was a former Palace for the Dutch royalty, but it lost its appeal in the late eighteenth century. Even though royal banquets are occasionally held in the Palace, it’s mostly used as a museum nowadays. However, the gray stoned building is still heavily guarded, because of its national importance.

The stray cat didn’t know why, but the open window somehow made it feel really uncomfortable. The black and white tinted cat kept watching the open window, with its eyes trying to catch enough light to see into the dark building. It saw a dark clothed figure fumbling with something heavy, shiny and long. After a while the figure hoisted one end of the thing on his shoulder, and stuck the other out the window.

The cat didn’t know what that long grayish, black thing was, but it reckoned it wasn’t a walking stick. Its sea green eyes were now fixated on the large thing, which was pointed out the window. The dark figure moved its head down until it was at the same height as a smaller cylinder stuck on top of the longer one, which was placed partially outside the room. The cat could have sworn it had heard the figure chuckle, as it pointed the thing toward one of the lit rooms across the street. The cat knew there was a hotel there, because the cook was a really nice guy, who left the stray animals of Amsterdam some leftover food each night.

Suddenly the cat was startled by a soft bang and smoke coming from the open window on the second floor. It looked up just in time to see how the large thing was retracted into the room, and how the figure quickly closed the open window.

Show’s over, the cat seemed to think – it wasn’t such a bright cat – and it continued on its way to the trashcans on the other side of the Dam, without noticing the ruckus, which that one bang had caused in Amsterdam. But why would it? It was just a stray cat after all, who already had a though time gathering its daily meal.

The next day…

“Boring!” Shaun yawned, sitting on a terrace with a copy of The Times placed on the oak wooden table in front of him. A cool breeze blew past him, playfully moving through his brown hair, as he stared down the crowded street, looking for something interesting, while tapping his white sneakers on the pavement. “Still boring,” he yawned again, turning away from the street, and rubbing his eyes, as if he was trying to filter out the boredom.

Eventually Shaun glared back at his paper with a half interested look, after fumbling with his red T-shirt and his denim jeans for a while. There was nothing happening back home. No thefts, no kidnappings, no murders, not even a single sports riot. Shaun’s brown eyes suddenly grew a whole lot bigger, when he saw a small article somewhere on an unimportant section of the paper. “Hey, guys,” he said. “You should hear this.”

Amsterdam- The Dutch capital was shocked last night by an unusual shooting. Amsterdam, home to a lot of underground organizations, was the scene of a bizarre crime. A man in his hotel room near the Dam found himself surprised by a sudden arrow appearing on his wall. Police investigation concluded that the arrow had been shot through the window from somewhere on the second floor of the Palace across the street. The hollow arrow contained a message, stating that the man in the hotel room would do best to protect his most valuable possession. Police officials have yet to disclose the identity of the man. Meanwhile, organizers of the 2006 Diamond Exhibition in Amsterdam have increased their security, suggesting that there is some kind of link between the shooting and the Diamond Exhibition, which is to be held on the 24th of April. The chief officer of the Amsterdam police force told the press that they will this case with the highest priority, and will do everything to find the culprit.

“Wouldn’t it be cool, if we were the ones to solve that case?” Shaun said, hoping his friends would share his compassion for crime fighting.

“I’ll pass”, Mike replied without any hesitation, stretching his hands above his head and moaning softly. Mike was the sober one of the four friends, as well as the strongest and the smartest. He had a talent for taking care of others, which included more than mere first aid skills.

Joel was taking a sip of his ice tea, with his pinky up like a real gentleman of noble posture. “I’ll pass too,” Joel said, after putting down his glass. Joel was the extremely wealthy and snobby one of the gang, who seemed to be a bit like Casanova. Sure, he had the looks - and the money – but he never ended up finding the right girl.

“Shaun, you promised that you would take a break from your detective business, until our school trip was over,” Louise sighed, rolling her chocolate brown eyes. Louise, the only girl of the four friends, was the most hot-headed, because she always seemed to get angry at everything either Shaun or Joel did wrong. She had some sort of clairvoyant ability, meaning that she kind of knows what’s going to happen sometimes. Joel and Shaun always teasingly called her ‘Miss Psychic’, what, sadly for them, always ended up with them being punched rather hard.

The four friends were on a school trip to Amsterdam, where they would visit some of the most important art museums in the world. They had been in the colorful capital for barely a day, but they had yet to see their first artwork. They had arrived at Schiphol airport on Saturday night, meaning that they couldn’t visit any museum, since they’re always closed on Sundays. So the senior class of the Lucas College had to amuse themselves that day, which most of the students spent hanging around bars and other low leveled forms of amusement.

Shaun kept quiet about crime related topics from that point on, as they went sightseeing, or as Shaun would have called it: sight sleeping. He was a crime addict, meaning that he couldn’t focus for a long time without hearing or seeing anything that was against the law at least once a day; it was his drug. Though, what did you expect from the only son of the most famous male detective in the world and the greatest female mystery novelist? Yes, Shaun was officially called Shaun Alexander Holmes, son of Sherman William Holmes and Miranda Holmes-Conan Doyle. Luckily for Shaun, an incident made him get his daily crime intake, and maybe even more…

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Old 06-13-2006, 01:29 PM
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Default Re: The Diamond Robbery Case

First Act

Shaun, Joel, Louise and Mike had left the terrace on which they had been sitting for the last few hours, and were now standing next to the Monument on the Dam. The four friends were facing the front of the giant pillar like monument, which was created to commemorate all those who had died during World War II, while dozens of white, gray and brown pigeons landed in front of them, busy to pick up the breadcrumbs thrown by the teens. It was a rather warm and sunny day in April, something quite uncommon in Amsterdam during this time of year.

Joel was bored stiff quite quickly after feeding the dull pigeons for awhile, so he started to look around the Dam. A grand and luxurious hotel stood in front of him, with on his left Amsterdam’s economic centre, on his right lay a large shopping street, and behind him was the Palace on the Dam, which was a poor excuse for a palace.

Louise saw him gazing around, and stepped next to him, after she had stopped feeding the hungry doves. “A penny for your thoughts?” she asked with a silly smile on her face. She tried standing on her toes, so she could look into Joel’s azure blue eyes, but which didn’t turn out so great, since Joel is about eight inch taller than the five foot seven high girl. She stopped doing that, once she had noticed that she was going to fall.

“If I’m right, the shot was fired from that building, right,” Joel said, gazing at the large Palace building. “And that’s the hotel it entered,” he continued, turning a full 180 degrees, which made him face the large hotel. “I don’t know why, but something’s wrong.”

“Maybe it’s just your imagination,” Louise swiftly hushed, in her attempt to stop Shaun from devising all kinds of weird theories, which would definitely ruin their day.

Fortunately, she was aided by a sudden cry for help coming from the busy shopping street to their left. “Help, my purse has been stolen!” a female voice yelled in English, topping the muffled chatter coming from the hordes of people. The four friends turned their heads to see what was going on, but at first they couldn’t see who had shouted.

Then they saw a man running toward them with a woman’s purse carefully tightened around his big fist. The thief was a big oaf with heavy eyebrows and spiky hair, while his waving grey coat kept slapping against his massive body. Every few steps he glanced back to see if his victim was still chasing him, which she obvious was, judging from the heavy moans he made each time he looked back.

The woman behind him was somewhere in her mid teens, as she seemed to keep up with the thief rather well. She had a slim figure, which was complemented by her tight, white jacket, and her stonewashed pair of black jeans. Her long, black hair waved behind her, swooping up with each step she took. She kept shouting for help, but no one seemed to have noticed her, thinking the police would handle it.

Mike looked at Shaun, who had an impish smile on his face, for approval. Shaun nodded back almost immediately, giving Mike the green light for action. Mike took a few steps in the direction of the running crook, making sure they would cross each other’s paths.

The robber didn’t notice Mike until he had almost bumped into him. Grumbling of annoyance, the man tried to push Mike aside with his free hand. What a big mistake that was. Mike skillfully grabbed the man’s arm, made an 180 degrees turn, moved his hip upwards, and flung the criminal in the air, smacking him on the pavement with hardly enough force to crush unprotected bones. Mike accidentally let go, which gave the man on the ground the chance to stand up again.

Shaun saw how the guy soared through the air thanks to Mike, and eventually landing with a weird, soft clank. Shaun instantaneously knew that something was going to go wrong, really wrong, when he saw something metallic sticking out of the man’s pocket.

“Wa mot dat!” the man said, speaking laidback Dutch. He quickly stood up and took out the gun he had stuffed in his pocket.

Mike quickly took a step back, seeing as the gun was aimed at him, now being very cautious. “Wow, relax, man,” Mike shushed, trying to calm down the trigger-happy robber. Mike saw Shaun cautiously sneaking behind the man from the corner of his eye, which kind of made him calm down. “Just put down the gun.”

“You stupid foreigners,” the crook swore, after realizing Mike wasn’t Dutch. He kept pointing the gun at Mike, while he looked around to see if there were any cops coming his way. He got a bit nervous when he heard sirens closing in.

“Just put down the gun and nothing bad will happen,” Mike slowly said, watching how Shaun kept coming closer to the gunman.

“What?” the man said with a stupid expression. He really was a bit slow on the uptake. “Shut the hell up! You…” he started, when he suddenly got cut off by Shaun.

Shaun had snatched the man’s trigger arm, and jammed it on his back, which made the man lose his grip and drop the weapon on the ground. Shaun then pushed the crook into Mike’s open arms, before quickly picking the pistol up from the ground. He took out the ammo and dismantled the firearm.

Meanwhile the police had been watching everything Shaun did, so by the time they wanted to do something, Shaun was already waiting for them. The uniformed officers quickly took the dismantled gun from Shaun, and started to hand cuff the man and the two boys!

Joel and Louise, who had been taking care of the female victim, ran up to the police officers along with her, demanding an explanation.

“They touched the gun, so until we know what their relation is to this man, we’re going to keep them in custody,” a blond, middle-aged officer explained. “Ma’am, we need you to come with us, so you can file charges,” he said, addressing the woman standing next to Joel.

“Well, that’s not right. They risked their lives to stop a crime taking place, and you just take them away, while treating them as criminals!” Louise yelled, completely pissed off by the indecent treatment of the Dutch police.

“Calm down, Louise,” Joel hushed, putting his hand on her shoulder. “Yelling isn’t going to make things any better.”

“Well, it sure makes me feel better,” she responded fiercely, but already a bit more relaxed that a moment ago.

The victim had stayed relatively quiet. She had only spoken once so far, and that was to say she would come along to the police station.

Louise didn’t know why, but she had a weird feeling about this girl. She sensed something out of the ordinary, but she couldn’t put a name on it just yet.

“Officer,” Joel suddenly said, “could we ride along to the station? We can explain what they were doing, when the robbery happened.”

“Sure,” the officer responded, already holding a car door open for the victim. “C’mon, hop in.”


Moments later, they pulled up in front of a big, blue and white building with large glass windows, just a few streets away from the Dam. Louise and Joel were guided into the police station, while Shaun and Mike were lead in through another entrance, and they were asked to wait in a small interrogation room, while someone was called in to write down their statements.

“Noticed how they call the police around here?” Louise said randomly, looking at Joel with a curious look on her face.

“Nope, amaze me,” Joel absentmindedly said, busy examining the small room they were in. The only furniture in it was one table, aside from the chairs they were sitting on. One big, black window made the white walls stick out even more. Joel had seen enough detective shows to know that they were being watched from the other side of that window

“They call them politie,” she cheerfully said, faking that she didn’t know that they were probably being watched by cops, who were trying to find something wrong with their behavior. “Any idea how to pronounce that correctly?” She giggled. Turning her back to the glass, she tried to whisper something to Joel.

Joel nodded and joined her little act. “Maybe it’s just like in English,” he noted, also turning his back to the window. “How about saying ‘po-lee-tey’? That sounded kind of okay, didn’t it?”

The door suddenly opened, and a man in a suit stepped into the room, closing the door behind him with his feet. “Good afternoon,” he said, as he sat down on a wooden chair opposite from the two teens, and dropped several sheets of paper on the table. “I’m Mr. Van den Bergh, and I’m here to ask you some questions. That is, if you don’t mind,” he said in one long breath, looking the two teens in the eyes without blinking for a while.

Joel answered the man’s gaze. He didn’t look any older than 30, 35 years old, and his suit was made of high quality fabric, which meant this guy was earning quite a payroll. There no way he’s your run of the mill police officer, Joel thought.

“We don’t mind,” Louise replied with a smile. “We even asked to be brought here.”

“Well, that certainly makes things easier,” he sighed of faked relief. “Would you like to tell my why your friends tried to stop that robber, when they could have left the crime fighting to the police?”

“They’re just very helpful when it comes to aiding someone in need,” Joel said, looking the man straight in the eyes, as if he wanted to challenge the man into saying something he shouldn’t say. “There’s no law against helping someone, is there?”

“I guess not,” the man bluntly said, looking away from Joel, thinking that he was being a bit too rebellious.

“What I want to know is where your friends learned to handle, and especially dismantle a gun?” he asked Louise, who at least seemed to be cooperating a lot better.

“Does this have anything to do with that weird shooting yesterday?” she asked with a childlike expression.

“I can’t say that, young lady. Could you please answer my question?”

“Well, I guess we picked it up somewhere. You know how it is with kids nowadays, especially with those violent shows on TV.”

“Hmmm… All right, you’re free to go, and so are your friends,” Mr. Van den Bergh coldly said, as he stood up. He didn’t even bother to shake hands, which they didn’t seem to mind at all. Before he left the room, he turned around and said: “You should do best to remain in Amsterdam for a couple of days. We might want to ask you some questions again.”

Louise and Joel stared at each other with wide smiles on their faces. It was certainly rewarding to dupe that Van den Bergh fellow. They walked out of the room, and into the white painted hallway, where they heard two familiar voices calling their names. They looked to their left, and saw Shaun and Mike standing near the entrance of the building. Louise and Joel ran up to their friends and started to tell what had happened to them. When they had finished, it was Mike’s turn to tell his story.

“Well, I got a visit from the same guy, Mr. Van den Burgh and his expensive suit. It would be a cold day in hell, if he turned out to be a normal police officer,” Mike told his friends. “Anyway, he sat down and started to ask me a lot of weird questions, like why I attacked that guy, and if I knew how to use a gun. And when I said I just know stuff, because my dad’s a cop, he seemed to relax. He then walked out of the room, telling me I was free to go.”

“Same thing happened to me,” Shaun said, pausing to think for a moment. “Though, he didn’t act like most people would when I tell them my last name.”

“Maybe that’s because he thinks Holmes is a rather common name for foreigners?” Louise wondered.

“Maybe, but something about that guy bothers me…” Shaun sighed, knitting his brow.

The four friends agreed that they would go back to their hotel room, and explain the situation to their teacher, when they were stopped by someone. It was the girl who was robbed. She walked toward the four teens with a cheerful expression, her long black hair waving behind her.

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Default Re: The Diamond Robbery Case

Second Act

“Hi, I’m Megan,” she introduced herself, courteously bowing her head. “Thanks for helping me get my purse back.”

“It was nothing,” Joel said, stunned by the girl’s cuteness. He had seen a lot of girls his age, but he was so flabbergasted by her natural looks that he couldn’t close his mouth anymore.

“I’m Louise,” Louise quickly said, seeing as how Joel was going to make himself look pretty ridiculous pretty soon. “The one who knocked that guy on the ground is called Mike,” she said, pointing to Mike.

Mike wanted to say something, but Megan had already flung herself around Mike, kissing him on his cheeks as her way of thanking him.

“That’s Shaun,” Louise continued, watching how Shaun got the same treatment as Mike. “And the drooling one is Joel,” she said, looking at her staring friend.

Megan gave Joel, who quickly shut his mouth, his share of kisses. She then turned to Louise, who she hugged and kissed, as if they were sisters.

The five teens walked out of the police station, intending to grab a table somewhere, and have a nice lunch together.


“Well, I live in Birmingham,” Megan said, answering Joel’s question, while scooping up her hot soup. “Though, I’m here with my art class to see some of the artworks.”

They had located themselves in a small restaurant near the Dam, where they ordered a late lunch. The place had a rather authentic Dutch atmosphere, with its collection of yellow wooden clogs, and vases filled with tulips on each table. The paintings on the wall were copies of works from Old Dutch masters, like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The place wasn’t particularly crowded at the moment, so they could talk in a normal fashion.

“What a coincidence,” Louise said with a smile. “We’re here to see some art too.”

“Really?” Megan smiled. “Make sure you go to the Diamond Exhibition. They’re going to show some of the world’s most valuable diamonds, and other great stuff. There’s even going to be an entire painting made out of small diamonds.”

“Teh Viamond Exbibizion, eh?” Shaun mumbled with a tuna sandwich stuffed in his mouth. “Have you heard of the shooting at the Dam, which is, according to the press, linked to that Exhibition?” he asked, after swallowing the sandwich.

“Hmm…” Megan hummed, digging deeply in her memory. “Nope, not really,” she eventually responded, but with a weird look on her face.

Shaun didn’t notice her different facial expression, and started to explain in colorful detail what had happened the previous night.

“That’s awful!” Megan said, sounding really sincere. “I wonder if that man will take note of that message.”

“Don’t think so,” Louise said, putting down her glass of orange juice. “The best thing to do after a threat is to act normal.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Megan replied, glancing at her wristwatch. It was already four o’clock in the afternoon. “I need to get back to my hotel,” she said, hastily standing up.

“Where are you staying,” Joel hopefully asked. “We could walk you back.”

“We’re staying at a youth hostel near the Amstelkade,” she said, looking into Joel’s sweet, optimistic eyes.

“Hey, that’s the same place we’re staying,” Mike said, “unless there are two youth hostels in the same street.”

“Well then, shall we go?” Megan said with a warm smile. She put her arm through Joel’s, and walked out the door.


To Be Continued...

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