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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-12-2007, 02:17 AM
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Default Re: Author Archive

Me: Well, to put it short I’m like the talented rookie with the writing ability that could give you the impression you’re reading a novel. Unlike most people here, I haven’t been writing since I was little. All I’ve really had is not many friends and little else to do. In fact, I don’t particularly like to read. I generally started after I read a book I liked, back when I was twelve. And I basically improved from there. As of now, I’ve probably been writing for about a year and three to four months, which means I’m thirteen as of the moment. No, my English teacher doesn’t tell me how I’d be the next Christopher Paolini and all that other baloney. I’m not in special-ed or anything and I’m just heading in eighth grade…I don’t really do my homework, so my grades aren’t off the charts.
Though the thing that has always gotten to me is that people really skip over my writing because I can actually write. I guess people would rather another script-form comedy. The only people who generally read my writing are adults seeing as they’re the only ones who particularly like to see how I’ve improved and such. Well enough of me. Oh, my other name’s Ramzam for people who know me from other places.

I’ve yet to write anything under this particular name, so this is actually the first.

Title: The Shadow of Guarr
Rating: Floating somewhere between PG and PG-13...
Genre: Mostly adventure, a little drama if that’s what you call it.
Status: Once again on hold, for the time being.
Basic Plot: Lunick, a newly evolved Lucario must deal with being ruthlessly hunted by a cunning Typhlosion, while at the same time, being the guardian of a young girl. Though what could be so important that anyone would be going after Lunick to such great lengths?
“Hey,” said a quiet voice, muffled by layers of cloth, “You cold? I have a spare coat…” I could sense the nervousness radiating from the creature. I guess you could consider a Lucario dangerous if you looked at it in the right perspective. Not mention I had that feral grunge going on, so I figured it must’ve made me seem pretty dangerous.

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Old 08-15-2007, 12:15 PM
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Default Re: Author Archive

Pokemon: Rikkah Region
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG
Summary: Bronze, a trainer for the Rikkah Region, and also a graduate from Teaflare Village Pokemon Training School, attempts to conquer the Rikkah Pokemon League...after that, who knows?
Status: In Progress
Creator of Pokemon: Rikkah Region Fan Fiction.
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Old 09-01-2007, 02:33 PM
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Default Re: Author Archive

][Jackson's Story Archive][

About Me: Well... I'm a good writer, I wouldn't say any better than good. I enjoy writing, and find it relaxing at times, and a friggin' nuisance at other times! XP

But besides that, I know my way around grammar pretty darn good. ^^;

I haven't been writing too long, so I'm not as good as other people around here. I don't like writing any particular genre, so I can write about most things. I do always try my best, and I've had family members praise my writing a lot. I don't think they're too great, to be honest. If they think my work is awesome, wait till they read some of the stuff on here! I'm guessing they say that since I'm twelve, and I write pretty good for a twelve year old. XP


Name: Darkrai's Corruption And Destruction

Type: Fan Fiction

Status: Closed/Given up on

Rating: PG-13 for some violence

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Summary: A group of Explorers venture into the tomb of Darkrai, accidently awakening him. They all suffer gruesome deaths inside the tomb, and Darkrai destroys all humans, making them extinct.

The world is then ruled by Pokemon, and a Pokemon named Stolly has to predict the destruction of Darkrai and defeat him.

Person thoughts and feelings: I was really into this at the start, but I was starting to find it tedious and boring. That's why it stopped after the Prologue and Chapter 1.

To be honest, I didn't think it was very good. That was my first Fan Fiction, so I expected it to suck. And it did. =(


Name: Hey, That's My Carrot!

Type: URPG Story

Status: Finished

Rating: PG-13 for some freaky behaviour and disturbing things

Genre: Freakyness

Summary: A boy with his Gastly sit down to eat lunch. He pulls out his favourite food, a carrot, and it gets stolen by a Mareep. He follows it into the forest, and finds it in a pot with some weird man doing a ritual. The boy saves it, and the man gets angry with him. His Dusclops gets the boy, and the man tries to stab him. Some fighting scenes, and the boy catches the Mareep.

Person thoughts and feelings: My first URPG Story, though I wasn't new to writing in general. I quite liked it, and thought it was good enough. Luckily I got a good grade, and it encouraged me to write even more.


Name: Your Basic Trainer Story, Right?

Type: URPG Story

Status: Being Continued

Rating: PG

Genre: Adventure

Summary: Chapter 1 - A boy gets his starter Pokemon at the lab, which happens to be a Gastly. He wants to get more Pokemon, so looks for a Starly and catches it. [/Dull]

Chapter 2 - His newly caught Starly gets hungry, so tries to eat a Magikarp in the Professor's yard. Jackson catches the Magikarp in an attempt to save it.

Person thoughts and feelings: I think this is quite good for a basic trainer story. I passed both chapters, which really made me happy, and I'm now writing the third chapter for a Houndour.
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

iamnotyou11 (00:41:35): scrotom?


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Default Re: Author Archive

Moo... I've started writing stories since before I could actually write. I'd tell the story to my grandma and draw pictures of the characters on the sheets of paper. Now that I've gotten older, I started to write fanfictions and other stories, a couple of which I wanted to get published. xX; I am horrible about picking up the idea of a story, then abandoning it for another one...

x --- x

Status: In the process of writing, not yet posted
Rating: PG-13 (language and violence, a lot more of both than in my other stories)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy

Summary: When Mewtwo dies, he doesn't know what to expect. In an odd space where he is blind and confused, pain coursing through him, he manages to sort through enough memories to piece together his life. He also finds out that there is one other with him; the stranger introduces herself as Latias, and tells him that they are both dead.

She finishes with, “That life is over; everything we did there doesn’t matter now. This place, this temporary blindness…it’s just to let us realize what happened: our lives ended. If you are ready, I’d like you to accompany me to the next.”

Both Legendaries find themselves able to see again - they are in lands unchanged, where life goes on despite the fact that they are dead. Making up new names for themselves, they walk on as human beings with hidden power. Latias - or Astyrian, as she is now called - is attempting to find her dead brother as Mewtwo - now Azazel - is simply trying to figure out what is going on.

Fleeting rumors of a group called the Deep-Skyld course through the regions. They are trainers and Pokemon alike, highly talented in dark arts. Mewtwo is morbidly interested in this group, though Latias believes that they have something to do with an unusually large number of deaths - and a few of these deaths are other Legendaries.

The Pokemon world is thrown into partial turmoil. While some Legendaries still live, most of Johto is wiped out altogether. They pass into their next lives, walking the earth as human beings. While Mewtwo continues seeking the Deep-Skyld, he runs into some of these hidden creatures, Pokemon reborn, a few of which causing him to doubt everything he's known.

While the Legendaries connected through blood search for each other in desperation, the world begins to tremble. The Deep-Elm, the evil tree, starts to rise from the soil as the Deep-Skyld channel their powers into it. Though human beings continue to live their lives normally, ignoring rumors of evil magic and missing Legendaries, the Pokemon themselves understand that when the Deep-Elm wakes from its winter hibernation, the world will end.

But more than a few may want just that.

My Feelings: I love this idea and really want to go somewhere with it. ^^; The link for the preview is here adn in my sig. =3 Please, please, reviews and suggestions! The weird thing about it is that the Pokemon get new names. You can see them in the preview. >> It's still being written but I know somewhat where it's going. *pokes long summary* I luff Mewtwo and wondered what it would be like for all of the reincarnated Legendaries. *dances and pokes preview again*

Status: In process of writing, not yet posted
Rating: G for now
Genre: Action, Emotion

Summary: Aisling the Vulpix is a young, fierce battler. Her attacks are powerful and her heart is strong. However, she does not have one thing that most other Pokemon do have, something that causes everyone to doubt her strength. Her friends all try to help her out, and in turn she teaches them that one has to go beyond seeing in order to win.

My Feeling: This was written just to practice my description. I luff it so far. =3 *pets Jackal and Aisling* A lot of inspiration came from the character Jaypaw in Erin Hunter's Warriors series.

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Old 09-03-2007, 02:28 AM
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Default Re: Author Archive

Now that I have more than one Fanfiction being made, I think I'll put myself in here too.


Solar Destiny: Tales of War

-Status: Paused (Long pause, I know)
-Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
-Genre: Action/Adventure

-Summary: A young man, named Van, has had several disturbing dreams depicting an all Pokémon world similar to our own during what could've been WWII; he was one of those gun-toting Pokémon. One fine Saturday, as he was watching a Solar Eclipse, he is wracked with sudden pain and blacks out. He awakes to discover that his dreams have become real; he was transported to this Pokémon world, and is turned into a Pikachu himself. Aftr being captured and tortured, he is offered a place among the Ishtarian Army to help in the fight against the enemy army of Zenos, a neighboring country. Van enters rigorous training, learning how to shoot many guns, as well as a special hand-to-hand combat training. Three months later, he enters combat for the first time, and begins to see why this must end soon...

Van must now look for a way home while trying to stop the war engulfing the planet. However, he soon realizes that the enemy can also be allies, and vice versa...

-Personal Thoughts: This was my first real Fanfiction, and I really worked hard on it. It is to this day one of my best Fanfictions ever, even better than the ones I never posted or brought to fruition. I enjoyed the thrill it brought me just imagining what happens next, and the difficulty of putting it down in words. I sincerely regret letting it fall into the netherpages of the Fanfiction board, and plan on reviving it with my next chapter soon .

__________________________________________________ _______________

Banner also by Comexback

-Status: In progress
Rating: G to PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Action, Emotion, Romance (Yep, all of those ^^)

Summary: Eight Pokémon, bearing some scar of the past, whether it be physical, mental, or even both, come together in a forest, all with a goal common of all Pokemon recently: To find Paradise and be happy and free forever. They are mostly loners, but as they come together, they realize that they'll need each other to survive the chaos that will ensue as strife with the humans reaches a peak. A horrible destiny draws near, and the only way to save them all may be sacrifice...

Personal Thoughts: I loved the RP that this story is based upon, and that is the whole reason behind the Fanfic itself. I wanted so much to give the RP an ending it deserved, and since I had planned the whole thing out in my head even after the RP died, when Kaze came back as Comexback I wasted no time in asking to finish it as a fanfic. This is the end result, and I've already got some good comments on it, though they're all from those who RPed in it.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Banner by Neo Pikachu

-Status: In progress
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic

Summary: Alternate Universe Sequel to the first Trial of Juno.

Juno's success in the Crimson War was told in songs, and celebrated for months. However, all this was brought to an end in a hellish rage of fire and death as the Black Onyx Kingdom swept the land and skies, conquering all in their path, which was made easier by the weakness the war gave the planet. Hearing their cries, Juno returned from death, but seeing the horrible state the world was in, he took the Silver Apex into hiding on the Azure Islands to recover and hide out. There, they met the Southern Tempest, and an interesting Pikachu named Landon, who bore a scar on his left eye, a tough past giving him strength, and a mysterious destiny leading him...

Now, Juno and Landon must work to solve the problems the Black Onyx Kingdom have placed on the world and stop their rule. Little do they know that the battle may become harder than they think, for both heavenly Utopia and the hellish Abyss have a stake in this war...

Personal Thoughts: Yet another RP I adored that ended before its time, this one by the creator of ToJ himself, Neo Pikachu. he gave the permission for this fanfic to come to life, and I have had so much fun bringing it to life. I have been rather slow with it, admittedly, but I still plan to finish it and give Landon and Juno the story they have always deserved.
<3 Paired with Dog of Hellsing, mah awesome vampire lady <3
Thanks to Neo Emolga for the banner and Knightblazer for the avatar ^^.

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Default Re: Author Archive

About Psychic:

I was never really interested in reading or writing untilt about age ten when I became fascinated with writing and decided that it was really something I wanted to do. I started writing a chapter story which all my classmates loved, and with their enthusiasm continued it until I hit a block. I began writing Pokémon Fan Fiction when I joined Serebii Forums in late 2004 and have made a name for myself there since. I have been working on my writing, trying to do whatever I can to become better and learn what it is that readers like while also becoming an avid reviewer and helping other people improve their own writing.

Currently I am a Fan Fiction Moderator at Serebii and have written a total of seven One-Shots, four of which I posted here (and I used to have a chaptered fic which I am currently trying to revamp). I have many, many more fics in the making and am constantly getting new fic ideas, but I always either lack the drive to write or hit a very simple block early on.

Here is what I have been able to finish and post here.

Name: Starting Anew
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Character Reflection, Pokémon PoV
Rating: General

Summary: When the legendaries have deemed the world too corrupt and full of evil to continue, they create an Apocalypse so as to cleanse the world and begin afresh. However, as the legendaries watch the destruction from on high, one of them is troubled by what is occurring and struggles to understand the powerful emotions he is feeling. For while Mewtwo is regarded as a legendary with the others, he feels out of place, and can not understand why he has even an ounce of pity for the creatures below, those who created him, used him, despised him.

He is, however, given the chance to be something else in this new world. To no longer be feared and hated, but to be accepted and perhaps even revered like the other Llgendaries. But his identity is built upon the fact that he is unlike the others, so what would this make him in this completely new world?

Personal Notes: Having always been fascinated with Mewtwo, I loved having the chance to write from his perspective and try to explore a few of the many personal obstacles he faces. This fic had been on my mind for a long time and like many others had been doomed to rot in my head for eternity, however a one-shot contest on SPPf sort of forced me to write it, and in the end I came in third place.

I very much like this story; it touched upon just about all the issues I wanted to explore and while I’d have liked to dig further into Mewtwo’s character I am still incredibly happy with this one-shot.

Name: Pouncer
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: no idea what this falls under…Muse, I suppose
Rating: General

Summary: In the Pokémon games there are always Trainers willing to battle you on the route right outside your hometown. But why do they stay where all the inexpeeienced trainers are, and why are they always so weak?

A boy just starting off from Pallet Town encounters another trainer in Route 1, and while the guy seems nice enough, it’s a bit odd that a teenager like him would just be hanging out there…

Personal Notes: Inspiration struck at half past midnight one night and before it left within the hour I typed this up. Not meant to be profound or even exciting, just a sort of a muse that makes you wonder. I didn’t want the dialogue to be so long but still, I’m quite content with the results of this.

Name: If I Could Take It Back
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Self-Reflective, Emotional, Pokémon PoV
Rating: General, but I guess it could be bumped to PG

Summary: Snapper didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She never meant anyone any harm, but in one moment, because of one split-second where she just wasn’t thinking, her life was destroyed. The Croconaw, overwhelmed with anger and hate for herself, knowing she can do nothing to reverse what she has done, runs away. That night her other teammates sneak away from their trainer to say a final good-bye, and she sees just how big an affect she has on these other Pokémon, as well.

Personal Notes: One or two seconds had a huge impact on my life, and only afterwards could I see what I had done, the hurt I had done to myself and others. My summer was messed up because of it and I couldn’t help but despise myself for what I had done.

I was just filled with too many emotions, but I knew that I could channel them into a piece of writing, to share them, to show others how I felt. Nobody seemed to understand when I told them, so perhaps they’d better understand through Snapper. I’m very glad that I wrote this and am quite proud that I was able to write it as accurately as I feel I did.

Name: Battle of Wills
Type: One-Shot Fan Fiction
Genre: Tragedy, part Pokémon PoV
Rating: Parental Guidance

Summary: Professor Harrison Oak is surprised to see trainer Lawrence Silver appear at the door to the lab he shares with his sister, Professor Rosaline, who is currently in Orre. Lawrence explains to the professor that he has, more by chance then by skill, captured a Pokémon that he had never heard of - not even his Pokédex could identify it! When they finally find out the creature's identity, things get a little too out of control. Professor Harrison means to take precutions to protect the public - and this Pokémon - but can this wild beast be tamed?

Personal Notes: I have always loved legendary Pokémon, and it's somewhat bothering that when you catch them in the games, you know everything about them, they're easy to tame, and are no different than any other Pokémon. Of course, my main incentive to write this was because I was rushing to find something to write about for the tragedy one-shot contest on SPPf. I quite like the way it turned out, and am proud to have placed third in the contest.


Name: What They Didin't Tell You In The Brochure
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Adventure
Rating: General

Summary: Psychic and her Scyther Bladewing journey to the Ruins of Alph, a place long-deserted by tourists, looking to do a bit of exploring. However what they get is much more than what they bargained for as Bladewing finds a way into the secret underground passageways not even the excavators had uncovered. From then on the two manage to get attacked by multiple Pokémon and find something disturbing about the place, when really all they want to do is get the heck out of there.

Personal Notes: My first URPG story in which I successfully captured Golbat, Unown and Natu. I really like this story and had a good bit of fun writing it, and felt the drive to continue it (for once) so I could get the Pokémon already. Also placed fairly well in the URPG Summer Contest, as well as on a One-Shot contest on SPPf.

Name: Halloween: A Hassle!
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Something between Humour and Horror
Rating: Parental Guidance

Summary: At a costume party, dressed nobly as Stan Irwin: Alligator Hunter, Jeremy spots his crush, Nicole, dressed as a Plusle, and is determined to impress her. He gets his chance when the Persian of his friend Andrew, adorned similarly to a flamboyant gang leader, chases Nicole's Minun about outside. In the confusion of the cat-and-mouse chase, Milo darts into the nearby forest, and Jeremy bravely runs after the Minun, hoping to win the girl over.

Personal Notes: Originally a regular Halloween One-Shot, it was supposed to be much scarier and have a less cheerful ending. Still quite like the way it turned out and am debating whether or not to continue it so we find out what happens when Jeremy brings Milo home. Enetered in the Winter Competition; I think I could have done better had this Halloween story not been entered during Christmas.

Name: Scrambling After Eggs (unfinished)
Type: URPG capture story
Genre: Adventure
Rating: General

Summary: Psychic and Bladewing have been asked to do a bit of egg-sitting while the teen's cousin is away for a few days. Unfortunately, the task isn't as easy as you'd expect, and the egg is constantly getting them in trouble, taking them from an angry mother's nest to a rushing river to the territory of carnivorous Pokémon! They're seriously not getting paid enough for this...

Personal Notes: I absolutely love this story. I'm just stuck on Part Three and can't seem to hit this annoying block! Very fun story.

Check out the first-ever Canadian Pokémon convention, Pokéthon!
Pokéthon is a new sub-event at Otakuthon, an animé convention in Montreal, Quebec! We hope to see you there!

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Default Re: Author Archive

status:in progress
genre:adventure action romance
i have a idea in working progress please pm me what you think
Pokemon:legend adventure
plan:a boy who is 12 years old deciced to set of from his hometown of lilicave(or something i cant remember the name)with his mightyena nicknamed brave to become the best trainer and who knows what else.ohh and he is called terry
the blurb->

you have just set of as a trainer and at the age of 12 with your mightyena when more challenges face you every day
what dya think?

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Default Re: Author Archive

Rating: 12 or over
Genre: Controversies comedy (a bit like south park style)/ fiction/ sprite novel
Status: On going
Summary: (non-pokemon related) The battle between diffrent groups in school.

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Talking Re: Author Archive

Ashketcum212's Story Archive

Name: The Everybody is in it to win it Story!
Summary: shows how many battles are taken place at a colloseum.

Name: A Journey to Zennis
Summary: Shows a journey of two girls (Marina and Sabrina) on their way to the region of Zennis.
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:: Chaos Theory's Story Archive ::

Pokemon Journey I: Checkmate

Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Adventure
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG-13

Summary: In a world will Pokémon and their trainers must work side by side to earn money for their perspective kingdoms in order to fuel their power, a boy named Shizumasa Akiyama begins his journey. However, something seems to be stirring between the two strongest powers in all of the world. In a world where those with the strongest trainers rule supreme, only a single person can stop the war before it consumes the world. Also, rumors of an organization of elite Pokémon Trainers who have had something to do with all of the chaos that has been happening lately. What will happen as Shizumasa begins his Pokémon Journey?

Personal Thoughts: This is my first Fan Fiction and it has only just begun (the plot not really unravelling yet). I expect great things from this one, or atleast hope it's good enough to actually have people want me to make a sequel for it. I hope you all like it and what not!

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Default Re: Author Archive

Characterized by Adventurous Minds
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure
Status: In progress
Summary: A boy, his Charmeleon, and their friends set out to thwart the schemes of a new evil among them. One is in it for her loved one. One is in it for the experience. But only one is in it purely for the adventure.
Additional Information About Myself: I have been considered a good writer for some time now. I've written a couple of fanfics on other websites, as well as poems, short stories, and a sprite comic. I've also been considered good at giving advice, or describing things. So I occasionally write reviews for websites about stories and games.
If you were in a desperate situation...

And you had two choices...

To read a sprite comic, about a hilariously idiotic Marshtomp and his friends...

Or visit a sprite shop with an owner ready to create wonderous sprites at your request...

What would you do?
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Default Re: Author Archive

Scalec is the name, writing stories is my game.

Story: The Rest of the Story
Rating: PG
Description: The story of the first person to turn into a Pokemon, and his life after it.
Status: In progress

Story: It's Gonna be me story rendition
Rating: G
Description: Two stories going to the song 'It's Gonna be me' by N*Sync. The first one has Brock and Susie, the second is Meowth and Meowzie
Status: Finished

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Default Re: Author Archive

Team StormRiders

Type: MD Fan-fic
Status: In progress
Rating: PG13+
Genre: Fantasy / Action / Adventure

Zanna, once a 17 year old, kind, caring and sarcastic person, has now been transformed into a Pikachu for no apparent reason.
Or so she thinks...
Zanna doesn't know why she was brought to this world or how she got there. But she does know that she used to be a human. At the same time, a terrible Pokemon of pure evil threatens to overtake the world, and anyone in it who is willing to defy him.
As the rest of the world rallies armies to fend off the evil terror that is sending them to the brink of war, Zanna embarks on a journey to disover who she really is and stop all chaos and destruction once and for all. With a story full of evil, good, war, romance and secrets, you can bet this will be the journey of a lifetime.
After all, destiny is only the beginning...

Personal thoughts:
Hmmm...I'm still unsure as to how I came about this story, although I do give my regards to RocketMeowth / RM for her inspiring MD fic. I can't say I've read it all, but it ws truly an inspiration to me.
Well, that and the world of Pokemon which, for me, happens to be the source or turmoil and peace which makes up some terrific elements of a good story.
I've loved writing and have written for years now. Though, I'm more of a freelancer and graphic design person, my love of books and writing hasn't changed a bit.
Team StormRiders, as my first fan-fic, promises to fulfil my dream of writing while getting some suggestions, reviews and friends on the side. A great thrilling adventure, I urge you to take some time out to read it. You won't be disappointed.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
.......................--> art duo with: Xanthe | bff: k_pop |

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Default Re: Author Archive

Yo im finally here after a long hiatus. ITs me autism!
Story: Ciphers rise (colloseum book again: that makes my fifth one)
Rating: weavering through pg and pg13
Description: A young 17 year old with his alakazam and Dia-ey (made up sableye evolution) break out of snagems headquarter, find a girl tied in a sack, saves her from doom and gets caught up in a evil syndicates plot yadah yadah. Legendary dogs are NOT included. The legendary golems are. (you can guess, youre not morons)

Story: Final fantasy A place where i belong
Rating pg13
Description: A rendition of final fantasy nine with other aspects (scions from 12 new characters etc.) thrown in.
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Default Re: Author Archive

Kendo's Story Archive

Here are all of my GOOD stories thus far. My other two PE2K stories are complete crap, nobody except for Orange Flaafy would ever want to read them. So, enjoy!

Name: LegendStory (4-25-08 to 5-06-08)
Rating: PG to PG-13 for incredibly mild deaths and blood.
Status: Finished

Long ago, Darkrai killed all of the legendary Pokemon in the Legendary Realm but one of each, and was killed by Arceus. Now, with the help of Lucas, the unexpected finder of an Action Replay, will Darkrai be awakened...?

Personal Thoughts: It took me only a few days to whip out my first successful story, and I really like it, too. Soon, I may do another AR-themed story, since this one seemed really cool to me.


Name: Passionfight (6-26-08, but written sometime in early May)
Rating: G to PG, for violence that only ventures to falling down holes and eating poison
Status: Finished

One day, Rescue team Passion Pink goes into the weakest dungeon around...only to find a Gallade!

So begins this story, filled with humor, fun, and competition with a twist, where team hatred turns into a boy vs. girl situation, and where two teams bond in the most unlikely way.

Personal Thoughts: I liked writing this one-shot during my free time at school. Technically, it's a Mystery Dungeon/Dash comedy-type thing. Who knows, if this one-shot becomes popular, I might get into comedy, though that might not be my strong point.


Name: The Pink Army (6-30-09 and still going)
Rating: PG for some mild violence
Status: Ongoing

Puffster has always dreamed of taking over the world, but her Pink Army has had no luck in finding any other members. Then she steals and raises an Igglybuff egg. Strangeness ensues.

Personal Thoughts: I based this off of my "Pink Army" that I started under the name KendoSword on the Global Trade Station Plus forums, which is again linked to Global Pokedex Plus, where I raised the virtual things. So far it's been called "super original" and I've been told I have funny ideas. So basically, I have high hopes for this.


URPG Stories

Name: Gone Fishing (7-20-08 to 7-30-08)
Rating: PG for slight violence and reference to death
Status: Finished (Grade Pending)

When 20-year-old Alexandra May goes fishing and unexpectedly lands a Mudkip, she knows her Growlithe Arcane won't help her catch it. But even if she captures Mudkip, will conflicting bonds lead to Mudkip's escape?

Personal Thoughts: I think I did my best on this story, and I hope it gets me a Mudkip. I kept writing this story because I liked portraying Mudkip's view on the situations and Totodile's bond with him. Overall, that and hopefully getting my second URPG Pokemon are what pushed me to writing this.
A very dumb story. Go read it.
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