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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-09-2008, 07:55 AM
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Default Ten Force Dragon (Concepts/Intro)

The Premise and Origin of TEN FORCE DRAGON

I will begin to finally write, in short, a potentially lengthy (story?) that oddly enough may have all started with Power Rangers. Sounds odd to get a kick in the pants and a wake up call from Power Rangers...

So, about ten years ago, Power Rangers had their 'Power Rangers' ninja stuff appearing for the first time. This is shortly after the first Power Rangers movie. You know, the one from the theaters and Ivan Ooze? Well these 'ninjas' had a (Zord?) called Ninjor, and I thought the 'Ninjor' was a neat concept and... began the word NINJORIAN in my head.

Ninjorian eventually became an 'alien' species, taking over my daydreams at school, my LEGO pieces (I made little mini space ships). One difference I decided upon was that since 'Ninjor' had been (taken by Power Rangers?) used, I would have to develop a name for their planet.

Nev Prime, Nu Hii el Korr*, and (currently) Noria Dua are the names of planets populated by them. *pronounced like New He el Core, but New Eee el Core as well.

Ninjorian society is dominated by the female society. Their current (planet?*) has one half for the women and one half for the men. Yet they do meet at the middle for commercial trading and business as that is where aerospace ports are located.

So, enough spoilers about random alien craziness.

Ten Force Dragon is aimed to be the first of a potential three part story beginning in space (though briefly).


I will keep the revelation to myself for now, but this is someting for you to consider:

If -- F = 13 -- and -- 13=15 and the function of F = 15 is a non truth, then what is the true definition of 'F' ?

Terms to Appear in TFR

Canada: yeah, so I'm canadian and the story kinda takes place here and stuff.
Gargoyle: Speaker of (post #2) the opening pages, a mercenary slash bounty hunter kinda lizard man in grey metal armor, loses his body after the 'collision' sequence (to appear later). Continues to live through spiritual confinement to his suit. Said suit can move and stuff but is essentially living laundry.
Moh Ghrim: a huge alien kinda guy all tough and stuff. Like a rock monster, MARVEL Juggernaut shaped. Stupid yet wise. Brief appearance.
Snap: Gargoyle's half brother. The kinda real boy called bad.
Chevron: a human creation; fusion of mental power, computer and energy sciences, and a dead body. Zombie sort of guy without the smell.
Uluru: also known as Ayer's Rock, a known tourist hangout from Australia, the local aboriginal tribe people enter the story, if in a general sense as I do not know the tribe names in connection with Uluru.
The Collector (oh, how original!): just a computer geek that gets fried (and killed) by his PC when looking at stuff on the monitor. Caused by Chevron. Lives to tell central characters about a key.
Keys: three of them. Two keys in the door sense, the third is a word.
Techanic: kind of like a Jell-o mold, only its a weapon relying on the limt of imagination. Cue creepy music...
Argel/Argellon*: species and their planet, respectively. They look like apes from Planet of the Apes, only with gator scales, and reptile tails. And no hair. *pronounced argh-ell/argh-ill-on.

Story and stuff later this week.



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Old 02-24-2008, 06:42 AM
The_Seventieth_Evil Offline
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Default Re: Ten Force Dragon (Concepts/Intro)

So, I take it from Mario that I can continue...

Celestial Opening (Opening one of three?)

As viewed/thought by Gargoyle:

You and
I. I. I.

There are those who retire because their finances are set. Others retire due to the age of their persona. Me? I was forced to retire, though I now welcome this fate.
- - -
Too long ago I did have a job. It was... special. I performed work for target employers paying their (and mine by extention) dues to the victims of anger.
Bounty hunter. Merc for hire. That was me. *chuckle* My last ticket took me to an inner system of planets, system of four. All to follow power cells to a developing society set upon the fourth planet. Populated by Terrans, they were beginning to take notice, making enemies beyond their reach. Destruction of this ship was my objective. Yet as I got close and opened fire, my attack just ghosted through the vessel like it were a hologram. Turns out it was. This ship had stealth tech I had not seen til now. What was before me gave one last flicker as it 'popped' out behind me, launching their own energy into my solid chunk of metal. As my energy shields were down, radiation shields up, I was very vulnerable to this stomp to the tail. Smoking, I could barely see my control panel. Flames erupted, and I hate fire. Energy shields damaged but workable, I activated to full that damage would allow in enough time to deflect a barrage of red bolts. Rebounting and striking the Terran vessel as it passed, critically prodding it into a spiral towards the fourth world. About to explode, the Terran vessel ejected escape pods planetbound. Life support to fail, I prepped to drift to align with the third planet; a near single continent sat on this largely waterlogged swamp. Soft landings are always nice. As long as marine life is equally friendly.
--As the Terran craft entered the fourth atmosphere, the radioactive components in its cargo ignited spreading into the atmosphere. Finally striking home, the concurring explosion now seems to have been absolute. Why? I see nothing. No buildings, people, or sign ever of.

I love this "Internet."

As the motion of my arc to the third world closed, I exited hibernation with a low mood as I reflected on defeat. As well as loss. My Mr. Bill was Terran and no money shall I recieve. His clients were Terran plus me. My victims by bad chance were Terran. I had only seen the one; my bill poster over vid link. Now I may never have to worry about them. Only for them.

Life. Meaningless until death do it part. Perhaps. Perhaps I too should depart from, and with, death. Shadow becomes light. I have done wrong and done it well. This one way street has changed my heart.

I need. No. I want to learn the ways of the victim.

My heart
must find
my mind.

My soul.



^ ^
This post above is a work of fiction, lies and dreams ongoing. Any resemblence to events, stories, or presons real now or in the past is pure coincidence. ^ ^
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