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Old 04-15-2006, 03:13 AM
runesword1987 Offline
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Default New Variations

Most of the time when my friends and i get together we have more than 2 people, so we've created 3 person ffa or a 2v2 with 4 people. We've adjusted some of the rules concerning the prizes and special conditions.

In a 2v2 each person has 4 prize cards. If player A has taken all the prizes then they must knock out 2 of the opponents pokemon so their partner can take another prize.

If player A and B are a team and player A is knocked out of the game due to no more benched pokemon or no more cards in deck, player B must take his prizes and half of their partners prizes.

For all special conditions that require putting a damage counter on the pokemon or flipping a coin, poison, burn, asleep, the condition is only invoked on the 2 players that were involved with the special condition. i.e. 4 players: A,B,C,D Player A poisons Player D, poison only happens after those 2 players turns.

The initial draw of 7 cards if a player doesn't have a basic pokemon the person to the left draws a card.

These are just some of the rules.

This is just a way to make the game more interesting and to try something new, so if any of you fellow card players have made your own variations to the game please share them.
Also, if you have any suggestions to make this variation better tell me please.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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