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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default The start of a wonderful adventure!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

*Beep Beep Beep Be...*

I shut off the alarm clock that I hated and wanted to smash. But this time was different. This time I wanted to kiss it. ‘Cause today, is when I meet my first Pokémon!
I went downstairs to find a plate filled with bacon and eggs and a note lying on the table. The time was 7:21 AM by the time I was done. I know I’m a slow eater. So then I decided to read the note. I read this:

Dear Robert,
Prof. Oak called. He said the time has changed and
they you have to be at the lab at 7:30. Don't be late!
Your Pokégear is on top of the computer, with a
present attached! Please be careful, and don't be late!
Remember, 7:30! I love you!


I checked the time again. 7:22.

Me: What!? I’d better hurry!

I haven’t gotten round to telling much about me, so I guess this is the perfect time. I’m a 13 year old boy. Blue eyes, dark blonde hair, spiky hair with what looked like golden tips. I died just the tip of my spikes. Broad shoulders, muscular arms and long powerful legs. I was about 5’6’’. I’m pretty big for my age. A bit too big…
And today, I’m wearing my favourite outfit: Black jeans, blood red sweater with an image of a dragon on the front, hood hanging from the neck, and a front pocket which I always burry my hands in. And I was wearing my favourite colour and type of shoes: Black Kappa’s.


I’m finally done with everything: I brushed my teeth, got dressed, packed my bag, and I somehow managed to get my laptop in. And I opened the present that was attached to my Pokégear. Inside it, was an installation for my laptop. It was an installation for 500 MHz and 100 gigabytes of free space. Also attached was an internet accelerator. So now my laptop had 300 gigabytes, 1500 MHz and my internet was probably the fastest in the whole country. I quickly grabbed my Pokégear, scribbled a note and left the house. The note said:
Thank you. I’ll shall send an e-mail soon! Love ya!

Love, Robert.
I got there when the lab had just opened. I was of course the first one there. After five minutes, the other five trainers came.

Me: *thinks* I believe all of us got up to late. They were rushing, I could tell.

There were three other boys and two girls. Everyone looked completely normal. Average height, clothes, everything. Except me and one other… he looked like a criminal. He wore nothing but black, and he wore a black hat. His eyes were deep and cold, but when he saw me, it got even worse. Sparks were shooting from our eyes. And from that moment on, I knew we were going to be rivals, for maybe the rest of our lives.

Prof. Oak: I see everyone made it! Follow me please!

He led us into a room with a long table and six Pokéballs on it. Six different coloured balls, and I was the only who knew what was in them. Apart from Tracey (Prof. Oak’s assistant), and Prof. Oak himself.
Yellow: Pichu
Red: Charmander
Blue: Goldeen
Green: Treecko
Black: Houndour
Purple: Ralts

Prof. Oak: You shall all receive your very own Pokémon soon, but first, here is a Pokédex and 5 Pokéballs for each of you.

Prof. Oak handed out six Pokédex and thirty Pokéballs.

Prof. Oak: Well, let’s start with you three.

He pointed to the criminal looking boy and the twins. The boy pushed his way through, and grabbed the black ball. One of the twins grabbed the blue one, the other took the purple one.

Prof. Oak: I assume you all know what Pokémon is in which ball?

Everyone nodded. That came as a shock to me.

Prof. Oak: Goodie! Well then, you three next!

The two other boys scrambled forward, tripping over their feet as they walked. I let them choose first, just to show them how nice I was. (They saw my size and were cowering in a corner).
The one boy took the red ball, the other took the green ball. Which left me…

Me: Yes! Exactly the one I wanted!

Prof. Oak: Ok then! Now, we shall all battle each others Pokémon. Tracey and I shall also compete, since we’re short on two people. We’ll turn this into a tournament! Don’t worry! We’ll use starter Pokémon! I shall take Pidgey, and Tracey shall use Diglett! Now I’ll pair you up! Brittney vs. Alice! Jack vs. Rick! Tracey vs. me! And Robert vs. Tom! You may begin!

Me: *thinks* Of course I’m stuck with him! Just my luck…
*drops back down to earth* Ok Tom! Let’s go! Go, Pichu!

Tom: Houndour!

Tom: Ember!
Me: Thundershock!

Houndour shot out a ball of flames, sending it directly to Pichu, which he easily dodged. Pichu sent 2 small bolts of electricity Houndour’s way, which hit, paralyzing Houndour!

Tom: This can’t be happening! Houndour, return! Cya sucker!

Tom ran from the lab, so I chased after him, forgetting about the tournament. I followed Tom all the way to Viridian Forest. I was running for ten more minutes until I lost sight of him. My Pichu tried to find Tom from the top of a tree, but without any luck.

Me: *gasps for air* We’ll get him someday, Pichu. But first, let’s get you to a PokéCenter where you can rest.

And so, we set off into the horizon, unaware of what dangers were to follow.

To be continued…

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