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Old 05-19-2004, 06:59 PM
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Default Pokemon contests are finally coming, on TV

This week has May's first ever official Pokemon contest. If you have been reading Serebii, it is from the game BUT NOT exactly told with 100 percent accuracy.

From what I have read, the description of the contests are anything but normal. THere is the standard Pokemon performance for the crowd, scored accurately, BUT however, this is where you the viewer will be instantly lost in the 2nd event.

They have a 'Pokemon timed limit battle', the 2 Pokemon in the contest battle each other in what could be described as a tournament, survivor series, like battle, but with X amount of time. THe Pokemon have 'X' amount of time to do damage or whatever to the opposition. The object seems to be win the round, or go home ala the playoff game or championship.

But on the game, the 2nd round just has the Pokemon 'firing' a display of attacks for the audience to view, and at times, the attack can sometimes 'intimidate' the opposition watching and thus drops their score down. The game sounds more simple rather then to watch Pokemon battle each other, and the battle itself, seems like you are taking cheerleaders from a competition and have them beat each other up or something! What's going to be the fun to see an X amount type battle?

May doesn't seem suited for that type of contest because it will mean the trainer has to be aggressive, and perhaps ruthless to win. Take her competitior Drew, or Shuu in the Japan version. He is a tough cooridinator and a tough coach, I can't see how May can be tough on her Pokemon. She doesn't have aggression in her system, it mostly tells her to be friendly and super happy, pick on the brother at times, and watch Ash have his battles.

I hope I am not at all belittling May. I'm just saying that from what I see of how TV tells of the contests, you are going to be disappointed not to see a normal flow contest. If you take something from the game, tell an accurate story rather then put in something silly like X amount of time to battle your opposition.

And get this, May enters 'a different Pokemon' per each contest rather then if Beautifly wins, enter Beauifly in 2nd or if Torchic wins, enter Torchic in 2nd. Rather, it's May enters Beautifly for one, another Pokemon for 2nd, another Pokemon for 3rd, and Japan even has a 'made up' town in the HOenn region for May to enter another Pokemon contest, NOT EVEN in the game, or even an idea on where the location or region that town is in, is it near 4 tree, is it near that Weather station, perhaps above the station, where is it if it's not in the game?

Even if May has done 'well' in Japan, as in SPOILER SPOILER

won 2 out of 3 of the Pokemon contests in Japan

It's not accurately told.
And I can't see an aggression side on May to make her Pokemon win.
Be warned of the heartbreak May is in for her first contest.
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Old 05-24-2004, 06:44 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon contests are finally coming, on TV

Maybe the producers just expanded on the second part of the game a bit?
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