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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 02-15-2006, 03:22 PM
Husnain Offline
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Default Husnain

AIM: husnainisme
Position: Trainer, Referee, Cerulean Gym Leader, Approver,

Battle Record (W/L/D/FFA): 30/8/0/61 - Reset-ed April 6th, 2011
Basics: 39/19/4
Tourney: 2/1/0
WAR: 1/0/0


Money: $3,500

TM/HMs (Available): Surf HM, Waterfall HM, Rock Smash HM, Strength HM
Items (Available): Leftovers x2, Choice Band, Wise Glasses, Expert Belt, Iron Ball, Choice Scarf x2, Life Orb x2, Lum Berry x3, Unova Plaque

Badges: Still being updated!

Completed! (8/8)

Pewter (Boulder Badge) -
Cerulean (Cascade Badge) - We The Pichus
Vermillion (Thunder Badge) - Frozen Chaos
Celadon (Rainbow Badge) - Pokemon Trainer Sarah
Fuchsia (Soul Badge) - Chaotic_Despair
Saffron (Marsh Badge) - DarkGardevoir
Cinnabar (Volcano Badge) - Loyal Arcanine
Viridian (Earth Badge) - Rust/Lord Celebi

Johto: Completed! (8/8)

Violet (Zephyr Badge) - Dark Charizard
Azalea (Hive Badge) - Gun6
Goldernod (Plain Badge) - Pokemon_Fan_2000
Ecruteak (Fog Badge) - Ridley
Mahogany (Glacier Badge) - Chao Breeder/Nyurgh
Cianwood (Storm Badge) - Espeon Rinage
Olivine (Mineral Badge) - Legend Slayer
Blackthorn (Rising Badge) - PlayerSlayer

: (7/8)

Rustboro (Stone Badge) - Magic Kid/Pichu Boy
Dewford (Knuckle Badge) - We The Pichus + Diesel_34
Mauville (Dynamo Badge) Rilian/Hydralisk
Lavaridge (Heat Badge) - Legend Slayer
Petalburg (Balance Badge)
Fortree (Feather Badge) - Ball
Sootopolis (Rain Badge) - Rust

Sinnoh: Completed! (8/8) (First)

Oreburgh (Coal Badge) - Team Evolution
Eterna (Forest Badge) - Focal
Veilstone (Cobal Badge) - PumaZapp/Huncrew
Pastoria (Fen Badge) - Smurf
Hearthome (Relic Badge) - Adam/Gold Rush
Canalave (Mine Badge) - Diesel_34
Snowpoint (Icicle Badge) - Tyranitar Trainer/Dog of Hellsing
Sunnyshore (Beacon Badge) -

Completed! (8/8) (First)

Striaton (Trio Badge) - The Jr Trainer
Nacrene (Basic Badge) - Ataro
Castelia (Insect Badge) - Nyurgh
Nimbasa (Bolt Badge) - Synthesis
Driftveil (Quake Badge) - WinterVines
Mistralton (Jet Badge) - SiberianTiger
Icirrus (Freeze Badge) - Volcanflame
Opelucid (Legend Badge) - Ash K.

Orange Islands: (2/4)

Trovita (Spikey Shell Badge) - We The Pichus
Kumquat (Jade Star Badge) - Flammenwerfer

Elite Four: (2/4)



Value is determined by:

- Minimum number of characters if its a story Pokemon. (Lowest Evolution Form)
- How much was spent on TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs for it.
- How much it cost if its a Pokemart pokemon


Name: Gengar
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Levitate
Obtained: Trade with Ham and Cheese
Battles (FFAs): 15 (10)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Sludge Bomb TM)(Poison Jab TM)(Toxic TM)(Venoshock TM)(Clear Smog BM)(Smog BM)(Psychic TM)(Trick Room TM)(Rest TM)(Psywave TM)(Skill Swap TM)(Telekinesis TM)(Trick MT)(Role Play MT)(Metronome TM)(Hyper Beam TM)(Headbutt TM)(Explosion TM)(Substitute TM)(Take Down TM)(Mega Kick TM)(Mega Punch TM)(Mimic TM)(Natural Gift TM)(Double Team TM)(Scary Face MT)(Skull Bash TM)(Psych Up TM)(Return TM)(Frustration TM)(Facade TM)(Double Edge TM)(Snore TM)(Swagger TM)(Endure TM)(Disable BM)(Uproar MT)(Perish Song BM)(Selfdestruct TM)(Rage TM)(Giga Impact TM)(Captivate TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Body Slam TM)(Attract TM)(Bide TM)(Protect TM)(Strength HM)(Secret Power TM)(Round TM)(Taunt TM)(Knock Off MT)(Embargo TM)(Thief TM)(Torment TM)(Fling TM)(Snatch TM)(Shadow Claw TM)(Ominous Wind MT)(Pain Split MT)(Perish Song BM)(Grudge BM)(Astonish BM)(Thunder TM)(Thunder Punch TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Zap Cannon TM)(Giga Drain TM)(Energy Ball TM)(Mega Drain TM)(Will-o-Wisp TM)(Sunny Day TM)(Fire Punch TM)(Rain Dance TM)(Focus Punch TM)(Focus Blast TM)(Dynamic Punch TM)(Brick Break TM)(Counter TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Drain Punch TM)(Submission TM)(Seismic Toss TM)(Haze BM)(Icy Wind MT)(Ice Punch TM)(Hidden Power {Ice} TM)

TMs/Value: (87) ($440,000)

Name: Starmie
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Natural Cure/Illuminate
Obtained: Trade with DarkUmbreon
Battles (FFAs): 15 (6)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Water Pulse TM)(Rain Dance TM)(Waterfall HM)(Thunderwave TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Thunder TM)(Substitute TM)(Skill Swap TM)(Psych Up TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Protect TM)(Toxic TM)(Ice Beam TM)(Hail TM)(Icy Wind TM)(Nightmare TM)(Rest TM)(Psychic TM)(Trick MT)(Reflect TM)(Flash Cannon TM)(Grass Knot TM)(Hidden Power {Dark} TM)

TMs/Value: (24) ($146,500)
to get: blizzard, psyshock, trick room, magic coat, brine, double team, recycle, refresh, tri attack, barrier, scald

Name: Aerodactyl
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Rock Head/Pressure
Obtained: Trade with Embreon
Battles (FFAs): 5 (5)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Taunt TM)(Hone Claws TM)(Pursuit BM)(Fire Blast TM)(Flamethrower TM)(Sunny Day TM)(Toxic TM)(Aerial Ace TM)(Roost TM)(Tailwind BM)(Double Edge TM)(Substitute TM)(Protect TM)(Attract TM)(Captivate TM)(Double Team TM)(Swagger TM)(Strength HM)(Stone Edge TM)(Rock Tomb TM)(Smack Down TM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Earthquake TM)(Sandstorm TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Dragon Claw TM)(Reflect TM)(Aqua Tail MT)(Curse TM)

TMs/Value: (29) ($187,000)

Name: Swampert
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Torrent
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles (FFAs): 11 (1)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Roar TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Substitute TM)(Strength HM)(Rain Dance TM)(Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Ice Beam TM)(Avalanche TM)(Counter MT)(Brick Break TM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Rock Tomb TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Toxic TM)(Curse BM)(Rest TM)(Mirror Coat BM)

TMs/Value: (20) ($121,500)
to get: yawn, hidden power, blizzard, captivate, fling, facade, focus punch, scald, refresh, swagger, rock slide, outrage, superpower, dive

Name: Stinky the Infernape
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Blaze
Obtained: Gift from Stinky (Spring '11) =3
Battles (FFAs): 7 (3)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Fire Blast TM)(Sunny Day TM)(Will-O-Wisp TM)(Overheat TM)(Flame Charge TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Encore BM)(Fake Out BM)(Endeavor MT)(Substitute TM)(Protect TM)(Roar TM)(Attract TM)(Swagger TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Rock Slide TM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Rock Tomb TM)(Counter BM)(Focus Punch TM)(Focus Blast TM)(Brick Break TM)(Bulk Up TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Grass Knot TM)(Shadow Claw TM)(Aerial Ace TM)(Thunderpunch MT)(Rest TM)(Fling TM)(U-Turn TM)(Toxic TM)(Hidden Power {Water} TM)

TMs/Value: (36) ($???)

Name: Dickface the Garchomp
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Sand Veil
Obtained: Lottery
Battles (FFAs): 5 (1)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Earthquake TM)(Bulldoze TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Rock Tomb TM)(Brick Break TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Swords Dance TM)(Attract TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Roar TM)(Double Team TM)(Substitute TM)(Strength HM)(Aerial Ace TM)(Outrage BM)(Toxic TM)(Poison Jab TM)(Rest TM)(Surf HM)(Fling TM)(Hone Claws TM)

(First D/P Pokemon in the URPG)
TMs/Value: (22) ($121,500)

Name: Kingdra
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Sniper/Swift Swim
Obtained: Trade with LS the Door Mat
Battles (FFAs): 12 (2)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Rain Dance TM)(Ice Beam TM)(Subsitute TM)(Return TM)(Protect TM)(Attract TM)(Strength HM)(Clear Smog BM)(Toxic TM)(Signal Beam BM)(Outrage MT)(Draco Meteor MT)(Hidden Power {Grass} TM)

TMs/Value: (15) ($???)

Name: Ludicolo
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Swift Swim/Rain Dish
Obtained: to be updated!
Battles (FFAs): 5
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Toxic TM)(Giga Drain TM)(Leech Seed BM)(Seed Bomb MT)(Ice Beam TM)(Rest TM)(Substitute TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Double Team TM)(Attract TM)(Strength HM)(Hidden Power {Rock} TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Thunderpunch MT)

TMs/Value: (17) ($98,000)
to get: counter, drain punch, focus punch, focus blast, hone claws, scald, endure, flail

Name: Blaziken
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Blaze/Speed Boost
Obtained: Trade with Synthesis
Battles (FFAs): 22
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Swords Dance TM)(Baton Pass BM)(Substitute TM)(Protect TM)(Roar TM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Sunny Day TM)(Solarbeam TM)(Shadow Claw TM)(Acrobatics TM)(Thunderpunch MT)

TMs/Value: (14) ($90,500)
to get: magic coat,

Name: Dragonite
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Inner Focus/Multiscale
Obtained: Trade with MaverickKaiser
Battles (FFAs): 8
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Rain Dance TM)(Hydro Pump SM)(Toxic TM)(Substitute TM)(Extremespeed BM)(Roar TM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Bulldoze TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Brick Break TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Dragon Claw TM)(Ice Beam TM)(Light Screen TM)

TMs/Value: (17) ($???)

Name: Scizor
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Swarm/Technician
Obtained: Trade with LS the Door Mat
Battles (FFAs): 4 (9)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Bug Bite MT)(U-Turn TM)(Light Screen TM)(Rain Dance TM)(Brick Break TM)(Superpower MT)(Rock Smash HM)(Substitute TM)(Baton Pass BM)(Protect TM)(Strength HM)(Roost TM)(Acrobatics TM)

TMs/Value: (13) ($???)

Name: Salamence
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Intimitade/Moxie
Obtained: Trade with LS the Door Mat
Battles (FFAs): 3 (4)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Outrage BM)(Dragon Dance BM)(Draco Meteor MT)(Hidden Power {Electric} TM)(Toxic TM)(Earthquake TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Brick Break TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Substitute TM)(Roar TM)(Refresh SM)(Strength HM)(Roost TM)(Fire Blast TM)(Hydro Pump BM)

TMs/Value: (16) ($???)

Mewtwo (4 FFAs)
Riolu (Randomly rolled Pokemon) (1 FFA)

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Old 07-26-2008, 03:26 PM
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Default Re: Husnain

Name: Jellicent
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Water Absorb/Cursed Body
Obtained: B/W Auction
Battles (FFAs): 11 (4)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Acid Armor BM)(Taunt TM)(Energy Ball TM)(Substitute TM)(Psych Up TM)(Pain Split BM)(Will-o-Wisp TM)(Shadow Ball TM)(Hidden Power {Electric} TM)(Trick Room TM)(Ice Beam TM)

(First Jellicent in the URPG)
TMs/Value: (13) ($111,500)

Name: Emmadoof the Bidoof
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Unaware/Simple
Obtained: Gift from RPGRaccoon (???) =3
FFA Wins: 2
Battles (FFAs): 10 (1)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Attract TM)(Double Team TM)(Substitute TM)(Quick Attack BM)(Double Edge BM)(Rock Smash HM)(Thunderwave TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Charge Beam TM)(Ice Beam TM)(Hidden Power {Grass} TM)(Grass Knot TM)(Toxic TM)(Shadow Ball TM)(Aqua Tail BM)

(First Bidoof in the URPG)
TMs/Value: (15) ($59,500)

Name: Tentacruel
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Clear Body/Liquid Ooze
Obtained: Trade with Lan
Battles (FFAs): 2 (2)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Sludge Bomb TM)(Double Team TM)(Substitute TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Confuse Ray BM)(Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Hidden Power {Water} TM)(Giga Drain TM)(Rest TM)(Mirror Coat BM)(Ice Beam TM)(Haze BM)

TMs/Value: (14) ($79,500)

Name: Bryce the Snorlax
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Thick Fat/Immunity
Obtained: Gift from Bryce (Spring '11) =3
Battles: 1 (1)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Curse TM)(Shadow Ball TM)(Fire Punch TM)(Thunder Punch TM)(Ice Punch TM)(Toxic TM)(Protect TM)(Substitute TM)(Selfdestruct TM)(Whirlwind BM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Rock Slide TM)(Brick Break TM)(Counter TM)(Focus Punch TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Zen Headbutt BM)(Surf HM)(Seed Bomb MT)

TMs/Value: (20) ($???)

Name: Penisaur the Venusaur
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Overgrow/Chlorophyll
Obtained: Starter
Battles: 1 (3)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Sludge Bomb TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Protect TM)(Roar TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Substitute TM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Sunny Day TM)(Rest TM)(Light Screen BM)(Hidden Power {Water} TM)

TMs/Value: (13) ($88,000)

Name: Pidge the Rotom-W
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Levitate
Obtained: Gift from Pidge (Spring '11) =3
Battles: 4 (1)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Volt Switch TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Pain Split MT)(Shadow Ball TM)(Sucker Punch MT)(Signal Beam MT)(Will-O-Wisp TM)(Hidden Power {Ground} TM)(Light Screen TM)(Psych Up TM)(Reflect TM)

TMs/Value: (11) ($90,000)

Name: Espeon
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Synchronize/Magic Bounce
Obtained: Pokemart
Battles (FFAs): 7
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Calm Mind TM)(Reflect TM)(Light Screen TM)(Skill Swap TM)(Trick MT)(Hidden Power {Fire} TM)(Grass Knot TM)(Substitute TM)(Work Up TM)(Yawn BM)(Heal Bell MT)(Toxic TM)(Shadow Ball TM)(Signal Beam MT)

TMs/Value: (14) ($81,000)

Name: TE the Gyarados
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Intimitade/Moxie
Obtained: Trade with Team Evolution
Battles (FFAs): 1 (2)
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Roar TM)(Substitute TM)(Strength HM)(Earthquake TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Taunt TM)(Thunderwave TM)(Dragon Tail TM)

TMs/Value: (10) ($???)

Name: Lanturn
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Volt Absorb/Illuminate
Obtained: Trade with LS the Door Mat
Battles (FFAs): 1
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Ice Beam TM)(Thunder TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Volt Switch TM)(Hidden Power {Fighting} TM)(Toxic TM)(Substitute TM)

TMs/Value: (8) ($???)

Name: Togekiss
Gender: Female ♀
Ability: Hustle/Serene Grace
Obtained: Trade with Hide in Plain Sight
Battles (FFAs): 0
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Thunderwave TM)(Nasty Plot BM)(Tri Attack SM)(Protect TM)(Substitute TM)(Psych Up TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Roost TM)(Toxic TM)(Solarbeam TM)(Flamethrower TM)

TMs/Value: (11) ($???)

Name: Poliwrath
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Water Absorb/Damp/Swift Swim
Obtained: Trade with Junior
Battles: 3
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Earthquake TM)(Focus Punch TM)(Brick Break TM)(Counter TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Rock Slide TM)(Substitute TM)(Encore BM)(Endeavor BM)(Strength HM)(Icy Wind TM)(Ice Beam TM)(Ice Punch TM)(Rest TM)

TMs/Value: (16) ($77,000)

Name: Politoed
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Water Absorb/Damp/Drizzle
Obtained: Trade with Nitro
Battles: 11
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)(Counter TM)(Focus Blast TM)(Rock Smash HM)(Strength HM)(Ice Beam TM)

TMs/Value: (7) ($29,500)

Name: Arcanine
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Intimitade/Flash Fire
Obtained: Trade with Junior
Battles (FFAs): 0
TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Will-o-Wisp TM)(Strength HM)(Rock Smash HM)

TMs/Value: (3) ($13,500)

Legends I have had:

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Old 04-10-2011, 04:52 AM
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Default Re: Husnain

Cerulean Gym


Whatever I feel like.


Defeated: RouletteDares (x2), Xpedential, Smoregasbord (x2), Mubz, Pokeviper, SLCalamity, Xali, Turtwig A, Joanges, Ayotui, Ash K., Kai-Mei, Neonsands, Nitro

Reward: $2,000, Cascade Badge, TM Scald


All Gym Pokemon have Scald TM if they are able to learn it.

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