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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 03-26-2006, 12:17 PM
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Default Re: URPG Trainers Stats (A-D)

Name: Chris
Age: 15

[Money] $12000
Total Battles [Win/Loss/Draw]

[Position] Trainer

[Items] Metal Coat, HM 3 (Surf)
[Used Items] TM 13 (Ice Beam), TM 24 (Thunderbolt), TM 06 (Toxic) x 3, TM 44 (Rest), TM76 (Sleep Talk), TM 77 (Sludge Bomb), Tm 03 (Swords Dance), TM 66 (Giga Drain), Metal Coat, Leaf Stone
[Gym Badges] None
[Pokedex] 15


(~Met on Three Island~) Toby the Quagsire (Male)

TM Moves & HM Moves - TM 6 (Toxic), TM 13 (Ice Beam), TM 44 (Rest), TM 76 (Sleep Talk), HM 3 (Surf)
Ability - Water Absorb

(~Bought at PokeMart~) Gretchen the Victreebel (Female)

TM & HM Moves - TM 03 (Swords Dance), TM 06 (Toxic), TM 66 (Giga Drain), TM 77 (Sludge Bomb)
Ability - Chlorophyll

(~Met in Trade~) Jo Dee the Ampharos (Female

(Picture being made)

TM & HM Moves - TM 24 (Thunderbolt)
Ability - Static

(~Met In Trade~) LeAnne the Jynx (Female)

TN & HM Moves - TM 06 (Toxic)
Ability - Oblivous

(~My Starter~) Kenny the Linoone (Male)

TM & HM Moves- TM 62 (Snore), HM 3 (Surf)
Ability- Pickup

(~Met In Trade~) Tim the Togetic (Male)

TM Moves & HM Moves - None
Ability - Serene Grace

URPG Stats
Always accepting AIM battles

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