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Default Hidden Truths- Part II

3rd page, w00t!
“Haunter,” a snicker echoed.

Where did that voice come from? The cavern that we were battling in was large… and echoic. It wouldn’t be easily to get a lock on the ghost, especially since it was agile.

“Salamence?” my dragon muttered.

I gazed over at the blue dragon, who was watching a spot on the floor intently. That must be where Haunter was hiding! I didn’t know what the agile dual-type would do next… anything could happen.

“Salamence, Flamethrower,” I ordered.

The dragon stored fire inside its mouth, gathering small embers of energy. Suddenly, before I could react, Haunter sped from the floor, hovering above the large dragon while grinning wildly. He fixed a glare upon Salamence, eyes covered in a blue film. They pulsed gently and rhythmically… what kind of attack was it?

“Saa…” my Pokémon sighed.

He stumbled around, a lopsided grin on his face. Haunter, too, was grinning, but it was a different grin- one of malevolence. Salamence’s legs gave way as he fell to the ground. His eyes closed, and a gentle snoring sound rang through the cave. It must have been Hypnosis! Just great… my strongest Pokémon was asleep…

“Haunter,” he cackled, his eyes now back to normal as he looked at Salamence smugly.

What now? I couldn’t really move Salamence… he’d be fainted in his sleep. Horsea was nowhere near strong enough to help move him… leaving Shelgon. Hopefully that would be enough.

“Shelgon, go!” I shouted, dropping an Ultra Ball on the ground.

The Ultra Ball opened, light shooting out of it. The light impacted upon the ground, forming into a circular grey object that resembled a cocoon. Inside it was a creature that yearned to fly- Shelgon.

“Help me move Salamence,” I muttered, running over to the snoring dragon.

Shelgon followed me, stubby little feet pounding against the ground. Haunter snickered overhead, charging up a black ball of energy. Sweating, I placed my hands on Salamence’s side, bending slightly.

“One,” I counted quietly, Shelgon mimicking my movements, “two… three… push!”

Both Shelgon and I put our weight into moving the heavy dragon, pushing hard. A hearty laugh echoed from above, no doubt coming from Haunter above. Gritting my teeth, I focused once again on the task at hand- moving Salamence.

“Haunter,” the mischievous ghost announced.

I could hear the rush of the Shadow Ball attack, and tried to ignore it. Shelgon, too, was trying not to listen to the attack closing in, certain that it would be a deadly impact. The sunlight from behind me began to fade slightly as Haunter’s otherworldly assault neared the intended target. Just how powerful was it?

“Shelgon, we’ve just got to keep moving,” I pleaded, as the young dragon hesitated, “if we keep going, it’ll probably miss.”

Shelgon nodded, eyes wide. He was trying not to panic, I could tell, and he knew that Haunter was powerful… but he continued, pushing his brother with all of his strength. I grinned at his confidence, continuing to push.

“Come on, Shelgon,” I mumbled, putting all of my energy into moving Salamence.

I could feel the cold aura of the ghostly attack. It was close now… taking a deep breath; I closed my eyes as the Shadow Ball collided with the ground next to me, sending dust particles into the air.

“Shelgon, close your eyes!” I warned, as I did as well.

Eyes clenched shut; the pushing continued, as Haunter’s laughs rang through my head. I tried to ignore them, but it wasn’t an easy task. The sun was shielded by the dust, making it even harder to see.

“Haunter,” the ghost laughed again, now moving his hands around.

Great, he was launching another attack… there had to be a faster way. We’d already moved Salamence about half-way, but the ground ahead was rougher. Shelgon and I needed a distraction. With shaking hands, I got an Ultra Ball off my belt, enlarging it. Sweating profusely, it slipped out of my hands, landing with a clatter and opening to reveal a blue seahorse.

“Horsea, try and hold it off!” I shouted, “Use Twister!”

The tired seahorse summoned wind inside his stomach, forming it into a spiralling tornado. Above, the gaseous guardian had summoned a mysterious black donut shape, which faced towards my Pokémon and me.

“Shelgon, we have to keep pushing!” I roared.

The dragon let out a sharp cry, shaking but determined. He was oblivious to the drama being played out behind him. Speaking of which… I turned around, facing towards Haunter while continuing to push. The ghost suddenly threw his hands forward, and the shapes flew through the air, forming ring after ring of dark energy as they came.

“Horsea,” I ordered, “try to get away from it with Dragon Dance!”

The seahorse obeyed, abandoning his earlier task and twirling in a perfect circle. A force sped through the water Pokémon, making him feel stronger. His attack power grew, and he felt more agile. Only about a metre away, the dark pulses made contact with the hard ground, sending dust flying up into the air.

“Almost there, Shelgon,” I muttered through gritted teeth.

I could hear Haunter move through the air, snickering as he hovered. The ghost was probably planning another attack by now…

“Horsea, just keep moving around with Dragon Dance,” I ordered.

Haunter was certainly a tricky foe… from what I’d seen so far, he knew Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball and another attack that I’d never heard of before. Well, that was just perfect... that mysterious move could make all the difference.

“Haunter,” he laughed, followed by a crackle.

The dust had cleared sufficiently. Even if I hadn’t seen it, I could have guessed that the next attack coming my way was another Thunderbolt. Or, perhaps it would be directed towards Horsea. Either way, it wasn’t good.

“Horsea, another Dragon Dance!” I roared.

The blue seahorse began to twirl again, this time more quickly. He spun to the right, looking up to see the sparks forming in the ghost’s hands. Horsea kept spinning, becoming more and more powerful by the second. Haunter repeated one of its earlier actions, letting a glowing, crackling orb hover in the air. I looked forward- the cave wall was closer than ever. Perhaps we would make it after all.

“Haunter,” the ghost yelled, throwing his hands upwards.

Bolts rained down around the sphere, narrowly missing the purple spirit. There was no doubt- Horsea was the target. Obviously, Haunter wanted to take him out before he became too powerful. The Thunderbolt plummeted downwards at a high speed- just as Salamence’s body made contact with the cave wall. I let out a deep breath, allowing my tired limbs to relax as I sat, laying against my sleeping dragon Pokémon. He was safe- and now the real battle could begin.

“Horsea, dodge!” I ordered.

The powered-up seahorse jumped out of the way, attack slamming into the ground behind him. Haunter looked worried, a look of mute amazement fixed upon his translucent features. I smirked, laughing.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” I announced, standing up once more.

Haunter truly was panicking now as I stood tall, glaring into his pale eyes. It was time to hit back.

“Horsea, Hydro Pump!” I ordered.

The quick water type darted across the cave floor, storing water inside its thin mouth. Haunter descended quickly, flying after it at a slower- but still rather fast- speed. Sparks shot around his hands, preparing for another Thunderbolt, as Horsea suddenly spun around, shooting a cold jet of water out of its mouth. The ghost had no time to react- its own momentum carried it straight into the point of no return, as it was bowled over by the powerful water attack. Haunter began to roll in mid-air, carried by the force of Horsea’s assault.

“Horsea!” my Pokémon cried shrilly, happy.

With a sickening crunch, the injured ghost fell to earth, sending up a dust cloud in his wake. He slid along the ground for a moment, a look of pain fixed upon his face. I almost felt sorry for the ghost-type.

“I think it’s weak enough,” I smiled, reaching for the Great Ball I had taken earlier.

However, Haunter pulled itself up, shaking badly. It was almost done for… but almost wasn’t good enough.

“Horsea, Twister!” I ordered.

Horsea began to scurry around the cave once more, a fierce wind gathering inside. Haunter, too, began to move, sparks flying around his claw-like hands. They gathered into a crackling sphere as he flew towards the seahorse, which darted to the right. A strong wind blasted out of Horsea’s thin tube-like mouth, soaring through the air while turning swiftly. The wind left Haunter no time to react, and it was once again hit, carried into the air. A maelstrom of confusion surrounded the ghost, and I couldn’t see what was going on- until, suddenly, Haunter fell out of the sky.

“What?” I gasped.

The purple ghost fell to the ground quietly, hitting the earth like a rag doll. There it lay, limp. Was it over already? Suddenly, I gasped. Haunter was faking it! Before I could order an attack from Horsea, the ghost sank into the ground, grinning broadly. The last thing to go was his wide smile, and he left behind an echoing snicker.

“Horsea, keep moving,” I muttered through gritted teeth, “We can’t let it win.”

The agile seahorse continued to dash around the cavern, travelling at a frighteningly high speed. He resembled nothing more than a blue blur. Suddenly, another blur- this one purple- burst from the ground, surrounded by sparks. Haunter was back, and almost immediately, bolts rained down from the ceiling. Horsea had no time to react as the powerful electric attack slammed into him, sending several thousand volts through his small frame. The force of the assault threw Horsea into the air, flying backwards. With a loud splash, he impacted with the pond on the other side of the cave, sinking into the cool water.

“Horsea?” I asked, running over.

I couldn’t see the small seahorse, but there was no doubt that he was badly injured. Did he faint? I was now sprinting, desperate to see Horsea’s condition. Behind me, Haunter closed in. I could feel his cold breath behind me, and knew that I had to escape.

“Haunter,” the ghost muttered monotonously.

I then made a mistake- turning around, my eyes met Haunter’s. They were coated in an azure glow- Hypnosis. My eyelids grew heavy as I struggled to stay standing.

“Lee!” I heard Raven scream, but the voice seemed far away.

My body collided with the hard ground, and my arms fell limply to my side. The sounds of Raven’s feet colliding with the ground as she ran over rang in my head. She knelt down beside me, calling my name anxiously.

“You can’t fall asleep now,” she pleaded faintly, the darkness of sleep beckoning.

I closed my eyes, letting out a yawn. My last waking thought was soon enveloped by the gathering shadows as I slipped into unconsciousness, afraid that I would never wake up again.

And that is where the story shall end.






Ahaha, not really. I'm not that evil. =P

NOTE: the unknown attack IS a real attack. It's from Diamond and Pearl, and, according to Serebii, is called Dark Pulse. It's learnt naturally by Haunter at Level 44. It's also learnt via TM 79.

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Default Hidden Truths- Part II

I told you I wasn't that mean.
I felt a gentle breeze blow onto my face, lifting my hair slightly. The wind was cool, and I heard the faint rustling of leaves above. Various bird Pokémon called out to each other. My eyes were still clenched shut, and confusion drifted through my tired mind. Time to find out exactly where I was…

A bright blue sky hung over perfectly trimmed green grass. Several well-covered trees stood stall, swaying rhythmically. An inviting ocean reflected the sunlight, making it seem like it was glittering. That ocean had claimed my friend… despite its appearance, that water was death.

“Lee!” a familiar voice cried, and I turned to see the very friend I was thinking of.

“Melody?” I cried, simultaneously shocked yet overjoyed.

Her long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall, and she was smiling. Instead of wearing her temple uniform, she was clothed in casual attire, and looked as if she had been in this weird place her entire life.

“The one and only,” she replied, still grinning, “so did you have a nice sleep?”

I nodded, still in awe. But… Melody was dead! How could it be that she was here? Then, suddenly, I realised- I was dreaming. Well, may as well go along with it…

“Yeah,” I yawned, getting up and onto my feet, “I did, thanks. But… where are we?”

Melody shrugged, gazing up at the sky. The sun was glaring directly into my eyes, and I brought my hand up to shield them.

“There are a lot of wild Pokémon around here,” she commented, looking towards a mysterious flying figure.

I must be dreaming… but it seemed so realistic. Plus, I still felt sore from the cuts obtained during the cave fall. If it was a dream, then it was unusually rational. Suddenly, I heard a loud cry, and the figure from above began to swoop.

“It’s attacking,” I cried.

Both Melody and I leapt backwards, preparing to attack the creature. Reaching towards one of the Ultra Balls on my belt, my mind focused on the attacking Pokémon. It was about a metre tall, and had razor-sharp auburn wings. The rest of the bird’s body was coloured the same. Its red crest stood tall on the top of its head. Long beak shining in the sunlight, its angry eyes glared downwards.

“It’s a Fearow,” Melody announced.

The Fearow continued to descend, wings swiftly changing colour. It didn’t seem to mind as the wings gleamed bright silver, preparing to attack. Melody was quick, reaching for a Pokeball. I did the same- but there was nothing there.

“Where are my Pokémon?” I gasped.

“Doesn’t matter,” she replied shortly, “I can handle it.”

The Pokeball was thrown into the air, where it opened with a ‘whoosh’ sound. A red light sped out of the opened capsule, forming into a long figure. A very long figure, as it turned out…

“Steelix,” Melody shouted, “go!”

The red light faded in a burst of sparks, shooting off in every direction. Steelix shone brightly in the sunlight, diamond-like body preparing for a hard battle. He let out a fearsome roar which sent shivers down my spine. Could it possibly be the same Steelix I had fought earlier?

“Fee!” the bird Pokémon yelled.

Fearow had now realised the gravity of the situation, and began to soar to the right, wings vertical. Its speed was stunning, and Fearow was nothing but a brown blur, silhouetted against the azure sky.

“Steelix,” she ordered, “Iron Tail to the left!”

The steel snake turned a bit, tail glowing brightly against the even brighter sunlight. It rotated, tail facing to its left. Fearow screeched in surprise, and its own momentum carried it forwards into Steelix’ tail. The bird, weakened tremendously, fell to the ground, spiralling slowly.

“Good!” Melody exclaimed.

Suddenly, a rustling came from above. Instinctively, I looked up, searching for the source of the noise. A cry resounded from over my head.

“Something’s up in that tree,” I muttered, stepping back slightly.

“Seems to be a Pokémon,” she replied, looking away from Fearow.

Some leaves began to fall from the tree as something started to climb down. I couldn’t see through the abundant foliage, but whatever it was, it looked strong. All I could see was a hard navy back and strong arms with spikes running down them. Probably the most distinguishing feature on the bizarre creature was the large horn protruding from its head.

“I’ve never seen that Pokémon before,” I mused, examining it closely.

Behind me, wings flapped, and a loud screech rang through the air. Fearow was back into battle. Melody turned around quickly, knowing that it would take more to knock-out the Fearow.

“Steelix, let’s show this bird Dragonbreath!” she ordered.

The large steel snake opened his mouth, a blue ball charging up inside. It glowed with powerful energy, waiting to be released. Fearow flapped about in mid-air, trying hard to think of an attack to use.

“Now,” Melody yelled, “release the attack!”

Steelix opened its mouth further, letting out what sounded like a laugh. The ball blasted from inside, a frightening blue flame. However, Fearow did not flinch as the mystical power flared towards it. Suddenly, with a shrill cry, the beak Pokémon soared forward, wings turning silver like before. However, instead of continuing to fly, Fearow did a very strange thing. The brown bird turned in place, wings facing the attack and head turned in the opposite direction. Steelix’ blue flame enveloped the bird, and a loud cry was heard. It couldn’t still be up…

“Good job, Steelix,” she smiled.

A loud flapping was heard. So it wasn’t over after all. Then it dawned on me… Fearow had used Steel Wing to shield itself from the brunt of the dragon attack. It was clever, I knew that much. However, perhaps the strategy was not as clever as it looked. The beak Pokémon looked much weaker, though, and obviously was rather worn down by the onslaught.

“Steelix,” Melody ordered, “try another Iron Tail!”

The steel snake began to rotate, body parts clanking together roughly- but the mysterious shape from the tree darted through the air, too quick to see. It was nothing but a blue blur, and the attack was over in a split second. Suddenly, it impacted with the back of Steelix’ head, and the steel type roared in pain. A shadow went over my head, and I realised that Fearow was fleeing. Meanwhile, the attacker continued through the air.

“Hera,” the fast creature shrieked.

The mysterious assailant dropped to the ground, landing firmly on its strong legs and hands planted on the soft earth. Above it, Steelix began to slowly topple, letting out a pained roar. The shadow of the steel snake slid along the ground, and, with a gasp, I realised that it was directly in Melody’s line of vision.

“Melody!” I cried sharply, but she wasn’t responding, hypnotised by the sight of the gigantic creature plummeting through the air.

Action had to be taken. I’d lost her to death once, and it wouldn’t happen again!

“Melody!” I repeated, and this seemed to return her to her senses.

She quickly crouched, preparing for a jump. Melody sprang out of the way, flying through the air for a moment before landing on the ground messily. A metre away, Steelix fell to the ground, crashing unceremoniously like its trainer. However, this time, the impact was more severe. I felt the ground shake under the immense weight of the fallen snake, and was almost thrown off my feet.

“Sorry,” apologised Melody, “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Laughing, my eyes gazed around the landscape, finally focusing on Heracross. Knowing that Heracross had to be stopped, I reached for a Pokeball on my belt, and my hands closed around one. Wait… there wasn’t one there before. This dream was getting weirder… anyway, I picked it up, and lobbed it into the air. The Pokeball opened, and a red light shot out of it.

“I didn’t know you had a Haunter,” she muttered.

Neither did I… nevertheless, the purple ghost hovered in front of me, a creepy smile fixed on its translucent features. Its eyes were narrowed as it focused on its soon-to-be target, and it let out a deep hum.

“Haunter, give that Heracross a Thunderbolt!” I roared.

The agile ghost darted through the air, sparks springing to life around its crooked hands. Heracross watched warily as Haunter circled above, like a bird waiting to strike upon its prey. The ghost raised its hand, marshalling the sparks into a ball. Immediately, a flash came from above, and several bolts rained down. Despite its awesome speed, the single horn Pokémon had no time to react as one of the golden beams blasted into its armoured form, shocking him.

“Alright!” Melody cried.

The onslaught came to a close, and Heracross stumbled around, weakened. Haunter watched, satisfied, as the Bug type finally collapsed.

“That was easy,” I muttered.

However, only seconds after I had made that comment, Heracross pushed itself off the ground. It suddenly began to run, raising a tired arm. Haunter watched warily as the single horn Pokémon continued to sprint below him. Heracross’ legs bent to jump- suddenly, it disappeared.

“What?” I shouted.

Haunter looked around wildly, frightening eyes now looking much less intimidating. Heracross had just disappeared… how was it possible? Maybe it was some kind of attack. Hey, wait! It was! Heracross obviously knew Aerial Ace!

“Haunter, try and counter with Thunderbolt!” I roared.

Aerial Ace couldn’t be avoided, so the only other option available to me was trying to damage Heracross as well. Yellow sparks started shooting around the isolated hands of Haunter, illuminating the ghost’s face. Beside me, Melody gasped- she knew what was going on. Hopefully Haunter held enough energy to brace itself for impact.

“Hera,” the single-horn Pokémon screeched, reappearing in front of Haunter.

Wow, Heracross was fast… Haunter could only watch as the single-horn Pokémon raised a clawed arm, pulling it back and then quickly swiping forward. It made contact with Haunter between its eyes, but Heracross made contact with one of the hands of the dazed ghost, sparks shooting from the hand to the bug type. They shot around Heracross with a crackling sound. So, as Haunter fell from the attack, Heracross, too, began to plummet stiffly, paralysed by the undischarged electric onslaught.

“Wow,” Melody gasped.

With a loud crash, both Pokémon collided with the grass, sending dust clouds upwards from the impact. Both of them were probably still standing, but hopefully not for long. I had a trick in mind.

“Haunter, go for a close-range Shadow Ball!” I roared.

It was a risky move, but it would be worthwhile if it worked. The agile ghost soared through the air, a dark sphere forming in its hands. Looking to the left, I saw that Heracross had raised itself from the ground, yet sparks were still shooting around its form. It watched, wide-eyed, as the charging of Haunter’s Shadow Ball attack reached completion, now crackling with wicked power.

“Now, release the attack!” I ordered.

Haunter rotated slightly, preparing to let the attack loose. However, Heracross’ eyes narrowed, and just by that small sign I knew that something was not right.

“Lee, something’s wrong!” Melody shouted, as if she could read my mind.

“I know,” I replied, “Haunter, move quickly!”

The single-horn Pokémon let out a snicker as a dark flame shot into existence around the hand of the bug and fighting dual type, and it pulled its arm back. Haunter let out a surprised cry as Heracross thrust forward with the powerful attack, claws swiping along the ghost’s side and dark flames blazing where the claws had penetrated.

btw, this post is a dream, and so may many to come. Dreams and flashbacks are indicated in italics.

And, since it's a dream, I'm giving Lee any Pokemon I want. And I want him to have a Haunter in the dream. >:O

w00t grader!
Originally Posted by Shady on MSN...
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I hate quotes in sigs...
Hidden Truths (My current URPG Story)
Dojo the Salamence
Level 100 @ 1570

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Default Hidden Truths- Part II

Once again, I'm demonstrating my ability to give Lee whatever Pokemon he wants. It's fun.
The flames blasted Haunter into the air, where he hung limply for a second, weakened tremendously by the powerful attack. For a second, I had hope that the forceful strike had not hurt the ghost too badly. However, my theory was incorrect. I watched silently as Haunter fell to the ground, eyes as spirals.

“Wow, that Heracross was powerful,” Melody observed.

“Haunter, return,” I muttered, holding out the Pokeball.

The transparent purple ghost glowed bright red for a second, before compressing quickly. It was as if it was being sucked in by a giant vacuum. Haunter disappeared, and the Pokeball closed after it. Another Pokeball was on my belt. Now was the time to beat Heracross.

“Go,” I roared, throwing the Pokeball and not knowing what would emerge from it.

The red and white sphere collided with the ground, rolling for a second. When it faced upwards, it opened, and a red spark shot out of it, impacting upon the ground. The spark grew outwards, steadily forming into a four-legged creature with a large scythe attached to its head. It faded from red, snow white fur shining brightly, grey face sticking out from the rest of its body, and hateful crimson eyes glaring at the opponent.

“It’s an Absol,” Melody gasped, “but they’re rare.”

I’d never heard of Absol before… but it looked powerful. Hopefully its looks wouldn’t be deceptive. Taking a deep breath, I decided to give an order quickly. But what attacks did it know?

“Absol, Fire Blast!” I bellowed.

What? How did I know that? This dream was getting strange. Firstly I didn’t know what to order Absol to do, then I do? Wow, my mind was weird.

“Sol,” the disaster Pokémon hummed, eyes narrowing.

Absol’s teeth gritted as a flame burned inside its mouth. It didn’t seem to hurt, no matter how painful it looked. Its stunning red eyes gleamed in the sunlight as it opened its mouth. The fire burst out in a large fireball, spiralling towards the single-horn Pokémon. It went to jump, but quickly stopped, sparks shooting across its frame.

“Fully paralysed,” I commented with a smirk.

The fireball blasted through the air. Melody and I watched in mute amazement as it blasted Heracross off its feet, and the fireball shot out in five directions. The single-horn Pokémon let out a pained screech, tumbling backwards while smoking.

“That hit hard,” Melody gasped, “You trained your Absol well.”

“Thanks,” I replied, thinking that I would be much prouder if I actually remembered the training.

Our eyes turned back to the opponent, who lay on the floor, armor darkened. Heracross couldn’t have withstood an attack like that…

“He…racross…” I heard it say, and I knew it wasn’t over.

The bug/fighting type flipped over, and by its slow, laborious movements I could tell that it was in tremendous pain. Heracross pushed itself up with its weakened arms, and onto its feet, shaking wildly. It raised one arm, glaring at Absol.

“Give it another Fire Blast!” I shouted.

Absol conjured up a fireball inside its mouth, which blazed wildly. Heracross stood tall, facing the possibility of being hit with surprising courage. Suddenly, I noticed a change in the beetle’s expression, and knew that it was faking.

“Absol, quickly,” I roared, “stop the attack!”

The disaster Pokémon let out a sharp cry, disrupted from charging the attack. This gave Heracross ample time to start dashing towards the intended target. The single-horn Pokémon glared at Absol, and began to leap. Suddenly, it disappeared, in an Aerial Ace attack.

“You’re kidding,” I muttered.

Counter-attacking was a must… but what attacks could I use? Hopefully, I could somehow order an attack…

“Absol, Return!” I shouted.

Well, that worked well. Absol looked directly in front, expecting Heracross to appear there. It howled, head lowering. Suddenly, the single-horn Pokémon reappeared, arm raised. Before Absol could move, Heracross slashed, sharp claws piercing Absol’s cheek. The disaster Pokémon let out a screech, falling backwards. This gave its opponent ample time to continue running. Heracross lowered its horn, roaring.

“Absol, try another Fire Blast!” I ordered.

My Pokémon landed roughly, wincing slightly as a bruised foot landed on the ground. It tried to conjure a fireball inside its mouth, but Heracross was too close. It placed its horn underneath Absol’s torso, and hoisted it upwards into the air.

“No!” I shouted.

Absol, now a bright blur, soared upwards for a moment. It seemed to hover for a second before suddenly darting downwards again. Heracross watched it fall, and the disaster Pokémon collided with the ground with a sickening crunch. I gazed over, and it was fainted, not to mention critically injured.

“Absol, return,” I muttered, holding out a Pokeball.

The fainted quadruped disappeared into a snaking red light, which was dragged inside the Pokeball. I clipped it back on my belt, only to find that there was still two more Pokeballs.

“Lee, stop,” insisted Melody.

I looked around at her, and she had a thoughtful look on her pale face. Her eyes were fixed upon the battle-ready Heracross, who, despite paralysis, was still dangerously fast.

“That Heracross is powerful,” she explained, “it knows Megahorn. And that’s usually learnt at a really high power level.”

“It gets worn down eventually, though,” I replied, “it can’t stay standing forever.”

I quickly looked back at my belt, picking up one of the Pokeballs. This one, however, was a Great Ball. Suddenly, I heard a loud-pitched cry, and immediately turned around. Hovering in front of Melody was her Altaria, a smile on its blue face.

“My point was,” she smirked, “that I want to help out.”

I smiled back, still gripping the Great Ball tightly. Lobbing it into the air, the Great Ball opened, a red light shooting out. The light impacted upon the ground, and formed into a human-like shape. It was yellow in colour, skinny, and there was a red star printed on its forehead. Its eyes narrowed as it focused upon Heracross, and it swung a silver, twisted spoon. It was a Kadabra.

“Hmm, a Kadabra,” Melody muttered, “That’s weak to two of Heracross’ attacks, but is quicker and can hit Heracross hard. Interesting choice.”

Heracross looked upon the two new opponents with a mixture of interest and loathing, and it looked like it was ready to attack. It wouldn’t get the first strike again…

“Altaria, Dragon Dance!” Melody shouted.

“Kadabra, use Psychic!” I ordered.

For a change, I knew what I was telling my Pokémon to do. Psychic was the most reliable attack of its type, and learnt by not only most psychic-types, but also some other Pokémon.

“Hera,” the single-horn Pokémon screeched, as it ran forwards.

Altaria soared overhead, twisting and turning. It seemed to glow for a moment before descending once more, powered up. It seemed stronger and more agile than ever before as it scowled at its opponent, who was running towards Kadabra. Instead of attempting to dodge, the psi Pokémon closed its eyes, focusing. The star on its forehead glowed brightly, a rainbow of colours appearing. Suddenly, Kadabra opened its eyes, and psychic waves shot out of the star. They spread throughout the air, but Heracross threw itself to the ground as the attack shot forwards overhead. So much for reliability.

“Ugh, that thing is still too fast,” growled Melody. “Altaria, Dragon Dance again!”

“Kadabra, use Ice Punch as Heracross approaches!” I shouted.

Hopefully I’d remember all of these attacks when I wake up… that Kadabra from earlier was strong. Altaria began to twist again, and a mystical energy spread across its body, strengthening its attacks and heightening its speed. It shot off in a shower of blue sparks once more, which disappeared quickly. Below, Heracross and Kadabra sprinted towards each other, determined to get the first hit in. Icy energy blossomed into life around Kadabra’s thin hands, and dark flames blazed around Heracross’.

“Jump now!” I roared.

The yellow humanoid bent its legs, preparing for a jump. Heracross continued to run, like a raging bull towards a matador brandishing a red cloth. Kadabra pushed off from the grass, assisted partly by psychic energy. The single-horn Pokémon began to slow, prepared to mimic the psychic’s movements.

“Hover there,” I muttered.

Kadabra closed its eyes as it began to descend after a stunning jump, wind blowing back its moustache. Its star began to pulse one more, and, within a second, a blue film came into existence around the psi Pokémon, keeping it in place. Its eyes remained closed as it concentrated once more. Heracross neared quickly, flames burning dully yet somehow simultaneously brightly.

“Now, dive and use Ice Punch on the way down!” I shouted.

Kadabra’s eyes opened again, glaring down at the approaching opponent. With a single movement of its limbs, the film around it broke away, blue embers falling to earth. The same icy energy from before was more luminous than ever, resembling a bright blue flame.

“Kadabra,” the psychic Pokémon muttered monotonously.

Heracross was now panicking, flailing wildly in mid-air. It was no longer attempting a Shadow Claw attack, and now was trying to escape. Like that would happen. Despite the single-horn Pokémon being closer to ground, Kadabra was propelled by the leftover psychic energy. Within seconds, they were even. A metre from the ground, Kadabra smirked, drawing back an icy fist. With a loud roar, it propelled the fist into Heracross’ chest.

btw, that 'shadow-y' attack from before was Shadow Claw, another D/P move. I just like the names of some of the D/P attacks... Dark Pulse... Shadow Claw... *can't wait for D/P to be released in Australia*

w00t grader!
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Hidden Truths (My current URPG Story)
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Default Hidden Truths Part II

I listened to a lot of music from Sonic Heroes while writing this part, namely the Team Dark theme. It just helped me write more efficiently, and it worked. =D

Ice crystals spread across the chest of the dual-type as it closed its eyes in pain. A smirk grew on the psychic’s face before an icy blast thrust Heracross downwards once more. As it neared the ground, it let out a cry, but it was too late- the single-horn Pokémon hit the ground hard, flipping several times before sliding along the ground. It took about five seconds before Heracross came to a stop. Had it fainted?

“Great job, Kadabra!” I yelled.

The frail psi Pokémon continued to fall as well, but, about a metre above the ground, it surrounded itself with psychic energy once more. The star on its forehead pulsed gently, enabling it to hover for a moment.

“Keep Kadabra hovering there,” Melody warned me, “I’m going to try a new plan.”

What was her new plan? As I looked over to Heracross, I noticed that it was struggling to its feet. It had certainly taking a beating, but hopefully it couldn’t take much more.

“Kadabra, hang in there,” I encouraged it.

I looked over at Melody, and gave a quick nod. We both turned to look at Heracross, who was now panting but determined to fight on. Now was the time.

“Brace yourself,” Melody warned, “Altaria, Earthquake!”

So that was her plan… I quickly stepped back, away from the on-coming shockwave. Altaria ascended slowly into the sky, wings pounding. Heracross watched it, backing away slowly in a similar way to my own movements.

“Hera,” Heracross screeched, beginning to run to the right- towards Melody, Kadabra and I.

What was its plan? It was trying to target someone, I knew that much… but who? Above, Altaria watched the scene warily, awaiting an order from her trainer.

“Attack,” Melody said quietly, but Altaria could still hear her.

The bug/fighting type suddenly leapt into the air, and disappeared from sight in an Aerial Ace attack. A few metres away, Altaria descended, nothing but a blue and white blur. The wind blew back its long crest as it prepared for a deadly Earthquake attack. Simultaneously, Heracross reappeared in front of Kadabra, arm held back. The slim psychic had no time to react as Heracross brought a blade-like arm across Kadabra’s chest, pushing it backwards- and downwards. The momentum was enough to send Heracross further into the sky.

“Kadabra, no!” I shouted.

A few metres away, Altaria’s feet made contact with the grass, sending shockwaves throughout the ground. They shot out in all directions, and, unfortunately, towards Kadabra. The frail psychic type hit the ground hard, sending up a small cloud of dust. The shockwaves shooting through the earth shook the arena, and the blast made contact with Kadabra, sending the psi Pokémon into the sky once more, limbs bent at an odd angle and eyes shut. It seemed to hang there before descending once more, rolling as Heracross had done. After about three seconds, it came to a rest. Kadabra hadn’t fainted, but its chest was heaving in a pained way. By then, the ground had stopped shaking, lying eerily still.

“You better return it,” Melody advised, “it looks pretty beaten up… and about to faint, I’d say.”

I nodded silently, holding out the Great Ball, which opened immediately. The psychic type was bathed in a red glow, and quickly shrunk in size. The red light was sucked into the ball, which closed after it. I placed it back on my belt, and took off another one. This was coloured black and yellow- an Ultra Ball. Taking a deep breath, I lobbed it into the air, where it opened. A light shot out of it, blasting into a set point. The light expanded, revealing a silhouette of a dinosaur. It had very reptilian features, strong wings, and small feet. Its tail was pointed at the end, and swung around in mid-air as the red light faded.

“Is that…” Melody began, but couldn’t finish.

The dinosaur, grey in colour, let out a shrill roar, baring its razor-sharp teeth at Heracross. It looked legendary, but probably wasn’t. Still, it looked intimidating, much like Salamence.

“That’s an Aerodactyl,” she breathed, watching it flap its wings to stay aloft, “but those are extinct.”

“Obviously not entirely,” I muttered, wondering how my mind could know of such a Pokémon.

“It’s also a flying type, and unaffected by Earthquake,” Melody observed, “good choice.”

“Thanks,” I replied, thinking that the choice wasn’t really made by me.

Both of us turned back to the battle, focusing upon Heracross. The single-horn Pokémon looked proud of itself, horn gleaming in the sunlight. I gritted my teeth, growling slightly at the dual-type’s overconfidence.

“Altaria, Dragonbreath!” Melody shouted.

“Aerodactyl, Crunch!” I roared.

Once again, I exhibited immense knowledge of a Pokémon I’d never even heard of before. This dream was getting weirder and weirder, not to mention the fact that I knew it was a dream. Anyway, I looked ahead, seeing Altaria charge up a blue flame. It burnt brightly inside her mouth, yearning to explode into a beam. It did exactly that as Altaria screeched, a jet of blue fire blasting towards Heracross. It narrowly missed Aerodactyl, who was twirling in mid-air as he neared the single-horn Pokémon. The blue flames continued towards Heracross. Suddenly, several sparks shot over his body, and the bug/fighting type froze in place, gasping.

“It’s fully paralysed,” Melody smiled.

The draconic attack completed the last few metres of its journey, and it blasted into Heracross, knocking it off its feet. Flames licked at its wounds, intensifying the pain tenfold. Sweat dripped down its hard armor-like skin as it struggled to retain consciousness. Finally, it was over. The onslaught concluded, almost as quickly as it had commenced. The weak Pokémon fell to the ground.

“Wow,” I gaped, “you’re been training Altaria well.”

“You have no idea,” my friend grinned.

Both of us watched Heracross, seeing if it would return to battle. However, our expectations were wrong. It laid still, the only exception being the single-horn Pokémon’s heaving chest and the occasional spark, darting across the creature’s damaged body.

“Should we capture it?” I asked Melody.

“I can’t see why not,” she replied.

I searched my pockets for any type of Pokeball, and my hands closed around one. Upon pulling it out, I realised that it was a Great Ball. Blue coat shining in the sunlight, the Great Ball let off an eerie sort of glow. I gripped it tightly, focusing upon my target- Heracross. Arm drawn back, thoughts returned of the battle. It was definitely worth it.

“Great Ball,” I announced, “go!”

In a single movement, the Great Ball left my hand as I lobbed it into the air, where it hung for a moment. Almost immediately afterwards, it began to descend quickly, only for the Pokémon to roll out of the way.

“What?” Melody gasped.

Heracross quickly threw itself to its feet, smirking at us. The battle wasn’t over yet- not by a long shot.

“But… it was ready to faint,” I muttered.

“Obviously, this Heracross is a good actor,” she grimaced, “but its little show is about to end.”

I nodded mutely, looking at the single-horn Pokémon with a mixture of irritation and admiration. What other tricks did it have ready for us? Hopefully this was the last…

“Aerodactyl, follow up with your Crunch attack!” I continued.

The grey pterodactyl let out a screech, and it became nothing but a silvery blur as it propelled itself forward. Aerodactyl sure was quick. It suddenly opened its mouth, once again revealing sharp teeth. Heracross watched warily as the pterodactyl neared, preparing to bite the single-horn Pokémon. Suddenly, Heracross leapt into the air, away from Aerodactyl. The grey dinosaur slowed slightly, but the single-horn Pokémon brought a fist back. Before Aerodactyl could even touch the bug/fighting dual type, its prey descended directly above it. The pterodactyl let out a screech of pain as Heracross’ closed fist impacted on the top of Aerodactyl’s head. This changed its flight course slightly, but it was enough to send the dinosaur into the dirt, where it slid for a few seconds before coming to rest, eyes closed.

“Wow, that was a powerful Brick Break,” Melody whistled.

Heracross landed on the ground, facing Melody, Altaria and I once more. Behind him, Aerodactyl lay on the ground, almost perfectly still. Its chest heaved dramatically. I gasped- how could Heracross be so strong?

“Aerodactyl, please get up,” I pleaded, and its eyes flashed open.

The pterodactyl pushed itself off the ground with its grey and purple wings. This enabled its feet to touch the grass, and it pushed off, moving its wings to gain altitude.

“Now, Altaria, Earthquake!” Melody shouted.

The blue bird ascended into the air, eyes narrowed in determination. Her crest trailed behind her, flapping in the breeze like a ribbon. Suddenly, the humming Pokémon rotated in mid-air, diving once more. Adjusting her cloud-like wings, Altaria changed her course. She drew up her azure feet, talons glinting dangerously in the sunlight. With a screech, she planted her feet on the ground, sending shockwaves through the ground. I felt them beneath me, shaking me around, but the worst was not destined for me.

“Hera,” Heracross gasped.

The single-horn Pokémon attempted to jump, but as it bent its knees, sparks shot around it once more. It was fully paralysed! I smirked, knowing that this battle was over. Cracks began to appear in the ground as Altaria’s powerful attack blasted through it. Heracross’ eyes were the only things moving of our opponent, following the shockwave as it powered towards it, eventually knocking the single-horn Pokémon off its feet. Heracross’ eyes remained open. It wasn’t finished yet?

“Aerodactyl, now,” I roared, “finish it with Wing Attack!”

The pterodactyl descended swiftly, aiming for its target. It spread its wings wide, preparing for something like a full-powered tackle. I knew that something huge was going to happen, yet I couldn’t look away.

“Aero,” my Pokémon screeched.

The blue Pokémon reached the peak of its short-lived flight, a look of clear pain upon its face. Aerodactyl was vertical now, a short of smirk appearing upon its menacing face. From the little I knew about Aerodactyl, this appeared to be where it excelled- predator and prey. Heracross looked surprisingly calm. I was automatically suspicious- something was up. Going to say something to Aerodactyl, I found the words caught in my throat. With one final screech, the grey pterodactyl completed its journey, and its wings collided with Heracross, sending the opponent to the ground, where it hit hard, sending up a cloud of dust. I strained my eyes to see whether it had survived the attack, but the view was not clear.

“Is… is it down?” Melody asked hesitantly.

I gulped. If Heracross wasn’t taken down after something like that… then what hope would we have against such a strong opponent? Suddenly, a shadow fell over my head, and I looked up. Above me was an auburn bird. Its long beak gleamed in the sunshine, and its fearsome eyes were narrowed in an evil glance. Its feathers were ruffled, and it was bruised, but this did not seem to phase it. We’d fought this bird before, and it was smart. I gulped once more.

“Even if it is,” I replied, “this isn’t over by a long shot…”
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Default Hidden Truths Part II

New chapter!!
Fearow circled overhead, waiting for the opportune moment to attack.

“Watch out, Aerodactyl,” I warned my Pokémon.

“You too, Altaria,” Melody muttered.

Both of the airborne Pokémon flew forward, just as Fearow began to descend. The beak Pokémon pursued the two other flying types, letting out a fearsome screech.

“That Fearow’s faster than before!” I shouted. “Aerodactyl, try and get behind it!”

My Pokémon raised one wing towards the sky, the left wing pointing towards the ground. Aerodactyl swerved towards the left, as Altaria and Fearow continued to fly forwards. The wind blew back its sharp tail, which twisted dangerously like a crazed snake.

“Spee,” a voice screamed from above.

More shadows fell over Melody, I, and our Pokémon. We all looked up, only to see a myriad of new opponents. They were smaller birds, and coloured similarly to Fearow. Their beaks were not as long, but their eyes were just as angry as earlier.

“Tons of Spearow,” Melody breathed, “none of them happy.”

Aerodactyl did a mid-air turn, flying at a frightening speed towards Fearow. Above them, the flock of Spearow descended, but not as fast as the larger birds.

“Right, Aerodactyl,” I said, voice shaking slightly, “let’s start off with a Wing Attack!”

The prehistoric bird Pokémon ascended quickly, facing the flock of Spearow without hesitation. It widened its wings as the smaller Pokémon raised their own, except the wings were a crimson colour.

“Altaria, try and lose Fearow!” Melody ordered, panicking slightly.

The large hummingbird adjusted her cloudy wings, causing it to gain altitude. Altaria started soaring vertically, and then did a small loop. Fearow soared underneath, letting out a screech in frustration. Altaria then levelled out, flying in the exact same way as before- except behind Fearow.

Aerodactyl darted upwards towards the impending flock of smaller bird Pokémon. There were about thirty of them, and they all had the same angry look in their eyes. Wind brushed past the pterodactyl’s hard wings as it prepared to take down the flock. Suddenly, several of the Spearow let out cries, and a mysterious fire blazed around them.

“Oh no,” I muttered.

Aerodactyl continued his chase, watching the blazing Spearow with a mixture of amusement and amazement. Suddenly, the Spearow attacked as one, diving towards the pterodactyl as flames burned around them, yet didn’t seem to hurt them. While they did not have power on their side, they had numbers. About twenty of them were attacking at once. Hopefully Aerodactyl could take the pressure.

“Lee, what are you doing?” Melody yelled in frustration.

“I have a plan,” I muttered in return.

The Spearow were closer now, eyes burning with the same relentless ferocity that the flames around them did. Suddenly, Aerodactyl let out a painfully loud screech, which rang through the air excruciatingly. The Spearow continued their attack, but their eyes were clenched shut out of pain and some of them found it hard to move.

“Good idea,” she smiled.

However, Aerodactyl was not out of trouble yet. It was too late to dodge, and the dinosaur looked up to see a flock of flaring birds, all focused on finishing the attack. Some of the Spearow had avoided confusion somehow! I could only watch as the Spearow collided with each other- and Aerodactyl- enveloping them in a large mass of fire.

“Yeah, really good plan,” Melody muttered sarcastically.

The flame continued to burn brightly, Aerodactyl in the very heart of it. Several Spearow started to fall away, smoking from various burns and eyes clenched shut. As if Aerodactyl’s Wing Attack hadn’t hurt them enough… as I looked up, I saw Aerodactyl, looking worn down by the constant assault. It looked ready to faint.

“Maybe you should return Aerodactyl,” my friend advised, watching Altaria continuing to pursue Fearow.

I reached towards the Ultra Ball, preparing to return Aerodactyl to the safe place. However, upon looking up, my eyes glanced at Fearow, who was still being pursued by Altaria. Suddenly, the beak Pokémon did a sharp left turn, wings angled vertically. Altaria mimicked this moment, her crest blown back by a strong wind.

Aerodactyl looked to the right weakly, only to see Fearow and Altaria flying towards it at a high speed. Suddenly, Fearow’s wings faded from their stunning auburn colour to bright silver. They gleamed brightly in the glowing sunlight- a Steel Wing attack. Suddenly, I remembered that returning Aerodactyl was imminent.

“Aerodactyl,” I began.

Suddenly, some sort of wind started pulling me back. What on earth was it? The air was filled with a whooshing sound, and faint voices were heard. I turned around, and gasped as I saw a strange azure vortex.

“Lee, wake up,” said a faint voice, which I recognised as Raven’s.

“What are you doing?” asked Melody, gazing up at the skies.

I, too, looked up at the skies, but my vision was blurred. Aerodactyl, now just a grey blur, was close to Fearow, who was preparing to attack. Suddenly, with a sickening crunch, the beak Pokémon collided with the pterodactyl, shining wings knocking Aerodactyl out of the air. My vision was clarified again, and I saw the dinosaur fall from the sky, spiralling quickly. With a sickening crunch, the Rock/Flying type collided with the ground, throwing up a cloud of dust.

“Aerodactyl, are you okay?” I yelled, running over with great difficulty.

I didn’t know what was pulling me back, but it was getting annoying. Aerodactyl lay on the ground, and, as my eyes gazed at its form, it hit me- the pterodactyl has fainted.

“Return, so you can get some rest,” I muttered, holding out an Ultra Ball.

The fainted dinosaur was bathed in a red glow, and quickly shrunk in size. The compressed Pokémon was pulled back into the black Pokeball, which closed after it. Kadabra was all I had left now… there was still about ten Spearow left, as well as a furious Fearow- which was still being pursued by Melody’s Altaria. Taking a deep breath, I took Kadabra’s Great Ball off my belt, gripping it tightly. Suddenly, my vision blurred again, and, stumbling backwards, the ground came up to meet me. With a crash, I fell on my back.

“Are you okay?” Melody asked, “You look pale.”

“I’m fine,” I replied briefly, pushing myself up on shaking hands, “let’s just finish these Pokémon off.”

Sweat dripped down my face as my struggle against the mysterious force continued to pull me back. It was powerful, whatever it was. As my vision cleared once more, I saw Altaria pursuing Fearow relentlessly. Suddenly, flapping was heard from above, and the remains of the Spearow flock flew towards the humming Pokémon in an organised arrow shape.

“Altaria, try holding off the Spearow with Dragonbreath!” Melody yelled.

A blazing flame burned brightly inside Altaria’s mouth, a mystic power preventing it from injuring the humming Pokémon. However, the smaller Pokémon interjecting was enough to let Fearow escape, and it let out a loud, ear-piercing cry. Suddenly, I saw Fearow descend- towards Heracross. It was going to try and take it! No way was I going to let that happen!

“Go, Kadabra,” I roared, throwing the Great Ball, “Psychic!”

The blue Pokeball fell to the ground, opening with a clatter. Out of it shot a bright light, which, like it had the first time, flew through the air and impacted upon the ground. There, it grew in size, and into a recognisable form. The light faded, and Kadabra appeared, a bony hand clutching a shiny silver spoon. A star on the psi Pokémon’s forehead immediately started to pulse gently, showing off a rainbow of colours. As Kadabra closed its eyes, concentrating, wave after wave of pure energy blasted through the air, towards Fearow. It shone as brightly as the sun, and moved quickly. The beak Pokémon let a screech as the pulses blasted into its torso, sending the bird flying backwards. Eventually, it descended, flipping several times.

“Good job, Kadabra,” I cheered, “I knew you could do it!”

Fearow came to a stop on the ground, injured. Clouds of dust soared around it- suddenly, it pushed itself up with strong wings, eyes barely open.

“What?” I gasped.

“Um, Lee,” Melody called, “a little help here would be nice…”

Looking up at the sky, my eyes found Altaria, who was under pursuit by about ten Spearow. They all let out angry yells, and, suddenly, burst into flame. I gulped, realising that this was a Sky Attack.

“Altaria, try to hold them off with Dragonbreath!” my friend bellowed.

The humming Pokémon turned its head around, a blazing flame inside its beak. It burned brightly with mystical, draconic energy, and taunted the opponents. The Spearow continued to flutter around the larger bird, which narrowed her eyes.

“Now,” Melody smirked, “stop and release the attack.”

Altaria immediately came to a halt in mid-air, wings moving to halt its movements. The Spearow shot forward, still jeering, but now only at air. The humming Pokémon opened its beak, and let loose a blast of azure flames. It travelled in a straight line, aiming directly for the Spearow. Before they could react, the flames consumed them. Several cries were heard as the flames flung them in separate directions, smoking and in pain. The smaller bird Pokémon descended quickly before joining the rest of their flock on the ground.

“Way to go,” she cheered, “good one, Altaria!”

The blue and white Pokémon let out a high-pitched cry, an evident smile upon its face. Suddenly, I heard a sound- Fearow was ascending through the air, a brown and silver blur. Wait… silver? It was going to use Steel Wing!

“Altaria, watch out!” Melody cried.

Suddenly, my vision blurred again, and all I could see was spinning colours. A feeling of queasiness drifted over me, and my eyes were quickly shut as I tried to concentrate on removing the confusion from my head. Upon opening them once more, a sight met my eyes- Altaria was laying on the floor, unconsciousness. The dizziness slowly ebbed away, but it would come back, that much was certain.

“Altaria, return,” Melody muttered.

As Altaria shrunk and was brought back into the Pokeball, Fearow in mid-air for a moment, as Kadabra glared upwards at the beak Pokémon. Heracross was almost directly underneath Fearow, large horn shining in the sunlight as it lay unconscious. Suddenly, Fearow turned slightly, beak pointing towards Heracross. Everything was silent- until the beak Pokémon let out a screech and moved back its wings, falling into a steep dive. It didn’t want us to take out Heracross… because Fearow wanted that pleasure for itself.

“It’s going after Heracross!” my friend yelled.

“Not if I can help it,” I said, “Kadabra, give it a full power Psychic!”

Kadabra’s bony fists clenched as it closed its eyes, falling into a deep state of relaxation. The star on its forehead began to glow brightly with all of the colours of the rainbow. A small energy pulse appeared in front of the psi Pokémon, followed by another. Fearow continued to descend, a suicidal manoeuvre.

“Now!” I roared.

The psi Pokémon let out a loud cry as the pulses blasted through the air, tearing through the landscape as if it was nothing but rice paper. Melody and I watched in amazement as the rainbow blast threw Fearow and Heracross into the air, both as helpless as leaves in a tornado. My breathing sped up as Kadabra fell to its knees, also breathing heavily. The blasts stopped immediately, and both Heracross and Fearow fell to the ground.

“That…” Melody gasped, “…was awesome…”

Suppressing a grin as I returned Kadabra to its Pokeball, I walked over calmly to the two Pokémon, bruised and most definitely beaten. Suddenly, as I watched both of the Pokemon on the ground, an idea came into my head. I turned to Melody, looking at her intently.

“Do you have any spare Pokeballs?” I asked.

“Hmm, that’s not a bad idea,” she mused, pulling out one from her bag. “I only brought this one, though. We’ll capture Heracross, then we’ll be back for Fearow.”

The Pokeball shone in the bright sunlight, an ivory colour all over. It was distinctly different from any other Pokeball I’d seen.

“Lee!” called Raven’s voice from behind me.

The real world was calling… I had to wake up soon. My job in this dream was done, and it was time to return home to reality.

“Melody,” I muttered, “I have to go.”

“What?” she replied.

“It’s time for me to go home,” I explained, feeling the lure of the real world. “But… capture that Heracross…”

Melody looked confused as she gazed into my eyes, but gave a nod, her grip on the white Pokeball tightening. Silently, she drew back an arm.

“Premier Ball, go!” she shouted.

I watched as the Pokeball was flung forward, where it travelled in a neat arc towards the single-horn Pokémon. It made contact with its chest, hitting the ground next to it and opening. The Heracross was bathed in a bright light, and quickly shrunk in size. As Melody and I watched, the Premier Ball sucked in the single-horn Pokémon. Despite having no energy to fight, Heracross obviously did not want to be captured, the Premier Ball shaking furiously.

“Lee, wake up!” screamed Raven from behind me.

As I looked up at Melody, a smile formed on my face as she watched Heracross struggle against the power of the Premier Ball. She had been the one who found me on the mountain, and helped me in my first few days at the Temple. Melody had stood alongside me at many of my battles, and helped me become stronger. I noticed small tears forming in her eyes, and wished that she could still be my friend in the real world. Reality was pulling me back, the lure stronger than ever. I felt myself growing lighter as I was dragged back, and had enough energy to say one last word to my friend.

“Goodbye,” I muttered, as I succumbed to the lure.

She looked up slowly, looking to where I had once stood- but no-one was visible. For a second, I floated there, my mind clear of any tribulation. Colours spiralled in front of me as consciousness prepared to grip me once more. I could still faintly see the destroyed landscape, my friend, Fearow, and the Premier Ball, still shaking furiously. However, Melody opened her mouth, as if to say something.

“Goodbye,” she replied softly, tears rolling down her face.

I stopped the struggle against the pull, allowing myself to be consumed by the colours. They swirled around me, blocking my vision of the dream world and the friend I had left behind. It was time to rejoin reality.

Graders, please don’t grade yet. I’m not done, but, with luck, I will be soon.
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Default Hidden Truths Part II

Speech in italics is thoughts being transmitted psychically... or something like that. To put it more clearly, it isn't spoken directly.
A rocky ceiling greeted me as I awoke, breathing heavily. Leaning over me was Raven, hazel eyes filled with worry. As soon as my own eyes opened, however, she smiled gently.

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah,” I replied, planting my palms on the ground and pushing so I sat up. “How long was I asleep?”

“Only about a minute,” she replied casually, “but now’s not really the time to chat…”

Letting out a yawn, I noticed that Haunter was still hovering there, snickering. I’d just woken up, and I had to get back into the battle? Whatever… but, unknowingly, it had given me an advantage. I knew Haunter’s weakness- attacking while it was preparing an onslaught of its own. Yawning once more, I got up off the ground, brushing myself off.

“Horsea’s about to faint,” Raven informed me, “Shelgon’s fine, Cubone still hasn’t shown up and Salamence is still asleep. Not much as changed.”

“Fine with me,” I smirked, “Horsea, try another Dragon Dance!”

The exhausted blue seahorse started to twist and twirl once more, a mystical power building up energy in the small seahorse’s azure frame. It heightened its speed and attack, leaving it still exhausted but powered up. Above, sparks gathered around Haunter’s withered, purple hands as it prepared a Thunderbolt.

“Alright, now build up energy for a Hydro Pump!” I ordered.

Water sped towards Horsea’s tube-like mouth as it prepared to launch it as a jet. Haunter continued to float in mid-air, a wicked smile never moving from its purple face. Suddenly, the sparks were formed into a sphere, which crackled with dangerous power. The ghost raised its hands in the air, allowing the sphere to move away. Now was the time!

“Horsea,” I roared, “now!”

A cold jet of water shot out of Horsea’s mouth, directed towards Haunter. It moved with the agility that had been built up by all of the Dragon Dances Horsea had completed, and Haunter had no time to do anything but get hit by the jet, which shot him into the ceiling. Droplets spread out from the impact point, much like a sort of rain. Some rocks also fell along with the water, slamming into the ground.

“Great job, Horsea!” I cheered.

Haunter was nowhere to be seen; something was wrong. As I looked around, it became evident that dawn was nearing. I heard Salamence give a loud yawn, and looked over, but it simply rested its head upon the ground again, and resumed snoring. Wow, Salamence could sleep...

“Lee, look out!” cried Raven, who was pointing upwards.

I, too, looked up, and saw the front half of Haunter, who was sticking out of the ceiling. It was still battered, but a smug smirk resided on its face. The ghost suddenly shot downwards, and a single bolt was next to it. It took no time at all for the bolt to hit Horsea hard, pumping several thousand volts through its small body. Before I could even give an order, the seahorse fell to the ground, unconscious. I’d greatly underestimated Haunter’s power.

“Horsea, return.” I muttered, holding out an Ultra Ball.

The Ultra Ball opened, and Horsea briefly glowed brightly before shrinking and being sucked back into the capsule with a smooth sound. It closed, and I replaced the ball on my belt. I noticed that Shelgon’s Ultra Ball was also there, meaning that Raven must have returned him while I was asleep. Suddenly, a roar came from my left.

“Salamence is back up,” Raven smirked.

She was right- I looked over to my left, and saw that the azure dragon had woken up, eyes narrowed at the ghost and orange wings lifted up high. Salamence’s teeth were bared, and shone in the limited light dangerously. Now, Haunter was going to pay.

“Salamence,” I roared, “Flamethrower!”

The purple ghost, paralysed by shock, simply floated there as a fireball burnt into existence inside the dragon’s mouth. It grew in size, power and intensity, and Salamence began to sweat. Finally, with a loud roar, the dragon allowed the flames to blast out of its mouth, flowing like fluid in a straight line through the air. In no time, the fire had hit Haunter hard, sending it spiralling downwards. The ghost slid along the ground, smoking from various wounds. Dust was flung upwards as the enemy eventually came to a rest.

“Is it over?” I gasped.

“I think so,” Raven smiled.

The dust cleared gradually, moving in small clouds. I concentrated on seeing whether the ghost was still in action- sure enough, it lay on the ground, its smirk replaced by a sad smile and its eyes clenched shut.

“Yes! We did it!” I roared.

Suddenly, a thought came to my head… Regirock. Had the rock golem been held back? I looked at Raven cautiously.

“Did you defeat Regirock?” I asked her quietly.

“It fled,” Raven explained briefly, “and I think Team Rocket is why.”

Suddenly, some light shone into my eyes. Out of instinct, I brought an arm up to shield myself from the intense, sudden glow. Since when did sunlight come this quickly?

“It’s sunrise,” Raven muttered, then she gasped.

“What?” I inquired, gazing at her.

My friend’s face was worried as she looked up at the sunlight. It couldn’t be that worrying, could it? Was I missing out on something?

“By day a psi guards the cave,” she recited, “I think we’re about to meet a new guardian.”

So that was why she was so worried… Haunter was quite powerful, and this other guardian could be even more so. Even Steelix was challenging to fight against…

Yes, I am more powerful than Haunter,” said a mysterious voice.

The voice was calm, deep and thoughtful, yet totally unrecognisable. Both Raven and I were silent, trying to think of where this voice could possibly be coming from. Suddenly, Raven let out a cry of surprise.

“This way!” she cried, running quickly.

I followed her, heart beating at an accelerated pace. What was going on? Had she found out where the voice was coming from?

“That voice isn’t real,” she told me, “it’s being put into our heads. This new guardian is a very powerful psychic Pokémon, I can tell.”

So this was the voice of the guardian… fists clenching, I knew that it would be a tough battle.

You bet it will be a tough battle,” the guardian laughed, the laugh sending shivers down my spine.

Suddenly, rumbling was heard from somewhere above. Pebbles fell continuously; firstly at a slower rate, but as time went by, they became bigger and fell more quickly. What on earth was going on? Was the guardian trying to scare us?

Yes, I am,” the guardian snickered, reading my mind, “and the outcome is obviously going to tip in my favour.

I heard a strange sound- a combination of a rumble and a crack. Like many of the sounds earlier, it came from above. A single large rock fell from the ceiling, and hard. It impacted on the ground, throwing up dust and pebbles. I placed a hand to the side of my face to protect my eyes- but everything was strangely quiet. Lowering my hand slowly, I looked around. Everything was silent and still. Raven stood about a metre away, breathing heavily. Salamence was still standing tall over Haunter’s unconscious form, and the faint light continued to shimmer.

“Lee,” Raven muttered quietly, “I suggest you move.”

The ceiling gave way spectacularly, large rocks falling downwards at an accelerated rate. Dust shot throughout the cave after the boulders. And, with a final crash, the rocks slammed into the ground, tumbling after each other. I jumped backwards, watching the pandemonium unfold before my eyes. The boulders piled on top of each other, spreading out in a sort of pyramid. I shielded my eyes once more, not wanting dust to get inside. Something powerful had knocked those stones to the ground.

Hmm, you’re good,” the guardian mused, “how about a deal? We do battle… if I win, then you must leave Silicis Cave quietly.

“And if I win?” I said aloud, gazing upwards.

Unlikely as that possibility may be,” the guardian scoffed, “if you win, then I join you on your quest and you continue through the Silicis Cave.

Hmm… an extra Pokémon on my team could be worthwhile. And, from the sounds of it, this Pokémon was powerful- frighteningly so. Leaving the cave wasn’t too bad a penalty, I suppose…

“I accept,” I muttered shortly, bowing slightly.

A chilling laugh echoed throughout my mind- and, I noticed, throughout the cave as well. The guardian was close by!

I suppose you wondered why I set such one-sided conditions?” the psychic sneered, “simple. Your friend is right- Regirock did flee. But the one in charge of Regirock has discovered that you remain alive, and he is returning to the cave as we speak. You will leave the Silicis Cave, Lee Yuwei, one way or another.

Agh! I’d been outsmarted by this know-it-all psychic Pokémon, and even if I did win, there was no guarantee that I could escape Regirock and Giovanni. There had to be a way out… somehow.

“Let the battle begin,” I announced.

Laughter rang through my head once more, and, as I looked up, I could see the psychic Pokémon. It was shaped like a human, and had a bizarre-shaped head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see any of its features, as it was silhouetted against the bright morning sun.

You continue to be confident, even though you know that you cannot truly win?” the psychic Pokémon chuckled, “you’re either extremely courageous, or extremely stupid.”

“I guess we’ll see which one it is,” I scowled, stung by the ‘stupid’ remark.

Very well,” the psychic sneered, “so I take it you think yourself ready to take on a psychic Pokémon? Prepare for the worst!

At that, the silhouetted psychic Pokémon leapt into the air with a powerful stride. It seemed to hover there for a moment- and it did. Slowly, the guardian drifted downwards, pulsing with bright and powerful energy. It was facing away from me, but I could remember what this guardian was. A humming sound emanated from the powerful Pokémon as it landed on both two feet, standing tall on top of the rocks that had collapsed earlier under the pressure of its attacks.

I truly hope that you have better Pokémon than that pathetic Cubone from earlier,” Kadabra mused, turning to face me with hate-filled, narrowed eyes and a glowing star on its forehead, “and I trust that your confidence is not merely mindless banter.

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Default Hidden Truths Part II

And so, the final battle of Part 2 begins.
“Salamence, go!” I roared, pointing towards Kadabra.

The azure dragon raised his head, letting out a roar. Kadabra laughed once more, and crouched. I had to order the first attack. From the little I knew about this Pokémon, it was fast.

“Turn up the heat with Flamethrower!” I shouted.

A fireball blasted into life inside the dragon’s mouth, burning brightly. It crackled with the ferocity and power that would be necessary to win this battle, yet Kadabra, who was still crouching, seemed calm. Its eyes were closed, and its star was pulsing gently once more. Salamence let out a roar, and, as I looked across, a jet of flame burst out of the dragon’s mouth, soaring in a straight line towards the psychic. Suddenly, a flash of light blasted through the cave, and Kadabra was gone.

“What?” I gasped.

Almost immediately, the psi Pokémon reappeared at the base of the pyramid of rocks, grinning widely. It started to run, assisted by psychic energy, as Salamence’s flames flew overhead. The star began to glow once more, the colours of the rainbow visible.

“Salamence, try a Double-Edge!” I ordered.

As the flames slowly died out, the blue dragon closed its mouth, glaring at the psychic guardian. Salamence raised its orange wings, preparing to take off. However, he never got the chance. Pulse after pulse of pure energy blasted from the star on the psi Pokémon’s forehead. The psychic attack, like the star on Kadabra’s brow, pulsed several colours, one after the other. I was paralysed by the sight.

“Watch out,” Raven warned, “that spoon helps enhance its psychic powers!”

Quite right,” Kadabra snickered psychically.

“Kadabra,” it said realistically.

It couldn’t just stick to saying its cry like a normal Pokémon, could it? No, it had to mock me psychically… and, as I watched, the psychic pulses slammed into Salamence, carrying it up into the air- but not on its own accord. Kadabra was quick to react, leaping upwards after its opponent. Ice crystals formed around its bony right hand as it prepared for a powerful punch.

“Salamence, Endure!” I roared.

The azure dragon gritted its teeth, sweat dripping down his form as he flew through the air. He braced itself for a powerful hit as Kadabra neared, cackling maniacally. Salamence glowed bright red for a moment, glaring forwards, before fading back into his usual colours.

You think that strategy will work?” Kadabra smirked.

As the psychic Pokémon neared, the star on its forehead began to pulse again. A single, weak blast was formed in the air, and, with a flick of its spoon, Kadabra sent it towards Salamence. Too weak to dodge, the dragon took the hit, taking little damage.

“Oh no,” I muttered.

I warned you,” Kadabra tutted, ice crystals spreading down its arm.

The yellow Pokémon went into a spin, now a golden and white blur. Salamence could only watch as the psychic Pokémon neared, and let out a roar of pain as an icy fist slammed into his chest. Transparent crystals spread over the dragon’s form, pressing into Salamence’s scaly skin. Unable to cope with the intense cold spreading throughout his body, the dragon began to descend. His eyes were clenched shut in pain, and he didn’t appear to be controlling his descent.

“Salamence!” I shouted.

With a final crash, the dragon crashed into the ground, sending dust clouds above him. Last time he had fallen, Salamence was asleep- but, this time, it was definite that he had fainted. Silence fell, interrupted only by Kadabra falling from the sky and landing gently.

Bizarre,” the psychic Pokémon mused, “now why do you not return your Pokémon?

“I didn’t catch Salamence,” I muttered shortly, “he joined me out of free will; so we could rescue his brother.”

I see,” Kadabra said softly, “but that will not be the case with me! And, his brother- was he as weak-minded and foolish as Salamence?

Thoughts of outrage filled my head as I glared at the psychic Pokémon, who returned the glare. As I retrieved Shelgon’s Ultra Ball from my belt, I thought about how everyone had suffered so much to save Shelgon from the clutches from Team Rocket; and Shelgon had repaid us in battle. Kadabra would see that!

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I bellowed, “Shelgon, I choose you!”

With a single fluid movement, the Ultra Ball was thrown into the air, where it spun for a moment before opening in a flash of light. A burst of energy snaked out of the capsule, shooting downwards and impacting on the ground. The light grew, forming into a circular shape. That circular shape was Shelgon, who let out a cry as the energy faded.

So this is the brother of Salamence,” Kadabra muttered.

“You bet!” I shouted. “Shelgon, Hydro Pump!”

A raspy sound came from inside the shell of the adolescent dragon as he gathered up water for use in the attack. Kadabra started to run, like he did against the more mature dragon. Ice crystals were formed around the psychic Pokémon’s right fist once more as it prepared to attack.

“Now,” I ordered, “fire your attack at the ground!”

The shell Pokémon looked downwards, eyes focusing upon the rocky terrain. With a single cry, a jet of cold water blasted into the dry earth, turning it into mud. The water splashed down the cave, hitting Kadabra in the knees. The quick psychic Pokémon, caught off-guard, let out a cry as its feet left the ground, falling backwards.

“Now, Shelgon, Headbutt!” I shouted.

The young dragon let out a sort of howl, knees bending. Shelgon pushed off the ground with his stubby legs, getting into a sort of awkward dash. He lowered his head, and, before Kadabra could dodge, Shelgon rammed the psychic in the stomach. The guardian stumbled backwards, eventually tumbling and falling into the mud. Kadabra lay on its back for a second before quickly leaping to its feet.

I underestimated you,” the guardian muttered, “a mistake I shall never make again.

In a split second, Kadabra disappeared from sight. I looked around desperately for my opponent, and, upon looking up, my eyes found the guardian, standing tall near the hole it had made in the cave ceiling.

This battle is mine,” Kadabra hissed.

The guardian did a strange thing- it placed its hands in a V shape, and held them in front of its worn body. A small sphere of energy crackled to life, spinning rapidly. Shelgon watched it, glaring upwards at the powerful psychic. What was going on?

“Shelgon, Hydro Pump!” I roared.

A raspy sound came from inside his shell as the young dragon prepared for another water attack. Above, the sphere inside Kadabra’s hands glowed a bright green. The radiance shone onto the psychic’s face, illuminating it in such a way that it made the guardian look even more sinister.

“Now, fire the Hydro Pump!” I shouted.

Shelgon was finished gathering water- in a split second, a burst of water gushed out of the front of his shell, angled towards Kadabra. The swift psychic took no time at all to leap into the air, still waiting for the energy ball to reach its maximum potential.

Such a pitiful attempt,” Kadabra scoffed.

The Hydro Pump immediately collided with the edge of the hole in the ceiling, causing rocks to fall down where Kadabra once stood. They, too, fell to the ground quickly, throwing up dust in the early morning. When the dust cleared, a large pile of small rocks was visible.

“Pitiful?” I laughed, “Shelgon, Dragon Claw!”

The psychic, over-confident, quickly fell, and began to flail. The attack disappeared with a hiss as this was happening, and, Kadabra, caught off guard, fell onto the pile of rocks with a crash. In front of me, the small dragon began to trot forward. His momentum was helped by the draconic, orange flames that blazed around him, representing his spirit.

I guess I underestimated you again,” Kadabra admitted, standing up, “Try this!

The psychic’s star began to pulse one more, and the rocks that he stood on began to vibrate quickly. The guardian leapt into the air, despite his eyes being closed, and the small boulders moved around him. They span at an accelerated speed, circling the psi Pokémon, before Kadabra thrust forward his hands. The rocks shot forward, nothing but brown and grey blurs.

“Shelgon, dodge them!” I shouted.

Moving surprisingly quickly for a cocoon, Shelgon darted towards Kadabra, still blazing. As the first of the rocks neared, he leapt into the air, letting out a cry as the boulders below slammed into each other. The second wave neared, and Shelgon ducked, stubby knees bent as he slid along the ground. The stones grazed the top of his shell, but the young dragon was not fazed, pushing himself forward along with the flames. It was obvious Shelgon couldn’t keep this up forever… I needed a plan! We needed to distract him somehow!

“Hey, Kadabra!” I roared.

I could see the frustration on the psychic’s face as his eyes flew open, and he glared at me angrily. The rocks fell to the ground quickly, allowing Shelgon to continue. My part of the plan was over… now it was up to the young dragon.

What?!” Kadabra snarled furiously, until he noticed the approaching dragon, “…oh.

Leaving no time to dodge, Shelgon drew back a claw, blazing with an intense glow. The dragon’s claw made contact with Kadabra’s body, piercing the skin. Draconic energy shot into the wound, and the psychic let out a loud scream. The flames shot down Shelgon’s form, slamming into Kadabra relentlessly. After the last of the fire had disappeared, Shelgon jumped backwards. He looked up at the guardian, smirking, as Kadabra staggered around, weakened.

Ugh…” the psychic muttered groggily.

Raven, Shelgon and I watched in amazement as Kadabra stumbled backwards, eyes barely open, before it fell onto its back, lying on top of the rock pyramid. Its chest heaved painfully, and its eyes were closed.

“That…” Raven gasped, “…was awesome…”

That line sounded familiar… then I realised; Melody had said that exact line in my dream. Was it just coincidence, or something more?

“Thanks,” I muttered briefly.

My eyes flitted around the cave, as I examined what was left. There was Haunter, who was lying on the ground. Salamence was lying near Haunter, having fought with everything he had. Shelgon, who stood near the rock pyramid, was facing Kadabra, who was still lying on top of it. Raven, of course, stood next to me, still looking slightly shocked. I heard a rumbling sound, and looked up at the ceiling. A large rock up there was moving around. Now, why would it be doing that?

I will fulfil my duty,” Kadabra muttered weakly, “You will leave Silicis Cave.

At that, the rock blasted away from the ceiling, held aloft by the last remnants of Kadabra’s energy, shooting towards directly towards Raven and I.

The ‘energy attack’ was Energy Ball, a Grass move from D/P.
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Default Hidden Truths Part II

I'm actually not posting the chapters as I write them... I'm one chapter ahead. So... I've exceeded 250k, even though it's not all on the forum.
“Watch out!” I shouted, quickly jumping to the left.

My feet left the ground as I leapt out of the way, the rock nearing quickly. Raven, too, was trying to escape the large boulder Kadabra had sent our way. My legs touched the ground as I dived, followed by the rest of my body. Pain shot through me as I lay there, the rock soaring overhead. That was too close…

“Lee!” Raven screamed.

I looked over at my friend, and saw worry in her large hazel eyes. However, she was looking over towards the pyramid of rocks. I followed her glance, and saw Kadabra, standing tall. The guardian’s eyes were closed, and its arms were raised. The psychic pulsed with golden energy, which was readily getting brighter. I looked on in shock as I saw the wound that Shelgon had inflicted before quickly disappear, and the glow disappeared. Kadabra seemed to twinkle for a second before opening its eyes again, glaring at me.

And this is why I’m regarded as the best guardian of Silicis Cave,” the psychic mused.

“Recover,” Raven breathed.

So, Kadabra could heal itself… this would be an interesting battle. We’d have to finish it off quickly, before it had the chance to use Recover again. Plus, it knew most of the strategies Shelgon and I had employed… we’d have to try something new.

Time for this tedious battle to come to a close,” Kadabra snarled, leaping off the rocks and onto the ground.

The psychic began to run, feet pounding against the rough terrain. Ice crystals began to gather around a clenched fist, increasing the power of Kadabra’s punch. Time for a new strategy…

“Shelgon, Headbutt!” I shouted.

The shielded dragon lowered its head, preparing to unleash a powerful physical attack. Shelgon began to run forwards, aiming towards the psychic. Kadabra merely laughed, leaping over the young dragon.

“Now, Ember, quickly!” I roared.

Shelgon came to a quick stop, and a fireball blazed into life inside his mouth. Leaving the psychic no time to react, he launched it out of the hole in his shell. It blazed through the air, burning brightly, before impacting on the guardian’s chest, pushing it backwards slightly.

That’s it?” Kadabra scoffed, but winced shortly afterwards.

The plan had worked… the psychic had suffered a burn from the fiery attack. Now, it would be much harder for Kadabra to move… hopefully…

Lucky shot,” the guardian snarled.

Now, Shelgon could attack with a lot more variety… but we’d still have to be careful.

“Shelgon, Dragon Claw!” I shouted.

The cocoon started running towards Kadabra, flames burning around him. They didn’t seem to hurt the young dragon, but there was no doubt that they would hurt Kadabra. The quick guardian went to jump, but suddenly flinched, the burn hurting at that point. This indecision was all Shelgon needed to leap into the air, and cut through the psychic’s skin with blazing claws. A loud scream was heard before Kadabra fell backwards, flames trailing from its wounds.

“Wow,” Raven remarked, “Shelgon’s getting quite powerful.”

“I know,” I replied, remembering the two times I was against him and how difficult an opponent he was to face.

Kadabra was wrong… Shelgon was not weak-minded. As I looked over at the psychic guardian, it became clear how wrong it was and how clearly it had noticed. It was ready to fall, I could tell.

“Shelgon, finish it off with Headbutt!” I shouted.

The shielded dragon darted forward ruthlessly, running towards the weakened guardian. He lowered his head, preparing to knock out Kadabra. Suddenly, the target of the attack closed its eyes, the star pulsing. Small ripples of energy began to appear in thin air, and they slowly started moving forward. Shelgon began to slow down, but it was too late. Kadabra thrust its hands forward, and the pulses blasted into the ground- and Shelgon.

“No, Shelgon!” I shouted.

Shelgon, along with a few rocks, were flung into the air by the force of the attack. The dragon eventually came to a stop, silhouetted against the morning sun, before descending quickly. It took less than a second for the heavy Pokémon to collide with the ground, sending small shockwaves outwards. Some of the small rocks fell on him as he lay there, weakened.

My turn now,” Kadabra hissed, getting into a run.

While Kadabra tried to ignore the pain from the burn, it would not entirely go away. Ice crystals reappeared around the right hand of the psi Pokémon as it prepared to launch a powerful attack towards the small dragon.

“Shelgon, Headbutt!” I shouted.

The endurance Pokémon burst out of the rocks, head lowered. Kadabra was quick to react, leaping into the air while narrowly dodging the grey blur. Despite the burn, Kadabra was still as quick as ever… speaking of which, the psychic Pokémon landed behind Shelgon, crystals still sparkling. In a split second, Kadabra lashed out with an icy fist, slamming it into Shelgon’s hard back. The ice crystals spread over his back, and a feeling of cold spread through Shelgon. Kadabra let out a victorious cry, leaping back, as Shelgon fell onto his stomach.

And I think you’ve underestimated me,” the guardian chuckled.

Shakily, the young dragon pushed himself up, weakened. He was showing the spirit that made his older brother a powerful foe- and ally. I could see the shock on the psychic’s face as he watched his enemy regain strength.

What?” Kadabra gasped, “How could that be?

“You think he’s weak-willed now?” I smirked, “Shelgon, Ember!”

The young dragon gritted his teeth, trying to ignore the icy pain that was shooting through his body. Shelgon turned around, facing Kadabra. A faint fire could be seen through the hole in his shell as he charged up an Ember. The psychic Pokémon, despite his speed, was paralysed with shock, and he was too surprised to attempt to dodge a blazing fireball, which slammed into his stomach. The guardian stumbled backwards once more, caught off-guard by the sudden onslaught.

“Hydro Pump on the ground!” I bellowed, as Raven cheered.

Shelgon gathered water quickly, knowing that it would not take much to finish off this plan. As Kadabra stumbled, the dragon focused on a certain spot on the ground. He opened his mouth, and, with a slight gag, pushed a jet of cold water out towards the rocky terrain. Like before, the ground became muddy, murky water shooting across the floor. Now, for the final phase of the plan!

“Dragon Claw!” I commanded loudly, pointing a solitary index finger towards Kadabra.

The endurance Pokémon scuttled across the ground, flames gathering around his circular, grey shell. Soon enough, he was fully blazing, and galloping along at a fair pace. Kadabra was stumbling even more, his struggle to keep balance a failing one due to the mud. Shelgon raised a flaming claw, and let out a loud, raspy cry, before slashing with great power and speed. His claws pierced Kadabra’s skin, flames blasting the wound with pure blazing energy. The guardian let out a screech, falling backwards, just as Shelgon’s claws withdrew. With a wet sound, the psychic type Pokémon, weakened by the constant onslaught, fell into the mud.

“All right, Shelgon!” I roared, throwing my arms up in celebration.

“That was impressive,” Raven mused, gazing at the fallen guardian.

“Should we capture it?” I asked Raven, looking over at her.

In her hand, she held a red and white capsule- a Pokeball. She didn’t have that before…

“I found it on the cave floor,” Raven explained. “We should capture Haunter as well.”

“But… what about the cave?” I muttered, “We should leave at least one guardian, just in case…”

“It’s better this way,” muttered my friend, “we can always release them after Team Rocket is beaten.”

I gave a small nod. With Regirock and the Earth Orb both gone, there really wasn’t much need for the guardians anymore.

Not much need?” Kadabra wheezed.

What? It was still conscious? It was obvious that it wouldn’t be for long, due to the burn, but it was surprising that the psychic Pokémon had withstood so much. I looked over, and saw that the guardian had got up. One of its eyes was closed, and its chest was riddled with multiple wounds, but it was still willing to fight. With a single remaining eye, it gazed downwards at Shelgon. I gasped with shock as I realised that ice crystals had appeared around its right fist.

I’ll at least do this,” the psychic Pokémon smirked, and its fist collided with the young dragon’s shell.

Ice spread over Shelgon’s grey form, cold pain spreading throughout the dragon’s body. He shivered uncontrollably, the ice like knives poking into his very skin. With a loud cry, the endurance Pokémon, after a long and valiant battle, sank to the ground, unconscious.

“No, Shelgon!” I shouted, as Kadabra laughed.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” the guardian smirked, “but our deal was that if I win, you leave Silicis Cave. You’re out of Pokémon, and I’m still standing. I win.

Of course, he was right. I kicked the ground dejectedly, head drooping. Despite it having stopped long ago, Kadabra’s laughter rang in my head repeatedly.

“Everyone loses some times,” Raven said, trying to comfort me, “don’t feel so down about it.”

I’d lost such a crucial battle… and, as I looked over at Salamence and Shelgon, I felt as if I’d failed them. My overconfidence had been my undoing; that much was certain.

Out,” said Kadabra curtly.

Suddenly, a cry came from overhead, and I looked up wildly. Standing in a hole, only a metre or so away from the ceiling, was Cubone, who, despite the bony helmet on her head, was grinning wildly, thick bone club on her shoulder. She jumped from the hole, landing with a small thump on the rocky terrain. As she glared at her opponent, Kadabra let out a laugh.

That puny little thing?” the psychic guardian laughed.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” I retorted, happy that she had returned, “you’ve been wrong before.”

It was evident by Kadabra’s expression that I’d struck a nerve. With a smirk, my eyes locked onto the psychic guardian. I felt much better than before. There was still a chance to win, and I would take that chance. As Cubone stood in front of me valiantly, a smile crept onto my face.

“Prepare for the worst,” I mimicked, facing my opponent fearlessly.

btw, if anyone's forgotten... Cubone now has a Thick Club, given to her by Marowak. </randomfact>

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Default Hidden Truths Part II

Yay! This is the second-last post of Part II, and I'm starting on Part III immediately afterwards. So, as soon as I finish the first post of Part III, I'll post the last post of Part II! Yay!
Kadabra leapt into the air, and began to glow gold once more. It pulsed gently, barely visible among the glowing sunlight. I could see the psi Pokémon’s wounds healing- except for a red patch of skin, which was the burn caused by Shelgon’s Ember. After a brief sparkle, the guardian dropped to the ground, landing softly while considerably healthier.

Let’s finish this quickly, then,” Kadabra smirked, forming its hands into a ‘V’ shape.

A bright green sphere burst into life between its hands, rotating and crackling with natural energy. Suddenly, the guardian’s features were bathed in a bright white light. It stayed in that same pose, preparing an attack. Kadabra appeared to be growing slightly taller, and of course much bigger. What was going on? Was Kadabra… evolving?

“Oh no,” Raven muttered grimly, “Kadabra’s evolving.”

Even though I knew that this was happening, her words still came as a shock. Just when I thought we had the upper hand, this happens… suddenly, the white glow faded away, shooting off in a shower of bright sparks. My opponent let out a cry, and I got a look at the new foe. It was coloured similarly to Kadabra, but lacked a star on the forehead- or red markings of any kind- had more brown on its body, and held two spoons instead of one. I also noticed that the things that resembled a moustache were longer, meaning that it was a male.

Now do you think you can beat me?” Alakazam snickered, still holding the energy ball.

“Lee, something’s not right here,” Raven muttered, “Kadabra can only evolve by trade… and look at Haunter!”

I looked over to where Haunter lay- and gasped when I saw that he had changed shape too. No longer pointier, the ghost, now Gengar, looked relatively human-like, albeit chubbier. Its tongue was hanging out of its mouth, a sure sign that it had fainted. Good thing, too… I didn’t want to have to fight another opponent.

“Lee!” Raven cried again.

I looked back at the battle, just to see that Alakazam’s hands flew apart, and a green energy ball shot towards Cubone. Before I could even order a dodge, Cubone leapt above the attack, which made a small explosion as it collided with the ground. The force from the explosion carried the lonely Pokémon further into the air, where she raised her club. With a single swing, some rocks were sent flying at the psychic Pokémon. It looked like they had appeared from mid-air. How was that possible?

Nice try,” Alakazam sneered.

The guardian held both spoons upwards, and they began to glow with psychic energy. His eyes were covered in a kind of blue film as he focused on the rocks. They began to shake, and, with incredible speed, began to fly towards the descending Cubone.

“Break the rocks with Bonemerang!” I shouted, surprised that Cubone had attacked immediately.

The lonely Pokémon quickly held back a bone, aiming carefully. As the rocks flew towards her, she waited. What was she going to do?

Ha,” the guardian laughed, “she really is weak.

With a single thrust, Cubone let go of the bone club. It shot through the air, spinning rapidly. Upon making impact with the first rock, it tore through it easily. The Bonemerang continued to fly downwards, hitting rock after rock. As the lonely Pokémon descended, the bone club neared Alakazam.

No problem,” the guardian laughed, snapping his fingers.

A small explosion emanated from the tip of his right index finger. It lasted only a split second, but sent the Bonemerang off-course, where it spiralled upwards. Instinctively, the lonely Pokémon leapt into the air, travelling faster than I had expected. Wow… she’d become more powerful than I thought.

“As soon as you grab the club, try another Bonemerang, but from closer range!” I shouted.

That attack again?” Alakazam laughed, wincing slightly due to his burn.

The lonely Pokémon’s tiny paws closed around the bone, gripping it as tightly as possible. Doing a slight spin, Cubone closed one eye, aiming on hitting Alakazam with the attack. With a loud cry, she raised her arm, and then followed through with the onslaught, bone leaving paw. Cubone watched it fly through the air, still descending.

“Cubone, as soon as you hit the ground, try a Double-Edge!” I shouted.

The lonely Pokémon, now just a blur, plummeted through the air quicker than ever. However, she noticed an angled rock below her. Perfect. Her tiny feet made contact with the boulder, and, with a strong push, she flew horizontally, in Alakazam’s direction.

Alakazam looked up at the approaching attack, gripping its spoons tightly. With a lazy flick of the left spoon, the bone club was redirected slightly- no longer a threat.

Cubone lowered her head, revealing the top of her skull helmet. She moved her feet beneath her, knowing that momentum alone wouldn’t complete the attack. The lonely Pokémon braced herself for impact, but it was not as rough as once thought. Her feet came into contact with the ground, and she started running, head still lowered. An object soared through the air above her, and, holding out a paw, she caught the bone club swiftly. Preparing for maximum impact, Cubone lowered her head once more, gripping the bone club tightly. Alakazam barely even noticed what was going on until the helmet-wearing marsupial slammed into his stomach, sending him flying backwards.

“Now, Bonemerang!” I roared.

As Cubone continued to run, she focused on the psychic, who was still soaring through the air from the intensity of the attack. She held back the bone club, preparing to throw. With a single fluid movement, the bone left her paw in a strange way, and flipped towards Alakazam. The guardian, caught off-guard by the Double-Edge, was once again caught off-guard as the bone slammed into his back, sending him in a mid-air spin. Cubone came tearing past him, running speed heightened by the momentum of the Double-Edge.

“Way to go, Cubone!” I cheered.

The lonely Pokémon skidded to a halt, right paw open. Ahead of her, the bone club did a weird thing- it started spinning back towards Cubone and Alakazam. Sure enough, it span straight towards the brown Pokémon, who stretched out an arm and caught it deftly.

Alakazam finally managed to stay steady, yet still looked beaten. Its yellow skin was bruised and beaten, and it was struggling to stay conscious. I remembered back to when they had met in the forest… and the fact that Cubone’s determination must have made it so strong. Suddenly, Alakazam’s eyes glowed blue once again, and this time the rest of his body followed pursuit. As the guardian began to hover in mid-air, he let out a laugh.

I will defeat you,” he snarled, eyes changing colour dangerously, “ even if it’s the last thing I do!

The guardian soared through the air, held aloft by his own well-developed psychic power. Ice crystals appeared around his hand, glittering dangerously in the morning sun. An attack of that strength could be lethal, especially at such a high speed.

“Cubone, counter-attack with Bonemerang!” I roared.

The lonely Pokémon closed one eye, trying to get a good lock on the target. However, Alakazam was moving too quickly to be able to be aimed at well. Taking a deep breath, Cubone threw the bone into the air, and braced for impact. The psychic flew over, a widening grin on its face, and ice crystals around its reared hand, before thrusting forward. The lonely Pokémon took the punch to the stomach, ice crystals sending cold pain through its system. Alakazam let out a laugh, and Cubone weakly noticed the bone descending quickly. A small smile formed on her face as the bone made contact with the psychic’s head, confusing him. As it rebounded, the lonely Pokémon caught it deftly.

“Now, hit it with another Double-Edge!” I shouted.

Cubone lowered her head, showing Alakazam her trademark skull helmet before leaping forward at a lethal speed. The guardian leapt backwards, assisted by psychic power, before crossing his arms in a strange manner, still holding the two spoons. They began to glow and vibrate, and his eyes pulsed a gentle blue.

Beat this,” he snarled, uncrossing his arms.

A huge psychic pulse emanated from thin air, amplified by the two kitchen utensils wielded by the guardian. It blasted through the cave- of course, towards Cubone. The lonely Pokémon was caught up in the onslaught, much like a leaf in a tornado. Alakazam let out a laugh, before twirling his spoons like conductor’s batons. The psychic attack disappeared, almost as quickly as it appeared. Cubone fell to the ground limply, weakened by the guardian’s powerful attack.

I told you that you would leave Silicis Cave, one way or another,” Alakazam mused, walking over to the lonely Pokémon.

What was he going to do? It looked like Cubone couldn’t take another attack, especially from such a high-powered psychic Pokémon. Alakazam was right… we should have left when we had the chance.

I’ll deal with you in my own way,” the guardian snickered, bending over.

The psi Pokémon stretched out a hand to pick up Cubone, which closed in around her tail. The lonely Pokémon flailed in mid-air, and Alakazam laughed, sending shivers through my spine. His other hand opened as well, and a bright green energy ball grew into life, its deadly glow shining onto the intrigued face of Alakazam and the alarmed face of Cubone. Suddenly, with alarming will-power, the lonely Pokémon shook free of Alakazam’s grip, scurrying across the ground furiously. Not waiting for the attack to finish charging, the psychic Pokémon flung the energy sphere towards Cubone. It missed by inches, but the power of the attack was enough to send the lonely Pokémon flying. She landed in a heap near her bone club, which had been given to her by Marowak, the leader of her old tribe. It suddenly began to vibrate, and a blue aura shot into life around the club.

“Cubone, grab the bone club! Quickly!” I exclaimed.

Her small, pale brown paw closed around the club, gripping it tightly. At the same time, it started shooting towards Alakazam, held aloft by psychic power. Before he could realise what was going on, Cubone let go of the club, shooting forwards from the momentum of the travelling bone. Lowering her head, the skull helmet collided with Alakazam’s stomach, sending him sprawling backwards. She planted her feet on his chest, and used him as a spring-board, kicking off and shooting in the other direction. The lonely Pokémon put out her feet, landing with a small thump on the ground. Upon looking down, she saw the bone, which had lost its psychic momentum after Alakazam had been hit. With a smirk, she picked it up off the ground, turning around to look at the psychic guardian. He was weakened, no doubt… but was he out?

Not quite,” Alakazam sneered quietly, “it takes more than that to finish me.

The guardian’s body was bathed in a golden glow, and he stood up in this form. The psychic soon began to hover, Recover healing most of his wounds. Alakazam’s brightness soon faded, and a small twinkle marked the end of the move. The red patch on his skin still showed the burn from before, but he didn’t seem worried.

“Looks like we’re right back where we started,” I sighed, Cubone’s shoulders slouching in a disappointed manner.

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Default Hidden Truths Part II Conclusion

Hey, look everyone, I went back on my word. =P Anyway, here's the final post. Enjoy! =P (again)
Alakazam let out a cackle, standing tall and fully healed. Placing his hands in a ‘V’ shape, a light green energy ball shot into life once more, illuminating his face in a sinister light. His eyes narrowed as he focused on his target- Cubone.

Prepare for obliteration!” the psychic roared, throwing up his arms.

The energy ball, no longer tethered to the confine of Alakazam’s hands, soared through the air in a dramatic arc. Cubone watched it rise quickly, shining like a second sun inside the cave. How could I use this situation to my advantage..?

No easy way out of this attack,” Alakazam snickered.

The guardian crossed his arms again, psychic energy causing them to move around excitedly. His eyes glowed a bright cerulean, and, suddenly, Cubone began to levitate. The lonely Pokémon struggled against the supernatural bonds that held it in place, but it was useless. She was powerless to watch as the energy ball zoomed in, its eerie green glow scary and uninviting.

“You,” I snarled, but, unable to find the words, I stopped talking.

You’re not the only one that can engage in clever combos,” Alakazam retorted, waving his spoons around.

The psychic field pulsed as it tried to contain Cubone, who was now thrashing wildly, attempting to escape its tight grip. It was no use, though, and the lonely Pokémon realised that as the energy ball came even closer. She lay strangely still for a moment before the bright attack blasted into her, enveloping Cubone in a flash of light. Silence fell for a moment, before Cubone’s cry was heard as the light faded. Dust was scattered around the air, but I could still clearly see her silhouette. Wow… she had gotten a lot stronger.

This cannot be!” Alakazam shouted in outrage, “By all rights, this should be over!

“Obviously, it’s not,” I replied confidently, “Cubone, bowl him over with Bonemerang!”

Despite being very beaten and worn, Cubone was still prepared to fight to the finish. Closing one eye, she aimed at the psychic, leaning back while still clutching the bone. With a single movement, she flung the bone into the air, where it span at a dangerous speed. It shot through the air, flying towards Alakazam.

“Now, run after it!” I ordered.

The agile psychic easily dodged the first attempt, snickering as it flew past his left arm. However, as he turned around to dodge the second attempt, it became evident that he had dramatically underestimated the success of the attack, and the bone was too close to evade. It slammed into his chest- more specifically, the burn caused by Shelgon’s Ember. He let out a roar of pain as the injury started to throb to an agonising extreme. Stumbling backwards, Alakazam didn’t even notice Cubone running towards him.

“Cubone, Double-Edge!” I shouted.

The lonely Pokémon lowered her head, preparing for another risky tackle. She leapt into the air; teeth gritted, and felt a small jolt as her skull helmet slammed into his back. Alakazam stumbled in the opposite direction, pain in both his chest and back almost too much to bear.

I will not give in!” the guardian roared, finally managing to stay steady.

“Then we’ll keep fighting you until you do!” I shouted in reply, “Cubone, let’s show him Rock Slide!”

Cubone stood tall on the rugged terrain, and, suddenly, made a strange movement with her club. She appeared to swing it upwards through the air- suddenly, behind her, several rocks were torn out of the ground. So they didn’t appear out of mid-air after all… anyway, with a sudden gesture, Cubone pointed in Alakazam’s direction with her club, and the rocks soared through the air. The psychic, dazed and exhausted, had no time to react as the boulders hit him hard, slamming him onto the ground. The stones fell on top of him, and it looked like he made no effort to escape.

“I think he’s fainted,” Raven gasped.

Surely enough, the pile of rocks which was covering the psychic guardian was not moving. With wise caution, Cubone crept over, being careful to make as little noise as possible. My heart beat quickly as I realised the perfectly viable possibility that it was a trap. The lonely Pokémon, now right next to the pile of rocks, peered downwards.

Terrible mistake!” Alakazam shouted, leaping out of the pile of rocks.

The yellow Pokémon soared upwards, angered by the battle so far. His right fist was clenched, and surrounded by icy crystals- an Ice Punch. Before Cubone could react, the guardian landed in front of her, and thrust forward with his fist. The Ice Punch made contact with Cubone’s stomach, sending her flying through the air as icy pain gripped her tightly. She span in mid-air for a moment, soaring quickly, before landing on her stomach with a short cry at my feet.

Ha,” the guardian snorted.

Slowly, but surely, Cubone pushed herself up. Her whole body was shaking madly from the continued assaults, and it was obvious that she couldn’t take much more. Alakazam was also shaking, but out of anger. His trick hadn’t worked. I looked down at Cubone, smiling gently, and she gave a small smile back.

“Ha yourself,” I retorted.

This… this can’t be happening!” stuttered Alakazam, “That should have knocked Cubone out! THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE!

The psychic took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He then began to calm himself down, before opening his eyes again. They were covered in a blue film, and soon, his whole body was shrouded in an azure aura. The guardian began to hover in mid-air, silhouetted against the morning sun, with his arms crossed over his chest. Upon speaking next, his voice was deep and calm.

I am an Alakazam,” he stated quietly, “I was born as the next of a powerful line of guardians. Our lives are dedicated to protecting the Earth Orb from harm. I will not let down my ancestors! Lee Yuwei, you will not obtain the Earth Orb! You will not face Regirock! Times for negotiation are over! Your time has come! Prepare to meet your maker!

His arms uncrossed, and a gigantic energy ball appeared out of nowhere. This did not look good… with a loud scream, Alakazam thrust forward his hands, and the sphere exploded. The light was almost blinding, and I closed my eyes, waiting for death. Sounds of destruction filled my ears- trees splintering, rock crumbling, and water splashing… it was all too much to bear. I suddenly heard a huge banging sound. What was going on? Taking a deep breath, I decided to chance opening my eyes.

When I did that, I was taken by surprise. I was still alive, Cubone was still standing defiantly at my feet, Salamence and Haunter lay behind me, and Raven still stood at my side. However… something was wrong. Why wasn’t I dead? What was happening? I gazed to the side, and saw Raven, her arms extended and eyes closed. In front of me was a large blue wall, and the banging noises were the attacks hitting it. What on earth..?

“Cuu,” my Pokémon squealed, grabbing onto my leg.

Despite being one of my strongest fighters, Cubone was as confused and afraid as me… but, whatever was going on, it had to be a miracle of some kind. We both watched in mute amazement as the myriad of colours blasted towards us, a final vengeful act of the last remaining guardian of the Earth Orb. Suddenly, a loud scream rang in my ears, and it was all over. The last remnants of the blast fizzled away into inexistence, and the barrier disappeared as well. Taking a deep breath, I looked at Raven.

“Care to explain what just happened?” I said in amazement.

“No time for that,” she replied, “we have bigger concerns.”

I looked around, wondering what the concern could be- and, just by doing that, I knew. The entire ceiling of the cavern had collapsed, trees above had fallen inwards… effectively, and this part of the cave had been destroyed. The morning sun now shone brightly on all of us, as if it were congratulating us on a brilliant victory.

“Lee, look over here!” Raven cried.

I gazed around the remaining parts of the cave, seeing Raven standing near a fallen tree. Cubone and I ran over, hoping that it wasn’t another guardian. Luckily, it wasn’t… but I saw what appeared to be a sphere of fur. However, it was really a Primeape, long brown limbs hanging limply on the fallen tree.

“This Primeape is really badly hurt,” she told me, “almost dying. Maybe we should catch it? I found this Pokeball amongst the debris…”

Raven held out a Pokeball, and I sighed at her uncanny ability to find useful items in the right place at the right time. I nodded shortly, taking the red and white capsule in a sweating hand. However, my eyes also found another Pokeball, this one only white; a Premier Ball. I picked it up in my other hand, and realised it was still wiggling. Closing one eye, looking through the small transparent line in the centre revealed a Heracross, struggling within. It had to be more than coincidence…

“Cubone!” my Pokémon cried.

Tearing my eyes away from the single-horn Pokémon inside, my eyes followed the direction in which Cubone was pointing. I looked down at where she was looking, and saw the unconscious Alakazam. It had obviously used up the last of its energy on that final attack, and now lay, unconscious, on the rocky floor. Gengar lay near Salamence, out cold as well. An idea popped into my head…

“We should capture Alakazam and Gengar too,” I told Raven, who nodded.

“All right,” she muttered, handing me a Pokeball, “but make it quick. Team Rocket should be here soon.”

Nodding curtly, I held the first Pokeball tightly. In a single fluid movement, I threw it into the air.

“Pokeball, go!”

It opened next to Primeape, and the pig monkey Pokémon was dragged inside the capsule. It closed shortly afterwards, shaking madly. I then picked up the second Pokeball, and threw it a further distance.

“Pokeball, go!”

It hit the Gengar on the head, opening at once. Despite the Pokeball being in mid-air, it seemed to hover there as the mischievous spirit was sucked inside. The Pokeball closed again, landing on the ground with a clatter and shaking. With a deep breath, I turned to Alakazam, by far my most difficult opponent. I only had one Pokeball left, and I threw it quickly.

“Great Ball, go!”

The blue Pokeball opened up, and the psychic guardian was hauled inside with a smooth sound. The capsule closed quickly, and began to shake, a sign that the psi Pokémon did not want to be captured. After such a long battle… it was all over. The morning sun felt warm on my face as I breathed deeply, glad that I could have four possible new team-mates.

I haven’t failed, you know… Regirock is coming… even though you defeated me, you won’t live to tell the tale…

I shivered at the sound at Alakazam’s voice… even when he had been defeated, he was still as confident as ever. My eyes shot around the cave as I looked at the Pokeballs of Gengar and Primeape, the Great Ball that held Alakazam, and the Premier Ball, still in my hand, which held Heracross. It just had to be more than coincidence. If Melody really was alive… then I had to find her. That much was certain.

“Um, Lee,” Raven muttered, “I can hear Team Rocket coming… hurry up…”

Taking a deep breath, I waited for the Pokeballs to stop shaking. As Cubone shivered next to me, I thought hard- could I capture Alakazam, Gengar, Primeape and Heracross?

Pokemon up for capture: Alakazam, Gengar, Primeape and Heracross
Length: Approximately 260,000 characters
Time spent on this part alone: TOO LONG x_X

Um, yeah... ready for grading. At last. ^_^

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Default Re: Hidden Truths: The Story of a Dragon Trainer

Story/Plot: Wow, I really loved this story, kept me guessing throughout the read. Wasn't overdone, certainly not overused. An awesome job to be sure.

Grammar/Spelling: No complaints here, I'm not the best with grammar which is probably a reason I spotted almost nothing. Though there were a few things. i noticed when you had more then one sentence incased in quotation marks the first letter wasn't capitolized, I'm not exactly sure why you're word program is doing that but, I'm sure that isn't correct. And words such as "Materialized" are spelled with an "Z" once again word may recognize it as a word with "S" in it but, its not correct either I'm sure. other than that I loved it.

Detail/Description: No complaints here either. I can honestly say I never once had to picture for myself the surroundings or what was going on, you went into great detail without boring anything out. Again wonderful job. One minor note though, after you mention the evoing of Haunter and Kadabra, you later mention the fainted Haunter. Should be Gengar. not serious of course but, just the same.

Length: I saw it and my expression mirrored something like this: X_X

Battle: You did a fantanstic job describing the moves and keeping the battle well organized. This was without a doubt a joy to read, whether you were facing rockets, were dreaming it didn't matter all were nicely done. The final battle was amazingly played out, with Alakazam not going down easy. which by the way Zam had a very interesting personality, though he seemed to lose his temper as time went on. Also the shout of "Prepare to meet your maker!" had me seeing flashbacks of star wars.

Outcome: Alakazam, Gengar, Primape and Heracross...Captured! Congrats you are the first person I have awarded a capture and I must say I couldn't have graded it any other way. Though I had a few doubt giving you the ape but, your writing more than made up for those. Overall I'm sorry I can't give you more feedback. Though the story was the best I have read here by far. Please keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more of your stories. ^^


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Default Re: Hidden Truths: The Story of a Dragon Trainer

Thank you so much, ST. I know I already said thank you over AIM, but... anyway, I shall be continuing on with this story very soon. Thanks to all my readers, and all of the people who gave me feedback! =D

w00t grader!
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Default Hidden Truths Part III Commencement

Merry Christmas, PE2k!

...nope, nothing else remotely productive to say here.
All four Pokeballs clicked shut, and I breathed deeply. After so much work… they’d all been captured! I now had Alakazam, Gengar and Heracross on my side, as well as Primeape, who I intended to help as soon as possible. Taking a moment to relax, my mind wandered back to the events of the last few hours… Kadabra… the guardians… Team Rocket… Team Rocket! I quickly leapt to my feet, trying to ignore the morning sun in my eyes. Silently, I returned Cubone to her Pokeball.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Raven informed me, the brown haired girl beckoning for me to follow her.

Hurriedly, I picked up the three different-typed Pokeballs, containing Heracross, Alakazam and Primeape, and began to run through the debris towards Gengar’s Pokeball- until, suddenly, Raven let out a scream. I turned around hurriedly, only to see a barrage of Rockets enter the room. One of them, who looked like their commander, was holding my friend back; one hand holding her back by the stomach, the other holding her mouth shut. The Rocket was bulky, had a shaven head, and was fair-skinned. He looked strong and tough to beat. We’d taken too long… it was too late already. I froze in place, bent down and about to pick up Gengar’s Pokeball.

“Well, it looks like you’re smarter than I thought,” said a drawling, yet familiar voice.

I gazed towards the opening in the cave wall, and saw a fully-grown man step out of it. He walked forwards slowly, dressed in a neat and tidy black tuxedo. His slicked-back raven hair glimmered in the morning sun, and the look in his eyes was a mixture of anger and intrigue. However, the number one thing that stood out was the crimson ‘R’, emblazoned on the front pocket of his tuxedo.

“I’m surprised you made it this far,” Giovanni smirked, “you definitely are a worthy opponent.”

Rage filled my mind as I remembered the many lives he had ruined… and not just him, but his subordinates as well. If it wasn’t for Louisa joining Team Rocket, Melody would be standing beside me, preparing to fight off the Rockets.

“My friend died because of your organisation,” I growled, fists clenching.

“What my underlings do is not my concern,” the Team Rocket leader mused. “I don’t care what the Rockets do. I simply focus them on our goals.”

My eyes drifted over to Giovanni’s left, where Raven was still being held by the Rocket. Yeah right… none of his concern… and goals. They probably involved putting the lives of innocent Pokémon- and people- in danger. Sceptically, I glared at the Team Rocket leader.

“Look right next to you,” I replied, “is that none of your concern?”

Smirking at the look on the Rocket leader’s face, I watched as he struggled to come up with a good response.

“She’s not who you think she is,” Giovanni hissed, “And is of no concern to you.”

“She’s my friend as well,” I retorted.

“Doubtful that she shares the same feelings,” the Rocket leader smirked.

What exactly was he talking about? Raven was my friend… and the Rockets were holding her hostage. That obviously made them my enemy. Fighting now wouldn’t be wise, though… I only had one Pokémon. Suddenly, a man in a long white coat stepped to Giovanni’s right. He was fair-skinned, wore tinted sunglasses, had ruffled blonde hair, and was quite tall, towering over Giovanni. He looked like some kind of scientist.

“This girl,” he began, gesturing towards Raven with long fingers, “is loyal to those infernal dragons only. She has been sabotaging our beneficial experiments for years.”

“I’m loyal to the dragons as well,” I told them, pointing to the insignia on my uniform, “and she’s told me all about your beneficial experiments.”

“Yes,” the scientist smirked, “but I believe there’s something she’s not telling you.”

Raven continued to struggle within the grip of the burly Rocket that held her, flailing wildly. What could she possibly tell me? I’d learnt so many new things over the last few days, that not much could surprise me. Still, it was kind of suspicious that Raven could imitate Pokémon cries perfectly… not to mention block attacks…

“I won’t fall for your mind games,” I retorted angrily.

“No, Lee,” Raven muttered quietly, “he’s right.”

The brown-haired girl suddenly stood still, eyes closed. Suddenly, her skin began to glow brighter, as well as her clothes. What was going on? I could see the surprised looks on the faces of the Rockets- that is, except for the scientist. He wore a cold, shrewd, calculating look on his face, which sent shivers down my spine.

Raven was now nothing but a white silhouette, glowing in the morning sun. Suddenly, she began to grow, and became rounder. Her neck lengthened, and her limbs shrunk. A pair of large wings protruded from her back, and her head appeared to change shape. By now, the burly Rocket had let go over her, and she began to float in mid-air. Finally, the light faded, and Raven was gone. In her place was Latias, the female Eon Pokémon.

I’m sorry for lying to you, Lee,” Latias said quietly, turning to face me.

I was still too surprised to speak. So Raven was really Latias… so that meant she’d saved my life in that forest… David could have alarmed her and she attacked him by accident... she’d helped me psychically in near-death situations… and that was where Latias went when I followed her- she transformed back into Raven, and I chased her. It all suddenly fit together.

“It’s okay,” I replied weakly, gazing into her stunning amber eyes.

Slowly, the Eon Pokémon, a red and white feathered dragon, hovered over to me, tears dripping down her ivory face through her soft down. She stopped in front of me, head bowed, and a slow applause came from behind her. I turned to see the Team Rocket leader clap slowly and sarcastically, not smiling.

“How very touching,” Giovanni smirked.

“So,” said the burly Rocket member dully, looking very confused, “she was… Latias?”

“Yes, you incompetent oaf,” the Rocket leader snapped, “nothing has changed. Seize her!”

Suddenly, a strange look came over Latias as she turned to face her foes. She remained strangely still for someone with several evil people charging towards her. Suddenly, her eyes were covered in an azure film, which pulsed gently. Her hands were pressed together, and, when she next spoke, her voice was calm.

Everything has changed,” Latias sighed, opening her hands again.

Pulse after pulse of energy shot from the marking on her forehead, and they grew stronger, larger and brighter. The Rockets were stopped in their tracks as they watched, and, with a loud sound, the pulses blasted through each other and at the Rockets in a deadly Psychic. I could see the faint silhouettes of the Rockets tumbling backwards, yelling, as the ground beneath them was torn away. The cave wasn’t faring too well from the constant psychic attacks…

“No!” shouted Giovanni.

As the light began to fade, Latias soared into the air, held aloft by her graceful crimson wings. Looking down at the ground, I noticed a small brown sphere, rolling across the floor. It was the Earth Orb!

Go!” Latias cried loudly, watching as the Rockets began to get up and reach for their Pokeballs.

Taking a second to pick up Gengar’s Pokeball, I gazed upon the Earth Orb shining in the sunlight, and decided to grab it. Giovanni must have dropped it while being attacked… I pushed off the ground, getting into a short sprint. My hands were outstretched, preparing to grab it- when, suddenly, a gloved hand took the Orb, clutching it tightly. I looked up angrily, and gasped.

“This belongs to me,” mused a feminine voice, holding up the auburn sphere to glimmer in the sunlight.

The person who took the Orb appeared to be a sort of warrior. She wore a sapphire uniform, and her face was hidden by a blue balaclava. Her black hair was tied up with a cerulean coloured hair band- wow, she must have really like that colour- and she was about as tall as me. Her eyes- blue, as well- glared at me through the hole in the balaclava.

“What?” she asked, letting the gloved hand that held the Orb fall to her side.

“That belongs to me,” I muttered.

“I don’t see your name on it,” she smirked in reply, lashing out with a quick hand.

I quickly leapt to the right, fists clenching. Fighting a girl was something I would not usually do… but it was obvious that she was a trained professional. Taking a deep breath, my mind tried to relax itself. Suddenly, I sprang forward, preparing to take the Orb off her.

“You haven’t been practicing, have you?” she tutted, “I can tell.”

With a quick jump, she planted one foot on my chest, and kicked off, using me as a kind of springboard. I stumbled backwards, only to see this mysterious assailant run towards the pile of debris, the Earth Orb clutched tightly in her fingers. As I regained my balance, my mind flashed back to when I had fought Louisa on that fateful night.

Lee, what are you waiting for?” Latias cried, “Get out of here!

I spared a glance to look at my human-turned-legendary-dragon-with-psychic-powers friend, and noticed that she was in trouble. Several of the Rockets, including Giovanni, had taken out Pokeballs and released their Pokémon. It looked like a pretty unfair fight… I had to help somehow…

Go!” she cried desperately.

I didn’t notice before, but tears were beginning to well in my eyes. Giving a nod, I began to run towards the debris as well, just as the mysterious girl leapt off a fallen tree and out of the cave. Just when one battle had ended, another was beginning. There would never be a quiet moment for me, or so it would seem…

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Hidden Truths (My current URPG Story)
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Default Hidden Truths Part III

My feet pounded against the ground, readily growing tired. The morning sun glinted in my eyes, and, as I ran, I remembered Salamence was back in Silicis Cave. Please, let him be okay… the trees around me were splintered, and the ground cracked, most likely a sign of Alakazam’s devastating psychic from our battle.

“You don’t give up, do you?” the mysterious girl called from ahead.

“Obviously not,” I retorted.

Suddenly, she came to a stop, still holding the Earth Orb in her hand. The blue-clad stranger stood in the middle of a clearing, panting slightly. Despite the cloth covering her mouth, I could see a smirk, clearly noticeable on her face.

“Who are you?” I asked, stopping as well.

“My name is Masami,” she replied, arms crossing.

“Lee Yuwei, from the Badr al Din,” I said proudly.

There was something about Masami that seemed strangely familiar… and that comment about practicing that she made earlier made it even more suspicious. Then again, I was becoming accustomed to suspicious behaviour from people who by all rights shouldn’t know me…

“So, you really want this Orb?” Masami smiled, holding it up in the air.

I nodded silently as my eyes followed the russet sphere as it glimmered in the sunlight, and the girl let out a laugh, quickly bringing her hand and the orb in front of her.

“Well, I really want it as well,” she scowled, “Why do you want it anyway? What purpose does it serve to you?”

“That Orb controls Regirock,” I explained hurriedly, “If it’s in the wrong hands, then the results could be catastrophic. Also, when paired with some other Orbs, it unleashes a terrible power upon this island.”

The girl nodded approvingly, grinning. Why couldn’t she just give the Orb to me..?

“So, you do know what purpose it serves,” she smirked, “you know more than I thought. I’ll give it to you…”

Masami held the Orb out innocently, yet I suspected a trap. This was just too easy to be true… and I was probably right. Sighing, my arm extended to grab the Orb, and, as suspected, she withdrew her hand.

“…later,” she finished, “but before I go, I just want to tell you something. People can be deceptive, cruel creatures, Lee Yuwei, and their intentions may seem wise and good, but turn wicked. Ciao!”

Masami turned around, black hair swishing after her like a curtain. She leapt on top of a fallen tree, starting to sprint up it. What on earth was she doing? As the raven-haired girl continued to run, I started to doubt her sanity. She reached the end of the log, and, as I watched, she leapt off the end. Moving my head to the right, it hit me- she’d jumped down a hill. I ran past the tree, and stood at the top of the hill, gazing downwards- but Masami was gone. That was weird… she’d just disappeared. Was she from another temple or something?

“Bay,” a weak voice chirped from near me.

What on earth was that? It sounded like a Bagon. Whirling around, I saw a hole in the tree, and, upon bending down, found that a shaking pile of leaves resided inside. Could that have been a Bagon? I knelt down, knees resting against the tough ground. Carefully and slowly, my head moved towards the hole. I peered inside, and saw a blue head- most likely belonging to a Bagon.


The gigantic roar of the canine Pokémon filled the air, and Bagon suddenly leapt to its feet, alarmed by the sudden and loud noise. Startled and frightened, the young dragon did the only thing it could in such a situation- attacked. A small fireball burnt into life inside Bagon’s mouth, lighting up the small hole. I quickly withdrew my head, just as the fireball hit the sides of the log, immediately setting it alight. The Bagon inside yelped in surprise, obviously inexperienced in dealing with its power.

“Bay,” the young dragon cried, eyes gazing around nervously at the burning wood.

I took a deep breath, considering my options. An Arcanine was coming, which could either be wild, belong to a trainer or a Rocket, Salamence and Logan were still in Silicis Cave, neither of them able to help me, Cubone was still weak from its battle with Alakazam… oh, and a Bagon was trapped in a burning log right next to me. Taking another deep breath, I closed my eyes and plunged my hand inside the log. Screaming in pain as the flames licked across my hand, my mind was focused on getting Bagon out. My hand closed around Bagon’s, the flames now moving up my arm. The pain felt like several hot knives, all penetrating my skin at once. Tears began to well up in my eyes again, but I focused on one thing- rescuing Bagon. Withdrawing my hand from the log, Bagon began to run, speeding up the process. In less than a second, both arm and dragon were out of the log.

“Bagon!” the young dragon cried, gazing at my hand.

Wincing in pain, I noticed that my hand was far redder than usual, and was covered in soot and ash. It still hurt terribly, but there were bigger concerns of mine.

“I think he’s around here somewhere!” yelled a voice.

Probably Rockets… trying to ignore the pain in my hand, I crawled along the ground on bent knees and my other hand; but Bagon stood in the same place, confused. Quickly beckoning with my uninjured hand, the young dragon caught the hint and started to walk alongside me.

“Arcanine, can you find their tracks?” said the same voice from earlier.

“Aroo,” announced the canine.

I took a moment to glance over the burning log at my possible soon-to-be opponent. Arcanine was a fearsome sight, standing proudly at the feet of the tough-looking Rocket member I had seen before. Its ruffled, untamed golden mane flowed in the gentle morning breeze, its tiger-like markings stood out on darker, shorter, orange hair, and its nostrils continued to flare as the canine searched for Bagon and I.

“Come on, Arcanine, where are they?” hissed another voice, which I recognised as the one of the Rocket that had held Raven-- uh, Latias.

“Aroo!” crowed the legendary Pokémon, dog-like noise pointing towards the location of Bagon and I behind the burning tree. We were almost at the hill…

“Good job, Arcanine,” said the first Rocket, “let’s get ‘em.”

Bagon, who was slightly ahead of me, was at the top of the hill. The young dragon suddenly started to shake as he gazed down the rise. He must have been afraid of heights… just perfect. My vision was slowly blurring, obscured by the smoke wafting from the log next to us. Hopefully it wouldn’t spread in front of me… I still had about a metre to crawl.

“Boy, the smoke’s too thick… Arcanine, blow it away with Heat Wave!” the Rocket yelled.

I heard a sharp intake of air from the other side of the log, but tried to ignore it. There was only a few centimetres left… suddenly, I heard a loud howl, and a jet of hot air blasted over the top of the log. Crawling faster, the air drove the smoke away, off to another part of the forest. The fire still remained, but the Rockets now had a clear view. As pain continued to shoot up my right hand, the yells of the Rockets filled my ears. However, I had reached the edge of the hill, next to a quivering Bagon.

“Stop right there!” yelled the owner of the Arcanine.

Holding onto Bagon tightly with my uninjured hand, I gazed down the hill. It was a gradual, grassy slope, relatively unaffected by the psychic blast from earlier in the morning. At its bottom lay a lake… perhaps I could lose the Rockets there. Gazing back at my opponents and taking a deep breath, anger filled my mind.

“Yeah right,” I muttered, kicking off the ground and down the fill, Bagon in my hand.

It began as a kind of hobble as I struggled to keep my balance going down the hill, but my efforts were in vain as I fell onto my stomach, still clutching Bagon tightly. Going into a sort of roll, the pain in my hand continued. Dizziness clouded my thoughts and vision; the only things observable were the trees and the ground, mixed together into a whirl.

Bagon’s cries filled my ears, as well as the yells of the Rockets above. Sparing a moment to gaze forward, I saw the blue water of the lake. As the slope thinned out, my descent slowed, eventually coming to a stop. As Bagon jumped onto the grass, I lay there for a second, content to listen to the sounds of nature.

My surroundings were relatively cool and tranquil, clean water splashing down rocks at the end of the body of water. That would make it a stream, not a lake. Then, I remembered- there were more important things to take care of.

“Aroo!” I heard Arcanine roar, and, upon turning around, I saw the great dog bounding down the hill angrily.

Getting up quickly, pain shot up my arm once again. Gritting my teeth, my legs struggled to keep me up as I fought off the dizziness from earlier. The big dog darted towards me, a bright blur. Taking a deep breath, I faced away from Arcanine, and leapt into the air. The water gave way beneath me easily as it closed around me, cold yet inviting. Gazing into the reeds, my eyes locked with that of a Dratini, gazing at me curiously. Suddenly, my head broke the surface, and I took a deep breath, inhaling the crisp morning air.

“Arcanine, Heat Wave!” yelled the Rocket from earlier, who now stood at the bottom of the hill.

The amber canine inhaled deeply, making sure that the fiery attack was as powerful as possible. Its head was held tall; suddenly, a jet of water soared straight past me, and struck the legendary Pokémon on its side. What on earth..?

“Dratii!” yelled a voice from behind me, and I turned to see the Dratini from earlier, angrily poking its head out from the lake.

The canine regained its balance, standing firmly on the grassy terrain. It let out a deep growl, as did its trainer. The other Rocket next to the first trainer was laughing loudly at what had just happened, smirking at his partner.

“Haha, that Dratini wasted your Arcanine, Chris,” the second Rocket snickered.

The Rocket called Chris fixed his partner with a deadly glare, scowling. His hair was long and dark, and he had dark blue eyes, which sent shivers down my spine.

“You will refer to me as Captain Yates,” Chris said coldly.

Still laughing, the second Rocket nodded briefly. Captain Chris Yates turned back to the battle, where Dratini was still bobbing up and down in the water and Arcanine was still standing tall. Yates opened his mouth to give an order- but it was too late. From behind me, the small water-dwelling dragon Pokémon had launched another Hydro Pump, which soared through the morning sky at a brutal speed. With a loud splashing noise, the second attack hit Arcanine, sending him staggering in the opposite direction once more. With a final howl, the canine collapsed onto the ground.

“Return,” Yates scowled, holding out the Pokeball as his partner laughed.

Suddenly, a look came over the captain as he gazed over the valley, and also at Bagon and the Dratini. He held a finger up to silence his partner, before grinning wickedly. What was he up to now?

“Hey, this valley is full of dragon Pokémon,” he smirked.

“Yeah?” his partner questioned, “your point being?”

“Dragon Pokémon are rare,” Captain Yates told him, “and would be worth a lot if sold. Do you catch my drift?”

“I catch your drift,” the other Rocket snickered.

“So,” the Rocket captain said, pulling out another Pokeball, “we capture them.”

This wouldn’t end well… these Rockets were going to disturb the valley! I couldn’t let them do that… there was no option. I had to make sure that they didn’t do this. Hoping Cubone was strong enough to battle, I swam forward, reaching the bank and pulling myself out of the water- soaking wet, but confident.
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Default Hidden Truths Part III

“You want to take both of us on, kid?” Chris Yates smirked, walking down the hill calmly.

“You won’t stand a chance,” his partner snickered, but he tripped slightly.

The other Rocket fell onto the slope in a heap, lying there in an awkward position. Yates rolled his eyes as the Rocket began to try and get up.

“You’re an embarrassment to Team Rocket, you know that, Nichols?” Yates sighed.

The one called Nichols got onto his knees, brushing his black uniform- also emblazoned with an ‘R’- off before pushing himself up again.

“So, let’s begin,” Nichols smirked.

“Good idea,” I agreed, unclipping an Ultra Ball from my belt.

Nichols also retrieved a Pokeball from his belt, and it glimmered in the sunlight, crimson and white. Turning to Yates, both of them gave a nod, and lobbed the Pokeballs into the air. They span repeatedly for a moment before landing on the ground and opening. A red light shot out of each one, arcing into the air before landing on the ground.

“Go,” yelled both Nichols and Yates.

The first light grew longer, and coiled around in one spot as it grew. What appeared to be its stomach grew outwards, getting gradually wider. Eventually, the red glow faded, to be replaced by the look of bright purple scales. The stomach was quite high up, and marked with what looked slightly like a face. However, above the stomach was a snake’s head, and the cobra hissed, forked tongue vibrating quickly through an open mouth and the gap between its two long, sharp teeth.

“I choose Arbok,” Nichols said confidently.

The second light, which came from the Pokeball belonging to Yates, grew outwards, but only slightly. The crimson beam turned into a star shape, and then quickly faded. This Pokémon was also purple, but this purple was shinier and much more luminous. Another star shape, this one golden, was in the centre of the bigger star, and right in the middle was a crimson core.

“I choose Starmie,” Yates smirked.

Gripping the Ultra Ball tightly with my good hand, I looked at where I should throw it. Shrugging, it left my hand, dropping on the ground and opening. A yellow light shot out of it, moving high into the air. Hopefully Cubone would be strong enough to fight two opponents at once… the light slammed down onto the ground, and expanded, but only slightly. When the golden glow faded, the lonely Pokémon stood their, brown skin glimmering in the sunlight and skull helmet a dull grey. It seemed strangely strong, though…as my hand dropped to my side, it accidentally knocked off another Ultra Ball. The black and yellow capsule dropped to the ground near me, and opened. The light shot out of it, and landed next to Cubone. It grew readily until it was an oval shape, and, when the light faded, I could see Shelgon.

“What? But Shelgon fainted!” I gasped.

“Oh no,” Nichols gasped, “I heard about this… apparently a certain spring in these parts can heal things- Pokémon and people.”

I slowly raised my right hand up to face level, and I realised that it didn’t hurt anymore. Nichols must have been right… it could heal things. That’s why Shelgon was okay… and, in theory, my other Pokémon as well. No longer did I just have Cubone, but Shelgon, Horsea, Primeape, Alakazam, Gengar and Heracross too.

“Enough of this!” shouted Yates, “Starmie, Hydro Pump on Shelgon! Push it into the water!”

“Arbok, use Ice Fang on Cubone!” ordered Nichols.

“Shelgon, counter with your own Hydro Pump! Cubone, protect yourself with Bonemerang!” I shouted.

Starmie began to spin rapidly, core glowing brightly. It was nothing but a purple blur which looked circular. As its core glowed brighter, Shelgon charged up water from inside its shell. However, the starfish was quicker, and a precise jet of cold water shot out of the glowing centre. With a loud splash, it connected with the shell of the endurance Pokémon. The Water/Psychic dual-type was too strong, and Shelgon found himself slipping. Alarmed, he found that his back legs were dangerously close to the water. Before the young dragon could react, he fell into the water, flailing dangerously. He was too heavy to swim… taking out his Ultra Ball, I silently withdrew him, placing the capsule back on my belt and taking out the only Great Ball I had.

Meanwhile, Arbok leapt towards Cubone, revealing his fangs. They glowed a bright blue, and resembled ice crystals. The lonely Pokémon leapt backwards, readying her bone. The cobra lunged forward suddenly, about to strike with the deadly ice attack- when, suddenly, Cubone let go of her bone. It span for less than a second before slamming into Arbok’s stomach, sending it flying backwards. The Bonemerang soared through the air, silhouetted against the morning sun. Arbok looked ready to faint… heh, it obviously hadn’t been faced by a Bonemerang attack before. The cobra suddenly let out a cry as Cubone’s bone club turned around, and hit it hard in the back of the head. With a raspy hissing noise, the purple snake fell to the ground, almost crushing Cubone. The cobra had fainted.

“You haven’t been training,” Yates snarled, as Nichols returned his Pokémon.

“So what?” the other Rocket hissed, taking out another Pokémon. “Why are we fighting this kid anyway?”

Uh oh… I hoped they wouldn’t recognise that. That being the fact that they could just get past me and get all of the dragons… now I was in trouble… And not only me, but the dragons as well. As I gazed over at Bagon, who was still quivering near the river, and Dratini, who was watching the action unfold from inside the springs, I suddenly knew how tranquil a lifestyle they lived and how much humans had interfered with that.

“Let’s get him!” Yates shouted.

I’d forgotten about that… they both stood there, fists clenched. What were they going to do?

“Starmie, Hydro Pump on this brat!” Yates roared.

I watched in horror as the purple starfish began to spin rapidly, once again nothing but a blur. Its core started glow again, a cerulean colour that hurt my eyes slightly. Cubone, Bagon and Dratini gasped as Starmie launched the cold projectile towards me. Paralysed with fear, I felt the icy water blast into my chest, knocking me off my feet. Stumbling backwards and assisted by the Hydro Pump, there was suddenly nothing beneath my feet and the water claimed me once more.

“Starmie, Psychic him to the depths,” the Rocket captain roared.

As I sank below the water slightly, the starfish propelled itself into the water. Being a water type, it had the advantage… Starmie began to spin again, making a kind of twister in the water. Despite the blurred vision brought on by the depths of the water, the glow of its core was still noticeable. My feet impacted on the murky ground below, clothes beginning to weigh me down slightly. However, it was not my clothes- but a kind of underwater plant. I was trapped.

“Miloo,” said a calm voice from near me.

I turned around frantically, my air quickly running out. A pink snake-like creature swept through the water quickly. Its eyebrows were a darker pink and longer, while what looked like two ribbons twisted through the water, connected to its head. The creature had glimmering rosy eyes, and its tail was a beautiful blue. I remembered what this was- a Milotic.

Starmie was beginning to panic, now flailing wildly in the spring. It hurriedly launched its psychic attack, several pulses of rainbow energy shooting through the water. As Milotic swam by, I gripped onto its back, and the momentum with which the graceful Pokémon swam was enough to free me from the bonds of the plant. The water type then moved out of the way of the psychic attack as it dragged me along, and then opened its mouth. Several rings of water span out of its mouth, shooting forwards at the starfish. Unable to move quickly enough, they hit Starmie hard, propelling it through the spring and into the wall. Milotic then quickly ascended through the water, swimming wildly. I’d been underwater for too long… then, as my head broke the surface, I took a deep breath, savouring the fresh air. Milotic leapt above the water, scales glimmering spectacularly against the morning sun, before descending smoothly once again. That was helpful… underwater, I gave a thumbs-up to a Milotic, and I could have sworn that the Pokémon cried out in return.

“No way!” Yates roared, holding out the Pokeball, “Starmie, return!”

As I floated in the river, a pulse of red light shot into the water. Shortly afterwards, it came back out of it, carrying Starmie. As the light went into the Pokeball, it closed quickly with a small clatter.

“Salamence!” something roared from above.

Could it be..? Looking up frantically, I saw an azure dragon, flying downwards quickly. He roared again as he descended, soaring straight towards the Rockets. He was held aloft by bright orange wings- my Salamence. Latias must have healed him somehow… she must be okay!

“Let’s get outta here!” Nichols yelled, running towards the trees madly.

“Just wait,” Yates smirked, walking over to the spring and picking something up from the reeds.

It was Gengar’s Pokeball! I swam over desperately, flailing through the water, but Yates had already started walking away with the capsule. Taking a deep breath, I stopped flailing. Cubone and Bagon looked at me sadly- Milotic and Dratini had returned to the water. Miserably dragging myself up onto the side of the river, I looked down at the ground. With a thump, Salamence landed on the grass near me.

“Sala?” the dragon asked, looking concerned- as concerned as a fearsome, scaly dragon could look.

“It’s okay,” I muttered, “but they took Gengar. For the moment, let’s get back to the Temple.”

Strangely, the azure dragon began to gaze around the valley, breathing heavily. This must have been his home before leaving to travel with me… and, judging by the look on his face, he wanted to stay here. I pondered this as Cubone was withdrawn to her Pokeball.

“Do you want to stay in this valley?” I asked the dragon, and he gave a slow nod.

“We’ll just get back to the Temple first,” I muttered quietly, as Salamence lowered his head.

Swinging my left leg around the azure dragon, thoughts of when we had first met came to mind. As I sat calmly, Salamence’s wings began to beat and lift us into the air, beginning the last flight.
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