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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 02-17-2007, 08:24 AM
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Default Hidden Truths Part III

The Temple loomed below as the large dragon descended quickly. The spires of its tallest buildings stood high, the water fountain in the meditation garden continued to spout brilliantly out of the mouth of a Rayquaza statue, and a few people were gathered in the courtyard. Curious as Salamence descended, I watched them. As the azure dragon’s feet touched the ground, I leapt off his back. The courtyard was a familiar sight- a tiled floor with a colourful mosaic in the middle, along with passageways on the edges. Pillars stood tall all around the courtyard, supporting the ceilings.

“Lee! You made it!” Latias cried, running towards me in her human form.

The psychic dragon stopped in front of me and grabbed me in a tight embrace, but let go quickly. She’d made it back to the Temple… of course, she was a legendary Pokémon. Team Rocket obviously underestimated her. Latias still looked the same as the last time I saw her in her human form. She resembled me slightly, but slightly shorter, with longer, neater hair, and, of course, female.

“Hi, um…” I trailed off, unsure what to call her.

“Just call me Raven,” she smiled, “it doesn’t really matter for now.”

“By the way, thanks for healing Salamence and- for now?” I asked quizzically.

“I’ll tell you later,” she replied, as another of my friends stepped forward, this one considerably taller.

“Good to see you, Lee,” David said, grinning.

“David! You’re okay!” I smiled, as Salamence walked off to eat something.

The last time I had seen David, he had just been attacked by a panicked, transformed Latias, and was unconscious on the floor. He now looked a lot better, running a hand through his short, dark hair.

“Don’t worry,” the older dragon trainer called, “Raven explained everything.”

I sighed in relief, knowing that the details of the story could take a while to clarify fully. Besides, David would probably have a better understanding, being older than me by a couple of years.

“Hmph, you’re not so bad after all,” snickered a familiar voice. “You captured four Pokémon?”

Sighing, I turned around, and saw my rival, Logan. He looked a lot like David, except shorter and skinner- which really should be the case, being the younger brother of the other trainer. We hadn’t really got along well at first, getting into numerous fights. The last one was in Silicis Cave itself, shortly before my first encounter with Giovanni, the infamous leader of Team Rocket.

“Yeah,” I replied, “but one got taken by Team Rocket, and I was going to take one here for treatment, but… it’s a long story, let’s just say it’s been healed already.”

Logan made a weird sound, somewhere between a laugh and a mean snicker. He obviously wanted to see the three Pokémon… I unclipped a Pokeball, a Premier Ball and a Great Ball off from my belt, gripping them tightly. With a single movement, the Pokeball left my hand, landing on the floor and opening.

“Primeape!” I announced, as the capsule opened and a red light shot out.

The light quickly hit the ground and grew in size. It quickly formed into a rough sphere, with arms and legs sticking out. A small tail and two small ears also grew from the red light, and when the crimson glow faded, a brown Pokémon appeared, complete with narrowed eyes and angry expression.

“Prime,” the monkey cried out, unsure of its surroundings.

“Hmm, looks like a good, strong Pokémon,” Logan commented, gazing at the Fighting-type with interest.

“I was going to release it,” I muttered, watching Primeape approach Logan cautiously while I got out the next Pokeball.

This Pokémon technically hadn’t been captured by me… but had been found amongst the wreckage of Silicis Cave, in a Premier Ball… which is what Melody used to capture it. I’d have to tell someone about that, because it had to be more than just coincidence. I lobbed the white capsule into the air, where it opened, shooting out a light which impacted on the ground. The light grew in size, forming into a human-like shape- except with a big horn. As the glow faded, Heracross appeared, shiny blue armor glimmering in the sunlight.

“That’s Heracross,” I said proudly, as the single-horn Pokémon looked around the courtyard warily.

“Hmm, Heracross are rare around here,” mused David, “where did you catch it?”

“I found it in a Premier Ball when the cave collapsed,” I recalled, “I couldn’t just leave it there.”

The last Pokémon left was Alakazam, the dangerous psychic guardian. He had the ability to communicate psychically with his opponents… and he was quite confident in his abilities. My hand closed around the blue, red and white capsule. I threw it into the air, where it unlocked, releasing a blue light.

Bad move,” snarled Alakazam, as the blue light impacted on the ground.

Bad move? What on earth was he talking about? Usually, the lure of any Pokeballs were enough to calm any competitive spirits against the trainer, but Alakazam was powerful. Something was not right here, and I feared the worst as the azure glow faded, revealing the psychic guardian, in all of his power.

I may not be guarding anything anymore,” Alakazam snarled, clenching his fists as icy crystals appeared around them at a surprising rate, “but I have to make sure that the person who took my traditions away from me pays dearly.

“Lee!” Raven cried, “return him, quickly! He’s under the control of the Earth Orb!”

The Earth Orb? But that was being held by Masami… and I couldn’t see her threatening the temple like this. Either way, she was right. I held out the Great Ball, and was about to return the psychic guardian when the capsule began to vibrate, and then it hovered out of my hand.

Hmph, this capsule once contained me,” the psychic guardian smirked, “I think I’ll put it somewhere so you can find it. How about… where you can’t reach it?

Alakazam began to hover, held aloft by the same blue aura as his Great Ball. Just perfect… as I gazed up at the guardian, I realised Heracross and Primeape were out. Raven, David and Logan looked on in shock as the psychic began to hover away.

“Heracross, Aerial Ace!” I commanded, pointing a sturdy finger at the psi Pokémon.

The beetle darted past me, fists clenched. One was by his side, the other crossed in front of him. Heracross leapt into the air, speedy as ever. As Alakazam hovered away, turned the other way, the single-horn Pokémon swiped quickly, sharp arms raking across the psychic’s back. He was thrown forwards, cringing from the force of the impact. Heracross landed smoothly, palms planted on the ground. Slowly, the psychic turned to face us, a look of anger and rage placed on his face.

You insolent fool,” Alakazam snarled, charging up an Energy Ball in one hand, glowing a bright green, “I’ll make you pay.

The psychic’s hands, formed together in a ‘V’ shape, were aimed squarely at me. The green sphere rotated and glowed brightly, and, when he flung his hands upwards, it was launched at me, as Alakazam let out a cackle. The powerful attack flew towards me, and I leapt backwards as it collided with the ground, tearing up the tiling.

“Lee, behind you!” roared David.

At the back of the group, a vase, formerly sitting calmly on top of a bench, began to vibrate quickly. It hovered into the air, held aloft by a blue aura. With no prior warning, the decorative item soared through the air, once again aimed at me. I quickly moved my head to the right, avoiding an onslaught which, if successful, could have given me a concussion or worse. Gazing around the courtyard, my eyes met a sight- more vases shaking wildly. Alakazam must have liked vases or something…

“Raven!” I yelled, “try and overpower him!”

“Oh,” she cried in return, “right!”

Raven closed her eyes gently, holding her hands out in front of her. The vases began to vibrate harder, shaking like leaves in a really, really strong wind. It was a battle of psychic powers- and it looked like Raven was winning. Suddenly, I turned to see Alakazam fleeing. Not if I could help it! Despite being tired in the Silicis Cave, the healing spring in that dragon valley had rejuvenated my strength. This was evident as my feet pounded against the ground, starting the pursuit of the guardian. More pounding sounds indicated that Raven, Logan and David were following me.

“Heracross, Shadow Claw!” I ordered.

The single-horn Pokémon, in front of me and relentlessly pursuing the psi Pokémon, leapt into the air, right arm quickly enveloped in shadowy flames. Once again, Alakazam’s back was turned, and Heracross wasted no time at all, swiping at the psychic. Shadowy flames shot into the newly-formed wound, and Alakazam let out a furious shout, looking as if he stumbled slightly in mid-air.

You are a persistent little worm, aren’t you?” Alakazam snarled, turning towards us, “I was going to go and heal myself, but…

The psychic stretched out his arms, and was enveloped in a pulsing golden glow. The four of us watched in horror as a smirk came to his face, and it stayed, even after the glow subsided. A small sparkle shot across his chest, and he laughed, grinning.

…but you convinced me to stay here, and finish you off, once and for all.” the guardian finished.

Alakazam began to move downwards, blue aura slowly ebbing away. He landed with a soft sound, feet impacting on the hard tiles. His right fist was immediately enveloped in ice crystals, and, with a loud battle cry, the guardian boosted across the courtyard towards me at an abnormal pace, assisted by supernatural power and uncontrollable rage. This would not end well, for anyone concerned…
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