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Old 05-19-2004, 02:26 AM
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Default Amphy Attack!!!

This is my current Modified deck that did very good in a Unlimited Tourney:

Pokemon: 18
4x Mareep (Aqu)
1x Flaffy (Drg)
2x Ampharos (Exp)
3x Ampharos Ex (Drg)
2x Skitty (R/S)
2x Delcatty (R/S)
2x Magnemite (Drg)
2x Magneton (Drg)

Trainers: 25
3x Pokemon Nurse (Exp)
4x Professor Oak’s Research (Exp)
4x Oracle (Sky)
4x Reporter (Drg)
2x Low Pressure System (Drg)
3x Warp Point (TA&TM)
4x Rare Candy (Sand)
1x Town Volunteers (Aqu)

Energy: 17
17 Electric

This deck is so fun to play with, this was the original deck I had planned for the Houston Gym Challenge. But, the cards I ordered didn't come in until 2 Business days after the tourney. I tested it out at my local tourney place, which is always Unlimited Format. This deck did real good, getting me 2nd place. I even beat a guy there who was undefeated for 2 months, I think I would have done good at the Gym Challenge with this deck.

Well just tell me what you think of the deck, and any fixes if needed. :)
Pokemon TCG League Owner/Leader, Professor and Tournament Organizer of San Antonio, Texas
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Old 05-19-2004, 02:48 AM
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Default Re: Amphy Attack!!!

Pretty nice deck here. Only fixes I might make is - one lightning energy or - a Warp Point and add another Flaffy; other than that this looks like one heck of a solid modifed deck. It's nice you have the means to put together decks with these Trainer sets; I sorta struggle with what I have from older sets (low on Oracles, POR) and I only have like 3 Reporter. Not sure how pure Amphy does in this format, never really seen a deck like this in my area, but with the lot of anti-Blaze decks that see play, it'd probably do alright, if not really well. You said your Gym Challenge only had like 2 Blaze decks, you're lucky, MI had almost all Blaze. Good luck with this deck.

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