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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Re: The Ultimate Story

Reality: Meeting Pual in there was kinda a small chance, but I coul;d see the story happening this way, especially with a Snorlax and a bouncer in the house.

Grammar/Spelling: Not many mistakes

Length: Just fine Matto ^^

Description: Description is one of my favourite parts of grading, I personally think it is my strong suit, anyway, you had aslot of good description, but maybe describe what the pokemon look like, say you are telling a story to someone who has never heard of pokemon. Also, insted of boring words like black, use a compare, like jet black feathers, like the midnight sky.

Battle: Both good and ammusing, maybe just a little more on Whynut allthough, her didn't take too much damage.

Outcome: This was unfortunatly quite close for you, definatly not the best story I have sen, but Yannama Captured, Whynut Captured! Try to improve next time, this was very close to a fail.

Note: If you post requesting me to delete this post so you can edit it into your last post, Ill be happy too, just remember my wage for it ;)

Made By Me :D
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Default 19- Three Years Ago With Uriel

The great battle at Dragon’s Pin is over. The game loving Wynaut and the screeching Yanma have been caught. Paul and the other five members of the Tan Gang are tied up and unconscious. The alley is a complete mess and Jack’s head will surely roll for the damage. And yet, he is happy. No regrets. He had to do it.

Jack and the bodyguard sit down at a partially destroyed table. He introduces himself and shares his story about how he wants to get back at the Tan Gang for what they’ve done. Not only for Dragonair, the pin made by Gorgi, and Mr. Weller, but for what they might do in the future.

“So.... that’s why now.” The bodyguard unbuttons his coat and eases back on the chair. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Uriel Dawson. I’ve been working here for three year. I am sorry for trying to stop you earlier, it’s my job. I protect the alley from nosy people from finding out about the Tan Gang.”

“Huh?” Jack gasps. “If you’re one of them... then... why did you help me back there?”

Uriel leans back even more, “It’s a long story...” The area begins to blur, signaling a flashback starting but....

*CRASH* The entrance to the bowling alley, which had been reduced to rubble due to an earlier explosion, was being moved so the police can break in. A glaring light shown through as more and more was removed. Within five minutes, they will have a clear pathway and the police can storm in to control the situation.

Jack snaps his fingers. “Story later. I’m not interesting in sticking around.”

“Why not? You’re a hero now.”

-.-;; “Have you seen the damage?!!”

Jack smirks and waves for the bouncer to follow him. He passes Paul and grabs his mallet as a souvenir. The two arrive at the caved in ceiling toward the right side. He calls Abra out and has all three of them teleported up through the hole and onto the roof. From there, they can see flashing blue and red lights and a small crowd of people gathered, hiding behind yellow police tape. Abra teleports them to the backside of the alley, where, luckily, there are no police. Why didn’t the police try to go through a back entrance? Duh. They sneak around to the next building. Safe. Abra is recalled.

“Here’s the plan. We’re going to the Pokecenter so I can grab my backpack and switch Pokemon. Then we head for the base. Is that okay?”

Uriel looks at him oddly. “You’re really going to challenge them head on, at their own base now?”

“Don’t worry yourself. I’ll formulate a strategy with you at the Pokecenter.” Jack laughs hysterically. “In the meantime, we have a nice walk ahead of us, so how about that story.”

The bouncer kicks a loose rock on the ground and starts his story.


Three years ago in Blackthorn City.

Uriel Dawson. Age 24. Short black hair. Tiny eyes covered by slim dark shades. Lightly tanned skin. Wears a dark three-button coat and matching slacks. The only time he doesn’t wear a suit is while sleeping and while taking a shower. Please don’t picture that, you sicko. At 6'8", he’s a tall man, but bulky. He has to be in order to be a great bouncer. Lastly is his deep, firm voice: it’s perfect for intimidating nuisances.

He was the best bouncer in town. Dragon’s Rave was the only club in town, very high scale and only the cool people were there. Trance, techno, drinking, and all amounts of illegal activity happened inside. Uriel watched the dance floor, the secret rooms, and the bar for any signs of trouble. There was usually one person thrown out each night. He didn’t much care for the activity or his employers, he liked the job and the money. And he was great at it.

Until the club closed down. Bankrupt. They didn’t even have enough money left to give everyone a last paycheck. Everyone was shocked that their club was closed. No one bought the club and eventually, it was forgotten. The employees moved on, finding other jobs and having little house club parties every so often.

But not Uriel. The only thing he was trained, and did well, was being a bouncer. He looked for a job, any job, but none needed his skills. The grocery store needed cashiers but he wouldn’t reduce himself to such a pathetic job. Besides, no one could live off of cashier wages. He went jobless for an entire month, running low on money to support himself. Had he known he’d be jobless, he would have saved enough money. He’ll make sure to do that next time.

Another long day was ahead as he walked through the streets of Blackthorn. Everything was the same and he didn’t find a job that day either. Disappointed, he headed back to his little apartment. On his way, he noticed a sign on a vacant lot. “Dragon’s Pin Coming Soon” it said with a picture of a bowling pin and bowling ball. The area was leveled with some building materials and construction equipment off to the side. The foundation had being placed, meaning they had started construction about two weeks ago.

“A bowling alley? What a waste of money.”

He continued walking. Two guys were talking at the vacant lot when one of them noticed the guy in the suit. He shouts, waving. Uriel stopped as the man walked over. He was wearing a nice polo shirt and green jeans. His light red hair waved to the side as he began talking.

“Hey there. You look strong, would you like a job? We’re short on workers at the moment.”

Uriel looked at him, thinking for a moment. “I don’t do manual labor. I’m a bouncer. But thanks for the offer.”

“Bouncer? You must be that guy people talk about. I’ve heard you’re very good at what you do.” The guy rubbed his chin. “We can use your help here. I need someone to watch guard. All you have to do is make sure no one tampers with the site. Sound good.?”

This was the break he was looking for. Although, who would want to cause damage to a bowling alley? Must be teens. They love vacant lots to cause mischief. “I’ll do it.”

“Great. You can start tomorrow. Name’s Corban Booker, but everyone calls me Booker.”

“Uriel Dawson. Nice to meet you, boss.” They shook hands to seal the deal.


Next day.

Three workers. There were only three workers at the construction site. When Booker said they were short handed, he wasn’t kidding. Usually there are half a dozen or more workers at these sites. But Uriel didn’t care because his job was to guard the site, not worry about how long it took.

Two days moved by. Then another day. Guarding was easy, yet, boring. He liked the action of the club and throwing people out, and the ladies hitting on him for free stuff. But here, it was quiet. So quiet, that during his night shift, he brought a book to read. A week passed and he finished the book, moving on to another one.

On this particular day, a couple pieces of the wall structure was delivered. Most construction groups built the wood walls off-site while the foundation was being set, making the overall building process faster. Two more workers showed up today. They brought a crane in to help lift a section up, then they quickly nailed and set it into place. On to the second piece.

Uriel sat in the dusty plastic chair and watched. He noticed the wall that was set up had a horizontal blue zig-zag on a piece of wood. Odd. None of the other pieces had that mark on them. Looking carefully, he thought he saw it move down. There, it happened again. The blue zag was moving along the wall toward one of the workers helping hold the next piece in place as the crane lowered it. The bouncer stood up, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Nope. The blue zag bolted into the worker’s side, hitting hard. The worker released the wall and fell backward. One of the other workers safely lets go of the wall and rushes over. The hit worker was okay, just surprised. They ask Uriel what he saw but he was speechless. Soon after that, a scream was heard as the worker operating the crane fell from his seat, hitting his head sideways on the dirt ground. The engine roared as levers were being moved. Suddenly, the crane released the wall. Even ten guys couldn’t hold it up, let alone the two that were still standing. The wall slowly tipped inward until it fell, slamming the foundation like a tree falling in the woods. The wood cracks and some pieces snapped off. The blue zag dashed out away from the crane machine.

“What the hell!!?”

Booker showed up as soon as he could. The crane operator had to go to the hospital while two of the other workers quit on the spot. “Not again.”

“Again? This happened before?” Uriel inquired.

Booker nodded. The first week after leveling the area and clearing trees, a bulldozer was hijacked and crashed into the store across the way. Some time after that, while setting in the foundation, tools began missing and cement was poured in the wrong spots overnight. One time, Booker’s car was scratched from hood to truck. And then the incident which happened now. He didn’t bother telling Uriel about all the accidents, for fear he might quit too.

He understood why the boss needed a guard. Something was happening at the site and it was his job to stop it. He explained what he saw, as crazy as it sounded. Booker rubbed his chin, nodding, thanking him for the information, and went back to his duties.

There was no time to read now.


The next day, Uriel found himself late to work, for the first time in three years. He had a restless sleep last night, thinking about what happened the previous day. He was worried about his job and whether he’d be fired for not doing it correctly.

“Ah, so you’re here.” It was the boss, Booker, and he didn’t look pleasant. He kicked the dirt as he walked over.

Uriel didn’t know what to do, so he did what he had to: apologize. “Sorry I’m late, sir. I slept in....”

Booker slapped the bodyguards shoulder. “Not to worry. As long as you keep doing your job, you’re welcome here.”

A whistle blew and shouts came from behind the building site. A group of men walked away from the trees, throwing a football around, jokingly making fun of each other. The foreman, still at the site, organizes the men and sets them working hard. A couple worked on fixing the foundation, while others helped repair the broken wall supports.

Booker walks Uriel over to the foreman for an introduction. They shake. “Wow, now that’s some grip you have there,” the foreman comments.

“This is Claude, he’ll be in charge from now on. He’s also going to be part manager of the bowling alley when it’s finished.

Claude was the smallest of the three men. Crew cut black hair, red bandana around his neck, green camouflage shirt and cargo pants. He looked like a cheap Rambo imitation, and less intimidating. “All these attacks are a nuisance. I’m here to make sure everything is back on track and finished soon. Wasting time is not funny.”

“As you can see, he’s quite a serious person. Very dependable.” He nodded. “He’s also a very skilled Pokemon Trainer, so while he’s making sure things are done, he’ll be watching for any mysterious zigzag creatures trying to sabotage us.”

It was in that conversation that Uriel learned and understood what he saw. It was a Pokemon, an invisible one to be more precise. “Pokemon? If it’s Pokemon trouble, I don’t have Pokemon to fight them. I won’t be of any use against...”

“Nonsense. Here, when you see the Pokemon, just throw this Pokeball at it, “Claude handed him a green and while ball. “It’s a Safari Ball, specialized for Pokemon that you don’t attack with Pokemon. Rangers use it for Pokemon they don’t want to injure. Say like a Pokemon escapes from the zoo.”

He pocketed the Pokeball and straightened his suit jacket. “So, what is the plan?”

The plan was simple.. Claude would work the mornings and lunch hours while Uriel would work afternoon and dinner hours. There were never any attacks at night, probably because the Pokemon was asleep. It’s a good plan, one that Uriel hoped he didn’t have to deal with. He’d never fought with Pokemon, let alone know anything about them; except Trainers battle each other to show who’s stronger.

Booker stepped away, going back to his business. The foreman continues explaining further details. “If you see anything, anything suspicious, blow this whistle.” He hands over a silver whistle. “This will let the workers know there is trouble and they will stop to help protect the site. They’re equipt with a couple Pokemon themselves. And if you spot it, you want to get it away from the site as quick as possible, to prevent further damage. When you do, don’t let it escape. Now here’s what we’re dealing with. The Pokemon we want is a Kecleon. This Pokemon can camouflage itself with any surroundings, except for the zigzag across it’s belly. That’s why I’m in this disguise, so I can hide in the bushes. Pokemon can sense Trainers and know to stay away from them. Which is why if it strikes again, it’ll be when you’re on duty.” He pauses to look around, yelling at a working to stop talking. “A blue zigzag usually means the body is purple but it could be another color. And be wary of it’s long tongue; it whips out quite fast. Hey. HEY! Get moving. You just had a break! Sorry. Anyway, you start work in five hours. Get some rest and prepare. Hopefully I get to fight this Pokemon. A Kecleon would be a nice addition.”

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Default 19- Three Years Ago With Uriel

So, Uriel left and came back, well stocked with all his bodyguard gadgets and toys. He had never dealt with Pokemon, nor had any interest in them. But his job now required protection against Pokemon, and he had to follow the boss. This might be his last job opportunity in the Blackthorn area. He loves his hometown and would hate to move away from the crisp, clean mountain air.

And when he went back on duty, nothing happened. Same as the next day, and the next. Perhaps with the Trainers working, the Pokemon might have been scared off. Nothing happened for a week, progress was moving quickly. All the wall supports were up, the foundation sturdy, and the second floor storage would be set up tomorrow. *CRASHASHShhh.*

He swung his flashlight around. His shift was almost over and he was ready to go home. What was that noise? He aimed the light, searching the grounds. He came upon a spot with an upside down metal paint lid. A few paint smudged were left on the ground. Looking around, he saw a blue zigzag against the wooded wall frame. It was the Pokemon. He was as nervous as the first day in high school. What to do, what to do... He went on instinct and jumped at it, hoping to catch it in his arms. SLAM! He hits his head against the wood, clearly missing. No... wait. Sliding back sitting down, he looked at the wall closely. It was paint, blue paint on the wood. He wiped his head, where the paint transferred to. Soon after, the paint bucket was thrown on him, covering him full of blue paint. He frantically cleared his face and stubbled to his feet, squinting to see, spiting paint from his mouth. A pink blurry tongue lashed at his neck, stripping the whistle from him. Uriel slipped back, coughing, feeling defeated. The flashlight pointed out but the Pokemon was gone.

Uriel arrived to work the following day, explaining his ordeal last night. Claude was very upset.

“Kecleon has been blowing that whistle all morning. And every single time, the workers have to stop in the middle of work. *SIGH* We haven’t accomplished anything today except cleaning up the paint.”

But Uriel didn’t feel guilty. “I believe this Pokemon is smart. There must be some reason it’s attacking the site and not the other buildings nearby.”

“Look, it’s not your job to understand anything. Protect the site, that’s all. Got it?” Claude walks away, yelling at workers as he leaves.

Even though he knew nothing of Pokemon, he was curious as to the intention of this one. Is there some past history between this company and Kecleon? Or perhaps they built over its home. But maybe there is no reason except pure enjoyment of the suffering of humans. And the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to find Kecleon and ask it.

Half-way through his shift, he asked the guys if they wanted to go out and search for the Pokemon. Naturally they declined, saying it’s not in their union to listen to bodyguards. So Uriel decided to go into the forest and search on his own.

The light shed through the threes, making it very easy to see anything moving. He took one slow step at a time, making sure to remain quiet. But after a few minutes, he grew bored and suspicious. If Kecleon was smarter, maybe it’s attacking the site while he was out here. Ah, but right at that moment, he was relieved: it was a couple yards in front of him, back turned, looking around. Claude was correct, he had a purple body with its blue zigzag pattern. As if sensing a presence, the chameleon jumped around, arms up ready to defend. It tilted its head, shaking, and slowly blends in to the forest background.

“I still see you.” His attention was quickly drawn to the silver whistle around it’s neck. “I see you have something of mine.” Kecleon became visible again, feeling scared, and scrambled to run away. “No, wait, I just want to talk.” Uriel was nervous, speaking to a Pokemon, but also enchanted that he was able to do so. And watching Kecleon stop and turn back to him, was even more amazing. “That’s good. Listen, I need that whistle back, it’s very important to me.”

But Kecleon held on to it tightly, refusing. “Kec!”

“I promise that if I see you I won’t use it to alarm the others. You can trust me on that.” The little Pokemon blinked, looked at the whistle, took it off its neck, and kicked it at the human. “Thank you,. Kecleon is it? Now I want to know why you’re attacking the site. You’ve really caused a lot of damage to them.”

It thank hard and drew a box with a triangle on top, symbolizing a home. It motioned toward the site and then finished off the drawing with a smiley face.

“That was your happy home and they built over it, huh? I’m sorry for that, maybe I can help you find a new place to live.”

“HEY!” a loud voice shouts. A young guy swinging a long mallet stamped into the scene. “What do you THINK you’re doing? That’s the Pokemon we need caught and you’re here dilly-dallying with it. The boss won’t like hearing this.”

“Who are you?”

“Claude’s co-manager to the bowling alley. Name’s Paul.” Quickly after introducing himself, he raised his mallet and slammed it down at Kecleon, slamming it head first into the ground. The mallet dug a nice deep hole in the grass. Frightened and severely injured, Kecleon ran off.

“I was trying to talk to it until you showed up...”

“No excuses. I’m the boss. Me.” He swung his mallet over his shoulder with a childish smirk. “You better chase after it with me, or you’re fired.”

Uriel stood dumbfounded. A couple more minutes with Kecleon and he might have solved the problem. But this idiot decided to ruin it. Nonetheless, he was the boss and he couldn’t risk losing his job. The two followed in pursuit, but to no luck.

“Looks like I wounded it, that should keep it away until we’re finished. Which, at this rate, is looking around a week and a half. Can you manage to do your job for that much longer? If you need a reminder of how we want you to do your job, I’ll find a blackboard and make you write it out 100 times.”

“Yes, sir.” Saying that last word was hard. He didn’t like this guy’s attitude, especially coming from the co-manager.


Just as Claude said, work continued at a faster pace, and with no more interruptions from the invisible Pokemon. A week and a half went by and the entire structure was up, painted, neon lights working, everything. Only things left were shipment of bowling equipment and hiring workers.

Uriel was invited to a small ceremony along with the other workers. This wasn’t a ribbon cutting ceremony, but a little meeting talking about the future. The only person who wasn’t there was Claude, who was out on some other job. The ceremony ended quickly, with nothing said of real importance. Booker pulled him aside to chat.

“Good work keeping watch. It’s too bad none of us could catch that Kecleon.”

“It could come back.”

“We have it covered. We’ve installed an electric fence around the sides and back. I want you to work for me and protect the entrance. Not only from wild Pokemon, but problematic customers or anyone that needs thrown out. How about it?”

A bouncer... at a bowling alley? That’s odd. “Sure, I don’t mind sir.” They shook hands with smiles.

“Hey, Booker!” Paul was yelling. “Have you seen my mallet? It’s not in the car.”

“Eh? I saw it somewhere... oh, there it, leaning against the fence.”

Paul screamed, cursing at whoever moved it. As soon as he grabbed it, electricity filled the air. All the neon lights flashed on, the sidewalk mini lights, and the electric fence. Paul immediately shot through the air, holding his mallet, and landing with a crisp sound of crunching leaves.

Booker rushed over to his friend. The lights weren’t supposed to come on, not until they opened. He quickly performed CPR. Paul wheezed hot air out, coughing and shaking. “...that’sss the lassst timme .... eh... I leave ..... my mallet alone.... gehh...” Booker told him to lie still as he called for an ambulance.

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Default 19- Three Years Ago With Uriel

The power box. Someone, or something, must have turned them on. The mallet was a trap. It had to be Kecleon getting revenge. A surge of electricity shot out above the roof from the backside. Uriel and a couple other workers ran back. As they approached, they saw a purple Pokemon attacking the power supply. Wires were strayed, sparks flew.

“Kecleon. You’re back. I was hoping you’d moved on and found another home. I can still help you with that...”

“Kec Kecccleon!” It swore, slamming sideways into the wall, putting a small dent in it.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m sorry your home was destroyed, I’m sorry you had to go through this, but I did too. I lost my job being a bouncer at a club. It took me a long time to pick up this new job. The wages aren’t much, but it’s enough to survive with. I understand how it feels to lose something you love, but we have to accept it and move on to a new life. It may not be as good as before, but give it time and you will be happy. I’m happy here and I can’t let you take this away from me.”

Kecleon continued to pound at the wall during the speech. Though, the speech did bring a tear to its eyes. Seeing the Pokemon continue, Uriel prepared to do his job. He walked over to the dented wall and stood between it and Kecleon. Kecleon wiped its eyes clear but shot at the bouncer with a quick slam. He took the hit and thrusted his arms down. Kecleon fell, a bit shaken.

“Use your Pokeball.” One of the workers stated.

Uriel reached into his pocket, pulling the Safari Ball out. Kecleon’s tongue lashed out and quickly grabbed it, then throwing it over the electrified fence. It shot its tongue out again, at the building’s roof, and pulled itself up. Shifting around, it leapt up and miraculously over the fence.

“Clever.” Uriel looked at the power box, wires were still sparking. He slips on rubber black gloves from his inside coat pocket, braving the electric tingles, and turned all the switches off. He looked at the fence, grabbing his keys and key accessories. On it were a pair of wire and metal shears; easy for fence dismantling. On the other side, the blue zigzag floats, Kecleon watched from invisible status.

“You think you’re going to sit there and watch me.” He grabbed the left side of his belt and removed a gun. Not just any gun, but a tranquilizer. With a second to spare, he fired but watched it go through and hit the grass behind. Kecleon turned visible, it’s head leaned to the side, laughing.

Uriel concentrated on cutting the fence. One, two, three... *CHING!* Kecleon slammed the fence, causing a cut link to slice his through the glove into his finger. He winced, but kept going. He had enough cut and quickly pulled the fence back. Kecleon stepped back and jumped at the fence, claws forward and furiously slashing. The fence bounced back and forth and little pieces of metal fell, creating a large gap, big enough for him to fit through.

“Kecleon, stop causing damage!”

One of the workers comments, “You were cutting the fence first.”

Uriel looks at them with a stern face. “Why don’t you go get help?” As the workers left, he noticed Kecleon was gone. Then from behind, he was kicked. “Uh, that’s it, it’s just you and me now.” He stood up, pulled brass knuckles from inside his coat, and put them on both his hands. He folded back his left coat arm, revealing a nice watch. He reloaded his gun with a red dart and put it back in it’s holder. On the right side of his belt, he extended his police bataan, a full foot in length. And in his other coat pocket lay a couple other surprises.

“I’ve dealt with and thrown out every man I ever had to deal with. You, Pokemon, will be no exception.”

“Kecleon!” Trans: Bring it on!

Fighting a Pokemon half his size would be difficult, especially one that can disappear. Uriel started it off with a clean jab down, but his slow punch missed the more agile Pokemon. It countered with a quick slash which he narrowly avoided by leaning back. He pushed his momentum away from the wall, turning quick with another punch... at nothing. Kecleon had camouflaged itself. Searching.... he was hit on the forehead by a lashing tongue. Uriel spins, recovering quickly, and made a grab for it. Success! He got its foot. Kecleon returned visible as it was pinned to the ground.

Bodyguard Uriel reached to his watch and pulled out a thin wire, which he proceeded to strangle Kecleon’s neck. Keclone’s arms were held and feet were pinned down. It coughed, gasping for air. Struggling, it snapped at the wire, releasing it’s strangulation. Its tongue flicked at his head again. Uriel reacted, moving his hands to his face. Kecleon took this weakness to its advantage and slid out. It jumped and kicked Uriels head into the grassy dirt, and slashed at his back a few times.

He rolled to the side. “That’s the second suit of mine you’ve ruined.” He stood, feeling the wind stinging his wounds on his back, almost like putting salt on them.

Kecleon ran. He was headed to the right side of the buidling.

“Kecleon, wait...” The Pokemon turned and stopped, only to find Uriel had the gun again. This shot did not miss. “Gotcha... huh?” In front of the purple Kecleon was a similar Kecleon, but grey all over. “That must be one of it’s moves.” The grey Kecleon faded away. By then, the real one was around the corner.

He sighed, frustrated, grabbed the Safari Ball, and moved on. As he turned the corner in pursuit, the purple Pokemon struck. But this time, Uriel had quick responses, and slammed a huge brass knuckle punch into it’s side, knocking it upward. Using his other arm, brass met Pokemon once more, this time knocking it into the ground. He stumbled back from the awkward punching position. This gave some time for Kecleon to stand back up, though weakened.

The pink tongue shot out again, wrapping around Uriel’s body, trapping it’s arms. It squeezed but it wasn’t effective against his strongly built body. Kecleon let go and reeled it’s tongue back like measuring tape. Only, once Uriel was loosened, he grabbed the tongue before it could go back. He pulled quickly over his shoulder, raising the chameleon off the ground, through the air, and crashing with the ground. Uriel moved over for a final strike, reaching into his coat, but Kecleon made a harshly screeching noise, which caused him to plug his ears.

Again, Kecleon disappeared. Uriel searched the grounds. On this side, there were boxes of equipment and decorative trees ready to be planted. Perfect places to hide behind.

He was growing tired of it hiding. “Kecleon, hiding will not solve anything.” He saw in the distance Booker and the workers, in front of the alley, watching to see what happened.

As if answering what he said, Kecleon screamed as it attacked. Uriel noticed the blue zigzag in the corner of his eye and pulled out a bottle of pepper spray. SSSPPPPTTT!!!! It shrieked but still slashed down, giving him a nice mark on the left side of his face. Uriel felt his face and toughened up.

Kecleon slowly faded back into view, crying, blinking, with the most red eyes ever. That should be enough. Uriel grabs his gun, with his last shot, aims... but Kecleon, even through the pain of looking, wraps its long tongue around the gun and takes it from him, dropping it behind its body.

This was frustrating. He needed a distraction. Nearby, was a water pipe sticking out of the ground. It was used for emergency water, which was dug underground, in case of fires. He quickly turned the knob as fast as he could. The flowing water rushed out all at once, sloshing around Kecleon, making visibility even harder. He turned off the water. Kecleon was pushed back, lying on the ground, furiously rubbing it’s eyes to be rid of both mud and pepper spray, but with not much luck.

Uriel grabbed his last resort weapon from his coat pocket. “Oh, shoot.” He flooded the area with water, now was not the time to use his tazer. But Kecleon, blindly thinking he was holding another gun, shot his tongue out and grabbed hold. Only, Uriel wouldn’t let go. “Urgg, I have no choice. I have to do it now.”

He flipped the switch. BZZZZTT! The electricity fizzled through the tongue, to Kecleon, to the muddy water, back to Uriel. As much as he tried letting go, he was too shocked to do it. Three seconds later, the juice ran out and both collapsed. (This is also how Uriel gets his speech impediment, saying ‘now’ at the end of all his phrases.)

Booker and company began rushing over to help. Surprisingly, Uriel staggered up, able to hold a standing position. He spits out some of the muddy water and slides his butt back to the ground. He’s lucky he didn’t feel the full force. He buys suits by special order with inlaid resistance to tazers, just in case anyone tried anything funny with him at the club. Though, he’d never planned to ever shock himself.

Opposite him, Kecleon managed to move, but quite slowly. The tazing had taking a lot of energy out of him and reduced his nerves to a bare minimum. It was using its arms to drag itself, hoping to get away into the safety of the forest.

This was a good opportunity to let Kecleon get away, to recuperate, and say something memorable and encouraging to it. But, Booker, his boss, was watching. He couldn’t let it get away, especially with him watching. It would shatter his trust. Uriel crawled on his knees, wading through the muddy water. He approached the badly hurt Pokemon. “I’m sorry now.”

Tears filled Kecleon’s eyes, they streamed down its face. It slashed at the muddy water, covering Uriel. Kecleon jumped on him, punching, slashing, headbutting anything it could to resist. Every hit, there was a crack, not from Uriel, but from Kecleon’s beaten body. Uriel fought back, gaining control, and knocked a clean hit against its head. Dazed, Kecleon sat disoriented, but slashing. He pushed the Pokemon back as he lay in the water, grabbed his bataan, and whacked the side.

“Eccclleoonn!” it screamed, falling forward, face first into the water. Bubbles blew in the water as it tirelessly tried to breath with half it’s mouth underwater.

Booker looked at his bodyguard, nodding. That was the signal to finish the job. In the background, red lights were seen along with a blaring siren. The ambulance had arrived for Paul, and possibly for Uriel.

Uriel nodded back to the boss. He reached into his soaked pants, grabbed the mud covered Safari Ball, and pressed the button against Kecleon. The ball opened, sucking in the Pokemon converted to red energy. The ball splashed on the mud, making a sucking sound as it wiggled back and forth...

??(-o-) Kecleon
Name the attacks Kecleon used, win a prize!

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Default Re: The Ultimate Story

Story: This probably would have made more sense to me if I read the first two pages of this story, but I was able to understand this section ... for the most part. Anyway, this is the flashback of the bouncer of a club (now bowling alley), who witnessed some strange events when he took a construction job. Strangely, while reading this, I had been listening to "Sandstorm" by Da Rude, which is a staple for any sort of dance/party environment ... in any case, it made the atmosphere of the story feel MUCH better. This was especially true when you described the Dragon's Rave and Uriel's job, and I can honestly say I don't think I have heard of a club being in the Pokemon world. It's interesting to think of trainers or whatever listening to techno and maybe waving glowsticks around.

I liked the plot, as it was certainly original (clubs, bodyguards, the whistle-stealing Kecleon who had his home destroyed) and it was a fun read. Good work!

Spelling/Grammar: I couldn't find any major errors, even in MS Word. Plus, you're head grader - I'm not going to argue with you on something like this. Some of the initial character descriptions had the "Character name. Age. Job." sort of thing, which almost seems jerky to me (sentence fragments), but I suppose that is part of your style. I've also seen it done with other stories and published novels.

You get perfect marks in this section. Sorry for skimping on this part of the grade, but there's nothing to nitpick about, really. Yay.

Detail/Description: Excellent, to put it simply. There was plenty of it throughout the story (good parts were the beginning where the characters escaped from the mess of the previous chapter, and the battle), and there was enough for me to clearly "see" the story. I knew what the characters looked like, what the club and bowling alley looked like, the Pokemon, and so forth. I usually don't like expressions/smilies in stories, but they seemed to enhance this one. There were also pieces like this that I liked:

The only time he doesn’t wear a suit is while sleeping and while taking a shower. Please don’t picture that, you sicko.
Unfortunately, I did.

Length: Seems like just enough for the little chameleon. Length shouldn't be much of an issue, anyway. I thought the story alone was enough for a successful capture.

Battle: You don't see people versus Pokemon battles too often. This was pretty different. Using brass knuckles and pepper spray against a poor Pokemon seems almost unfair. Despite this, I thought Kecleon still put up a good fight ... I think there have been instances in the show where wild Pokemon attacked homes or other people because their own environments got destroyed. It makes sense, in any case. The part where you wrote about the electricity passing to Kecleon on his tongue almost made me shudder - that sounds so painful! Just like with the plot, I found this to be fun and entertaining, also. The descriptions are what made it so interesting. It was smart of Uriel to buy suits that resist tasers.

I'm going to try and guess the attacks, starting from when the workers challenged Kecleon in the last post.
  1. Slash
  2. Substitute
  3. Bind/Wrap
  4. Fury Swipes

I'm not a very good guesser, but I'm sure about one or two of them.

Outcome: Kecleon Captured! Nice story and descriptions!

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Default 20- The Tan Tank

Previously on The Ultimate Story:

Before entering Blackthorn City, Jack met two guys from the Tan Gang trying to catch an Abra. Claude, a Rambo wannabee, and Paul, a mallet-wacking fiend, whom were momentarily evaded. It was then he entered the city, wanting to challenge the Gym, but the leader wasn’t there. Instead, Gorgi, a Dragon Pokemon master, and teacher at the Gym, taught Jack the ways of the Dragon and let him interact with dragons at the secret Dragon’s Den. He earned the trust of two young Dratini’s and their mother Dragonair.

But once again, the Tan Gang duo Claude and Paul showed up, stealing Dragonair and a handmade pin by Gorgi. For the second time, Jack evaded the battle.

Soon after, the Tan Gang pulled another heist, this time on old man Weller; a well respected man of the city. Claude and Paul broke into his house and stole his prized Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.

Two months later, depressed at his loss, Mr. Weller died. The city was outraged and determined to find this Tan Gang base. By random chance, Jack found a secret hideout inside the local bowling alley, Dragon’s Pin. Paul was hiding out in a private room, and defeated in a destructive brawl around the alley. Jack befriended the bouncer, Uriel Dawson, whom told his story about how he became the bouncer for the bowling alley, and later learned he would be defending the Tan Gang. He knew it was wrong, but he needed the job.

Now, with Uriel’s help, Jack wants to confront them head on, and take back what was stolen. The mother Dragonair, the handmade pin, and Mr. Weller’s life, among many other things the city has had to deal with.

The players:

Jack- the hero of our story.

Uriel Dawson- former bouncer at the Dragon’s Pin.
(Has a speech impediment: says ‘now’ at the end of phrases.)

Claude- Tan Gang member, partnered with Paul.

Paul- Tang Gang member, partnered with Claude. Defeated.

Corban Booker- Tang Gang leader

Destiny- Tan Gang lead scientist

Gorgi- teacher at Blackthorn Gym.

Mr. Weller- well respected retired Trainer. Deceased.

The last chapter of the epic Tang Gang arc is about to be complete. Definitely the most action I’ve written in a capture story! So far at least. (Re-read 16-19 for more in depth analysis.)


Hearing Uriel’s story about his involvement with the Tan Gang, gave Jack more confidence in trusting him, and knowing he would help take them down. He still wondered how to go about doing it. Though, if a ten year old Trainer can supposedly take on Team Rocket, being eighteen, it should be a piece of cake.

“So, you have a Pokemon?” Jack responds with interest.

“Yes, just the one now.” He stops suddenly, realizing the cross streets they were on. “Wait, my apartment is nearby. Let’s stop in first now.”

His apartment is small, on the second floor of a large beige apartment complex. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a bedroom- a fairly basic setting. It’s small and mostly barren of furniture. Cracks along the walls gave hint that the apartment is in poor shape. On the couch, in front of a buzzing rabbit-eared television, sat a purple Kecleon with a blue stripe across his tummy, intently watching. The same Kecleon from the story which he fought those few years ago.

Uriel quietly spoke as they entered. “Shh, we need to keep quiet during Mystery Hour, or he’ll be upset. I don’t have much, but make yourself at home now.”

He steps through and into his room, quickly changing to a dark purple suit, restocking his defensive items, and packing a duffle bag. Once ready, he enters the kitchen, where Jack sat, and offers him something to drink and eat. Simple juice and a sandwich.

It isn’t easy to accept the food either. The cupboard is missing its door, so he can see the emptiness inside. One might think tomorrow is Uriel’s grocery day, but judging by the condition of the apartment, it looked like it’s all he can afford. Jack remembers his own house and how much food he had throughout his childhood. It weighed a lot on his conscious to swallow this sandwich.

“Relax, we have,” he checks his watch, “at least 15 minutes before I can talk to him now.”

“Why’s that?” he questions softly.

“Crime and spy drama’s are his favorite shows. He gets so involved, sometimes he imagines he is a detective, sneaking around looking for bad guys. But he just sits there all day, dreaming it could be him now.”

Jack chuckles, “For a Pokemon that can turn invisible, it wouldn’t be hard to be a spy.” He imagines what it would be like to be invisible: all the pranks that can be achieved; all the secrets he can hear; walking up to a wild Pokemon without it ever knowing. And other, er, things... ehehe.

After the allotted time, a commercial pops up. Kecleon jumps up from the couch, smelling sliced ham, and sits at the rugged table. It smiles gently, semi-ignoring the guest.

“I’d like you to meet Lavish, my Kecleon. Lavish, this is Jack. He’s a Pokemon Trainer now.”

Lavish waves gently, making a sandwich for himself.

The Trainer smiles. “Are you taking him with us?”

“Eh? No, no. For the past three years, Lavish hasn’t had any training to be used for battle now.” But Jack quietly mentions that if it came down to a Pokemon fight, he would need to protect himself. There’s only so much someone can do with a fire breathing Charizard at their face. “I guess it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared. Reminds me of this one time I had to guard the Blackthorn Gym Leader for one night. I had to double my usual protection because I was told it might be hectic. Boy, I was sure glad I never had to use them now.”

In fact, in all of Uriel’s time as a bouncer, both for the night club and the bowling alley, he’s never had to resort to much violence. The typical trouble maker wouldn’t fight back and was thrown out. On rare occasions, did he resort to his taser. He hasn’t felt this alive since he fought Kecleon years ago.

“Alright Lavish, you’re coming with me today. We’ll Tivo your programs so you can watch them later now.”

The purple Kecleon’s face frowns reluctantly.


At the PokeCenter.

Snorlax, Sudowoodo and Abra all fought hard at the bowling alley and needed a good rest. After an hours wait, his Pokemon were given a clean bill of health. Moving to the PC, he switches Sudowoodo, Bellsprout, Vulpix, Snorlax, and Gyarados with Ariados, Muk, Magneton, and the two Dratini he has been taking care over. So now he had Abra, Magneton, Muk, Ariados and the brother/sister Dratini pair with him. And Uriel had Kecleon.

The television in the waiting room flashes. Apparently, the attack was still being covered by the news, “As you can see, rubble is still being removed from inside the bowling alley. So far, we have reports of twenty injuries and no deaths...”

“Uhg,” Jack takes a deep breath, lying down in his private room for a moment. He drops Paul’s mallet, which he took as they escaped the bowling alley, on the floor. As much as he wanted to go on, he is exhausted. Although he wasn’t physically involved in the fight as much as his Pokemon were, the sheer stress of the situation weighs on him heavily. He changes out of his dirty clothes into something more comfortable. Pine green shirt, rustic jeans... “Aw man, I left my shoes at the bowling alley.” He still had the bowling shoes on. Oh well. At least he had his hat.


Early next morning.

“Uuuuughh...” Zombie Jack stirs up from bed. “Crap, I must have fallen asleep.” Looking at the clock, it is seven in the morning.

Out in the Pokecenter lobby, Uriel and Lavish were already up and eating breakfast. Jack releases his Pokemon and joins them. He cann’t help but stare at the two Dratini eat, thinking about Dragonair and how much they must miss her. After eating, they get down to business.

“Look, front page now.” Uriel shows the local newspaper.

Paul Pounded it read, detailing that a high ranking member of the Tan Gang had been caught. About 15 members in total were caught, along with a number of records found at the bowling alley. Investigations were still ongoing. There is no mention of Jack or Uriel, which is quite a relief.

“It’s only a matter of time before they find out who owns the building. If they haven’t left already, they probably will soon now.”

“Then we must hurry. Where’s their base?”

Uriel whispers over the table, “Let’s go to the police. Let them handle it now.”

Jack reminds him by showing the souvenir he grabbed from the bowling alley: Paul’s iconic mallet. “It’s personal. I need to confront Claude. If they’re going to escape, this is my best chance.”

“Ok, I’ll do what I can to help, but it won’t be easy. We can’t just waltz in, security is sure to be tight right now now.”

Kecleon fades back into view, after being invisible for the past ten minutes. That’s when Jack and Uriel nod in unison, and a plan is put into motion.


It’s too long to walk across Blackthorn, and fearing they might be spotted, they take the bus. The ride is noisy and bumpy, but it’s clean and friendly. The stop they want is the last stop before the city limits, which meant there would be less buildings and more nature spread around. Their destination is a quick block walk away.

P-Sci Labs, or Pokemon Science Laboratory. This was a company built upon researching Pokemon abilities and utilizing, or enhancing them in various ways. The company started five years ago, just as a small band of enthusiasts. But with some college and government funds, they produced their first result: they hatched a baby Elekid with specific genes to strengthen its body. Elekid was tested two days later for strength, and it snapped a 12 inch steel girder in two. Word of this spread, and funding went through the roof. The labs were built and further testing was initiated.

At least, that’s what the public knew. Having some access to inside information, Uriel found out Elekid was an elaborate hoax in order to gain money for their secret projects. Their main goal is the same as the ‘demonstration’: to genetically alter a Pokemon to make it stronger. To reduce the need for training. Why? He didn’t know, and wouldn’t ask because it was not his concern. As far as any other testing and experiments, he has no idea. But one can only imagine what happens in the basement levels where he is not permitted.

They enter one of the many abandoned businesses across the street. The windows and doors were boarded up, but there is a way to enter from the back. Uriel, Jack, and Lavish the Kecleon peak through the cracks created by the boarded window.

The road ahead ends, blocked by a large fence with barbed wire on top, and yellow lightning bolt caution signs hanging from them. The fence surrounds the complex to keep everyone out, including pesky Pokemon. In the front and the back are two booths, where the security guard would sit inside. Their job is to verify who enters and exits the complex, using force to remove problems. A small parking lot filled full with cars and trucks sat in front of the three story building. P-Sci Labs stood on the roof in big bold black letters. On the right stood two large white cylinders, like you would see at a farm for holding crops. On the left is the dock, where trucks would load and unload their shipments. The back is similar to the front with a small parking lot, also full of cars. Security cameras were expected, but unknown where they would be. A couple sirens hanging from the building flash red, to keep everyone alert. Fortunately, security outside is light.

“Kec... le le le... kecleeon...” Lavish quietly announces, pointing in another room. There, a sleeping giant lay on a bed made of foliage. It is mostly tan in color, except for the darker plate on it head. The multiple jagged plates on its back and sharp three toed claws made it look ferocious. It had numerous scars, many deep, around it’s body. It is almost as if someone slashed the Pokemon with a sword over and over. They can tell it is alive from the grunting it made breathing.

A Kangaskhan. Jack had never imagined to ever see one in the wild, let alone so soon. Even though it is asleep, the fear shook through his body.

“I wonder...” the bodyguard starts, “... yes, that must be. X-K2. I overheard people talk about her from the bowling alley. Last year, she was an experiment that became so violent, she broke out and escaped. But ever since her escape, for some reason she has tried to get back in, continuously causing trouble. All those scars... must be from the electric fence... now.”

“How terrible.”

“Kec? KEC!” Lavish shouts.

The bulky Pokemon stirs, opening one eye while the other remains half open. Her eyes had the blankest stare, nearly faded in a light hazel color. Her nose proceeds to sniff the air, glancing at the doorway, but not seeing the frightened intruders. Lavish had turned invisible while the two humans jumped behind the outside walls. Too scared to move or make a sound, nobody moves, except for a couple hand motions and angry facial expressions back and forth.

“Graaaakhhhaaa!” the epic beast bellows, pounding the floor with a swift stomp.

“Kec.. Kec.. Kecleon Kec.”

“Anngass Khnana.”


Soon after the little chat, the little Pokemon reappears in the doorway.

Figuring it must be safe, Jack and Uriel look in, carefully. Yes, Khangaskhan is gone. There is an open hole in the wall behind the bed of leaves which she must have gone through, venturing outside the abandoned building. Relieved, with near heart attacks, and unable to understand what happened, they return to their plan.

The plan is for Uriel to go in through the entrance, using his clearance, then come back and get Jack to sneak him in. Easy enough. The hardest part to Jack would be concealing Paul’s mallet from view. If any member of the Tan Gang gave it one glimpse, immediately they would be seen as intruders.

He watches from the broken building, as Uriel smoothly flashes his badge to the guard in the box. A conversation takes place, which causes him to appear nervous. From nowhere, two guys rush to him, edging him to follow them into the complex. He steps back, pointing at the street into the city, but the others edge him again, escorting him inside. He looks back quickly before moving too far out of sight.

Jack sweatdrops. “That didn’t look good. Guess we’ll have to find our own way in.”

“Kec!” he exclaims. When Jack and Uriel equally mentioned ‘covert mission’, he was about as excited as someone who had met their idol, got their autograph, and had their picture taken with them. He cann’t wait to show off his dream. Quickly, he jumps out.

The guard in the small outpost sat in his chair, feet up, and quite relaxed. He slips on his reading glasses, grabbing the newspaper from the desk. That’s when he spots a small blue blur in the corner of his spectacles. Thinking it is a smudge, he takes them off and wipes them carefully with his shirt. Upon putting them back on, he finds himself face to face with a fierce large purple blur.

Back at the boarded building, Jack spies Kecleon visible, waving that it is clear. He cautiously makes his way to the outpost. The security camera was redirected away from the street. Any electronic equipment had been unplugged. The guard was knocked out cold, tied up with his own tie and handcuffs, and his radio and earpiece were taken. The guards fanny-pac was converted to a backpack which snapped around Kecleon’s body. Quite the clever chameleon to accomplish all this in a matter of minutes. He forces the young Trainer to take the radio, which he pockets.

Kecleon jumps out, invisible except for that one blue lightning bolt across his body and his newly created backpack. He bolts across the lot to the parked cars, turning visible and motioning for the human to follow. Jack does, paranoid that he would be caught, but he makes it to the cars. Hunching down, he follows Kecleon through the rows of shiny cars with fancy interiors. Funding money well spent indeed. He stops at the final row, watching. The blue zigzag slides to the wall of the building, back to it, arms spread out, slowly shuffling along. Its tongue becomes visible as it lashes out, hitting a camera out of position.

Continuing along the wall, and around the corner, Kecleon arrives at the dock. Three semi-trucks are parked into the loading zone, hooked into the building, while 4 smaller u-haul type trucks sit around anywhere open. A number of workers are frantically rushing, moving boxes and loading materials into the trucks. There is an open door on either side of the loading zone.

Jack sneaks up, hiding between stacked boxes and cans. His heart is racing, palms sweating, legs twitching. “I don’t think Uriel went this way.”

He points at Jack, holding up five digits with his two hands, then taps his wrist. Five.... He is doing charades. Lavish’s fingers move like a person walking, only fast. He then points around the corner with the fast walking fingers. Against the wall he places his hand, and hinges it like a door, using the fingers to walk to it. And again, he motions five minutes. Playing charades with someone else, he can do; but with a Pokemon... entirely different. Five minutes is all that can be understood. The rest is all guesswork.

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Default 20- The Tan Tank

“Hey, hey. Careful with that, it’ll break.” The dock foreman shouts, watching the forklift driver load the last container into one of the three semi-trucks. The forklift parks off to the side, then the driver closes the roll down door from the semi-truck. “Good, this truck can go.”

The big-rig driver gets his signed paper. Impatient to leave, he had the engine already on. And as he lumbers up the ramp to his cabin, the wheels start turning left. A cranking noise jams through his ears, hearing the gears changing. Black exhaust fuels out of the top as the truck shifts into first gear. Gasping, yelling to stop, the driver drops his papers and rushes up. The truck moves up the incline a few feet, before falling in reverse, crashing the back of the trailer into the dock wall. *CRIICKK!!* *SSSHIIIIIISHH!*

Displeased with noises, the foreman stampedes out the door only to see the semi he okay’d moments ago had backed into the rolled-down door. And it isn’t a small dent either. Liquid poured out the end of the trailer, which immediately connected the with the second sharp noise of glass breaking.

“What’s going on?” he yells to the big-rig driver sitting in the cabin.

While the two yell at each other, a forklift outside the building begins moving without a driver. It bounces over the cement block, onto the patchy grass, eventually into the surrounding fence. Electricity sparks, continuously, like a mildly entertaining fireworks show. A little bit later, a large box labeled “super computer” falls out the back of one of the smaller trucks. Whatever is in the box is surely broken now.

A blue bolt zags to the wall. A total of seven workers were outside, trying to control the mysterious situation, everyone blaming another. That’s when Kecleon makes his presence known by slamming into the foreman. Suddenly, there are shouts to ‘follow that... thing’. The zigzag jumps around, until finally ending up on the opposite side of the dock, with everyone’s back turned.

Five minutes were up. Jack moves, looks around the corner, and discovers nobody there. He cann’t help but be reminded from Uriel’s story, about how Kecleon deconstructed the bowling alley construction site. He mildly notices the cameras had been turned away during all the chaos. Eying the door, he runs for it, passing through safely, only to stop once inside. The loading dock is also clear of workers, most likely outside. On his right is a counter and a hallway leading inside the building. Unsure where to go or what to do, he heads down the hall.

Locked. Locked. Key Card required. Oh, how wonderful it would be to find an unlocked door. CLICK Success. He closes the door behind him, relaxing his breath with a sigh of relief. He smiles, opening his eyes. It’s a small break room. Microwave, coffee maker, fridge, a sink and some cupboards. There stood a lone rectangular table, in which two workers were sitting at. They stare at the person whom entered the break room. Jack can only smile uneasily, as his heart beat faster once again.


Meanwhile, Uriel is on the other side of the building, first level. He had just stepped out of an empty file room, not finding what he wanted. He continues on down the halls, looking for the next room. With his low level clearance, he had access to a variety of basic rooms, but nothing majorly important.

At the guard station, he mentioned that he needed a car to go save a member of the gang. But they only said he had to get inside quickly. He continued to plead his case, but only those with permission from the boss would be able to leave today.

“Hey hey, it’s the bouncer. Who would have thought you got out of there, eh?” A worker stumbles into his path.

“Yes, I was lucky today now.”

“Is that so? You should go see the boss. I think he’s in his office on the second level.”

“Oh, thank you now.”

“Heh. Take care, bouncer..... now. Hehe.” The mocking worker stumbles away.


He is caught! It’s over, no going home, no more adventures, no more Pokemon. It’s the end of the game and he is out of restarts. The last frame of bowling a perfect game, and the ball gutters. It’s as if he accidently threw in a red shirt with his white laundry... ruining everything.

“Wow man, you look flustered. What’s wrong?” The male worker asks.

He quickly hides Paul’s mallet behind his back, hoping they hadn’t seen it. “Oh... uh, ahem... you know... all this work.... it’s just so tiring....”

“I hear you man, deep. Nothing like a little overtime, right?” He glances at the clock on the wall. “Speaking of the devil, we have to get back. Come on.”

The female worker sighs, “Alright. But this time I go first.” First at what? Use you’re imagination!

As soon as they leave, the door is locked. Jack slumps into a chair with a huge sigh of relief, resting the mallet on the white table. But, now what? He still had no idea where to go. No idea where Lavish or Uriel have gone. This isn’t as easy as he thought.

The radio buzzes... “Report. Bzzztttt.... This is Station 0. We have reports of a Pokemon breaching our fence..... bzzzttt... at the dock. This Pokemon has escaped into our air ducts, wearing some sort of backpack. Main Station, report.”

“This is Main Station. I saw nothing on the camera screens. It may have snuck under one of the trucks when they came in.”

“Station 1 report..... bzzzttt.... Station 1, please report.”

This is when he realizes that might be him. Sure enough, on the radio is a number one. “Uh... this is Station 1. Everything was clear.”

“Station 2 report.”

“This is Station 2. Nothing unusual to report.”

“Understood. The reports also indicate the electric fence was taken out. A perimeter squad will be dispatched shortly until repairs can be made. Stations 1 and 2 are to be on full guard. Out.”

He waited for a sign. Something. Anything. Nothing. He fears going out, getting lost, and being caught. What would they do? They wouldn’t kill him, would they? No, no. They’d probably take his Pokemon and tie him up. That’s what happens to everyone else in these situations. At least, the ones that make it out alive....

*TING* A metal plate falls from the wall and a purple Pokemon pops out from the vents. It’s Lavish the Kecleon. Jack is relieved once again. Kecleon opens his fanny-backpack, which is stuffed with various items pilfered from the premise. He rolls out a long blue paper, showing the floor plans of the entire building. How he managed to get that, Jack would never know. But now he has a sense of direction, and knew where he needed to go. Kecleon points to two destinations: Room 217 on level 1, and a large lab room in the basement. The next gift is a gold key card. Gold Clearance.


Level 1 hallways were always so boring and simple. Some posters or paintings, perhaps even a window and some plants would certainly give the place a more homely feel. But the company stuck with white plastered walls and ceilings. Money was better spent on nice cars and abusing Pokemon. Uriel often wished he earned more money, so he can at least afford better meals for himself and Lavish. Maybe even upgrade his living conditions.

The stairs were just down the final hall, when a familiar face stops him. Black crew cut hair, red bandana around his head, and grey camo shirt and khaki pants. The Rambo wannabee, and Paul’s partner: Claude. “Look who we have here. Uriel Dawson, isn’t this a surprise.”

“Good day to you Claude. Yes, I am quite glad to have gotten out. But I regret I could not protect everyone now.”

“Yes. Paul was always foolhardy being in public. Tell me, what happened?” He is told how a kid came in causing trouble and tore the place apart with a Pokemon battle. No other information is provided as to whom or the whereabouts of the kid. “Hmm, I see. If you saw this kid again, you could point him out right?” The bouncer nods. “Good. Go see the boss. Once you’re done, I want you to stick with me for a bit.”

“Yes sir now.”

No smile from the small man, as he pats the bouncer on the back. He opens a door and shuts it greatly. Room 217. Knowing Jack may eventually find his way here, to exact justice to Claude, Uriel hurries up the stairs, to the serene view of Level 2.


The guard at Station 1 muffles through his tie tied mouth. A largely staggering Pokemon gravitates to the little booth, bending its fat head down to look inside. Not sensing any danger, it snorts loudly and proceeds forward.


Jack swipes the gold key card into the elevator, which opens up a button for the basement. No elevator music. :( The ride down is quiet, except for the ping sound as the metallic doors slid open. The lab is only a right and a left turn away. The walls were lined with see through windows to rooms that once held any number of science equipment. But today they were mostly cleaned out. Only dirty tables, counters, and broken chairs remained. Everything here must have been packed already. On the final turn...

“Hey... who are you?” a female voice boasts from behind. She is tall and had on a tan coat. A scientist? She scans the nervous stranger, eying the bowling shoes. “Oh, you must be from the bowling alley. I heard what happened there. But regardless, you aren’t allowed down here.”

“Uh... well, I was, uh, given permission to find something... for, uh, the boss.” Jack shows the gold key card.

“I see. Hang on.” She whips out a cell phone, hitting a few buttons. But before she can finish, something wacks her head, causing her to collapse. She’s out. Kecleon reappears shortly after.

He thanks the lizard for his impeccable timing, but mentions that he will be fine on his own. The Pokemon nods and dives into the nearest air duct.

B-Lab 1

This particular lab is larger than the closed off rooms and didn’t have any windows to see through. Most of the lab appears to have not been packed up, as if waiting for something. Machines are on, lights are flashing, and tests looked like they are still being continued. Along the right wall lay a line of cages, stacked five high and ten deep. They are no bigger than a regular Pokemon, say a Charmander. On the other wall are three large cages, which appear to hold larger Pokemon, say a Charizard. But instead of metal bars, they are blocked by a golden energetic shield barrier. On the left, in front of these large cages, behind a desk, there’s a tip tap of typing on a computer. And it isn’t a simple type, but furious and quick. He can see the top of someone’s hair- brown hair. Suddenly it rose, and Jack ducks.

The person is talking on a cell phone. “Corban, I’m estimating about two hours before we’re finished with the experiment. I’m amazed she continues to resist this long, but she is no match for science.”

“Wonderful news Destiny. The sooner, the better. I’ll send some people down in a bit.... Oh... what’s that you say.... well, send him on in..... Excuse me dear, but there’s someone at the door for me.”

Why did Kecleon point out this lab? What is so special? Jack peaks over the table. The person is a woman, brunette, tiny glasses, and very pretty. She wore a white lab coat over a tan coat and a green ribbon in her hair. She had her back turned, so Jack moves to the next row of tables to hide behind. From here, he can see the three jails on the left more clearly. Empty. Empty. Occupied. Only one cell has the gold field up, with a Pokemon curled in the middle. A long Pokemon. A blue Pokemon. One with white wings on its head and a bubbly navy blue tail. By the luck, it is mother Dragonair. But on her head is a metallic helmet, blinking red, with a wire connecting through the wall into the computer the female scientist had been typing at.

Hearing the part about ‘experiment’, Jack yells out. “What are you doing to her?”

She is frightened by the sudden voice of anger. “What? Who are you?” The she notices the item he’s holding. “And what are you doing with Paul’s mallet?

“I’m here to save the friend that you took away from me and her children.” Letting his emotions take over, he runs to the wall and slides his gold key card into the slot next to the cell. It blinks, and the field disintegrates.

“No, stop. You’ll break the cycle.”

Jack brings out a Pokeball, pointing it to her as she steps forward. “Don’t even think about it.” His eight legged freaky spider Pokemon pops out. “Tie her up if she comes any closer” He steps into the cell.

“No, no no no...” Destiny circles around the room, thinking she can get by Ariados, but with no success. A warning shot is fired at her.

Dragonair’s long body is coiled like a snake. She looks asleep or unconscious and makes no effort to move when Jack enters.

“Hello. Dragonair, it’s me, Jack. Remember? We met at Dragon’s Den a couple months ago.” But she remains in a state of euphoria. It must be the helmet. “How do I remove this thing?

“You can’t, you’ll interrupt the process.” She heads back to the desk with the computer. “Please stop, you’re ruining my work.”

He steps out, “Yea, well, you ruined the lives of two little Dratini. I don’t care what you are doing, I’m setting her free.”

“No no. This is a very difficult process of control we’re testing... you can’t....”

The radio in Jack’s pocket buzzes. “Bzztt... Perimeter 3 here. X-K2 has been spotting within the grounds. Repeat. X-K2 has breached..... Bzztt....”

“This is Station 0. Are you there Perimeter 3? Please respond.”

“Perimeter 4 responding. Confirming the report. The Kangaskhan is directly at the entrance of the building. There appears to be a smaller Pokemon assisting it. It may be the one that snuck in earlier. Huhhh! Huhh... In pursuit.... phew....”

“Understood. Code 14 is in effect. All available personnel will be dispatched.”

Soon, a wailing siren overtakes the air. A red swirling light lit up next to the lab door. Lucky for them, the siren from outside didn’t reverberate loudly in the basement. Shortly over the loud speaker, Code 14 is announced.

Jack pushes the scientist out of the way. She steps back, helpless and unable to do anything with Ariados guarding him. At the desk, there is nothing to understand. Number and equations were everywhere, using high tech logical expressions and scientific terms that he had no idea about. But there is one way to solve the problem, which is the easiest thing that anyone can do: cut the power. He pulls plugs from the computer, and the various nearby machines. With each pull, the scientist gasps wanting to stop him, almost breaking out in tears from watching.

A slight rustling can be heard from the cell... “Bbb.... Baawooo?!.... BOOOOWOOO!!” Dragonair gracefully soars out, pulling and knocking over equipment with the wires still attached to her head. One, then another wire snaps as the pressure becomes too much. Another large bellow erupts, shaking the room.

The female scientist reaches into her coat pocket. Her tiny glasses flood with tears. “I’ve worked too long and hard. Do you know how revolutionary it would be if we can control any Pokemon we wanted. The future of training would be forever changed, thanks to me.”

“You’re delusional, miss. That’s what being a Trainer is all about. Working hard and training your Pokemon, earning their respect to battle for you. What about their emotions, their feelings? Those matter more than winning a battle. Gaining a Pokemon’s trust is one of the hardest things a Trainer can accomplish.”

The last of the wires snap, releasing Dragonair from captivity. She wildly wiggles her snake-like body, knocking desks and equipment around. Ariados jumps to the shortened part of the ceiling, hanging by sticky threads.

A cell phone rings next to the computer, but no one hears it with the siren and Dragonair rampaging about. Destiny brings out a small hand-held device, pointing it at Dragonair, sending an electrical impulse through her via the helmet, which is now blinking green. Much to Jack’s surprise, she calms down, eyes solemnly staring at the scientist and other Trainer.

What did she do? Must be that device.

“I’m sorry to have to do this to you kid, but my years of work will not end like this. Now, watch the control over any Pokemon, as I have her destroy the one attempting to rescue her. Attack this intruder!” A short impulse is shot through, forcing Dragonair to understand and obey.

Jack panics, ducking as a massive Iron Tail swings over him. His shouts go unheard, his face goes unrecognized. He dives behind a table as it is knocked away. Ariados leaps from the ceiling, halting the next attack by blocking it with webbing. The spider wouldn’t hurt her, as instructed, but only protect and defend. Jack surprises the scientist, whom had quickly grabbed her cell phone off the desk. The device is in plain sight, so he attempts to snatch it.... but they are unaware that Ariados had been hit hard by a devastating Dragonbreath. The Pokemon knocks both humans over, throwing the device across the room, which instantly breaks open upon hitting the solid ground floor.

“No, you fool. She’ll go out of control.”

Feeling weak, Jack bravely stands. Ariados steps next to him, with a wounded leg. The spider points to his Trainer’s Pokemon Belt. Another Pokemon? Yes, good idea. And then he feels stupid for not having thought of it in the first place. This is the only reason he brought them.



The two Dratini, whom he had kept and cared for two months, ever since Dragonair was taken away, were let out onto the cold floor. Immediately, they recognized their own mother, even through the rage filled eyes of disgust. “Baw... oooooo??!” The two Dratini, brother and sister, slither to their mother, wide eyed with smiling faces, cooing gently. And she did nothing but remain still; frozen in thought.. Until a single tear rolled down the blue face, and a smile curled upward. The light on the helmet went from green, back to red.

Destiny stands back up, straightening her two coats to normal. She wipes her eyes, not believing what she had just witnessed. “Fascinating. Who knew a parental bond could break such control.” Technology has lost to family instinct and behavior.

Dragonair nuzzles her little babies, wrapping Jack up for a hug as well. The reunion is short lived when a metal door lowers and blocks the exit into the lab. The room shakes, forcing ceiling plates loose, softly crashing below, followed by a shattering crash above. Something is going on upstairs.

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Default 20- The Tan Tank


Minutes earlier.

Uriel steps into the boss’s office on Level 2. All four sides were lined with bookshelves, half filled with decorative books. A single green lamp lit the whole room from the back. Stacks of boxes and files were spread on one side, while black trash bags were piled on the other. In the middle is an office desk and chair, and behind that a paper shredder and trash can. The boss, Corban Booker, stands next to the shredder, tying up another trash bag. His usually light red hair is messy and dark. His usual calm complexion is nerved, almost stressed. His eyes were dark and blinked repeatedly, as if he hadn’t had any sleep. The untucked and uneven shirt gave signs of agitation. For the first time in three years, Uriel had never seen him like this.

Booker tosses the bag on the other bags. “So... Uriel, I see you made it.”

He responds, kindly, also apologizing. As he sits down, he notices the files scattered on the desk. One of which had his name on it: Dawson, Uriel. These are the files which link him to the Tan Gang, the one that would put him in jail. It is these files he is looking for so he could destroy the evidence of ever having worked with them.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Uriel. I gave you a job no one else would, and this is how you repay me... with excuses?” With the shredder ready to go, he grabs the next file off the desk. “I looked the other way when two people were caught by your accident *SHRED* but 15 people, including Paul... unforgivable. *SHRED* But what’s done is done, and at least a few *SHRED* people made it out.”

The siren wails, with Code 14 being announced over the speakers.

“Ugh, what now! *SHRED* Go help them out *SHRED* get out of my sight.”

*SHRED* The final piece to Uriel’s manilla folder falls into the bag. Booker grabs the next file. He knew the gang was leaving and would only take the best and most important people of the team with them. Seeing his own file shredded showed how little the boss really cared for him as a part of the team. But he is relieved.

“Sir,” he starts, “I have done the best I could, with regards to your business, but it has always been in remorse. I only came to announce my resignation now.”

Somewhat shocked, but unmoved, Booker shouts, “So, what? You’ve turned into a rat?” He whips out a gun from the middle desk drawer. “You were always a good henchman, following any order I gave. But you never would be accepted by us.”

The room shifts back and forth, like an earthquake. Books fall, files spill, and the trash bags topple over. Booker loses stability, giving Uriel the chance to disarm. The gun is quickly removed and disassembled, firing the single bullet in the chamber through the floor. Booker steps back, unarmed hands up. The bouncer fastens his brass knuckles and launches a punch across his face. He falls head first into the desk and slams backward out cold.

He can never see fit to cause harm to his employers or fellow employees. He can never do anything that would jeopardize his job. And he can never have the courage to be looked at as a quitter, even when it hurts him to stay. But today, Uriel Dawson becomes his own man.

A low level lackey enters the room, hearing the gun shot. Seeing the boss knocked out, he quickly charges the bigger bouncer. The lackey punches his chest, only to be send back reeling in pain. Uriel is prepared to fight hard today, and wore his chest protector. Nothing like punching metal and breaking bones to weaken your opponent. The lackey winces, tending to his hand, as Uriel shoves him across the room with ease.

Unsure what to do, he grabs his duffle bag and runs.


About the same time.

X-K2, the Kangaskhan, has reached the entrance of the building. She stands, bawling, as if calling for something. There is never any immediate response. *PING* A grate falls, letting a familiar sneaking Pokemon out into the fresh air once again. The large reptile like Pokemon sniffs the air, trying to look with her unclear eyes.

Lavish speaks quickly, and calmly. People were approaching from the sides to trap her in. Kangaskhan turns around, growling, preparing to fight. Lavish jumps in front of her, pointing at the building, telling her something she’s waiting all year to hear. Kecleon smiles and jumps into the bulky Pokemon’s pouch, which is more uncomfortable than it looked. She faces the building again, and blindly rushes in.


Jack looks around the room, to find a better exit from the lab. But instead, he finds something far more interesting. He steps from the left side to the right side of the lab, where the stacked cages were located. Each cage is labeled with two or three letters and a number. Only one is of any interest. X-K1. Out of all the cages, this is the only cage to still hold a Pokemon. It looked like a gray Sandshrew, except without any plates, and a little smaller. A baby Khangaskhan. Everything became clear that instant. The Kangaskhan they had run into before, is the mother of this little Pokemon. She only wants her child back. The outrage at their treatment of Pokemon continues to pound at Jack’s heart. How can anyone be so insensitive?

Ariados rips off the small caged door. Jack sticks Paul’s mallet down the back of his pants, leaving only the mallet head exposed, curls his arms, and picks up the little Pokemon. It weakly kicks and gasps, but he keeps it under control to carry. He recalls Ariados and the two Dratini.

“Dragonair, let’s get out of here.”

But Dragonair had other plans. Her mouth opens, forming a circular white light, increasing in power. She blasts the beam around the room, exploding anything it touched. The room sparks electricity and small bursts of fire from the machines. She turns to the door, slicing a gap through the metal with her tail.

“Come on!” Jack calls, carefully walking through the melted metal gap in the door.

Another Hyper Beam streams at the ceiling, opening a hole, and forcing debris to fall through. Dragonair looks back at the Trainer, nods as if to say ‘thank you’, and flies upward through the hole.

Cough. Cough. Destiny cowers in the corner, injured from the chaos around. She didn’t want to get up, to look at the mess around her would be unbearable. She can only cry, hugging the broken pieces of the control device.

Meanwhile, Jack makes his way down the hallway. The lights flicker on and off for a second, and another loud boom, followed by shaking is heard. The radio is constantly with chatter, but too much that it’s hard to make any sense. Annoyed, he dumps the radio.

Another announcement sounds over the speaker: “Code 24 is in effect. Executive Order B is in effect. To repeat...”

Code 24 is to alert all personal of an intruder in the building. Anyone without proper id is to be obtained. Executive Order A is all about evacuating everyone and everything related to the Tan Gang. Order B is only known by the main high ranking members of the gang. It basically means drop everything, grab what they can, and get out.

The elevator is too risky to take right now. And if he remembers correctly, according to the blue prints, there are some stairs further down the hall, which would lead close to Room 217. Another crash. This one sounded closer, almost directly above him. What is going on up there?

He swipes the key card, enters the twisting staircase, until reaching Level 1. The lights flashed again. Soon after, the blaring siren ceased, but that didn’t stop the slight ringing lingering in his head. Room 211. Room 212. At least he knew he is going the right way. Running is causing baby Kangaskhan to fidget, so he resorts to a faster paced walk. A crash of shattered plaster is heard from behind. Whatever it is, it’s not too far from him.

Room 217 is on the corner of a 4 way hallway intersection. Jack enters the room, luckily unlocked. It’s a bedroom, very similar to a dorm but a little larger in area. A bed is neatly made at both corners. Like most rooms he’s seen so far, it’s rather empty except for the unwanted furniture. Pokemon rock band posters littered the walls. The entire building has tiled flooring, except this room. The carpeting is a unique dirty red color with black splotches and feels soft to step on. After entering, to the left of the door on the wall, is a overused dart board. Hanging from the center is the pin that Gorgi had made specifically for him. Setting baby Kangaskhan down, he grabs the light blue pin depicting a calm Dratini in the center. Bull’s-eye.

A luggage bag drops next to another bag. “What are you doing” A guy dressed up like Rambo steps out from the closet Jack hadn’t noticed. It’s none other than Claude. “Ho ho, look who it is... JACK!”

“Claude! I didn’t come to play games.” He whips out the mallet from the back of his pants and lands a hit on Claude’s side. “Paul wishes he could be here.”

Satisfied to see him writhing in pain, Jack drops the mallet, grabs baby kangy and steps out. He has accomplished all of his goals, and now it’s time to leave. And the only exit he can remember is where he entered from, at the loading dock. But he only moved down the hall a little bit before a strange aura surrounds him, immediately forcing him to stop. Unable to control his nerves, his body forcibly turns around.

Claude’s powerful Alakazam stood at the door, pointing its bent spoons at Jack. And Claude steps out, holding the side of his stomach. “So it was you all along, the lone kid at the bowling alley. I guess I won’t need to use that bouncer to find you after all.”

Uriel must have been through here.

“Oh, and what are you holding, huh? Saving a Pokemon... aww, boo hoo! You can’t win, Jack. Every time we’ve met, you’ve always ran away. And you want to know why? Because you know that I am better than you. But this time, there’s no escape. And I’m tired of you always appearing.” He grabs a hunting knife from the side of his leg, holding it in a slashing position.

*CCRRAASSHHHAACKCKCKKKKSSSS* The walls of Room 217 shatter to pieces, sending flying plaster and wood splintering across the hallway. The force knocks Alakazam into the opposite wall, losing psychic control. When the debris clears, a large tan creature emerges from the destroyed room. It’s mother Kangaskhan! She scans the hallway, sniffing with her nose, catching the scent of her young one. She stares blindly down the hall, where Claude and Jack are recovering, yelling a fierce bellow out.

With his own nerves back in control, Jack slams his shoulder into Claude’s back, pushing him down, and continues to run away.

Claude stares up, seeing the large Pokemon take one lumbering step after another toward him. “Ala, Alakazam. Stop that thing!” The genius psychic Pokemon stood up, waving its spoons around until finally stopping the scarred beast. “We don’t have time for you, X-K2. Put it out of her misery.”

Alakazam met with Kangaskhan face to face, using its power of hypnosis to put her to sleep. But, it didn’t work. Her one good eye and half eye remained as they were, unaffected. The rage continues to build within her, feeling so close to her baby. She howls, flexing her arms out, breaking the psychic control. Alakazam flinches as she grabs its throat, choking it. Without air, the brain can’t function properly, and psychic powers are based on brain power rather than strength. Without this power, Alakazam is as useless as a Magikarp, wildly flopping around hoping to do any damage at all.

She thrusts her fist down, slamming Alakazam into the floor, sending cracks all down the hallway. She stamps her foot into the skinny Pokemon’s stomach, forcing it through the floor and crashing into the basement below. Kangaskhan looks through the hole, bellowing once more but not sensing any further danger. She sniffs the air again, catching the scent, and rages down the hall.

Claude can only cower in the corner as she stampedes by.


Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Angry mother on the loose. Gotta keep moving. Gotta keep going. Shoot! Dead end. Arggg. Left, I need to go left. Come on. Uh-oh, people...

As Jack wildly runs down various halls, two people are walking along further down. A lackey and a guy with messy red hair, whom didn’t look too well. The lackey steps forward, at first questioning Jack. But Booker questions louder, “You, drop that Pokemon and get over here and help us carry something.”

“Uh... oh. I can’t. I have to... the boss is waiting for me outside... so you see...”

Booker curiously tilts his head. “You’re the intruder...”

He must have said something wrong that time. Jack quickly runs around the corner to the next hall. Why did all the hallways have to look exactly the same? It’s like running around in a maze, looking for that slice of cheese, and getting shocked every time the mouse made a wrong turn. But like any maze, keep making left turns and eventually the exit will be there. By shear luck, Jack finds himself at another dead end, but with an Emergency exit door. The door opens, forcing the sunlight in his eyes, and his freedom within grasp.

*THOOSH!* Kangaskhan makes her appearance again, further backward down the hall, sliding into the wall. A bolt of ice hits her back, but shatters easily with a twist of her body. A Pokemon wearing a purple flowing robe and long blond hair, seemingly hovers as she walks. Palms out, she is ready.

Kangaskhan punches the wall, charging the Pokemon that dares try to stop her. Jynx sends a punch into the air, pushing her psychic will into an effective physical attack. Kangaskhan is sent back, smashing the wall again. She lay on her back, gasping, feeling her legs tire from constant running. But her will and determination is what keeps her going. As she tries wrestling back up, she feels the cold touch of ice, sending chills throughout her heavy plated skin. Slowly, Jynx is turning Kangaskhan to ice.

“Not so tough now, eh X-K2.” Claude is back, with the second Pokemon in his team of three. “Of all the years you’ve caused trouble, not once did I get the chance to battle you. And now, here it is. My moment to put you in your place. You are JUST a POKEMON, nothing more.” And on his final word, she is frozen in a block of solid ice.

“She’s not some experiment. Her Pokemon name is Kangaskhan!” Jack says walking back inside, releasing Muk from her Pokeball. It’s time to stop running. “Use Fire Punch on that ice.”

Not fully understanding the situation, but having faith in her Trainer, Muk propels forward using the forward momentum of being released, and tumbles next to the action. Muk twitches, touching the frozen ice. She concentrates heat into her flabby fist, forcing a fiery punch into the solid rocky water. Steam quickly surrounds the ice block, cricking and cracking, like a window breaking after being hit with a baseball. Kangaskhan emerges once again, roaring with ferocity, shedding a light mist.

Claude steps next to Jack, faking friendliness. “Listen, we have work together to stop her.”

“Like hell we do. Explosion, Muk!”

With only a couple seconds notice, the entire hallways shatters in a massive shockwave, like a ripple in water. Only after recovering, can Jack see the monstrosity of destruction that had occurred. Jynx is out. Muk is out. Kangaskhan is out. Claude is down and faintly moving. But Jack is ok; standing even. He smiles thankfully, but still curious as to why.

Once again, being the hero of the day, Lavish shows up at the right time. A light field of protective energy dissipates in front of him. But where did he come from? Remember, he hitched a ride within Kangaskhan’s unsettling pouch. As soon as he was unfrozen from inside, Lavish hopped out and snuck through the hall to Jack. Had there not been so much action in the hall, they might have noticed the hovering fanny-backpack. Crafty chameleon.

“Good to see you Lavish. Have you seen Uriel?” The Pokemon shrugs, but in reality, he had. “Oh, well... let’s just get out of here for now. I’m sure we’ll see him soon... uuff.”

He slams into someone behind him, throwing baby Kangaskhan down. The baby wails as it lands on its head. A tanned hand reaches down for Jack to grab. A friendly hand. A Uriel hand. They exchange short smiles and worried statements.

“I heard there was an intruder, and I knew it was you. And Lavish! Oh, it’s good to see you’re both okay. There’s a truck just outside we can use to escape. Follow me now.” Out the Emergency Exit, Uriel had another of the u-haul type truck parked in the back lot.

Muk is recalled, acknowledging her wonderful sacrifice. The wailing baby Kangaskhan is picked up, and continues to be restless. Jack takes one last look down the hall. Poor Kangaskhan. He didn’t want to leave her like that, and he cann’t just leave the baby here. Out of nowhere, the mother flips over with a burst of energy, bellowing again, kicking debris across the hall. Her ears perk up, hearing her baby’s cry. Especially keen to her other 4 senses, this high pitched squeal only infuriates mother Kangaskhan even more.

Time to go. Jack steps out the door, running as fast as he can to the passenger side of the truck. They are on the opposite parking lot from where they came in, close to Station 2's entrance. The engine putters, and the wheels move. The truck accelerates.

“Wait, wait a minute.”

“What!! Wait!! Now?”

If they leave now, they would easily escape. But the new problem is Kangaskhan. Both mother and baby have to make it safely out of the area back to the surrounding forests. The idea is to bait Mother Kangaskhan to follow them away to freedom.

The tan tank plows through the final wall, stretching her limbs with the feeling of escaping the complex once again. She can smell her child through the exhaust fumes, and even hear the cries over the engine.

“Ok, go!”

The truck swerves around the parking lot, making it’s way to the exit. Giving chase, Mother Kangaskhan simply bulldozes her way through the new cars, tossing them aside like toys. Her speed, even after all the fighting inside, is remarkable. She is catching up.

“Faster. If she catches us...” Jack says looking at the side mirror.

“Should have picked a truck with less cargo now...” Uriel mumbles, fumbling the gear shifts.

“Keeecc...” Lavish screams.

“Kkaaaaa...” baby Kangaskhan squeals.

*EERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!* The tires tear into the asphalt on the final turn through the check point of Station 2. The guard can only run away as Kangaskhan angrily slices through. Clear ahead is a simple road which cautiously curved right and eventually back into the main part of town.

“Now that we’re all safe, I can set this guy loose and give him back to his mother. Slow down.”

“You’re kidding. She’s gaining on us enough. Just throw it out the window now.”

“Slow down, we’ll be ok.”

Having trouble shifting gears again, the engine locks up and stalls. Uriel hits the breaks, hoping to fix it, but only slowing to a sudden stop. He turns the key, and again... but it doesn’t start. Everyone buckles in.

Here’s a riddle for you. How do you stop a charging tank?

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Default 20- The Tan Tank


You don’t.

The truck landed off the road, on some grass before a mild forest. Various equipment and Pokemon items were strewn about. The entire back storage was pressed in, like a tube of used toothpaste. The windows were cracked, and the front wheel axle was strewn to pieces, while the left door was forced shut in such a way that it wouldn’t open. The impact of the hit sent the entire truck spinning in a manner that effectively wouldn’t damage the seating or passengers up front. Kangaskhan couldn’t attack there, for fear she may hurt her baby by accident.

Uriel is the first out of the truck, carrying Jack and setting him against the front tire. He feels his head swelling, dizzy, trying to focus his eyes by rubbing them. Jack moans with his eyes closed behind a pair of twisted sunglasses.

Dizzily, baby Kangaskhan rolls out of the truck, plopping to the ground. A few yards away, mother Kangaskhan is sniffing and searching for her lost baby. Wide eyed, having not seen his mother for a year, the baby waddles quickly to her. The mother feels a comfortable hug on her leg, sensing her offspring, and gladly hugs back with a mild grunt.

This reunion is just as wonderful as Dragonair and her two Dratini. Jack never imagined he’d make such a difference today; not just for himself, but for the city and the Pokemon alike. He felt like crying, but is too shocked from the crash for emotions. All he wants to do is get out of here.

“I’m glad someone is enjoying the moment,” Uriel states, still shaken up, grabbing his duffle bag out of the truck. “You ready to go...”

Jack shouts, pointing at him, “Look out behind you!”

A quick turn reveals mother Kangaskhan charging at them. In this sudden surprise attack, there’s no way to react.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Kangaskhan slides as a rush of invisible claws rake her chest. An indent lands in the grass, hiding the blue bolt from sight. The invisible Pokemon, Lavish, shouts out....


Lavish the Kecleon, 007. From the time they entered, to the time they left, he was in charge the entire time. And anything that happened, he caused it. Only one part of the plan changed, and that was meeting Kangaskhan. Remember that little conversation between them when they first met?

Kecleon: *So, I hear you need to get inside. I can help you!*

With Kangaskhan agreeing to enter, he now had a better distraction. This was a covert mission, and Kangaskhan was the bait. If Jack was ever found, they’d be too worried about the big brute.

When infiltrating enemy territory, the first thing to do is gain Intel. By using the air ducks, he could easily move through the building to find key rooms and items. Uriel could move around freely, so he helped Jack first. And it’s while moving around the ducks that he learned about X-K1 in the lab, among other Pokemon in Pokeballs in other rooms.

Before meeting Kangaskhan outside, he ran into Uriel. He pointed on his map to wait outside, crudely drawing a picture of a car. The bouncer understood, but first had to talk to the boss.

Kecleon: *I can take you to your son. Let me be your eyes.*

And thus, mother Kangaskhan rushed in, bulldozing anything in the way. The plan was to lead her to the basement, then find Jack and lead him safely out.

The only thing Lavish didn’t predict, was Jack’s compassion for Kangaskhan’s situation. The mission was accomplished. The escape vehicle was waiting. Why did that Trainer have to save a Pokemon that wasn’t part of the mission? Every agent knows there will be unavoidable casualties.

*End Flashback*

And now, it all made sense. Watching the reunion, and feeling responsible for allowing it, left him with a sense of satisfaction. It’s a warm feeling of companionship he hasn’t felt for a long time.

“Keccc lle le leonn!” screams back.

“She’s too powerful. Kecleon is untrained.” Jack says, wiping his clothes as he stands.

“Yes, but a punch is only as strong if you can see what you’re hitting.”

But something didn’t seem right. There’s something about Kangaskhan... her one half closed eye... the foggy hazel glistening of her eyes... the way she stares without blinking minutes apart... and the frantic sniffing with her nose.... the twitching ears.... It wouldn’t matter if Kecleon is visible or not...

“She’s blind....”

A paw slices down, forcing the blue bolt jumping into the air. A second paw slices the air, shooting Lavish like a blue lightning bolt around the ground. The claws indent in his back, causing him to revert back to normal visibility.

While Uriel tends to his Pokemon, Jack grabs a Pokeball. This is a different situation than the one he experienced earlier. Perhaps she’s also lost sight of the human heart, and that there are good people out there. He’d like to avoid this battle, and there’s little chance talking will do any good. She still looks rather enraged.

Magneton pops out. A quick thick Thunder lands across the beasts body, but not as effective as it should have. Running into the electric fence must have gave her skin extra resistance. She lunges forward, not smelling any enemy Pokemon nearby (since metal doesn't have an oder). Magneton floats to her side, sending another juicy electric bolt. Feeling the direction of the attack, Kangaskhan swings a punch out; missing, but very close.

“She’s not tiring. Try Thunder Wave to stop her.”

A mild numbing blue jolt courses through her body, sparking tiny zips of electricity around her. Unamused, she concentrates her body strength, as if lifting 100 tons, and breaks the paralyzing grip.

“Whoa... no way!”

The mother moves her concentration to her ears, listening for the Pokemon’s movement. No footsteps, but a faint electrical humming is heard. She turns around and reaches out to the exact spot Magneton is floating. Grabbing the hunk of junk, she slams it into the ground, following it up with a metallic crunch sounding punch.

Jack is quick to line up his Pokeball to return.... when Kangaskhan switches her target to him again. Lavish and Uriel are off to the side, and there’s no time to grab another Pokemon...

*Oof!* The bulky beast is hit back by a long tail.

“Bawoo!!” Dragonair swoops down. She glares back at Kangaskhan, as if saying ‘Don’t mess with my family.’

Jack presses his back against the ruined truck, holding his hand over his chest. “Oh man, I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.”

She senses the new foe, a frosty smell of ice and strength. A punch slices forward, but only missing the agile bending of Dragonair. She counters by jabbing her horn into the weak plated belly. Dragonair swoops under the legs of Kangaskhan, slashing her glowing Iron Tail at the legs. Kangaskhan keels over momentarily.

Dragonair continues the assault, wrapping her thin body around the huge Pokemon. In a miraculous feat, she manages to lift Kangaskhan off the ground. Five feet, ten feet, even twenty feet up. And as much as she struggles, the tighter Dragonair holds on. Then, with an overhead twist of her body, she launches the tan tank straight down. *CRUNCH!*

She continues soaring circularly, opening her mouth. No bright light for a Hyper Beam, but a surge of pulsating water. Kangaskhan, still lying down and breathing heavily, enjoys the soothing feel of the water, almost feeling refreshed. However, it’s short lived when the next attack starts. Her mouth opens again, this time with a rush of cool air and ice. And when combined with water... Kangaskhan popsicle! She sits on the ground, frozen, with a final look of desperation on her face.

Dragonair soars back to Jack’s side, happy to see him safely outside.

“Thank you Dragonair.”

A sudden collection of whirling sirens drive down the street behind them, toward the laboratory. The police are arriving. Only one cop car stops at the scene, with a familiar face stepping out.

“Jack, catch now!” Uriel tosses over a small bag of unused tan Pokeballs. They must have fallen out of the truck.

He picks one up, understanding it has to be done. “Ahh!” The baby Kangaskhan jumps at his leg, biting him. Surprised, he wildly throws the Pokeball away, kicking his leg to release the baby. The tan Pokeball falls, striking the baby in the back, which sucks him up! Still kicking his leg, he accidentally kicks the wiggling airborne ball away.

At the same time, ice particles shatter through the air. Kangaskhan released herself from her icy tomb. The fire in her heart, to protect what she has regained, is certainly burning brightly today. But the stress and panting on her face indicates this is her last attempt. Such endurance!

*Gabeen!* (sound of jaw dropping)

Dragonair soars forward, wrapping around herself like a breakfast roll. She uncoils quickly, using the velocity of her glowing tail to strike hardest upon Kangaskhan’s helmet plate. She bobbles and wobbles back and forth, until finally falling forward in defeat.

“Now’s your chance now!”

Jack grabs a second tan Pokeball. “I’ll bring you to a doctor as soon as this is all over.”

Original Post: December 2008 at PE2K vBulletin
??(-o-) Kangaskhan

{Baby Kangaskhan is an uncofirmed pre-evolution, you don’t have to grade that capture.)
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default Re: The Ultimate Story

I think you've waited long enough.

Story/Plot: Well, I think this story has a lot of truly great moments. I enjoyed how you captured certain scenes and emotions so perfectly. For instance, just about every area with Kangaskhan involved really made for a very powerful picture. I could feel her rage and her presence just the way you described it.

On the other hand, there were parts of this story that were a complete opposite. Very dry, very…emotionless. It could have been a robot telling this story; planting in adjectives where they belonged, describing scenes as monotone as would be expected from something artificial. And really, it is obvious that you are quite the talented writer, so I feel telling you this might give you insight from a new perspective and the drive to give your writing something more.

Regardless, as cliché as the root of this plot might have been, it was written very creatively. All I can say is, perhaps make some things less predictable. Apart from Kangaskhan turning out to be blind, there were really no surprises and readers dig those.

Anyway, sometimes I feel like I am making no sense at all, so please ask if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Grammar/Spelling: This is the very first story I've read here that was successfully completed in present tense. It didn't feel awkward at all; you've written this very fluidly.

And honestly, you really did great here. I’ve yet to read any story without a single typo, so apart from an occasional mix-up of ‘your’, ‘you’re’ and dialogue punctuation, there really wasn’t much to notice. Just pay a bit more attention to your usage of commas after things like introductory words and phrases.

Oh, and I should say that you shifted scenes quite a bit. It was a little difficult to follow. Writing needs a bit slower pace, things aren’t as easily pictured here as they are in movies. Just an opinion, though. :x Everything else was just dandy.

Detail/Description: As I said earlier, very robotic. It was perfect in the sense that everything was described thoroughly, but it was… to be blunt, boring in most places. Put some passion behind your words. Fill it with sarcasm or rudeness or joy; whatever you’re feeling when you write something, there are words to portray that.

In an effort to not sound like a total meanie, there were moments when I could really feel this story. The scene with the female scientist ‘Destiny’, for example. I found myself feeling, or at least understanding her emotions as her life’s work was destroyed before her eyes. You really captured that moment in a way that you hadn’t through a good majority of the rest of the story.

I realize this is most likely just a story you wrote for fun, for this game, but just maybe what I am telling you here might be somewhat helpful for your writing in general. If you write outside of here in the first place. :P

Anyway…yeah. Whatever.

Length: Fine

Battle: Probably my favorite part of all of this, surprisingly. It was very spontaneous, very real. I find myself telling most people to stop mimicking the games (one attacks, then the other), and be more original. And this is a perfect example of that.

This was a place where your descriptions were very spot-on. Every attack I could see vividly unfolding from each instant to the next. And I must say, the pummeling demeanor of that rogue Kangaskhan was very entertaining. I honestly don’t think I’ve read a battle written as well as this, so well done here.

Outcome: Not much else to say, I think you did very well for this creature. Kangaskhan captured!

Oh, and I was wondering where I could find one of those Kecleons. That thing was the James Bond of this story, very handy.

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Default 21- Farewell, City of Dragons

The next few minutes are as silent as it’s been all day. Even with the sirens blaring in the background, and the wind whistling through the trees, as soon as the Pokeball stops moving, he blanks the entire world out. Just staring, with not a care in the world. For the first time in the months he has been in Blackthorn City, he can take it easy. There is nothing to worry about anymore. It’s all over.

No, I’m done for today.

He didn’t even care that the little grey Baby Kangaskhan freed himself and is pawing and poking at the Pokeball that had caught his mother. Luckily, rather than take hostile action, the baby simply sits down, holding the ball, and began to weep.


He moves his head, faintly recognizing a darkly skinned man in a purple suit shouting... something. Probably trying to wake me, he imagines. But he doesn’t want to go. He’s reminded of when he lived at home, and how his mom would try to get him out of bed. He knew he had to go to school, but the bed was too comfortable that if he got out, he’d lose that warmth. He always hated when he was eventually forced out of a comfort zone.

He pictures himself with all of his Pokemon, sitting in a group in an overgrown meadow. Each Pokemon contains their own smile while laughing relentlessly as a group collective. All the happy faces... without a care for the surroundings. A place where nothing could go wrong.

“JACK!” Uriel yells, eventually shaking the Trainer sitting on the ground.

“Alright, alright, I’m up. Sheesh!” He lifts himself up, leaning his arm on the destroyed truck. Reality hit his mind again, removing the short lived cheerful thoughts back to the torn world he lived. He takes in a quick, full breath; then another. What a day!

It isn’t until that moment that he realizes two other people are at the crash site with them. One is a traditional police man: blue jacket, blue pants, blue hat, belt with all the fixing, and black boots. The silver name tag reads Cpt. Johnson.

The other person is an older gentleman, probably middle age. He’s short, about half his height, with patches of hair missing from his head. He has on a horizontally brown striped blue shirt and bright lime green pants. The pants are an dead give away, since he only met one person who would dare wear such a color. It’s Gorgi, the Blackthorn Gym teacher whom Jack had met a few months ago. It was him who showed Jack the Dragon Den paradise. It was him who hand made the Dratini pin.

As pleasing as it is to see him again, why is he here?

“My my, this is quite an exciting day. You’re really something, Jack my boy. I knew you had the sprit of a dragon.” He slaps his hands with a quick laugh.

“Gorgi... hey! Great to see you again. I didn’t expect to see you out here.”

As it would seem, when Dragonair escaped the P-sci Labs, she went straight to the only person she knew who could help: Gorgi at the Blackthorn Gym. Knowing Dragonair was caught by the Tan Gang, he informed the police of the situation, and that Dragonair would lead them to the base. They were quick to disembark, making sure to inform the local news for ‘good police press’. Gorgi, too, went along because he couldn’t easily forget the passion one Trainer had in such a simple speech:

I want to get their mother back. It’s what a true Pokemon Trainer would do. (Jack- Ch.16)

Many Trainer are all talk, and not many can prove their abilities. Statements like that are said all the time, and not many actually follow through... or even succeed. He wanted to see for himself if Jack honored that word. So when he stepped out of the police car and saw Jack in the distance, he couldn’t help but smile.

“I see. So the police...”

“We can handle it from here,” the Captain states. “On the drive over, Gorgi spoke highly of a certain Trainers’ ambition. I must commend you for a job well done.”

“Th-thank you. But all I did was save a couple Pokemon. The real hero is Uriel and his Kecleon. None of this would have been possible without them.”

The officer nods in acknowledgment. “The city of Blackthorn thanks you two very much.”

A bit nervous, Uriel cracks a grin. For the first time in his long career, he feels proud about an accomplishment. As a bouncer for the dance club, the regular customers and fellow employees would taunt him just to see what he’d do. And while working for the Tan Gang, guarding the bowling alley, he knew the years of behind-the-back talk, the snickers, and the mocking conversations of his impaired speech. But he continued to do his job regardless. And now, after a successful escape with everyone safe, he was praised for his good work.

“I...I was merely ensuring the safety of whom I’m was protecting. That is my job now.” He never would have thought that a small time bouncer like himself could become a hero.

Feeling better after being attacked by Kangaskhan, the purple Kecleon, Lavish, seriously salutes to the officer. After all those years watching spy and detective movies, he finally got his chance to star in his own caper. Little did anyone know, he was anxious to keep going.

“Gorgi, look.” Jack shouts with a huge grin behind his broken sunglasses, fishing through his pocket. He pulls out a small Dratini pin decorated in shades of blue: the hand-made pin from Gorgi.

“Well, look at that! I’m impressed at your resilience.”

Upon completion of his training at Dragon’s Den, Gorgi hand made a special pin for him. However, the notorious Tan Gang pair, Paul and Claude, broke into the gym and took it. If it was something plastic and cheap, made from a factory, Jack wouldn’t have cared too much. But the fact that it was hand made with laborious effort, he refused Gorgi making another one.

No, I will get it somehow. That Pin is too special to me to just make me another one. (Jack- Ch.16)

A couple more officers step into the scene. The Captain speaks up, “If you guys don’t mind, let’s get you back to town.”

But before they head out, Jack has some unfinished business to handle. He had stopped mother Kangaskhan by catching her, but her baby remains free. Baby Kangaskhan remains where she was caught, hugging the tan Pokeball in a whimpering fashion.

Any other Pokemon would have run away by now, but not in this situation. Kangy (which I’ll call the baby form from now on) was separated from his mother at an early stage of his life. The lab scientists... they weren’t her mother, or even nice to him at all. By being parentless at the labs, it left Kangy in a state of dependency for his real mother. He cried daily, waiting for her to return. And after the long yearly wait, he was finally reunited with his mother and all he wanted to do was cling to her. And never let go. Then, as soon as they became a family again, she’s taken away just as quick. Caught by this Trainer... the same one that rescued him. But... there was no anger... no revenge fight... no feeling of betrayal. He simply fell back into a state of longing for his mother. Crying... and waiting for her to return to him again.

The Trainer’s bowling shoes take a short step forward, inching closer. “Hey there, everything is alright. Nothing to cry about.” Kangy only stares at him with red, tear soaked eyes. His eyes furrow forward, sensing danger, shortening the pupils in fright. “No, no no. I’m a friend. See, nothing in my hands. No Pokemon.” But still the same expression. “I know you’re upset, but I didn’t have a choice little guy. Believe me,” he says with a smile. “Both of you need to see a doctor. I can’t imagine the tests they did to you. Ugh, it just tears me to pieces even thinking about it.”

As the Trainer creeps a little too close, Kangy squeezes the Pokeball harder and slides back, appearing as if ready to run.

“Whoa, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. I mean, I did save you, hmm. Listen,” he pulls out another of the tan Pokeballs he pocketed. “If you go in this Pokeball, you’ll be transported to where your mom went. That’s what you want, right? You want to see your mom again?” Just a foot away, he sets the Pokeball on the disturbed grass. It was a technical lie to gain Kangy’s trust, but his only other option is to battle him. And right now, Kangy needs a friend more than tough love.


The squad car arrives back to the heart of Blackthorn City. The feint sirens are still heard behind them, which is exactly what Jack wants to do with the whole situation. Just to put everything behind him and start anew.

They stop at the three story Pokecenter, where many Trainers remain to watch the breaking news.

“We’re being told that the P-sci labs is hiding members of the Tan Gang. Currently, the grounds have been surrounded and forces are moving in. As you may be aware, with yesterday’s attack at the bowling alley....”

But Jack no longer cares about it, simply squeezing through the crowd to the front desk. He knows what he accomplished, and feels no reason to watch it nor embellish in his heroism. There are a lot more pressing matters at hand.

“Hello Nurse Joy.”

The pink haired nurse gives a nice wide smile, opening her arms out in a display of friendship. “Oh, Jack. Good to see you again.” She looks at his disheveled appearance. “Must have been through some hard training this morning, eh? By the way, did you see the good news?”

See it? He was there. “Yea, I heard... but I really need you to look at a couple Pokemon for me; they’re in bad shape.” He places the two Pokeballs containing Kangaskhan and Kangy in the six-compartment plastic Pokeball holder.

“Oh my! I’ll have Blissey take these Pokemon to the Emergency check-up for you.”

The oval pinkish Pokemon in a nurse apron takes the Pokeball holder. “Blis!” she says cheerfully.

“Jack...” Gorgi, Uriel, and Lavish make their way through. Uriel speaks up, “They want a word from us at the station.”

“I’m staying here with Kangaskhan, they’ll have to wait. I’ll meet up with you later.”

“And if you have time between your busy schedule and saving the world,” Gorgi says, “Stop by the gym. I want to show you something.”

Jack nods, waving good-bye as they leave. It’ll be a while before Nurse Joy has any results, so he waits in his temporary private room. He slips off his bowling shoes, seeing them dirty and stained with abuse. He takes a look through his scratched and cracked sunglasses: the frame was a little bent and he’ll have to replace the lenses if he ever wants to block the sun again. His blue hat was torn at a seem, also dirty. His pine green shirt and rustic jeans had dirt and grass marks on them, which blended in slightly. As for his body, he’s still a bit shaky with a slight headache after the accident. Nothing is broken or bruised, so he can’t complain.

He slides his Pokeball belt on the small lamp table. He hadn’t even thought about healing his own Pokemon. Their hard battles today and yesterday are nothing compared to that of Kangaskhan’s yearly fight. They just need a good rest, like himself.

Looking at his belt, he’s reminded of all the Pokemon he owns and how he caught them. The easy times, the fun times, and the difficult times. That one that hits him the most, and relates to this recent event, is his capture of Kakuna. Pokemon are fragile beings, especially in low level and low evolutionary states. How can the world be so cruel to mistreat such Pokemon? Why? It didn’t make any sense.


The Blackthorn Police Station is across town from the Pokemon Center, but it doesn’t take long to arrive with the siren going. Uriel has never been inside a police car before. The feeling was awkward, but he enjoyed being able to pass cars and traffic. As for Lavish, the James Bond purple Kecleon, he was curious about all the buttons and gadgets on the dashboard. He wonders which button puts the car in invisibility mode...

Again, he feels awkward being inside the police station. All the people sitting in the waiting room take a look at him, judging him with their eyes, imagining what law or laws he must have broken to be here. He pays careful attention to a tough looking guy in the corner, with a black bandana around his head and a scraggily beard. His eyes shift away, not wishing to make contact or be intimidated. But it also has him wondering what that guy is also doing here. Maybe he too was a hero in some small story, which will make page 3 headlines in tomorrow’s news.

Lavish stays on guard, standing in front of Uriel’s black duffle bag. He’s watched enough detective shows to know what a bad guy looks like. And he was high up on the suspicious list.

A young female front desk officer steps into the room, calling him out. She leads him and Kecleon through a series of desks and cubicle offices, until reaching a short hallway with a door marked ‘interrogation’. Before he can ask, she says it is only temporary because all the other rooms are taken.

The interrogation room was barren, except for a table and a chair on either side. Captain Johnson stands by the door as he enters, and another officer sat at the table. He was an older gentleman with a gray mustache. Surprisingly, he only wore his navy police cap and belt for his gun, but no uniform. Just casual clothes. Not even a name badge.

“Uriel Dawson? I’m Commander Nickels, head of the police division. Sit down and tell us all what happened.”

And so, nervously, he does. Starting from when he first met the Tan Gan leader, Corban Booker, to the escape from their base. Not skipping a single detail.

The Commander leans back in the chair, facing the Captain. “And why isn’t the Trainer here?”

The lean Captain muffles, “He said he had some business at the Pokecenter first, and that we can pick him up later.”

“Have an officer go over the Center to keep an eye on him.” The Captain nods, stepping out the door. “So, those Pokemon you found... is that what’s in the bag?”

He nods, lifting the dark duffle bag on the table. He unlocks the various zippers and hidden spots on the bag. Item by item, Uriel places them one by one on the table until the bag is empty. In total there are 36 Pokeballs, not counting the two larger balls he sets off to the side, and a dozen various items of use by Trainers.

During Uriel’s search of the base for his documents linking him to joining the gang, he found the room where stolen Pokemon from Trainers were kept. Each Pokeball was unmarked and unlisted as to who’s Pokemon it was, and to what Pokemon was inside. The items were thrown into a box labeled Trainer Stuff. The Pokemon and items in this room were of no interest to the gang and not important for use. Some of the stolen Pokemon were taken just for fun, only to be locked away. Others were Pokemon that were the result of a raid on one Trainer, but they only wanted one Pokemon from them. Any key Pokemon they wanted to keep for use or study, was kept either in the basement levels, or upstairs in guarded quarters.

The two larger Pokeballs (Superballs as the Tan Gang called them) kept off to the side are the ones that Lavish found during his sneaking in the air vents. He isn’t even sure if there are any Pokemon in them, but Lavish must have taken them for some reason.

The dark bouncer calls out any Pokemon within, to which they respond with red beams. The forms materialize into two standing figures, both of similar height, body, and tan color. Red gloves appear on one, while springy legs appear on the other.


“Mon.. Chan?”

Lavish jumps to the table, marveling his own find. Mr. Weller, beloved retired Trainer of the city, had his Pokemon taken over a month ago. He died in mourning because of it. And here, before them, are the two Pokemon that were stolen. His two most prized possessions. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Back in safe hands.

Uriel and Lavish don’t even realize how much of a hero to the town they have become.

While the Commander stares in disbelief, dumfounded at the Pokemon he is witnessing, Captain Johnson walks back in.

He stumbles the first words, seeing a pair of fighting Pokemon across the room. “S-s-sir. Is. Is that..?”

Nickels coughs and grumbles, “Ahem, what is it?”

“Well, uh... wait, are those...?”

“Yes, they are. Now did you have something for me?”

“Oh, yes. An officer went by the Pokecenter, but the Trainer was not there. We have him stationed for when he does return.”

“Good, good. How’s the situation downtown?”

“Excellent. They’re rounding up the final sweep and should be finished within the hour.”

“So,” Nickels rubs his face, still in shock. “We’re going to have some detainees shortly, and we’ll need this room. Keep in contact with us,” he slides a card over the table. “Tomorrow we’ll need you to spot anyone you know.”

Captain Johnson speaks up. “Thank you, for all your hard work today.”

“As I told you, it was all thanks to Lavish now,” he says, fully modest about it.

The Commander lifts off his hat, “Yes, this Pokemon of yours is quite fascinated by spy work, as you mentioned. And with your job capabilities, I may have a proposition for the both of you.”

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Default 21- Farewell, City of Dragons


The night sky grew quiet with anticipation. The echoing sirens are long gone, the news moves on to other topics, and the Trainers return to their duty. Small neighborhood celebrations were held sparsely throughout the day, but they are short lived and exhausted. It seems everyone, not only Jack, is tired from all the action and suspense.

He stands in front of the Blackthorn Gym. The monumental dragon doors overshadowing him, taunting him, sending a message at just how strong dragon type Pokemon are. He steps to the back, where the garden is located, and where Gorgi usually can be found.

“You know, every time I find you here, you’re watering the plants.”

The senior man’s lime green pants seem to glow in the darkness. “It’s best to let your friends know they are loved, rather than forgotten. To ignore them, even for a moment, may cause you to lose them.” He lifts the pail up, stopping the raining mist. “Ah, but then you say to yourself, ‘You’re giving them too much attention, they’ll be suffocated.’ But I say you have to look at your friends to know how they feel. Look at the durability of those leaves. Look at those bright colors in the petals. Those aren’t the faces of sadness, they’re the faces of appreciation. When you’ve experienced as much as I have, understanding this key element becomes natural.”

“We’re not just talking about plants, are we?”

He sets the pail on a round table, next to a dripping faucet. “That’s why I like you, you understand quickly. Just like I was at your age. Come, come inside. I have that surprise for you.”

Gorgi opens the gym door, flipping a set of four light switches on, lighting the entire gym. Jack hadn’t been in here in over a month, when he battled Gorgi as practice, since the Gym Leader was away. The field was gravel and dirty, with a few larger boulder in the center circle.

Mother Dragonair soars from above, landing next to Gorgi. He pats her on the head, listening to her cheerful cooing in return.

“So, Jack, is Kangaskhan well?”

“Oh, well, not really. They weren’t equipped with the right medical tools to deal with her injuries, so they transferred both her and baby Kangy to Goldenrod City. They’re going to do further tests for any other problems. Nurse Joy didn’t like the scaring over Kangaskhan’s body at all, and thought she might have serious infections. She said it might take a few weeks before they are ready. I do hope they’ll be alright.”

“Pokemon are very strong willed at fighting an enemy, even at its own physical expense. For many Pokemon, simply living is enough to keep them happy. I can imagine the battle you had with her was difficult, probably even scary. For a wild Pokemon of that magnitude, fighting for freedom, they’ll give everything they have, even if it means themselves in the process.”

“We’re not doing this on purpose. Most Trainers only want to help.”

“Unfortunately, wild Pokemon don’t have as great a sense of reading the faces of people like we can to each other. They don’t understand our intentions, only that we are in their way and they’ll either fight us to show dominance, or run. A wild Pokemon that does any other action other than those two, are usually in a weak or young condition. You may have a good intention, but you have to be aware what you are up against, and what reaction to your surroundings it will cause. Like today, for instance.”

Today? What does he mean by that? The gang was defeated, he rescued a Pokemon. We won right? But looking into Gorgi’s wise eyes tell him something else. Maybe there was more to the situation than he knew about. His intention to save Dragonair, while heroic, was indeed very selfish. What about all the other Pokemon they stole over the years in operation? And what about those that do escape from the police, and any stolen Pokemon they have? Uriel was right, they should have let the police handle it. It was a stupid idea, one that he will hope he never makes again.

Gorgi senses depression in the young Trainer, which he smiles at. “That’s ok, don’t worry about it. For every mistakes, we learn ten new things.”

Jack grabs two Pokeballs off his belt, holding them out. “I want to return the two Dratini to you. They belong with their mother.”

“Are you sure about this? Well, what do you think Dragonair?”

The slender navy dragon lowers her head, pushing the outstretched Pokeballs back to the Trainer. She coos gently, with a smile of content. She has this solemn feeling that her babies are in great care.

His eyes liquidate, forcing him to blink repeatedly in embarrassment at revealing his emotion. It’s been his life dream to own a Dratini. To hug one; to love one. And not because they are rare, but at how gentle their eyes look at someone, and their soothing coos. Dratini are also the sign of a successful Trainer, because a Trainer with well-trained Dragonite should be shown signs of respect. Loyalty. Trust. Strength. For Jack to gain such a Pokemon with those noble traits, it would mean the world. Never before he set out for his journey, did he ever imagine meeting, let alone touching a Dratini.

The recent time he shared with them at Dragon’s Den was the most wondrous time he’s ever experienced. He would love to go back to that moment, the moment before Dragonair was caught by them. Before they interfered with there lives. They were a happy family, with a friendly Trainer to have fun and play with. He was right all along, Dratini are the perfect Pokemon. But...

“Thanks, but I can’t. As much as I’ve always wanted a Dratini of my own... sniff... I just... can’t. Would it be alright if I left them with you, Gorgi?”

Eventually, he has to wipe his eyes before they tear up. He doesn’t want to accept the fact that Dragonair is okay with this. All he wanted to do was take care of them while she was caught, and he never planned to keep them afterward. And from tears, his eyes burn up with disgust and anger. He covers his face with the front of his hat, hiding his fierce and determined eyes. Why would Dragonair toy with me like this? Doesn’t she know that they need a mother right now more than anything? Arg! It breaks his heart knowing she trusts him this much. He grips his hand into a fist, imagining walking away. No, these are her babies, not mine.

“Gorgi! This is the Trainer you were telling me about?”

The old man whips around, “Oh, I was wondering when you’d show up. Jack, I’d like you to meet the Blackthorn Gym Leader.”

As the leader steps forward, he extends a hand out. “Nice to meet you. I hear you’ve been looking for a Gym match.”


2 days later.

“To recap the recent event at the P-sci Labs in Blackthorn City, police have arrested 26 suspects of the so called Tan Gang. However, word is that all high ranking members are still at large and could be heading for Olivine City to escape the league. If you see any of these individuals, please contact the police immediately.”

A list of names and descriptions are given, only a few recognizable. Booker, the boss. Destiny, the scientist. Claude.... escaped.

“Pokemon, items, and documents are being counted, labeled, and processed. A notice will soon go out with a list of a stolen valuables and Pokemon, so that their proper Trainers can be found. Of the reported 210 cases of stolen Pokemon from a ‘tan organization’, only 97 Pokemon were recovered. Here’s hoping they all find their Trainer.

Uriel Dawson, one of the heros of the event, was recently awarded a special gift from the Weller family, in appreciation for his act. Having saved Mr. Weller’s stolen Pokemon, his daughter awarded his prized Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan to Uriel, knowing very well that her father’s Pokemon would be in great hands. And to top that, Uriel was promoted by the police department as a witness bodyguard, also giving his Pokemon, a Kecleon, an honorary spot in the Special Force Pokemon Division. Good luck to you guys.

As for the Trainer that helped him, whom we only know as Jack, no one has seen him since that day. Police think he may be headed to Victory Road and would like to question him. If seen, please contact the police.

In related news, the company, P-sci Labs, managed by Corban Booker, has since been shut down and all funding cut off. A recent finding suggests fraud...”

The blue hat Trainer switches off the Pokegear (a present from Gorgi). He grabs his backpack, stands up, and walks calmly down the dirt path.


No capture, just posting this for closure in case anyone wanted to know how it ends. If anyone actually reads from the start (heh, as if) you'll probably discover the timeline is way off. And I made Jack too strong for only being a Trainer for about 3 months. Honestly, who goes through all these adventures and captures that many Pokemon in that short amount of time. This is what happens when I write chapters years apart, heh.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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Default 22- Two is Better Than One

Fresh start. You don't have to read anything before here. If you want a summary of the preceeding event, the final scene in 21 should suffice.

An epic shrill echoes throughout the house, deafening herself in the process. Her bare feet thump and slide across the boarded hallway, rushing to get to the restroom as quickly as possible. She slams into the door, arms shaking, looking back down the hall. After restlessly fidgeting to open the knob, the door creaks open and she quickly closes it shut. The lock firmly clicks into place, designating her safety.

She covers her mouth from her whining, grabs a pearl colored towel off the rack, and steps into the bathtub, only being lit by a dim night light. She coughs, trying to regain her nerves and senses, almost choking on her own flem from her constant flow of tears. She closes the clear nylon curtain, then proceeds to curl into a ball, sitting at the head of the tub, while covering herself with the towel. This is her last form of protection

The room is silent, except for her heavy whines within the confines of the towel. Her chest beat like a drum, progressively marching faster and faster with each passing moment of silence. And as she hides, she becomes nauseated by her own emotions from her weak ability to remain calm. Her eyes, stressed from her tears, become bloodshot and painful. Her mind wraps around her heart, trying to calm it down, but only results in a throbbing headache. Her nerves have a will of their own, wanting to shut down and give up.

But somehow, she had to protect herself.

Through her shuddering breaths, a creaky step is heard outside. And another, longer creak. A new, irregular creak is heard after that. Someone, no, a pair of someone is coming up the stairs. With each creak, her body sends a stiff response of fear and hesitation, and the realization that she can’t get away.

Thunk. A loud boot knocks the wood flooring, followed by another. One pair sounds closer than the other, but that didn’t ease her mind. Thunk.

She didn’t even think about running away, or finding a phone to call the police. Fear instilled her to hide from her enemy, to stay safe and hope the bad things go away.


Dad always tells her he would protect the family when the time came. That he would do anything for his princess. Part of her wants to scream out for him.

Thunk. The knob twists back and forth, agitated by a grimy hand on the opposite side. She pops her head out from under the towel, staring through the blurry curtain, seeing the dimly lit handle shake. Her heart races around her body, and she holds her breath, forgetting that she needs to refuel. But the stubborn click prevents the door from opening. This calms her breathing a bit, but she grips the towel around herself tighter than previously.

A mumbled voice calls from behind the door. The handle fiercely screeches and wobbles, trying to force their way in. She wants to scream, hoping someone would hear her. But her lungs lock up, saving oxygen for her rapidly beating heart.

Wham! A small family picture tilts crooked as the walls shake. The someone is trying to break in. A second wham hits, cracking the top metal hinges and around the handle. A third kick splinters the lock from the thick wall, slamming and indenting the door handle into the side wall as it opened. And all hell breaks loose.

Even at the youngest age of six, a kids’ survival instinct is a dangerous habit. The little girls’ lungs unlock, letting her sense of survival in play. She screams in a heavy pant, calling out for Daddy. As the last syllable leaves her lips, she begins to cry thick tears. Her mouth fills with extra saliva, slurring her screams in a bubbly tone. She curls up even further, as if trying to squeeze herself enough to escape down the drain.

A blurred guy clamors to the tub with a stiff look to his hazy face. His grubby arms grab the curtain, pulling the seems off the chain, and throws it off to the side. At this point, her screams stop as her crying subsides to stifled sniffles. Her big eyes get a shadowed glimpse of the burly man as he reaches down. He grabs the towel, trying to take it away, only struggling a little when the girl refused to give it up.

With her three defenses lost, and the inevitable end in sight, a moxy fixation escapes her eyes. The man forcibly grabs her left arm, crushing so hard that she can’t escape. She winces horribly, too injured to even muffle a shriek. Like slamming your hand in the door, she reacts violently with her teeth, grabbing a fair chuck of skin in her small bite. Even enough to force some blood to show.

The man growls, releasing grip, and shakes his arm. She slides back to her corner of the tub with her hands up front to defend from another grab. Her eyes fixate on the door, where the other person stands. There is no escape, only to fight back. But her young senses can’t keep up with such adrenaline, and have since shut down to allow her muscles to the front line.

She leans back, kicking her bare feet upward at any advances the man has on her. A foot almost kicks far enough in to hit his face. Not fearing a knock out, the man uses his body to hover in closely, taking the tiny footwork to his chest and stomach. Her eyes catch a beady look in his face, giving her a look of empowerment. Then, pain strikes up her legs and spinal cord, when he grabs both her legs with one of his hands. She struggles to kick free, but his grip only forces out a gasp of torture. Satisfied, the man drags her out.

Her body goes limp, as if telling her to give up. She twists herself around, moving her chest to the floor and back to the man. She claws at the wall but there is nothing to grab. As her body slides out of the tub, she tries to grab the top of the enameled marble, but her little hands cannot grip the slippy surface. Squirming forces her long hair over her head, making it harder to see anything to grab. She tries the toilet porcelain, but that too is difficult to grab a hold. Without an option, a blood curling scream reverberates in the all tile bathroom.

The man mumbles to shut up, momentarily pausing due to tension. He looks back to see she had grabbed the end of the cupboards, which held the sink and bathroom miscellaneous within. She tries kicking free of the temporary loose grip, but only instills more pain. Her tears scream out. Daddy, protect me! Her arm tendons stretch as the man tries to pry her clasped hands.

Frustrated, he throws her limp legs against the tile, quickly grabbing her arms tightly, pulling her away from the cupboards. She gasps, outstretched and exhausted. The man forces her arms to her belly, brushing her distraught hair to the side, opening her red, tear soaked face into the dim night light. She wants to scream again, but her body can’t take the stress any longer. Her lungs are depleted with resources. Her mind idealizes the thought of giving up. Her well of tears has dried up. Her muscles fall back after heavy casualties. And her nerves are shot into disarray.

“Stop struggling,” the man firmly grumbles. He lifts his free hand back, and slaps her unconscious to the floor.


The teen girl jumps in her bed, throwing the covers off her top half. She breathes irregularly and heavy, sweating profusely all over her body. She clasps her hands over her chest, trying to slow down her heart rate. Quickly, the teen grabs a flashlight from the night stand, immediately turning it on. Her eyes carefully and suspiciously scan the silent corners of the bedroom. But knowing the room is clear isn’t enough to still her thoughts. She grabs her thrown covers, curls into a ball next to her pillow, and wraps it warmly around herself.

While it may have been a dream, the reality of what happened is true. And anytime she imagines it, or someone mentions something relating, she locks up in a ball of fear. Fear that cannot be easily forgotten.


The place: Blackthorn City. The time: 8:00 in the morning. Much of the city has settled down from the events a few days ago. The city and its residence have gone back to their daily routines. The newspaper has a new headline. Trainers go back to battling and training. Only one department is still in a pickle from the event, and that would obviously be the Police. Every day is something new for them to deal with, but the big capture is keeping everyone busy and on their toes.

Almost everyone.

A sixteen year old girl, medium height and proportions, closes the door to her small one room apartment. A patchwork gray beret sits on top of her long, sandy blonde hair. Her hair joyfully resists being straight, naturally curling at the ends. A pair of copper lens aviator glasses hides her eyes from view. She wears a worn forest green v-neck shirt and light brown Capri pants. Her most important articles of clothing are her fingerless leather riding gloves; an accessory she almost never takes off, especially in the public. An army light green courier bag hangs over her shoulder. To finish off, white skate shoes with night blue laces.

Her lips form a motionless line across her face, neither frowning nor smiling. She lives in a one room apartment, all to herself, which is a pleasure, as well as a curse to her. It gives her a place to be herself and hide from the world she has steadily grown to scrutinize. She can’t seem to trust her neighbors, her good and friendly neighbors, through their daily actions and their hidden pasts. But trying to hide herself is her own undoing, because no one can help her when she needs it the most.

After leaving the apartment building, she unfolds her red razor scooter, and rides down the sidewalk. The momentum gently breezes across her face and through her flowing hair. The sun floats openly in the sky, not hiding its warm rays of sunshine. Pidgey coo while flying about, searching for early morning worms to feed their family. She pauses by a flower shop, gazing through the window at the gorgeous colorful petals. A waft of mixed pollens tickles her nose, enticing her to stop for a moment. Lilies, buttercups, roses, daisies.

She takes a whiff from a nearby barrel of white Bindweed flowers. Moving closer, other aromas surround her. She knows she has to keep going, but flowers have this power of attraction over her. Every sniff puts clean thoughts into her head, masking over any terrible thoughts.

The florist gives a friendly wave to his favorite customer. She waves back, entering the store to absorb the noxious aromas. For her, flowers are like a drug that lets her forget bad memories. Because a flower can never be viewed as something terrible; they always cheer people up. Bright oranges, yellows, violets, whites, and reds. These are the colors of content.

But all the flowers in the world and marvelous scents they produce can’t replace the one she’s wanted for ten years. The rare sapphire rose. Its petals are an ominous light blue with an unending evanescent property. It was this flower that pushed the gloomy clouds away and opened her eyes to a bright future.

Within this Pokemon world, along with her desire for flowers, she has grown to love flowering Pokemon. Vileplume. Bellossom. Cherrim. Roserade. All of them. Unfortunately, up in the mountains of Blackthorn City, these Pokemon are just as rare a sight. Grass type Pokemon love to live somewhere warmer, closer to ground level and near bodies of water. And with grass type Pokemon disliking the cold, these mountainous regions are not an ideal place. But there are two places she can find them. The florist owns a Bellossom of his own, whom usually sits by the register with a happy disposition. The other place is the Pokecenter, where Trainers hang out visiting from far off places. There is a third option, but she doesn’t have authorization for it.

The first smile of her day cracks her face as she points to her usual bottle of perfume behind the counter. The florist nods, making friendly conversation in the meantime. This gets a laugh from the teen. She waves her goodbye, patting Bellossom over the head, and takes one last breath of sensual air.

Four miles later, she can still smell the faint nectar that clung to her body, as if a Skuntank sprayed her with toxins that would only go away with a long shower. Sensing her surroundings, her smile never left as she begins to appreciate the good morning the world is trying to show off.

The Blackthorn Police Station. For five years, she has been an apprentice at the station. Following, watching, participating... everything she could do to learn what it takes to become a cop. This is her one and only desire. One day, she wants to become a detective, going out and hunting for the bad guys; capturing them and throwing them in jail; making them suffer for all their wrongdoings. But mostly because she seeks justice for what happened ten years ago. Never identified. Never caught. She remains in pain at the very thought or mention of it. Revenge? No, that isn’t why. Satisfaction.

Entering through the door, she folds her razor scooter and carries it under her arm. It’s after 9:00 in the morning, meaning the Noctowl shift was over, and the Pidgey shift just started. This is her favorite shift to show up at, for it’s this shift when meetings are held for the daily rush. Who would go where, with whom? Pokemon theft updates and location hot spots to watch. And the rare swat meetings, which are fun to listen to.

Unfortunately, she only holds the rank of Junior Deputy. She was given simple and mediocre tasks that are less important or deemed too much a waste of time for senior officers to deal with. Sometimes she would be allowed in a ride-along for a whole day, which is the most exciting for her. Unfortunately, most days she would simply hang around the station, helping file and organize stuff and occasionally observing the processing system.

Behind the front desk is Attendant Miranda Bates. She’s in charge of all desk work, marking attendance, organizing the operators and dispatch, and passing information along. She is friendly and works very hard to keep everyone busy. Her police hat tilts over her short hair wrapped in a bun. The usual blue uniform dresses her, including black boots. Even though she works behind desks, she still regularly trains with firearms and keeps in shape.

But the teen girl doesn’t like her. She never lets her get away with anything. And trying to persuade her is about as impossible as a person landing on Mars. She prepares for the greeting, trying to get through the conversations as quickly as possible.

Miranda cocks her eyebrows upward in surprise that the teen is wearing sunglasses in doors. She smiles, realizing why. “April, good morning. Haven’t seen you around for a while. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, Attendant Bates. Are there any meetings still going on?”

“Hmm. I think Room 4 is about to finish their discussion about the Tan Gang incident. You can try there.”

April gives a fake smile, “Thanks! Bye.” She heads for Room 4, not paying attention to what Bates replied.

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Default 22- Two is Better Than One

But, just as she arrives, ready to turn to the knob, a group of officers step out. The room clears. The meeting is over. But that doesn’t stop her from entering, eying the Captain still at the head of the room, organizing the files and reports. It looks like a school room, with four rows of chairs for the students, a big desk for the teacher, and a rectangular table in front of the white board.

Captain Johnson is one of her favorite people to bug because he caves in so easily. He’s kinda cute too, in an older handsome type of way. She especially likes to embarrass him as red faced as possible. The way his dimples show and his nervous smile cracks her up. As an opposite to Bates, she could almost get anything she wanted from him.

April playfully jumps into one of the school chairs in the front middle row. Johnson looks up to see her cheerful demeanor staring at him.

“Hiiee!!” She waves enthusiastically.

“Oh, uh, ahem.” He shuffles his papers. “Hi, uh, April. How were you days off?”

“Fine, just fine! But I missed being here.” She wants to say she missed him, but thinks it’s too early to embarrass him. “What’s the update with the Tan Gang?”

“Huh? Oh, well... We’re still going through processing and evidence. Almost a hundred suspects and a whole lab of junk will take all month to process. Not to mention the Pokemon recovered still need to find their Trainers and homes. We can use some help in processing.”

Bleh. Again? A historic event happens in Blackthorn, and he wants her to help in processing? “What about finding the members that escaped? I want to do some detective work.” She flicks her blonde hair away, looking at him with pouty lips

He flusters a bit, “You’d... ahem. You’d only get in the way. This is a serious crime and we need experienced officers on the job.”

She whines. “Awww, all right. Fine. But what about all those Pokemon? Can I have one?”

Johnson finishes organizing the last of the folders. “You know I can’t do that.”

“Come on. You can say it was mine, nobody would know. Plleeeeeaaaseee...!!” She leans her chest forward over the desk, trying to tunnel his vision.

His face peaks pigmentation. Swallowing hard, he quickly turns his head away not to look. His voice stutters nervously. “I- I- I- can’t... it’s against regulations, you know that....” The silent response forces him to look back at her. “Ahem...” He steps back to the desk, sitting down for the moment. “Look, uh... April. The only way I can do that, is to, uh, is if a Pokemon isn’t picked up after a month on hold.” He opens a drawer, pretending to look for stuff to keep his eyes occupied. “But even then, uhm, we donate those Pokemon to organizations or special kids on our lists. I- I just don’t know....

The door knocks, as an older gentleman steps in the room. It’s Commander Nickels, the lead officer of the Blackthorn City Police. His grey mustache tweaks in interest. “Johnson!”

The Officer stands tensely, regaining composure in front of the Commander. “Sir.”

The teens’ smile lessens across her face. She almost had him. “Hi Commander Nickels!” As an older gentleman, with a serious nature, her charms are also ineffective. Although, she has never tried. As the highest ranking officer within the department, she holds a lot of respect for him and his decisions. Like a father. Trying to take advantage of someone in that position is against her own code of trust.

As usual, Nickels isn’t in uniform except for his hat, utility belt, and boots. A casual green jacket and corduroy brown shorts consist of his attire. “Junior Deputy April, hello. Johnson! Hurry up.”

“Sir, I am. April came in after we finished, asking what she can do to help.”

“Put her on evidence processing. We have a lot to go through.”

She interrupts, “Sir, if it’s okay, I want to help with the investigation.”

The Commander scratches his belly. “That won’t be necessary. Our top officers, along with cooperation from other departments, will be enough. Let’s go, Johnson.”

“Please, sir.” She stands tall, as an officer would do. “I’ve been here five years and I still can’t go out on my own. How am I supposed to learn how to be a police officer if all I do is the same thing every week?”

Nickels sighs heavily, as an old man with experience does. He removes his hat, revealing his receding black and grey hair line. “Repetition is what makes us excel at what we do. Not every day is going to be chasing the bad guy with explosions and such. But... maybe I can think of something you may be able to help with. Would you mind a little detective work?”

Her eyes bulge behind her sunglasses. “Yes, please.”

“Good. We need to find this Trainer that helped us catch the Tan Gang. The lead we have is only guesswork. Maybe you can find something else we didn’t.”

“Where do I start?”

“Talk with Uriel Dawson; he was with him at the time. Uriel is also our newest recruit. You can find him in office G9 right now. Remember what we taught you and you’ll do fine. The only information we have on the Trainer is his first name: Jack.”

“Thank you, thanks you very much sir. I won’t let you down.” She shakes his firm hand with a smile. Then, she says in a teasing voice, “We’ll talk more later, Captain Johnson.” Before stepping out of the room, she notices the Captain shyly looking away.

As soon as she leaves, Johnson throws a big sigh of relief. “Sir, you do know we’ve exhausted that lead numerous times, each one leading no where.”

“I know that. If I knew it would lead somewhere, I wouldn’t have given it to her. This will be good practice to see if she is able to find what we found out.”

“Uh, yea. At least it keeps her out of my hair for a while.”


Finally. The moment she has been waiting for has arrived. Detective work. All her learning has led up to this point, meaning now she has to prove to Commander Nickels that she can do it well.

She wonders who this Uriel character is, and what kind reaction she can get out of him. And what about her target, Jack? She imagines a gorgeous looking, well built body with long locks of hair. A hero that could lust after any women he desires. A top Trainer, along with his elite Pokemon team, that won’t let evil stand in his way.

She licks her lips in thought, pressing her hand on the door to Office G6. Wait! The files. I have to read the reports first. Looking back, she doesn’t see the Commander watching her anywhere. Good. Last thing she needs is for him to know she almost made a mistake in the first five minutes. Before the first interview, the detective needs information so they know what kind of questions to ask. And the more she knew, the more she can take advantage of the other person.

With permission from Attendant Bates, though scornful, she sits at a computer to read initial reports. 911 Calls. Responding Officers. Suspects. Ah, there it is: Tan Gang Incident Report. She let out a small moan, noticing the 40 page length. Reluctantly, she reads it all, from top to bottom, not missing a single detail. She takes notes of important information regarding her assignment in a small flip notebook. By the time she finishes reading, four hours have passed by.

Jack. A teenager. Taller than me. Brown hair. Eye color undetermined. Has at least 10 Pokemon. Possibly an experienced Pokemon Trainer. No known background. Heading for Indigo Plateau?

Back. Back. Back. As she presses the ‘back’ button, she momentarily stops when a file name catches her interest. Stolen Pokemon Recovered. The file opens, listing all the Pokemon ever recovered by the Police. She scrolls the bar to the last pages, where the Tan Gang incident is located. 97 Pokemon are listed as recovered from the base: 64 Pokemon have been returned to their owner thus far, 15 Pokemon are in process. This leaves 18 Pokemon unclaimed. It’s also the first week of the month duration until any left over Pokemon are donated to the needy. According to the statistics, in the first two days, half of the Pokemon were claimed, and it has steadily dropped since then.

She quickly removes her sunglasses, revealing her sleep deprived and weakened bloodshot eyes, as if surprised and unbelieving her sight. Lickilicky. Ralts. Linoone. Plusle. Dunsparce. Croconaw. Venomoth. Tangrowth. Buneary. Spinda. Roselia. Feraligatr. Gorebyss. Kricketune. Makuhita. Oddish. Wartortle. Zigzagoon. A Roselia, and, even more important, an Oddish are still unclaimed. A Grass Pokemon! Her head lightly falls back, making her dizzy with euphoria. Her chance at owning an Oddish, which evolves into the lovely Bellossom, just became reality. Is this a dream? No, it’s better than that... she must be dead.

After lunch, flirting with the other officers on break, she’s ready for the first interview. Uriel Dawson: age 27 African-American. Male. 6'8", 211 pounds. For years he worked as a bouncer at the only night club in the city, before it closed down. Then he was hired by the Tang Gang to guard the bowling alley, Dragon’s Pin. The day before the incident, there was a battle at said bowling alley by that Trainer, Jack, where Uriel decided to help him in beating the Tan Gang at their base the next day. He has one Pokemon, a Kecleon. He also has a speech impediment.

Currently, he’s undergoing training in the Police Academy for bodyguard training. His Kecleon is also receiving classes for the special Pokemon Police branch. In the report, it said he likes James Bond films, as evident in their silent entry into the Tang Gang building.

Unfortunately, Uriel has gone home for the day. When asking Attendant Bates, she says he’ll be back tomorrow for a pre-examination exam from nine to around eleven in the morning. April didn’t mind at all, because it allows her to exact her more important plan.

“Can I borrow your key for the supply room? I left mine at home.”

Bates sighs. “All right, but bring them right back.” She hands over her ring of multiple keys to various doors.

April thanks her and skips down the halls. She passes by the Pokemon Storage room, where her precious Oddish awaits. She has the key to the room in her hand and fights the desire to step in. Continuing on, she enters the Storage room, which holds any and all equipment. But she is only interesting in grabbing some modeling clay.


Well into the afternoon, her time at the Police Station is over. With her interviewee gone for the day, and not wanting to bother him at home, she embarks on a secret mission. Her red razor scooter slides to a stop in front of a key making store.

She laughs within her head. The male cashier will make this too easy. “Hiiee! Can you make me a key?” She places a clay mold of a key on the counter.

The guy looks at it curiously, shaking his head. “What is this? I can’t make keys without the original.”

“Ohh... but pleeaasee! I made this mold in case I ever lost the original, which I did. It’s the key to my safe where I keep all my money. Please sir.” April gently caresses the guys’ hand on the counter.

He slowly recedes his hand, though enjoying the touch. “Well, ok. But I’ll have to charge extra.”

She pouts in an innocent voice, “But I can’t pay you until the safe is open. Will that be fine with you?”

A bead of sweat drops from his face. “Yea, sure. I’ll have this ready in an hour.”


Next day. Junior Deputy April has been sitting in the waiting room next to the front desk, waiting for Uriel to show up. It’s after eleven, so the exam is over by now. She is anxious and nervous about her first step as a detective.

The tall dark skinned man steps up to the front desk, exchanging conversation with Bates. He wears a dark teal suit and pant combo with a black tie. A skinny pair of sunglasses sits atop his dark, short hair. His suit covers his body nicely, except for the thick neck muscles indicating just how strong he is.

April takes a deep breath, putting on her game face. “Uriel Dawson?” She questions, getting a confirmation response stance from him. She quickly wraps her arms around his body, barely able to touch her hands together on his back. She thrusts her face into his chest and whines, “Thank you so much for all you did.” She sobs, not really crying behind her sunglasses.

The bouncer strokes her hat, responding in a deep voice, “Your welcome young lady now.”

She releases her grip, taking a step back to see the damage. Normally, when her cute self hugs a guy, the guy becomes a bit nervous about it. But here, nothing. No skin change, no change in emotion, no avoiding eye contact.

“I hear you were the one with Jack. See, I’m his sister and I’ve been looking for him for a long time. His Meowth is very sick at home and we want him to come back. When I saw on the news, I knew it must have been him.” She brushes her hair back, then holds her hands together in front. “I talked to the police, but they don’t know anything. But you were the last person to see him, so you must know.”

“Sorry, I don’t know where he went now.”

“But... pleeasee! Uriel, I’ll do anything for you. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g,” she finishes off with a whisper.

His face is like a brick wall, unchanging and unmoving from anything she throws at him. “What’s your name now?”

“April,” she says, trying to be cute.

“And how old are you, April, now?”


He crosses his arms. “It appears Jack got all the honorable qualities of the family. I’m sorry for your loss and hope Meowth gets better, but I don’t know where he went. The last place I saw him was at the Pokemon Center now.”

A strike of lighting thought hits her brain. He was a bouncer... at a club... he’s resistant and fully capable at ignoring advances from women. She’s never serious about any of it, but the thought of rejection hurts her.

“You’re a 16 year old girl. You shouldn’t act like this. What would your parents think?”

Suddenly, the entire room froze at the mention of the ‘p’ word. The staff at the front desk stands up cautiously, watching for her reaction.

“My... p... ....parents?”

She awakens in a daze of confusion and a throbbing headache, pounding like a rigorous drum beat. Her dry eyes try to focus around the room she sits in. A lamp in the far corner tries to light the room, but the dark shadows remain to hide and blur anything she sees. She doesn’t know what happened after the bathroom, nor where she is currently residing. She lay on the ground, focusing on the queen sized bed in front of her, recognizing she must be in her parents master bedroom.

She can hear a muffling scream somewhere around the bed, probably on the top. She weakly stands up, her legs feeling like jello after being squeezed tightly like a tube of toothpaste. On the bed is her mother in a ripped nightgown, with her arms bound together by rope to one end of the bed frame. Her wrists are red with bruising and dried blood, forcefully trying to escape. Duct tape is repeatedly wound around her mouth and her face is warped with tear lines and a couple scratches by her ear. Her feet are also red from bruising and scars, as if she too was dragged and beaten.

“Momm...” Before the little girl can scream and run to her, the burly man grabs her from behind, tightly, like an Ursaring bear hug. He carries her off the ground, receiving a couple kicks to his legs as she struggles. She bites, but misses the arm where she had bitten earlier. The man grunts, tossing her across the carpet, rolling into one of the wooden dressers in the room.

“Ha. Ha. Ha... We can tie you up too, little girl.” His face is still hidden by shadows, but his evil grin and fixed beady eyes seem to glow in the dark, impressing their expression into her mind.

The whining returns, warning the man to show some sympathy. Her need to go to mom for protection is natural, but the fear of the intruders keeps her away. She looks for the door, only to see it blocked by the other, taller someone. His face isn’t as menacing, but his posture is overbearing, as if he wanted to eat her up. Her tear ducts find the energy to cry again, facing her mother on the bed. “Mommy...”

The burly man staggers in front of her, raising his arm warning her he would hit her again. She flinches, curling into a sniveling ball by the dresser. The man continues by, standing angrily by the mother.

“Your husband owes us some money. A lot of money. He’s past the deadline. We tried sending him messages but he never called back. We warned him that if we don’t get any money, we’ll take something from him.” The burly man reaches down, stroking the mothers’ dark hair. “It’s not your fault, but we have to take what’s most precious in his life. We have to send him a message that he’ll never forget.” He unpockets a five inch switchblade, also glowing brightly with that evil face of his. The mother squirms her body, exhaustingly yelling behind the tape.

“No no, shhh shh. If you’re that nervous, we’ll start with your daughter.”

Her eyes widen, focusing on the glaring knife reflecting fear into her eyes. The other man grabs her from behind in a holding position, locking her legs and arms behind her back and holding her mouth closed. The burly man takes a knee to the carpet, grabbing one of the arms. He squeezes the wrist, opening the hand and fully extended fingers devoid of color.

Behind him, the bed squeaks and cracks with louder muffling sounds. Not being able to see what they are doing to her daughter frightens her enough that she doesn’t care if she breaks her hands to be free. The childish suppressed screams pour rage filled tears onto the bed.

The little girls’ hazel eyes suck into her head, trying to escape the look. Those devil eyes. That grin of satisfaction. The knife, gleaming with power to ruin lives. Which is soon forgotten when the blade is carefully carved into the palm of her hand and only the thought of terrible pain encompasses her.

April looks at her fingerless leather gloves, flipping them over to her palm. She drops them at her side, quickly running off.

Uriel stares, dumbfounded. “What... what did I say now?”

Attendant Bates walks around the front desk. “That’s right, you’re new here so you don’t know. That’s April, she a Junior Deputy here. You might want to sit down for what I’m about to tell you.”

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Default 22- Two is Better Than One


4 hours later. Yes, that long. April has been in hiding in the woman’s locker area, specifically in the laundry room. Not a single person has gone to check up on her because it’s always a waste of time. The length of time these flashbacks happen varies, but she can credit many nightmarish, sleepless nights because of them.

At her side is the bottle of flower perfume which was once was full, but is now half empty. She steps to her feet, taking a deep breath of fragranced air. Using the mirror, she cleans her face and makeup, blending eye shadow and eye liner to hide her puffy eyes, as well as eye drops to remove her redness. She grabs her perfume and slides her shades back on, ready to go again.

She’s lost a lot of valuable time.

“April!” Commander Nickels happens to walk down the path outside the locker room. “How are you doing?”

“Fine. Just fine. I’m sorry...”

“Don’t worry about it. How’s your investigation going? I heard you talked with Uriel.”

“Yes sir. But he couldn’t provide any useful Intel. I think I’ll head to the Pokemon Center where he was last scene.”

He nods. “Good work. Keep me informed.”

She knows everyone knows about what happened to her and the blackouts she has, but nobody ever says anything about it. Mostly because they’re afraid it will force her back into that state. Which it might. Either that, or nobody actually cares about her to see what’s the matter. Which has made it difficult to talk with her fellow Officers, because no one wants to risk talking with her. One wrong word and she was gone from reality.

Back on the computer, she checks for any updates with the Stolen Pokemon Recovered file. Two more are in process: Gorebyss and Zigzagoon. As long as Oddish and Roselia are still there, she didn’t care about the others.

After that, she walks to the Pokemon Storage room and uses the key she had made. It works. She walks down the aisles of Pokeball holding shelves to where the 15 Pokemon remained. Checking her notes for the correct number, she grabs a Pokeball. She finds the second number, grabbing that Pokeball in her other glove.

“Oddish. Roselia. I hope your owners don’t show up.” She hugs them to her chest, dancing around the room.

The door creaks open, allowing a voice in. “April, what are you doing in here.”

Two officers and the Commander stand at the entrance. She stops dancing, placing the Pokeballs back in their holdings. “Uh, nothing. I was just, uh... How’d you know I was here?”

Nickels points to the camera in the corner. “You don’t have clearance for this room. This is a major violation you know.”

“Yea, I know sir. But I just wanted to spend some time with the Pokemon. I apologize for my behavior lately.”

*Sigh* “How can you expect me to give you assignments when you’re doing things behind my back.” One of the officers whispers in his ear. He whispers back. “Really? Dancing?” He addresses April, rubbing his mustache. “April, I’m going to reassign you to Pokemon detail. Every morning we let them out to feed them, then put them back in their Pokeball. We don’t have time to roam around and play with them. How would you like to be our Pokemon Caretaker for the time being?”

April stands in awe. “You mean, take care of Pokemon?”

“Yes. We can open up the Pokemon Training hall upstairs for you to play with the recovered Pokemon until we find their owners. Lord knows they must hate being cooped up in a Pokeball all day.”

“Th-Thank you sir. I would love to.”

“Excellent. I also have this for you.” He hands out a small bronze badge that says ‘Junior Detective’ at the top and the city of Blackthorn engraved in the middle. “To make it official when you’re in the city. Remember, I’m trusting you. I don’t want to have to take that away.”

She understands, completely. In one swoop, she almost lost everything that is important to her, but instead gained that much more. The extra responsibility and extra trust chokes her heart, wanting to leap out and give that man a hug. But instead, she salutes him with a proud smile.


Another next day later. Her detective work continues in the early gloomy morning, not wasting a single minute stopping by the station first. Today, she would get her chance to play with Pokemon- to play with a grass Pokemon. But before that.... the Pokemon Center.

Near the center of the city, this two story Pokemon building is open to all Trainers and similar Pokemon care persons. It is here that Jack was known to have stayed, and was last sighted on the day in question. She’s only been inside half a dozen times during festival seasons, when Trainers from all across the league would show up. She loves seeing what kind of Pokemon they bring, hoping to spend time with any Trainer that brings a flowering Pokemon. But alas, she hasn’t found any yet.

Nurse Joy stands behind the counter, with her pink hair in a ribbon and warming smile upon entering. “Hi there, what can I do for you?”

Nurse Joy was interviewed about this Trainer many times, all leading to the same answers. ‘He stayed a little more than two months and only came by at night to sleep. He rarely talked to anyone and kept to himself most of the time.’ But there has to be more to the story. Anything that would lead to where he went and what kind of Trainer he is.

“Hi Nurse Joy. I’m wondering if you can help me.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I’m looking for my boyfriend, he’s a Pokemon Trainer. His name is Jack. Have you seen him around here?”

“Jack,” Joy and a few other eavesdropping Trainers’ ears perk up. “You mean the mysterious Trainer that saved the city?”

“Er, I think so. He did say something about helping Blackthorn... er something. But that means you saw him, right? Is he here?”

“No, unfortunately not. He disappeared that night when the Tang Gang was caught. No one’s seen him since. Which is a shame too, he’s a good kid. You’re very lucky to have him.”

April forces a blush. “Aw, thanks. But you don’t know where he could have gone?”

“Sorry dear. He was a quiet one, didn’t talk much. Only time I’d see him was in the morning when he left and at night when he arrived to sleep.”

The same story. “But you must have talked to him. Did he say anything at all? Please, I miss him so much.”

A beep sounds from her computer. “Just the normal Trainer chit-chat that everyone talks about. Training for a Gym match, training for the festival, training for training. That sort of stuff. He talked about it quite a lot since our leader was on vacation the entire time he was here. He was kind of impatient about it, but I could sense he didn’t mind the extra training. The day after he left, the leader announced his return.” She looks up at the tv hanging over the room. “I do hope the media didn’t scare him off. He’s quite a hero.”

“Then he challenged the Gym?”

“I wouldn’t count on it. Every Trainer comes back here for a check up after an intense Gym battle, especially facing Dragon type Pokemon. My guess is he left town. Sorry I can’t be of much help to you.”

A younger boy tugs on April’s pants. “You talking ‘bout Jack?” She looks down at him with a nod. “I wish he’d come back. We made a bet to see who could win their first badge. Now I’ll never know if I beat him.”

A Gym match, of course! Besides the Pokemon Center, all Trainers stop by the city Gym. But if what Nurse Joy and the little boy say are true, then he can’t be an experienced Trainer. No. That would mean he’s a novice Trainer. But, the time line is off and he couldn’t have challenged the Gym because the leader came back the next day. But maybe....

“Oh,” Nurse Joy interrupts, “I did send one of his Pokemon to Goldenrod City. You can call the Pokemon Center there and leave a message with them if you’d like. If you find him, please send him our thanks.”

“Huh? Oh, yea. I’ll do that. Thanks for the help little boy.” The automatic doors open and close as she leaves.


Her red scooter skids to a stop. She drowns her mouth with water, having exercised more than she’s wanted to today. She stretches her legs, sticky from sweat inside her Capri pants. As she approaches the menacing dragon door to the gym, a sign hangs over the handle. Closed.

“What? No way.”

In that moment, the door pops open and shut, letting a small, old man out. He wears lime green pants and a fancy Hawaiian shirt. His head is missing patches of gray hair but his face is fully confident in his appearance. She thinks he’s a loony.

“Can I assist you?”

“Is the Gym leader around, I have some questions...”

“He’s busy. My name’s Gorgi, assistant to the Blackthorn Gym. Walk with me.” They take a right around the huge Gym building, walking through a beautiful array of well watered plants and flowers. “So, what’s your question, miss?”

She takes off her hat, covering her heart, also putting on a sympathy show including both visual and audible sadness. “It’s my boyfriend. He went missing a couple weeks ago and his family... uh... ahem... I’m worried about him. *Sniff* He said he was going to challenge your Gym, so I was wondering if you saw him here?”

“Oh, it’s okay. What’s his name, miss?”

“Jack. This was going to be his first gym battle... he was supposed to wait for me.” She frowns quickly. “Some nerve of him.”

The old man’s eyes tighten. “Sorry to hear that. What did you say his last name was?”

Shoot. He caught her. Without knowing his last name, he wouldn’t know whom she is talking about. Her glove clenches the razor scooter. “I- I don’t remember. We met at the, uh, Cherrygrove Pokemon Center... gasp... I don’t think he knows my last name either! But. But... I can describe him. He’s a little taller than me and about my age. Short brown hair... I think... uh. Someone like that had to have shown up.”

“A Mr. Jack, eh? Let me recall. ....... Oh yes, we did have one by that name. He really gave our leader a strong battle. It’s too bad you missed it, I’m sure he would have loved to have you by his side. Your name, miss?”

“Oh, it’s April. And thanks. Do you know where he’s heading now? I can’t seem to reach him by phone anymore.”

He laughs, “That’s understandable. He’s up in the mountains where phone signals can’t reach.”

Mountains? She had no idea an out right lie would grant her valuable information like that. “So you do know where...”

“Yes, I do. But I can’t tell you that.”

“What, why not? I’m his girlfriend, remember?”

“I know what you said, but that’s not who you are. Am I correct in this?” He watches her face destroy itself with guilt. “I’m sorry, April, but he has asked to go on his way in peace. He’s smart in doing so too, because any Trainer in this position would allow all the praise to go to his head, making him arrogant in training and battles. And that last thing any Trainer needs is extreme overconfidence.”

April stops walking with him. “Thank you for your time.”

“Wait.” He puts her arm around her sullen shoulders. “If you intend to search for him, best of luck to you. But if you find him, will you do what you’re supposed to do, or do what’s right? Detective.”

“Uh, yea, Whatever. Thanks.” She twists away from his arm, walking back to the main street. ‘Do what’s right.’ What’s that supposed to mean? Doing her job is the right way. And how did he know...ooww oh.... before venturing out, she had stuck her bronze badge on her satchel bag. Joy couldn’t see it because it was hidden behind the counter. What a stupid mistake.

But not costly. She has enough information to make a more intelligent guess where the Trainer is heading next. From Blackthorn City, there are four main places to head to: Indigo Plateau; Mahogany Town; Goldenrod City; or New Bark Town. New Bark Town can be eliminated since there are no mountains south of the city. Goldenrod is a dangerous route to travel for a new Trainer. He has no reason to go to Indigo Plateau. He has to be heading for Mahogany Town through Ice Path, where phones won’t work. There is a Gym there as well.

Jack: Must have started from New Bark Town, goes to Blackthorn City and wins badge. Goes to Mahogany Town next.

A heart bubble pops over her head. “Wow, he must be some kind of Trainer to win his first badge from the hardest Gym in the league. Dragon Pokemon are scary.”

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