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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-21-2004, 11:31 PM
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Default My first battle...

I woke up early one morning. My head hurt from using a rock as a pillow. I said to my Houndour"what do you want to do today?" He barked a few times, I didn't have a clue what he said but replied"sure, why not". He barked happily and we started to walk around in the forest. Suddely I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye. I stoped and so did my Houndour. I said to him, quite proudly"looks like our first catch, hehehe...". I traveled over to the bushes where I say the movment and sent Houdour to investagate. A pidgey came running out. Houndour shortly after. I told him to takle it and he did. Direct hit as well. The pidgey fell to the ground but it wasn't short after it got back up. I told Houndour to tackle it again. Another direct hit. There was no way this thing was ganna get up. I pulled out a poke ball and threw it at the Pidgey. And it was a ...
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Old 05-21-2004, 11:34 PM
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Default Re: My first battle...


You expect a catch with that!?

Go look at some other ones kid. This is just sad.
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Old 05-22-2004, 03:45 PM
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Default Re: My first battle...

Story: God, there were none. You wake up from Dreamland, and you walk for like 1 sentence and then you meet some random wild Pokemon and you catch it. Makes sense? No. Read the story writing rule, you need to have at least one FULL post(So, at least 6 times of that).

Grammar: Errors here and there, and separate your story into paragraphs, please. Capitalize the P of Pokeballs, Pokemon Centers and other words with Poke/Pokemon in it.

Details: You barely described how you ran, how you felt when you met the Pokemon, and what else happened on the way to the forest. Try describing them.

Reality: Fine, you meet a Pidgey from nowhere, I guess that's fine cuz Pidgey's aint that rare neways.

Battle: 2 direct hits and thats it. Right... You can't always have the advantage, it makes the story boring. Pidgey can fly, and can escape, remember? Try some ways to make Pidgey trapped and stay, so you can battle and catch it.

Outcome: Pidgey not captured!

Comments: You can catch a rubbish can with this, though. Give it a shot
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