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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 07-25-2006, 10:33 PM
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Default Brad's ID Card

Name: Brad
Age: 21
Gender: Male

AIM: Brad987123

Cash: 20,300

Items: Dragon Scale (used), Spirit Stone (used), Thunder Stone (used), Spirit Stone (used).

TMs & Hms: HM03 Surf, TM13 Ice Beam(used), TM06 Toxic(used), TM23 Iron Tail(used), TM26 Earthquake(used),TM97 Safeguard(used), TM71 Return(used), TM26Earthquake(used), TM38 Fire Blast(used),TM98 Brick Break(used),TM44 Rest(used), TM76 Sleep Talk(used),TM 43 Sky Attack, TM27 Fissure, TM06 Toxic(used), TM13 Ice beam (used), TM50 Substitute(used), TM44 Rest(used), TM64 Protect(used),TM32 Double Team(used) TM72 Shadow Ball (used), TM95 Taunt(used), TM82 Attract(used) TM82 Attract (used), TM62 Snore (used) TM82 Attract (used), TM06 Toxic (used), TM64 Protect (used) TM82 Attract (used) TM26 Earthquake (used)m TM93 Bulk Up(used), TM50 Substitute (used), TM06 Toxic (used), TM82 Attract (used), TM101 Rock Tomb (Used), TM29 Psychic (used), TM32 Double Team (used),TM95 Taunt (used) TM85 Fire Punch (used), TM02 Dragon Claw (used) TM50 Substitute (used), TM64 Protect(used), TM33 Reflect (Used), TM82 Attract (Used) TM55 Roar (used), TM06 Toxic (used), Double Team (used), TM96 Light Screen (used), TM111 Energy Ball (used), TM77 Sludge Bomb (used), TM110 Focus Blast (used), TM Brine, TM65 Rain Dance (used) TM26Earthquake, (uesd) TM32 Double Team (used), TM26 Earthquake (used), TM102 Aerial Ace (used), TM55 Roar (used), TM50 Substitute (used), TM100 Flamethrower (used), TM32 Double Team(used).

Pokemon Trainer's Battle Record.

Trainer Battles

Wins: 196
Losses: 76
Draws: 3
Total 273

Current Streak 1+
Best Streak 14+
Worst Streak -2

FFA's: 10
FFA's Won: 3

Gym Battles

Total Battles 14
Wins 6
Losses 8
Draws 0

Gym Bagdes

Kanto, Badge: Earth, Badge: Cascade

Johto, Badge: Glacier, Badge: Zephyr

Hoenn, Badge: Rain




Starter Pokemon.
EXP. 146
Gender: Female
TMs & Hms: HM03 Surf, TM13 Ice Beam, TM06 Toxic, TM44 Rest, TM76 Sleep Talk,
TM71 Return, TM82 Attract, TM50 Substitute, TM64 Protect, TM65 Rain Dance,T M32 Double Team.
BMs & MTs:

Bought at Mart.
EXP. 28
Gender: Female
Battles: W18/L10/D1
TMs & Hms: TM97 Safeguard, TM82 Attract, TM06 Toxic, TM64 Protect, TM02 Dragon Claw,
TM55 Roar, TM32 Double Team.
BMs & MTs:

Bought at Mart.
EXP. 42
Gender: Female
Battles: W32/10/D0
TMs & Hms: TM06 Toxic, TM50 Substitute, TM44 Rest, TM64 Protect, TM32 Double Team,
TM72 Shadow Ball, TM95 Taunt, TM82 Attract, TM62 Snore,
BMs & MTs:

EXP. 44
Gender: Male
Battles: W36/L8/D0
TMs & Hms:TM50 Substitute, TM06 Toxic , TM82 Attract , TM29 Psychic, TM32 Double Team,
TM95 Taunt, TM24 Thunderbolt, TM74 Ice Punch, TM85 Fire Punch, TM111 Energy Ball, TM77 Sludge Bomb, TM110, TM118 Will-o-wisp
Focus Blast.
BMs & MTs:

Traded for with AK.
EXP. 1
Gender: Female
Battles: W1/L0/D0
TMs & Hms: Surf
BMs & MTs:

Received as Gift.
Name: Creepy Hollows
EXP. 0
Gender: Genderless
Battles: W0/L0/D0
TMs & Hms:
BMs & MTs:

Traded for with AK.
EXP. 31
Gender: Female
Battles: W26/L5/D0
TMs & Hms: TM72 Shadow Ball, TM24 Thunderbolt,TM33 Reflect, TM82 Attract,
TM55 Roar, TM06 Toxic, Double Team, TM96 Light Screen
BMs & MTs:

Traded for with DC
EXP. 1
Gender: Male
Battles: W0/L1/D0
TMs & Hms: HM Surf, HM Stregth, TM06 Toxic.
BMs & MTs:

Traded for with AK
EXP. 1
Gender: Male
Battles: W1/L0/D0
TMs & Hms: HM Surf, TM26 Earthquake.
BMs & MTs:

Traded for with Eraizaa
EXP. 1
Gender: Male
Battles: W1/L0/D0
TMs & Hms: TM06 Toxic, TM82 Attract, TM26 Earthquake,
TM102 Aerial Ace, TM55 Roar, TM50 Substitute, TM100 Flamethrower,TM32 Double Team
BMs & MTs: Hydro Pump

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