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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 08-11-2006, 09:33 PM
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Default The electric Disaster

It was a normal day in Mauville while a magnemite was Flaoting along. heading for a building rumored to be New Mauville.No one really cared,they'd seen electric Pokemon before.As Children were sent to the mauville pokemon School for first day of term a Voltorb was ready for Selfdesruct of Hapiness.It was first day of term,no more kids Rolling around,or the more Cruel kids trying to play Basketball or soccer with it.Wallace the gym leader was also happy because now that the Summer was over more trainers would set out on an adventure and Battle his gym.One man whispered to another that there would be an overflow of trainer's coming to each otherAnother Pair of woman were talking about this trainer that seemed to be doing good,he left at the beginning of the summer."They say that he already had 2 badges."Wattson was Perticurly happy about this.He said to himself"looks like i'll have an early battle this year.With that he walked back into his gym.The Next day there was alot of hubuh about school,teachers,classes and other things.There was also alot of Trainer talk,there was a good batch of trainers.Just then a Trainer was coming along the Mauville pass.He trainer went to verdanturf the very second he got a drink.Wattson was very depressed by this.Just then a voltorb used selfdetruct,it caused everyone to go flying,Wattson saw another trainer. he went to the gym,Wattson was overjoyed.The trainer challenged Wattson,Wattson acccepted.
The Trainer sent out a Geodude and a Nosepass."Double Battle,eh"said wattson.Wattson sent out a Magneton and an Electrode.Wattson cammanded His Magneton to use Sonic Boom,and Electrode the special attack wattson spent years of trainer to teach,Dig.The Electrode started to spin,very fast it was making a Hole!.a couple minutes later he fcome up and fainted the Geodude with a Critical hit Rapid Spin.The Nosepass was Barely Damaged by the he ordered electrode to use explosion and Magneton Protect.the Nosepass was still up,then Magneton fainted it with a critical hit Sonicboom.The battle was over.

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