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Old 05-31-2004, 04:27 PM
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Default Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2

The characters have pokemon, they are just a suprise, this is also my Urpg version of my current fanfic

Chapter 1 Parasite’s Surprise;

The next thing Vellyvell knew he was in a different city. He was bloody, and groggy. None of his friend were with him. He limped to the nearest town, and a boy about his age, and size took him inside of a house.

“What happened to you sir,” the boy asked. Vellyvell said, “I don’t know, where am I?”
“I’m Cody, and this is Woodbridge Town. The emperor of this world is the evil Michael Goodcatcher. Vellyvell gasped, and said, “ I am vellyvell, and I used to know Michael.

“Michael is a cruel person. He killed my father’s friend for disagreeing with him. His Pokčmon are unstoppable. We need a force to stop him. I am training my Pokčmon to be that person,” Cody replied with fire in his eyes.

Vellyvell said, “I will straighten this whole situation out. He pulled out to headphones, and told Cody if you’re coming put them on.” He tossed them to Cody, then said, “Show me the way. You know your way around here.”

Cody started running straight ahead. Vellyvell tried to run, but fell to the ground, and grabbed his ribs.

Cody turned around, looking at Vellyvell and said, “Go Miltank, and Roselia. Aroma Healing Combo on Vellyvell now!” Roselia cut metal into a bottle shape with Razor Leaf. Miltank shot its milk into the bottle, and Roselia used Aromatherapy on Vellyvell. Cody then fed Vellyvell the milk.

Vellyvell was able to get back up, and Cody returned his Pokčmon. They both ran until the arrived at the Emperor’s Palace.

They entered the Palace, and Cody showed Vellyvell where the throne room was. Vellyvell ran in, and said, “Hey Michael what is up? These people think you are an evil, ruthless ruler. Tell me you’re not what they say you are.”

“Yes, I am the ruthless ruler they say I am. I am the new Michael Goodcatcher. You can’t do anything to stop that either,” said a voice that Vellyvell didn’t recognize. Suddenly a voice sounding like Michael’s real voice said, “ Don’t listen to him, the Pokeparasite has taken over my body. Help me Vellyvell, help.”

“Heh heh heh, they now know my secret. They must now suffer the consequences. He held up his palm, and a flash of light turned Cody into a Machop at level 10, and Vellyvell into a Charmander at level 10.

A 100 feet pit opened up under the two Pokčmon.

“Nooooooooooooooooo,” Vellyvell said, but all that was heard was <Charmander. >
As they were falling, Vellyvell felt guilty about getting Cody involved. He landed first, and told Machop to land on him. Though Machop tried, he missed, and they both lay lifeless, when Michael yelled, “Bring in the hungry Arcanine.

The massive fire lions circled their prey, and they looked around, and prepared to pounce. The two leaders pounced high into the air, and were coming down hard. What could save Vellyvell, and Cody now?
Authors Notes: How do you like my second fan-fic ever. <> Means a Pokčmon is talking.

Chapter 2 Trials & Tribulations of being a Pokčmon; The League to Freedom

The Arcanine came down ready to crush their prey, when <squishhhhhh, I thought you might need some help> said a Croconaw as it shot a water gun attack to ward off the 4 Arcanine. Vellyvell was just waking up. <That fall is a doozy, huh? > the slightly darker than normal Charmander asked. Everyone was laughing.

<What is that necklace on your neck? > Croconaw asked. Vellyvell looked down curiously at the golden necklace with the golden Pokčball in the middle. <Honestly, I have no idea. It seems special in some way, though. > Vellyvell said. It started glowing as Vellyvell said that, causing him to smile.

<I’m looking for some people or Pokčmon named Connor, and Brandon. Can you help me? > Vellyvell asked.

<You mean Whiplash & Mush-spore. > The Croconaw replied, pointing at the scratched up forest green Treeko and peach colored Shroomish with blue spots.

They walked up to Vellyvell and asked in a whisper, <Are you Rose City native Vellyvell Masterčm? > <Yeah, it’s me. The best in the west. > Vellyvell whispered back, relieving some of the tension in the room.

Just then a Cubone walked up to them. <I guess should introduce myself. I’m Bonales. This terrain, the rocky brown, hard dirt, to the steel that separates us from freedom is my specialty. I reviewed this many times already, but my true dream is to become a Marowak

Around this time Cody started to wake up, and Vellyvell filled him in on everything. Cody went around shaking peoples, but because he wasn’t used to his new body, he was lifting everyone of the ground.

We then walked over to the wall Bonales told us lead to freedom. He explained about how none of the had enough power to escape, simply because of the steel wall.

Cody, and Vellyvell looked at each other with a grin. Cody stared into the steel wall, focusing his power on the target, as Vellyvell inhaled deeply. He tried to let my flames go full power, but all that came out was an ember. Machop on the other hand Karate Chopped his side following with a Low Kick. My ember had made the metal hotter, and easier to dent.

Machop and Vellyvell switched sides. They used the same maneuver to break through the steel. This was the first time they saw the world through the eyes of their pokemon.
After scanning the area, Nawcrek (Gnaw crehk) the Croconaw lead us into the forest. We walked in a vertical line. They watched around for trainers, not wanting to captured, and looked for a place to take refuge.

After hours of walking this huge, endless forest they began to get careless. They bumped into a trainer who wanted Mush-spore.

After figuring out that we wouldn’t separate, the trainer pulled out six Pokčballs. He threw them to the ground and said attack.

There was a Pikachu, Shuckle, Bulbasaur, Houndour, Poliwag and a Combusken on this trainer’s team. Mush-spore & co. got in their fight stances, ready to go.

Pikachu stood up, and Mush-spore went up to Pikachu, as the first part of the battle began. Shroomish prepared to release a spore attack, but Pikachu being faster Thundershocked him first. Mush-spore was stunned for a few seconds, but got back up. He jumped in the air, releasing tiny spores, putting Pikachu to sleep.

While Pikachu was sleeping, Mush-spore was biting him, and absorbing his energy. Just as he was delivering the finishing blow, an ember, from Houndour, hit him. Mush-spore rolled back to it group bleeding, as Cody stepped in. The trainer returned his scratched, tired, and beaten Pikachu back to its pokeball.

Mean while in the bushes, these two people, in black suits with a red R on it were plotting their capture of the pokemon battling. “Hey Zack, we should wait until they are all tired out, then go for the capture,” said the girl. “I agree Sarah, it will cut our chance of failure in half,” replied the boy so overcome with excitement. This was their first real Team Rocket mission, and they wouldn’t screw up.

Machop focused on Houndour, and prepared to beat him up. Houndour shot multiple Embers at Machop. Machop dodged the first five, but the next five hit directly on target. Cody grabbed his blackened side. He had been burned. He got up, and ran toward Houndour, tossing in the air with a Seismic Toss. As the Fire Hound hit the ground, it was hit by Cody’s Low Kick attack, followed by a Karate Chop.

Some how Houndour was able to get back up. The two opponents stared at each other. Houndour started charging at its enemy, and Cody started charging at its enemy. They rammed into each other hard, knocking them both over. Cody slowly stood up, but Houndour stayed down.

Bulbasaur ran in ready to battle. Cody was already bloody, but was still raring to go against someone else. Bulbasaur laughed as it shot its vines out, and wrapped them around Machop. Bulbasaur slammed Machop into the ground over, and over, then Seismic Tossed Machop into a nearby tree.

Treeko stepped in the battlefield. He used his swiftness to confuse Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur sent its vine whips everywhere. It hit Bonales, and Nawcrek. They rushed into the battle, causing a free for all battle.

At the end of the battle all of the pokemon except for Pikachu, and Houndour were plopped down on the ground, tired, or unconscious. Sarah, and Zack rushed out with a giant bag. They scooped up all of the Pokčmon up, and through it in the bushes. They pressed a button on a remote control, and a cage sealed up the trainer.

They jumped back and started saying,
“We ain’t here to do a stupid cheer
So will take the Pokčmon here
NOW says Sarah, and Zack.”

They ran to the bushes, and it transformed into a car, the pokemon bag bounced all around the car, knocking the entire group Pokčmon unconscious. The car took one last turn, and then they were at their headquarters.

The trainer ran behind them, and tried to think of a way to get his pokemon back. It was there he met Crystal, a trainer whose pokemon met a similar fate, but she had two pokemon ready for battle. The two planned a way to break in, and save the captured pokemon.
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Old 06-05-2004, 06:51 PM
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2

Chapter 3: Virtual City; Battle of Wits, Power, Speed, and Secrets

Inside the Rocket HQ the pokemon were put in a cage, and it was virtually pokemon proof. No matter the move, or team effort put into the steel, it wouldn’t budge. Zack said, “Hard to believe we are in the Team rocket HQ.” Looking at the old abandoned steel factory that had been remodeled for Team Rocket. Sarah just smiled.

Suddenly a Meditite floated in followed by a Pidgey, Crystal, and Mark, the trainer from before. “Confusion, Med, followed by Gust, Pidgey.” The high winds, and psychic blast sent Zack, and Sarah zooming into a wall.

Mark ran over to the cage, and freed all of the pokemon, and they all hustled for the exit. Slowly Zack, and Sarah got up, and ran to the door. “Go Zangoose, and Seviper,” they yelled, and Black and Red pokeballs flew.

The two creatures formed after they were already chasing Crystal, and Mark. They were on a good run ahead, when Vellyvell tripped over a stump. Zangoose closed in first, and used his claws to cut into Charmander, pick him up and toss him, but as he began to toss, Vellyvell’s necklace started glowing. He also began to glow, as he charged up a fiery ember to blast Zangoose with. As he let the ember out, the flame was huge, and just kept on coming.

Zangoose had been burned pretty badly on his pointy, white bunny ears, and dropped Vellyvell who was still blazing fire out. Vellyvell ran to catch up with everyone, but Team Rocket was still chasing him. Meditite launched a Psy wave attack, and it hit Team Rocket point blank.

“We’re blasting of again!” they cried. They soared into the deep blue, partially cloudy sky until nobody could se them anymore.

The sky turned black in darkness as Michael’s face appeared. “You will not find your precious rebellion camp until the three pokemon from an alternate dimension take on the mission of the fiery one capturing an Abra, the lizard one catching a Gastly, and the Mushroom one capturing a Shroomish itself,” he said, then just as quickly, and mysteriously as he appeared he was gone.

Everyone turned and looked at Vellyvell, Whiplash, and Mush-spore. <Abra’s are found south of here 5 miles, Shroomish are found 3 miles north of here, and Gastly are found 7 miles east the Dark Forest. I’ve been to all of those places> Nawcrek told them.

Vellyvell’s necklace shot out 3 pokeballs, and they were evenly distributed. They were ready to set out, and all of them knew the dangers that lie ahead. They each ran separate ways, while the rest of the crew just sat down and waited.

4 Chapter Part 1: Whiplash’s adventure

About 30 minutes later Whiplash had reached his destination, when SLURRP he had been licked, and paralyzed. Gastlys and Haunters floated around Whiplash, laughing, and making fun of him. When Whiplash whacked through many of the ghost pokemon, all but the one who licked him in the first place vanished.

Whiplash quit faking paralysis, and went full speed into Gastly, only to crash into a tree. Gastly laughed and used Night Shade. The attack sent Whiplash flying further into the forest.

Whiplash quickly noticed there was more light deeper into the forest, as he got up from the crash.

<You inevitable weakling, I am a Gastly, brute strength does nothing to me. I am a superior being, but you are a lizard. Give up, and I won’t kill you. >

Whiplash Dragon breathed Gastly and, paralyzed him. <Lizard beats superior being, by out smarting it, huh Gastly. > Whiplash said in a chuckle. He jumped into a tree, and used Sunny Day.

The sun started to shine and sparkle. Gastly was enraged, and flew up to lick Whiplash. Whiplash jumped into the air to dodge, held out its light green, lizard paws out, and blasted Gastly with Solar Beam.

Gastly took considerable damage, but was able to keep going. Sunny Day’s effect ended, and Gastly flew up much faster than before. He flew backwards, but when he turned around, he used Hypnosis on his opponent.

Whiplash was over come with a sleepy feeling and fell like a sack of lead, out of the tree. CRASH! Whiplash landed in a self-made crater.

<Hope you like your grave; it will be your home forever. > Gastly cackled evilly, and began to float away.

<Not as much as I hate you, > Whiplash replied back, as he used his ninja-like speed combined with agility to appear in front of Gastly. He was losing power points on his grass energy rapidly, and he couldn’t let Gastly know that. If only he could solidify Gastly for the rest of the battle.

That was it he could do that by using his Treeko language to trick some Noctowl’s Foresight on Gastly. He yelled in a hurt Treeko voice, and almost immediately some Noctowl flew down using Foresight. Whiplash was using agility to dodge the rays of light coming from the foresight, while Gastly was hit by one, after a search in the same area they flew up, and away, into the blue, beautiful, glorious sky.

Whiplash said <Now your ghost powers have no effect, I can hit you with physical attacks. > Gastly gasped, as Whiplash pounded it with its tail.

Gastly flew back, and crashed into a tree. Whiplash picked up a twig, and muttered some words, at that command a huge, sharp, blade-like leaf appeared on the end. <You shall face my Magical Leaf. > He yelled, as he ran, and slashed Gastly hard.

<You just might be able to beat me; you might just be clever enough, not. > Gastly cackled, obviously trying to hide the sharp pain the slash gave him. Gastly was ready to retaliate now.

<Shadow Ball x 2! > Upon saying that he charged of ghostly, evil, dark energy, and shot the first on at Whiplash. By a tail Whiplash was able to dodge.

As Whiplash panted, Gastly shot the second blast, and it hit Whiplash point blank. The dark energy blast carried Whiplash, hurting him every second he was ensnared upon it, with additional damage from crashing into trees, until finally the blast dissipated, dropping Whiplash like a rotten egg.

While Whiplash lay lifelessly on the ground with the occasional electric spark shot of his bloodied body, Gastly began to mock him. <Sunny Day, ha ha ha you can’t win. >

Whiplash slowly stood up, and stared at Gastly. He then soared in, and Giga-drained the energy out of Gastly. Whiplash then summoned the sun again with Sunny Day, and began to charge another Solar Beam, and the bright star, we call the Sun started to shine brightly.

<I shall finish this combat with the end result of me as the winner. > Whiplash said with a smile.

Right as Gastly began to talk, Whiplash shot an amazing Solar Beam directly at him. Whiplash picked up two more twigs, and used Magical Leaf rapidly on Gastly, as it was stuck in a tree.

Gastly countered by using Nightshade to knock Whiplash off, after taking considerable amounts of damage.

Whiplash and Gastly looked each other in the eye, and Gastly charged a powerful Shadow Ball, while Whiplash prepared an Earth Shattering Solar Beam. They both released the powerful blast at the same time, and as the blast met the stalemated each other, causing an explosion that sent them both into trees. The pressure exerted by the force caused the pokčball hidden in Whiplash’s bushy tail to shoot at Gastly hitting him, and ensnaring him in a red light. The Pokčball wiggled, and wiggled, as Whiplash, barely conscious watches in anticipation.
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Default Re: Vellyvell's Pokeworld Journey 2

very confusing with all the names and not so much detail. the story idea is quite interesting though

when different speakers speak in quotes, always make new paragraphs.

for the story you wrote, you should have added a lot more detail than there is. i was confused because you went through the story fast. with detail, people take the time to understand the story and not feel confused.

interesting point of view from the Pokemon. i like it.

people turned into Pokemon, very fantasy.

even though the story is long enough for the capture, without the proper detail this story isn't worth reading for pleasure. just work on adding more detail for future stories.

Outcome- Gastly Caught!

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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