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Old 06-22-2004, 08:46 PM
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Default Silver's Adventures.

OOC: This features one of my best friends at PE2K. Those of you who know him will understand. >=b
************************************************** *************
A young pokemon trainer by the name of Silver walked along the path that connected Rustboro City to Veranturf Town. She was glowing with happiness at the memory of winning her first gym badge. Roxanne had been a very tough opponent, but Silver had trained hard beforehand and she had really deserved the win.

Swelling with pride, she was headed for the next town, Veranturf. She was planning on staying there for a week or two and training her pokemon more. She felt that even though they had won a gym battle, it didn’t make the rest automatically easier, so they needed to prepare for the next battle.

However, now, she was free to bask in the glory of her success without worrying about training.

She reached down into her bag and took out Vaporeon’s pokeball. It was all thanks to Vaporeon that Silver had won that gym match, and she wanted to thank it. She threw the pokeball lightly out in front of her and waited for her pokemon to appear.

A flash of red light burst from the red and white ball as it opened, and Vaporeon appeared sitting in front of Silver. Her deep, black eyes glistened in the sunlight, while she wagged her mermaid tail slowly.

The trainer bent down to reach Vaporeon’s eye level. Smiling, she reached up and scratched Vaporeon behind her ears. “Listen, you did a great job back there. I’m very proud of all your-”

But something was coming up behind her very quickly. She jerked her head around to see a yellow flash running straight towards her and Vaporeon.

“Psy-aye-aye-aye-aye!” It hit Silver, knocking her over.

“Ow,” She said, getting back up. “What on Earth was-”

Another creature seemed to be charging toward her. She tried to get up as quickly as she could, but- Bang! The second thing ran into her as well, but whatever it was also fell to the ground.

“God... what the heck is going on?!” Silver said, outraged. This time, she swiftly pushed herself off the ground and turned to look at what had knocked her down.

A small, thin boy was standing before her. He was about the same height as she was: tiny. He had brown, messy hair and wore glasses. It looked as if he had just gotten out of bed and hadn’t had any time to get ready. He wore a mixture of a hopeless, nervous expression on his face and was staring intently at the ground. However, the strangest thing about him was his T-shirt. It was black, and slightly too large for him, but it bore one word: CHEESE, in large letters.

“Please... I’m sorry, I was just...” his unique voice trailed off as he kept glancing up from the ground to look at Siver.

“What do you think you were doing?!” Silver could feel her temper rising with him already. “Why weren’t you watching where you were going?”

“I was trying to get that Psyduck that just ran by. I wanted to capture it. And... why were you just laying in the middle of the route?” He seemed more confident after he revealed his explanation to her.

“There are Psyduck around here?!” She asked, already forgetting that he had knocked her over.

“Yes. Yes, there are,” he said with a goofy smile.

“Wow... I’m going to catch one!” Silver said, and only after summoning Vaporeon back into her pokeball, she began running in the direction that she saw the Psyduck run earlier. She’d always wanted one, but wasn’t exactly sure where she could find them. They seemed rare enough, so this was a very good opportunity for her.

“Hey! Wait just a minute! I saw that Psyduck first... You can’t have it,” he folded his arms across his chest stubbornly.

Feeling slightly guilty, Silver stopped in her tracks and turned around to face him. “Well, it’s wild, I have every right to catch it, just as much as you do. I don’t really think it matters who saw it first.”

He sent a dirty look her way, then sharply looked away again. “I just... think I should have it, that’s all,” he mumbled angrily.

Silver rolled her eyes. She sensed that her and this kid weren’t going to be getting along very well. “How about this? We’ll both search for it, and whoever can get to it first will be able to battle it and hopefully catch it. Doesn’t that seem at least a little bit fair?”

“Eh...” he frowned with this reply. “I don’t know... I guess so.” He gave an unenthusiastic shrug.

“Um, by the way, what’s your name?” Silver asked out of curiosity.

“I’m Radrei,” he said with a cheerful smile, once again.

“I’m Silver... and don’t bump into me again!” Silver practically shouted at him. “Let’s start trying to find Psyduck... It went this way!” She turned and ran along the path toward Veranturf.

With a slight delay, Radrei ran after her. It seemed they had only been running for a minute when they both began panting. They were both, apparently, not in shape at all.

“Wait... one second,” Radrei said while breathing heavily in between certain words, “What happens if the... person... who finds... Psyduck... can’t... catch it?”

“I... I guess... the other... person... can... have it,” Silver said, already out of breath from the strenuous activity of running that she so rarely put herself through.

After running neck and neck with one another, they stopped. The single route split into three separate ones.

Radrei groaned, clearly annoyed, while Silver scratched her head curiously. Without thinking too much, she ran down the right path.

“Haha! Good luck to you!” She said almost condescendingly.

She wasn’t very sure, but she thought she could hear Radrei yell, “I won’t give up that easily! And neither will my squirrel army!” Of course, she shook that thought out of her head as she knew no one in their right mind would say something as strange as that.

She had to admit, this was certainly a very interesting challenge that she had come up with. She’d never before tried to catch a pokemon this way, because it was usually just too difficult to find a pokemon again once it had run off into the woods and out of sight. This time, though, something about this nerdy kid made her feel the need to compete.

Silver began to slow down as she got farther and farther from where she had parted from Radrei. Walking the last bit of this path, she came to a small clearing. However, it was somewhat discouraging. The grass was so tall here that even if Psyduck was anywhere by, she would never find it. Also, there were no other paths that continued on from here, so it was basically a dead-end, unless she wanted to travel through the woods. For fear of getting lost, though, she decided that this wouldn’t be the best for her.

Just then, she had an idea. She reached inside her bag for Pidgeot’s pokeball and began to pull it out-

“Uh,” Silver said uncertainly as she was startled by rustling in the bushes. She quickly glanced to her right, toward one of the walls of trees that surrounded the clearing. The sounds from that side continued.

“Hey, maybe it’s that Psyduck,” Silver thought to herself. Still clutching Pidgeot’s pokeball, she walked closer to the woods. She crept without making a sound. Her plan was to reach the end of the grass and look in at the pokemon, then try to catch it.

“Come on out, little... AHHH!” She screamed, completely terrified.

Before she had reached the edge of the clearing, a gigantic pokemon had risen from behind the tall grass that bordered the clearing. It was furry, brown, and had a yellow circle on its stomach. Its threatening, sharp claws didn’t make it any less intimidating, either. Its jaws were clenched in rage, and its angry face was that of someone who’d just been awakened.

It stepped out of the woods further toward Silver. She recognized this pokemon from when she had to study them in school. This was an Ursaring, and she knew that this type of pokemon did not have a soft temper. So, she simply stood there, frozen in fear. She had no idea what to do in this situation. Pokemon that she’d encountered in the wild in the past were never this intimidating.

After it had gazed at her for enough time, it swung its arm back and swiped at her furiously. This attack was enough to break her away from her shock.

“Oh jees, I have to get away, and quickly!” She said aloud.

She turned and ran, but the giant pokemon was already on her heels. She saw, out of the corner of her eye as she ran, it reaching back to swipe at her again. It narrowly missed her but she could still feel its claws tug slightly at the back of her shirt.

Suddenly, she remembered that she was still holding on to Pidgeot’s pokeball. As quickly as she could, she threw it in the air in front of her. Red light flashed, once again, and a large, tan bird pokemon appeared. He looked somewhat confused with the situation before him, but immediately after realized that Silver was in danger.

“Let me hop on!” She called to him as he flew beside her. He slowed down slightly so that she could catch up. She ran as fast as she could toward him and grabbed the area above his wings and near his neck. He waited until he was sure that she was secure until he sped up, completely out of the Ursaring’s grasp.

“Whew, thanks a lot, Pidgeot,” Silver said to her loyal pokemon.

She looked down at the ground to see the disappointed Ursaring staring up at her hopelessly. “Hah!” She said triumphantly. She kept looking down as they went higher and higher in the air. The clearing, trees, and paths
below got smaller and smaller, and Silver felt free in the air.

“Hey, maybe we can go see how Radrei is doing right now,” she said, not having any faith in the fact that he was doing any better than she was in the search.

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Default Re: Silver's Adventures.

Pidgeot gave a small nod, and turned to the left, the direction in which Silver had come. She figured by going back she would find him somewhere. To Silver’s surprise, Pidgeot didn’t have any problem carrying her. In fact, he could still fly rather quickly with her on his back.

Looking down, Silver could see the three different paths gliding by beneath them. Silver made sure that Pidgeot was flying over the two other paths in which she hadn’t traveled down, yet. They didn’t have to fly too far when Silver thought she had spotted Radrei.

“Hey! Look over there!” She squinted towards the center path, checking to see if it was Radrei or not. As they got closer, she could clearly make out a small boy with a black T-shirt on. Also, however, she could see two pokemon. One of which was in front of Radrei, seemingly protecting him, and the other was farther away, facing him.

Radrei looked absolutely furious at this moment. He was ordering the little purple monkey pokemon to attack the larger pokemon opposing them. An Aipom seemed to be the perfect pokemon to coincide with Radrei’s eccentric personality and Silver smiled at the thought.

The Aipom tackled the large, rotund, pink pokemon, which Silver now recongnized to be a Blissey. The diminutive monkey merely bounced off of the cheerful Blissey, which was known to have a ridiculously high endurance in battle.

“Keep trying, Cheesecube!” Radrei yelled in a worried tone.

“Oh what the hell... He’s battling when he’s supposed to be competing with me for that Psyduck. What is he thinking?” Silver wondered to herself. “Pidgeot, swoop down close to him,” she said, annoyed.

Finally giving up the battle against Blissey, Radrei ordered his Aipom to return, and stood for a moment, looking discouraged. He didn’t have a chance to wallow in self pity for long, though, as Silver grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him up onto Pidgeot with her.

“Oh! Hi, Silver!” He said cheerfully, apparently forgetting about his loss to Blissey.

“Um, Radrei, you’re supposed to be looking for Psyduck,” she said, looking at him irritably. “Why were you battling?”

“Oh, that... Well, I hate Blisseys. I mean, you don’t understand! I hate them with a passion,” he replied psychotically, clenching his fists in anger.

Radrei clutched Silver’s Pidgeot as they descended to the earth. They both slid off and Silver patted her pokemon appreciatively.

Anyway,” said Silver, trying to get back to what they were here for in the first place, “Did you have any luck at all trying to find Psyduck?”

“Oh yeah, actually, I did. It ran by as I was battling!” Radrei said happily.

“And why didn’t you stop it?” Silver inquired cluelessly.

“Well, Cheesecube was doing so well,” Radrei explained. “I just didn’t want to end the battle against that stupid, good-for-nothing Blissey.” He looked angry, once again. “But hey! You can have it if you want.”

“Ugh... Why didn’t you just let me have it in the first place?!” She shouted at him.

“I... Uh, well, I wanted it at first, but after a while I just figured that I wouldn’t be able to catch it and all...” He sighed.

Silver rolled her eyes with discontent. “Sounds to me like I’ve got an awful pessimist on my hands,” she said under her breath. “Well, I’m going to get that Psyduck now.”

She hopped on Pidgeot again, and looked back at Radrei. He looked a little unsure of what to do.

“Um, you can come with me if you’d like,” Silver offered.

“Okay,” he smiled and walked up to Pidgeot.

Before Radrei could get on, though, an odd noise came from the trees. Off to the right of the path, in the woods, they both heard the sound of bushes rustling.

“Oh no! I bet it’s that Ursaring again!” Silver exclaimed, frightened and ready to take off quickly.

“Ursaring?” Radrei sounded confused. “Hold on, I don’t think it is... Wouldn’t it make a much louder noise than that?” He said.

Rather than ignoring his odd comments like she usually did, Silver thought about what he’d just said, and he was probably right. Ursaring was a huge pokemon, and the noises she was hearing could’ve only come from a smaller one.

Suddenly, something little and yellow seemed to roll out of the woods. Silver and Radrei both jumped slightly as a first reaction, but noticed, after a second, that the Psyduck they’d both seen previously was tumbling out of the woods.

Silver couldn’t even believe this odd coincidence. They had both been looking for it for a couple hours, and they never thought that it would literally just appear before them.

“Um...” Silver said, too surprised to know what to do.

“Catch it,” Radrei whispered, as the duck pokemon began getting up from its trip.

“Oh- right!” Silver jumped off of Pidgeot’s back. “Ready, Pidgeot? You’re up!”

The large bird pokemon extended his wings so as to intimidate the small, cute Psyduck. His wingspan was impressive, and indeed frightened the clueless Psyduck.

“Psy...” it said quietly as it began to back away from Pidgeot in fear.

“No, we can’t let it get away, Pidgeot! Start by using tackle!” Silver called to her pokemon.

With one heavy flap of his wings, Pidgeot rose into the sky, reeled back, and sped forcefully toward Psyduck. Psyduck turned and ran as quickly as it could, but was stopped when it tripped over a tree root sticking out of the ground. Unfortunately, this was to Psyduck’s advantage, as Pidgeot missed tackling it, since it was rolling so close to the ground.

Meanwhile, Radrei’s gasps were annoying Silver. She turned and gave him a quick dirty look, then focused again on the battle at hand.

Even not concentrating for a second threw Silver off, though. She had come back to the battle to see Psyduck attempting to use hydro pump on Pideot. Quick, powerful streams of water shot from Psyduck’s mouth and narrowly missed Pidgeot as it shifted rapidly in the air.

“Good job dodging those attacks, Pidgeot!” Silver said encouragingly. “Now, tackle it again!”

Pidgeot obeyed and soared down toward Pysduck. This time, Psyduck wasn’t so lucky, as Pidgeot’s whole body collided with Psyduck’s much smaller one.

“Psy!” It said in pain, and landed on its back. It got up surprisingly quickly, though, and shook its head. It pulled its head backward and let out another hydro pump, and this time, it hit.

“Oh no!” Silver cried, clearly worried.

The powerful jet of water collided with Pidgeot’s chest and he flew backwards midair. “Pidgeooot!” he shouted during the powerful attack. However, the force of water on his chest stopped soon enough, and he shook his wings to dry them off a bit.

“Okay, Pidgeot, keep it up! Use your quick attack!” Silver commanded.

The speedy pokemon did as he was told. With a flash of light, he collided with the much slower Psyduck, and knocked it into a nearby tree. The attack was so fast that Silver could barely see it.

Psyduck emerged from its temporarily defeated position and stood up in front of Silver. It slowly closed its eyes and seemed to be concentrating very hard.

Confused, Silver turned to Radrei with a questioning look on her face.

“Um, I think it’s using its amnesia,” he said quietly, though full of doubt.

“Right, though I don’t know why it would be,” said Silver, turning to look back at Psyduck. “Um, Pidgeot... tackle it before it can raise its special defense, even though we aren’t even... using special attacks...”

Pidgeot whirled around in the air and began flying down towards Psyduck once again, but Silver’s reaction must not have been fast enough. Psyduck opened its eyes and cocked its head to the side, looking confused as ever.

“Psy?” It seemed to ask. Its stat-boosting attack was complete. Then, noticing Pidgeot coming from its left side, it ducked just in time.

“Come back with a quick attack, Pidgeot!” Silver made sure her reaction was quicker, this time. Pidgeot, with a flash of light, hit Psyduck right on top of its head, nearly knocking it over.

“Whoo-hoo! Go Silver, go Silver, it’s your birthday!” Radrei chanted loudly behind her.

“Shut up!” Silver snapped at him. “Just... go eat... cheese or something!” She shouted, almost confused by what she had just said.

Very angry, Psyduck got up and glared at Pidgeot. It opened it eyes wide and they began to glow a bluish color.

“Oh no, that hit on the head must be allowing it to use confusion!” Radrei told Silver anxiously.

“Uh oh,” was all Silver could think to say. She watched the awful scene unfold right in front of her. A blue aura surrounded Pidgeot while Psyduck attempted to control his body. With its hands on its head, Psyduck sent Pidgeot flying into the nearest tree, hitting his back directly onto it.

“PIDGEOT!” he yelled in pain. He tried to break away from the spell of confusion, but it was to no avail. Psyduck sent him flying at the tree, once again.

“No! Pidgeot! Hang in there, buddy! I know you can do this! Try your hardest to break free from being confused!” Silver tried to help her pokemon with mere words of support, but she felt helpless just standing there.

After being hit against the tree one more time, Psyduck’s headache seemed to quickly go away. It’s confusion attack would no longer work, which meant Pidgeot was free to attack again.

However, the pokemon looked exhausted from battling this whole time. He fell to the ground after Psyduck’s control on him had ended, but slowly got back up.

“That’s it, Pidgeot! Keep going!” Silver had some hope now. “Okay, try using sand attack!”

The bird pokemon rose and began to fly again, though this time, low to the ground. It pulled back its wings and beat them powerfully at the ground, causing dust and sand to fly everywhere. Soon after, there was a huge cloud of dust in front of Silver and Radrei. They both watched in amazement as they couldn’t even see Pidgeot on the other side anymore.

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Default Re: Silver's Adventures.

“Great job, Pidgeot!” Silver shouted to him.

Meanwhile, Psyduck stood on the side closest to Silver, looking awfully confused. It had no idea what was happening, judging from its blank expression. Then again, it always had that look on its face. Finally remembering that Pidgeot was still a threat, it opened its mouth wide and let out 4 or 5 more hydro pumps blindly through the sand cloud that Pidgeot has created.

Silver guessed. from the lack of a reaction on Pidgeot’s side, that the attacks had missed. “Okay, now, fly high into the sky and finish it off with a wing attack!” She yelled, so that her pokemon could hear her.

Radrei and Silver glanced at each other nervously while waiting for Pidgeot to attack. Then, suddenly, they saw him swooping down in a very swift dive. He was spinning so fast that he appeared as a mere blur in the sky. Psyduck had barely turned to start running when Pidgeot stopped spinning and extended his wings, once again revealing his impressive wingspan, and pulling up so that he didn’t hit the ground head-first, smacked hard into Psyduck.

“PSYYYYY!” It went flying forward from the massive blow. Silver watched anxiously as it layed on the path, hoping that it couldn’t get up again. And to her delight, it was clearly unconscious.

“w0t!” Cheered Radrei from behind Silver.

“What the... Anyways, go pokeball!” She shouted as she threw an empty ball at the Psyduck. It hit its back and popped open, drawing Psyduck in with a red light. Then, it clasped shut, fell to the ground, and began to shake.

“CHEESE ^______^” Radrei screamed from behind her.

She sighed and looked back at the shaking pokeball.

It shook once... twice...

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Default Re: Silver's Adventures.

Grammer/Spelling :: 8/10

"and training her pokemon more" = "and train her pokemon more"

Story/Reality :: 7/10
Some parts were a bit out there... But the story was overall pleasing ^______^

Length :: 8/10
For a Psyduck this is a very pleasing length!

Battle :: 7/10
Very interesting. I really liked how this battle went. Please make more battles of this kind! ^___^

Detail :: 8/10
*sniiiiff* Please add more detail next time, okies? Just a wittle bit more?

Outcome :: 38/50 = 78/100 = 78% = Psyduck CAPTURED
Tips: Just add a bit more detail to your next story and you'll be fine! ^___^

~Chikyuu no Mirai, Gouhoshi suru, nya!~
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