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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-28-2007, 05:18 AM
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Default Elemental War: Chaotic Aftermath

This is like a spin off of my most successful rp Elemental War, except it's only about my character Ken Sienta. In the first two installments of EW, the world has been threatened by super natural beings. Once Ken and his band of friends disposed of these evils, Ken has tried to go on his pokemon adventure and become a pokemon master. Both times he was interupted. Now it seems the time is perfect to complete that journey. To perfect. He's starting to wonder if something's going to happen, or will he really be able to complete his journey. Of course, there is more to this journey than meets the eye. There will be cursing and their will be romance. Ken has the legendary pokemon Groudon, except its a baby version who can talk.


“Alright mom, I'm off to professor's.” Ken said as he crept out the door. “Alright honey, choose wisely!” His mom exclaimed. Ken quickly shut the door, avoiding his good-bye kiss. He of course wasn't fast enough to escape his mom entirely. His mom stood in front of him, with her mayonaise facial, robe, and bunny slippers on. “You didn't think I'd let you go without a kiss did you?” His mom asked. “No mom, don't do this, you're going to get me messy, and I already let you give me a practice facial, it's time you did this to Lindsey.” Ken said as he backed into the corner. Ken braced himself for impact, there was no escape.

“Mom, I think Skitty is sick.!”Lindsey cried. Ken let out a sigh of relief. He was home free, or at least he thought. His mom reeled Ken in like a Magikarp and kissed him on his cheek.

Ken wiped his cheek for at least ten minutes before setting off. He still wasn't sure if it was all off. Ken turned the turned the left and traveled on to Lake Verity. He entered and immediately called for Groudon. Groudon uncurled from his ball and stood up. “Can you believe it Groudon? We're finally going to be able to go win those badges.” Ken said with excitement. Groudon's face lit up. “You mean I get to battle against the best trainers out there?” Groudon asked. Ken nodded. “But first, we have to get a starter pokemon.” Ken added. Groudon's eyes shifted. “Starter pokemon? What's that.” Groudon questioned. “A pokemon that are most trainers first pokemon that will be used as the basic foundation of the pokemon party.” Ken explained. Groudon folded his arms and looked at Ken. “Isn't that what I am?” “Always with the questions Groudon, I just want to build my party, so come on.” Ken said montioning towards the entrance. Groudon unfolded his arms and marched. Groudon knew that even though Ken wanted a starter pokemon, it wouldn't be stronger than him. That's all Groudon wanted, to be the dominant one.

Sandgem Town

“Wow, look at the sands. I'm going to go make some footprints.” Groudon said. “Alright, I'll be in the lab.” Ken mumbled. Ken raised his arm to knock but the door flung open. Three children walked out all carrying starter pokemon. Ken threw himself in side. “No, this can't be true., all of them are gone?” Ken asked. Professor Rowan nodded, “I'm sorry lad, but you'll have to come back.” Professor Rowan said. “You don't....” “I do get it, but you were late. There'.........” The interupting game went on for minutes until Rowan came up with an idea.

“I know a professor in a region far from here. That region is called the Liotic Region.” Rowan started. Ken had calmed down and began to listen. “ He gave me one pokemon from their region since no one seems to travel there. I can give you that starter pokemon if you'd like.” Rowan contiued. “Yeah I'll take him and I'll be a unique trainer.” Ken said with confidence. “Here it is.” Rowan called out. Rowan held an all red pokeball with yellow and black stripes on it in his hand. The pokeball soon opened releasing a red light. A pokemon similar to a lion appeared on the table. The pokemon had a tail with a ball water spinning at it's end. His mane of water flowed back and forth like the ocean. Oddly enough, it had vines surrounding it's feet.

“Rowan, what is it? and how is there a starter that's a dal type?” Ken asked. “Please call me Professor Rowan. Now, her name is Ganyen(gay-knee-in) and in the Leotic region all starter pokemon are dual types.” Rowan started,” Actually, they have have more than three starters for the fact that they have a dual type version for each water, fire, and grass types.” “You mean there's like water- fire types and fire-grass types?” Ken asked. Rowan nodded. “It's very odd, but believe it or not, these starters are able to keep up with legendary pokemon.” Rowan added. “I'm glad I got it then.” Ken thought. Ken accepted the pokeball and Ganyen and departed from Rowan's lab. “See ya Rowan.” Ken said. “Yes, good bye. Ken, beware, I feel I'm forgetting to tell you something.

“Groudon, let's go.” Ken called out. Groudon sat up from his sand angel and ran over to Ken. Ganyen growled at the sight of Groudon, Groudon wasn't so happy with Ganyen either. “ That's what he must've forgotten. They don't get along to well with other pokemon.” Ken thought. “Alright Ganyen, in your pokeball.” Ken ordered. The pokemon was soon gone in the recurring red flash of light. “We can go kick some but now Ken?” Groudon asked. “No, I got to go tell my mom, otherwise she'll never let it go when I get back home.”

Ken could see the backyard of his house and Skitty playing in it. “She wasn'tsick after all.” Ken thought. Ken got closer to the fence and tried to pet Skitty like he usually did. Skitty backed away and pointed to the inside of his house. Ken and Groudon jumped the fence and dashed through the open back door. Lindsey's limp body layed under the broken table in the kitchen. Ken pulled her from under the glass. A blue orb was lodged in her back. Ken tugged at it for a minute and then called Groudon to do the job. Groudon had no luck either.

A tear fell from Ken's eye and dropped on Lindsey's back. Skitty shared the same feelings but Ken never brought Groudon home. He didn't know who Lindsey was. “Wait, it might not be to late for mom.” Ken said. Ken darted to the first steps. A hand grasped his leg and pulled him backdown. Ken couldn't help but to let out a girly scream. “Ssh, and don't tell mom. I want to show her how good of an actor I am. I'll tell mom you're leaving , now go.” Lindsey ordered. Ken sighed with relief again, shoook his head, and left. Groudon mocked Ken's girly scream the as they left.

Ken stopped at the turning point of Lake Verity and the route to Sandgem Town. He turned around to take one last look at his house, “This is it Groudon, we're about embark on a journey and become a pokemon master.” Ken said. Groudon let out a yelp of excitement and jumped in the air. “Someone is a little hyper.” Ken said still gazing at his house. “You did only let me eat candy when I had to stay in the forest.” Groudon argued. “No, I gave you pokemon food. When you were done, you munched on rocks thinking it was candy, wich you thought made you hyper. Groudon.” Ken turned around and motioned to Groudon to make him come. Groudon shed a tear and turned around. “You don't know them Groudon, why are you crying?” Ken asked. “It's just so sad.” Groudon replied. Ken shook his head and continued to walk. Groudon went back to laughing at and imitating Ken's scream. Ken just ignored him as Groudon wasn't aware that some jokes and things get old. “You know Ken, you should become a.............” Groudon was interupted by a loud explosion. “That sounded close!” Ken yelled. His ears were muffled so he couldn't really here if he was whispering or talking in a regular voice.

Ken rushed back to Twinleaf Town as Groudon followed. The little town was now bustling with people scrambling to put out a fire. Water pokemon sprayed as hard as they could to put out the fire. “Who's house is on fire?” Groudon asked. Ken was frozen with fear as he stared directly at his house that was now encased in the giant inferno. Groudon din't know what to do. A piece of wood landed at Ken's feet. Groudon picked it up for him and read it. “What does that mean?” Groudon asked. “What does it say?” became Ken's first words since freezing up. The chipped wood read:

(and yes, the wood actually said End of Chapter 1)
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