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Old 08-14-2004, 09:30 PM
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Default A Trainer's View

It is at this time the cave rumbles and loosens the ground beneath. The same crack in the wall the last Geodude went in cracks around and starts breaking apart. Jack stands up with Vulpix in his arms ready to go. He starts to head the same way he came in but he can't climb up the wall to get back out while holding Vulpix at the same time.

The helpful Geodude goes to a different cave crack near the incline where Jack came down and waves for him to follow. As he runs to the new exit, a loud *BOOM* is heard from behind. Jack looks back for a second as a large boulder with more arms and legs has appeared. Not only did that cracking cave hole open up, but the whole side wall collapses to rubble.

Jack looks at his exit, seeing he would need to almost crawl again. “This sucks and now I’m being chased.” He turns back to see the larger Pokemon approaching but momentarily stuck in the goo still on the floor. “And Caterpie continues to help even after being recalled. This will buy some time.” He crouches down and hands Vulpix to the Geodude so he can crawl through easier. No sharp rocks this time and the path is level. It still takes effort and pain to get through, even while rushing to get out this time.

Light appears as he comes out of the cave but at a different area and much higher up than before. He seems to be at the horitontal path he saw when looking from where he first entered the cave. The trees are below the high drop down from the semi-mountain.

Jack reclaims Vulpix to his arms, coughing to clear the dust. “Thanks Geodude, you’ve been a great help.”

But Jack still isn’t out of this yet. As soon as he can move to escape, the side wall explodes and the Graveler comes out. The large chunks of rock spread out but hit no one.

Jack stands there holding the Vulpix. “You must be in charge. I’d be angry too if a Caterpie almost defeats your friends."

“Geo, geo dude dudu du geodu dude..” The helpful Geodude appears to be trying to reason with Graveler.

“GRAV!” The Graveler shouts and points to the cave and the helpful Geodude bounces inside, leaving Jack to face this on his own.

The Trainer goes on the offensive. “Why would you let those Geodude even harm this Vulpix? Have you no compassion?”

"Because it invaded their area. And I thought everyone around here knew this!" A girl about the same age and height stands behind him just about to throw out a Pokeball. She has green eyes and dark blue medium length parted hair with white clips on each side separating hair to come down before her ears. She wears a white t-shirt with flowers inscribed at the bottom, light blue denim flare pants and a heart pendent around her neck. Lastly, she has one of the light grey packs which straps over one shoulder and across the chest to hang the pack at the one side of the body.

"I guess I have to teach this Graveler a lesson, again. You’re mine." The Pokeball is thrown and a small, round Pokemon with a swirl and no arms forms. "Poliwag, Water Gun."

Poliwag spays a beam of water at the Graveler and hits right down the center. The Graveler looks strong enough to take the hit, even if water is very effective. However, the Graveler is pushed enough that it rolls back and tips over the side to slide down the rocky hill. It recovers at the bottom and looks back up, raising all four fists at the girl in anger, then tramples away.

"Oh, I guess I can’t catch it this time either."

Poliwag looks at her with an I'm sorry look.

She smiles.

Jack looks at her,"Uh....."

"Names’ Lyn Ravenwood. If you came to catch that Graveler, then you're in trouble." She stares hard at Jack, waiting for an answer.

"Before we get into this, maybe we should get to the ground floor." Jack requests. He has had enough adventure around these rocks.


They hit the bottom and find a nice stream to sit near in the forest. Jack takes to eating a candy bar while Vulpix still rests, now at his side laying in the grass.

“So what were you doing up there?” Jack begs to ask.

Lyn remarks. “I asked first.”

Jack rolls his eyes knowing she never even asked the question. “I followed a Geodude to help this Vulpix from other Geodudes beating up on it. Then I was chased and ran into you.” He swallows the last of his candy. “Now you.”

Lyn starts. "Yeah, those Geodude and Graveler are very protective of this area. Anyone and anything that comes over here is vulnerable to attack. However, the Geodude are naturally calm, it’s that Graveler that forces them to defend at all costs. I come here some days to help the Pokemon that were injured. On my side quest, I might even catch that Graveler and stop its reign.”

Jack responds, "Thanks for the help back there. I really appreciate it."

"No problem. As long as you weren't trying to catch that Graveler, you're ok with me." She pauses to think. "You have yourself a great Pokemon next to you."

Jack slowly pets Vulpix feeling proud to have run into it. "I know. They are always great pets among small children. But only if Vulpix wants to come with me will I keep it.”

"You aren't gonna catch it?" Lyn is heavily confused.

"Depends. If Vulpix wants to come with me, then I will. I don’t want to force Pokemon to be mine."

Lyn looks at him funny, "You're crazy."

The talking stops for a while then comes back when Lyn gets up. "I think I will be going back home. It was nice saving you." She starts running off. She waves goodbye while heading in the direction of Styper City.

"Yea, thanks again."

Half an hour later, Vulpix starts to wake up just as Jack stops petting it. "Nice to see you awake and feeling better," Jack says with a smile. Vulpix gets up and stretches after a long nap of rest. Jack also gets up and says, "Well Vulpix, it's time to get to the next town. You can come with me if...."

He is cut off by Vulpix rubbing against his leg, purring in the Vulpix way. Vulpix sits down and looks up at the Trainer and gives a sweet "Vulpix" sound.

Jack picks up the six-tailed fox and hugs it. "You’re such a friendly Pokemon. Makes me wonder why I never had a Pokemon pet as a child” He grabs a Pokeball he previously placed in his pocket, for just that right moment if Vulpix needed to be caught. “Welcome to the team.”

“Vul!” it calls out being pulled into the Pokeball.


Half way into the afternoon, Jack reaches Styper City. This is the first major city he has run into so far. The sounds, the sights, the cars and traffic and all the people. It’s one of those cities you have to spend months in to go around everywhere, and that doesn’t include the different people moving in and out.

His first instinct is to go to the Gym but he decides to have his Pokemon checked out at the nearest Pokemon Center. During this healing time, Jack’s looks through his pack to see he only has one Pokeball left. As the time comes, his Pokemon are returned to him and he leaves. He wanders the streets to find a Pokeball store. The streets are a busy place with people and traffic and Jack is quite uncomfortable walking around so much action, unlike his quiet home town of Pine Valley. He purchases six Pokeballs to make his total at seven. After that he wanders back to the Pokecenter to ask for directions to the Gym. Getting the answer from the registered Nurse Joy, he exits once again. First a stop for a quick bite to eat, then it’s off to the Styper City Gym, his first challenge of the Stoplek League.

End Episode 6

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 7
The Gym Experience

Jack steps up to the location his League Map says is the Styper City Gym. He feels a bit nervous to be facing a gym so early in his journey. He knows winning is not on his side but that won’t stop him from trying. His father didn’t challenge the Styper Gym until later in his journey. But with clean clothes and refreshed Pokemon thanks to the Pokemon Center, Jack feels he is ready enough to take the challenge and find out what a gym is all about.

“So this is a Gym?”

The Styper Gym is a two story tall white mansion with wide columns in front of the main double doors. It looks like one of those fancy mansions a millionaire would own and reminds Jack of the smaller country house the Model Plane Club has. The shape of the mansion is a lot like the White House of the United States: wide yet smaller. Ivy plants grow at the base of the house for an old style effect people use as decoration.

A man with a dark beard and nicly cut hair wearing a suit stands in front and looks at the Trainer approach the entrance. "You here for a Gym match?"

"Yes, yes I am.” Jack says nervously.

He brings a headset up and places it around his ear, with a microphone leading to his mouth. “You have a challenger. Shall I tell him to wait...” He cups his ear to listen to a response then motions to the challenger. “Go in. Follow the signs.”

Jack steps through the door, letting it close behind him. In a short distance walk, he hits a four-way intersection loaded with arched white ceilings and buttresses framing them. He looks left then right and finally straight: three ways to go. Which does he take? He finds a sign on the left wall which has instructions.

Answer correctly and face the Gym leader. Answer wrongly and wait until another day. Choose one of the three hallways for your answer.

Question: Who is said to be the legendary ice bird Pokemon?

After reading the question, he looks at each hallway entrance and at the top are each of the answers.

{Left: Moltres} {Straight: Zapdos} {Right: Articuno}

Growing up in a Pokemon life, it’s hard for someone not to have heard of at least one of the great legendary Pokemon on the planet. The stories and tales told to children are forever embedded into their minds. For Jack, he knew some of the decade old stories and a few of the recent ones. The legendary stories have changed in that time; once a time when everyone believed they were Pokemon Gods, now people just want to catch them, especially those evil organizations. Pokemon Legends are what learning about the Pokemon past is all about.

Jack has memorized the names of the legendaries in the Stoplek area, but he draws a blank at the moment. "This shouldn’t be hard, I know this one." He logically tries to eliminate one of them. “Zap, sounds electric. I believe Moltres is the world wide symbol of League flames. Therefore, it’s Articuno.” Jack walks through the right hallway and comes to a bend turning left. He reaches the end of the hall to find another guy in a suit guarding the next door.

"You got the answer correct," the man says. He pushes the door open. "Please step through this door and wait."

Jack steps through, listening to the guy talk on his headset before the door shuts. The room is huge, ballroom size, probably able to fit two tennis courts length wise. Along the same wall as Jack, there are two other doors evenly spaced out further down. To Jack’s right is a black grand piano polished with a nice sheen. Looking up about twenty feet, the ceiling is flat with spotlights in each corner and one in each middle part of the four walls bringing the total to eight spotlights. In the center of the ceiling is a large chandelier, obviously made out of diamonds and glass. It hangs directly over a painted field of white lines where a battle would take place. This must be where he will battle the leader.

One of the spotlights shines down to the opposite side at a door as it opens into the ballroom. A guy in a lavender robe and slippers made of soft velvet walks in calmly. His gel smothered blond hair is nicely trimmed to give him that sense of high society. He places his hands in his front robe pockets and stops in the battle box on his side.

Then a spotlight hits Jack, blinding him for a second, and he realizes he should walk over to the battle area but he stops because he was told by the guy to wait.

The lavender man speaks, "Congratulations on passing the test. Although an incorrect answer still lets you battle, I like to know where my opponents stand in knowledge." He smiles.

That’s weird. Jack thinks to himself.

"However, this was an inopportune time for me to battle. I was momentarily to feast for dinner and shut the gym for the evening but you arrived just at the right time. And according to Gym rules, ‘Accept any challenge when the Gym is open unless for reason’. Dinner is not reason enough and so I accept this battle.”

Jack asks, "So, you’re the gym leader?" Dumb question.

"Yes. I am Louie Ordane, Gym Potentate to the Styper City Gym.”


“It means leader. May I ask who my opponent is?”

Building up confidence, “I come to battle for my first badge. My name is Jack Kalmer”

Louie smiles, “First badge, eh? Good. And I assume you’ve shown registration at the front door, so let’s get started.”

“Huh?” Jack is confused.

The leader sighs knowing where this is leading. “You know, when you register for the Stoplek League, you receive a card that allows you to officially challenge Gyms. You do have the card, right?”

Jack clicks a lightbulb over his head and cringes. “Oh, I completely forgot about that. I was supposed to do that when I reached Keadrill at the Pokemon Center.” His father reminded him over and over to register the first chance he got because it was very important.

Louie looks down to the ground with his arms folded. “That’s the second time this week my front guard let someone in without registration.” He sighs again, looking back up. “Understand, a gym battle is not official unless you register with the league.”

The embarrassment, the pain and the agony. “Sorry for wasting your time then, I’ll come back later.” Jack starts edging his way toward the door he came in.

“No, wait.” Louie grabs a walkie-talkie from his robe pocket. “Group C to the battle floor, on the spot. Regulars too.”

Shortly, three figures in black suits walk through the same door Louie entered in; two males and one female. The female takes a shortcut across the field to the piano and comfortably sits at the bench. One of the males stops at the middle side of the field holding two flags: one green and one red. The other male drops two Pokeballs into Louie’s hands and stands off to the side.

“You came here to partake in a challenge and it will be met. These aren’t my gym Pokemon but they will provide you battle entertainment. Shall we? I can assist you along the way since this would be your first experience.”

“This is not a gym battle?”


“I guess so. No harm in learning. I’m game." Jack moves to his box area for battle.

“Good. Firstly, when you address any Gym, you state your full name and hometown. This is so we document the battle into our log for official league records.”

“Ok. I’m Jack Kalmer from Pine Valley.”

“And don’t worry, this battle isn’t going to be logged.”

The referee speaks, "Jack Kalmer, from Pine Valley, challenges Louie, the potentate of the Styper City Gym. This is an unofficial battle. Two Pokemon each. Begin."

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Default A Trainer's View

The female pianist plays soft music from the piano as background.

Jack’s nerves climb higher, feeling the pressure even though this isn’t going to be official for a badge. Though, with the piano playing, he feels slightly more calm. He slowly grabs one of his five Pokeballs, too nervous to even grip it correctly.

“As an official rule of all Gyms, the Gym Leader must send out the first Pokemon.” Louie drops one Pokeball in his front pocket and quickly throws out the other one for his first Pokemon. The Pokeball opens and out comes a Pokemon as blue as the water with antennas protruding from each side of the head. It has no arms, a fat tail, and a large smile for its small body.

Jack can't identify the Pokemon before him and doesn’t even think it’s located in his book, which he has flipped through a number of times. “It looks like a water Pokemon because it is blue and most blue Pokemon are water based.” He switches Pokeballs and sends out his yellow rodent Pikachu.

Louie looks at Jack with his jaw dropping hard. "Intriguing. Do you know this Pokemon I have sent?"

Jack shakes his head side-to-side.

“This is a Wooper and it is a water type like you guess. However, this Pokemon is full of surprises." Louie smiles.

Unsure what to say, Jack goes into the battle. "Alright Pikachu, give it your Thundershock."

Pikachu lights up shortly, aims and fires a medium shock at the standing Wooper. The antenna on each side of its head absorb the electricity into the body and Wooper is unaffected.

Jack is curious, "Wow."

Louie stands laughing, "Wooper are resistant to electricity. Those antenna draw electricity in the body and out through the floor. This will be my victory. Wooper, Water gun."

Wooper sucks in then blows out a stream of water at Pikachu. Pikachu jumps to the side but another stream barrels his way. Pikachu jumps to the side once more but Wooper anticipates it and a third stream is shot before Pikachu can be ready and hits dead on target.

"Good, now Slam it."

Wooper rushes forward at the direction of Pikachu, whom is wet and recovering from the attack. Wooper twirls around to whip the tail forward but Pikachu reacts in enough time to dodge to the side.

"Nice move Pikachu. Let's show him how to win. Quick attack."

Wooper twirls to a stop from its miss to see Pikachu sprint at it. Pikachu hits hard and Wooper is sent flying back.

"Again Pikachu. You can do it."

Pikachu sprints once again just as Wooper stands back up.

“Water Gun NOW!” Louie sternly calls.

The little blue water Pokemon has hardly any time to aim and just fires straight ahead. The fast moving Pikachu ducks down below the water line, inches away, and dashes in for the stomach. *SMACK* Wooper immediately stops the water attack and keels over to the ground having the air knocked out. Wooper coughs and wheezes, quickly gasping for the air it lost so suddenly.

“Wooper can no longer battle.” The ref waves the green flag to show Jack has won this round.

Louie returns Wooper. "Careless me. I didn’t think you would have enough skill with a speedy Pikachu yet. You blind-sided me." He grabs the second Pokeball and sends it to the field. "But how will you fair against this one?" He smiles as a yellow body, green leaf Pokemon with a large mouth in front comes out. "Your Pikachu may be fast but how can it compare to match the speed of this Weepinbell?"

It’s true that Pikachu are known for their speed and electric ability. But a Weepinbell being faster is pretty rare..

Jack takes charge, "Time to find out. Pikachu, give it a Th . . . . ."

Louie combines words to speak faster, "Sludgebombnow!"

" . . . undershock." Jack is too slow in the commands.

Weepinbell jumps in the air and spits out a large round sludge ball at Pikachu. The electric rodent lights up for his attack but the sludge ball hits the ground in front and explodes in a messy glob of sludge, causing Pikachu to wildly releases the Thundershock. Bolts hit and fly in every direction but they hit nothing but the floor and walls.

Jack looks worried, "Pikachu, are you ok?"

Pikachu gives a weak sound, "Piiikaa . . " Pikachu’s body turns dark in color from the sludge and his eyes are slightly slimmed. The only thing Pikachu can do is try to wipe off the sludge covering his body but it doesn’t work. “Aaaa....” and Pikachu falls down.

“Pikachu can no longer battle.” The red flag goes up for Louie’s win this time.

“Great job out there.” Jack recalls Pikachu, talking to himself. “I haven’t had experience with Vulpix yet but I need a Pokemon to be able to counter the sludge.” He selects and reveals the new Pokemon he caught earlier today. Vulpix nudges and rubs Jack’s legs as a sign of happiness. “Ok, ok.” He pets her. “But it’s time to battle now.”

“Vul?” Vulpix looks at Jack with interest.

Jack worries slightly. “You know, battle? Use your abilities against another Pokemon to become the winner.”

Vulpix looks around to see a Weepinbell across the field. “BELL!” Vulpix understands now and slowly steps out, seemingly uninterested.

“Man, that was close.” Jack is relieved Vulpix knows how to battle.

"Nice choice young man. But it looks like it won’t pay off if your Vulpix isn’t prepared. As a gym where fire types are my enemy, I know how to counteract them." Louie points out his finger at Vulpix. "Sludge Bomb barrage."

Weepinbell jumps up again and spits out repeated sludge ball after sludge ball at Vulpix. Not only is Louie fast with commands, but his Pokemon are fast with reaction time.

“Counter with Ember.” Jack crosses his fingers hoping Vulpix has learned it.

And it pays. Vulpix opens her mouth and lets out a fury of wildly inaccurate fire balls to counter the sludge balls. Every sludge ball is hit and each light up in fire and... *EXPLODE* Each one explodes in the air being touched by the fire, causing little fiery sludge balls to fall to the ground. Weepinbell panics and dodges one fireball after the other.

Jack stands proud, "Alright. Now, Vulpix, don’t be afraid of the fire and go with Quick Attack."

Success again. Vulpix leaps forward, getting singed by a falling fireball a couple times but no harm is done. The fireballs end and Weepinbell finishes dodging just as Vulpix charges up and tackles into it with moderate speed. Weepinbell is knocked back ten yards but it quickly recovers.

Louie takes charge of the match. “Go physical now. Shut it off.”

Weepinbell bounces forward to go at Vulpix in close range. Without a command from Jack, Vulpix protects itself and spouts her Ember attack. The fireballs spread out and Weepinbell dodges them all.

“Hold on Vulpix, stop.” But the frightened Vulpix continues randomly shooting. “Look out.”

Weepinbell has gotten so close that it charges directly at Vulpix and connects. Literally! Weepinbell lodges itself over Vulpix’s face to stop the fire attacks from coming out. Jack gasps in horror.

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Default A Trainer's View

Louie laughs. “The easiest way to stop something is go for the source. Hang on for your life.”

Vulpix wiggles and waves her head back and forth in all directions to get the suction Weepinbell off her head. But it is no use. Panic starts and Vulpix wildly steps backward, thinking that might help somehow.

Jack watches Vulpix blindly backing around in little circles. He can hear the loud whining coming from inside. “Vulpix, calm down. Calm down.”

But Jack can see his voice isn’t working. Vulpix’s ears are blocked from receiving sound due to them being covered by Weepinbell’s mouth. And the screeching from inside isn’t helping.

“This can’t go on, Vulpix will suffocate.”

“You can call the match at any time. A Trainer knows when to back down and admit defeat to help his Pokemon.”

Vulpix snaps quickly in one direction, letting Weepinbell slip off slightly to reveal her ears. Vulpix continues squirming.

Jack whispers to himself, “Fire needs oxygen but Vulpix is trapped. However plants produce oxygen and Weepinbell is a grass type. So this should work.” He calls out to his Pokemon. “Vulpix, use Ember.”

Vulpix stops moving, now only shaking her head wildly around. The voice gets through but nothing happens yet. As the shaking continues, Weepinbell loses grip more.

Louie is quick to notice. “Ok, next plan. Sludge attack.”

“You need to use Ember and fast.”

The orange fox Pokemon stops scrambling her head around and pauses on the field. Neither Jack nor Louie can determine what is happening inside and both watch anxiously for the outcome. For a moment nothing happens but then Weepinbell’s eye’s and mouth enlarge. And just like a cork being popped from a wine bottle, the pressure builds up and launches Weepinbell across the ballroom, way over Louie’s head. A stream of fire pushes from Vulpix which is not quite like the Ember attack Jack had expected. Weepinbell knocks the wall and falls to the ground, gaining a toasty mouth with a bad aftertaste.

Jack smiles, “I guess you know Flamethrower too.”

The ref runs over to call the match. “Weepinbell is...”

At this time, Jack rushes out to his Pokemon in concern. “Vulpix!” Vulpix has collapsed to the ground. Her face is covered with the burn and sludge marks, the result of whatever happened inside Weepinbell’s mouth.

The ref looks at the field and back at Weepinbell. Miraculously, Weepinbell has forced itself to get up and focus once more. “Vulpix is out of the match, Louie wins the battle.”

The pianist finishes to a climactic ending and the music stops. She closes the board and walks away, as does the ref. The Trainer and the Gym Leader return their well wounded Pokemon.

Louie approaches Jack to the center of the field. "Since you sent Pikachu against Wooper, I thought you didn’t understand about Pokemon. But you really turned around the match and surprised me. You beat a disadvantage and almost cleaned my Weepinbell. I have learned not to take battles so lightly against new Trainers anymore. You have no idea the effect this battle has on me." Louie steps up to Jack, holds out his hand with a copper colored badge in it; round with an S on it with two lines slanting down through it like a dollar sign. It looks like a coin. "It's the Rich Badge. You really taught me a thing or two and I reward that greatly."

Jack backtracks, “Wait, you said this was unofficial.”

“When a rookie Trainer teaches the experienced Gym leader a lesson, you tend to reward them. In this city, where rookie Trainers start, I mostly help them. But you showed me even the newest Trainer has the possibility to win.”

“But I didn’t even win and they weren’t your official Pokemon.” Jack is confused. “I’d rather defeat you under official conditions.”

Louie smiles. “I respect your morals but mine is final. Take the badge.”

Jack pushes the badge away. “I will battle you again some day to earn your badge like a Trainer."

Louie pockets his badge with great concern. "Most Trainers in your position, I make this same offer; they accept. But you, you’re different. Though you aren’t familiar with battles, you know something about honor. That’s acceptable.”

Jack feels great. “Thanks.”

“So, until the time you come back, let me help you some more. Why didn’t you know about Wooper? It is rather common."

"I guess my book doesn’t have all of the Pokemon in it."

“Book? Show me.”

Jack maneuvers his pack and pulls out the Pokemon Moves book and allows Louie to view it.

“There’s the problem, this is Volume One in a series. There are three more Volumes to own. I don’t suggest the books though, they are for homes not traveling. Instead, go see Professor Vine tomorrow and he can help you.” He hands the book back.

Vine, the dreaded Pokemon Professor.

“I was planning to see him during my stay here.”

“Great.” He pauses as one of his helpers steps up. They whisper and chat and nod. "Sorry, something has come up. Ask Nurse Joy to help you find Professor Vine’s lab. That’s all I can do for you. If you need any advice, stop by any time."

“Will do.”

Before Louie walks away, “Oh, and nice hat.”

Jack thanks him for the help and the helper leads him away to an exit. He never wants to earn a badge unless he battles for it. To get a badge like that might have warped his mind a bit to think the gyms might not be that hard after all. But he still wants to try as hard as he can to defeat all the leaders and get that shiny badge for his collection. And he will do it officially.

But he would have to examine his battle skills. Vulpix’s inexperience in battle showed weakness. The talk with Professor Vine will surely be helpful.


At the Pokemon Center, he wants to ask Nurse Joy about Professor Vine but she is busy with an emergency of some sort, so Jack would wait until tomorrow morning. Chansey hands back his Pokemon after healing them. With all the excitement, Jack skips dinner and goes straight to bed in his room at the Pokemon Center. He thinks about the great experience he had today and how proud he is of his Pokemon. However, this day is over and Jack must move forward and think ahead. Goodnight!

End Episode 7

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 8
New Friends and Enemies

Styper City is wide awake in the early hours of morning. Traffic is already making its way through the city. The streets are crowded by cars and people as they make their way to work at that nine to five job.
In contrast, Trainers work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They must attend to their Pokemon at any and all times. The job of a Trainer is hard work which is one of the reason not everyone can be a successful Trainer. Even during vacations, the Trainer’s Pokemon are never too far away.

Because of the early hour, Nurse Joy hasn’t woken up yet. Jack tries asking some people on the street where Professor Vine’s lab is but none of them knew where it was. So instead, Jack takes the moment to get in some training and ask Nurse Joy later.

Skipping through the city, Jack arrives outside in a field and proceeds to work with Pidgey. It has been five days since the accident with the Model Place Club and Pidgey has yet to be airborne. The Keadrill Nurse Joy said to wait about a week for the wing to properly heal up and the time is drawing closer. For a bird Pokemon, flying is life and to go without it for so long is devastating. Pidgey has had the courage to listen to Jack’s advice to wait until the time is right. It takes a lot of strength to deny the pleasure of flight. And after some stretching and removing the bandages over the right wing, they start.

“Pidgey, you have waited patiently for this moment and for that I am proud. It is time to see if you’re ready. Take off.”

Pidgey nods, expanding her wings. The clear level field provides key take off ground as Pidgey glides into the air. The wings slowly flap to reach an altitude of about eight feet.

“Yes, I knew you could do it.” Jack feels the moment. “Stay up as long as you want, just don’t strain yourself. We don’t want to injure the wing again.”

Pidgey coos proudly, turning in long circles trying not to move the wing too fast. The descending starts and Pidgey glides to the ground for landing.

Jack claps with excitement. “Great. I estimate a minute up there. Next time it will be longer and higher and faster.”

The moment of flight is purpose for a bird and Pidgey feels rejuvenated once again. The feeling, the wind beneath the wings as she floats through the air. Pure bliss.

Next on his agenda is to work with Vulpix. The embarrassing moment yesterday has shown Jack he needs to help Vulpix understand battling other Pokemon and work on attacks.

“Vulpix.” She rubs her face against Jack’s legs to show appreciation.

“Yes Vulpix, I know, I know. You’re so nice and cuddly.” Jack twitches. “Wow, I’ve never said cuddly before. Heh. But Vulpix, you can be friendly, I understand, but when it’s time to battle, I need you to be ready to go.”


“When I call you out, you can nuzzle me, but there are times I need you to battle. I am a Trainer and we battle against other Trainers to become better. So I need you to be on the same page as me.”


Jack sighs. “This might take some time.” He quickly looks around and finds a stick on the ground. He picks it up and throws it straight to the sky. “Fire your Flamethrower.” He watches the stick in the sky, moving, falling... falling. *THUD* The stick hits the grass softly without an attack attempted at it. “Ok, forget the whole ‘same page’ idea, we aren’t even reading the same book. This isn’t good.”
Vulpix lay spread out on the grass, licking one of her six tails. Vulpix looks up for a second to see Jack frowning in disbelief.

The disappointed Trainer bends down, takes his dark sunglasses off, and looks Vulpix into the eyes. “Vulpix, you need to pay attention. This is important to me.” Vulpix blinks happily trying to get Jack to smile. “Come on, you battled yesterday.” He steps upward again and thinks.

Vulpix locks onto Jack’s face, upset to see her human friend frown.

“I got it.” He grabs each of his Pokeballs off his belt and calls each of them out. Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Rattata, and Pidgey. “Ok guys, we need to help Vulpix to be confident in battles.” Looking around, “Bulbasuar, Vine Whip that tree.”

Bulbasaur turns to where Jack is pointing and extends his vines to slap the trunk with a mild scar.

Rattata proceeds next with a Tackle attack into the same tree.

Pikachu finishes with an electric zap.

Pidgey coos for encouragement.

“See how they use their attacks when I call for it. You need to do that too. Vulpix, let’s try again.” Using the same stick, Jack tosses it upward. “Flamethrower.”

Vulpix cocks her head sideways and watches the stick twirl up, stop for a brief moment, then proceed downward. Soon, a line of fire sizzles and the stick is burnt to dust.
Jack kneels down and pets Vulpix on the head. “That’s improving.”

“Vulpix!” she cheers.


Vulpix’s battle training was harsh but some good came out of it. Vulpix understood more and Jack felt much closer to her and the rest of his Pokemon. He would like to keep Training but he is eager to get back and talk to Professor Vine.

Upon arrival back to the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy is up and helping the early morning Trainers. When she is available from her work for a moment, Jack asks his questions, takes the information needed and heads out for the lab.

The walk though the city bothers him because there are so many cars. Back home in Pine Valley, the traffic wasn’t even one-sixth it is here. Either way, he enjoys the experience of the city. Adults going to work and children going to school pass every direction. This city is full of livelihood.

“This must be it.”

At the address handed to him by Nurse Joy, there lay a building. White, eight stories tall and very cube-like with little windows evenly spaced at each level. It looks like a business rather than a lab, probably with an office behind every window.

Jack is surprised to see a doorbell for the lab and rings it, getting the traditional ‘ding-dong’ sound. The door opens to show an older man in a white lab coat. "Ah, a young Trainer perhaps.”

“Yes. I’m looking for Professor Vine.

“Sorry, he isn't here at this time of the morning. Try the Styper Mall two blocks from here down this street. He is there every morning in a little store called Pokemon Aide."

Jack thanks the old man, probably an assistant, and marches to the mall. He hasn’t been to a city mall before, only shopping centers in Pine Valley. The difference between the two is the amount of people and the luxury.

Styper Mall is rather large; two levels high and about one forth of a mile long. The mall isn’t that full of people as it still morning and the regular mall teens are probably in school. The neon lights glow and reflect off the shiny white tiled floor to advertise their store and draw in the customers. Every other store is either for clothing, toys or fast food. Because owning a mall store is expensive, prices in the mall are elevated and they continue to profit from the amount of customers they receive.

Mall Map Picture

Jack looks at the mall map after just entering through glass double doors. The mall picture is just one long street of stores, double stacked and enclosed in a nice building. In fairness, it’s just like a shopping center only fancier. He finds the “You Are Here” arrow to see he has entered at the middle of the wide mall. The store he wants is on the second floor, just above him. Such convenience.

He walks further into the mall, marveling at the lights. On the opposite side is another entrance. Between the two entrances is a large fountain the size of five bath tubs; it’s not Pokemon related but a nice intricate design. He walks to the left of the penny filled fountain to the stairs leading straight up to the second floor.

Pokemon Aide. The walls are simple white in the store, as is most of the layout. There are three aisles ten yards deep and perpendicular to the entrance. Separating the aisles and along the walls are shelves which are stocked with white pill type bottles of various kinds. On the left after the entrance, is the counter and behind the register is a guy.

"Welcome to Pokemon Aide. May I help you little guy?" the man asks. He has a tall physique with purple hair with a wave coming out the front. He wears a grey collared shirt and crisp grey jeans. No glasses like most professors, maybe he has contacts.

"Yes, I'm looking for Professor Vine. Is he here?"

The man leans closer to show Jack his name tag on his grey shirt which says Vine in blue print. "Your search is over. Welcome to my store. So, who might you be?"

"My name is Jack and I came to met you."

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Default A Trainer's View

"Jack Kalmer? From Pine Valley?" He nods. "I spoke to your mother about two weeks ago. She said you’d be starting soon and here you are. You know you would have gotten your first Pokemon from me but your father insisted that I stay away. Such people. They are all like that, stubborn, don’t even try to get to know me. Plants take time to grow in new soil. Patients, those are a type of plant, and that is what people need. You like that analogy?"

“Yes, I guess...”

Vine interrupts, “All they have to do is study a Trainer I help to see the results. There is nothing wrong with my methods, they must know. When will be the right age for me to have experience? When? They won’t even give me a chance.”

This is not at all how Jack expected the Professor to act. Resentment towards the public, unprofessional comments and ignoring a new Trainer looking for help just so he can rant on about his problems. Maybe Jack’s father was correct in saying Professor Vine isn’t the guy to go to.


And now for some Professor Vine history. Herman Vine is his full name. At age ten, he started out on his journey as a Trainer but failed to be successful. Yet he still loved Pokemon so much, so he fell back to studying about the Pokemon and skipped grades ahead at school. At age nineteen, he set a record to become the youngest graduate from college to earn a degree in Pokemon Herbals and was quickly hired as an assistant by the resident Professor of the Stoplek League, Professor Della Bloom, a nice older lady with much experience and poise. Within two years, Vine promoted his way through the ranks to become the top assistant because of his ground breaking research in Pokemon Healing. A year later, Professor Bloom ran into a problem with her research and went mad trying to solve it. She and her mysterious research disappeared, never to be seen by the public again. Thus, Vine was promoted from his top assistant position to gain another record, this time as the youngest Professor of the Stoplek League at the age of twenty-two. His herbal studies didn’t prepare him for the new promotion and he lacked the skills to hold the professor job together but he was determined. Because of his age and inexperience with being a Professor, the public denounced him as unqualified but no one could compete against Vine’s intelligence in herbals. Years pass until he is at the current age of thirty-one. The decade as Professor of the Stoplek League has gained him all the knowledge to do his job but the public still doesn’t trust him. Vine’s research is phenomenal but the public pays hardly any attention any more and only a few Trainers bother to buy his herbal research.


Vine trails off, staring into the ceiling and comes back down to earth. “Oh, sorry for that. Now, what can I do for you?”

“A couple things. First, I need to register for the Stoplek League and become an official participant.”

“That I can do.” He steps through a back door, shuffles around and pops back out with a paper in hand. “Fill this out.”

It’s a simple form asking about Name, Birthday, Address, Age, etc... and a final question: Why do you want to become a Trainer? Jack’s answer: To gain the league badges and prove my skills as a Trainer.

Vine takes a look at the form, particularly the last question. “Interesting. And what day did you start?”

“Um, five days ago.”

He brings up a digital camera. “Ok. Smile. *FLASH* Perfect, I’ll be back.” He moves to the back room again, this time for a while.

Jack shakes the flash out of his eyes and watches the people walking outside the store. Ten minutes pass, and no one has yet to enter; only people looking through the window. It’s as if they know to avoid the store.

“Ok, all logged in,” Vine starts as he comes back in. He holds out a slender red electronic device and sets it on the counter with an adapter next to it. “This is a Pokedex, it is personalized for you and shows you are registered to the league.”

Pokedex Picture

Jack grabs the Pokedex, the half white, half red top has a Pokeball logo and the slender sides have holes for wire adaptors, which Vine places on the counter for Jack to also take. Jack flips it up, opening just like a Gameboy Advance SP. It has a light grey background with the screen on the top half and various sized buttons on the bottom. This is not the first time he’s seen a Pokedex; his father owns one similar to this design. However, Jack has never been allowed to touch it because his father didn’t want Jack to mess with the settings.


“Let me tell you about it. A Pokedex holds information about Pokemon in our resident league. It can be used as a learning tool for new Trainers when encountering Pokemon. Just point the top at a Pokemon, it will scan it and bring up the information. You can also do it manually when learning on your own. Think of it as an entire encyclopedia in one handheld pocket device. Another benefit is that you can update it at any Pokemon Center by downloading new information or special programs. Right now, you have the updated version which includes a screen pen like you would use on a palm pilot. So you can use the screen or the buttons to maneuver the Pokedex. I’ll let you download any more programs you feel you need. However, there is a limit to the amount of storage a single Pokedex can hold. Storage isn’t a problem because no one uses it all.”

This is exactly what Jack wants- his very own Pokedex. “That was my next topic. I encountered a Wooper and couldn’t identify it. Louie told me it was a common Pokemon.” Jack drops the Pokedex in his pocket, goes to his pack, puts the wire adapter in the side pouch and pulls out his book and drops it on the counter. “He suggested I see you about replacing this book. Since I have my very own Pokedex now, I don’t think I need it anymore.”

Vine curiously looks at the book Pokemon Moves and chuckles. He opens the register and slaps down ten dollars into Jack’s hand. “I will gladly take the book off your hands.” He closes the register and bends down to search under the counter. “That book is very common among stores to sell to new Trainer’s.” He pops back up and drops two large books on the counter. “Here’s why. The other two volumes are much heavier and contain far more information. The books are out of date a couple years. I highly recommend a Pokedex instead because it is always up to date with the downloads.”

“Thanks.” Jack closes up his pack. “Actually, there is one more thing. Can I have a tour of your lab?”

“Can’t do at the moment. I’m here all morning. If you’re staying at the Pokemon Center, I will call you when I’m ready. By that time your Trainer ID card will also be ready.”

“Ok. This will give me some time to look at my new Pokedex. Thanks very much and I’ll see you later.” Jack exits the store.

Vine follows and shouts after him, “If anyone mentions me, tell them I’m a great Professor.” The mall people stare at him as if he’s crazy. “Go about your lives citizens but stop by Pokemon Aide if you have the time. The best Pokemon herbals you’ve ever seen.” He slunks back into his store to mope for his loss. The only reason his store hasn’t gone bankrupt is because it is funded by the League.

Moving back to Jack, he nears the large fountain on the first floor and notices a male and a female couple have arrived and are dancing in front of it. They wear luxurious colorful India style clothing, wildly moving as the limbs flail around. Jack watches for a little bit because the dancing is quite good. Other mall people are also intrigued and stand to watch, occasional tossing down some coins. Individually, the dancing is horrible but somehow the two dancing together flow nicely.


“Hit the button.”

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Default A Trainer's View

Just then, small explosions erupt at the left, destroying the stairs causing anyone using it to fall to sure pain. Next, an explosion hits the right side where the other stairs leading up to the opposite side of the second floor are also blown down. Debris and smoke block off the two sides so that only the middle section is unharmed. Directly after that, the two entrances on either side are locked down so no escape is possible. Left, right, and the exits are all blocked, leaving Jack and a dozen mall people trapped between this horrible mess.

A customer pulls on the exit doors. “The doors, they are locked.”

The female dancer shouts out, “This is a hold up. Hand over all your Pokemon and valuables and no one will get hurt.”

An old man sitting on a bench comments. “Why, why listen to you?”

The male dancer fires back, “Shut it old man. We are in control from now on.” He pulls out a small black ball the size of a marble and chucks it to the ground. Dark smoke fills the area surrounding the fountain. Everyone coughs and panics trying to find their way around the smoke. As the smoke clears, the old man is on the ground out cold.

The two dancers have switched clothes during this time. Now they wear black clothes with red and purple stripes in certain places. The big give away to who they are is the large red letter R on their shirts. They are a young pair, about middle twenties. The female has medium styled dark green hair while the male has short dark red hair. They both stand on the cement part surrounding the fountain water.

The female holds a nice watch in her hand. “Thanks for your time old man. Now the rest better cooperate or face the same as him. Team Rocket owns you all.” She laughs with evil in the air.
People shroud in fear from the Team Rocket henchmen. The league has its share of gangs but Team Rocket is known practically world wide. This organization doesn’t mess around.

By now, the other mall people on the other side of the fallen debris watch with horror, most running away while the rest help those they were hurt from the blasts. The police have easily been summoned to the rescue.

Jack builds enough courage to lash out, something he wouldn’t normally do. "I will never give ou my Pokemon."

"What was that? Someone talking back to Team Rocket?" The male says looking to the kid with the tan hat.

Jack continues his boldness. "I've heard about you on the news. You treat Pokemon wrong and steal them from hard working Trainers. I’ve waited my whole life to get to this point and to have it taken away is not going to happen. As a Trainer, I must defend my position and not let the likes of you ruin it for me or any other Trainer out there." He prepares to battle hard. Team Rocket is most likely stronger than him, but he can’t go down without trying.

“Shouldn’t you be in school. Mommy would be upset to see you ditching class.”

Jack breathes in and out slowly to remain calm and show he isn’t afraid. His confident attitude takes over. “School’s over for me but it looks like you could still learn a few more lessons.”
“He’s good with the comebacks.” the female recognizes.

The male directs his finger at the kid with the funny looking hat. "The twenties are over and the future will win. And since Team Rocket is the future, you are going down. You’ve made a big mistake here."

“I’m sorry, but your fallacy isn’t going to work against me.” Jack quickly drops his Pokeball to the floor to reveal Bulbasaur.

Commotion from the second floor springs up and before anything can happen between Jack and Team Rocket, dozens of Pokeballs fall down to the first floor and a variety of Pokemon pop out to join Jack’s Bulbasaur, surrounding the Team Rocket duo.

The male nervously retracts his finger and squints back. “What now Ashley?”

“First, don’t mention my name to the public, ROY. Secondly...” She grabs a bag from the ground and takes out a smoke ball. The smoke clouds over the fountain and the two members rush away from the horde of Pokemon. Ashley holds another black ball, this time the size of a softball, and throws it at the south glass door exit. *FWOOM* The glass double doors shred to pieces from the explosion and the two flee for freedom.

Jack sighs, backing against the wall and sliding down it to sit and rest. He stood up to Team Rocket and won. Of all the things not to do in life, this is one of them at the top of the list. Bulbasaur sits in comfort next to his Trainer. “What have I done?” The moment of regret sets in.
But he won’t go unnoticed for what he has done here. Two people took special interest in Jack’s action: Professor Vine watched from above and took quite notice to the Trainer. And Lyn watched in awe at Jack’s bravery.


Twenty minutes later the police have everything under control and the mall is closed for at least the day. Jack is checked by the paramedics and cleared to leave. Shortly after, Jack is swamped by reporters as he nears the border where the police line blocks the public. He blocks his face from the cameras and tries to hind under his hat and sunglasses.

“Is it true you stand up to Team Rocket all the time?”

“If it weren’t for your influence to the second floor to fight back, what would you have done?”

“Give us your name. We need a name.”

A voice yells out from behind the reporters. "Hey, remember me?"

Jack hears the familiar voice and looks over the annoying heads of reporters to see the familiar face. It’s that same blue haired girl he met at the rocky landscape. "Nice to see you again. Lyn Ravensomething, right?”

“It’s Ravenwood.”

“Close enough. At least you’re over there and not being tormented by reporters.”

The police interrupt the reporters questions. “Leave this young man alone. Back off. If anything, he has to answer our questions first.” The reporters sigh, moving back.

The nice blue haired Officer Jenny pushes Jack away from the reporters and starts her questions. “Now, tell me everything that happened.”

Jack sighs, ready to leave. “For one thing, I don’t like all this attention.”

Lyn laughs on the inside watching his expressions. Feeling sorry, she calls to him, “You want to get out of here?”

“I wish I could.”

She struggles around the reporters and past the police. “Follow me.” She grabs Jack by the arm and the two flee the crowd to the mall parking lot, away from the press and police.

“Wait, I have questions for you...” Officer Jenny tries to run after them but gets slowed by the crowd of reporters.

They dodge under the police tape, around the parked cars and through the crowd of people watching. Eventually, they come to a parking spot with a parked black moped. A moped is smaller than a motorcycle but larger than a scooter and some can hold two people. Fortunately, this one can hold two.

Lyn hops on, placing her helmet on and starts the moped. “Get on back.”

“Uh,” Jack looks around. “No helmet for me?”

“Do you want to go or not?”

Jack nods, taking his newsboy hat off and placing it into his pack. He slips on his sunglasses and sits uncomfortably on the back and grabs Lyn’s shoulders

Lyn grabs Jack’s hands and throws them around her waist. “Hold like this or you will fall off. Falling hurts without a helmet.”

The moped moves forward, weaving through the slender openings of the crowds to escape the mall parking lot. They take to the busy streets, cutting through lanes of traffic with the small moped going twenty to thirty miles per hour. The only question is: where are they going?

End Episode 8

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 9
One More for the Road

After getting away from the mall, and passing through the traffic, the moped charges down a residential street and stops at a one story house of nice art deco in pastel tans and oranges. It’s a very bright house indeed.

Lyn parks the moped right at the front door to the house and hops off after Jack does. “Quite an adventure this morning. If it wasn't for you standing up to Team Rocket, those people wouldn't have gotten the courage to fight back. I guess you could say, you were a hero."

Jack doesn't know what to think. He didn’t think his actions would go so far but it only takes one person to fight back to change the course of the future. "Well, normally I wouldn’t say anything but I had to do something. I didn’t start training just for them to take my Pokemon." Spoken like a true hero.

"Would you like to come in for a quick bite to eat?” Lyn asks. “You deserve something for your actions.”

“I don’t know. Last thing I need is my name over the news for Team Rocket to know and the longer I stay, the more chance the media has to find me. Leaving is in my best interest."

"They won’t find you here. But maybe you’re right, it was a stupid question. I guess you should go on your journey and forget about this city and what you did back there. I understand."
How can Jack ignore that? He accepts the offer.

Inside Lyn's house is a very typical single story: Living room just after entering, kitchen after that and two rooms on the right side along with the bathroom. The walls are not much different from the outside, as is the furniture; all colors you would see in a desert sunset. She sets out some various fruits on a large plate and places it on the living room coffee table. They each take a few bites and start a conversation.

“Thanks for helping me back there. I’m not looking to be in the spotlight. I’m lucky you recognized me.”

“Hard not to when you have a hat like that.” She laughs quietly. “And it was no problem. I would have thought you would have been more proud for saving the mall. But you seemed discouraged and afraid. Your voice and face led me to helping you get away. It was the least I could do, after all.”
“Thanks.” Jack steers the conversation to a different subject. "So, why aren't you on a journey? You do have Pokemon. I thought everyone old enough and with a Pokemon would be out on a journey."

"Oh, if you must know...” she stops eating to tell her story. “It's a long story. I have always thought Pokemon would be cool to play with and a Trainer journey would be fun to try. However, my parents didn't support me on my choice. They said 'Ladies don't become Pokemon Trainers. Ladies settle down and not go on adventures.' That just made me want to disobey them but at a young age there was nothing I could do. Six months before I would turn thirteen, my parents died when they were knocked unconscious in a car accident." She pauses to take a breathing break, thinking of the memories, then continues. "I was very sad to see them gone after they had been there all my life. I was on my own at that time and I could then go on my journey without restriction. The only other person I had was my Aunt, who took custody. Thankfully, she allowed me to go on my journey. Poliwag was given to me by Professor Vine as my first Pokemon and I was set to start.”

Jack finds that odd. “Poliwag? But I thought Professor Vine hands out Pokemon like Smoochum, Elekid and Magby.”

“Yes he does but I asked for a Poliwag and that’s what I got. He didn’t mind the request at all. Anyway, two days after I started, my Aunt was terribly sick and couldn't walk much because it affected parts of her brain. She couldn't pay someone to watch her everyday because it was so expensive and she didn’t trust them, so I volunteered to help. I was the only living relative she had and she reminded me so much of my mom.”


“Three years since that time and now she is much better and she can walk around and do most things herself. My dream of going on a journey died when I stayed here."

"Oh, so you go to the rocky area to keep in shape."

"Don't interrupt. I'm not finished yet." She continues. "I never did any training with Poliwag up until two weeks ago. School, taking care of my aunt, and the stock market took up my time.”


“Yea. She is a stock broker and needs me to run the errands she can’t. It is our only way to get money.”

“Ok. I’ll stop interrupting now.”

“Thanks. Now where was I? Oh right. Now that she has almost recovered one-hundred percent, I am able to go out and have fun. I tried to start training again but I just kept getting beat all the time by other Trainers, even the ones that just started. Three years and Poliwag has had hardly any action as intense as a battle. The only way I think I can beat a Trainer is to get more Pokemon. So, the last two weeks I've been going to the mountains and trying to catch something Poliwag could beat. Geodudes were too hard to find because they could hide easily. I found that one Graveler almost every time I went up there and knew something that big is worth catching. The Graveler started making a game out of it and I kept losing, like it was taunting me."

“And you go up there to help injured Pokemon, I think that’s what you told me.”

Lyn sighs from the interruption. “I try to but they all run away or refuse help. I haven’t had much success with Pokemon yet.”

Jack brings up one of the statistics he’s knows best. "Well, not everyone is great at Pokemon training. Did you know that one out of every five new Trainers quit after the first month? And only one Trainer out of ten are successful after four months. Some people just weren't meant to become Trainers."

Lyn looks disturbed. "Are you saying that I am not good enough to become a Trainer? Maybe I am but that doesn’t mean I’ve quit. I’m delayed, that is all..."

A voice is heard from behind one of the right side rooms. "Lyn, took you long to get home. What happened?"

"I know Aunt Clarice. There was an incident at the mall. I’ll have to get my Pokeball etched another day."

The door opens and out walks a middle aged woman with dark frilly hair wearing a light colored night gown. "What was that? I didn’t here you.” She sees someone else in her house. “Oh... I see you brought a guest over."

"Yep. His name is... is... Wait a minute. I didn't catch your name."

Jack feels embarrassed. "Oh, sorry. My name's Jack Kalmer and I come from Pine Valley."

The Aunt smugly looks at Jack. "You look like a Trainer. Just passing through I guess. Really no point in hearing stories from either of us. You'll probably never see us again. Just take our food and run. That's how they all are."

"Aunt Clarice! Be nice."

"I guess I can be nice. He is the first guest that you've brought home since you’ve been here. It's about time you got a friend even if it's only for an hour or two.” She gazes at Jack. “You must have done something to be brought to our home like this." She walks back into her room and closes the door.

"Don't mind my Aunt. She is kinda sour to Trainers. But I guess it is true." She pauses to think about it. "You will be going soon and you may never see us again. Of all the Trainers I’ve met in the past weeks, this will be my most memorable. And I won’t forget what you did at the mall."

“Thanks for the compliment.” Jack feels weird about being the only person she’s ever invited into the house for company. At the same time, he feels honored to be the only person invited, like he’s at a hangout where only the cool people are invited to.

“So what’s your story?”

“Mine? Well, unlike you, there isn’t much story. I lived in Pine Valley my whole life and only left it a few times. The thought of being a Trainer was my goal because I knew I would be a great Trainer. I am fascinated by the battles and the challenge to get badges. But, I didn’t even get a chance to start at thirteen like you did. My father wanted me to follow along the same age he did because it would better prepare me for the journey. He started at seventeen, and so did I. The only thing I could do was prepare for the day I would start and that happened five days. Not to brag or anything, but being a Trainer for these five days, out on my own, it’s the best experience I’ve ever had.”

“You’re right, that was short.” Lyn swallows her fruit. “But I remember something you said the day I first met you which stayed in my head. You wouldn’t catch Vulpix unless it wanted to go with you. Why is that?”

“Heh. That’s my own idea. I don’t want to force Pokemon to join me, I’d rather let them join only if they want to. That’s how I have caught all my Pokemon so far.”

“That’s an unusual method.”

“All Trainer’s have different styles. Mine is just a little more unusual.”

“Yeah, very odd too.”

...It becomes silent....

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Default A Trainer's View

The voice from behind the closed door calls, "Lyn, could you come in here?"

“Ok,” she calls back. “This might be a while, I’m sure she wants to really talk to me. So if you want to turn on the TV, go ahead.” Lyn gets up and goes into Aunt Clarice's room and closes the door.

"You know he is going to leave soon. He is a Trainer. Probably acts nice to us just to get free food and shelter from the people who have real jobs. What could he have done for you to bring him home?"

"I met him yesterday and defended him from that Graveler I kept trying to catch. Then this morning, Team Rocket had a plan to steal Pokemon at the mall and he bravely stood up to them and saved lots of peoples’ Pokemon from being taken. After what he did at the mall, he seemed like he deserved some hospitality before he leaves."

“Trainer’s can’t be trusted. They only think about themself.”

“He is different, I can tell...”

They continue talking as Jack stops listening from the other side. They are talking about me. Maybe I should leave. He flips on the television and tries to find a news station.

“...earlier this morning, and as you can see behind me, the cleanup is still going on. The attack was not aimed at any person, but rather for valuables and Pokemon that anyone had on them. Bombs lit the path of destruction and dozens are injured. Luckily, no one was badly hurt. It is unknown at the time which Team Rocket members were involved and further investigation is ongoing. But the real question everybody has on their mind is... what happened to that hero? As I mentioned earlier, he is a male teen and wears a unique old style hat. Witnesses claim his actions started the attack back at Team Rocket. Unfortunately, he has disappeared from the public as you are seeing here.”

The video shows Lyn grabbing Jack and running off, the camera person running after and trying to follow. Luckily, the camera didn’t see them get away on the moped. A close up of Jack and Lyn’s face are set next to each other.

“Whoever this male and female team are is a mystery. Will we ever find out? I say yes, but only time will tell.”

“Wow, we’re a team,” Lyn remarks.

Jack flinches, being scared by her reappearance. “But look, they got my picture all over the news. This isn’t what I want.”

Team Rocket’s LIST quickly comes to his mind. He has been thinking about this since he was still inside the mall. The LIST hasn’t been proven but it’s a name the media and League Police are calling it. Every person or Pokemon that has gotten in Team Rocket way is put on The LIST and they aren’t taken off until revenge is achieved. The higher up on The LIST, the more revenge is taken. Again, this hasn’t been proven and one can only imagine if a list does indeed exist and how serious the revenge can be. The thought of being on The LIST is one thing, but his punishment freaks him out and it’s something no body looks to receive. And what about Lyn, does this mean she is involved too?

Lyn asks Jack to wait out in front of the house for a while. He steps out and sits on the steps in front of the moped wondering what this is all about.

Have I done something to offend her aunt? I probably should leave but that would be rude. But what if someone recognizes me sitting here? Jack opens his pack and grabs his hat and sunglasses to hide his face from recognition. He then realizes the hat might stand out so he puts it back in his pack. It is a quiet neighborhood so there is doubt anyone will even notice him there.

Half an hour later Lyn comes out with a light grey single-strap-over-the-chest bag and a black helmet matching the one on the moped. Her hair is different from before. Instead of blue, it looks more navy blue. She has bangs in the front, hair separated by a hair clip coming down in front of her ears, then her medium hair freely hangs over the back. The face has some slight freckles that weren’t noticed before. The outfit changed slightly; only a new top, off grey color and yellow bands at the end of her short sleeves. Her light blue pants are the same, with wave lines at the bottom. White shoes finish off the set.

Lyn smiles, eyes wide and with great feeling. "We had a long talk and she decided it was time for me to go out on my own.”

"Really? Just like that?”


“That's good news. I thought I had done something wrong."

Aunt Clarice smiles smugly. “I’ve seen Lyn depressed staying at home helping take care of me for all these years. I knew and she knew she was ready but today sparked my decision. She deserves some fun for all these years taking care of me.”

"She said I should go with you because you seem like a nice Trainer and trusting. Plus I can learn tips on how to train better.”

Clarice continues to smile. “What you did at the mall was very brave for a new Trainer. I can respect that.”

Lyn puts on her helmet. “Yep. She doesn't think I should start out alone even though I’m sixteen and have been taking care of myself for nearly three years. What do you think?"

Jack stares dumbfounded although they can’t tell trying to look through the dark sunglasses. Trainers usually go solo on their journeys and have more success than if they travel with a friend. “I don’t know what kind of tips I can share since I’m new too. I don’t know... I guess it’s fine.”

She jumps up once in a cheer. "Thank you very much.” She faces her Aunt and hugs. “You won’t regret letting me go.”

“I know. You will do just fine. Take care of her, she’s my only niece.” Aunt Clarice un-hugs, waves quick and heads back inside.

Lyn tosses the second helmet to Jack. “Ready? This will be our transportation until we get to Plylie City. It’s a pain to walk there, I have tried, so we will ride."

Jack is still shocked at this sudden interest to tag along. “But, your school? And friends?”
“Don’t worry, I was being home schooled and I didn’t have much time for friends. Now quit complaining, I can’t wait to get started. Hop on. You get a helmet this time.”

He finds it odd that she would drop her life here so easily just to go out on a journey. “I’d rather walk like a traditional Trainer but that’s all I’ve been doing for five days. I guess it is time for a break.“ Also, the moped would get him faster out of the city than if he walked and time is against him. “And how did you know I’m going to Plylie City?”

Lyn sits down on the drivers seat and starts the soft engine. "You said you’re from Pine Valley, which is south from here. The only way you can be going is north."

Jack straps the helmet over his hat, sits down and holds Lyn around the waist. "That’s a fair deduction. But what about the Graveler you wanted to catch?"

She saddens, "Not anymore. I watched right before my eyes, another Trainer with a powerful Scyther dominate my capture. This all happened last night and even though I lost it, I marveled at her training ability and congratulated her."

Jack clicks in his mind that the Trainer must have been Trish, whom he met with the strong Scyther a couple days ago. "That's so sad. All that work for those weeks for nothing. Well, you did get in training.”

“I didn’t leave empty handed. I managed to catch a different Pokemon instead.” She winks to Jack. “But it’s a surprise.”

Jack laughs. "You can’t keep it a secret for too long."

Lyn laughs back as she moves the moped around, down the pathway, the driveway, the walkway and finally to the street. Destination ---> Plylie City.


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Default A Trainer's View

“Hey, Lyn, over here.”

They have been driving the streets of Styper City for a few minutes when they hear a shout coming from somewhere. Lyn looks to the left to see a familiar person standing in front of Professor Vine’s laboratory. She makes a u-turn around the street to pull up to the lab, shutting the engine off.

“Hey Professor Vine.”

“Who’s the passenger?” Vine looks carefully past the face at the pack he is wearing. “Oh, it’s Jack. Almost didn’t recognize you without that nice hat.”

With slight reddening in his face, “Everyone seems to like my hat for some reason.”

Vine nods, “People are interested in things they don’t see everyday, like your hat or Lyn’s moped. But let’s not talk about fashion and transportation. I was very impressed at the mall, great work. So, have you come for that tour now? I have all the time since the mall has closed down.”

“Thanks but no. I’m trying to avoid the media since the mall incident and I’m moving on. Please don’t tell them anything about me. I don’t want to be on Team Rocket’s LIST.”

Lyn gasps. “I forgot about The LIST. Now I understand why the rush to leave.”
Vine nods, understanding. “No problem. Since you’re not taking the tour, I would like to ask some things of you. I’m sure your father told you a Trainer can hold up to six Pokemon at a time. So after six, where are you sending them to stay?”

“They are going home.”

"You do know it would be much better if they stayed with me, someone trained to look after Pokemon. But of course, it's always the Trainer’s choice."

Jack is confused though. "I don’t see how you can support Pokemon in that lab. It’s so small.”

Vine turns to see his box business lab and chuckles. “No, no, those Pokemon are at a large ranch in Taht Vista northeast of here. There are acres of fields over there for the Pokemon to enjoy and my research team takes care of them and I visit often to keep in check. This building is my Research and Development Lab for some studies and my herbal research. It’s also where new Trainer’s come to get their first Pokemon.”

He disappoints the good Professor. “Sorry but they will go home. We have already arranged for it. Not to mention, my father wouldn’t be too happy...."

Vine interrupts, "Ok, no need for the details. Your reasons are your own. Call my number for any questions that you want answered." He hands Jack his card with address and phone number written on the front.

Lyn speaks her turn. “Professor Vine, I won’t be able to take the Pokemon Moisturizer anymore. I’m starting my journey again.”

“That’s wonderful! Good for you Lyn. In that case I have something for you, both of you actually. Wait here for a second, I’ll be right back.” Vine runs to his lab leaving Jack paranoid, looking around for the reporters. Momentarily, he comes back holding a few items in his hands. First, some small bottles. “Here Lyn, it’s the Water Pokemon Moisturizer. Jack, here, take this Fur Fluffer Formula. It helps Pokemon with fur have a natural sheen and clean feel. Just read the directions on the bottle. I hope you’ll be able to use it.”

Jack nods with delight. His Pikachu and Vulpix would be able to take the formula.

“That’s not all.” Vine holds two Pokeballs in his right hand. “I know your father doesn’t want me to help you but I will anyway.”

“You’re giving me a Pokemon?”

Vine nods. “I gave out Magby a while ago and I just received Elekid and Smoochum. You may pick one.”

“I can get the Smoochum I would have chosen?” Jack can’t believe this opportunity has arisen. Of all his luck just starting his journey he has been easily getting Pokemon left and right. Oh the choices. Why me? Do I take this chance at getting my Smoochum? Jack puzzles and toys around with the choices in his head to reach a decision. “The offer is great, I really appreciate it. But... you should save those Pokemon for a new Trainer that doesn’t already have six Pokemon.”

“Really.” He looks at Jack with interest. “You’re a good man, I can see that easily. That’s a good trait to be looking out for others.” He pockets the two Pokeballs of starter Pokemon, waiting for that fateful day when a Trainer would come by and select them. “One more thing.” He slickly slides a card from his pocket to his hand and points it to Jack. “Here’s your Trainer ID card. It shows you are officially licenced by the league to challenge the gyms. The Pokedex also has that feature but the card is easier to show.”

Jack looks at the card. The picture Vine took of him is plastered in the left corner with his information at the right. It’s covered with lamination to protect it from being ruined. “Cool.” He places the ID card and Lab card in his wallet.

Lyn also comments. “Thanks Professor Vine. You do great work as always.”

“If only I could get everyone else to say that. Anyway, you two have fun out there. The two of you together can only lead to good times ahead. Call me if you need anything, I’ll be glad to help.”


Lyn restarts the engine and pulls the moped out to the street again and they continue their journey to Plylie City, where Jack’s first gym badge awaits. With the media searching high and low for the hero Trainer in Styper City, he can’t stay to re-challenge Louie at the gym. He would have to come back another time when he is ready and the media hype has died down.

End Episode 9

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 10
The Long Road Ahead

They have made it out of Styper City, away from Team Rocket mishaps and reporters edging for a story. The moped slips down a long trail of dirt and grass. There is a road that would be safer but this path is a shortcut and more fun to drive. Miles have passed and no words exchanged. The only sound is the motor of the moped: nyehnnyehenynehehnyeh... nyehn... nyehn.... nyehn......ny. And that’s when the moped unexpectedly slows down and the engine putters to a stop. The moped is set in park and the keys are taken out.
Jack steps off and begins, "I guess that means we are out of gas."

Lyn is next off the moped. "Yeah, sorry. I thought it was full enough to get to Plylie City. So, what now?”
“I guess we either go back or keep going.”

Lyn looks around. “I have an idea. Wait here. I’ve traveled this path a number of times. Let me see where we are.” She turns and heads down the path to look for familiar marks.

A short while later she returns. “There is a Pokemon Shelter less than a mile east of here. We can get help there.”


“Yep. Let’s go.”

They put the helmets on the moped and Lyn walks it on the path, leading the way. They pass a gnarled tree with a sign that reads Pokemon Shelter. Taking a right, they head down another path moving east.
“I still can’t believe you dropped everything just like that in order to come with me.”

She responds. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for three years. My bag has been under my bed, packed and ready to go at any time I wanted to leave. I’m thankful you came around when you did and I thank you for what you did at the mall this morning.”

“I’m just not used to being surprised like that. Shocked me, that’s all.”

“You’ll find that I can surprise many people. It tends to happen.”

Jack sneakily change topics. “How many Pokemon do you have again?”

“Only two.”

“I see. And what are they again?” Jack hints, trying to figure out the second Pokemon.

She jokes back. “Nice try there.”

He is a little upset. “Come on, I don’t like suspense. It’s not like we don’t have the time right now. You can learn my Pokemon too.”

She takes a moment to think about the offer. “Fine. We can battle.” She sets the moped at the side and grabs a Pokeball from her front pocket.

“Battle? This one of your surprises?”

“You just reminded me of a great quote from the creator of the league, Mr. Stoplek. ‘The best way for two Trainers to get to know each other is with a battle.’ What do you say?”

“Great quote. He also said ‘Travel with other Trainers and through the hardships you will gain future friendships’. But a battle is a great idea. It won’t hurt to get in some training. And I will get to see how you battle." Jack stands ready.

“And I get to see your style and Pokemon as well.”

"If you don’t mind, I’ll go first.” Jack selects and Vulpix is out. He needs to see how much his training actually helped.

“So you kept Vulpix after all.” Lyn throws one of her two Pokeballs out. "I choose Geodude." The round rock Geodude comes out excited, more than a usual Geodude would put effort into.

“That couldn’t be the same Geodude I met in the caves, could it? Nah.”

Vulpix backs away from Geodude toward Jack.

Lyn replies, "Instead of Graveler, I settled for a Geodude. Once Graveler was caught, the other wild Geodude didn’t try to hide as much which I found interesting.”

“That’s a nice catch.” Jack looks down at Vulpix. "Are you ready Vulpix?”

Vulpix shakes her head and quivers in fear, hiding her tails between her body.

Jack sighs but realizes this situation is different. Vulpix appears to not want to battle; she looks quite frightened. “This isn’t a misunderstanding this time. You’re scared to battle.”

Vulpix replies with a short yip.

"Well, if you don't want to battle, then you don't have to. But some day you will have to face this fear. And once you do, then you can beat any Geodude that we come across." Jack recalls Vulpix disappointingly and picks another Pokeball. “So frustrating.”

Lyn is confused. “What’s that about.”

“Remember that Vulpix was attacked by a group of Geodude inside the cave. Maybe it traumatized her.”


“Let’s start over, heh. So I choose Caterpie this time." The little green Caterpie comes out. "Do the same thing to this Geodude as you did to the ones at the cave. String Shot!"

"Geodude, get away." Lyn commands.

But Geodudes aren't know for their speed, not to mention Jack’s Caterpie has great aim. Geodude manages to roll away but the second shot hits and from there Geodude is stuck. The goo eventually swallows and traps Geodude. Quick-shot Caterpie hits his mark.

"So quick to end." Lyn recalls and grabs her second Pokeball but stops before sending it out.

On the battle grounds, Caterpie shoots String Shot into the air and covers himself. Caterpie glows and changes shape as the white strings harden and turn green colored. Within the minute, Caterpie has evolved into the next stage. Metapod.

Jack exclaims, "Wow!” He has heard so much about evolution but he never imagined it would be so outstanding to witness. “That’s was... amazing. Metapod!” Jack jumps with a fist in the air, cheering for himself.

Lyn smiles, "Congratulations! But I am still going to win." She throws out her last Pokeball. "I choose Poliwag."

Poliwag lazily gazes at the blank stare of Metapod. Metapod would be weak at this time until the shell hardens enough in a few minutes. This gives Poliwag the advantage.

“Poliwag looks tired, good thing it’s getting some exercise now.”

“She had a rough time last night. I hope she’s not too tired. Poliwag, hit it with a Double Slap attack."

“I hope Metapod can still use String Shot. Metapod, String Shot!”

Unable to respond so fast in the newly evolved body, the String Shot fires out from Metapod’s tip. His shell makes mobility harder to achieve and this causes the attack to miss way off target. Poliwag easily jumps over and counters with Double Slap, smacking Metapod upside the head numerous times. There is nothing Metapod can do and when the slapping stops, Metapod is knocked over but not out of the battle.

Jack nods, “Great effort but that’s enough. I don’t want to strain you so much after evolving. You need to rest so you can be strong for your next stage."


Here comes his third Pokemon to the field: Bulbasaur. "Let's get this match over with. Bulbasaur, Sleep Powder.”

Bulbasaur leans his bulb forward and blue powder pours out and covers the field.

Lyn gasps but doesn’t panic, "Oh, I know. Water Gun that powder away."

Poliwag jumps up, sucks in the air and sprays a water stream at the powder, collecting it in the water and hitting Bulbasaur at the end of the path. Bulbasaur slips backwards, swallowing some of the sleepy water. Feeling drugged up, Bulbasaur feels the effects of Sleep Powder like a huge downer drug.

Jack is quite impressed, "Nice using my own attack against me."

"I saw it once on TV. Now Poliwag, finish it off with Double Slap!" A couple wacks back and forth and Bulbasaur faints or falls asleep. Either way, Bulbasaur is out.

"Bulbasaur return." Jack nods cooly in accepting defeat. “Great match. We both need some improving.”

Lyn laughs, “What, giving up already? You have six Pokemon, keep them coming.”

“Really? But the battle is over.”

She doesn’t say anything but looks at Jack very convincingly.

“Well, if you say so.” Out goes his next Pokemon. "I would have thrown him out before but I thought I would give you a chance. I never expected my own attack to be used against me." Pikachu takes the stage for a type advantage battle.

"Thanks for the sympathy but you should never go easy in a battle. We both need to try our best in order to improve.” She starts the battle. “Poliwag, Water Gun."

Jack commands back, "Agility."

Poliwag spays forward and misses the blurred Pikachu. Pikachu comes back into focus and waits for the command.

"Now for Thundershock."

Pikachu sparks up his body, sending small jolts around and finally zaps a quick little lightning bolt at Poliwag.

“Defense Curl.”

Poliwag can’t get away so she brings in her tail and curls into a ball to take less damage. Poliwag feels the shock flowing through her body and is forced out of the ball screaming in pain.

“Poli...” Poliwag staggers about then falls to the ground. It's over and the two Pokemon are recalled.

"That was a good match. Your Poliwag was very good."

Lyn blushes, "Yeah? It must have been all those times failing to catch Graveler that got her so strong. But how come Pikachu can learn an advanced move like Agility?"

“It’s my father’s Pokemon he let me borrow. Same with Bulbasaur. They are both at higher levels than my own Pokemon that I caught.”

“Speaking of which, when do I get to see the rest of your Pokemon? You have two more to show me.”

Jack mocks sarcastically, acting like Lyn. “Oh, they’re a secret and you will see them when the time is right.”

Lyn rolls her green eyes with a quirky smile and goes back to pushing the moped.


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Post A Trainer's View

They arrive at the Pokemon Shelter, a small one story wooden cabin like someone would expect to see. Though, this cabin has a garage and a car parked on the side. A road can be seen on the other side which must lead to the highway that connects Plylie to Styper. There is one gas pump near the street for cars to fill up their tanks. Over the door, there is a sign that says Welcome Trainers.

Lyn sets her moped at the side of the cabin and heads for the door. “Aren’t you coming in?”

“Go ahead, I want to look around first.”

She shrugs and enters. The inside is the size of two large bedrooms together. The furniture is mostly wood and the cushions are dyed brown colors to match the wood. It’s modeled like a Pokemon Center, chairs at the entrance and a desk on the opposite side where Nurse Joy would be. Though, there is no waiting room, only a small lounge area off to the side. In the main area there are items for sale: candy, drinks and other foods normally at a gas station. This particular shelter is like a store and a Pokecenter combined. The difference is they must pay a price for any service.

At this Pokemon Shelter, there is no Nurse Joy, but two men. One large man with huge muscles and a fat head and a slender man with a squished face. The large man wears a silver grey long sleeve shirt with crossbars over the heart. He has a yellow crew cut hair and squinty eyes. He looks like he was in the military. The slender man also wears a grey shirt and pants but no bars. He has spiked out darker yellow hair and a crooked smirk widely across his face. The large man is behind the desk while the slender man is sitting in the waiting area, laying across three chairs.

“Look Lloyd, a customer.”

The large man grumbles. “I can see that.

Lyn looks around unsettled. “Where is Mrs. Evens?”

Lloyd raises an eyebrow. “Mrs. Evens you say? She is in town. We are in charge in the meantime.”

“Ya, so pay up, dear, or get out.” The slender man jokes.
Lyn feels weird about this. “But she never leaves the shelter. And when she does the cabin is locked up.”

“Look. She’s out right now. She will be back later, understand? What do you need so we can help you?”

This doesn’t seem right to her. “My moped ran out of gas and I need to fill up so I can drive to Plylie.”

“Gas huh? That’s three dollars a gallon. Pay up front before we give it to ya’” Lloyd speaks.

“What?” Lyn is outraged. “That’s twice as much as it should be. That’s a rip off.”

The slender man speaks. “Oh fuss up, supply and demand. You need it that bad, you must pay the price.”

Lyn storms outside feeling betrayed by the shelter. “This isn’t right. There must be something wrong.”

Jack happens to be walking back and sees Lyn upset. “What’s going on?”

“Mrs. Evens runs the Pokemon Shelter but she isn’t here. Instead there are these other two guys I’ve never seen before. Something isn’t right. I have been coming here for three years and not once has anyone else been in charge of the shelter. I was here a couple days ago and if she was hiring help she would have told me. I don’t understand.”

“Could they be thieves?” Jack throws in the possibility. He has no idea what is going on, all he can do is offer his help.

“Maybe. Whatever they are doing, they shouldn’t be here. They tried charging me double the price for the gas we need.”

Jack clutches his fist. If Lyn is correct about them not supposed to be in there, then Jack must take action. “Don’t worry, everything will be fixed.”

The door opens and the two men step out. The slender man speaks first. “Oh good, you haven’t left yet. Didn’t mean to scare ya’ like that. We didn’t mean any harm.”

Jack points his finger at the men. “Who are you and what have you done here?”

“What’s this all about?”

The slender guy comments to Lloyd. “Hey, he’s the one from the TV.”

Jack steps forward, “I don’t know anything about this area but Lyn tells me you two are strangers here. That being the case, I must ask you to leave at once.”

“What? You’re asking us to leave? You have no say in our lives. We run this shelter, it’s ours. Now beat it. For disrespecting my family, you’re no longer welcome here.”

“No.” Lyn shouts at the top of her lungs. This causes everyone to turn in shock and look at her. “I come here at least once a week and I have never seen you two. What have you done with Mrs. Evens?”

Lloyd grumbles, “I told you, she went to town.”

The slender guy is still thinking what Jack had said., “Did he say she is Lyn?”
Jack moves again with frustration clouding his mind. “That’s it, I challenge you to a battle.” He selects the Pokeball containing Pikachu and gets him ready.

“Lloyd, he challenged you. Mistake-o-rama.”

“Shut up Sid, this is serious. He wants to battle, fine. He will lose. Any one of my eight Pokemon can defeat his whole team. He doesn’t seem as strong as he looks. Maybe this will teach him to listen to me.”

“Eight? But....Trainers are only allowed to have six Pokemon at one time.”

Lloyd signs. “This kid is annoying me. Look, not everyone follows the rules. This is real life not some stupid video game with limitations. If people didn’t break rules then there would be no need for a police force and millions of jobs would be lost, myself included. Secondly, I am not a Trainer so those worthless codes don’t apply. Blah blah this, follow that. They aren’t worthy rules to follow. Still wanna battle?”

“Don’t diss the codes.” Jack switches Pokeballs for Rattata and sends him out. If Lloyd has tough Pokemon, Jack needs to start out strong and Rattata has the potential to catch Lloyd off guard.

“A wimpy little mouse, this should be embarrassing.” Sid leans against the cabin to watch.

A large Machamp stomps the floor as Lloyd’s Pokemon of choice. Machamp’s muscles are as huge as Lloyd’s. “Get ready to eat your words.”

Machamp and Lloyd glare hard at Rattata and Jack. If an experienced Trainer was watching this battle, they could easily predict that Jack would lose.

“Hmmm...” Jack takes out his Pokedex to use it for the first time. It loads quick and the screen flashes ready. He points the top at the Pokemon. The male computerized voice speaks for the first time.

Machamp: The Superpower Pokemon- This fully evolved Pokemon quickly swings its four arms to rock its opponent with ceaseless punches and chops from all angles. Any Pokemon caught in its grip will nearly suffocate if not retreated. This Pokemon is the final evolution for Machop and Machoke.

The images on the screen load up in Windows(c) format. There is a window for the Pokemon picture, a window for quick stats on the right and further information below for more research. Jack closes the Pokedex and pockets it.

Sid kicks back and laughs. “Even has to look up your Pokemon. To think, he’s the one that saved the mall.”

Jack loses concentration. “What was that you said?”

“Boys!!!” a call shouts from the side. There, an older lady with white fluffy hair and large shades slowly walks to the scene. “Didn’t I tell you not to battle around the shelter?”

“I know Mom, but he started it.” Lloyd reduces his age to a mere childlike attitude. The presence of a Mom can do that sometime.

Jack scratches his head. “Mom?”

“Mrs. Evens, you’re alright.” Lyn welcomes the old lady with a heart warming smile. “We thought you were kidnaped or something.”

Jack shrugs, even more confused than before. “We did? I think I need to sit down.” A headache ensues.

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Default A Trainer's View

The situation dies down and all Pokemon are recalled to their respective Pokeballs. Mrs. Evens explains she went into town and left her two sons in charge to watch the Shelter. They all relocate inside the cabin and sit in the waiting area.

“Yes, these are my sons, Sid and Lloyd. They unexpectedly dropped by yesterday. Sorry to have caused you trouble Lyn.”

“He’s the one that started it.”

Jack raises his head from the table, where he was resting his headache. “They were the ones being rude, not me.”



Mrs. Evens stops the childish games. “Boys, out now.”

“Aww...” The two sons leave the lounge and watch the store section.

Lyn starts again. “I’m glad you weren’t hurt or anything. I thought they had done something to you.”

“Nope. Only went to town for some quick grocery shopping. So what brings you here today?”

“My moped ran out of gas and I came to buy some. Your sons tried ripping me off.”

“They did, did they?”

Sid pops his head in, “We were only playing. We came out to apologize but he started to fight with us.”

Mrs. Evens steps over to Sid and wacks the him over the head. “The customer is our friend. Be nice.”

“Mom...sorry...” Sid disappears again.

“I guess these two haven’t grown up yet. Sid, fill up her moped.”

“Yes Mom.” he says sarcastically.

“I’ll go help.” Lyn steps out.

Then Mrs. Evens takes a look at Jack. “So, you are the one from the mall. Both your pictures were all over the news this morning. Quite a fiasco.”

Jack sighs, dropping his head to the table.. “Aw.. still pictures on the news.”

This time, Lloyd steps in. “Not anymore. Professor Vine made an announcement earlier. Hold on.” A short while later, Lloyd comes back with a tape in hand and places it in the TV across the room.

“I tape everything Team Rocket related for my collection.”

After skipping through the tape, finally it stops at the part Jack needs to hear. On the screen is Professor Vine speaking to the public.

“Thank you. I am deeply disturbed with the events that happened this morning. However, I want to address something personal. Now, we have all heard rumors about the mall and I am going to make it clear. Yes, I do know who the Trainer is. He has also requested that he remain unknown to the public and asks that the media stops pressing the story. That also stands for his so called female ‘accomplice’. The media needs to respect their privacy. This is a difficult time and we must leave them alone. Respect my wishes as well and stop covering this incident. We’ve had enough and we’d like to get back to our lives. Thank you again. And for you aspiring Trainers out there, stop by my lab and I will gladly help you in this wonderful world of Pokemon. My doors are always open.”

The camera cuts from Vine to stop his rants about his job. At this time, Lloyd stops the tape.

Lloyd finishes the story. “The media have stopped the coverage at the mall. The incident is being left to the police to handle. There has been nothing on the TV or radio since then.”

Jack sighs with relief. “Good. It’s over.”

Lyn steps back in. “The moped is ready to go.”

But Jack doesn’t feel like going now, especially with a headache. “Let’s stay for a while. I need some time to think.”

Everyone separates to do their own thing. Lyn goes with Mrs. Evens to talk about her new journey. Sid and Lloyd continue to watch television. While Jack thinks about all the events that has happened. The Model Plane Club. The Gyarados at Blue Falls Waterfall. The fake Styper Gym Battle. Team Rocket at the mall. He’s met so many people, friends and enemies alike. To think, it hasn’t even been a full week since he started.

A good hour and a half later, Jack is finished with his thinking, resting and relaxing. Lyn was in the room now and she sits up looking at Jack.

“Ok, I’m ready.” He brings out a Pokeball.

“We’re going?”

“No, not that. My last Pokemon.” He calls out Pidgey. “This one is special.”

Thus, he explains the trouble with Pidgey. But he doesn’t stop there. He continues with his whole journey so far. From Rattata to Pinsir to Vulpix, he explains his catches. Then he explains the issues like the Model Plane and the waterfall. If he is to travel with someone, even if it’s for a little bit, he should tell her what’s been happening so far.

“Wow, a lot has happened. I wonder what is next for you.”

“I can only hope it’s nothing bad.” Jack stands up and stretches. “Ok, now we can go.”

Lyn pays for the gas and some food. Mrs. Evens wishes her the best of luck.

“Hey Jack.” Lloyd greets. “Remember, the world doesn’t play according to the Trainer’s Code. Watch out.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Thanks.”

Jack and Lyn say their goodbyes and get back on the moped. Helmets on, full gas tank, good spirits. The media has stopped their coverage of the mall. Jack is off the hook for now and in time the public will forget what happened because another tragedy will take its place.

It is a little past middle afternoon when they leave the Pokemon Shelter. The sky is still blue with little clouds; the weather hasn’t changed since Jack first left. Hopefully, Lyn can drive the moped the rest of the way to Plylie City without another stop. They have seen enough action for one day and they need to save their energy for the long road ahead.

End Episode 10

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Exclamation A Trainer's View

Episodes 1-10

These Episodes contain information about the league, backgrounds for important characters, and the way Jack gained his Pokemon team. There are a lot of firsts here: first loss, win, Gym Battle, time in a Pokemon Center, Pokemon capture, etc.

About the League
This is the Stoplek League. There are 15 Gyms and 5 Master Gyms. Winning 8 badges allows you to challenge the League Leader. Winning 12 badges allows entry into the Stoplek Tournament, where if you win or show potential as a great Trainer, you will be allowed to fight the Master Gyms. Defeating all 20 Gyms allows you to challenge the League Grand Master for a shot at earning the title League Defender, the most prestigious title and honor a Trainer can earn in the Stoplek League.
The league is named after Mr. Charles Penny Stoplek, the wealthiest man at the time, whom started and funded the original gym system. While some leagues leave the minimum age to be a Trainer at 10, Mr. Stoplek thought age 13 was a more responsible choice.

About the Hero
*Jack. Age 17. 5'10". Short brown hair. Turquoise eyes.
His dad would not let him start at age 13. He studied for many years as much as he could about Pokemon, while still going to school. Most of his studies came from watching weekly television battles. His dad taught him what he could, when he wasn’t away on a trip. Mostly, he was upset at the lack of progress from Jack.
Goals-- Jack doesn't want to battle and catch Pokemon. He only wants to keep those that want to travel with him. He feels forcing Pokemon to battle for him is wrong. As far as the League is concerned, his mission is to collect all the badges and prove to those that laughed at him that he will be a great Trainer.

It was mid-fall when Jack’s chosen date arrived. His dad was away on an emergency trip, but left two Pokemon for him to start with: Bulbasaur and Pikachu. They were to be returned in two weeks.
He left his crying mom at home and entered the main town of Pine Valley. There he ran into an old friend, Michael. Best friends in school, Michael left at age 13 for his Trainer journey, now he is 16. Jack made a promise to be a better Trainer than Michae. It is also him that gave Jack the Newsboy Hat.
Outside Pine Valley, he met a hungry Rattata, being picked on by an Ekans. Jack saved it and befriends the little rat to join his team.

In Keadrill, Jack was outraged at a local Model Plane Club. It’s manager, Bernie, attacked flying Pokemon with his Model Planes to drive them out of the area. Jack rescued an injured Pidgey, beat up from one of the planes. Jack went back the next day to challenge them, but he lost horribly, even with Pikachu against Bernie’s Fearow. At the Pokecenter, Nurse Joy told Jack Pidgey has to heal, meaning no activity like battles. He didn’t like the idea of catching Pidgey like this, but he must help her heal. The Model Plane Club hasn’t seen the last of him.

On his way to the next city, he ran into a powerful Scyther, an experienced Trainer named Trish, and a new Trainer named Madeline. The three camped for the night, sharing ideas. Mostly Jack helped Madeline to be a more prepared Trainer. The next day Jack and Madeline battle. Jack’s first win.

Still on his way, he found a Pinsir, a rare Pokemon his dad has always wanted but never found. Jack struggled against another Trainer wanting to catch it also, and beat him. Jack managed to catch Pinsir with the help of Bulbasaur and an unexpected Caterpie, which he caught accidentally. O.o He arrived at Blue Falls City and sent Pinsir home to give to his dad as a present. Jack learned his dad was in an accident and won’t be home for a few more days. A kid at the Pokecenter mocked Jack for not having evolved Caterpie yet.

Jack continued onward, running into Trish, whom told him to follow her. They arrived at Blue Falls Waterfall. A reporter, Jennifer Alomna, is there catching history in the making. She shared with Jack the possibilities of a rare, or even a legendary Pokemon being inside. This particular waterfall falls out of the middle of the mountain, from a cave. And no one knows what’s inside the cave, until today. Things heated up when an extremely huge Gyarados exploded from the cave. When the Gyarados disappeared, the research started. Inside the cave were Magikarp and possible cave markings. Jack didn’t stay too long, as the research would take many months to complete.

Today, a wild Geodude stopped Jack and asked for help. Jack followed the rocky Pokemon into a cave deep into the mountains. Inside, a Vulpix was being picked on by a pack of Geodude. Jack and Caterpie battle hard to save Vulpix. Once he did, a boss Graveler showed up and chased them. Outside the cave, on a path high above sea-level, Graveler made its move. Another Trainer happened to be there, using Poliwag to Water Gun it away. Jack thanked the girl, whose name is Lyn Ravenwood. He then let Vulpix decide if she wants to join him or not. Vulpix joined.

He arrived at his first Gym in Styper City. Louie, a well mannered man, accepted the challenge, unfortunately, Jack forgot to officially register with the Stoplek League. Instead of a Gym battle, Louie used secondary Pokemon for a practice match. Jack learned how a Gym match works, but doesn’t do well in battle, making a number of mistakes. He lost. Louie told Jack to visit Professor Vine to register.

The next day, he met with Professor Vine at the Styper Mall. Vine is the official Professor of the league, even though most of the public disagree. He registered Jack and handed him a Pokedex. As Jack left, a Team Rocket duo, Roy and Ashley, attacked the mall. Jack was the only one to talk back, which encouraged others to fight. Team Rocket escaped. Jack was attacked by the media feeding frenzy for being a hero. Thankfully, Lyn was there to rescue him and they get away via her moped.

At her house, Lyn shared her sad past. Her parents didn’t want her to become a Trainer, unfortunately, they died. And when Lyn received her first Pokemon, her Aunt fell ill, forcing Lyn to take care of her from then until now. As luck would have it, her aunt was feeling almost completely better. Her aunt allowed Lyn to travel with Jack, even though she didn’t trust most Trainers. The first thing Jack wanted to do was get out of town and away from the media. Lyn provided her moped as transportation.

The moped ran out of gas. The two had a fun battle, to get to know each other and their Pokemon. Jack’s Caterpie evolved into Metapod. They found a Pokemon Shelter where trouble ensued with suspicious employees. Lyn thought they were crooks and Jack challenged them to a battle. When Mrs. Evans, the owner, returned, she said they employees were her mischievous sons. They rest, fill up the moped, and learn the media has stopped hounding for the “kid in the hat”. Relieved, Jack and Lyn continued north to the next major city.

Pikachu- Given by his dad for a while.
Bulbasaur- Given by his dad for a while.
Rattata- Determined battler.
Pidgey- Not completely healed yet but can fly a little.
Caterpie/Metapod- Quick and accurate String Shot. Adjusting to new body.
Vulpix- Has a fear of Geodude. Slow battler.


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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 11
Finishing What They Started

Nothing much has happened since they left the Pokemon Shelter. In fact, nothing has happened. They have not seen any wild Pokemon or Trainers. Maybe the noise of the moped is scaring off the Pokemon. But then again, neither Jack nor Lyn want to stop unless they have to. So much has happened today and all they want is to get to Plylie City.

Then . . .

"Stop!" Jack screams over the low moped motor.

Lyn slows the moped to a screeching stop. "What is it?"

"I saw something over there." He points behind some bushes and jumps off the moped, beginning to walk over to it. "It might be a Pokemon and I haven’t seen any wild Pokemon in a while."

They both get past the bushes and see the backs of two people sitting on a log. They wear dark shirts and each have different colored hair; the male has dark red while the female has dark green. They look oddly familiar from the backside.

“Even if the mall plan backfired, we still pawned these Pokemon from that Trainer.” The guy holds up a small bag.

Jack and Lyn both gasp to themselves. "It's the two from Team Rocket!"

Even though they are being as quiet as possible, the gasps are heard in the quiet winds. The male Team Rocket member turns around. At first he doesn’t see anything, but he looks closer and...

"Ashley, look! It's the kid from the mall. The one that stood up to us."

Ashley turns to look also. "You're right Roy. R-O-Y. Roy. Stop saying my name, ROY! Ok, ROY?" She stampedes to her feet.

“Alright, alright. Sorry, it slipped again. Didn’t mean to.” Roy drops the bag and moves to a defensive position. He addresses the kid in the Newsboy hat. “So you’re back. Didn’t get enough from the mall?”
"If he’s come for a rematch, then let's give him one he won’t soon forget." They both throw out Pokeballs. Ashley sends out a larger Rattata with big fangs while Roy sends a flying yellow bug with pointy hands. "And when we win, they will give us their Pokemon." They both laugh hysterically.

Jack responds, "Hey! Whoa! Guys, I’m not looking for a fight.”

“But they are.” Lyn comments.

“Fine. No sense in trying to talk out of this. It’s time to finish what they started at the mall.” He selects and sends Vulpix to the field. "But two against one is not fair."

"Kid, you should know Team Rocket only plays by our rules." They laugh some more.

Jack leans over to Lyn and whispers, "Would you mind a little support?"

Lyn gives an 'Okay' nod and sends out Geodude.

Roy smiles, "This looks like a two vs two battle, eh kids!"

Lyn smiles back, "We’ll see about that."

Jack suddenly takes action. "Vulpix go!! Get that Beedrill."

Ashley reacts, “Cut off Vulpix, Tackle it Raticate.”

“Not so fast.” Lyn commands. “Grab it and toss it away.”

Vulpix looks around, realizing the situation, and leaps forward. Geodude moves over and intercepts Raticate from the side, grabbing its back. Geodude spins quick and tosses Raticate away from the action, far right.
“You do know the attack is called Seismic Toss.” Jack speaks.

Lyn responds, “I know what it is. You don’t always have to use conventional attacks in a battle to get the same effect.”

“And to think, you said you weren’t a strong battler.” Jack jokes.

Lyn is annoyed. “Uh, there is a battle going on. Hint, hint. If you can see, I’ve separated them. So you take Beedrill, I’ve got Raticate.”

“Right.” Jack moves back to concentrating on the battle. He doesn’t know why he chose Vulpix, maybe this battle will help her battling spirit.

Geodude vs Raticate

Ashley boasts. “You aren’t going to win, girly. Your looks won’t win this battle.”

Lyn responds with confidence. “I know my types and your Raticate is weaker.”

“Watch and learn. Quick Attack.”

“Evade it.”

Raticate leaps around the grass, figuring where to attack from. Geodude watches and tries to anticipate the attack but Raticate is way too fast for him. Geodude is hit hard and knocked down.

“What!?!! A normal attack shouldn’t do that.”

"Now, get in close with Hyper Fang attack."

Lyn is even more surprised at her daring strategy. Using an attack like that on a rock Pokemon is just not done. Unless... Raticate is a high level. She becomes scared and recedes to defense. "Harden fast Geodude!"

The fang hits Geodude hard but doesn't effect him as much as it would have. Once more, Raticate jumps forward with another Hyper Fang as Geodude hardens again. Geodude’s defense weakens and Hyper Fang grows stronger.

“This is easy. Again!”

I’m going to lose. Hyper Fang is too strong. A lightbulb flashes in her mind. But it has a weakness. “Geodude, smack its teeth.”

Raticate’s shining teeth prepare to hit for a final time. Geodude uncurls his body and makes a fist with his rocky right hand. The fist connects with Raticate’s face, shattering the front teeth to pieces. Raticate falls back, crying and complaining as loud as it possibly can. Its head is tingling with the feeling of broken teeth, now a near void in its mouth. Raticate squirms on the grass, pain... pain... PAIN!

Ashley jumps in complete shock. “Ahh!! Such a cheap shot. My baby!”

"Nice punch Geodude. Now for Seismic Toss." While Raticate stumbles about, Geodude grabs it, hovers quickly upward and throws it down. Raticate lands with a moan and a groan as the pain tingles with extreme intensity.

Beedril vs Vulpix

Roy begins with an insult. “Why don’t you take off that stupid hat and sunglasses? Quit hiding behind them.”

Jack isn’t annoyed too much by the comment. Instead, he fires back. “At least I’m not the one that wears an ugly black uniform with a big red R in the middle just to prove I belong somewhere. But let’s not talk about fashion.”

“You’ve got spirited comebacks and I admire that about people. But we must continue.”

Vulpix and Beedrill have been sitting during the talk but now they get back up and ready to battle again.

“Poison Sting attack.”

“Counter with Ember.”

The bee fires a number of poison barbs from its tail stinger. Vulpix is delayed and coughs out Ember late. The poison barbs overtake the small fire and Vulpix is struck sharply.

“No challenge. Poison Sting again.”

Jack is worried. “Vulpix, come on. Get fired up. Ember, faster. Let’s go.”

Vulpix manages more Ember out and meets the barbs halfway. But the barbs are winning the battle.

“It should be pushed back, I should be winning against Poison Sting,” Jack comments to himself. “Vulpix, reposition and use Ember.”

Vulpix stops the fire and moves, taking some poison barbs in the back. Vulpix moves under Beedrill as it flies above trying to follow Vulpix with the attack. The mini fire balls are sprayed up.

“No, Agility.”

The ember fireballs pelt Beedrill but not enough to take it down. Agility helps it get away but Beedrill’s strength lessens. Vulpix isn’t too healthy at the moment either.

Jack looks at a rock next to his foot. I could easily throw this at Beedrill to distract it. No, no. It’s not the honorable thing to do. I can’t win a battle like that. I can’t cheat the Trainer’s Code even fighting against Team Rocket. “Ember again.”

The fire balls soar in the air, evaporating from the wind that picks up. Roy takes this time to call for Agility and Fury Attack. Beedrill fades left, then right, then above. The fire balls miss every time and Beedrill moves closer.

Jack waits for the right time. “Vulpix, stop. Turn left with Quick Attack.”

Vulpix is delayed from the order, unsure about the change. Beedrill dashes left and swoops to Vulpix. Having just enough time, Vulpix leaps up and over Beedrill, avoiding the attacking stingers from harming her.

It’s not what Jack wanted but it gives him another idea. “Turn and use Ember.”

Vulpix does a 360 turn and fires into the sky at the passing Beedrill. This time, the fire balls have more effect but it still isn’t enough.

Roy is getting annoyed. “Agility, go around them and try again.”

Beedrill turns and soars directly at Vulpix’s attack. Moving, swerving, dodging the tiny fire balls; all of them. Beedrill gets in close enough...

“Direct Poison Sting.”


The Poison Sting fires first, again Vulpix is delayed from switching to another attack. But it doesn’t seem to matter when the large fire funnel forms and singes the poison barbs to nothing. The fire stream continues from Vulpix’s mouth and engulfs Beedrill to a crispy bronze.

"Finish off that Beedrill with another Flamethrower." Jack commands with dignity.

Beedrill feels like time has stopped, it doesn’t even move or flap its wings and remains stationary in the air. It is then engulfed by more flames and falls down.

Roy and Ashley recall their Pokemon. “My Raticate. My beautiful Raticate. What good are you for battling without your teeth?”

“You let her beat you?”

“You didn’t do any better yourself.”

“I’m the one that beat the other Trainer to get his Pokemon. Beedrill was tired.”

“Doesn’t matter. Next round is ours.” Ashley grabs to her back for another Pokeball.

Roy coughs, holding a bag. “Another time, perhaps. We don’t need to risk losing our bounty for the day.”

“Yes.” She turns to the two teens, ready for more. “You have won this time only because we have our reward. Be warned, you better hope you never see us again.”

A smoke ball is thrown. After the dark smoke clears, the two Team Rocket members are gone.

Jack recalls Vulpix and steps forward. “Come on, they’re getting away.”

“Huh? Be serious Jack.”

“I am. Didn’t you hear what the guy said. They stole another Trainers Pokemon. They were also responsible for the mall incident and putting my face on the news. I can’t let them get away.” Frustrated, Jack drops his pack and runs off. Lyn doesn’t want to follow. She’s had enough dealing with wanted criminals.


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