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Old 06-18-2005, 09:44 PM
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Default A Trainer's View

For a few minutes nothing is said between Monique and Lyn. Monique lay her head on the table while Lyn thinks what to say.”

“Why do you want her to evolve?”

The orange haired girl looks up. “Huh?”

“Why do you want her to evolve so much?” Lyn wonders with a confused face.

She dries her eyes. “Only one reason: Azumarill. I love Azumarill. The way it walks, the way it talks, everything. There’s nothing I want more. Ever since I caught Marill I’ve been trying to evolve it.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Two weeks. We’ve been battling day and night together and training harder than my other Pokemon. But every battle we have she doesn’t evolve. I was certain she would today because she was glowing last night.”

Lyn remembers something she came across. “Evolution doesn’t only involve battles. It takes commitment and dedication and trust between Trainer and Pokemon.”

“I guess...”

“But when you won and Marill didn’t evolve, you got upset. Marill doesn’t have tantrums, she is upset that you’re upset. I think she is trying as hard as she can but you’re acting like it’s not good enough. You need to show love and encouragement.”

“Poli!” Poliwag adds strongly.

She looks at the determined Poliwag. “I never thought of that before. But battles help the most.”
“Not necessarily. When Jack had his Metapod, he battled with it and lost. But after the battle, Metapod evolved into Butterfree. The battle was hard but I think Metapod evolved because of Jack’s determination to show his opponent Metapod isn’t weak. And he proved it in the battle, even though he lost.


Lyn smiles. “You’re trying too hard to evolve her. It will come when it does, okay? As a Pokemon Nurse in training, I know evolution is not always easy. There are more factors at play than people realize. You might not realize it, but I’ve had Poliwag for three years. People have told me to evolve it but I wait until the day Poliwag wants to.”

“Poli!” ^.^

“Until then, I keep taking care of her and treating her as best I can.”
“How is Poliwag doing?”

“She’s great. Now that I’m on a journey, she seems stronger than before. We only had one battle and that was with Jack. I was lucky to beat him. Other than that, Poliwag is still a great friend to spend time with.”

“Sounds like Poliwag is having as much fun as you are. That’s good to hear.”
Monique turns around on the bench and looks down, sobbing. “I’ve done so much for Marill. I’ve tried everything I can in order to evolve her. Countless battles, special potions, and even black market attempts, but none of them worked. I’m nearly bankrupt because I’ve been trying to evolve her. I have done all that I can.”

“Not everything. You still have one more thing to do.”

“That’s right. I have to go get her back. I have to show her that I care.” She looks up and screams, “I’m coming Marill!”


Marill and Jack had been standing at the side since the end of their discussion. Marill heard everything.

“Marill? You’re back.” She quickly gets up and rushes over to hug her water Pokemon. “I missed you so much. I’m so glad you came back.”

“Marrilllll!” Marill cries.

Monique starts crying again. “Marill! I love you. Please don’t run away again.”


“Thanks Jack for retrieving her. And thanks for all your advice. What’s your name?”


“Thanks Lyn.”

“No problem.” Lyn digs through her bag and pulls out one of her two Water Pokemon Moisturizers. “Here, take this. I think it might help you and Marill become closer.”

“Really? I’ve never tried this product.”

“It’s from the official Stoplek League Professor, Proffesor Vine.”


Lyn sighs. “It does work, I’ve been using it on Poliwag and she loves it.”


Jack snaps his fingers. “That’s right. I have one of those potions too.”

Suddenly, the little blue Pokemon starts glowing brightly as tears fall from Monique’s cheek. However, the light fades away and Marill still stands.

Monique sheds tears of joy. “That was so closer.”

“Maybe you could use another battle,” Jack suggests.

“That’s okay.” Monique looks at Lyn. “I think I’ll take it a little easier.”

Lyn smiles.

But Jack still wants to battle. “You can use other Pokemon.”

“Very well.” Monique laughs.


After a good battle, Monique takes her leave. Then Jack and Lyn and their Pokemon sit down for a long lunch. Once everyone is full, bags and Pokeballs are packed and one decision still remains: two roads and one path to choose.
“I only hope you’re having fun out there.”

“Well, not really fun....” Lyn pauses. “All Jack does is battling and training and he’s always doing something, rarely taking breaks for other things, like talking to me or taking care of his Pokemon. And he does everything on his own, leaving me at the Pokecenter. I don’t know what it is, but there is something wrong that he isn’t telling me.”

“If you ask him directly about it, he might get scared. Let him tell you on his own. Get on his good side.”

“I know, but I wonder about him sometimes... I mean, we’ve only been in Plylie City for six days and he wants to leave tomorrow. I think we need to take our time and explore our surroundings. I don’t know if I can keep up with him and be able to learn all I want about taking care of Pokemon.”

“If he’s as determined a Trainer as you say, he knows what he is doing. Now that you’ve told him about becoming a nurse, tell him you want to travel slower and hang out more. I’m sure he will listen.”

“I guess but I don’t think he’ll listen. He wants to get those badges as fast as he can. I don’t want to hold him back.”

Aunt Clarice speaks calmly. “As much as I don’t want you to think about this, you must decide.... if you want to stay with him. I would hate for you to suffer in your journey so that he profits in his. But if he’s a trusting Trainer like you say, he will do what is right for both of you but you need to tell him first. I’m sure you will make the right choice and I will support you.”

Lyn sighs deeply. “I know. When we left, I thought about leaving when we got to the crossroads ahead between Rowest and Streamington. But I didn’t expect to be there so soon. I can either go with him or choose the other path. I probably have a couple days to think this over before we reach it.”
“So which way do you want to go?”

Lyn shakes her head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“You have no opinion?”

“What are you leaning towards?”

“Well, something about Rowest Town seems familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. I think I want to go there first. It’s killing me not knowing what it is.”

“Okay. Then you’re going to Rowest Town.”

“That’s the plan.” Jack stands up. “Ready?”

“I guess I’ll be heading to Streamington instead.”

“Huh? You want to go to Streamington? I thought you said Rowest.”

“I agreed that you should go to Rowest Town. I want to go to Streamington.”

“Wait...” Jack catches on. “Does this mean what I think it means?”

Lyn crosses her legs and fiddles with her hands. "I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve been trying to find the best way to tell you. I think it's time we separate. I don’t feel I’m learning as much as I can traveling with you. I will learn more if I go alone. Thanks for your company, but it's time for me to leave."

“You sure?”

“Yes. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve been a great influence and I won’t forget being with you. But this is something I have to do.”

Jack walks back to the table, "It is me, isn’t it?”

She nods. “You move to fast. I need to stay in towns more and learn from other Trainers. Besides, you hardly spend time with me unless we’re moving to a new city.”

“Oh.” Jack feels bad. “Sorry ‘bout that. That’ll be the first thing I fix when we get to Streamington.”

“No. We do have to separate. It’s time. Go to Rowest Town, please.”

“Well, you should have talked to me sooner. Or maybe a little fore warning.” He still feels bad, “I guess this is goodbye."

"But not forever."

"Of course.” He cheers up. “Call me when you become a nurse. I'll come visit you for treatment on my Pokemon.”


Jack extends his hand to shake but Lyn doesn't. Instead, she stands up and gives him a nice hug. Jack hugs back.

"Thanks for giving me the second chance to achieve my dream."

They un-hug and Lyn steps away, toward the Streamington path.

Jack watches. “You’re going to be a nurse. There’s no doubt about that.”
“And you will be a successful Trainer. Take care Jack.”

“You too Lyn.”

It's so hard to say goodbye. They stand staring at each other for a minute, neither one wanting to be the first to turn their back. But it is Lyn that first turns after a wave and a big smile. Jack smiles and calmly turns down the Rowest Town path.
“It’s for the better.”
End Episode 17

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 18
Magnificent Courage

Jack has been traveling solo ever since Lyn separated yesterday. Without Lyn at his side, he has felt lonely and misplaced. He never realized how quiet the natural land sounds and how bored he is. Lyn was someone he could talk to and she could talk back. Though he never did a lot of talking but when they did, he felt complete. He misses her company. And that’s why he has called out Vulpix to walk with him.

“How are you today?”


“That’s good.” Jack reaches into his tan cargo pack and brings out the Fur Fluffer Formula. “I forgot I had this. Let’s see how it works.” He reads the directions and applies the spray to Vulpix’s fur. It’s all natural so Jack can use his hand and rub it in without worrying about chemicals. After the massage, he pats her on the head. “It says not to lick your fur or get it wet for three hours. Think you can do that?”

“Vulpix vul.”

The rest of the directions indicate to apply once a month. Each bottle is worth twelve months supply. After four years of use, the Pokemon will be used to the potion and create new cells to act like the potion. Which brings a question to mind: how much does one bottle cost? It must be expensive because it is researched by the Professor of the Stoplek League, Professor Vine. Not to forget, his unpopularity with the public majority causes low demand, thus, his prices must be high to compensate for profit loss.

Anyway, Jack and Vulpix continue hiking the dirt path to Rowest Town. The scene changes from numerous green trees to rugged terrain and small rock formations. They are about ten miles south of the Korneri Mountain Range, so he isn’t too shocked at the new terrain. However, it does make traveling harder because there are boulders in the way and the ground isn’t level all the time.

The Pokemon in this part of the forest are more numerous and much louder than before. Pidgey coo and fly from one tree to the other. A Sandshrew is seen scratching a tree for grubs. A shy Bellsprout quickly runs away, forcing other Bellsprout to follow.

“There’s a lot of activity here. I wonder how many Trainers visit this part of the forest.”
“Vul...” she comments.

That’s when Jack wanders across a small Geodude, napping under a small bush with black flowers starting to wilt. Vulpix turns and notices the rocky Pokemon and jumps backward, hiding behind Jack’s feet.

He starts laughing. “It’s asleep. It can’t hurt you.”

“....” Vulpix remains speechless.

*SIGH* “Come on, let’s go closer. It’s okay.”


Jack steps forward only one step and Geodude’s eyes open up. It quickly acts aggressive to see a human disturb its sleep. Geodude lunges at Jack, purposely missing to show a warning to the Trainer.

“Whoa Geodude! I didn’t mean anything.”

“Vuuuuuu...” Vulpix turns and runs down the path.

Jack sweatdrops. “You’ve got to be kidding. Vulpix....”

Geodude rests on the ground, watching the Trainer and Pokemon run away. “Geo?”

A shadowed figure, watching from a good distance, takes note. “Interesting.”


Jack catches up to Vulpix and both of them take a short rest under a large oak tree. He takes his hat off and brushes his hand through his brown hair. Very frustrating.

“Vulpix, look at me. I know you have a hard time with Geodude but the only way to solve the problem is to face it. You will need to fight back one of these days. You need to have courage in your abilities. I know you can do it.”

She looks down, “Vul.....”

He frowns, “If Lyn was here, I could have her Geodude come out and.... yes, that would have helped. Maybe if I have another of my Pokemon confront a Geodude, Vulpix might try to have more courage. Or I can catch one.”

The wind eerily blows past his body.

“Excuse me.” A figure steps out from behind a tree and stops ten feet from Jack. The guy wears a black as night cape covering his entire body, only showing his dark shoes underneath it. His black hair is gelled down and slicked back over his face. A long nose protrudes and a goatee sharply sticks out from his chin. His eyes are covered by the darkest of small shades which hold tightly to his face. The figure’s grin is like he is about to do something disturbing.

Vulpix acts defensive and growls.

“Yes?” Jack asks, also defensive.

“I need to make sure my facts are correct before I continue. Your name is Jack Kalmer?”


“From Pine Valley?”

“Yea. What does....”

“And how old are you?”

“Seventeen. But who are you? Are you a reporter?”

The guy snickers as his arms poke through the opening at the front of the cape. He writes some information down on a pad of paper, compares his notes, then returns his arms inside his cape.

“I’m the last person you want to meet.”

He opens his cape from inside, flinging it over his back, bringing out his right arm forward with a large shooting gadget in hand. Jack stands up not sure whether to run or see what happens. But the figure presses the trigger and within a second, a curved metal bar fires at Jack’s left leg and traps it against the oak tree trunk.

“Hold still and this won’t take long.”

“ARGRGGG! What was that for?” Jack quickly realizes he has to get away. He tries to squeeze his foot through the metal bar but it won’t budge. It is very tight around his ankle and dug deep into the tree.

*THWANG* Another shot is fired, this time at stomach level. His left wrist is pinned with another bar of metal. Because his arm was twisted, having it trapped the way it is, his arm is in a lot of pain.

“Crying only strengthens the pain you feel.”

One more shot connects with Jack’s loose right arm which is up by his head. This shot is strong enough that his head knocks back into the tree causing his hat to fall to the ground. He is trapped and pinned to the tree with no chance of getting away. Only his right leg is free but that won’t help him escape.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” The awkward pain of metal pressing his skin against hard tree bark is intense. The more he struggles, the more it hurts.

“Vulpix!” The little fox growls and prepares to defend her Trainer.

The figure laughs. “That was easier than my other victims.”

“Who are you and what did I do to you?” Jack screams.

The mysterious figure laughs shortly but soon acts serious. “This is my job. I hunt Trainers for whomever will pay me. You may know my current employers as Team Rocket, but more specifically, two members whom you’ve run into recently. They have asked me to provide a little distraction. Don’t worry, when they finish their other task, they’ll be joining us soon. I could finish the job myself but they wanted to be here and deal with you for themselves.”

Roy and Ashley, he thinks, I’ll never get away from them.

He takes out the pad of paper again and writes something else down. “Jack Kalmer: CAPTURED.”

Jack grunts, “Just who are you?”

“Why do you need to know? Are you going to tell the police? It won’t matter, I always get away. But I will humor you. Call me Magnificent Marco. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I only have one thing left to do.”

Vulpix growls as hard as she can.

Marco snickers. “There’s nothing your scared Vulpix can do against me. Especially since I just caught my secret weapon.” He reveals a Pokeball from his cape and releases it in an elegant toss.
A small, familiar rock Pokemon fades from the light. “Geodude.”

Vulpix takes one step back with worry on her face.

This is bad, very bad. Jack can’t reach his Pokeballs and he can’t even move without being hurt by the pinching metal. His only hope is to rely on Vulpix.

“Today is the day. You have to stand up to your fear. You have to fight back.” Jack encourages but isn’t sure it will help too much.

“That’s right Vulpix. This is your worst nightmare.” Marco laughs shortly. “Geodude, rush at Vulpix and try to grab it.”


Geodude bounds forward, arms out, ready to grab the orange fox. Vulpix’s eyes expand and she leaps backward and stands next to Jack.

“No, fight back. Please Vulpix, you’re my only hope.”

Vulpix looks up at her determined Trainer than glances at a very menacingly vicious Geodude. Again, she runs back and hides around the tree. Geodude proceeds to follow Vulpix around the tree in a circular chase. Around and around, back and forth. Vulpix cries in the air and whimpers as Geodude almost grabs a hold.

“Hah hah hah hah hah hah. This is too funny.”

Jack cries on the inside but stays firm outside. “Vulpix, run away, into the forest. Go!”

Without thinking, Vulpix turns from the oak tree and dashes with Quick Attack to get away for the moment. The leaves rustle as she scampers through bushes and other foliage.

Magnificent Marco grasps his hand in a fist. “Make this harder for me. Grrrrrr. Come Geodude, we must retrieve Vulpix.”

Geodude bounds in the direction Vulpix headed. “Geodude geo geo.”

“I will be back, so don’t go anywhere.” Marco flips his cape and almost vanishes into thin air as he gives chase.

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Default A Trainer's View

Jack sighs, not in relief but in disgruntlement. He calms down and closes his eyes to rest, easing the pain from his body. He looks at his wrists and foot trapped by the metal: it’s too tight to squeeze under. There’s nothing he can do but hope someone wanders along the path and discovers him here.

He decides to pass the time by trying to get his fallen hat back on his head. With his free right foot, he can hook the hat on his shoe. With a quick jerk, he tries to fling it up to his left hand at his waist. Missed. Missed. Success. He catches the hat and only has one more toss to go. This time he will need to toss it from his waist to his right hand next to his head. He misses the first shot and the hat falls back to the ground, where he will need to start over.

However, he notices that when he continues trying to flick his hat from his left hand up to his right, his stomach and mid section make a quick trust forward then back hitting the tree. He can’t directly see if he is hitting his Pokeballs but there is a distinct sound of metal; although, it could be the metal bars making the noise. Either way, Jack has indirectly come up with a plan to knock a Pokeball off his belt. It doesn’t matter which one he knocks out, as long as his Pokemon can open Pinsir’s Pokeball.

He trusts forward and back. The ridged bark scratches his back as he hits the tree a little harder than anticipated. But no luck with the belt. He tries again and again. With each hit, he imagines why he is doing this, why he is suffering, why he would take this much pain for his Pokemon. He won’t let this stop him and if he can beat it, then he will be much stronger and gain the respect he deserves. Each thrust is a stab at Team Rocket and how they have messed with his journey. Each stab is at his dad for the lies and betrayal. Each stab puts his determination closer to obtaining his goal. Each stab...

*PING* A Pokeballs unclips from his belt. *THUNK* It lay on the ground next to his overturned newsboy hat. He reaches his free foot over and rolls the Pokeball until the round button in the middle is visible. All he has to do is press the button and....

...the red beam pops open and a large shape appears. There’s only one large Pokemon Jack has, and that is Pinsir.

“GARRRR!” Pinsir growls.

Jack sheds a tear. “I’ve never been so proud to see my Pokemon before me.”

Pinsir stares at Jack and looks around for danger. Then he looks back at his Trainer. “GAAHAHAHA...”

He frowns. “Yes, hahaha. Very funny. WE DON”T HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Vulpix is being chased by a thief who is working for Team Rocket.”

Pinsir shrugs lazily.

“This isn’t the time to disregard what I’m saying. We have a fight coming up and I’m sure you’re ready to win big.”

“GRRRRRAAAAAAA!” Pinsir psyches up and slashes one of the metal bars holding Jack’s hand.


Vulpix has no idea how long she has been running or how far she has gone. She only knows that if she stops, Geodude will get her. The only thing against her is how much stamina she has, which is depleting quickly. Anxiety and being unaware of where she is going, Vulpix is losing the ability to keep going. It is only until she runs into a dead end against a cliff where she finally stops. But she only stops to panic, not sure where to go or what to do from here.

The cliff base is rocky with plenty of large boulders to hide under. There are no trees under the cliff and that’s probably because any boulders that fall will trample them. The sun above is positioned so that the cliff base is covered in shade. This would make a nice temporary hiding place.

Vulpix runs over to one of the boulders that has space behind it and hunches down to get under. But a small moving light brown boulder turns around: it has eyes. GEODUDE. A Geodude was already there and now disturbed. *SMACK* Vulpix is knocked out from behind the boulder with an angry Geodude waving its fist. The fire fox panics and proceeds to find another boulder to claim her hiding spot only to realize a resting Geodude is there too. Vulpix freaks and backs off. Is this whole area filled with Geodude? She decides it’s unsafe and attempts to bail the area.

“There you are.” Magnificent Marco and his Geodude step up, blocking Vulpix in the cliff base. “There’s no way out now unless you can fly.”

“Vul...” she mutters fearfully.

Marco spots the other Geodude. “Geodude, call your friends over to help. Tell them Vulpix is trying to run from her Trainer, me.” He pulls a Pokeball from inside his cape and calls out a medium sized orange and black furred dog. “Growlithe, you’re my backup.”


His Geodude calls out to the other Geodude. “Geo geo. Dude geodude. Dude geo geo. Geodude.”

The two disturbed Geodude nod back. Three more Geodude appear from their hiding spots in the nooks of the cliff. They all surround Vulpix and increase their closure of the circle.

A Flashback occurs in Vulpix’s mind. This is the exact same thing that happened when she was inside the cave. The Geodude’s surprise attacked from all sides and wouldn’t stop attacking. She hunches to the ground and curls her six tails toward her body. The images from the cave pound her every time she imagines a Geodude hitting her fur. One after the other, the pain grows with each hit. She’s afraid, too afraid to fight back. Fear is rising. Her only instinct is to cry out in pain but she’s too afraid to open her mouth.

“Vulpix, I’m coming. Where are you?” A shout can be heard from the far distance. Jack has been following the trail of tracks in the dirt, hoping it leads to Vulpix.

Marco raises an eyebrow behind his skintight shades. “Impossible.”

“VULPIX!” he calls again, louder.

Vulpix’s uneasiness builds up and becomes uncontrollable. She is ready to scream....

“Grab Vulpix now, quickly.” Marco orders.

Time seems to slow down in this moment as all the Geodude ease in and bound at the fiery fox for a dogpile.

Jack, who is riding on Pinsir’s back, rushes into the scene. “Vulpix. No. Not again.” Seeing this brings back memories when he discovered Vulpix in the cave. He can’t bare to see it happen again. “You can do it Vulpix!”

Hearing Jack’s voice over the commotion, Vulpix feels a needed energy to fulfill her banishment of fear. She stands on her four legs, opens her mouth, and calls out...

“VUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ...” she screams in the deepest echo, having help from the cliff walls.

The group of Geodude drop from the air, covering their rocky ears and cringe from the high-pitched roar. Marco’s Geodude turns to a red beam of energy and fires back to his Pokeball. Growlithe hunches to the ground and stares back at Vulpix, trying to overcome the loud bellow but because of the close proximity, it affects Growlithe but not in the return-to-Pokeball kind of way. Likewise, Pinsir is slightly affected and kneels down but he doesn’t return to his Pokeball. Jack slips off Pinsir’s back and slightly covers his ears too. The rest of the Geodude turn and run away to hide in the cliff rocks.

“Vulpix...” she huffs, and puffs, using a lot of energy and to roar that strongly.

Marco takes a knee and slowly shakes his head from the ringing. “How could you escape? It’s not possible.”

“Nothing’s impossible. Especially when nothing will stop my dream. Come on Pinsir, let’s show him.”

Marco quickly rushes up, holding a Pokeball in hand with his faithful Growlithe by his side, recovering from the roar. “I should have finished you off when I had the chance.”

“Too bad, so sad.” He takes a commanding lead. “Pinsir, knock Growlithe away with your horns.”

“Marco screams, “Defend yourself with Fire Wall.”

Growlithe turns around, hearing a ringing sound still in its ears. The fire dog couldn’t hear the command and doesn’t know this is a battle. So when Pinsir rushes up, swings his horns left, then slams them right at Growlithe, the lack of defensive strength creates a stronger hit of damage, sending Growlithe flying away unprepared.

Jack points out, “Take Down for the win.”

Pinsir focuses his rush to where Growlithe landed and doesn’t even wait for it to properly stand back up. *SMACK* Growlithe is down, out, and finished.

Magnificent Marco recalls Growlithe and screams. “Not... finished... yet...”

“I’d say it’s over.”

Jack had already started rushing over while Pinsir was battling. Marco reaches inside for another Pokeball but Jack arrives in his face and lands a punch across his body. His cape opens up as he falls backward, dropping his shooting device and a couple Pokeballs. Pinsir moves over to Marco and presses him against the rocky wall.

Jack picks up the gun at aims it at Marco. “Let’s see how you like it.”


Jack, Vulpix and Pinsir stop after a short walk away from the intense action. He is highly impressed with Vulpix’s improvement today.

“See Vulpix. I knew you had it in you. With your new Roar attack, you don’t have to be afraid of anything. Unless it’s a Pokemon like Pinsir and doesn’t have an intimidating effect.”


Jack laughs. “But we can’t rely on Roar all the time. You need to power your tactics and practice your abilities more. Today, you proved how strong you can be. Tomorrow, we will improve it.”

“Vulpix!” she smiles.

A major step was taken today, even though it won’t be the final one. Vulpix’s dramatic experience with Geodude has been subsided thanks to Magnificent Marco. And Jack has learned a lot about himself too. He learned that even in a situation where it’s obvious who will win, perseverance will provide help to the person who has the will and determination to be the victor.

End Episode 18

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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 19
Biding My Time

Rowest Town, the town embedded next to the mountains and thriving with trees. It’s a small town with only a few buildings that scale up to ten stories high. Mostly residential and family businesses keep the town alive. Before arriving to town, there are farms around the town. It doesn’t look like the best place for farming, since the land isn’t always level, and the mountains are so close. Perhaps there is something in the soil or a town tradition they follow.

Either way, Jack is ready and can’t wait to find out why he wants to visit Rowest Town. It’s on the tip of his tongue but he can’t quite remember. So he steps through the sliding glass doors of the Pokecenter, hands his Pokemon over to be healed, and asks Nurse Joy if there’s anything special here.

“Special? Maybe you mean our Pokemon battling facility. See the bulletin board over there.”

Jack walks to the right of the counter in the lounge where all the fliers are posted. The largest one talks about a contest to see how long a Trainer can battle.

“I think this is why I remember this town. It has to be.”

“Looking to battle at the Stamina Contest?” a Trainer interrupts.

Jack notices the other Trainer. “Of course I’m going to battle. A Trainer should participate in contests and tournaments wherever and whenever he can.”

“You think you’ll do well. It’s a lot harder than it seems. It tests you and your Pokemon strength and ability to work together. Very competitive! For an outsider like yourself, whose never seen it before, it’ll be a challenge the first time.”

“I think I can handle it well enough,” Jack smirks with confidence.

“Ha,” the Trainer laughs. “You seem like a cool guy. I only hope you battle as well as you are determined. Show up tomorrow morning, I’ll be there with some of my friends. We’ll show you a good time. Name’s D.J. You?”


After walking around town, Jack returns to the Pokecenter. Darkness swallows the town faster because all the trees blocking light. Street lights blink on and the sky is clear with stars. For a moderately sized town, the air is clean, almost pure with no smog blocking the stars. It’s very nice to see for a first time.

He sits down on his bed at the Pokecenter and opens a small pamphlet he found containing rules about the Stamina Contest.
  • You are only allowed one Pokemon per attempt.
  • You may never recall your Pokemon to your Pokeball.
  • You are not allowed to leave the designated circle unless noted by an employee.
  • You are allowed to use only one healing item on your Pokemon. Healing moves may only be used during battle or when designated by an employee.
  • You are allowed 5-7 minute breaks between battles. You may eat but only what you bring with you into the circle. You get a half hour break every four hours to go inside and eat a meal or go to the bathroom.
  • Employees of Stamina Contest will occasionally battle opponent Trainers so that they may change the current rules. Battle rules can only be changed by employees defeating an opponent Trainer or if an opponent Trainer leaves the contest.
  • If you lose, you can’t face the same Trainer twice until that Trainer is defeated by someone else in which you may battle the new Trainer.
  • Keep going until you lose and see how long you can last. Failure to follow any of the rules listed above will result in immediate forfeit. No questions asked!

“I wonder who I should use. Pinsir is definitely my strongest and probably could last the longest. Pinsir will be excited to have a challenge like this. And we will win.”



Jack opens his eyes as if they were held down by bricks. He turns over, blurrily blinking to see the time on the clock.

“Oh no. I slept in. Argg.....”

Within minutes, he changes clothes, eats some breakfast, cleans up, and sets off to warm up with his Pokemon. It’s almost lunchtime and he had hoped to be at Stamina Contest earlier in the day. But after yesterday’s event with Magnificent Marco, maybe a good, long sleep is what he needed.

Now, a couple hours after lunch, Jack is warmed up and ready for Pinsir to clean house. Though, Rattata did show interest at the very mention of such a contest. Maybe Jack would use his other Pokemon later. But he wants to start off by impressing the D.J. and his friends with his skill.

Stamina Contest is in the southeast corner of Rowest Town, furthest away from the Pokecenter. The surroundings are clear with an occasional tree blocking the sun. The place is surrounded by a fence made of thick logs with small balloons of various colors tied to them. After walking through the gate, to the left is a log building called Rest Stop Cabin with all the modern conveniences of home: television, some comfy chairs, refrigerator, and even a console system. Connected to that building at the end is the Registration Window, where a challenger would sign up and wait in line to be next. On the right are grandstands facing inward. As Jack moves closer, there are grandstands on all sides, containing the battle field in the middle. The field is a standard dirt and rock field but no large boulders and no visible dust: only flat ground with an occasional small rock. The field is also at a lower level, using stairs at either side to get down. A difference he notices on the field is that there isn’t any painted white lines like a traditional battle field. There are only two medium sized circles on either side, which is probably for the Trainers to stand in. In the middle, at the far side, is the ref, carefully watching the match with both eyes.

The grandstands are 10 levels high and each hold half a dozen fans. On a good day, it looks like each one can hold 60 people. Some of the fans are obviously only here to watch battles while the others are here for the challenge. But Jack can’t sit down to watch, he steps right up to the bars that protects anyone from falling over the side into the field below, which is a good ten foot drop.

One of the battlers is D.J. He wears sunglasses on his blond head. He has a tan overshirt unbuttoned and one white undershirt for layering. His pants are dark green cargo style denim. The other battler is some guy wearing a grey shirt tucked into his dark pants and wearing a grey baseball cap with white initials SC on it. It looks like D.J. has a Charmander while the worker has a Meowth.

“Wow, you don’t see a Charmander much around here.” He pulls out his Pokedex.

Charmander: The Lizard Pokemon- The fire on its tail is always burning. The height and intensity of the flame determines Charamander’s health. This Pokemon evolves into Charmeleon and then Charizard.

“That would be cool to work here. You get paid to battle and see Pokemon from other places.”
“It’s more than that. Employees do a lot more than battle.” A female wearing the same outfit and hat steps up to the railing. “We aren’t just any Trainer, we’re tough. We go out there and battle, mostly for fun, but occasionally to change the rules.”

“Can’t you change the rules after the battle?”

“No, that’s not how the system works. Rules can only be changed when an Employee wins the battle or if the other Trainer quits. We’ve had the current rules for a couple days and today we’re going to try and change them.”

“What are the rules?” Jack questions.

She sighs. “Only lowest evolution Pokemon are allowed. If Jonny wins, the rules will change to height class. I think it will be four feet and up.”

“Do you think a Pinsir is tall enough?”

“I can’t answer all your questions. You can find out all the information at the Registration Window. If you’ll excuse me,” she grabs a broom and pan, “I need to sweep for people who can’t walk five steps to throw away their trash.”

Jack turns back to the battle. “I hope Jonny wins.”

Meowth slams backwards from a hit by Charmander. Charmander huffs and puffs and smiles.

“That’s the way. Flamethrower victory!” D.J. calls.

The fire line of flames spew out and engulf Meowth. Meowth twitches its crispy body and falls down, unable to continue.

The ref waves the flag. “D.J. wins. The rules remain the same.”

“Yes!” he cheers. “Good match Jonny. I won this time.”

Jonny recalls Meowth, “I’ll have you next time.”

Jack sighs. “Aww, he lost. Well, I better register and hope the rules change when it’s my turn.” He starts walking away when...

...D.J. notices the familiar hat. “Hey, it’s Jack. He finally showed up. Jack!!”

Jack turns, “Hey D.J. I’m going to register right now.”

“Don’t bother.” D.J. turns around to the grandstand behind him. “Hey Rick, you were next right?”


“Let Jack ahead of you. He’s the guy I met yesterday. I want to show him how it’s done.”

Rick smiles. “Yea. Alright.”

D.J. turns to the ref. “Hey Ref, Rick said that kid over there can go in front of him. Is that okay?”

The ref nods. “I have a name you know.”

He ignores him. “Awesome. Come on down Jack, let’s battle.”

“You sure. I just got here.”

“No time like the present. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Battle... but... the rules... I want to use Pinsir. Jack walks around, finds the stairs down, ends up on the battle field, and walks into the circle. “What are the rules again?”

“One Pokemon and it must be the lowest evolution form.”

“Oh.” Who do I have that qualifies? Vulpix, Pidgey and Rattata. Vulpix wouldn’t be good against a fire type like itself and Pidgey might not last as long as Rattata. Rattata did show interest. This is not the way I want to impress them. “Wait, don’t you get a break?”

D.J. sighs. “I don’t have to if I don’t want to. Hurry up and select already.”

“Fine. I’ll show you what I can do.” He grabs his Pokeball and throws it out to reveal a small, purple rat. “It seems like we always fight fire types.”

Rattata gnaws his teeth quickly.

The whole crowd falls down. -.-

Rick shouts from behind, “Hey, I thought you said he would be cool.”

“A Rattata? You have a lot to learn about how the Battle Stamina Contest works.”

“What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing. I thought you would have sent something stronger. A Rattata typically doesn’t have a lot of stamina.”

“That’s where you are wrong.”

“On the contrary. I’ve been battling here for two years and have only seen a Rattata win two battles one time. They don’t have the energy to last.”

“Allow me to upset you then. Go Rattata, Quick Attack.”

“Rushing in won’t help. Ember attack!”

Rattata moves it’s tiny legs forward as fast as he can. The little fireballs of ember spark from Charmander’s mouth and spread out, aiming at the fast rat. With Rattata’s experience in fighting fire types earlier in the journey, he’s adapted to evading and taking the heat. Rattata dashes left then right to avoid and moves in closer.

“It’s dodging too fast, defend with Metal Claw.”

Charmander’s tiny claws glow light gray as it puts them up in defense of its body. Rattata leaps over and connects to Charmander. However, Charmander blocks with its claws and knocks Rattata down. Then it quickly swipes down with Metal Claw and knocks Rattata away, rolling across the ground.


“Isn’t that an advanced move?” Jack worries but he isn’t ready to give up. “Quick Attack has to work. Move away from the claws next time. Get in there again.”

Rattata gets back on his feet and rushes again, dashing side to side. But Charmander is ready still and slashes down with its glowing claws. *MISS* Rattata leaps away at the last second and stands behind Charmander.

“From behind, duck...”

“Char!” Charmander is hit in the back by Quick Attack and stumbles on its feet. It regains hold and turns to face Rattata.

“Good shot Rattata. Keep it up!”

D.J. smiles. “Use Smokescreen.”

A pillow of heavy dark smoke is released and surrounds Charmander and Rattata. Rattata coughs and squints his eyes as he tries to make his way around the smoke.

“Get out of there.”

“Nice work Charmander. Slash it.”

Noises can be heard from inside the smoke as the crowd awaits for a Pokemon to come out. That’s when Rattata is knocked out from the cloud and slides across the ground eventually stopping on Jack’s side of the field. Rattata manages to get back up but he doesn’t look like he can handle much more.

“I need another tactic or I’m going to lose.”

“RRRRRAAATTTATAAAAA!” Suddenly, through Rattata’s rage and ability to keep fighting, he starts to glow lightly. That can only mean one thing: he’s evolving. However, Rattata stops glowing and only stands there, in full defense position with locked joints and a fierce frozen look across the field.

Jack doesn’t know what to do. “What just happened?

Rick shouts, “I think he’s using Bide. Watch out!”

D.J. shouts back, “I know what it is, I’ve been battling longer than you have.” He addresses to Jack. “You never want to use Bide here, especially with the weak defense of a Rattata. You will faint before you get the chance to use the strength.”

Bide? Which attack was that? Jack grabs his Pokedex and flips to the Attack section.

Bide: The Pokemon who uses this special move remains in full defense for a short time, absorbing all damage taken. The Pokemon will be vulnerable to all attacks; however, its defense will raise slightly. When Bide is ready to be released, it will deal double the damage absorbed in its next attack. While it can be a very strong offensive attack, the Pokemon remains in stiff defense until Bide is over. If the Pokemon absorbs more damage than it can sustain, it will faint.

“Oh, that move. I didn’t know Rattata knew Bide. Maybe he just learned it.” He calls out to his Pokemon. “Okay Rattata, it’s up to your defense now. Show these guys how strong you are.”
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Default A Trainer's View

“Use Flamethrower!”

Charmander inhales and exhales the firestream. It nails the unmoving Rattata, causing burns and scars to appear. Rattata remains strong in the face of fire and continues staring back. The heat becomes more intense as Charmander tries harder. Rattata fur blackens with ash but still he is unmoving. There is a definite zeal about Rattata and his ability to keep going.

“Come on Charmander! Beat it already.”

Charmander pushes pressure harder but suddenly stops to gasp for air. The fire lizard pants and pants, slightly sweating from the hard work. And Rattata still stands with a scratched, burnt, and charred body. In this time of opportunity, Rattata loosens his body and is released from Bide’s defensive structure.


Jack cheers. “Yes! Use Quick Attack to enhance your Body Slam.”

Rattata dashes over, much faster than any times before. The added boost of strength is just what Rattata needed to get back into the game. The darkened rat leaps into the air and pummels down at gasping Charmander. The ground below forms an indent like a crater, pressing Charmander into the dirt. Rattata steps back and slowly walks to his Trainer’s side, almost warn out.

“Charmander can no longer battle. D.J.’s reign is over, Jack wins.”

The crowd cheers with some moans at D.J.’s loss.

“I did it,” Jack says surprised. He approaches Rattata. “You okay? I know that battle took a lot out of you.”

“Rata,” he nods, heavily bruised and shaken.

D.J. steps out of the circle. “Sorry for what I said earlier. Your Rattata packs a mean punch. I didn’t think it would have the strength, especially after using Bide so late in the battle. You earned that win.”


According to the rules, Jack is allowed to take a break after a battle. He decides to take it, seeing how Rattata needs some time to rest. He also takes advantage of the ‘Use one healing item’ rule, spraying some of his Super Potion on Rattata. Rattata screams without noise but relaxes as the burning sensation dissipates. Bide absorbed a lot of damage so Rattata won’t be at half strength for the next battle. But his heart will still push him to win.

“We have to show these guys you can win a second battle. You are strong enough. I know you can do it.”


Time’s up.

Rick steps down from the grandstands to the circle on the field. He’s a round guy, a little smaller than Jack. He has a long-sleeve aqua jacket with hood and dark shorts. He also has sunglasses on his head darker blond hair.

“I guess you are cool like D.J. said you would be. But I don’t think you’ll get any further.”

“Go get ‘em Rick.” D.J. calls from the stands.

Rick’s small thick hand tosses out his Pokeball, revealing a blue-shell body, a small tail, and a bald head with big eyes.

“Squirtle squirt!”

Squirtle: the Tiny Turtle Pokemon- This Pokemon’s shell helps protect its body by recoiling inside it. It uses its powerful mouth to shoot water at its enemies. This Pokemon evolves into Wartotrle and then Blastoise.

“Good, it’s not another fire type.”

The ref waves the flag and the match begins.

“We can do this Rattata. Move in with Quick Attack.”

“Turn around,” Rick calls.

Rattata dashes forward, but not as fast as before. Although, it is still fast and strong enough. Squirtle simple turns his body so its shell is facing the rat. *THUMP* Rattata knocks his head into the shell and bounces back, dazed with a headache.

“Ah! Don’t attack the shell, Rattata. Go for the underbelly.”

Rattata shakes his head to get rid of the sting and focuses back to attacking. Squirtle’s back is still turned, making any attack from here a bad idea. Rattata moves to the side, ready to attack.... but Squirtle simply takes a step and turns his body with Rattata, keeping his shell pointed at him. Rattata continues a half circle around but doesn’t have the energy to go fast enough to out-turn Squirtle. He stops and pants. Squirtle turns his head and glances at Rick.

“Not yet Squirtle, wait a little more.”

Jack ponders to himself, “What an interesting strategy. Rattata’s not fast enough to get around or strong enough to do damage to the shell. Maybe Body Slam... no, wait... better idea. Rattata, charge in now.”

Rattata grabs the strength and runs at Squritle, whom is ready to block it again.

“Jump over.”

The blurred purple rat leaps up and over Squirtle’s head and lands in front of it.

“Quick Attack.”

“Ahhh... Withdraw.”

Directly after landing, Rattata turns his body and leaps into Squirtle’s chest for a direct hit. Squirtle falls back and withdraws into its body after the damage is taken. It rolls around and the legs, arms, and head pop back out.

“Great job Rattata. We can beat him.”

The whole crowd is surprised and begin cheering for Jack’s Rattata.

Rick smiles. “Wow, that was amazing Jack. But you can’t do it again.”

Squirtle stands back up with its shell pointed at Rattata again.

Jack doesn’t know whether or not to take the challenge and try it again. He doubts he will be successful again because Rick is ready. He decides to try something else.

“Don’t let it block us Rattata. Charge in again.” Once his Pokemon moves in, Jack calls out his next step. “Now bite the tail!”

“Water Gun the ground in front... whaaaa??!!?” Rick shouts, confused.

Squirtle sprays the ground with water, expecting Rattata to leap over and land there, slipping from the water. But Rattata does not jump over. Instead, the rat chomps down on the blue tail with his sharp teeth.


Squirtle turns quickly and flings Rattata off with Tail Whip. If Rattata was stronger, maybe he would have held on longer.

Rick complains, “No fair. You’re supposed to jump over and Rattata would have slipped in the water.”

Jack can’t help but laugh. “Someone recently told me not to try the same tactics unless I know I can be successful.”

“Squirtle, face your enemy. Let’s win this.”

The turtle Pokemon stops rubbing its tail and faces Rattata across the field. Rattata stares back, heavily panting with legs wobbling.

“Water Gun.”

“Dodge it.”

Squirtle sucks in air and exhales a medium stream of water pressure. Rattata is too tired to move and takes the hit, pushing him back a few feet.

Jack realizes the situation. He can’t win. Rattata doesn’t have the strength to defeat two Pokemon. Especially one with a good defensive shell. He watches Rattata’s legs shakily bring his body to stand, barely. He can’t take one more hit. I have to stop this.

“You’ve put up a good fight Rattata but you can’t take anymore.” Jack brings up his Pokeball. “Return...”

The beam shoots out but Rattata jumps to a new position.


“What are you doing? You’re too tired to battle and I don’t want you more injured than you already are. Return....”

Rattata manages to dodge the beam again.

“Rattata. I know I said we have to prove how strong you are, but I have to keep you safe first.”

Rattata slowly turns around, with sharp eyes, and shouts at Jack. “RAAAATTATAA!!”

“Fine...” Jack sits down. “You have to learn for yourself.”

“Okay...” Rick mutters.

Rattata glows lightly again. Maybe he’s evolving this time. The light is brighter but Rattata remains in position, defensive position to be exact. Rattata is using Bide again.

Jack sighs.

Rick is unsure what to say. “You could return Rattata now.”

“You’re right, I could...” But Jack doesn’t.

Rick points, “Then I will attack. Rapid Spin.”

Squirtle jogs forward, leaps shortly and withdraws into the shell as it spins like a flying saucer. The unmoving rat is hit multiple strikes and knocked back. Everyone knew it was over but surprisingly, Rattata manages to remain in defense.

Jack lifts up his sunglasses in shock. “He’s still up.”

“Let’s try something else. Body Slam.”

This time Squirtle moves back and runs in, leaps higher up, flips his shell over and slams Rattata into the rocky ground below. A sharp shrill can be heard and stops when Squirtle is back on its feet. Rattata flops to the ground with a weakened body. It’s over.

“Phew.” Rick sighs. “That was tougher than I thought it would be.”

Jack stands and recalls Rattata without a word. He then steps out of the circle and shakes Rick’s hand. “Good battle.”

“You too. The next time we battle, I know you’re Rattata will beat me.”

“I can guarantee that.”

Minutes later, Jack is sitting on a sofa in the Rest Stop Cabin eating a snack from the vending machine. He’s deep in thought... *POP*

“Hey Jack,” D.J. falls back on the sofa. “It’s tougher than you thought, huh?”

Jack’s blank face starts laughing. “Haha. Nope, that was fun. But I did learn a lot about Rattata. I wonder what I can learn about my other Pokemon if I use them?”

“That means you’ll be staying for a while?”

Jack nods. “Yep. I won’t be leaving Taht Vista until I am stronger.”


For the rest of the day, Jack sits in the stands and watches battle after battle. By observing these battles, he can see how to use his Pokemon in battle and better prepare for tomorrow. At night, D.J. invites Jack to stay with him instead of the Pokemon Center. Dinner is being prepared and after a short introduction of D.J.’s family, Jack excuses himself to the guest room.


Jack sits on the floor of the guest room tossing the Pokeball back and forth in his hands. “How are you feeling Rattata?”

“Rata!” he snarls back.

“Oh, you’re still mad. But don’t blame me, I tried to help. You can’t battle until you have nothing left. There is a thing such as exerting yourself so much that you faint and never recover. You know, dying.”

“Rarrraratatatta ataararrraratttta raattata ar rat rattatatata,” he says with strength in his voice.

“I know you want to show your strength, and you are strong, but...” Jack comes to realize what D.J. said earlier, “there’s only so much your body size can do. We have to be careful not to overdo it in battle.”

“Rattata!” he sternly yips, turning his back.

“Hopefully you will learn.” Jack unsurely says, recalling Rattata. Dinner is ready.

End Episode 19
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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 20
Trials of Friendship

The night grows old, the dinner was delicious, and everyone is satisfied with how the day ended. Tomorrow, Jack can’t wait to battle at the Stamina Contest.


Jack motions to his pack and pulls out his ringing cell phone. Who would be calling this late? As soon as he turns it on, he can hear someone weeping from the other end.


"*SNIFF* Jack? It's me, Lyn. I don’t mean to call so late but...”

“Huh? What is it?”

“, you remember Roy and Ashley... from Team Rocket, right?”


“They’re gone.... they stole my Pokemon." He can hear the crying. "I should have never gone on my own. It was too early. I’m not strong enough..." More crying and sniffling can be heard.

"Lyn. Shhhh. Calm down. The police will get them back, I'm sure of it. Why I bet you will see your Pokemon in two hours or less." Jack tries to cheer her up. "How are you calling me? I didn't think you had a cell phone."

"I'm at the police station giving a description to Officer Jenny. They told me the chance of finding my Pokemon back safetly was minimal. *SNIFF*..." She pauses as another voice talks to her. "Oh, alright.... Jack, I have to go. Other people need to make calls."

“Wait, before you go, tell me what happened.”

“.... I was outside the city this afternoon, walking around.... *SNIFF* I was jumped... and I lost them.... I tried to chase... but, but I couldn’t.... it was hopeless... the forest was too big... Jack... they said they were coming for you and....” she says as a moment of silence breaks.

“Lyn... be strong and I know your Pokemon will be found. Have faith in your Pokemon too, and they will find there way back.”

“Thanks Jack. I won’t give up yet. But what about you?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. You worry about your Pokemon first.”

“Right.” A muffling sound is heard. “Oops, I have to go, there are people waiting. I’ll try again tomorrow. Bye.”

“Okay, bye.”

Jack takes a moment to breath, laying back in bed. He yawns, “Poor Lyn. After everything she’s been through to go on a journey and become a nurse, this happens.” His voice grows deeper and angry. “And she had nothing to do with Team Rocket. If I was there, I could have done something... This is my fault.”

After an hour in bed, he awakens in a stir. Immediately he changes clothes and prepares his stuff to leave. He looks around to see all the lights are out except for a crack of light behind one door. He knocks and enters.

D.J. looks over from his desk. “Oh, hey Jack. I thought you were asleep.”

“I was. My friends’ Pokemon were stolen,” he says quietly so as not to wake anyone up. “I have to help her.”

“Meh... now? You know what time it is, right?”

“I don’t care. For every second I wait, the less chance I have to find Team Rocket. Thanks for letting me stay but I have to go.”

D.J. rests his head in his palm, “It’s midnight, can’t it wait until tomorrow. It’s not safe to travel at night.”

“You don’t understand my situation. Take Care.”

Jack waves goodbye, closes the door, and exits the house. It’s a crisp and clear night, not a cloud in sight, yet no stars are visible. Midnight is not a good time to be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt. A single breeze and Jack shivers as if being touched by ice. The atmosphere itself is very peaceful with a nice blend of shadows from the street lamps.

A nice walk later, following the road out of town, he turns north and enters the natural environment. No lights and nearly everything is covered by shade. At least the faded moon allows some light to break through the crowded trees. Even still, it is nearly impossible to figure out where he’s headed. He’s more likely to get lost.

“First thing I do is to buy warmer clothes and a flashlight.”

So far the path has been eventless and clear of obstacles. But as he peers further into the forest, it becomes darker further down.

“I won’t be able to see much, or even find the spot where Marco tried to catch me. But I can’t stop. Lyn is counting on me.” He hears a weird noise in the distance, causing a chill over his body. “Maybe I need some company.”

Pinsir is called out, not only as company, but for a guide. And hopefully to build more trust between them.

“Graaa...” he shortly screams, looking around at the night surrounding. A big smile lights his face.

“Oh, happy are we. I guess being cold is better than being hot, especially for a bug Pokemon.” Jack laughs.

“Srrrr,” he growls.

Jack explains the dilemma as they walk. Pinsir didn’t seem that interested except the fact that he might get to battle against Team Rocket.

“So you don’t care about me. You don’t care about Lyn losing her Pokemon. What do you care about?”

Pinsir grunts as they walk up an incline.

Discomforted, Jack tries to explain. “People and Pokemon need each other to live. We can’t do everything by ourselves. You need a friend as much as I do. In the Pokemon training world, we have to trust each other. I know you didn’t ask for a Trainer. I didn’t ask to wait four years extra years to start. I didn’t ask for a demanding father. I didn’t ask for a lot of things but they happened to me anyway and I had to deal with them. I made the best of the situation and grew stronger, more prepared for what life may throw at me. You also have to think ‘it could be worse’. I don’t like thinking about it, but there are some abusive Trainers out there. I’d say you’re pretty lucky to be with me, as easy-going as I am.”


As the two step over the top of the incline, Jack’s feet start sliding forward, but he catches himself by leaning back for balance. However, Pinsir’s top-heavy body causes him to slip forward and slide down the wet grass. Jack bends down to reach, and not fall himself, but his arm isn’t long or quick enough.


Jack shouts, “Hang on Pinsir, I’m coming.” He scrunches down and digs his fingers into the ground. Slowly, he slides down the much steeper side of the hill, grabbing the earth so he doesn’t go too fast into the unknown darkness. After a long couple minutes, the ground quickly smooths level but it only lasts a few feet. After that is a rift in the ground, darkened by the lack of light.

“Pinsir! Are you down there?”

“Graaaa!” echoes through the rift.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out. First I need to know where exactly you are. If only I had some light down there. It’s too bad you don’t learn any electric moves.” Jack looks around for a long stick or vine or something, when he gets an idea from what he just said. He carefully walks to the dark edge, “Pinsir, use your Focus Energy.”

It becomes calm as Jack watches the rift, looking back and forth for any hint of light. There, to his left, a faint glow and outline of a big Pokemon appears. Pinsir’s claws are dug into the wall of earth keeping his body from falling into the darkness below.

“Aha, there you are.” He repositions above Pinsir. “I don’t think I can reach down that far.”

Soon, a light shines as Pidgey is called out from her Pokeball

“Hey Pidgey, I need you to fly into the rift under Pinsir and push him up.” Jack leans over the side. “Pinsir, when Pidgey lifts up, I need you to climb the wall. Once you’re close enough I can bring you up.”


“Graaaa,” he complains.

Jack leans into the wet grass-dirt floor, staining his shorts. Pidgey flies under the lightly glowing brute, flapping her wings as hard as she can to push Pinsir up. Slowly, Pinsir raises and his outstretched arms loosen up. His right claw comes out and digs back in higher up the side. And then the left.

“I know you can do this Pidgey.”

“Ggeyyy Piii......”

Pinsir is almost near the top. A claw comes down and grabs earth just before the top, but it’s loose and Pinsir loses grip, causing Pidgey to lose lifting pressure. Pinsir is falling back.... as Jack lends his right hand out, grabbing the loose claw, which digs into his hand nearly causing him to bleed. Jack’s left arm is extended back digging into the dirt holding himself from being pulled in.

“Don’t... give... up. Team effort... guys.”

Jack scoots himself away from the rift, using all his energy to bring Pinsir back up, while Pidgey screams trying to push Pinsir’s large body. Pinsir lets his other claw free of the wall, being fully supported by Jack and Pidgey, and makes a last effort grab for the top.

“Phew!” Jack gasps, panting as he lay outstretched on the floor next to his Pokemon. “Great effort guys.”

“Gra!” Pinsir gasps.

“Pidg!” Pidgey gasps as well.

“That.... was awesome.” He smiles.

After wrapping his injured hand with left over guaze, Jack and Pinsir continue there walk. While resting, Jack found it funny when Pinsir kept pointing to his Pokeball, making the whole ordeal as simple as recalling him from the rift.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Jack laughs.

“Gra,” he rolls his eyes.


“This looks like the spot where I left Marco in the wall, but it’s so dark I can’t tell. What do you think Pinsir?”

Pinsir shrugs.

The cliff rocks are barren and the shadows cover nearly everything under it. “If Marco isn’t here, then that means Team Rocket already got to him first. They couldn’t have gotten too far. Let’s go.” As excited as ever, Jack and Pinsir run through the trees, frantically looking around for any sign of movement.

“Ah...!” Jack stops in his tracks. He is caught in a trap in the middle of the air. A web. “What is this doing here?”

“Gaahahaha...” Pinsir proceeds to chuckle.

“Haha.. Very funny. Cut me loose.”

The nearly invisible web is cut and Jack is free to move. Although, removing the excess webbing is proving harder.

But a few yards away, a creature leaps from the tree toward the human.

“Give me a hand here...” Pinsir knocks Jack down in a menacing hit, causing him to lose his hat and hit his injured hand. “Ga... that hurt. What was that for....” He then notices Pinsir hit something against a tree.

The shadows step back for a moment, lighting the area. A small Spinarak reveals itself with eyes black as death itself, its mouth foaming with silk, and its legs standing ready to leap. Pinsir readies his own claws and beady eyes, growling back in strong defense.

Jack stands with a head rush, nursing his hand from the pain. “Whoa, surprise attack.”

Spinarak leaps with its fangs ready to grab. Pinsir quickly responds with a forward slash, but missing as Spinarak saves itself by using String Shot on a tree to pull away. Soon after, Spinarak connects string shot on Pinsir and ties it to the tree.

“Wow,” Jack marvels, pulling out his Pokedex. “That little guy can move.”

Spinarak: the Stringspit Pokemon- This Pokemon is commonly found at night in trees. It spins a web using fine, but durable, thread. It then waits patiently for prey to be trapped so it may attack unsuspectedly. This Pokemon evolves into Ariados.

Pinsir yells and easily slashes the sticky string with his claws. But by this time, Spinarak has already leapt at him and lands on his face, quickly firing more string. Struggling, Pinsir wildly waves his own claws at his face, missing and scaring himself.

“Shake it off.”

Enraged, Pinsir blindly rushes around and unexpectedly slams headfirst into a tree. Spinarak screams as it is pressed into the rough bark. Pinsir falls back and continues to scratch at his face until the webbing is clear.

“Oh, nicely done Pinsir. This little guy is pretty strong. Let’s see if we can get it to join us.” In a bold move, he is going to try and catch this Pokemon rather than it freely joining him.

“SPINARAK!” the spider shrieks. Soon, half a dozen other Spinaraks and a few Ariados awaken and surround the area.

Jack’s stomach grumbles. “Wow, look at them all.” Pinsir steps next to him and point on his back. “Huh? You want me to climb on?” Pinsir nods.

He jump on as Pinsir runs, grabbing Jack’s hat on his way. The area is pelted with String Shot as Pinsir evades to safety. Every now and then he would need to slash at any other webs that might be in the way.

The Trainer laughs. “Who would have thought you cared more about my safety than battling all those Pokemon.”

The Bug Pokemon grunts, but can’t help to smile watching Jack laugh like that.

“Let’s take a break to eat and rest.”

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Default A Trainer's View

“Nyaa..aa..ah...” Jack yawns and stretches his eyes. Light filters in, blurring everything around. “Oh man, it’s daylight. I must have fallen asleep.” He slips on his sun glasses, returning his eyes to normal. There, he sees Pinsir sitting next to him, silent as ever. He must have been up all night watching the area..

“Thanks for standing guard Pinsir, I appreciate it.”


Jack sweatdrops. “You never cease to amuse me.” Pinsir is recalled.

A faint aroma stifles the air and Jack can’t resist the temptation of food. Not having eaten anything since dinner, along with all the exercise last night, he cooked up quite an appetite. He follows his nose around the brush and trees until discovering a suburban parked in the forest. Most would think a car parked in the forest to be odd, but all he can think about is the smell.

Mmmmm, bacon and eggs.

“I wonder if they wouldn’t mind a little company.”

Before Jack can make his presence known, two people appear from behind the suburban. As quick as he can, he ducks behind a bush hoping not to be spotted. The very people whom he was searching for, were parked no more than 20 yards from where he slept last night.

“Breakfast is served.” Roy says preparing two plates.

Ashley brushes her medium dark green hair, trying to get all the knots out. “It’s about time.”

Jack remains silent and still. There’s been no voice that sounds like Marco, so maybe they haven’t found him yet. After five minutes of remaining still, an interesting conversation starts.

“What’s the plan today?”

Ashley swallows, “First we need to find that Magnificent Marco guy. The idiot hasn’t answered his phone yet.”

“It might be the trees or even the nearby mountains causing a bad signal,” Roy suggests. “Or maybe his battery died.”

“Maybe. But,” she ponders, “I have a bad feeling about Marco. His methods are unreliable in this new age of Pokemon thievery. We should have taken Jack and he taken Lyn.”

Roy jabs back, “Are you kidding? Stop doubting everything. Marco is one of the best in his field and won’t fail. And with such short notice, we were very lucky he was available. Don’t worry, the plan was perfect.”



“You just said was, as in past tense. You’re doubting it too.”

Roy sighs, “Lighten up sis. You’re always worrying about the details. Everything will be fine.”

“I hope so. Because if it isn’t, you’re going to explain all this to the boss. Including the mishap at the mall.”

“Fine.” He finishes his the last scraps. “So how do we find Marco?”

“If there was trouble and we couldn’t contact each other, the plan was to meet in a specific area in the back of the forest. We can’t drive there since the ground becomes mountainous. I’d say it’s a two hour walk from here. I’ll leave Clefairy here to guard the car while we’re goine.”

“Perfect. And by noon time, we’ll have Jack’s Pokemon to complete the set. This is why you don’t mess with Team Rocket,” Roy cheers.

“If you thought the look on her face was priceless, I can’t wait to see Jacks’.” Ashley says in a very revengeful manner. But something catches her eye...

“What is it Ashley? Something...”

“Shhh,” she whispers. “I saw something move over there.” She grabs her Pokeball as she walks toward the bush.

Uh-oh. She’s coming over here, I know it. Think. Think of something.

Ashley nears the bush when a soaring Butterfree jumps out and flies overhead, nearly scaring her to death. Back at the car, Roy can be heard laughing his head off.

“Freaking Butterfree’s. By far the weakest third evolution in history.”

“Free?” Butterfree retorts flying around.

Roy immediately stops laughing. “Take that back. You know as well as I do that that is untrue.”

“Here we go again.”

While they argue, Butterfree takes the opportunity and grabs the Pokeball from Ashley’s hand. Quickly, he soars up and flies in the opposite direction, away from Jack.

“See how smart they are.” Roy continues.

Ashley mutters under her breath as the two of them chase after Butterfree.

With the coast clear, Jack makes his move. The suburban is unlocked but highly unorganized inside. There are a mess of gadgets, food, maps, and other equipment. Even some buckets of paint. Trying to find Lyn’s Pokemon might be harder than it looks.

“I don’t want to know what this is I’m touching.”

Under a pile of magazines and newspapers in the back, there is a hidden compartment. He pops the release and hits the jackpot, so to speak. Inside lay a number of random Pokeballs and rare Pokemon related items. Lucky for Jack, Lyn’s Pokeballs had custom Pokeball etching and were easily found.

“But what about the other Pokeballs? I can’t leave them like this.”

“So...we meet again, Jack Kalmer.” Roy speaks as he walks closer. “What do you think you’re doing here? You don’t want to be the hero again, that’s for sure. It’ll be less painful if you simply give us what we want. Then you and I can go our separate ways and never bother each other again.
“And I’m supposed to believe that, from Team Rocket.” He sends out Rattata and Vulpix.

“Anxious to battle, are we? Good news for you is my Pokemon are in the car. There is no reason to fight. Bad news is,” he holds out a small device, closing all the doors and locking them, “now you can’t rescue the other Pokemon we worked so hard to steal. I will let you leave peacefully, for now, but expect to see us again soon.”

“ENOUGH!” Jack shouts in defiance. “I didn’t travel all this way to hear you talk. I came to help a friend, for which I’d do anything.” He looks at the two Pokeballs in hand. “I may have her Pokemon but that doesn’t mean it’s over between you and I. I’ve done nothing against you since that day in the mall, only what any regular Trainer would do to protect him and his Pokemon. And for that, you choose to chase me, not for my super rare Pokemon, which I don’t have, nor for any of my strong Pokemon, but you chase me for spite. SPITE! What I don’t understand, is that there’s nothing to get from stealing from the average Trainer except the fact that you hurt our spirits and see the look of failure on our faces. These Pokemon mean so much more to us than anything else in the world, while they mean absolutely nothing to you. Do you really think your spite is more powerful than our will as a Trainer? It isn’t. And this is where we draw the line.”

“Someone has issues. Get over yourself.”

“Rattata, go get the keys from him.” Rattata lay on the ground, absolutely refusing his order. “Come on, help me out here.” The purple rat shook his head. He quietly returns Rattata to his Pokeball.

Roy runs to the car, “Why would we want those Pokemon anyway. Haha.”

“Vulpix, stop him. Use Quick Attack.”

Vulpix dashes forward and slams into Roy’s chest, knocking the wind out and forcing the keys to drop.

“Holy crap! It’s Jack.” Ashely says as she stumbles back. “That idiot Marco, I thought you said he could do the job.” She holds out her Pokeball, retrieved from Butterfree. “Doesn’t matter, we will still win.” Clefairy is called out.

“Where’s Butterfree?” Jack worries.

“Who cares about that weak thing. You have more important issues at hand. Clefairy, use Sing.”

“Use Flamethrower before...”

Clefairy opens up and hums a beautiful sound. The vibrations reach Vulpix’s large ears and rattle inside. Vulpix coughs out a weak stream of flamethrower, which directly hits Clefairy. However, she has become rapidly tired.

“Snap out of it, use Ember.”

“Teleport and use Double Slap.”

The fiery ember balls slowly shoot out, but Clefairy teleports away, directly behind Vulpix. An onslaught of rough Double Slaps ensue, causing Vulpix to lose concentration and tire out.

“Sing again.”

Clefairy jumps on Vulpix’s back and sings into her ears. With close proximation, Vulpix falls fast asleep.

“Return, go Pinsir.”

Pinsir is called out, but no usual “Grawr” is heard. Pinsir is still asleep.

Roy comments as he walks to the car, “We were afraid to battle him... why?”

“He’ll wake up if I hit him.” Jack whispers to himself. He runs over to slap Pinsir over the head...


Within a second, Jack is transported 10 feet back, slapping the air in front of him. “Uhg.”

“Oh,” Ashley emphasizes. “A present for me. You shouldn’t have Clefairy. A whole belt of Pokeballs, how’d you know.”

“Clefairy fairy!”

Jack realizes he’s been made a fool and on top of that, his belt was taken while he was teleported. “That’s not fair.”

Roy returns next to Ashley, holding his Pokeballs. “And we’re growing impatient.” Ashley recalls Pinsir. Jack is out of options.

“Let me guess,” Roy starts. “Poor Lyn calls and you try to stop us and get her Pokemon back. Oh how noble. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end happily. Well, for you that is.”

“You have no idea how much pain you put me through. My Raticate is being fitted for braces! I’m the laughing stalk of Team Rocket.”

Jack notices a flutter in the background. It’s Butterfree, making his way back. He needs to stall for time.

“So, that’s why you went after Lyn first and not me? To get even for what she did to Raticate...”

“Well....” Roy says.

“Yes. She deserved to feel as much pain and suffering as I did. It is too bad I didn’t bust her teeth out too.”

“It wasn’t necessary to go after her. Only Jack was the threat. But she insisted and we dare not split up between the two of you. And...

“Roy, Shut Up! You’re exposing information again.”

“It’s not like he’s going to tell anyone after this.”

“Oh,” Jack smiles, “I’m afraid I will. Butterfree, use Stun Spore on them.” Jack takes shelter.

Butterfree flies in from behind with a surprise attack. The yellowish powder rains down on the two humans and Pokemon. They cough, trying to get it out of their lungs, but to not avail. Roy and Ashley are down, shaking from an almost immediate affect. However, Clefairy is a little tougher.

“C.l..eeff...y... Si...nngg....”

“Nice work Butterfree. Try Confusion.”

Clefairy tries and tries but can’t muster the same beautiful rhythm as before. It sounds like a skipping record. Butterfree is given enough time to concentrate and performs a blast of blue energy, knocking Clefairy down.

“Yes, you did it. Not a strong Confusion, but it worked.


Jack walks over the battlefield, picking up everything that belongs to him and Lyn. With his belt back on and Lyn’s Pokeballs safely in his pocket, he grabs the keys from Roy.


“I’m sure the paralysis will wear off. And if it doesn’t, then you can expect the police to pick you up soon. For myself, Lyn, and every other Trainer out there, we hope we don’t see you ever again.”

He hops in the suburban, starts it up, and drives off. Once he hits the street, he uses a red spray can found in the back to mark a tree with an arrow pointing in reverse. He then looks at one of the maps and finds the best direction to Streamington.

“Th..hii...isss...sssuc..cks.” Roy mumbles.
“Nooo... ” Ashely grumbles.
“Faaai......aairy... ry.. Cle...”

End Episode 20
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Default A Trainer's View

Episodes 11-20

These Episodes revealed more information about Jack and Lyn. This was also where Jack started to really training his Pokemon. From Gym battle, to Team Rocket, and finally to the Battle Stamina Contest, the challenge of being a Trainer begins to show.

They ran into Roy and Ashley of Team Rocket and have a battle in the woods. Team Rocket was luckily bested and chose to run away rather than keep fighting. Jack chased them. When he found them, he realized he didn’t want to be the hero again, like at the mall, and decided to let them go. Team Rocket wouldn’t make it easy and attacked back, using Clefairy to Teleport Jack away. Eventually, Jack re-met with an unhappy Lyn. She didn’t like him suddenly abandoning her like that.

Jack received a phone call from home to get to the nearest Pokemon Center. Before that, the same kid that made fun of his Caterpie back in Episode4, challenged him to a battle. The kid, Trevor, used trash talk to weaken Jack’s concentration, causing him to make foolish mistakes. We also learned Jack can have a horrible temper when provoked, and even see a flashback of his first anger fit. Jack lost the battle but gained a Butterfree.

At the Plylie City Pokemon Center, Jack talked to his dad over the phone. He was very upset with Jack’s slow progress, stating he caught 20 different Pokemon by his sixth day. It has been a week so far. His dad took back Pikachu and Bulbasaur, and returned Pinsir to Jack. To pass the time, Lyn showed Jack Pokeball Etching, a place that etches designs into Pokeballs. Later that night, they went to a lecture for new Trainers. Stodd, the Plylie City Gym Leader, was the lecturer. They learned more about the league and the Trainer’s Code.

Before challenging the Gym, Jack had to train his Pokemon, especially Pinsir. However, Pinsir was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to him or participate much in training. After training, another Trainer tried to take his backpack. His Pokemon were too tired to battle strongly and Pinsir disappeared. Thinking he failed, Pinsir returned to help and saved the day. Jack was glad Pinsir came back and impressed with his strength. Unknown to Jack, Pinsir only did it to get the water bottles back for Jack’s tired Pokemon.

Plylie City Gym Battle. Jack against Stodd. No audience allowed, so Lyn had to wait elsewhere. First, a test to hit a bull’s-eye, which Butterfree hit easily. The battle was 2 vs 2, Butterfree against Tyrogue first. Tyrogue dodged all poweders but couldn’t jump high enough to hit Butterfree. Eventually, the two collided, and the fighter Pokemon sucked in Poison Powder and was severely weakened. Stodd recalled Tyrogue and was down to his last, Primeape. Butterfree was taken out in one punch. Then it was Pinsir’s turn. The two were evenly matched with strength, but Pinsir still had to learn to listen to Jack. However, luck was on his side, when Primeape entered rage and wouldn’t listen to Stodd. Jack had won. But Stodd didn’t give him the badge, telling Jack to come the next day, so they can talk about the battle.

Next day, Lyn confessed she wanted to become a Pokemon Nurse, wanting to explore the world before taking classes. Later, the two entered Stodd’s training field. With the help of Jack’s Trainer file, Stodd is able to tell him what he needed help with. His main message was ‘to slow down and have fun’. Jack defends his method by saying his dad was a great trainer. Stodd opened Ed Kalmer’s file and revealed the truth. His dad never beat the league, only winning 17 badges. Other lies were revealed and Jack’s trust was shattered. Everything his dad said was a lie. But Jack continued onward, even more ready to prove to his dad how great a Trainer he can be. Stodd hands over the Novelty Badge.

Jack and Lyn left Plylie City and continued north. They met Monique. Jack battled and lost. Monique yelled and cried because Marill didn’t evolve yet, causing Marill to run away. Lyn comforted Monique about raising Pokemon and waiting for them to evolve when they are ready. She understood and wanted Marill to come back. Meanwhile, Jack went out and convinced Marill to return. Trainer and Pokemon reunited, becoming closer. She thanked them and headed out. The path ahead split east and west, Streamington or Rowest Town. Lyn decided to leave Jack and go to Streamington, saying he moved too fast and was hindering her own learning. He tried reasoning but understood. They hugged and went their separate ways. Jack headed for Rowest Town.

But on the way, Jack met an interesting character: Magnificent Marco. Marco surprised him by shooting metal bars, pinning him to a tree. Luckily, Vulpix was out but Marco scared her away with Geodude. Marco chased after Vulpix into the forest. Jack wiggled and knocked a Pokeball off his belt: it was Pinsir. Once free, Jack searched for Vulpix. Meanwhile, Vulpix had been running and ended up at a dead end, below a large cliff. Marco caught up and uses the wild Geodude nearby to catch her. With all the fear bottled up, Vulpix learned Roar to scare away the Pokemon. Jack found them and used Pinsir to defeat Marco, then used the gun to pin him to the cliff. Afterward, Jack was proud Vulpix learned a new attack, especially one that could help her lose her fear of Geodude.

He arrived at Rowest Town. At the Pokemon Center, he met D.J, whom told him about the Stamina Contest. This was a type of battling but not by normal standards. Different rules were in place all the time. The basic idea is a Trainer battles until his Pokemon faint. Jack trained a little and was ready to show of his Pinsir the next day. As it happened, his first challenge was against D.J. and the rules were1v1, lowest evolution form Pokemon. Jack couldn’t use Pinsir, so he chose Rattata instead. It was Rattata against Charmander. The strong-willed Rattata put up a great fight, and learned Bide in order to win. D.J had never seen a high stamina Rattata before. The next opponent was Rick, a friend of D.J.’s. He had Squirtle. Rattata tried but was too tired. Jack wanted to recall Rattata but he disobeyed. Rattata disobeyed the orders too and used Bide. But was defeated. Rattata was really upset with Jack.

Lyn called late at night, saying her Pokemon were stolen by Team Rocket, Roy and Ashley. Jack decided to leave that minute and head to Streamington and get her Pokemon back. Him and Pinsir travel the midnight light, protecting one another, and earning trust. At morning, he happened to come across Team Rocket in the forest, having breakfast. What luck! He caught them off-guard and won all the stolen Pokemon from them. He escaped using their stolen SUV and continued to Streaminton, to surprise Lyn.

His Current Pokemon
Rattata -Male- Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite, Body Slam, Bide
Pidgey -Female- Tackle, Quick Attack, Gust, Sand Attack
Butterfree -Male- Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Confusion (sort of)
Vulpix -Female- Ember, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Roar
Pinsir -Male- Body Slam, Vicegrip, Bind, Focus Energy, Seismic Toss, Slash, Take Down


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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 21

Before long, he makes it to Streamington. The road he was on took him straight there, give or take a couple swerves around large hills. However, finding the Pokecenter wasn’t an easy task and he had ask someone. Once there, he asked Nurse Joy if she had seen someone named Lyn.

“Oh, yes. But I haven’t seen her for a while and I don’t know where she went. Nice girl too. She was ready to help me around...”

Jack wasn’t in the mood for talking. If Lyn’s not at the Pokecenter, then where else... Where do you go when your Pokemon are stolen? Ah, the Police Station. He thanks Joy, asks for directions, and drives off.

It’s only a three block drive to the station, where he parks in the rear parking. Stepping through the door, there were only a few people in the waiting area. Beyond the receptionist, beyond the glass windowed wall, many officers and staff members were busily walking around or talking into a headset. Looks like a busy day. There, at one of the desks, he saw her sitting with her back turned.

“Excuse me,” Jack asks of the receptionist, “but may I go back there? My friend is there and I came...”

The receptionist turns, “Which one?” Jack points to the girl with blue hair. “Oh, her. She came in last night crying puddles. We had to call the janitor to clean it up. She’s calmed down over night and currently waiting for an update. Sure, go on ahead.”

He thanks her and steps through the thin door separating the door areas. After a row of desks, he stands behind her wondering how to do this. He’s a bit nervous about how she might react. But here goes...

“Ahem...” he coughs.”

She turns her head, looking up. Her eyes widen as much as possible, either in surprise or she’s holding back tears. “Jack! But... what are you doing here?”

Jack nearly falls to the ground, “That’s your first reaction? ‘What am I doing here?’ Thanks Lyn, now I feel special.”

“I’m sorry Jack, I didn’t mean to...”Lyn starts apologizing when she sees what he’s holding in his hands. He is presenting two Pokeballs to her, her Pokeballs. “Jack...” She hesitates to grab them, instead, she wipes her eyes. “Jack... you didn’t...”

“Now what kind of friend wouldn’t do this for another friend.”

Lyn leaps out of the chair and grabs Jack with a huge friendly hug, almost causing Jack to drop her Pokeballs. After a minute, she moves back, tears rolling down her cheeks. She grabs her Pokeballs and hugs them hard, never wanting to let go.

“Jack.... Thank you!”

“All in a days work,” he says, trying to sound cool like the movies. It’s too bad he doesn’t have a video camera. He’d like to tape this moment and send it to Team Rocket. Look at her face now, those aren’t tears of sadness, they’re tears of joy.

Emotions set aside, Jack reveals any information about Team Rocket he can, summarizing from the mall up to this morning. He tells the police about the marked tree to find Ashley and Roy and that Magnificent Marco might still be stuck in the cliff wall. But he doubts any of them are still there. Team Rocket is resourceful at making escapes. He also hands over the suburban and hopes the Pokeballs go back to their proper Trainers.

The police want to give Jack a reward for his daring rescue, but he refuses stating he didn’t do it for any reward. But they are persistent and insist that if he ever needs a favor, they will gladly help. That’s all he needs to hear.

Unfortunately, this turn of events has put a cramp in Jack’s plan. Even with a Gym in Streamington, he wanted to go back and fight at the Battle Stamina Contest in Rowest Town. He could easily go back but... the fear of Team Rocket out there, waiting for him to do just that, haunts him. He knows he can beat them but he’d rather not take that chance so soon.

Lyn feels the same way. She’d rather be in a city you can get lost in, than a small town where almost everyone knows everyone else. She’s also not ready to leave the city yet, even if it’s to walk a few miles in the wild. Team Rocket could jump out at any moment and.... she’d rather not think about it. But there is Jack, her protector, even though he is a bit afraid too, even though he won’t admit it. She can see it in his eyes.

There is also the issue about the Jack-Lyn partnership. Lyn was very prominent that she needed to separate from him for her own good. Even thought Jack didn’t like the idea, he respected her wishes. And now they were together again, but for how long?

They both talk it over a late lunch, early dinner. Lyn is heavily thankful for Jack helping, but she is still afraid they might come back. Jack knows they will be back, moreso for him but he knows they will attack Lyn only because it frustrates him. So he makes an offer to Lyn:

“If you and I stick together, Team Rocket won’t stand a chance. We’re better as a group than individuals.”

“Right,” she cheers.

“We can’t let Team Rocket stop us from achieving our dreams.”


After a couple days staying at a small hotel, paid for by the police, Jack and Lyn are given the news by one of the officers.

“We followed the path into the forest like you marked, but found nothing. As we broadened the search, one of our men spotted a suspicious group of three. Unfortunately, they managed to evade us. We’ve been tracking them ever since and the trail leads south, toward Plylie City. We’re hoping to ambush them before they make it into the city. It’s all thanks to you.”

Jack nods, “As long as they are far away from here, we can get back to our regular lives.”

“Ahhhh. Doesn’t it feel wonderful today?”

“Everything is better when Team Rocket isn’t around,” Lyn adds.

The two step over some rocks as they make their way into the wild. Jack hasn’t done any physical training in two days and he is itching to start again. He grabs his Pokeballs one by one and calls them out. Rattata, Pidgey, Vulpix, Butterfree, and Pinsir.

“Good morning everyone.”





Rattata is the only one not excited. Jack kneels down to comfort him but Rattata jumps away and growls.

“What happened to Rattata?” Lyn questions. She calls our her own Pokemon: Poliwag and Geodude.

“When I was battling at the Stamina Contest, I wanted to recall him because he was too injured. But he refused and wanted to keep battling, so I let him. I think that’s why he’s mad at me.”

Lyn looks at Rattata. “I’m sure Jack did it because he cares for your safety. Winning isn’t everything if you become too injured to do it again. He was trying to help...”

“I already tried to explain,” Jack interrupts. “He won’t listen to reason. I’m hoping it will go away over time.”

But Lyn knows it has to be much more than this. With her basic understanding of Pokemon behavior, she can pinpoint the exact problem given enough time.

"Halt. You have stepped into my training area." A kid with a bug catching net shouts out. “I don’t like people around here.”

“Whoa, take it easy. It’s not like there are any signs posted.” The kid points to his left, where there is prominently a sign posted. “Oh.”

Jack and company are about to turn away when Rattata leaps forward and proceeds to growl at the kid.

“Ahh,,, stop that. Your Rattata is crazy.”

Jack sign and pulls out his Pokeball to return Rattata, but Lyn pushes his hand away. “What...”

“He looks ready to battle.” Lyn points, “See the way the feet are spread out, that’s a battle stance popular to many Pokemon.”

Jack’s mind flashes: he remembers Rattata in that stance when they first met, preparing to fight the Ekans. “Hey kid, you mind a battle?”

“Huh?” The kid dumbly says. “A battle? I guess so. Let’s make in three on three.” The kid grabs a Pokeball from his pant pocket and tosses it out. Spinarak.

"Alright Rattata. Are you ready to battle?" He asks, as the remainder of his team watches from behind.

Rattata doesn’t wait for an order and leaps forward with what looks like Quick Attack.

"Tear that Rattata apart with Night Shade."

A purple-ish beam covers Rattata, slowing his pace down. Rattata dashes right and regains his speed, knocking into Spinarak hard. The spider slides across the ground and quickly regains stance. By this time, Rattata is already speeding his way for another hit. *SMACK* Spinirak is hit square in the side again.

Jack watches, trying to figure out what is going on. He cheers nevertheless. “Good job Rattata.”
The kid panics, "Use String Shot.”

While Spinarak rises from the tackle, Rattata quickly moves in and sinks his fangs deep into one of Spinarak's leg. Spinarak limps around the grass, shooting sticky white goo everywhere but at Rattata. Rattata doesn't let go at all. Soon Spinarak stops moving around and simply winces from the pain of the bite.

“Rattata, let it go. You’re biting too much.” But Rattata refuses to listen. “Hey Kid, recall your Pokemon.”

The kid does so and Spinarak is back in the ball. “What’s up with your Pokemon?” He then sends out his next: Paras.

Lyn watches and wonders. “Jack, don’t say anything during battle.”


“Trust me.”

Jack shrugs and sits down.

"Your rat won’t beat me this time. Paras, Poison Powder."

Paras shakes its skinny body to produce purple spores, aiming them at the charging rat. Rattata ignores the powder, closes his eyes, and slams into Paras. With such a weak physical body, Paras is launched across the ground and collapses. Even still, with Poison Powder starting to effect, Rattata rushes in and jumps, legs widened, and lands heavy onto Paras’ back, causing any remaining purple dust to cloud the area. The purple cloud blocks any viewing, and only went Paras is tossed out does anyone know what’s going on. After dissipating, a visible Rattata coughs and weezes as he stands his ground. Paras is knocked out.

“Oh my gosh. What is going on here?” Jack is at a loss for words. Stunned, speechless, bedazzled can’t compare to what he’s feeling. He’s never seen Rattata so strong, yet mindless at the same time. “I can’t believe the risks he’s taking.”

“Jack...” Lyn says for comfort.
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Default A Trainer's View

The kid is, likewise, shocked. “Shelder, you’re my last hope.” The little blue shelled Pokemon pops out.

Lyn laughs, “Ah, isn’t that cute how its tongue sticks out.”

Shellder: the Bivalve Pokemon- It’s shell can withstand any physical attack. However, when it is open, it is more vulnerable. This Pokemon evolves into Cloyster with the use of a Water Stone.

A water Pokemon won’t be very effective on land. But that shell is great defense. The only way for Rattata to win is to use Bide. But...
Jack looks at Lyn, if she’s right, I have to let him battle on his own.

Rattata staggers back and forth. The poison has definitely infected his entire body, making this battle much harder for Rattata, especially his weakness to move and keep his eyes focused. But he will continue.

“Wait for it to attack, then we strike.”


The little purple rat wobbles forward, trying to use Quick Attack but not moving in a straight line. Luckily, the attack hits but Shellder’s high defense deflects the fleshy body, nearly absorbing the contact damage. Rattata kicks back, shaking his head from the horrible recoil. Shellder slowly trudges forward and clamps down on Rattata’s body, screaming in sharp pain. It’s a good thing Shellder don’t have teeth or this would do more damage. Rattata kicks and screams and panics just enough so that Shellder loses hold. Rattata barely remains standing, struggling to breath and keep focus.

Jack stands up. “I can’t let this go on. Return...” But, like at Battle Stamina Contest, Rattata uses any strength left to avoid the red beam. Frustrated, “You can’t battle like this. You’re far too injured and poisoned. Physical attacks won’t even work. Please, think about your health.” Rattata turns away, in stance mode. He used Bide. Jack sighs.

“Tackle it Shellder.”

Before Shellder moves, Rattata collapses. The poison has taken control.

“Rattata!” Jack runs out. He’s still breathing. He picks Rattata up and brings him over to Lyn. “You can help him, right?”

She frantically looks in her bag. “I have some Antidotes I can use. It will help but we will need to get him to a Pokecenter soon enough.”

“After the battle.” Jack clutches his fist and faces the kid. “Rattata, if you can hear me, you did great today. Rest easy.” He looks back at his group and selects Butterfree. “This should be pretty easy.”

Pinsir sighs, hoping to be chosen.

“A flying Pokemon! Hehe...” the kid mumbles to himself.

“Use Poison Powder.”


Butterfree hovers above the blue shell, releasing a fuchsia powder from his wings. It easily covers Shellder, but can’t break the shell. Not to mention, it has withdrawn itself for even more protection.

“We need to get that shell open. Try a Confusion attack.”

His antenna glow lightly, pushing a wave of energy at Shellder. The bivalve Pokemon is hit aside, yet does not open up.

“Try again”

But Butterfree has exerted a lot of energy to use Confusion. He has yet to perfect it and still requires a lot of concentration. But still, he tries again, lightly glowing his antenna...

“It’s weak, use Icy Wind.”

Shellder opens the hatch, sticking his tongue out as if giving everyone a raspberry, and quickly blows a chilly wind upward. Butterfree is struck before he can release another Confusion. A bit of frost begins to build up.

“Finish it off with Aurora Beam.”

Directly after the cold wind, a multi-colored beam shoots out and slams into Butterfree’s chest. Butterfree winces and slowly flaps to the ground, out of energy.

“Great try Butterfree.” Jack clasps the Pokeball back on his belt. He smiles at Pinsir, Vulpix and Pidgey. Pinsir smiles back. “Let’s go Pidgey, you’re turn.”

Lyn’s jaw drops. “What!!? Is Pidgey ready to fight?”

“I don’t know,” Jack pats Pidgey on the head. “But if I keep waiting and waiting, I will never find out. Pidgey can do it.”

“Pii.” Pidgey flies out.

Pinsir grumbles and throws a clump of grass at Jack, jokingly.

“Another flying Pokemon. This is my lucky day. Withdraw.”

“Dive in with Quick Attack.”

Pidgey soars up, still with bandages on its right wing. Then like an arrow, Pidgey nosedives down and swoops into Shellder, hitting it sideways and spinning. Pidgey climbs back up, ready to go again but stops to recover.

“Ouch. She hit one of the spikes on that charge. We need to get it open. Hmmmm.... oh... Pidgey, use Gust.”

The little bird drops altitude to get close enough. She then quickly flaps back and forth, creating a nice gust. Shellder slides in the grass and suddenly flips over from a rush of wind, continuing to slide back.

“It won’t work. Shellder is too strong to open up unless it does it on its own.” The kid starts celebrating. “Now, use Aurora Beam.”

Shelder opens up and.... panics. “Shell.... der. Shell..... der!” It starts rocking back and forth to get right side up again.

“Now’s our chance, Quick Attack.”

Pidgey bolts as fast as she can move. Shellder’s face is poked hard by the small beak, flipping its body around again and again. This causes it to revert to its normal side up.

“You can’t stay on defense all the time. You have to attack to win.”

“I know that,” the kid sticks his tongue out just like Shellder. “Use Aurora Beam.”

“Dodge it and attack from the back.”

The beam fires late and misses the quick dodging Pidgey. Pidgey circles around Shellder and arrives on its backside, moving in. Shellder hops up and turns its body 25 degrees. Then again, then again. But it can’t move fast enough to turn around and attack. Shellder is hit again.

“Arggg.. Use Withdraw.”

Shellder lands against a medium rock sticking out of the ground. Lucky it was withdrawn.

Jack sighs. “Fine. Force me to be more creative.” He thinks quick, looking at Pidgey. Flying. Flying. “Hey Pidgey, pick up Shellder and go up as high as you can.”

She nods, quickly grabbing Shellder by the mouth. The sea Pokemon is a lot heavier than she though, but she can do it. Jack is counting on her just like just counts on him.

“Ah, break loose. Hurry Shellder. Get out of there!”

Shellder tries and tries to force it’s mouth open, but Pidgey has a nice grasp around them. But while trying to fly higher, Pidgey loses some strength fighting Shellder. A gap opens, just enough for Shellder to stick its tongue out... *SNAP*

“SSSSSSssssssshhhhhhhhheeeeeelllllllllllllllllllll lllllllddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr r!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The pink tonuge turns blue as Pidgey forces Shellder’s mouth closed again. It is at this time, she stops ascending and remains hovering, waiting for Jack’s word.

“Now let go and use Gust.”

The kid responds, “Oh no.”

*RELEASE* Shellder starts to freefall, crying from biting its own tongue. Pidgey’s wings rapidly move back and forth, pushing wind down, propelling Shellder even faster. Faster. Faster! Until it slams into the ground, nearly cracking its shell on impact.

“Shelder! Noooo....” The kid starts crying as he holds Shellder. He points to Jack. “I never want to see you again. Waaaaa...” and he runs off.

Lyn breaths heavily, “Wow. That was intense.”

Jack sits back down. “All this because of one kid half my height. I think I need more practice.”

Pidgey rests her feet and stretches her wings out. In a burst of energy, she starts glowing brightly. Her wings expand, her body grows taller, and her energy increases. Pidgey has evolved into Pidgeotto.

“Wow, congrats!”

Jack’s eyes become watered, “I did it. *SNIFF* I raised Pidgey enough that she could evolve. How do you feel Pidgeotto?”

“Piidgi!” she coos, flexing her wings. The bandages have fallen off and she appears to have healed 100% by evolving.

For the next two hours, as they walk back to Streamington, Pidgeotto plows the sky. Making aerial maneuvers, dipping, rising, and hovering. She has never felt so relieved to be back in the air, feeling the wing flow through her feathers. It’s been a little more than two weeks since her injury, making this day ever more enjoying. And with this newfound strength, Pidgeotto is ready to battle hard for her Trainer.

They reach the Pokemon Center by dusk. Jack has Rattata checked out for any serious injuries. Nurse Joy says it isn’t that bad but she would like to keep Rattata over night. He has exerted too much energy and taken too much damage; something like this is hard to recover from quickly but his Rattata has a lot of endurance. By tomorrow afternoon, he’ll be ready to battle again, and hopefully not so hard.

End Episode 21
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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 22
This Isn’t the Ocean

It’s a new day in the city of Streamington. The Pidgey are flying, the Sentret are scavenging, and the Sandshrew are hiding. All is as it should be in the wild.

Rattata is still recovering at the Pokemon Center. Jack knows he’ll be better and take it easier during battles. But he isn’t going to worry about that now. Today, he needs to catch a sixth Pokemon for his team. He hasn’t had a new Pokemon since Pinsir back in Plylie City. Since then, he’s had no luck with Pokemon joining him voluntarily. Taking this into account, maybe his dad was correct.
Originally Posted by Ed Kalmer- Ep.13
You want Pokemon that want to be trained by humans? Do you know how many of those Pokemon are out there? The ones that want a Trainer are normally weak Pokemon. Go out and catch Pokemon, like a real Trainer. Don't wait around all day for a Pokemon to come to you. Go to the Pokemon. I know you can do it if you just listen to my advice. If you don't, then you will fail.
It is somewhat true. Both Rattata and Vulpix were the only Pokemon that wanted to join him and they aren’t helping him as well as he hoped. Rattata won’t listen and Vulpix isn’t brave enough for battles. On the other hand, Pinsir, Butterfree and Pidgey, now Pidgeotto, are doing wonderful. Pidgeotto and Butterfree listen and understand, while Pinsir is still understanding what it’s like to be with a Trainer. Jack laughs at himself because if he hadn’t caught those three Pokemon, he might only have Rattata and Vulpix up until now.

So here he is, trying to catch his next Pokemon.

“Look, a Pokemon” Lyn points to the small orange worm wiggling out of the bush ahead.

Jack jumps ready but loosens up. “It’s only a Weedle.”


“Is it not a good Pokemon?”

“Well... its final evolution is Beedrill and I’ve already fought a few of them. They aren’t that strong. Listen...”

Beedrill- the Poison Bee Pokemon. It uses its three stingers to inflict poison in its enemy, slowing it down. Beedrill can be very dangerous when in a swarm. This Pokemon evolves from Weedle and Kakuna.

“I’m looking for something.... different.”

Lyn drops her pack and steps forward. “If you don’t want it, I will catch it. Look at those little eyes.”

“I guess. But you don’t need to battle,” he adds. “Throw a Pokeball at it and I’m sure you’ll catch it.”

“Really?” She looks at the orange worm, squeezing her Pokeball in hand, and throws. The ball sucks in Weedle and wobbles once.... and Weedle breaks out. “Well...” She looks over at Jack, who is stunned.

“I guess this one must be stronger.” He chuckles.

“WeeEEEDLL!!” it cries. Soon, a swarm of Beedrill fly out from nearby trees. Each Beedrill didn’t look particularly pleased at the two humans bothering one of its own.

“Wow, a Beedrill swarm. I can definitely see how running into one of these can be dangerous.”

Lyn pulls Jack back, “Not now. Let’s RUN!”

The pair run, not knowing where to go, but only to get away. The dozen Beedrill, poised to attack, slowly ease off the chase until they turn around and head back.

“That was close, let’s not do that again,” Lyn pants as she lays down.

They rest for a few minutes. It’s hard enough to run from fast flying Pokemon, they had to do it while wearing backpacks. Not only that, but Lyn lost her empty Pokeball back there. She didn’t mind. At least they were safe.

“All right, let’s go.

They only take a few steps when Lyn notices something misplaced in the forest. “Look over there.”
They both cautiously look and move closer, trying to get a better view. Jack is a little confused but Lyn knows what it is. But she never thought one of these would be out in the forest all alone, not near a nest, and not even protected by a parent. It’s a Pokemon egg. This one is colored gray with red and black streaks around it. It simply lay on the grass on its side, out in the open and barely resting on top of a downward slope.

“We have to get it before it falls down.”

“No, wait.” Lyn holds his arm. “The parents might be nearby. Let’s wait and see if they return.”

No parent in their right mind would leave an infant alone for too long. Eggs especially because they are easy targets for Pokemon like Pidgey and Ekans. But she didn’t want to go over there just yet. If the parents are there, they might attack ferociously to defend their egg. They’ve already dealt with one angry pack of Pokemon today.

Jack stands up. "We can wait here five minutes, an hour or maybe even two hours, it won't make a difference. No parent Pokemon would leave their egg on the ground, in an open area, resting over a hill." The wind picks up a little, causing the egg to slowly roll. “See, that’s why we can’t wait. Do you want to be responsible for when it falls over?” Jack rushes out as the winds picks up more strength. He drops his pack, sprinting, and slides. But he was too late. The egg has already been blown far enough that it rolls down the hill. The hill isn’t very steep, luckily clear of obstacles like rocks, and at the end of the fall is a river.. *SPLASH* The egg hits the water and bobs up and down as it floats away. He continues his pursuit by sliding down the hill. At the last point he slips and flips forward and rolls to the bottom. “Ow.”

“Jack, wait up!” Lyn shouts as she carefully climbs down.

“The egg’s floating downstream.” He points north. The river is moving at a slow pace so it won’t be too hard to keep up. As long as he can keep an eye on it, everything will be fine.

Lyn drops to the bottom, dragging Jack’s pack across the muddy ground as she follows the river. She sighs, seeing the same thing happen like before. Jack would run off by himself, leaving her behind as if she wasn’t needed.

As the minutes went by, she found herself a few feet away from Jack, whom was sitting down. Her first words, “You can’t keep leaving me behind all the time. We need to stick together, remember?”


They are at the bank of a large oval lake surrounded by tall trees and boulders. Reeds dug in below the water and pop out on top, moving side to side with the small winds. The river hits the lake with a small fall of a foot, causing the water to foam a little as it ripples inward. And there, bobbing up and down, the egg continues to move to the middle of the lake.

The two smile, knowing the egg was safe. At least for the moment. Within in a second, the egg bounces and sinks underwater. *GASP* Then it bobs back up but not alone. Next to the egg is a round blue Pokemon with two antennae and (+.+) eyes.

"Chou!!" it exclaims excitedly.

Chinchou- the Angler Pokemon. On the dark ocean floor, its only means of communication is its constantly flashing lights. This Pokemon uses its antennae to generate electricity. Chinchou evolves into Lanturn.

He slides the Pokedex back in his pocket. “But... this isn’t the ocean. You’re a long way from home little guy.”

"Chou . .?" it exclaims. It tosses the egg in the air and lets it land back to the water.

“Hey, stop that!. You’ll break it.”

“I don’t think it’s trying to hurt the egg. But let’s not take that chance.” Lyn throws her Pokeball out containing Poliwag. "Poliwag, fetch the Pokemon egg from Chinchou. And be careful"

“Poli!” Poliwag swims over and puts her tail over the egg. Chinchou shouts and pulls back with its antennae. It splashes causing Poliwag to release. Looking around, chinchou has submerged with the egg. Frustrated, Poliwag dives to chase it. That’s when Chinchou leaps up out of the water. Both antennae meet together and shoot a jolt of electricity at the water. Poliwag is toast and flops belly up in the water. Chinchou lands back and dives down, leaving the egg on top.

Lyn drops her jaw, returning Poliwag, while Jack is excited. “A water Pokemon..... with an electric attack.... what a combo....”

“I guess it’s up to you now. What’s your battle plan?”

"This." He sends out Butterfree.


"Hey Butterfree. I need you to put Chinchou asleep for me when it surfaces again."

Chinchou surfaces again and Butterfree releases the blue powder. Chinchou stares at the sparkling powder as it falls around it. Coughing, it quickly dives to wash it away. It didn’t put the Pokemon to sleep, but it left the egg wide open on top.

"Now, grab the egg." Butterfree swoops down and grabs the egg. Shortly, Butterfree flaps back and lets it go into Jack's hands. "Great job."

Chinchou surfaces again and looks around for the egg. He sees it's with Jack and swims to the shore. "Chin chou chiou chi!!" Sparks fly at Butterfree, shocking him.

"Hey. What was that for? We’re only trying to protect this egg.”

The water Pokemon tries another jolt, missing as Butterfree was ready to dodge.

He then remembers his agenda: to catch a Pokemon. He points, “Chinchou, you're mine. Butterfree, powders won't work. Try Confusion."

Hearing a call for an attack, Chinchou stops electricity and dives in the water. The purple ray moves to the water and through it, causing that area to turn from aqua-green to dark purple. The confusion energy pushes Chinchou into the lake’s rocky bottom, causing it to be confused. It surfaces upside down, blowing bubbles into the water.

Butterfree hears the next command, a smart plan. He shoots the white sticky line of String Shot and easily connects. Next, he flies higher, pulling Chinchou, and releases, throwing it onto the bank. It rolls and comes to a stop with limp antennae.

“Finish it with Tackle!”

“Chin.....” Its eyes roll around as they refocus. It spots the blurred bug coming for it and sparks another electric shot, but misses. Butterfree slams into Chinchou, thus winning the battle.

Jack hands Lyn the red egg and grabs a Pokeball. “This is the first step.” The ball meets Chinchou and sucks it in. The ball wiggles, causing the atmosphere to be filled with suspense. And then.... it stops. He jumps up, celebrating, "Yes! I have a full team once again."

Lyn smiles, forgetting how mad at him she was earlier. “Congratulations on capturing a playful Pokemon.”

“Thanks. Wait... huh? Playful?”

“Yep.” She nods. “I think Chinchou was only playing with the egg. When we tried to take it, he was upset and fought back.” She knows this because a Pokemon Nurse has to learn Pokemon behavior and adapt to them in order to help.

Jack laughs, “You sure know your stuff. Maybe I should have Chinchou cheer Rattata up next time. Haha.” He walks over to his pack. “Thanks for bringing my..... uh. It’s muddy. Why?”

Lyn sticks out her tongue, sarcastically. “I’m not a bellhop.”

As the two walk back to Streamington, there is a question on everyone’s mind. What is to become of the egg?

End Episode 22
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Default Re: The Stoplek League Collection: A Trainer's View

Episode 23
The Hour of Egg Hatching

Let the battle for the egg.... begin! Jack and Lyn have been at the Pokecenter, sitting at a booth, with the egg on the table between them. They argue back and forth, forth and back, like immature children..

"I saved it. I am the one to keep it." Jack argues.

"But I found it, so it should be mine." Lyn argues back.

"If I didn't save it, no one would have it."

"So? If I had not suggested running from the Beedrill, I would not have found the egg that you saved."

"Well, if I didn't want to go training in the first place, we wouldn’t have run from the beedrill, and you wouldn’t have found it."

"Running from the Beedrill was MY idea. And besides, if I never called you when my Pokemon were stolen, you wouldn't be here."

“And you wouldn’t be here either.”

Nurse Joy steps up to the booth and swipes the egg. "That's enough arguing. You’re bothering the other Trainers. All this fuss over an egg and not one of you have the decency to let me examine it first. I'll take this until you can settle it like adults." She walks to the back room and disappears.

Jack is frustrated. He is the Pokemon Trainer, not her. Why should she need the Pokemon anyway? Lyn also didn’t understand Jack’s stubbornness. She begins to doubt that she should remain with him if he treats her like she isn’t there.

But she remembers his determination to become the best Trainer, especially against those that called him weak. Maybe, just maybe, she should let him have it so he can become stronger. But, will he forgive her for earlier? She walks over to him, asleep at a booth. “How does he manage to fall asleep here when we have a room.” She smiles slightly then lazily sits across from him. “I wonder what Nurse Joy is doing to our egg.”


Early next morning.

*YAAAWWWNN* Jack wipes his eyes and oddly stretches in the booth. Lyn lay on the opposite side, head down on the table. “Why is she sleeping out here when we have a room?” He shrugs, moving his hands through his hair and grabs some Pokemon Center breakfast. The smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes, syrup, and butter awaken Lyn from her sleep. “Morning.” He says quickly between bites, still a little annoyed.

Lyn’s bones seem to crack as she moves. “Ahhh.... how do you manage to sleep like that. Ow.”

The Center opens and a couple Trainers head out for their daily routine. Only a few Trainers come early to have their Pokemon checked on, nothing serious. After, Joy and Chansey walk over to the arguing pair, with a smile.

"Now I hope you two will behave today.”

“Yes Nurse Joy,” they say in unison. Lyn adds, “But we haven’t made a decision yet.”

Joy smiles with a solution, "Maybe if you talk about who can take care of the egg better instead of who found or saved it, that might help. I hope you decide soon. The tests I did on the egg last night show it to be quite far in its hatching process. I predict at least a day before it hatches. It’s also very healthy for being alone in the forest. If it helps the decision, I know what Pokemon it is. Do you want to know?



Jack grumbles, "Ok, fine. Give us a hint.”

"Very well. It's a dog Pokemon. It is also very rare to find this Pokemon still in their egg, especially alone. I hope that helps." Joy leaves them to talk.

Jack swells up, losing his appetite. "Eh, maybe it would be better off with you, Lyn."

“What’s wrong?”

“It happened when I was little. My dad bought me all sorts of dog Pokemon toys, plushies, posters, and other stuff. I assume you know the legends about the legendary dog Pokemon. Well, my dad thought they would be an inspiration to me, being loyal and brave. However, every night.... I remember those faces... the shadows.... ah... they were all staring at me.... I was too afraid to scream, so I cried every night...” He shakes nervously. “ every time I imagine it.... fear builds inside me. I can’t imagine having a dog Pokemon on my team.”

“Oh, that’s horrible. But.... I don’t know. Joy is right. I’m sure I can take care of it better, but it would be better if you take it because you’re the Trainer and need more Pokemon than I do."

This is just great. Yesterday, they were arguing that they want to keep it. Now they are arguing that the other person should have it. Can't they just flip a coin or play Rock, Paper, Scissors? Or maybe battle over it.

“I guess, if I have to bite the bullet, I can take care of it.” Jack gulps and calls Joy to come back. "I’d hate to spoil the surprise, but what Pokemon is it exactly?"

The pink haired nurse smiles, "The Pokemon is . . . Houndour." She exits.

"Houndour, huh?”

Houndour- the Dark Pokemon- To corner prey, they check each other's location using barks that only they can understand. Houndour is often said to be the “Pokemon of Satan”. This Pokemon evolves into Houndoom.

He flinches slightly, "I don’t think Houndour was in my room. Maybe it’ll be okay."

“You’re still shaking.” Lyn points and laughs. "And don’t expect me to own something that looks like the devil." She pauses. She has been thinking about what Joy said about ‘who can take care of it better’.

The double doors fly open and Joy appears, "Jack, Lyn, come quick. The egg is shaking.

“What perfect timing.” Jack rolls his eyes. “I thought you said we had a day before it hatches.

“I did. Shaking doesn’t mean it will hatch, but just in case, we need you back here.”

Jack was about to ask ‘why’ when Lyn blurts, “That’s why. The first thing a newborn Pokemon sees becomes its parent. So we have to be there when it hatches.”

The pair follow Joy to the back, into a room with flashy testing equipment. The red/black egg sits on some soft sheets as a light shines from above. Lyn felt the warmth of the room and quickly understood. All the heat from the lights and machines were warming the egg, causing the Pokemon to grow a little faster.

Jack steps up, palms sweating, with a look of anxiety. “Wow. It’s really shaking. This is tense.”

Joy claps once, "I guess Jack is the parent. Lyn and I will remain at the side.” She turns on a camera to film this rare opportunity.

The minutes pass as the shaking continues. Jack is both excited to see an egg hatch, and unsure of what to do afterward. Does he pet it? Hug it? Introduce himself? Lyn, on the other hand, is about ready to explode. She’s been contemplating whether or not this is the right thing to do.

The egg cracks, slightly glowing...

"Wait!!” She rushes over and pushes Jack down. “I should have Houndour. Taking care of it will help me to become a nurse." The egg cracks open and a bright light emerges. The little Houndour pup appears on top of the egg shells, blinking. Lyn smiles, "How cute!"

“...” it tries to speak, looking around with its big eyes. It spots Lyn in front and jumps into her arms, licking her face.

“Ow... where did that come from?” Jack stands up, rubbing his arm.

Joy cleans the area and finishes the tests. Houndour is in perfect health despite hatching a little early. She then discusses how to take care of a newborn Pokemon. First, they have to determine what kind of food it likes because a newborn needs food right away. Second, they need attention all the time. Proper grooming and play will be enough. Third, they aren’t to have any battles or be taught any attacks. It is more important for baby Pokemon to explore the land and have a grasp at what goes on. And the final piece of advice, is to learn from this experience and enjoy it. Trainers have one chance to raise a Pokemon correctly from birth. If they do it wrong, it becomes harder to unteach them.

As a final gift, Nurse Joy hands Lyn a small book on raising Pokemon. It only has the basics and if she has any questions, the answer is probably in there. Lyn thanks the good pink haired nurse and hugs Houndour gleefully.

Joy leaves them. Five bowls of Pokefood sit on the table. Houndour tries each one, unsatisfied until the fifth one, which it really enjoyed. It’s a fire Pokemon blend with nutrients to help a fire Pokemon’s body remain the right temperature: a perfect food choice. After the short meal, Houndour yawns and falls asleep on her lap.

Jack stretches out at the booth. “You didn’t have to push me to the ground. I didn’t even think you wanted Houndour. Something about it looking devilish."

“Houndour will help me to learn how to take care of baby Pokemon. When I become a nurse at a Pokecenter, they have to raise Pokemon from eggs too. I’m going to do my best to raise Houndour properly. Devilish or not, a Nurse can’t discriminate when it comes to helping Pokemon."

Jack opens the book, curious as to what it says. "I hope you’re up to it. The first sentence in this book says 'New Pokemon can be very difficult to take care of if the trainer know nothing about the Pokemon.' I know nothing about it, do you?"

"Nope." She takes Jack's hand, "But we'll learn together."

He takes his hand back, embarrassed, and looks at the little sleeping pup. "Houndour is ok with me. It may be a dog type but I'm not afraid of it.”

“It just hatched, it can't hurt anybody. And how can you be afraid of this cute Pokemon?”

This new Pokemon has messed up Jack’s schedule. He had planned to do some training the rest of the day but Lyn requested that he stay and help take care of Houndour. They spend time out behind the center, in a little spot with trees and a small pool, surrounded by a fence. The area is used to help injured Pokemon walk around and recover. They both let all their Pokemon out to meet their new friends: Houndour and Chinchou. Then everyone did their own thing. Rattata sulks in the corner, Butterfree flies around to smell the flowers, Pinsir sleeps next to Jack, Vulpix watches Houndours’ every move, Chinchou jumps in the poll and swims around. Geodude and Poliwag both chase after Houndour, trying to keep it under control. Houndour surprisingly has a lot of energy, running around everywhere, smelling everything, bothering all the other Pokemon curiously. Lyn shouts a few times to control Houndour but it wasn’t helping. She sighs and sits next to Jack, whom laughs at all the excitement.

“We sure have a lot of good Pokemon. I can’t believe you only have six Pokemon so far. Well, almost seven if I hadn’t taken Houndour.”

“Being a Trainer isn’t about having the most Pokemon. It’s how you train them.”

“That’s true. I can’t imagine having more than thirty Pokemon. How do you choose which Pokemon to take and which to leave home? I’d be afraid that the Pokemon I don’t pick feel left out and would resent me. I wouldn’t want that.”

Jack nods. “Maybe if you switch your team every day.....”

“Every day what?

He pauses. He’d completely forgotten what would happen if he caught a seventh Pokemon. It would be sent home, to his fibbing father. He can’t do that. He can’t trust him any more. But, where would he store his extra Pokemon? Looking at Lyn’s confused face, he remembers.

“It’s nothing. Only something I have to do later.”

*SPLASH* Houndour’s curiosity drove him to test out the water. He quickly yelps and pants, splashing around with ferocity. Lyn hurries over and pulls him out of the water, being soaked in the process. Houndour shakes his fur and growls at the water. He has learned the first valuable lesson of being a fire Pokemon.

Jack breathes deeply before sitting in front of the green PC phone. His fingers tingle as he dials the number listed on a business card.

The ringing ends, “Hello. This better be important.”

"Hi Professor Vine. Sorry about calling so late. It’s Jack Kalmer. You remember....”

“Oh, Jack. How are you? How’s Lyn doing? Are you’re Pokemon healthy?”

“We’re fine. There were some hard times, but we dealt with them.”

“That’s nice to hear. So, what did you want to talk about?"

"It occurred to me earlier today that I almost had seven Pokemon, meaning I’d have to send one of them home. I recently learned something about my Dad, and I don’t trust having him hold my extra Pokemon. I was wondering, if you have room, can I send my Pokemon to you instead?" The question alone was difficult to say without thinking about how his Dad would react. Jack almost winced in pain.

The good Professor thinks, "Your father will not be proud of the decision you are making here, but I sense you already feel that. If I'm going to be in charge of your Pokemon, as a Professor and a friend, first tell me what has happened on your journey so far. I like to know how my Trainers are doing."

After a long half hour of discussion, Vine has his worries about Jack dealing with Team Rocket so many times, so soon. But he has confidence in him.

“Alright Jack, everything is set up. Your Trainer account has been moved from your house to my lab. I'll be glad to receive your Pokemon.

"Thanks very much." Jack begins to hang up when...

“Hey Professor Vine!.” Lyn shouts with a smile.

Vine plugs his ears, smiling back. The two of them share a short conversation, mostly talking about how her Pokemon were doing.

It was late now, the phone calls had to end. The Pokemon Center was ready for bed. Jack heads down the short hall into the second room, where Lyn was already preparing her bed. She places Houndour into the shoe box bed with a soft cloth bottom. The Nurse Guidebook suggested that newborn Pokemon should not go in a Pokeball right away. This allows them to explore and have a feel for the surroundings. Also, to not scare them.

"Now Houndour, you stay right there." Houndour curls up in the box-bed. Minutes pass and Houndour jumps out and leaps up on Lyn's bed, curling up near her head. She smiles, "I guess it's natural to sleep next to your parent after being born." She pets Houndour. Sleep comes fast for the three of them.

End Episode 23
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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 24
And Then There Were Five

The next couple days were mostly spent taking care of and having fun with Houndour. At least as far as Lyn was concerned. Jack, on the other hand, went out to train some of the time, while the rest was spent hanging out at the Pokecenter. While out training, he had his own mini adventures, but nothing too exciting. Lyn thought about going out too but she didn't want to risk Houndour running off or becoming scared of the surroundings. She wanted to wait a while until Houndour was used to being around her and listening to her commands.

Houndour is a great teaching tool for Lyn. With her knowledge of taking care of Pokemon, she has become the teacher, and Jack the student. He never paid too much attention to actually take care of his Pokemon, he mostly thought about battling.

"You know more about taking care of newborns because women have a natural care. It's all instinct." Jack states.

"I guess that’s right." Lyn smiled. "Guys don't have the ability to take care of babies as well as we do."

“Maybe, uh, you could help me with my Pokemon.”

“Sure Jack.” She smiled, rubbing Houndour’s tummy. “I’ll teach you about raising Pokemon, if you teach me to be a stronger battler.”


That’s one important area Jack has yet to practice. Lyn has such a strong bond with her Pokemon. Already, Houndour shows signs of loyalty and trust. Poliwag has been with her for many years, and Geodude enjoys her company on lonely nights in the Pokemon Center. She can understand the behavior of Pokemon very quickly. For example, she understood that Chinchou was just playing with the egg, while Jack thought he was trying to hurt it.

And then there is Jack. He also loves his Pokemon very much, but he hasn't bonded very well with them. Battles and training are good but play time is required every now and then, that’s what Stodd told him. He has relaxed a little with Pinsir, joking around trying to earn his trust. But Jack doesn’t think about play time. He wants to battle and grow strong, to show those that didn’t think he could do, that he can.

Out of all the time spent in Streaminton, Jack forgot there was a Gym. He felt silly, almost embarrassed he forgot, but part of him doesn’t feel ready for the challenge. Nonetheless, he stops by the Gym to check it out.

The Gym was located in the northern part of the city, built sideways between two rising hills, surrounded by tall trees. It was three stories tall with a large cage-like dome covering the top. Over the door was a sign: Streamington Gym. On the right side was a poster with rules for a Bird Sanctuary. On the left side, rules for Trainers.

Welcome Trainers! Before you challenge the Gym Leader, you must have all the following requirements:
  1. 3 Pokemon that can fly or remain off the ground of their own will.
  2. Trainer ID Card
  3. Not afraid to lose.

He crosses his arms, staring at the poster. “Three Pokemon that can fly? Pidgeotto is one. Butterfree is two. But... I need a third.” Challenging the Gym was out of the question, at least until he catches another Pokemon.

He heads back to the Pokemon Center, collecting his pack from their room. He explains to Lyn his dilemma, but she can’t go with him today. After all the play, Houndour fell asleep on a lounge chair and she doesn’t want to wake him.

So, Jack heads out alone, again. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a flying Pokemon. As he searches the outskirts of the city, the afternoon becomes later and later. Not one flying Pokemon has appeared. He remembers seeing Pidgey and Spearow in the city, but out in the wild... nothing.

“Huh, what was that?” A startling noise comes closer. A few Rattata leaps out from under a bush, chasing each other. It’s been like this the whole time; he’s seen other Pokemon, but none that can fly. However, these wild rats may be helpful. He calls his own Rattata out. "Hey Rattata. Can you ask your friends over there where I can find some flying Pokemon.”

Rattata jumps out and sees the others just like him. His eyes widen and he cheerfully greets them. “Rat ttaa ta ratta rattata." The others speak back, starting a conversation. Jack watches from behind a tree, so as not to scare them away. A bell faintly chimes in the distance, which only the Pokemon can hear. The wild Rattata’s ears perk up and they run away. Jack’s Rattata follows them.

Maybe they were leading him to some flying Pokemon. Jack hopes so. He follows them a short distance but realizes that they’ve disappeared. A fence stands in front, with tall bushes blocking anyone from peeking inside. In the dirt in front of the bushes is a small hole with tiny foot prints leading in and out. The hole looked barely big enough for a rat to fit through.

"I didn’t think Rattata could dig holes. Why would mine follow them down there?”

A short lady comes from the left of the fence, "Because, those Rattata must have told yours where to find some food and fun. Come on, I’ll show you.”

He follows the lady around the corner to the small cottage in front. They quickly walk through the house and exit to the backyard. It was there, that Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. Within the fence was a playground like no other.

“Welcome to The Rattata Inspirational Pokemon Playground, or TRIPP as advertised.” She hands a business card to Jack.

There are six Rattata, inlcuding his own. The place is fenced in all around with a light net over the top to prevent any Pokemon from entering. There are different obstacles and play things around the backyard. A maze, a slide, a water slide, some jumping thing. The Rattata that were playing around sure looked like they were having fun.

“Your name wouldn’t happen to be Jack, is it?”

“Huh? How would you know that?” Jack looks at her.

She was short with long blond hair with silver strands. Had to be at least 35. She held out her left hand, as if trying to show something. She had a mark, not just any mark, but a unique burn mark. As a child, his mom and another girl burned each other to signify life friendship. He sees the connection.

“Melina?” She nods. “You used to have curly brown hair and wear different clothes. You look... different."

She smiles, "Thanks. You still look the same, just as I remember you ten years ago."

Ten years ago, Melina lived in Pine Valley. His Mom and Melina were childhood best friends and could always depend on each other. But, the rest of the community thought she was crazy because she made and wore clothes from a hundred years ago. She grew tired of the name calling and suddenly moved away. She never called nor wrote, no one knew where she went.

“I created a new image for myself up here. Bought this land with the last of my money, and started a daycare service. After a while, I grew to love the Rattata from the forest. They were so much easier to take care of than a temperamental Charizard. I’m the only daycare in the league that specializes in Rattata care.”

Jack watches but begins to wonder. “Uh, now which one is my Rattata?" All six Pokemon, having eaten the gourmet Pokefood, were playing a game of tag.

Melina looks at him hard, "Don't you know? Trainers should know which Pokemon is theirs without difficulty. Have you had it long?"

"He was the first one I caught, nearly a month ago." He squats. “My Rattata come here."

Only one of the Rattata turns his head, that must be him. Another Rattata’s tail hits him, making him ‘it’ in their game. Rattata runs off to tag someone else.

“He seems to like it here. I’ve never seen him so happy.”

“Rattata are fun Pokemon to raise. They are great scavengers and particularly love to have fun teasing Trainers out of food. When you get a whole group together, like this, they have more energy than most Pokemon I’ve seen." Melina finds a chair and rests, taking a sip of tea. She pays close attention to Jack’s Rattata. “What brings you out here?”

“I’m looking for a Pokemon that can fly so I can challenge the Streamington Gym. But... I haven’t had a lot of luck today.”

Melina laughs, “Oh, you won’t find too many birds over here. You have to go north, to Windy Plateau. It’s at least a days hike from the city. There you will find a variety of flying Pokemon that can fly.”

“Windy Plateau, eh? I guess after a good nights rest, I’ll have a new Pokemon by tomorrow night.”

“Oh, but Jack, you have to leave tonight. This way you arrive at the plateau by daytime. Night time at Windy Plateau can be very dangerous and there are some powerful Pokemon and Trainers there that scare anyone away. And you can’t go alone. You will need a guide, trust me.”

He didn’t know if she was telling the truth, or trying to scare him like she did when he was little. But he has to believe her, for his benefit. Windy Plateau sounds like an interesting place.


An hour passes. Rattata was having fun in the big hedge maze, trying to find the end. Eventually, he made it to the finish and was greeted by a group of cheering Rattata.

This was a good time for Jack to take part, and enjoy some fun with Rattata. But, he remains back, watching, thinking. He realized he never took any spare time to spend with his Pokemon, to play, and to really become close and be a friend. And every time he let them out to play, he hardly played with them, only watching from the side. As he thought deeper, he wondered if his Pokemon really enjoy him as a Trainer. He knew Pidgey and Vulpix liked his company. Pinsir was questionable but deep down he must like Jack by now. He’s not sure about Chinchou since he was recently caught. Do they really like him as a Trainer? Better yet, as a friend?

By now, most of the Rattata have gone back to the wild, leaving only one behind. It was getting late in the day.

“You look deep in thought.” Melina questions as she sits next to him.

Jack nods, barely acknowledging her.

Rattata slides across the grass. Then something grabs his attention. Their were two big apples tied to a rope hanging from a tree branch. Drooling at the thought of more food, he jumps and misses. He tries again, closer, but still inches away. Frustrated, he climbs the tree and jumps to the branch, gnawing on the rope. The rope breaks and down come the pair of apples. He quickly jumps down to claim his prize.

Melina is shocked, "You have a smart Rattata. But the whole point of that activity is to get the Rattata to practice jumping.

Jack folds his sunglasses and pockets them as the sky darkens orange. “Thanks for the time Melina. Rattata had a lot of fun out there.”

“Oh, and what about you? Did you have fun?” She waits for an answer but receives none. “It appears Rattata has been giving you a temper lately. Is there something you want to share?”

This was something that he didn’t want to do: show weakness as a Trainer. And here, she asks him to talk about it. The nerve. Jack looks up, cheerful. “What do you mean?”

*THONK* She hits him over the head with a teacup. “You know very well.”


The remaining wild Rattata jumps into her arms. She pats it on the head, stroking it’s body. “How about you leave Rattata with me. Think of it as a temporary vacation. Maybe it’s what Rattata needs.”

“Nah, that’s okay. I’ll find a way.” He calls out, “Rattata, come here.” Rattata finishes picking his teeth with the apple stem, and runs over. Jack tries to pet him, only to be rejected. “So, uh, you had a lot of fun today. But we have to be leaving now.”

Rattata looks at his Trainer, then looks at the play area. His eyes brighten with ideas for tomorrow. Looking back to Jack, he sighs. “Rattata raaatta ttta.” He jumps back, making a firm stand in the middle of the yard.

This was heartbreaking. His first Pokemon he met and caught, doesn’t want to go with him anymore. He’d never thought he would lose a member of his team so early on his journey.

He remembered when Rattata was a scared Pokemon, looking for protection against an Ekans. He helped him, taught him to be stronger, to stand up for himself. Rattata fought Pokemon after Pokemon with determination and heart. But everything changed when he tried to stop him from battling at the Stamina Contest. The bond was broken. And now, here they are, about to say goodbye.

“Rattata,” Jack says, holding back tears and sniffling, “You are the hardest working Pokemon on my team. You gave every battle 100% and never gave up. But... “ he pauses, “but sometimes we have to lose too. Only then, can we learn to grow stronger.”

Rattata sits calmly, trying to stay tough, but his eyes water. He shakes it off.

Jack turns to Melina, holding out a Rattata’s Pokeball.. “Please, watch over him.” She nods and he takes off. She yells trying to tell him to wait, but it’s too late. Jack runs through the cabin, out the door, and back to Streamington. No formal goodbye, no hugs, no smiles. He ran to keep his emotions at bay.

End Episode 24
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Default A Trainer's View

Episode 25
A Night in Streamington

Houndour ran about, around chairs, under tables, between peoples’ legs. He was really hyper right now. While Lyn rushes around, chasing him and trying to calm him down, the rest of the people at the Pokecenter couldn’t help but smile in entertainment.

“Houndour stop chewing the curtains. That isn’t food." Houndour jumps next to her and licked her hand. "Aw, it’s really hard to stay mad at you when you do cute stuff like this." She picks Houndour up and sits on a couch.

That’s when Jack walks in, hurrying through the lobby. He bumps into someone, spilling their drink.

"Oh, Jack, how did it go?”

He continues by, not answering, heading straight for their room. This was odd behavior, even for him. Lyn grabs Houndour and follows him. The door was locked.

"Jack.what’s wrong? Did something happen?" Nothing. She knocks on the door, but no response. Houndour leaps down, following her example and paws at the door. "Come on. Open the door."

Instantly, “Just go away. I want to be alone.”

Lyn doesn't know what to say. “Can you at least tell me...”

In an angrier voice, “Did you not here what I said? If you must know, I gave Rattata to someone else. There, happy? Now go away.”

Lyn could hear shuffling from behind the door. He blows his nose. She understands, it must be hard for him to cope with giving away a Pokemon. “Let's go Houndour. We’re going to take a walk around the city.”

“Ruuu!” the puppy Pokemon cheers excitedly.

As soon as they step outside, Houndour becomes even more excited: the different people, the bikes, the cars. The cars fascinated him and for some reason, he had the instinct to chase after it. But Lyn picks him up before he can run off.

"Stay by my side at all times. Don't go wondering off."

Houndour reluctantly obeys, for the moment. But eventually, his curiosity becomes too great to contain. They stopped at a small garden of lilacs. Lyn raises a flower and smells it. Houndour smells the air but finds more interested at the soft soil. He starts digging.

"No Houndour. Stop that." She grabs him away, brushing the dirt off. She pushes the dirt back. “You can’t do that to someone’s property. Ok?”

Houndour gives her the sad puppy face.

She smiles, “Oh. So cute. Let’s go the park. Maybe they have a playground with sand.”

By now, the orange and purple clouds have faded away, with the night sky hanging above. Tonight was dreary and a little hazy. There was a definite drop in temperature, signaling an early winter this year. Anyone still outside wore puffy warm looking clothes. It must be the elevation making the night colder.

There was noone left in the park when she arrived. The playground had sand, and lots of it. Lyn nods to Houndour, and they charge. First they ran around, then under. Houndour stopped, sniffed, scratched, dug, kept running, and repeated. Lyn sat in the sand, grabbing some, and throws it at Houndour. He growls playfully, trying to dig sand her way. She laughs feeling her pants being covered.

A group of 4 young teens walk down a path, toward the playground. They were laughing loudly, three of them were pushing each other away to see who would fall first. One remained quiet in back.

"Hey, look over there." One of them stops, suddenly pushed down.

"Haha. You lose."

All three of them see her. She was helping Houndour up the slide; moments later sliding down together.. They walk over.

“Hey there, haven’t seen you around here before. New in town?”

“Whatcha doin' this late in the day?"

Lyn sits at the bottom of the slide, looking at the situation, a bit frightened. Houndour jumps in front, growling “It's none of your business.”

The three of them pressure her: "Come on, you can tell us." "We can keep a secret." "You can trust us."

The fourth guy sneaks in from behind, pushing the others to the ground. “I swear, you guys are idiots.” The three guys stand up, taunting him. He kicks them and tells them to buzz off. “I’m sorry about them, they can be quite intimidating to others. They think it’s fun.”

Her nerves loosen, feeling safer. Houndour was still growling but not as loudly. “How can you call them friends? How do you think I feel, being a girl alone in a park at night.”

The guy leans on a metal bar, apologizing. He snaps his fingers. “I’ve seen you before, in the Pokemon Center. Are you a Trainer?”

“Sort of...” he stomach rumbles. She hasn’t eaten anything since lunch. “I should get going.”

"Would you like to have dinner? My treat.” The guy smiles.

She can’ remember when she last ate somewhere besides the Pokemon Center. Their food is okay, but sometimes bland and cheap. It’s hard to turn down a free meal. But she doesn’t even know who he is; can he be trusted?

“My name is Dax.”


They found a restaurant of high class. Everyone was wearing fancy clothes, collared shirts, even some suits and ties. This guy must be rich if he is paying. She almost feels spoiled not having to worry about paying. How much will she eat? Pokemon weren’t allowed inside the restaurant, unless in a Pokeball. So, Houndour had to stay in a separate room and behave the whole time. This was a test of obedience.

Dax has messy brown hair and brown eyes, giving him an irresistible look. He wore a high school varsity style jacket; brown with gold sleeves. The letter ‘D’ was embroidered on the front, meaning Dax. On his head were a pair of large round shades, blue lenses that darkened toward the bottom. He almost looks like the captain of a high school football team.

The meal itself was exquisite. Entrees, appetizers, side dishes, main meal, and finally desert. She had it all and she didn’t care about manners. At one point, she almost cried that the food tasted well prepared.

Dax, however, wasn’t interested in eating, but rather talking to her. The conversations was light, each telling a little about themselves. As it turns out, Dax is a reporter. He specializes in reviews, trying to find the buzz on up and coming new Trainers. He boldly asked Lyn if he could do a story on her.

She blushes as red as she ca from the compliment. “Oh, but I’m not a Trainer. I’m going to be a Pokemon Nurse.”

He pauses, thinking, then snaps his fingers. “Even better.” He spreads his hands in the air, as if reading the newspaper. “I can see it now: ‘Competition for Nurse Joy, Lyn has Entered the Game’. Someone trying to become a Nurse other than the Joy family, that would be a scoop.”

The blushing continues. “Thanks. But,” she changes the subject, “if you want a story, maybe my friend can help. He’s a new Trainer and he’s very strong too. I probably shouldn’t say this, but he beat Team Rocket a number of times already. Maybe you could interview him.”

He sits back, waving his hand in the air for the bill. He looks at it, a little shocked at the price, but only smiles. “I would be very interesting to meet your friend.” His voice emphasizing ‘very’ in a strong tone. Just as he brings out his wallet, he spies his three friends in the window. They wave. He gives a quick thumb’s up back.

Lyn stands, ready leave, barely seeing this action. “Huh?” She looks at the window across the room, watching three guys freeze, then frantically hide. “Aren’t those.... what’s going on?”

Panic hits him in the face. He leans back in the chair playing it cool. “Oh. I was just informing our waiter what a find job he did. I’m leaving an extra tip tonight."

"But, that's our waiter behind you."

"Ack.... well, looks like you caught me. I have a rare condition called Keplers Thumb’s Up Disease. I tend to give random thumbs during the day.”

She kicks his chair legs, causing him to lean further and fall back. “That’s not a good lie. What are you trying to pull?”

The whole restaurant was looking at them. Dax stands, patting his jacket down. “Look, I was only telling them that our date was going well. I didn’t mean to upset you.” His suave and debonair attitude tries to make up for his mistake.

"Date? You think this is a date?” She adds the pieces in her head. “I see your game. Your friends bother me, then you’re the sweet hero and take me to dinner. I admit, I fell for it, but no more.” She splashes her drink at him, walking away, grabbing Houndour on her way out.

Dax follows her to try and apologize... *SLAP* He receives a fresh hand print across his cheek. Houndour growls loudly, eyes squinting protectively.

"That's for tricking me to go out with you."

He rubs his newly red cheek, "But we had a good time. Didn’t we?”

She quickly turns around, hand in the air. “Don’t you dare follow me.” Lyn and Houndour run.

Dax turns to his friends, smacking them all on the head. "Thanks for blowing this one for me. I had her. The plan was working."

The waiter interrupts. "Sir, you need to pay the bill for that meal before you leave."

"Oh, certainly." Dax feels his empty pockets. He remembers leaving it on the table, but when he goes in to check, it’s gone. "She took my wallet. That *****."

"Great. Then you can clean the dishes for the rest of the night."
"That won’t be necessary. My friends can pay for me." But they’ve run off. "Bastards."


It was close to bedtime when she reaches the Pokemon Center. She was quite annoyed by those guys and wanted to sleep right away, to forget it happened. She twists the knob to their room: it’s open. Inside, all her stuff sits on the floor next to the bed. Houndour jumps on her bed, closing his eyes. However, Jack and all his belongings were gone. He wasn’t around the lobby or on the phone in the waiting room. Maybe Nurse Joy knows.

Joy grabs something under her desk. "The one with that paper boy hat, right? He left about an hour ago. Told me to give you this.”

It’s an envelope. She reads it in her room:


Nice night, isn't it? I have left for Windy Plateau. I will be coming back in a couple of days. I was told that Windy Plateau was very dangerous to go alone, so don’t try to find me. This is something I need to do myself. Stay around the Center to keep safe. See ya’ soon.
Soon after finishing, an announcement blasts over the speakers. "Would Lyn Ravenwood please come to the front desk. You have an urgent phone call. Lyn Ravenwood to the front desk. Thank you."

She throws the letter down and goes to the front desk. Joy smiles, handing her the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Lyn. This is Officer Jenny from Styper City. We caught two people hanging around the Styper Mall, acting suspicious. They match a description that you made some days ago to the Streamington Police. I am faxing a picture of them over to you. Tell me if they seem familiar."

She grabs the fax from Nurse Joy. It was the Team Rocket duo, Ashley and Roy. "Yes, that’s them."

Jenny replies, "You have been most helpful. These two will be held for a long time with high bail. Thanks for your cooperation. You can sleep easy tonight.”

This brings good news with a sigh of relief. Now she didn't have to worry about them showing up again and stealing her Pokemon. She was free.

Now she had to find Jack. Like she was going to stay here and miss out again. They were supposed to be a team and adventure together. But, it’s late. She won’t find him in the dark.

She prepares for bed, plops down, and falls to sleep.


Out in the forest. After midnight. Jack and his guide stop to set up camp for the night. They have gone as far as they can and need to rest for faster hiking tomorrow.

His name is Palo. According to Melina, he was the best in the guiding business with thirty years experience. He has a thin face, dark hair and small eyes. He wore a grassy green snow hat, a dark red scarf, a light green hooded cloth jacket, with rugged blue jeans and boots. He was of Spanish decent, giving him a tan colored body. His English was spoken well enough, but it still retained a Spanish accent. He was lucky he agreed to guide him because he was supposed to be retired. But at the mention of Melina, he quickly agreed. ‘Any friend of Melina, is a friend of mine.’

Before leaving, Jack changes clothes. Actually, Palo required him to. It was a cold night. His new attire: tan Newsboy hat, button down brown jacket, two gloves, slender dark gray pants, and his regular old shoes. He was a little uncomfortable at first, but warm.

The tent was up, a small campfire was going to warm them before bed, and food was prepared. All this was set up in under seven minutes. Palo was a pro.

"Hey, Palo. How long is the walk from here to Windy Plateau?" Jack sips the hot soup.

He sits up, "Well, amigo, anyone else might take half a day from here. But with me, I’d say three hours. We will be there well before lunch time."

“Do you think it will take long to capture a flying Pokemon?”

"Depends what you want. Some people have luck and leave the first hour. Some try to catch the rumors of hidden Pokemon. Others stay far too long and have to stay the night."

"Are the nights really as bad as I’ve been told?"

Palo turns off the last light, "Ai, mi amigo, night time can be horrible if you don’t know what to expect. Let me share a story. It happened five months ago. I was guiding a man who wanted to follow one of the rumors of a rare colored Pokemon. We searched all day and found no traces. Night was coming and I told him we need to go, but he refused. We stayed into the night, searching. I told him to stop and started pitching up camp. By the time I was finished, he wandered off. I called for him, but only heard my echoes in return. I stayed two more days, looking for him. It was hopeless and I faced facts. When I returned to the city, I was ridiculed and questioned. They blamed me. Soon after, I retired." He covers the fire with dirt, extinguishing the last light source. “He was the only person I ever lost. Whatever he found that night, must have swallowed him up.”

The story quieted the air. Windy Plateau was serious business.

End Episode 25
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