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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 07-17-2004, 05:17 PM
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Exclamation War Fic: Looking back on the past

I'll try to do my best on this fic since it's a WAR one. Comments are welcome with advice.

This is the story of a old man who's life is slowly withering away. Before he dies he tells his legacy, his goals, acomplishments and failures. This books ending is not a happy one. So read if you must and see into the life of Tommy Smith.

Present day, hospital

Chapter One:

"Please son." an old man called out. He was trying to speak as loud as he could, but all that came out was a smalll whisper. "Lis...ten." "Dad, you need some rest." another voice came from. This one was strong and brave. There wasn't any sound of an old man, all youth. The man grabbed a sheet from the bed which the old man layed. He covered the sheet to the mans neck, and then sat on the bed. The younger mans hand collided with the wrinkles, and bumps on the old man's face. " It's my time." the old man whispered. "But not before..." The old man began to cough violently. "I tell you my story. "Dad your in no condition to say a word. The younger man's voice now was filled with sorrow and he knew that his father, Tommy wouldn't even last twoards midnight. The taunting hands of the clock pointed to the Nine which was the long hand and the short pointed to three. The little red hand raced around like a speed demon compared to his counterparts. " Jack, my willpower is more than enough to keep me going." "Now let me tell you." Jack thought it would be a lame old man story. But it was much more then that. "Here's my life story." the old man named Tommy said. "Oh brother..." Jack thought. "This will be a real hoot." Tommy realized that his son had no interest in his life. " Please listen." he said. "Because I know everything about being young and you know nothing about being truly old. "Pfft..." Jack muttered. "I'll listen." "Alright then." Tommy said joyusly with an old man's toothy smile.

November 2, 1938 Pallet Town[/i]

I sat in a chair with three other children. We were all eager because oddly for each and everyone of us it was our birthday. A sharp looking man in lab coat, with blue pants stepped out of the door holding papers. He walked twoards the children. The man stood before me with a nice smile on his face. "You must be Tommy Smith." he said. His smile was very warm and he greeted all the other children the same way. "These are your tests," the man in the lab coat said. "Fill them out and bring them to me when your done.


1)What is Magmar's pre-evolution?

That was an easy question. I wrote "Magby" under it.

2) What color does Electabuzz hate?

That was an easy one too. I wrote "Red" was under it.

3) How do you turn Steelix into an Onix?
I didn't know that one. I put N/A under it.

4) How many eggs are in a Eggucute clan?
I didn't know that. I said "six"

5)How many times can you use the move explosion in a row?

That was the last question and the easiest. Once because your pokemon faints after using it.

I looked up and all the children didn't have papers in thier hands. I dashed twoards the Proffessor and handed him my paper. "Will you sit down please?" he said. I walked back to my chair in fear. I wanted to know what the test was for.
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