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Default The Chinchou and the Pearl!

Main Cast:

Gonzap: A cocky boy who could care less about his father’s passion, fishing.

Clark: Gonzap’s relaxed father who can’t wait to take his son on a fishing trip

Fishermen Various fisherman who are friends with Clark.

Chapter 1- Not again!

“Son, I hope you’re ready for an exciting day at sea!” Clark, my father began, dressed in a button down sleeveless top.

“I couldn’t be more excited” I replied sarcastically, putting on my red cap.

I had been fishing with my father before, but I was only a kid. Now I was 13, and I was more interested in girls than in fishing for pokemon. There was no getting out of it, though. We were already on the pier, loading up his massive ship, the Majestic Milotic . The boat, however, was anything but. He had had the boat for many years now, and he had remodeled it several times. It was in need of a serious paint job, and the wooden floors needed to be fixed.

“Pick up the pace, boys! This is the only week of the year that Lapras come down to these waters, and I don’t want to miss ‘em!” Dad said.

He had been talking about the Lapras that passed here for a yearly migration all week. Supposedly, they could only be spotted once a year, and this was the last day to see them.

There were 12 men carrying large crates aboard the ships. It reminded me almost of the days of Pirates, sailing the seas in search of treasure. But this time, the treasure was just pokemon. I had only one pokemon, and I had captured it by freak accident. Rather, my dad caught it for me. I had never given the young spheal a name. I decided to bring my spheal with me, but only to make my dad happy. That was the thing; I was only doing this to make my dad happy.

I was nearly shoved onto the Milotic by my dad.
“Alright, we’ll be setting sail now! And the Lapras await us!”

The entire crew went wild, gathering poke balls, bait, fishing rods, and other supplies, and the old ship set sail into the vast ocean.

“Alright son, you know what to do!” My dad said, hooking some bait onto his high-tech fishing rod, then casting it into the ocean. “We’ll spot some Lapras by dawn, son!”

All I did was turn on my Mp3 while my father fished. I could care less if he caught a stupid fish or not, I just wanted to get home.

It was already 6:00 PM, and all we had was a pile of Magikarp. My own fishing rod hadn’t seen a tug in hours though.

“Dad, I got a bite!” I said, sounding enthusiastic for the first time “I seems like a big one!” I desperately tugged onto my rod.

“Here, let me help ya!” My dad rushed over, letting go of his own fishing rod to help reel mine. He as well had a hard time holding on to the rod. This was huge, I was sure.

We had finally reeled it in. A huge smile spread across my face, only to disappear soon after.

“It’s just a Magikarp” I frowned

“Well, don’t just stand there!” Dad said “Battle it!”

He must’ve been insane to think I was going to catch a Magikarp. But, I had to, to make him happy.

“Alright Pop! I’ll get ‘em, don’t worry!” I said, surprisingly enthusiastic. “Go, Spheal!”

A cute, round ball emerged from its container, giving a cute sound “Spheal!”

The Magikarp could only flop back and forth, while I raised an eyebrow. Did this thing know any attacks?
“Spheal, use Ice ball!” Huge chunks of ice gathered, while my cute spheal hurled them at the Magikarp. The fish pokemon continued flopping helplessly, while we prepared for our next attack.

“Okay, spheal, use Body slam this time around!” The spheal jumped into the air, and landed right onto the fish. The Magikarp continued flopping, despite our efforts.

“Come on, catch it!” My dad urged, watching intently

I took an empty pokeball that I had been given by my dad and threw it at the still flopping Magikarp. The ball sucked the Magikarp into it, while the ball moved back and forth…

Back and forth…

Ready for Grade

Even if I don't catch the Magikarp, I'll continue the story to catch more pokemon at sea.
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Default Re: A day at sea

Introduction: For such a short story, the introduction is more than sufficient. We learn your characterís name, age, and personality, and also a bit about his family. This was good.

Plot: While the plot is to catch a Pokemon, there are a few little twists- Such as the boy not wanting to be dragged along fishing with his father, and not wanting to try to catch a Magikarp. These make the story interesting, and while itís still a bit basic, itís a more realistic plot than some of the ones I usually see here. Itís also more than sophisticated enough for a Pokemon like Magikarp.

Grammar: Your grammar is fairly good, with no errors that stand out immediately. There were a few inconsistencies, like Pokemon names sometimes being capitalized, and sometimes not being capitalized, but thatís fine. Just re-read your next story quickly after itís written to try to catch those.

Detail: For a Magikarp, this was more than enough. In fact, for another Pokemon, this would have been a great model of a start. You gave details of the attacks in the battle, and even some of the environment. Good job.

Battle: Though Magikarp are pretty useless, you made the battle very interesting. The details were good.

Magikarp Captured! Good job, and have fun with the floppy fish.
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Default Re: A day at sea

Thanks for grading so quickly!
Chapter 2- Come on!

The entire crew dropped their rods and circled around me, as if they had never seen a pokemon in their life. The pokeball was still restless, not ceasing its shaking.

“I think ya got it!” One of the crew said, dressed in his white uniform “The pokeball stopped moving!”

He was right. The pokeball had settled down, but by the time I had finished assessing, the crew was on to something else. This time, they were huddled around my dad, who was hard at work tugging on his own rod.

“It’s a Lapras for sure!” he said, overjoyed. In a way, I was happy for him, but still bored out of my mind. Even though I caught a pokemon, the only thing it could do was flop.
Suddenly, a look of sadness overcame his joy.

“It got away” He frowned. “Well, full speed ahead. I’m not going to have another ‘the big one got away’ story!”

Almost immediately, the ship started moving of course, in an eastern direction.

“Dad, aren’t you going of course?” I asked, concerned

“Yeah, but the Lapras is this way. And you can…” He started

“…Only catch them one week of the year, I know.” I stole the words right out of his mouth. The ship continued moving on, while I sat back and reclined, turning on my mp3 again.

Suddenly, a strange radio message blared, through the radio function of my mp3.

“Has the decoy returned yet?” One man asked. He appeared to be the captain of the squad

“Not yet, Matt” A member said “But I have a feeling that the crew of the Milotic will be here sooner than we thought.” He pointed to a small ship on the horizon.

“Good, very good. I’ll message Commander Shelly with the news” Matt, the leader spoke.

After thirty seconds or so, another female agent spoke “I’ve heard the news. Once the Milotic arrives, you are to take the crew as prisoners. Got it?”

“Yes, ma’am!” The male members yelled

Something told me this wasn’t good…

I ran over to my dad to tell him what had happened, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Excuse me” I started talking to one of the fishermen “Have you seen my dad anywhere?”

“Yup, he’s on the top deck.” He said, getting back to his business.

I rushed up the two flights of stairs, each step more exhausting than the last. I had finally reached my dad.

“Dad, you’ll never believe what happened!” I said, ready to burst out

“What, you caught the Lapras or somthin’? Quit joking and get working!”

“No, Dad. I was listening to…” I started

“No time” He replied “We’ve found land. We’ll stock up on supplies and then go after the Lapras. Stay put”

From here, you'll probably be thinking it's highly unrealistic. It is, and that is my intention. The last chapter will explain everything. It has to do with an adventure novel.
The entire crew left the ship in search of a supply shop. There was no way I was going to stay put. No, not in a million years. Checking my surroundings to make sure nobody was watching, I silently climbed down the stairs and outside. All I could see was two men with a limp carrying away another group of men. On further inspection, the men being taken away were the crew the Milotic ! I don’t know who would have intentions to do such a thing to such kind people, but they were going to pay.

I searched through my pockets for a cell phone. Nothing, though. Only a pack of gum, a pokeball, and a pencil.

‘The ship must have some kind of phone’ I thought, creeping back into the ship.
I could have searched for days, and I would’ve found nothing. I guess since this ship always kept close to shore, it didn’t really need communication. My only hope was to leave the ship, and search for my father and the crew. I had to do it subtly though, so nobody would notice.

I crept around the back of the ship, and it looked like I was safe…until, I was stopped by one of the limping men.

“State your business” He said, in an empowering voice

“Um…you see, I was just taking a swim, and somehow I ended up here.” I quickly came up with an excuse.

“Nice try kid” He said “The currents are way to strong out here. I know you came with the Milotic crew, and I’m taking you in with them. Have fun in prison!”

The man dressed in what looked like a prisoners’ shirt and blue jeans restrained me in handcuffs, and threw me into the back of his truck. At the time, I didn’t know what to think. I would be with my dad, and that was good. But, we’d probably never see daylight again.


I was being taken to a large facility that looked worse than the Milotic . Upon entering, I noticed a torn down sign that said:

Chemical Testing Underway

Underneath the sign were two pokemon, one of them a poisoned chinchou, and the other a crying, pale clampearl. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor pokemon, but I didn’t have time to help. I still didn’t know what was happening to my father and his crew, and I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. An Aqua grunt shoved me into a cell.
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Default Re: A day at sea

Chapter 3 - Too good to be true

“Now that you know about us, we ain’t letting ya out!” A woman, revealing herself to be Shelly said.
I chose to remain quiet during my punishment. In my cell, I was bunked with a loud-mouthed man.

Life in prison was terrible. Every day, we were forced to eat whatever we could find on our daily 10 minute walks, which were highly supervised. We were only allowed to have certain amount of free time each day, and I chose to spend most of it with the Chinchou that I had found, helpless, under the chemical testing sign. I was slowly nursing it back to health with some of my rations, but I didn’t starve either. The Chinchou only ate very little food, and refused to eat some days. I slowly adjusted to prison life, even though my dad was on the other side of the prison. It was only by freak accident that we met, almost a week after arriving in this wretched place.

At first, neither of us recognized each other, but his voice told me that he it was him. I ran over to him, hugged him, and told him I was Gonzap, just to be sure.

“Son, you’re okay?” He asked

“Yup, but I’m worried ‘bout you. What have they done to you?” I replied, putting the Chinchou down.

“Well, I’ve been forced to assist team aqua. They know of my knowledge of Lapras, and want to use it to track their migration.

“So, are you helping them?” I asked, knowing he would say no

“Well, of course! I don’t get hurt, and I still get to study Lapras!” He said, sipping of all things, coffee. It had been extremely hard to get in the prisons.

“Disgusting” I got up from the table, picked up Chinchou, and left. “Great job helping the enemy!”

Almost a week later, the chinchou had been nursed back to health, and I began formulating a plan to escape. By now, I had realized that we were inspected once daily for any weapons, but not for pokemon. I’d have to use my spheal, Magikarp, and possibly this wild Chinchou, to help me escape.

Spheal could easily use its power to freeze the guards, but only for a few seconds. The Magikarp would be good for…a distraction, and if I needed to, the Chinchou packed a punch.

Spending most of the day in a cell, I had a lot of time to plan my escape. Not much time had passed before I was ready to make my escape. However, my plan relied heavily on the help of the Chinchou. I challenged my friend to a battle, in which I would hopefully win. I took it out to the courtyard, but we had to finish within 20 minutes. That was when the guards would come.

I hurled my pokeball into the air, releasing a…glowing ball. My once cute Spheal began a transformation into a much more fearsome creature. Large, snow white whiskers appeared on its face, and its body expanded to almost triple its size. It now had four flippers, and looked much more awesome in strength. It had evolved into a Sealeo.

“Alright, Sealeo! Show ‘em your sheer cold!” A light snow began to fall, followed by small hailstones, as Sealeo barked wildly. The weather became extremely cold, but the Chinchou did not seem to be affected.

The chinchou began storing energy, and it glowed a bright gold color. Small sparks emerged from its figure, creating a miniature fireworks display.

I shielded my eyes so as to not be harmed by the bright lights.
“Alright, fight back with Aurora Beam!” Sealeo gave a small bark, and then fired a massive, glowing ice attack from its mouth. The chinchou was hit, and lost its glowing color.

I took an empty pokeball from my pocket, opened it, and …

“Listen Up!” The female voice yelled, followed by a Mightyenna’s bark. “There’s a missing Chinchou somewhere on this island, and whoever turns it in stays on my good side!” Shelly began walking in my direction. Now for my diversion.

“Magikarp, go!” I threw Magikarp’s pokeball, releasing the flopping carp, as I dashed off into the camp. I still had to find a place to hide the Chinchou, but I was safe in the next alley over.

We were able to sneak back in and retrieve Magikarp before the guards came in for inspection, but our battle…and escape, would be postponed.
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Default Re: A day at sea

Chapter 4 : Ready, Steady…(to be continued)

The next day was a very usual day. I ran into my father again, but absolutely refused to talk to him. Since the day he told me he was helping Aqua, I had refused to interact with him whatsoever. Not even on today, when he needed my help.

“Listen, Aqua’s not all that good. They still treat me as a prisoner, and even though there are a few pluses, life outside is so much better.” He said, desperate

“No way.” I looked away from him “I’m getting out today, and if you want to escape, go make your own plan.”

I still felt bitterness towards my dad. He was always the type to look positive, and now he was siding with Aqua, but now wanted to come back.

Today was the day when I knew I would break out. With the help of a Chinchou I wanted to capture, my noisy cellmate, and a few men I had met in the neighboring cells, we would escape.

At precisely 6:25 PM (There was a clock two minutes slow near our cell), the guards passed by our cell, and they didn’t come back until 8:00 PM. During that time, I’d capture the Chinchou, and upon their return, I’d stun them. When paralyzed, we’d run into the cafeteria, and start a huge fire. While the Aqua men were busy keeping it under control, I’d make my fast escape to the Milotic and get my cellmate to sail away. If my dad was lucky, he might choose to stow away. Inside, I hoped he did.

For the remainder of my day, I sat in my cell, plotting some more. Even though the Chinchou and I had become great friends, the moment of truth was nearing. If I did not capture it, I would be forced to surrender. I could not hide the electric fish anymore, and they would surely find it the next day.

All I could do was watch the clock, making sure to subtract two from the time…


The minutes passed by like hours…


And just as expected, three Aqua patrols walked past out cell, taking a role call.

“Yup, Akahiko’s here” A guard said, jotting something down “So’s Erickson. Looks like they’re not plotting anything.”

They left our hall almost immediately.

“Sealeo!” I shouted, releasing the wild seal from its pokeball “Freeze that camera!”

Sealeo took in a deep breath, and followed it up with a light dusting of snow, which quickly turned to ice. Now that the security camera was frozen, aqua patrols would be seeing the same image until the ice cleared.

“Now, freeze the bars!” Sealeo repeated the same motion, only aiming the ice at the huge bars that kept me locked in.

My cellmate released a fiery, dragon-like creature, by the name of Charmeleon. The pokemon let out an array of soft embers, burning the frozen bars to bits.

“Alright Chinchou, I capture you now!” A barricade of Ice surrounded us as we battled it out. I began by sending my Sealeo into the fray. “We may have lost last time, but I’m prepared to capture you with full force now!”

Sealeo barked loudly at the prospect of a good battle. It began by shooting tiny hailstones directly at the Chinchou. The Chinchou dodged a few, but could not resist two of them. The fish fell back a few feet, but did not appear to have very much damage.

The Chinchou said its name three times, and then rammed Sealeo with a huge spark. Sealeo appeared quite stunned, so much that I feared it could collapse any moment.

“Sealeo, use Sheer Cold!” I commanded, but despite my efforts, my pokemon could not move.

The Chinchou did not waste any time on a second spark, this time a little less powerful.

“Sealeo, move! Do something!” Sealeo seemed to understand my words, but could not overcome its paralysis. It flailed desperately, almost comparable to that of my Magikarp, try to shake it off. Despite our best efforts, it could not manage an attack.

The chinchou gleamed with an astonishingly bright color, as it began to charge for an even more powerful attack.

Suddenly, an idea came into my head. ‘You don’t have to move in order to sleep!’ I thought.

“Sealeo, Rest!” Sealeo immediately settled down, and took a short nap. The paralysis seemed to go away. “Now, use snore!”

Loud snoring erupted from my walrus-like pokemon, causing the Chinchou to suffer some damage, at the least.

The Chinchou continued to store up energy, while my Sealeo continued its light sleep. Again, snoring ensued, giving the Chinchou some heavy damage.

The Chinchou’s concentration was now destroyed, causing an ultra charged thunder attack to be put to waste. My Sealeo woke up, giving me the perfect opportunity!

“Sealeo, we got ‘em where we want ‘em! Finish this with a body slam!” My Sealeo jumped wildly in the air landing on and immobilizing the Chinchou.

I withdrew a pokeball from my pocket, opened it, and hurled it at the paralyzed Chinchou.

It wobbled once…

Ready For Grade
Going for: Chinchou
Characters: 11,039 (w/o spaces)- 13,638(w/ spaces)
Note: I changed the name from a day at sea (was originally for a magikarp) to "The Chinchou and the Pearl!" because it is also for a Chinchou, and a Clampearl.
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Default Re: The Chinchou and the Pearl!

Plot: After your character catches Magikarp, his dad becomes convinced that he's about to miss catching a Lapras. He chases after it, of course, and doesn't realize that his son his intercepted a radio broadcast telling about how they are all in danger. He ends up in prison with his family, and is horrified to see his father helping the enemy. In the meantime, he nurses Chinchou back to health. Then, he tries to escape, with his pokemon and a few cellmates and other prison friends. He then captures Chinchou, needing it to escape and unable to hide it from prying eyes any longer.

This was a good plot, and an interesting twist on your last story. ;) It's certainly not what happens to most people when they go fishing! However, if you had included why they were targetted for capture, that would have been good. Was there something they have that Team Aqua wants, in particular? Or were they just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Overall, your plot was interesting to read, I just hope this little plothole will be filled in in a future chapter.

Grammar: Your grammar is fairly good, and there's nothing that really distracts from the story. There were a few small things you could try to look at in the future, though.

You seem to occaisonally miss words if you are going quickly. For example, in this sentence- On further inspection, the men being taken away were the crew the Milotic!- is missing an 'of' two words from the end. It's not a big issue or anything, just something you might want to read over quickly next time you write a story, to try to catch those sorts of thing.

Also, you don't consistently capitalize the names of Pokemon, or the word Pokemon. Just try to do that next time, if you can.

The only other little thing I saw was in this sentence, It flailed desperately, almost comparable to that of my Magikarp, try to shake it off. Try to shake it off should probably be either trying to shake it off, or to try to shake it off. Also, the beginning isn't quite right, either- "It flailed desperately, almost comparable to that of my Magikarp." What was comparable? Flailed is in the past tense. Something like "It's flails were desperate, almost comparable to those of my Magikarp" would work better. ^_^

Details: There's really nothing I can suggest improvement on here. Your details were good, and flowed nicely with the story. Next time, put the little author's note (About realism) at the beginning of the story, so it doesn't break the flow, but otherwise, this was impeccable. Not only did you put in interesting comparisons, and also describe the area everything occured in, but you also included some of your character's more interesting thoughts, like those of still being bored, and knowing the Pokemon he had caught earlier, Magikarp, was useless as all it could do was flop around.

Battle: Again, this part was very good. Since they were in a prison, I realize there was a limited amount of space, and things they could use in the surrounding area, but a battle that was a bit less turn based would have been nice. In the games, one pokemon attacks, and either hits or misses, and then the other attacks... And it's very similar to what you wrote here. The attack choices were smart, and varied, as well as well-written, but the Pokemon seemed to be almost taking turns attacking. Next time, try to vary that a bit, if you can, and don't be afraid to have a Pokemon be resourceful and use something that's not a typical attack, or just have them press the advantage if they get it instead of letting the other pokemon have a turn.

Overall: Chinchou captured!

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Default Re: The Chinchou and the Pearl!

There’s a really, really big scene in here that I don’t bring attention to. Can you spot it? Also, this battle also has extremely limited space, so excuse certain points in which I am unable to do obvious things.
Chapter 5 : Forging the Key to Victory!

The ball wiggled a fourth time before ceasing its motion. I had captured the Chinchou! I felt that someday I might have a truly strong team. Maybe then I could start battling with my friends. That is, if I could get off of this island.

Part two of our plan was now ready to be put into action. If the Aqua Grunts came looking for me, my cellmate had promised to cover for me, and I would start the fire in the kitchen. That was when I, fully ready to escape, overheard something that would force me to stay.

“Yup, Slateport’s goin’ to be ours soon, miss!” A deep-voiced man said “We’ve already sent several squadrons over to start some small skirmishes, but you, Shelly, and the crew of the Milotic, are our only chance of taking over Slateport.

“Yes, I knew that from the day we captured the Milotic. Been two weeks now, but most of the crew is still helping us.” Shelly, the captain of Aqua base 001 replied

“Well, there is one person who shows resistance. Gonzap, I believe he is.” The man said, looking over in my direction “And there he is now.”

I took a step backwards, hoping Shelly didn’t see me

“Alright kid, come out. We just want a battle!” Shelly said, attempting to lure me in. Somehow, I believed her. “Go ahead; choose two pokemon to battle ours. I’ll be using Milotic. My assistant will be using Electabuzz.” Shelly and her partner hurled strange looking pokeballs into the air, releasing a ferocious looking electric pokemon, and a graceful, elegant water pokemon. Personally, I thought this was extremely ironic.

I couldn’t use my Chinchou, and my Magikarp was my only other choice to fight alongside my Sealeo. “Go, Sealeo, Magikarp!” My blue walrus emerged from the pokeball sparkling, while I didn’t even see a Magikarp.

“You might want to look up” Shelly commented

When I looked up, I could not believe my eyes. Instead of a small, flopping fish, a huge, blue Chinese dragon slowly went down to the floor, breaking the roof on its way down. Ihad never seen a pokemon so massive, so powerful, and so terrifying. I was even a bit scared myself.

“Ma…Magikarp?” I asked, taking three steps back, and kneeling a bit

“Gyaoo!” The Dragon, known as Gyarados yelled, as it came slamming into Shelly’s Milotic, releasing a super powered Hyper Beam. All without my instructions. The Gyarados declined in power, as I began my command.

“Sealeo, on Gyarados’ Back! Freeze the room!” My Sealeo, very small compared to my Gyarados, jumped on the dragon’s back, releasing snow around the entire room, except for the area I was standing on. Shelly and the man began to slip, giving my Gyarados another attack.

“Gyarados, Dragon Rage!’ Another huge beam came from the Chinese dragon’s mouth, on fired at me! It was clear that the dragon didn’t trust me one bit.

Shelly could do nothing but laugh uncontrollably. “Milotic, Recover!” She commanded through her laughing.

“Charizard, Flamethrower on Shelly!” A familiar voice commanded. “Gonzap, you were taking so long, so I decided to check on you. It’s a good thing I did!” It was the voice of my cellmate. Another huge dragon (still incomparable to Gyarados, however) sent a spiral of huge embers towards the Aqua commander, burning her to a crisp. The Charizard proceeded to start a huge fire, while I recalled my pokemon and began my escape.

My cellmate grabbed me by the arm, and began dashing towards my Dad’s Office , busting down the door.

“Man, you coming or what?” He asked, motioning him to come out.

“I’ll be right there” My Dad said. I still refused to look at him. My dad grabbed his coat and ran off with us, more and more prisoners joining our stampede every minute, with me at the front. Something clamped itself onto my back, but I had no time to pull it off. We had reached the door, which was now heavily guarded with 10 Aqua Grunts, dressed in complete uniform, weapons in all. We tossed out as many pokemon as possible, while they responded with an even stronger force of pokemon.

Three Manetric chased after our group of a Sealeo, Charizard, and Politoed (my dad had stolen one from Aqua), only to be defeated easily after a series of fire and ice attacks. We made a beeline for the door, most of us escaping unharmed, while the prison was being engulfed in flames, which would eventually put themselves out.

Our next task would be to find a way off of the island. Or at the least, find the Milotic
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Default Re: The Chinchou and the Pearl!

The explanation as to why they were captured is in chapter 7
Reserved for Chapter 6- Taming the Untamable! (to be continued)

I, accompanied by my cellmates, and a surprisingly well-dressed father, wandered the beaches, while two chose to stand by and accompany the fires. Our tasks were to find and repair the Milotic, and then sail back to home. Small pieces of the Milotic were scattered across the island; it was like a huge puzzle that hadn’t been solved.

While the others searched, I figured that it would be a better time than ever to start taming my new pokemon, Gyarados. I threw it’s pokeball into the air, freeing a huge sea beast.

“Gyarados!” It yelled, releasing small red blasts, known as Dragon Rage, into the sky.
The sky, for a moment, turned a light shade of pink, before the red beams came crashing back, causing a small tremor. This new dragon pokemon was, by far, the strongest Pokemon that I had ever come in contact with.

“Gyarados, try a hyper beam!” I commanded, shakily

By the time I had finished, the Gyarados had run off in a different direction, with me immediately giving chase. However, I could not swim very long, and only a pokemon so strong as Gyarados could withstand the current whirlpools. I had no other choice than to call it back into its pokeball. It was times like these that made me wish I still had a Magikarp.

Then, I felt that strange thing on my back again. With all of my might, I tugged on the back of my shirt, until I was holding a large shell.

“Perl!” It exclaimed, in a bubbly mood. It let out an array of small water spouts before clamping itself to my hand. I shook my hand in a desperate attempt to free myself, sending the shell flying.
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