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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 02-05-2007, 11:22 PM
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Default Gastlygoo's stats

AIM: RandomRedGreen
Money: $1,000
No Badge
TM Rain Dance used
Win/Loss/Tie streak:
FFAs: 3 places: 2nd, 3rd

[Abomasnow][Male][Ice/Grass][Snow Warning]
[Battles: 28][OT: Gastlygoo][Obtained: Starter]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]
TM/HMs: None

[Cloyster][Male][Ice/Water][Skill Link]
[Battles: 17][OT: Gastlygoo][Obtained: Given by Fire_and_Dissapear]
[ BM/MT/SMs: Signmal Beam, Mud Shot]
TM/HMs: Rain Dance

[Crobat][♀][Poison/Flying][Inner Focus]
[Battles: 13][OT: Soda][Obtained: Trade]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]
TM/HMs: Substitute, Roost, Hidden Power Fire, X-Scissor

[Battles: 8][OT: Gastlygoo][Obtained: Story]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]
TM/HMs: None

[Bonsly][♀][Rock][Rock Head]
[Battles: 1][OT: Galleon][Obtained: Traded from Galleon]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]
TM/HMs: None

[Kricketot][♀][Bug][Shed Skin]
[Battles: 1][OT: Gastlygoo][Obtained:Story]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]
TM/HMs: None

Damp Rock, Moon stone

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