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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default The Mysterious Forrest

The Begining

Kyosuke stood quietly outside of the forrest. He took a deep breath and went in. He had heard that recently many mysterious Pokémon had shown up in the woods (mostly Psychic and Dark types) who had been terrorizing the forrest. Kyosuke had no choice but to go through the woods however. It was the only way he could get to Petalburg. For now, there was no way around the woods, so he absolutly had to go through. He didn't like the fact of going in there with only one Pokémon but he though that if he was lucky he'd catch some other Pokémon before seeing any strong Pokémon.

Kyosuke set one foot in the woods followed by another and quickly began speed walking. One after another he took fast but careful steps until he was surrounded entirly by the woods. He could look back and not see the opening of the woods. He knew that there was no turning back now, though he had no intentions of it. He quickly grabbed a Pokéball (or a lureball to get literal) and threw it down to the ground releasing a bright, shiny, white glow when it opened. The light hit the ground and began to take shape. It turned into a Pokémon named Totodile who had blue scaly skin, but with a little white on it, and yellow marks on it. The Pokémon looked much like an Alligater. The reason for releasing this Pokémon was so that if he saw a Pokémon he wouldn't have to take his time with releasing the Pokémon since it would allready be out of it's Pokéball.

Totodile began dancing. As small as it was, Totodile was very energetic which made it a perfect match with Kyosuke (though Kyosuke wasn't as short as some people, he was still rather short for his age). The wind began to blow hard. It blew Kyosuke's short brown hair in the wind. He noticed the trees were begining to lean a little bit back because of the wind. Suddenly, the wind picked up some more and it kept getting stronger until Totodile struggled to stay on his feet. Suddenly out of nowhere came a trainer. The trainer had purple hair and wore a pair of purple pants. She had purple eyes, and a purple shirt. She had a pendant, that had a purple pendant on it. The trainer walked up to Kyosuke with her hair blowing back into the wind. Suddenly, a Pokémon that was a mix between the types Rock and Dark appeared behind her. This one was just a little bit over average in height.

Kyosuke looked at the Pokémon and trainer, and quickly began running as fast as he could. He had just begun his Pokémon Journey and didn't plan on being killed by a giant Pokémon already. He didn't know what was happening or anything. He looked up above and saw a female trainer laying on the ground. Kyosuke had finally caught up to her. She layed on the ground still unconsciosly. Kyosuke heard footsteps and looked back behind himself. He saw the giant Pokémon drawing ever closer. He then picked up the trainer and ran. He ran and ran some more until he saw the entrance to a cave. He ran inside of the cave, tried to block it off with huge rocks and went as far back to the end of the cave as he could without going blind from the dark.

He layed the trainer on the ground and he found some sticks that he could light up and use as a fire for the time he remained in there. He lit them and layed back. He closed his eyes as if he was about to go asleep but didn't want to just incase something happened while he was asleep. Totodile sat right beside him and quietly pranced about energeticly. Kyosuke looked at his Pokémon and smiled.
Kyosuke sat quietly in the cave. He was shining his Pokéballs, and checking all of the things he had. He was ready to journey out again. He wasn't going to leave until the girl woke up though. He wanted to give her an explanation on what had happened, where she was, and anything else she might have needed to know. He sat for a few hours next to the warm fire. The fire was scorching hot. It was yellow, with a little bit of red in it. And in some places on it, it was so bright that the color was actually white. He began to dose off when he heard a voice talking. The voice sounded clear, and gentle.

Girl: "Who are you? And where am I?"
Kyosuke: "Well I am Kyosuke. And you are in a cave inside Petalburg Woods."
Girl: "Petalburg Woods? But I was in...I was traveling in Johto."
Kyosuke: "Johto!? Well how did you wind up all the way over here in Hoenn?"
Girl: "I don't...I don't know....Wait! I remember now. I was walking through Johto and I was suddenly attacked by a trainer who had a whole lot of purple clothing on and purple eyes, and even purple hair. Or atleast I was attacked by her giant Tyranitar. I released my new Abra from it's ball and told it to Teleport us somewhere. That's when I reached here and something hurt my ears really bad and it knocked me out."
Kyosuke: "The girl and Tyranitar? How long ago was this? It must have been about 4 months ago if you were in Johto. Anyways what's your name?"
Celina: "I'm Celina. But all of this you're talking about, I don't know. It depends on the date and time."
Kyosuke: It's June seventh, the year is 2004, and the time is 7:00."
Celina: "Well in that case I have only been here for three hours."

Kyosuke's blue eyes almost popped out of his head when he heard this. They began talking about possiblities that could happen and the only explanation they had was that the girl must have warped here somehow or flew here. Kyosuke got up and began walking towards the entrance of the cave. He was followed by the girl.

Kyosuke: "Well I guess we'll meet each other some other time."
Celina: "Actually if it's okay with you, I wanna come with you because I don't know my way around this place."
Kyosuke: "It's okay. You probably will not get in my way. So are you a rookie trainer?"
Celina: "Nah, I'm a pretty advanced trainer. I have five badges already."
Kyosuke: "Heh, I don't have any badges. Anyways, I think we should get going."
Celina: "Yeah you're right."

Kyosuke began walking again. He was looking from side to side for some Pokémon or rookie trainers who he could battle to get stronger. He was trying his best to get ready for the girl with the Giant Tyranitar. Kyosuke knew that as he was now, he wouldn't stand a chance against the Tyranitar especially if an advanced trainer could not defeat the Tyranitar. Kyosuke hopped for something exciting to happen and for him to capture a really rare Pokémon. Kyosuke knew that two rare Pokémon roamed Petalburg woods: Ralts and Surskit. Kyosuke wasn't really concerned with Surskit since there are other places to capture it. However Ralts could only be captured in this spot. If he was to look anywhere over Hoenn other than Petalburg Woods he knew it would be hopeless.

He looked at the girl. He was more capable of describing her now that they were in the sunlight. She wore red and white clothes. Her skirt was red and had a picture of a white Pokéball on the side. Her shirt was white and she had a red jacket over that. She wore a small hat over her head. She had a deep brown color in her silky hair. Kyosuke then looked away. He looked deep into the distance and something caught his attention. It appeared there was an Eevee. He knew that was impossible. No Eevvees travel through Petalburg Woods. "Maybe", he though, "Maybe it's the Pokémon they were talking about that was strange. Not the girl.", he continued.

He then sped up to the Eevee. There wasn't a trainer around so it had to be wild. Celina had caught up with them. As soon as Kyosuke saw there wasn't a trainer around he sent Totodile jumping into action. It was just Totodile and Eevee and Kyosuke.

Kyosuke: "Totodile, use your Hydro Pump!"

Totodile shot one very powerful jetstream of water at Eevee and Eevee jumped over it. "Maybe we should wait for sometime when Eevee is weakened before I focus on using low accuracy attacks.", Kyosuke thought.

Kyosuke: "I don't wanna loose this Pokémon, use Slash!"

Totodile ran up to the Eevee and saw that the Eevee was about to try to ram it in it's stomach. Totodile jumped over it to avoid it and then while Eevee's back was turned away slashed it on it's back. Eevee felt pain but was still ready to battle. It turned around as fast as it could and viciously bit Totodile on it's arm. The Eevee wouldn't let go so Kyosuke knew he had only one option which might hurt the Eevee alot.

Kyosuke: "Totodile, give it an upclose Hydro Pump!".

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