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Old 02-22-2007, 10:22 PM
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Default Re: What is your favorite pokemon to read about in fanfic...

I don't mind what kind I read about, as long as it's presented well. I tend to become a bit bored reading about Eevee, Charizard, and other popular Pokemon in a trainer environment, but if that Pokemon has its own developed personality, then I could change my mind in that case.

On the animal-Pokemon subject:

For me, it usually depends. For fanfics that deal with trainers, the Pokemon are more like animals. They don't have their own advanced societies or anything like that. They're just the companions of the humans with plenty of human personalities.

Otherwise, I make them like...primitive humans. They are extremely capable of using tools, et cetera, but they don't have the technology to create anything amazing. A makeshift den using leaves and branches is simple, but they aren't able to construct buildings. They can be messangers by word of mouth (like Tim the Swellow in Shadow Mist and Shadow Sky), but they don't deliever mail.

That's my take on it, usually because I like writing about Pokemon, et cetera, in a more rural setting where advanced things are usually out of the question.
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Old 02-22-2007, 11:24 PM
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Default Re: What is your favorite pokemon to read about in fanfic...

My favourite pokemon? Any. If someone can write a character well, I'll like it. XD I personally prefer horse pokemon, 'cause they just rock, but any are good.

On the human/animal view, I think that pokemon can be either. I myself contradict myself in two different stories. It depends what view I'm writing from. I myself consider pokemon to be intelligent, but they work in a different way. They don't build houses, use technology. Personally, that ruins pokemon for me - I prefer worlds with less to no technology and machines. Ever read the 'Warriors' trilogy? Like that. =D

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