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Default The Master of Hypnosis

The sun was setting over the hills beyond as I stepped lazily out of the Fuchsia City Gym. I sat down on a bench outside, scowling to myself in disappointment. I had lost. This was the second time that the gym leader had knocked all of my Pokemon out cold.

I kicked at the dirt under my seat in frustration. I watched indifferently as it formed a cloud of dust that rose slowly into the air.

My strategy had been hopeless, and my Pokemon were simply not fit for fighting poison types. After traveling the long distance from Viridian City, I still only had four of them, after all. I winced as I remembered my poor Charmeleon fainting first, from a lethal Toxic attack. Then, my Pikachu went down from a Koffing’s explosion. My Persian was next, and finally, my Pidgeotto, leaving me with no remaining Pokemon to fight. That was why I was here, now, sitting in my own misery.

Remembering that my fainted Pokemon needed to be healed, I got up from the bench and began walking to the Pokemon Center within the city. Fortunately, it was very close to the gym, and so it didn’t take me too much time to get there. I approached a large, white building with a giant pokeball logo on the top and in the front. “Pokemon Center” was displayed in large, red letters directly underneath, and it had a naturally welcoming appearance.

I stepped up closer to the glass doors, which slid open, revealing that they were automatic. Inside, everything was bright and pure white, seemingly very clean. I looked around, seeing quite a few comfortable-looking chairs on either side of me. Directly ahead was a rounded desk, where a nurse stood. She had pink hair and a rather kind smile. She appeared to be very nice and approachable, so I advanced to talk to her.

“Hello,” I greeted her sheepishly.

“Hi, there,” she said while smiling still. “How may I help you, Miss?”

“I need to have my Pokemon healed, actually. Would that be all right?” I requested.

“Of course it’s all right. We’re always happy to help trainers and their Pokemon out,” she answered cheerfully.

I took the four pokeballs out of my bag, holding my only Pokemon. I handed them to her and she took them gratefully. I watched as she stepped away and into a room in the back. I assumed that I had to wait for a little while, so I took a seat in one of the chairs off to the side. I made sure to sit in one of those away from the rest of the trainers there. For obvious reasons, I didn’t really feel like talking to anyone at the moment. All I wanted was solitude, really.

I sighed heavily and leaned back in my chair, ready to fall asleep. The battle had made me very tired, and I liked the idea of taking a nap, now. I felt the exhaustion begin to take over my body, but I didn’t exactly object. At the time, I would’ve rather slept than been awake to think about how terrible of a trainer I really was. Those thoughts weren’t all that comforting, to be honest.

Suddenly, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I began to hear the distant sound of cheering. I curiously opened my eyes and looked outside of the Pokemon Center, only to see nothing at all.

“I must be hearing things,” I muttered to myself before trying to fall asleep, once again.

I didn’t really notice the yells becoming gradually louder and louder, until finally, the doors of the center slid open, and the voices were no longer muffled by the glass. I sat up quickly and looked to see a boy walking in with a small crowd of girls around him. There were about six or seven of them, giggling and congratulating him repetitively on a job well done.

I raised one eyebrow in confusion. I didn’t really see what was so great about him, really. He just looked like an ordinary kid to me, maybe a trainer, even. He was somewhat tall, with brown, short hair. He wore a simple grey T-shirt and plain blue jeans. He was smiling arrogantly and thanking all the girls for their support, and I could only roll my eyes in disgust at the annoying display they were putting on.

“Oh, wow, I can’t believe you beat him!” One of the girls said stupidly.

“Oh, ladies, it was nothing. I swear,” the boy said, chuckling loudly.

He made his way to the counter and set his pokeballs on the desk. Without even asking if the nurse could heal his Pokemon, he walked away. I groaned as I realized that he was headed straight for the chair next to me, and the girls were all following him.

“Hi, there,” he said in a friendly tone.

“Um, hi,” I replied irritably. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything,” he said, apparently taken aback by my annoyance with him. “Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, today.”

The idiotic girls at his side all laughed again. They seemed amused by nearly every word he said.

“Look, just get away from me, I don’t want to talk,” I snapped at him.

“What’s wrong, though?” He asked.

“Why should I tell you? I don’t even know you… Besides, nothing’s wrong,” I murmured.

“Fine, then. I’ll introduce myself to you. My name’s Brandon, and yours is…?” He questioned.

“My name is Silver, so get away.” It seemed like this kid would never leave.

“Silver? Is that a nickname or something?” He asked while laughing, and the girls around him did the same.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” I replied. My real name was Jen, but everyone just called me Silver, unaware that it was simply an alias.

“So, since you’re a trainer, did you beat the gym leader yet?” He asked me.

I slapped one hand to my forehead in anger. Out of all the questions he could’ve asked about me, why did it have to be that one?

“It’s none of your business,” I said, feeling my temper rising.

“Hah. All right, just asking,” he responded nervously. “Anyway, I just beat him. He was way too easy, if you ask me. You should give it a try!”

At this, I rose out of my chair to face him. Apparently, he wasn’t aware that this conversation wasn’t a good one for me to be having, because his smile disappeared in bewilderment towards my sudden anger.

“Listen, buddy, I don’t know who the hell you are, but you should just leave me alone, now,” I felt myself almost yelling.

He exchanged quick glances with the girls around him, and they all smirked at me in unison. I folded my arms over my chest, trying to look as if it didn’t bother me.

“I get it. You tried to beat him, but you couldn’t. Am I right?” He wondered.

“Ugh,” I grimaced. “Yeah, and so what?”

“Why don’t I help you out?” He offered.

“Um, no thanks. Why would I want help from a creep like you?” I said rudely.

I could tell that his pride was slowly wearing away. He certainly wouldn’t get the same reaction from me as he did from other girls. I refused to giggle at everything he said and compliment him every waking moment, as they did.

After insulting him, I noticed that the nurse at the desk was staring at us. She seemed to be waiting for us to finish our conversation so as to not interrupt.

“Excuse me, Miss, but your Pokemon are healed, now,” she informed me happily.

I walked up to the counter and grabbed my four pokeballs. I was just about to storm out of the place when I realized that my bag was still back by the chair I had been resting on. I walked over and grabbed it without looking at Brandon and the girls surrounding him, but unfortunately, he stopped me.

“Hey, are those all of your Pokemon?” He asked me.

“Yes, they are. Why?” I replied.

“What species are they, anyway?” He asked while scratching his head.

“Uh… I have a Charmeleon, a Pidgeotto, a Pikachu, and a Persian,” I told him reluctantly.

“And you tried to take Koga down with that line up?” He asked rhetorically, shaking his head in disapproval.

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

I couldn’t believe what he was saying. First, he was expecting me to need his help, and now, he was insulting my Pokemon. They were my friends, and I’d worked hard to raise and train them all, even if I did only have four of them.

“I don’t think you’re anyone to judge about how good a Pokemon team is,” I said, trying to intimidate him.

“I did beat Koga, didn’t I?” He said sharply. “Just admit that you need my help.” He ran his fingers through his hair.

“Never… And, I don’t,” I said, catching myself from my poor choice of words. Who did this guy think he was?

I threw my bag over my shoulder after putting my Pokemon inside, and I hastily marched towards the exit of the center. The last thing I needed was some punk lecturing me about which Pokemon I should be using. What an insult that was.

As I walked along the path that led away from the Pokemon Center, I realized that I had no clue where I was heading. I didn’t really have a destination, now, since I needed to defeat Koga in order to move to the next city. Well, I didn’t necessarily need to, I just knew that I should. The gym leaders that followed would be even more of a challenge, so there would be no use to going on to the next city.

I stared down at my feet as I walked, still full of shame. As much as I hated to admit it, perhaps Brandon was right. It was possible that I needed more Pokemon in order to win against the Fuchsia City gym leader. Then again, who was to say that Koga didn’t have more Pokemon to embarrass me with?

I strolled down Main Street alone, watching all the people and looking at the city’s attractions. There were many shops on either side of me, and the road was filled with energetic and talkative trainers and shopkeepers. Somehow, as they all talked happily, it emphasized my solitude. I had traveled this whole journey by myself, though, and I wasn’t about to let myself get too lonely.

Towards the end of the street, something caught my eye. I stopped, and walked closer to a large, black gate. Above it, there was a sign that read “SAFARI ZONE” in bright blue letters. When I was close enough, I could see a handwritten sign at eye level on the black bars. I sighed as I read the words: “Closed temporarily due to technical difficulties.”

“Heh, and it would’ve been so much easier for me to catch more Pokemon, here. It figures,” I said to myself.

I peered through the bars of the entrance gate, and saw something moving far away. It was a Pokemon in a pool of water. From what I could see, it was blue, had a long neck, and had a grey shell on its back that looked like a seat. All in all, it looked like some sort of exhibit one would encounter at a zoo. I shrugged and kept looking, seeing many exhibits of this sort, but they were all too far away for me to see any more details. The blue Pokemon was the only one I could view decently.

Out of no where, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I whirled around quickly to see Brandon standing before me. My original fear turned into disappointment at the very site of him. Surprisingly, though, the small group of girls was not huddling around him any longer. For once, he was actually alone.

“What do you want? Are you following me or something?” I asked him uneasily.

He gave a nervous laugh, then smiled genuinely. It was the first gesture I’d ever seen him give me that wasn’t intended for mockery. “I saw you walking down here, and I’m still waiting for my Pokemon to be healed. I was wondering if you still wanted me to help you.”

Still?! When did I ever say I wanted his help? “Get bent,” was all I could think to utter before I turned around to gaze through the bars.

He ignored my rudeness and came up beside me, looking into the Safari Zone, as well. “Hm, so you wanted to catch a Pokemon from here, then?” He asked politely.

“Um, I guess so, but it’s closed,” I said, puzzled by his persistence at helping me.

“I wonder why,” he whispered while still looking into the capture park.

After an awkward silence, I walked over to the center of the gate, where the hand-written sign was hanging. Not far into the zone, there appeared to be some sort of house. I looked up to the top of the gate, estimating how high it was. Without telling Brandon what I was doing, I grabbed onto the smooth bars and began to pull myself up. Yes, I was breaking in, but I didn’t care. I’d had a terrible day, and I wasn’t going to stand for Fuchsia’s only interesting attraction to be closed.

“You can’t just… hop over the fence like that,” Brandon said, outraged at my unsophisticated behavior.

I was already halfway up when I stopped and looked down at him. “Who says I can’t?” I said, while straining to keep myself stationary.

After a moment of gathering my strength, I pulled myself up further and further, until I had completely scaled the tall gate. On the other side, I immaturely stuck out my tongue at Brandon and walked away. I crept up a stone path towards the small, house-like building, letting myself observe the sites of the Safari Zone while inside. The lush vegetation grew everywhere, and I could constantly smell the strong scent of wildflowers around me.

“It must be great for Pokemon to live here,” I thought. “Too bad they have to be taken away when they’re captured.”

I approached to front door of the house and stood there for a moment, trying to see inside the key hole. All I could really see inside was darkness, however, so I decided to knock on the door instead. I banged my knuckles against the wood roughly, hoping someone would actually hear me.

“We’re closed,” a monotonous voice came from within.

“What… technical difficulties are you having?” I questioned the man.

“Leave, now,” he uttered, once again in a dreary tone of voice.

I was beginning to get more and more curious. It must’ve been a big deal, otherwise this guy would’ve just told me what was going on; or even better, someone would’ve explained it on the note outside. There had to be something going on here that was worth my investigating.

Just then, I saw the doorknob begin to turn slowly. I jumped back, startled at first, but then calmed down as a man in a navy suit walked outside. He was short and stocky, with dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, he looked ordinary, but when I looked closer, I noticed that there was something very peculiar about him. He did not once make eye contact with me, and he seemed to keep his focus on something else, over my shoulder. The way he walked was quite strange, too. It seemed almost robotic, if anything. I stared at his expressionless face confusedly, not sure what to say.

“Thanks for coming, little girl, but the Safari Zone is now closed,” he said without enthusiasm.

“But… what’s wrong with it? Everything appears to be fine, here,” I argued.

“Please, go home,” he replied, still not looking at me.

I scratched my head. “No, not until you tell me what’s going on. I think everyone has to right to know.”

“If you do not leave this place right now, I will be forced to kick you out, myself,” the man told me, then reached down, ready to grab me.

“No!” I screamed, surprised that he would actually try to force me out physically.

He got hold of my shoulders, and I struggled to get free. His grasp seemed inescapable, though, and I started to regret ever coming in this place at all. He was pushing me backwards, and all I could do was kick him. For some reason, it seemed to do nothing. It was as if he couldn’t feel any pain.

“Leave her alone!” a familiar voice shouted from behind me, and I turned to see Brandon shoving the man’s arms off of me.

I stared at him in awe, wondering why he’d ever come to save me. The kid barely knew me, but nevertheless, I was thankful. Brandon grabbed me by the arm and yanked me away, running deeper into the Safari Zone.

“Thanks,” I managed to say through erratic breathing.

He didn’t respond. Instead, he just kept running. Now, I noticed that we were headed straight for the blue Pokemon that I had seen earlier. I could clearly see its tank of icy, pristine water at this distance, but I could not see the Pokemon. I ignored this fact for a moment, and begged Brandon to stop running.

“Do you know what’s going on here?!” I asked him anxiously.

He bent down and took a moment to catch his breath. “I have no idea,” he gasped.

Just then, I heard a sudden splash from beside me. I looked to see that the blue Pokemon had just burst from beneath the water, and was now eyeing the both of us curiously. It had small bits of ice scattered about the top of its body, and it had odd swirl-patterned ears. It had a small horn atop its forehead, and its lower jaw and stomach were shaded white. Sparkling blue eyes glared at us innocently, and I had to stop myself from uttering an admiring “aww” at the Pokemon.

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

“Hello, there,” I greeted it instead.

I took out my pokedex and opened it up, allowing it to tell me about the cute, blue Pokemon in the tank.

“Lapras: These Pokemon have gentle hearts. Because they rarely fight, many have been caught. Their number has dwindled,” said the robotic voice of the pokedex.

“Wow, cool,” I said quietly. “It’s a Lapras. I’ve only heard of these Pokemon in stories and stuff, I’ve never seen one up close. It’s awfully cool-looking.”

“Yeah, it is… Now, come on, we have to find out what’s going on here,” Brandon demanded, trying to pull me away from the Lapras.

“Hey, have some patience, okay?” I replied, clearly annoyed. “Perhaps she knows what’s going on,” I said, pointing to the Lapras.

I walked closer to the tank of water and ice, but I noticed that the Pokemon started to back away in fear, or possibly just doubt. She put a fin up close to her eyes, and began to shake.

“Aw, what’s the matter? I promise I won’t hurt you,” I said to her. “Why are you so scared?”

“Lap,” she uttered in a timid, high-pitched voice, slowly taking her fin away from her face. Instead, she pointed it towards the back of the capture park. Both Brandon and I looked in that direction, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

“Is something happening over that way?” I asked the scared Lapras.

She hesitated before answering, but did so with only a nod. As quickly as she had jumped out of the water, she dove back under its surface. Ice leapt from the pool and nearly hit me in the face, but I moved to the side, narrowly avoiding it.

I glanced back at Brandon, who looked pretty worried. I still didn’t know what he was doing here with me, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him along with me.

“Come on, I guess we should just follow this path to the rear of the park,” I told him.

The first few minutes of walking this way were uneventful. We didn’t see a single person or any Pokemon about. We passed all of the exhibits eventually, which just consisted of empty cages or pools of water. Perplexed as we were by this, we kept going.

“I wonder where all the Pokemon went,” I said. “I thought that this place was normally filled with wild Pokemon.”

It seemed as if I had perfect timing, because we suddenly heard a sound from the distance. The rhythmic sound of marching was gradually becoming louder and louder as something advanced toward us. Brandon and I both peered into the distance, noticing rows and rows of creatures coming straight for us. As they got closer, we could spot a few Rattata, Nidoran, a couple of Kangaskhan, quite a few Psyduck, and many other species that I could not really recognize. The both of us continued to stand directly in their path, only able to stare in awe.

“I… uh…” Brandon started to say, but the words could not escape his mouth.

We were so entranced by their movements that we barely noticed that they’d gotten right up close to us. Even as they passed, they didn’t look at us nor acknowledge us. They just walked right through us, causing me to snap out of being so hypnotized and pull Brandon to a lane that was between the rows of marching Pokemon. It was narrow, but we were safe for the moment. We watched as at least one hundred of the creatures slipped past us.

“Come on, we have to go this way, I think,” Brandon yelled over the loud sound of striding.

He turned and began running in the opposite direction of where the Pokemon were headed. I followed suit, chasing after him along the path from before. We were still running towards the back of the Safari Zone, and this time, we encountered no more Pokemon.

We eventually came upon a small building, this being slightly larger than the one at the entrance of the park. Above it loomed a blackening, swirling cloud resembling a miniature thunderstorm. It shrouded the house in shadow, and I watched as small bolts of lightning hit its roof sporadically.

“What is this place?” I asked Brandon.

“Well, I think it’s normally the house where trainers are given the HM03, or Surf, but now… I don’t know what’s happened to it. In all the travel guides I’ve browsed through, there were never any pictures like this,” he said gloomily.

“It’s so… eerie,” I whispered as I began to walk towards it.

“What are you doing?” Brandon asked, but followed me anyway.

The building was situated in a small valley, and I walked down the gradual hill towards it, barely thinking about what I was doing. I somehow ended up glaring inside from one of the lower windows, and what I saw there astounded me.

It was a Pokemon, but nothing I had ever seen before in my life. It was yellow, well, the top half of it, anyway. Its lower portion was brown, and it had yellow feet. It had small ears and a somewhat long nose, almost looking like an elephant’s trunk. It was completely still as it sat upon a little table inside the house. Its legs were crossed and its arms were out.

“Is it… meditating?” I heard the sudden voice of Brandon behind me.

“I… I don’t really know,” I answered honestly.

He seemed to be right, though. It looked as if the Pokemon was concentrating awfully hard on something. I pulled out my pokedex and flipped it open.

“Drowzee: This Pokemon remembers every dream it eats. It rarely eats the dreams of adults because children's are much tastier,” said the electronic voice of my pokedex.

“Wow… how cool,” I exclaimed.

Shortly after, two people came in, dressed in dark uniforms. From what I could see, one was a woman and the other was a man. The tall girl’s long blonde hair flowed out from underneath her hat. The man was very tall and skinny. They both stood there in the room, watching the Drowzee with a look of satisfaction. Their uniforms were black with a large letter “R” printed on their chests.

Not thinking about what I was doing, I sprinted for the door and threw it open.

“What have you done to this place?” I interrogated the two people.

They both looked at one another as if they did not expect in the least that anyone else was there. Neither of them answered for a moment, obviously trying to think up some excuse.

“We better get out of here,” the tall girl said to the boy next to her.

He nodded, taking out a pokeball. He threw it on the ground quickly and out came a Fearow, a large orange bird with a long, thin beak. They both jumped on its back as soon as they could.

“Hey! What are you doing with your Pokemon, here?” I asked, pointing to the Drowzee, who was not at all fazed by my shouting.

“It’s not ours, kid,” the girl told me. “And, Drowzee, nice work. Soon, all of those Pokemon will be ours!” With that, they were off. The huge bird busted through the window of the building and they were out of sight almost immediately.

Brandon came up and stood at my side, and we both stared at the odd Pokemon, who was still meditating.

“It’s not theirs, but it’s controlling the Pokemon for them?” I wondered aloud. It just didn’t make sense to me. Why would it want to help them, anyway?

“It seems so,” Brandon butt in. “If we could stop it from controlling them, I think we could save all of those Pokemon from being captured illegally.”

I looked down at the ground, pondering what to do. It seemed hopeless. How were we supposed to break a psychic Pokemon’s concentration?

“Well, how?” I asked Brandon.

He seemed equally confused as I was, at first, but then, he seemed to get an idea. A mischievous smile spread across his face, and he gave me an odd look.

“You need a Pokemon to help you defeat Koga, don’t you?” He asked, obviously trying to make me get some kind of hint.

“Uh, I guess I do,” I shrugged, thinking nothing of it.

He raised one eyebrow at me. “Well, then, catch it!”

“Oh, I don’t know, Brandon,” I said, clearly doubting my own abilities. “I haven’t caught a Pokemon since I caught my Persian, a Meowth then, near Vermillion City. It’s been so long…”

“Yes, but you do know how to battle, correct?” He inquired.

“I do, but not well,” I rolled my eyes. “I guess I could give it a shot, though.”
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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

I reached inside my bag after setting it on the floor, and pulled out a pokeball. I threw it out in front of me, and with a flash of white light, my Persian stood in front of me. She yawned and licked her paws, cleaning her tan-colored fur. Her black ears twitched slightly, and her long, thin tail wagged.

“Are you ready for a battle, Persian?” I asked her.

“Mrawr,” she replied, which I could only guess meant “yes” by its affirmative sound.

“Okay, great!” I exclaimed. “Now, let’s start out with your scratch attack!”

As quick as lightning, Persian sprang off of the floor and straight for the Drowzee, who was still deep in its thoughts. Her lean body floated through the air and almost instantly, she landed a scratch attack on the yellow Pokemon. Its reaction was hardly noticeable, however. It merely opened its eyes for a moment, then went back to its meditating.

Frustrated, I decided to call another attack. “Okay, try a more powerful slash attack on it!”

My cat Pokemon followed the same procedure as she did with her scratch attack, lunging through the air and upon landing, striking her outstretched claws across the Drowzee. This time, it seemed irritated with her. It opened its eyes suddenly, and thrust its hand towards her. It knocked her over with its strong pound attack.

Persian pulled herself up, growling at Drowzee. The attack wouldn’t have hurt her so much if it hadn’t been so close-range.

“Are you okay?” I yelled anxiously.

She nodded while arching her back and sitting back down, trying to act as if the Drowzee’s assault did not affect her.

“Okay, now try a bite attack!” I called to her, remembering that dark type moves were super effective against psychic types.

She trotted haughtily up to the other Pokemon and opened her jaws to bite it. She reeled back and snapped, but caught nothing in her teeth. In the blink of an eye, the Drowzee had floated to the side, dodging Persian’s attack. She sat down, puzzled as to how it escaped. (She was a very fast Pokemon, after all.)

Then it occurred to me: Perhaps it had seen the attack coming. It could see some of the future, so it made sense.

“Faint attack, Persian!” I commanded, but the Drowzee had already started performing its own attack.

The cat Pokemon was stopped dead in her tracks as the Drowzee closed its eyes. I could vaguely see waves of purple energy flowing from the psychic Pokemon to Persian. She instinctively hissed as she felt the attack penetrating her mind. She drew back, shaking her head and trying to defend herself.

“Come on, Persian. Now, you can use faint attack!” I commanded once the confusion was over.

I watched all around me as the air became dark. Persian faked an attacked by clawing the air near the Drowzee, but then pulling back and slamming it with another one. I sighed satisfactorily as the attack with 100% accuracy hit right on.

Drowzee seemed very annoyed at this. With its brow furrowed, it held out its hands, sending pulsating waves towards Persian. She tried to dodge, but one of the translucent waves hit her and sank into her forehead.

I gasped, realizing that she couldn’t have avoided the attack. “Persian, come on, are you all right?” I asked hopefully.

She looked at me and tried to nod, but kept wobbling unsteadily. It seemed as if she could barely stand on her own four legs. In a moment, her knees gave out beneath her, sending her toppling to the ground.

“Oh no! It can use hypnosis! I forgot about that…” Brandon said from behind me.

I pulled out Persian’s pokeball, unsure of what to do. The red light connected her body to the pokeball, and sent her inside. Then, I got an idea. I had taught my Charmeleon a certain TM that could probably help me out in this match. I grabbed his pokeball and threw it out in front of me. With another flash of light, my starter Pokemon appeared.

He exhaled and a small bit of fire came from his mouth, showing his sharp teeth for a moment. He was all red in color, resembling a small dinosaur. On the tip of his tail he bore a small flame, unable to be extinguished, or else his life could end.

I watched Drowzee as it got up and pulled back its fist, ready to repeat the first attack that it had performed.

“Charmeleon, use smokescreen!” I told him.

He opened his jaws, releasing a giant cloud of grey smoke into the room. It spread out and lifted up towards the ceiling, and I could no longer even see the Drowzee.

“Good job! Now, try a flamethrower on it,” I said.

He began building up the energy of fire within himself. He was all ready to do the attack, but something was stopping him. He froze with his jaw wide open. Then, suddenly, he was lifted into the air by a force that I could not see. He was abruptly thrown against the wall, and slid down, groaning from the impact. He quickly pushed himself up with one arm, however, and stood, still ready to face Drowzee.

I finally understood. The Drowzee saw things with its mind, not its eyes. Sure, the smokescreen had stopped it from using a physical attack, but psychic attacks did not seem so easy to block.

“Leap through the smoke and slash it!” I called.

Charmeleon obeyed instantly, and jumped through the cloud in front of us. It began to clear and I could see Charmeleon coming down on the Drowzee with his claws. He reached back, and with all his physical strength, slashed it right across its stomach.

“Drowww,” it murmured in pain.

It quickly countered Charmeleon’s attack with a pound, sending it flying across the floor. He lay there for a moment, but forced himself back up onto his feet. He stretched his arms out and showed off his claws to the psychic Pokemon.

Just then, Drowzee put its arms out in front of it and began to send the same wavelike patterns as before. This time, though, I was perfectly ready for the hypnosis attack it was using.

Charmeleon attempted to dodge, but the attack hit dead on, causing him to instantly become exhausted. He stumbled about, just as Persian had, but eventually fell to the floor.

“Good job, so far, Charmeleon. I know you can still hear me, so let’s finish this off!” I yelled excitedly. “Use your sleep talk TM!”

My dozing Charmeleon rose from his position on the ground. He was still asleep, but could subconsciously pick a random attack to use with the move. He opened his eyes and stared evilly at the Drowzee, using a leer attack.

I sighed, used to not having any luck. “Hang in there; at least you’re lowering its defense.”

Brandon gave a pleased “hm” from behind me, apparently enjoying my strategy and use of TMs.

The Drowzee seemed intimidated by Charmeleon’s leer for only a moment before it was ready to attack again. It sent a confusion attack flying at my Pokemon, who was still asleep. He was lifted into the air, and pummeled straight into the wall. He winced in pain, but it was not enough to release him from his slumber.

“All right, up for using another sleep talk?” I asked him.

I prayed silently to myself, wondering what attack he would use, and expecting it to be another leer or a useless growl. It wouldn’t be his fault, of course, since the TM was only random. But still, I hoped it would be something worthy of knocking out the Drowzee.

My fire Pokemon opened his mouth, and a powerful blast of fire shot out at the psychic Pokemon. I nearly screamed in delight as I realized that the attack had randomly chosen to use flamethrower, one of Charmeleon’s most powerful attacks. The flames spread quickly, all around Drowzee, swallowing it. There was no escape, now.

I watched as the huge fire died down, and saw what I had hoped for. Drowzee lay on the ground; it had fainted.

I grabbed an empty pokeball from my bag, and threw it at the Drowzee that had endured so much through this battle. I could only pray it would soon be mine.

It shook once… twice…

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

Finally, a story I can grade.

Story: I simply loved it. It was a great one with plenty of action and other surprising things. Put Simple: It was a wonderful story.

Details: Can't say much here. You described them as though you use those attacks daily.

Battle: Well, for a Drowzee it was long enough. Nice battle. Enough details, plenty of action. You could have made it a bit longer though. Just a bit.

Spelling/Grammar: None that I could see.

Length: Long enough anyway. Battle could have gone on a little bit more, but for the rest thunbs up.

Outcome: Drowzee captured! I hope to read more stories like this from you! Congrats on your new Drowzee!

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

w00t, thanks, DR. ^^ And now, the next story:


“Great! I caught a Drowzee!” I yelled with pride. “I can’t believe it… It’s been so long, so I thought…”

“Oh, just be quiet. At least you caught it,” Brandon said while shaking his head and smirking.

“You’re right. Oh, and thanks to Persian and Charmeleon,” I remarked as I returned my fire Pokemon. “Come on, let’s get out of here and head for the Pokemon Center so that I can heal my new Drowzee.”

He nodded in agreement and followed me out the door. We walked back to the front area of the Safari Zone on the same path we had taken to get here. It all looked pretty much the same, which only worried me. I had assumed that catching Drowzee would cause everything to be at peace again, but apparently, this was not the case. The members of the evil Team Rocket I had seen before were thanking Drowzee for a job well done, so it had to mean the psychic Pokemon was behind all this, right?

I looked around me at the plain, boring land. It was nothing without wild Pokemon running about. Since they were all still missing, I had a feeling that they were all in trouble. Perhaps Team Rocket had already captured them before I could stop them… I felt nauseous at the very thought.

Brandon and I ran up towards Lapras’s tank. She was peering over the top, only sticking her head a little bit out of the water. Once she spotted us coming, though, she rose further above its surface to look at us.

“Lapras!” She exclaimed, obviously frightened by something.

“Nice to see you again,” I said to her. “What’s the matter, though?”

“Lap,” she uttered while submerging under the water, away from us.

I looked over at Brandon, who just looked at the water Pokemon in confusion. She was definitely shaken by something; I just wished I could communicate with her to find out what it was. It was highly probable that she knew what was happening with Team Rocket and the missing Pokemon, too.

“Hmm, I wonder why they didn’t capture her,” I thought aloud.

“Well, she is pretty good at hiding,” Brandon pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied thoughtfully. “Um, bye then, Lapras. Maybe we’ll see you later.”

I began walking away from her tank with Brandon following me. We didn’t speak much for a little while, that is, not until we had arrived at the building towards the front of the Safari Zone. The door to the place was opened, and the odd man who had attacked me earlier was lying on the ground, directly in front of it.

Brandon and I both gasped, and sprinted towards him. We put our strength together and lifted the stocky man onto his back. Brandon tried to wake him up by lightly tapping his cheeks, and eventually, the man began to stir.

He opened his eyes and looked up at the two of us. “Where… am I? What’s going on?”

“Sir, you were knocked out or something, here,” I told him.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. “How did I… become unconscious?” He asked us.

“We don’t really know. We just found you like this,” Brandon informed him. “And before, you even attacked my friend, here.”

“No, I couldn’t have,” he was completely bewildered.

Before I could correct Brandon about me being his friend, the man got up and dusted off his pants. He looked around eagerly, as if trying his hardest to remember what had happened here.

“Where are all of the Pokemon?” He asked, a sudden look of worry covering his face.

“We have no idea, but we believe that Team Rocket it behind all of this,” I said to him.

He suddenly seemed to realize something, and his eyes widened in shock. “They were here! I remember, now! They came after me… and the next thing I knew, I was awakened by you kids.”

“You don’t recall anything else, then?” Brandon inquired, somewhat disappointed.

“Not really, no…” He said solemnly.

“All right… Well, we should go to the Pokemon Center, now,” I suggested to Brandon, and he nodded.

We thanked the man for his information, and he expressed his gratitude to us for waking him up. Shortly afterwards, we left. We walked through the front gate, which incidentally, you can open from the inside, and began our walk down Main Street. It had been only a couple hours since I’d first walked down this road, and there were still many people out. Not as much conversed as before, but it was still an active area. We eventually came to the Pokemon Center and walked through the sliding doors. I handed my five pokeballs to the nurse there, and she gratefully accepted them, bringing them all back to the healing room in the back of the Center.

Exhausted, Brandon and I sat down in two of the chairs nearest to the main desk. We were both worn out from running around the capture park, but Brandon still felt the need to discuss our plans to find Team Rocket and save all those Pokemon.

“Well, we should ask around and see if anyone saw them fly by on that Fearow or something,” he said.

“Oh, Brandon, I just don’t know. I mean, there are so many Pokemon to rescue and Team Rocket is a formidable force, not to be reckoned with…” I answered.

“But, I still think-” He started, but was interrupted.

“Brandon, we waited here for two hours for you!” One of the girls that were previously drooling over him said.

He turned around and stole a glance at the few of them. “Sorry, girls, I just had to take care of something.”

“Oh, that’s okay!” Another of them said, twirling her red hair on her finger. “So, why don’t you come with us and tell us the story of how you beat Sabrina again?” She offered.

“Listen, Silver and I are dealing with something dangerous, right now, okay?” He told them, then turned back to face me. “Okay, so first I think we should-”

“You beat Sabrina?” I asked abruptly, not allowing him to finish.

He sighed and muttered a “yes” modestly. I looked over his shoulder as the crowd of girls looked upset and walked away. They probably weren’t used to him denying them stories of how he became so successful, especially when talking to someone so socially unaccepted as me.

“Wow, maybe I do need you around to help me out,” I realized, finally starting to feel impressed with him.

I could’ve sworn that I saw him blush before he began speaking with me again. “Well, I’m going to go ask some people. Why don’t you stay here and sleep or something?”

I agreed to that, as I’d wanted to sleep much earlier but was interrupted by Brandon’s persistence with talking to me. Now, it was actually him suggesting that I take a nap. It was kind of an odd change.

I watched him get up and speak quietly to a few people before I finally fell asleep.

* * *

“Silver, wake up. Come on,” A voice right near me said.

I awoke to Brandon shaking my shoulder slighty, and I pushed his hand away irritably. I didn’t want to be bothered; I only wanted to sleep some more.

“What do you want?” I snapped at him.

“Gees… Well, your Pokemon are all healed and I actually got some valuable information,” Brandon told me.

I got up out of the chair and yawned while stretching. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to the counter in the middle of the center. I picked up my five pokeballs, which sat on a tray, waiting for me. Brandon and I strolled quietly out of the Pokemon Center and back onto Main Street. Meanwhile, he told me all the information he had discovered from other trainers. Apparently, he hadn’t just asked around the center, but he’d ventured out into town, as well. I was somewhat surprised by his efforts, I’ll admit.

“So, I finally found a little girl who’d seen a Fearow fly by overhead,” he said, after telling me about all the people he’d asked who hadn’t seen anything.

“Wow, it took you that long to find some clues?” I asked him. “Maybe we should go to the police. I mean, we are just kids.”

“No, we can handle this, I’m sure. We’re both good trainers, so we can take ‘em,” Brandon stated egotistically.

“Meh, I guess so,” I responded, still full of doubt.

“So, anyways, the little girl told me that she watched that Fearow head straight for Cycling Road. I suppose we should make that our next target?” He asked.

“Sure thing,” I replied. “But, don’t we need bicycles to go on Cycling Road?”

“Yeah, we can just borrow some from the Bike Shop here in town,” he seemed to have thought of everything.

I shrugged and followed him to the nearest Bike Shop, where we only had to pay $10 each to rent one for ourselves. As far as I was concerned, it was still a lot to pay, considering the fact that I only had about $25 on me. I went along with the plan, nonetheless, and we exited the shop to head for Cycling Road.

I followed Brandon the short way to the road. I’d never expect such an arrogant kid to ever act so brave and excited about something like this. He wasn’t as predictable as I’d thought, to tell you the truth.

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

Cycling Road didn’t have anything too special about it. It was just a slightly uphill ride from Fuchsia City to Celadon, which Brandon told me was on the other side. We rarely saw a Pokemon there, except for a few Pidgey and Rattata. Then again, I’d say it was nice to see a few Pokemon that weren’t being controlled by Team Rocket, even if they were incredibly common.

By the time night completely fell, we had come to a spot on the route that lay between two rivers. We decided it’d be best to camp and just take a break, here, instead of traveling through the wilderness by night. Neither of us had any idea what kind of wild Pokemon we might discover here, especially in the dark.

Still not having enough sleep, I nearly passed out the moment I lay down. The ground was hard, and the wind was fierce, but nothing would stop me from having a deep sleep. Or so I thought…
* * *

I had been sleeping dreamlessly when something abruptly shook me from my slumber. I felt my nose twitch, and rubbed it with my knuckles, trying desperately to get rid of whatever was irritating it.

I slowly fell back into reality, and sat up. I looked to my side to see Brandon still asleep in his sleeping bag a few feet away. He hadn’t been disturbed by what now lingered in the air around us.

The scent was pleasing, and yet, it bothered me quite a bit. I felt my eyes beginning to water as I finally caught a quick glimpse of a small concentration of a yellow-gold powder floating through the air. I waved my arm out in front of me, trying my best to fan it away, but to no avail. I sneezed violently four times in a row. What was this stuff, anyway?

My loud allergic reaction to the substance caused Brandon to shift in his sleep, then wake up. He looked at me, not sure as to why I was sitting up in the middle of the night and holding my nose. He coughed and cleared his throat, pushing himself off the ground.

“What’s the matter? Why are you awake?” He asked me, still rather fatigued.

“Something’s bothering my nose… And my eyes are watering like crazy,” I told him in a nasal voice.

He seemed not to care much about this. After all, it wasn’t a big deal, just my allergies acting up. He looked around for a moment, and a look of worry reached him.

“What is it?” I wondered.

“Do you know where our bags are? I could’ve sworn I put the right between us before we went to sleep…” he said pensively.

This thought hadn’t really occurred to me. I had been so distracted by my itchy nose and burning eyes that it hadn’t mattered much where my belongings currently were. I got up to a standing position and scanned the area for our bags. What could’ve happened to them?

“Hey, what is that over there?” Brandon asked while peering into the trees that lay beyond.

I did the same, searching for whatever he was looking at. After a moment of not finding anything, I saw a small creature dragging something along the ground. It seemed to be sliding along the grass at a good speed, and I wasn’t sure of whether to chase after it or not.

“What is it?” Brandon repeated, almost indifferently.

“Maybe I should go find out,” I suggested, starting off at a run towards whatever it was.

I reached the edge of the woods, passing the two pools of water on either side of Cycling Road. The thin trees were shrouded in darkness, and I could barely see in front of me. I spotted the small creature and squinted hard to try and see what it was. It was still heading deeper into the trees, and I began to follow it.

Suddenly, a crunching sound came from behind me. Alarmed, I whipped around the see that it was only Brandon running towards me.

“You’re always sneaking up behind me,” I said irritably.

“Sorry, I stepped on a twig or something,” he defended.

“Well, come on, but be quiet. I have no idea what this thing is,” I warned him.

We crept cautiously behind the little creature, trying not to make it aware of our presence. However, we still couldn’t see very well in the dark, and I did not realize the large root of a tree was sticking so far out of the ground right in front of me. My foot caught, and before I could save myself, I went flying for the ground, landing with a loud thud.

The creature we’d been pursuing for this short time stopped in its tracks. It quickly turned on its heels, and once it saw us, ran as fast as it could, which still wasn’t very fast.

“Ow,” I said, getting up from my fall.

Brandon and I jogged quickly, but before long, we had caught up with it. I could now see that what the creature dragged were clearly our traveling items.

“Hey, why would you take those?” I yelled while panting.

Brandon leapt out in front of the little thing, blocking it from going any further. It came to a halt and whimpered in fear.

“Hey, I think it’s some kind of Pokemon,” Brandon said, staring at it.

I whipped out my pokedex, hoping that it was indeed just that. Luckily, I hadn’t put it in my bag and had left it in my pocket. And now, the light from my miniature computer reflected off of what had stolen my bag, showing its true form. It was very small and somewhat round, with an overall coloring of tan. It had large, green spots on its body, and one eyebrow across its forehead. It had beady eyes sitting over a mouth in a permanent frown, and atop its head was a sprout-esque opening. It looked very cute, actually, but also rather angry and annoyed.

Just then, my pokedex gave the information on the Pokemon. “Shroomish: If this Pokemon senses danger, it shakes its body and scatters spores from the top of its head. This Pokemon’s spores are so toxic, they make trees and weeds wilt.”

“Wow, maybe that’s why my allergies have been so bad,” I realized. Could I be allergic to Shroomish?

Before we had a chance to get our bags back, the small, tan Pokemon on the ground in front of me began to use one of its powder attacks. A shimmering, blue substance came from the sprout on its head, covering the both of us before we had a chance to escape.

Almost immediately, my legs felt heavy, and my eyes would not remain open. I fell to the ground, right after I realized that the Pokemon had hit us with its spore.

Fortunately, I was not asleep for long. Brandon, on the other hand, was still dozing peacefully when I had already awakened. I did not know for how long I had been asleep exactly, but it was still dark, so it couldn’t have been the entire night. I shook my new companion awake and pulled him up off the ground.

“Where did it go?” He said, suddenly remembering the Shroomish that had stolen our bags.

“I have no clue,” I muttered hopelessly.

“Let’s try walking this way or something,” Brandon suggested, pointing to the way the Shroomish had originally been walking.

And so we did. We walked for what seemed like hours that way, but we simply could not find the Pokemon or our belongings anywhere. Why did it need to take them?

I sighed petulantly as I sat down on a rock. Brandon followed suit, sitting right next to me and groaning unhappily.

“I don’t know… I mean, are we still anywhere near Cycling Road?” I asked him, breaking the silence.

“I’m not sure, either,” he mumbled.

The wind was still quite strong and ice-cold. I shivered as I looked down at my feet, discouraged. I whipped my nose with my fist and inhaled the frigid air.

“Hey, wait,” I said brightly, suddenly having an idea. “I’m allergic to it, right?”

“Yeah, so?” Brandon uttered.

“So, I can follow my nose, so to speak,” I exclaimed.

Without waiting for him to object, I grabbed his arm and pulled him off the rock. I dragged him back in the other direction, which seemed to go a lot quicker than when we had come this way before.

“Okay, here we are,” I said when we had arrived back in the spot where the Shroomish had used spore on us.

I took my pokedex out of my pocket again and opened it up, shining its small light towards the ground. Immediately, I saw the bluish powder from before, scattered all about. I looked around for any hint leading where it had run off to. A thin trail of blue powder led in the direction of the east, and I knew we should follow it.

Brandon and I marched east, only able to follow the thin trail for a short time, since its concentration eventually decreased down to nothing. We were disappointed, but I had a feeling that my backup plan would work out nicely.

As we walked on in that direction, I could gradually feel the moisture in my eyes building up. My nose soon itched terribly, indicating the grass Pokemon was somewhere nearby. Of course, all my tissue was stuffed inside the bag that had been taken from me, so I had no relief from the annoying itch.

I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I sneezed. One came after the other, for quite some time. I could tell that Brandon was beginning to become agitated by me, as he kept scowling and rolling his eyes. It was surely uncomfortable, but I didn’t really care. I focused on the fact that we needed to find our bags more than anything.

Soon, the bittersweet scent of the Shroomish became much clearer, and I could see the golden powder floating in the air, just as before.

“It has to be here,” I told Brandon.

“Yeah,” was all I heard him say.

“Shroom,” a low growl came from our right.

We both looked that way, and saw the Shroomish hiding behind a tree halfway. It was peering around the trunk’s side, glaring at us angrily.

“Look, we just want our things back, okay? Then, we’ll leave you alone,” I told it.

It did not seem to care about this, though, and remained behind the tree, still gazing at the both of us.

Brandon scratched his chin in wonder. “Hm, I think you should capture this one, too,” he remarked casually.

“What? I’m allergic to it. I can’t capture it!” I responded nervously.

“Just do it. I bet it’s a cool battler and all,” he shrugged.
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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

“Gees… Fine, then,” I said, walking straight up to the Shroomish, who still possessed my bag, and with it, my pokeballs.

I expected some sort of attack from it, but instead, it only backed away. I grabbed my bag and pulled out my five pokeballs, putting them on the ground next to me. I clutched one of them in my hand for a moment, then threw it out in front of me.

Out of the ball popped a small, rodent-like Pokemon. It had long, pointed ears and was yellow in color. Its red cheeks sparked with electrical energy as it waited for my command.

“Pika!” It said excitedly.

“Okay, Pikachu, give it a thundershock!” I called.

“Chu!” it nodded happily, then clutched its fists, readying itself for the attack. From its cheeks flew bolts of lightning, straight for the Shroomish. They wrapped around the grass Pokemon, hitting it right on.

To my surprise, it only shook the attack off. It seemed to smirk as it bent down low to the ground, set to attack my Pikachu. As fast as it could, it attempted to ram into my electric Pokemon with a tackle attack. However, Pikachu was way too fast for it. It dodged to the side, narrowly avoiding its assault.

“Good, Pikachu! Now, give it another thundershock!” I ordered.

Pikachu sent the bolts of lightning again, but Shroomish rolled to the side, allowing the electricity to strike a tree behind it.

Just then, Shroomish got back up. It seemed to concentrate as it sent green circles of energy from Pikachu and back to itself.

“Oh no, an absord attack,” I thought.

I watched as Shroomish gathered the light into its own body, restoring itself back to perfect health. Pikachu seemed quite weakened by its attack, starting to stumble from its lack of energy.

“Pikachu, use quick attack!” I requested of it.

My electric rodent sprang from its feet and crashed into Shroomish, in what seemed like the speed of light. Shroomish only staggered a bit, hardly hurt by the low-power attack. It steadied itself, though, and began to lower its head. It hurtled its own body forward, slamming itself into Pikachu roughly.

“Pika!” It called out in pain.

“No, are you okay? Come on, Pikachu, you can do this,” I encouraged it.

At this, it got up again. It stood on its hind legs, seemingly ready as ever. Sparks now flew from its cheeks sporadically, one nearly hitting me.

“Whoa. Since you want to use electric attacks, now, give it a thunderbolt!” I exclaimed from behind it.

It nodded, barely hesitating. It forced powerful bolts of electricity from its round, red cheeks, and aimed them straight for Shroomish. The grass Pokemon tried its best to dodge them all, but was hit by one of the strings of electrical energy, sending it flying. It crashed into a nearby tree, frowning in irritation.

“Shroom,” it scowled at my Pikachu.

“All right, Pika, now try a quick attack!” I yelled.

Pikachu reeled back, and ran at full speed towards Shroomish, throwing its body straight into it. It knocked it away from the tree, and it rolled back towards me. Pikachu remained where it was, panting and staring at the Shroomish determinedly.

“Good job!” I complimented it happily.

However, Shroomish had already begun sending another attack towards Pikachu. This one was similar to the absorb, but it seemed a lot more dramatic. The electric mouse tried its hardest to dodge, but was pummeled by green light energy. It fell to the ground as the light once again traveled from its body to Shroomish’s. This time, Shroomish only healed partially, since it had already been damaged badly by Pikachu. Still, this was enough to throw the battle off.

“Pikachu!” I screamed worriedly.

Pikachu stumbled for a moment, completely lost of all its coordination. With a soft thump, it fell to the ground, fainted.

“Aww, good job, though, Pika,” I said as I returned it to its pokeball.

I set its ball on the ground, unsure of what I should send next, but apparently Brandon wanted to help me out with that choice. “This time, pick something with an advantage to grass Pokemon,” he muttered sarcastically.

I shot him a dirty look, but took his advice, picking up the pokeball of my Pidgeotto. I threw it out in front of me, and with a flash of brilliant light, the flying Pokemon hovered before me, ready to battle.

“Okay, Pidgeotto, I need your help,” I told it. “Now, start off with a quick attack!”

Pidgeotto seemed to nod quickly, then spiraled through the air, diving towards Shroomish. The grass Pokemon avoided the attack by ducking and rolling out of the way, causing my Pidgeotto to fly through open air. It flapped its wings and soared back upwards.

Shroomish attempted to counter by using its absorb attack on the flying Pokemon. It hit, but Pidgeotto was able to easily brush it off. With a flap of its wings, the attack ended, and Shroomish barely sucked in any energy.

“All right, now use your gust attack!” I shouted up into the air so that my Pokemon could hear me.

It flew lower to the ground, now facing Shroomish. It thrust its wings hard, sending blasts of air straight into Shroomish. Thankfully, it hit dead on, sending it flying backwards and unable to defend itself.

“Shroomish!” It yelled angrily.

Now that Pidgeotto was close enough to the ground, it sent out a purple colored powder straight in its direction.

“Dodge it!” I cried.

Pidgeotto heeded my words, turning and flying away from the deadly powder. I flew as fast as it could, but could not completely escape the attack. The very top of the powder’s cloud grazed Pidgeotto’s tail feathers.

“Pidgeotto!” it screamed in annoyance.

“That’s poison powder, so watch out, Silver,” Brandon informed me.

“Okay, thanks,” I said, and then turned back to see the battle. “Now, Pidgeotto, use whirlwind to blow the rest of the poison powder away!”

It flapped its wings at my command, creating an even more powerful wind than before. The purple powder was quickly blown to the side, keeping everyone safe from its harm, and Pidgeotto swept down closer to Shroomish.

Shroomish attempted to use a mega drain on Pidgeotto, sending the energy from its body back to its own. Pidgeotto was only slightly injured by this, and remained in its spot, still ready for battle. However, it seemed somewhat hindered by the poison powder attack from before.

“Now, I want you to try a wing attack on it!” I said.

Pidgeotto listened, stretching its appendages in order to reveal its full wingspan. It plunged down towards the grass Pokemon, aiming to hit the very top of its wing against its small, round body. Shroomish, however, was able to do its rolling trick and dodge yet another attack.

“Turn around and try again!” I called.

It obeyed, pulling up in midair and spinning around. It dropped, once again, towards the small Shroomish and hit the unsuspecting Pokemon dead on.

“Yeah!” I cheered from the side, but then I noticed Shroomish attempting to use yet another attack on Pidgeotto.

It jumped from the ground, aiming the top of its head straight for the bird Pokemon, who still flew very low. It slammed into one of its wings, sending it flying off balance.

“Pidgeotto!” It screamed as it was sent spiraling towards the earth. It hit, and I felt my heart cease to beat.

“No! Come on, you can get it!” I yelled hopefully, very concerned about my friend.

To my relief, it was able to push itself up and into the air with a little effort. It flew high into the sky in a circle, getting used to the air and preparing for its next attack.

“Okay, Pidgeotto, great job so far. Use your agility!” I requested.

Pidgeotto apparently heard me, even from that high in the sky. It began to glow as it increased its speed drastically. I watched as it was now able to disappear and reappear in a different spot within the same second.

Shroomish certainly seemed intimidated, as well. It could only stare at the high figure of my Pokemon up in the sky.

“Okay, impress us with your fast wing attack, Pidgeotto!” I yelled to it.

Listening, it began dropping down from the air. It closed its wings in tightly to its body, and started spinning straight for the Shroomish. At the last second, before Shroomish even had a chance to get away, it opened its wings and slammed one of them into it. It all happened in so little time, I could barely see it.

Shroomish flew backwards from the fierce attack. I was shocked to see that it was still not ready to give up. I gasped as it sent out the blue powder I had seen before. The cloud of spore was sent straight for Pidgeotto, and I had to think quickly. My mind raced with the possibilities that could help my Pokemon out. Then, I thought of it.

“Mirror move!” I exclaimed with pride of my idea.

It had been just in time, too. In front of Pidgeotto, formed a translucent piece of glass that was as thin as a hair. The spore attack seemed to reflect off of it and headed straight back to Shroomish. The spore covered Shroomish, who had no way of getting out of it. It sat there, closing and opening its eyes, struggling to stay awake. It could not fight the attack’s power, however, and it fell to the ground, nearly fainted and now, asleep.

“Yeah! Good job, Pidgeotto!” I said happily, grabbing an unused pokeball from my bag.

I looked over when my Pokemon did not respond, and saw that it was sleeping, as well. I’d nearly forgotten that mirror move still allows the other attack to occur. I laughed softly, then threw the ball at the Shroomish. It slammed into the sleeping grass Pokemon, opened up, and with a blast of red energy, absorbed it.

I watched eagerly as it shook once… twice…
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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

Story: 9/10
The story was simply amazing, Silverfrost...maybe you should write some a story soon. Awesome job!

Spelling/Grammar: 9/10
None that I could see...but, everyone isn't perfect, is are they?

Battle: 9/10
The battle was great. Shroomish fought well against Pikachu and Pidgeotto, which is a big plus. Make sure to add a bit more length, possibly a few more paragraphs

Length: 7/10
The length was could have been better, but it was good. Try to make things longer in the future.

Details: 9/10
You, described things beautifully. Great job, I give you my props.


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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

^_^ K, next story:


“Great, I caught it!” I exclaimed, rather pleased with myself, but I felt my nose burning again. “Achoo!” I sneezed loudly.

Brandon chuckled from beside me. “Hah, too bad you’re allergic to one of your own Pokemon, now.”

I raised one eyebrow at him. “You were the one that told me I should catch it, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, maybe I did,” he shrugged, and then let out a yawn.

“And… I know it’s going to be kind of annoying battling with it, but you saw how cool it was. You were right, this Pokemon could really help me out,” I claimed optimistically. “I wonder why it was stealing our bags, though.”

“Maybe it needed the little amount of food we actually have or something,” Brandon thought.

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that,” I agreed, for once. “So, we still have to find our way back to Cycling Road,” I reminded him.

“True, but do you even know the way?” I could tell he was starting to get annoyed.

I looked down at the ground, ashamed that I had most likely gotten us lost. It really was a big forest, though, and I never expected that chasing a Shroomish in here would leave us trapped without a way out. I originally only meant to find my belongings and get out, but now, we had no idea where we were.

“I don’t, actually. How about we just walk back the way we came? I’m sure that we can just follow the path backwards without too much trouble,” I said hopefully.

“Well, we don’t have much of a choice in the matter,” he responded gloomily. “Let’s go.”

And so, we walked. I could remember finding my way here from the way my allergies were acting up, so it was quite a bit different, this time. All I had to do before was head in the direction that made me more and more uncomfortable. I didn’t really have that to guide me anymore, so we had to do this by memory.

Of course, we were easily able to walk a short distance through the trees without messing up completely, but that soon changed. As we went further away from where I had captured Shroomish, we wandered more from the correct path. It seemed that our angle eventually became wrong, but we had no idea, so we just kept going.

It wasn’t too long before I realized that we were heading in the wrong direction. We had come across an odd grouping of boulders, which I didn’t recognize from before. Instantly, something clicked in my head, but I was still kind of frightened of letting Brandon in on our mistake.

I took a deep breath, and stopped walking. “Brandon, this isn’t right…”

“What do you mean? Are you sure?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I’m positive. It’s so dark, though, and we just can’t see very well, right now,” I said, trying to cheer him up before he got too frustrated.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, I guess. I think we should just keep walking a little bit more. We’re bound to get out of here sometime,” he stated, surprisingly not very angry.

“All right,” I agreed, following him.

We walked along the floor of the woods, occasionally needing to step over rocks and tree roots along the way. The terrain wasn’t really as rough as one would expect it to be, so neither of us really complained for the short time that we traveled. That is, until it started to rain. It could have been worse, since it was only sprinkling lightly, but it was still aggravating.

Eventually, we came upon what appeared to be a source of light in the distance. It was very faint, but easy to spot in the vast darkness around us. Brandon sped up, breaking into a full run. I followed suit, thinking that it might’ve been a light from the next town or city. As we got closer, though, we saw that it was neither. Brandon stopped running, as did I, and he clung to the trunk of a tree, hiding behind its width and observing the light.

It was only a single candle, which was visible through a transparent, yet rather dirty window. I peered around it for the rest of the building, and found what looked like the perimeter of a small shack. I could not make out any detail other than the fact that it was diminutive and broken down, and both Brandon and I stared at it for a long time, letting the rain hit us softly.

After a short while, I began marching forward, straight for the shack. “Maybe it’s abandoned… And, we can’t sleep out here while it’s raining.”

“What?! Ugh, you can’t just walk inside someone’s house,” Brandon said, but still followed me.

Yes, I was being rude, but we did need a place to stay. I walked up to the window and peered in to find no one inside. The candle still burned dimly, and all I could make out through the dirty window was the table it sat upon. I walked around until I found a door at the rear of the shack. Fully aware that no one was home, I opened it and stepped onto the threshold. Brandon stood close to me as I took a quick look inside. Now, I could see a huddle of blankets in the corner, with a pillow nearby. Underneath the table upon which the candle rested was a wooden chair, with half of its back broken off.

My fun was disrupted when I heard the fast click of a rifle sound right next to my head. I felt the end of the barrel press up against my skull, and heavy breathing suddenly running down my neck.

I choked back a scream as my heart began to race and my eyes widened in terror. They filled with tears as the suspicion that it was Team Rocket flew through my mind. I had a feeling my life would end right here, right now, and all for being meddlesome.

“What do you two think you’re doing, here?” A hoarse, masculine voice asked quietly behind us.

“Uh… we were just looking… Nice place you got, here,” Brandon attempted to explain.

“Who are ya?” The armed man asked us.

I swallowed back my fear, trying my best to suppress it. “I’m Silver… an-and this is Brandon. We were just trying to find our way out of these woods, sir.”

“During the middle of the night? Hmm…” He seemed to be considering something. “You’re not with Team Rocket or anything, are you?”

Confusion swept over me, making me hesitate to answer. “No, but I assumed that you were,” I confessed.

The man behind us gave a loud guffaw, and I felt the edge of the gun being pulled away from my head. I sighed quietly, relaxing my shoulders. The man pushed himself between Brandon and me, over the threshold and into the shack.

I could see him clearly by the candlelight, now. He was of average height and weight, and appeared to be in his late fifties or early sixties. His grey hair stuck out of a cowboy hat, which he now removed, setting it on the table. He had thick, bushy eyebrows, sitting atop soft, brown eyes, bordered with wrinkles. His attire consisted of a tan jacket, navy pants held up by suspenders, and a button down, long-sleeved white T-shirt.

He set down his rifle, right up against the wall in a corner. He pulled out the broken chair and sat down, pulling a container of whiskey out of his pocket. He unscrewed the cap and took a sip of the drink, and then set it down next to the candle. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and turned to face us.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get inside,” he ordered.

Now realizing that I had been standing in the doorway the entire time, I stepped inside cautiously, still pretty scared of this guy. My shoes scraped against the dusty, wooden floors as I kept close the Brandon, not exactly willing to leave his side.

“The name’s Brian Thompson,” the man barked from his seat.

“Nice to, um, meet you, Mr. Thompson,” I remarked politely.

“So, do you kids need a place to stay for the night?” He inquired of us.

“Actually, we do,” Brandon answered. “Sorry for barging in and all, but we assumed this place wasn’t occupied, and it was raining and stuff…”

Mr. Thompson scratched his forehead for a moment, and looked at the ground. He seemed to be considering something, and neither Brandon nor I dared to interrupt his thoughts.

“Well, it’s all right. I’m sure you two weren’t exactly thrilled about getting wet or anything. So, why don’t you just sleep here for the night?” He finally asked.

“Oh, yes! Thank you so much!” I exclaimed.

“I mean, it’s obviously not much,” he continued, ignoring my appreciation, “but you’ll still have a roof over your head, so it shouldn’t be too bad for ya.”

I looked to my side at Brandon, who seemed just as content with it as I was. Beggars couldn’t really be choosers, and we weren’t about to complain, especially when this man had previously held us at gunpoint. I shuddered at the thought.

Just when I thought the scares were done with, I felt something brush up against my leg. I nearly screamed as I saw a small, black creature trot by me, unaware that it belonged to Mr. Thompson. I was relieved to see him pet it as it barked playfully at him.

“What is that?” Brandon asked the question that was on my mind, as well.

“Oh, him? He’s a Houndour,” said Mr. Thompson, as he stroked the dog-like creature.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pokedex. I was curious about this Pokemon, as I had never seen it until now. I flipped it open and pointed it at the Houndour.

“Houndour: These Pokemon hunt as a coordinated pack. They communicate with each other using a variety of cries to corner their prey. Their remarkable teamwork is unparalleled,” spoke my little red computer.

“Wow, how cool,” I whispered, fascinated. Although, I wasn’t too sure how well my Persian would get along with him.

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

“Yeah, he is pretty neat,” Mr. Thompson stated.

“I wonder… what type is he?” I asked him.

“He’s half fire and half dark. It’s a pretty good combination, and he’s really loyal and caring, so he makes a great pet,” The older man said happily.

“Wait… a dark type?” I asked, perplexed by this. I had only heard of dark-type Pokemon. In all my days of traveling, I had never actually seen one.

“Yes, a dark type,” Brandon muttered. “Not many people like to use them, because they think they symbolize evil or something,” he said, shrugging.

“That’s correct. Team Rocket likes using dark-type Pokemon, but the creatures themselves aren’t necessarily evil. My little Houndour, here, is a great friend to me, and always has been,” Mr. Thompson told us.

“Heh, that’s awesome,” I replied. “But, what is it about dark Pokemon if they’re not evil?”

“Dark Pokemon love the night-time. They thrive on darkness, and many don’t even come out during the day. They’re a wonderfully unique type, though. I don’t understand why more trainers don’t use them in battle. They can be great and powerful fighters,” he explained with pride.

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” I said with enthusiasm.

“So, I take it you’ve never encountered one of them before, Silver?” Mr. Thompson asked me, and I was surprised to hear that he remembered my name.

“Um, no, I haven’t,” I murmured timidly. “It seems I know something about every type except this one.”

“Well, you should consider getting a dark Pokemon to train. I bet you’d really like it,” he encouraged me.

“Yeah, maybe,” I said with a smile.

A short silence followed that, in which all we could hear was Houndour’s claws scraping against the floor as he playfully nipped his owner’s hand. It was a nice sight, seeing the two so close.

“Well, it’s very late, and I think we should all just go to bed,” Mr. Thompson finally said.

Both Brandon and I agreed with that. I looked at my watch for the first time in a while. I gasped as I read the digital numbers as 3:27. It truly was very late, and I hadn’t realized we had been out for so long. Luckily, we could finally sleep, though.

You may be wondering why Brandon and I so willingly trusted Mr. Thompson. Well, only after he threatened to shoot us did we realize that he was actually a very kind man, with a great love for Pokemon. He certainly didn’t seem harmful, and we also did not have much of a choice. It was raining, so we were pretty excited to even have a roof over our heads.

Brandon slept up against the opposite wall as Mr. Thompson. I was lying in the middle of the floor, far enough away from both of them. Mr. Thompson had given me his jacket to use as a blanket, and he gave Brandon one of his extra shirts. Despite his limitations, he certainly was hospitable. After twisting and turning upon the floor, desperate to get comfortable for a while, we fell asleep.
* * *

I awoke the next day to the sound of quiet laughter. I rolled onto my side, feeling the hard floor rub against my hips and shoulders. I opened my eyes from the slight discomfort and noticed my hair was covering the side of my face. I sat up, still disheveled, and looked behind me to see Mr. Thompson and Brandon sitting and looking at me.

“Rise and shine, sweetheart,” Brandon said foolishly.

I yawned and stretched my arms, finally satisfied from a full night’s sleep. I got up and threw the jacket off of me. The brilliant sunlight pouring in through the clouded window caused me to squint uncomfortably.

“Ah, what time is it?” I wondered, now looking at my watch. “Wow, I slept until 12:30 P.M.?”

“Yeah, I woke up only about an hour ago, though, so I slept nearly as long,” Brandon told me.

“Your friend here tells me you two are looking for Team Rocket?” Mr. Thompson asked me.

“Yes, I guess we are. See, they stole a ton of Pokemon from the Safari Zone, and since we’re good trainers, we’re going to try and get them back,” I explained.

“Yeah, we figure that we can battle them for the Pokemon or something,” Brandon chimed in.

“Ah, well you’d be smart to set off during the night, if you ask me. That’s when they make their moves, hence, coming out of hiding,” Mr. Thompson said while scratching his chin pensively.

“Wow, you seem to know a little about them,” I said.

“Yes, I suppose I do. I was formerly part of a resistance group back in the day, when I was much younger,” he told me.

I looked down and stared at the ground for a moment. Being part of a resistance team sounded so cool, especially if it was totally against Team Rocket. It would certainly be something I’d consider doing.

“Wow, that’s pretty awesome. So, what did you do in the resistance?” I asked him.

“Well, I was a spy for a short time. I found this place abandoned while I was younger, doing a job in these parts, and when I didn’t have a place to stay, I just decided to live here. It may be a little small, but it’s home,” he said, looking all around him.

I smiled at the thought of his practicality and also, his generosity toward two total strangers. In all my time of traveling away from home and trying to collect badges, he was probably the most trusting person I’d ever met. Also, his knowledge about interesting things like Team Rocket was a plus, as it would help us so much to know more about them before searching again.

“Hm, you know, Brandon, maybe we should search for Team Rocket in the middle of the night, like Mr. Thompson suggested,” I said to my new traveling companion.

He seemed to consider it for a moment. “Yeah, that sounds fine to me… But, are you okay with us staying here for the rest of the day, Mr. Thompson?”

“Oh, it’s all right with me. I like having company around, especially nice young trainers such as you,” our host smiled appreciatively at us.

“Cool, and thanks for being so kind to us,” I told him.

“Oh, it was only my pleasure,” he said while nodding.

He got up and walked outside after telling us that he had prepared some food. Apparently, he preferred to cook outside over a fire than inside the shack, probably since it didn’t have a stove. After a few moments, he returned and brought us both some soup he had made from herbs and berries that grew naturally around this part of the forest. We ate graciously, until nothing was left. Even though both of us had brought food in our bags, it seemed we barely had time to stop and eat, and it was becoming exhausting. It was a great change to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal.

Throughout the day, we mainly just relaxed outside. The three of us talked a lot, and I even got to know Brandon a little better. I was surprised that after staying with him for this long, I hadn’t known more. He apparently had gotten six out of the eight gym badges in the Kanto region, and I’ll admit that I was thoroughly impressed. He also had eleven Pokemon, all of which were fully evolved and he switched in and out of his team, so that they’d be trained evenly. I really hadn’t any idea that he was so serious about training, and it made me realize that having six Pokemon at this point was hardly anything to be proud of. Don’t get me wrong, my Pokemon were great, but I failed in comparison to Brandon as a trainer.

We also learned quite a bit about Mr. Thompson. He told us of his days as a spy with the resistance and how difficult it really could be tracking Team Rocket. He also said that fortunately, their strength had decreased over the years, and they’d been trying desperately to hold onto the organization. Luckily for us, it was crumbling.

As a way of showing him our thanks, we tried to help fix up Mr. Thompson’s home a little. We replanted some of the vegetation around his minute house, to make it look slightly more cheerful. Brandon also had the idea of breaking off the rest of the back of Mr. Thompson’s only chair, turning it, instead, into a better looking stool. I gave him the blanket I normally used to sleep on during the night so that he could use it to soften the hard floor upon which he normally slept. That was really all we did all day, but it seemed to make him happy, so it was worth it.
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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

When the sun was beginning to set, I started to think about the mission Brandon and I had planned for the night. We were to set out as soon as it got completely dark and just take a look around. If we found anything, we’d report back to Mr. Thompson, who’d help us out in any way he could. He said he’d call the police if need be, and that really did help to comfort us more. However, we both kept insisting that we’d be perfectly all right on our own. The kind older man did not seem convinced, no matter what we said.

The three of us waited patiently until the only light visible was that of the moon. Then, Brandon and I began our trek through the dark woods again. Somehow, even though we’d done this the previous night, too, it seemed different. We weren’t just trying to find our way out of the forest; we were actually trying to find the missing Pokemon that Team Rocket had stolen. I know that I definitely felt as if I had a purpose, at least at the time. I was pretty sure that Brandon felt the same.

The woods were the same as the night before, but this time, the moon was full, and its faint light guided our way. Surprisingly, I didn’t trip over anything while we walked, thanks to the glow of the moonlight all around us. I remembered Mr. Thompson’s words as I walked.

“Just be careful. You never know what they’re planning around here,” he had told us sternly.

This only served to increase my anxiety, but I was willing to go out, anyway. Of course, we didn’t have to walk for very long before we had spotted something very peculiar. I accidentally bumped into Brandon as he stopped abruptly.

“What are you-” I started to ask.

He cupped his hand over my mouth, indicating for me to be quiet. I instantly felt the fear run through me as I realized that he had spotted something right near us. He turned around and put his finger to his mouth. Obviously, I got the point. He put one hand on my shoulder gently, and slowly pushed me down, closer to the ground with him.

We sat, peering over a boulder, completely out of view of what Brandon had seen. And then, I saw it. It was a man, dressed in dark clothing and wearing a black bandana on his head. The silver light of the moon did not show us much more detail, but we were both smart enough to assume that he was a member of Team Rocket.

The mysterious man walked quickly and angrily, holding something that I could not see in his hand. I could hear his feet scuffing against the ground as he pounded along. He soon stopped about twenty feet in front of us, and pulled back his arm, throwing the item he held out in front of him.

I realized, from the way he had thrown it, that it was actually a pokeball. I continued to watch as a flash of white light burst from the ball, allowing the energy to form the body of a Pokemon. This was certainly a type of Pokemon that I had never seen before. Brandon seemed confused, as well, as he gaped at the creature in disbelief.

From what I could vaguely make out at the distance and poor lighting, the Pokemon was of the color white, with darkly shaded paws, tail, and face. It stood on all fours, and had what appeared to be a sickle atop its head. The fur around its neck was especially thick and shaggy, and its eyes shone a deep crimson.

It stood there, watching the man that had released it from its own pokeball. He paced impatiently, and it looked like he was trying to say something, too. He stopped walking back and forth, and faced his Pokemon.

“Listen, if you can’t do what I tell you, then you’re not being very loyal to me,” the man stated in a high-pitched voice.

The creature only gazed at its trainer, waiting for him to keep talking. It held a hint of sadness in its stare, and I somehow felt pity for it.

“I told you to weaken those captured Pokemon, and you can’t even do that!” The man continued furiously. “What is it? Do you feel sorry for them or something?” He taunted.

“Ab…” The Pokemon muttered sadly, lowering its head.

“Well, that’s just too bad, because we can’t afford to have an oversensitive and caring Pokemon like you at Team Rocket. That’s not what we’re about. You’ve even embarrassed me in front of some of the other grunts… I just don’t understand why you couldn’t have been a normal dark-type Pokemon. I mean you’re all supposed to hold hatred in your hearts and be ruthless and…” his words trailed off miserably as he tried to portray his resentment.

The mysterious Pokemon only continued to look to the ground as its trainer spoke condescendingly to it.

“Well, if you’re going to have that attitude, good riddance,” he said, starting to walk off.

The furry, white Pokemon began following the man, but he stopped suddenly, turning around to face it again.

“I said, goodbye, ya stupid thing,” he uttered cruelly. “You’re free, now. Get out of here.”

The Pokemon just stood there, completely shocked. It couldn’t even respond to what its former master had just said. He was deserting it, abandoning it. It would now have to suddenly fend on its own after having someone look after it for so long. The thought of it nearly broke my heart, but I remained silent, still hiding behind the rock.

As the man walked away and dropped the pokeball on the ground, the Pokemon sat down, staring at the ground shamefully. I could almost feel its sadness, and I felt the sudden urge to do something. I had to help it, since it was now alone. I tried to jump up, but Brandon held me down by my shoulder. Soon enough, I broke free of his grasp and was able to hop over the boulder and approach the strange creature.

It got frightened right away, and I stopped walking so fast when I became aware of this. I slowed down, almost stopping before it. It was neither angry, nor upset, but only alarmed. It must’ve had no idea that Brandon and I had been watching that entire time.

I reached into my pocket, grabbing my pokedex. I flipped open the top and pointed it at the scared, white Pokemon in front of me. “Absol: This Pokemon has the ability to foretell the coming of natural disasters. It lives in a harsh, rugged mountain environment. It very rarely ventures down from the mountains,” the electronic voice stated. I closed it by snapping its cover back and shoved it into my pocket.

I was somewhat concerned as to why Absol hadn’t already run from me, but I felt I should at least talk to it. “Look, you’re not just some machine that Team Rocket can use for their evil plans. You’re a Pokemon, and you should be treated better than the way that guy was to you,” I boldly said.

It shot its head towards the side, almost in an ashamed manner. I could tell that it truly missed its terrible trainer, and was in denial that he wasn’t being kind to it.

“Come on, you know that you deserve a better trainer. You shouldn’t have put up with him in the first place, and he has no right to claim that you aren’t loyal,” I exclaimed truthfully.

“Ab,” it muttered timidly as it turned to walk away.

“Why don’t you travel with me and my friend, instead of being alone out here?” I asked it.

It stopped in its tracks and turned to face me. It sat down and cocked its head to the side, acting quite unlike how I pictured a dark Pokemon would behave.

“So, you want to?” I said, excitement filling my face as I reached to grab a pokeball out of my bag. I threw it straight for Absol, but it unexpectedly slapped it away with its black sickle.

“I think it wants you to prove to it that you’re a good enough trainer,” Brandon said, hinting that I should battle it first.

“Oh, right,” I replied, slapping my forehead in embarrassment. “Hmm,” I pondered which Pokemon would be fit to fight it first.

“I don’t recommend using your Drowzee in this,” Brandon advised me. “Psychic types are lousy against dark types.”

“Okay,” I answered, grabbing a pokeball and throwing it out in front of me.

The ball hit the ground and bounced, then opened to reveal a flash of white light. The energy materialized into my original starter Pokemon, Charmeleon. The flame on his tail burned brilliantly against the faint light of the moon, and his eyes were fixed upon Absol, ready to battle.

“Okay, Charmeleon, we have to concentrate in this battle, but I know you’ll do your best,” I said supportively. “Now, start off with your slash attack!”

Charmeleon jumped towards Absol, drawing its arm back and extending its claws forward in a quick motion. Absol was able to dodge, leaping to the side and making Charmeleon graze only the air.

The dark Pokemon countered by attempting to use its own slash attack. It jumped at Charmeleon from behind, reaching out with its black paw and extended claws.

“Dodge it!” I called out from where I stood.

Charmeleon’s eyes flashed, acknowledging my command, and jumped clear out of the way. It turned back around to face Absol, still poised for battle and unharmed.

“Try another slash!” I requested of it.

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

“Char!” He cried as he leapt through the air once again. This time, the attack connected perfectly, striking Absol on its flank and causing it to flinch slightly.

“Absol!” It screamed, making Charmeleon back away.

Absol’s next attack seemed to occur in the mere blink of an eye. With a flash of light, it jumped at Charmeleon, striking him directly with a fierce quick attack. My fire Pokemon was knocked off of his feet and slammed to the ground. Nevertheless, he got up, still ready and willing to fight.

“Okay, let’s give it a flamethrower!” I said anxiously.

Charmeleon listened, opening his jaws and sending a stream of fire straight for Absol. The narrow flamethrower missed its target, as Absol cleverly ducked out of the way. As Charmeleon kept firing at it, the dark Pokemon crept up underneath the attack and was able to get in a scratch attack on Charmeleon’s stomach.

The fire Pokemon choked in surprise, stopping his flame assault. He stumbled backwards, away from Absol.

“Now that it’s close to you, try again!” I recommended.

Charmeleon shot its fire at the close-range Absol, but was only able to make contact with the tip of its tail. Smoke began to rise from it as it rolled on the ground, trying to put out the flames.

“Absol!” It cried as it got up, jumping straight for Charmeleon with its mouth open. My Pokemon shifted to the side in an attempted dodge, but Absol was able to bite down on his arm.

“Char!” It screamed as the bite attack hit. He shook his arm violently, trying to release Absol’s grip, but it wouldn’t work.

“Just slash it off, Charmeleon!” I cried worriedly.

Listening, the fire Pokemon extended his claws and was able to forcefully slash Absol directly on its shoulder. The dark Pokemon responded by releasing its grasp on Charmeleon’s arm. It stumbled backwards, trying to recover from the powerful attack.

“Good job,” I encouraged my Pokemon.

Absol’s next attack was something that only made me worry more. It stood still for a moment, then sent out clones of itself, forming them all into a circle. They all shifted, allowing my Pokemon and me to immediately lose sight of the real Absol. The double team attack caused Charmeleon to become surrounded by Absols, nearly sending him into a panic.

“It’s okay, Charmeleon, don’t worry. We’ll just have to find the real one,” I comforted. “Spin around and use flamethrower!” I said.

Charmeleon got ready, but we both noticed that Absol was already performing an attack. All of the clones imitated the real one, and they all swung their heads back in a circular motion. From their sickles came blades of wind, flying straight towards the center of the circle, where my Charmeleon waited. The fire Pokemon had no idea what to do, and let the some of the fake razor wind attacks slide right through him. However, I noticed one was much more opaque compared to the rest. It just had to be the real one.

“Charmeleon, look to your left and dodge it!” I called as quickly as I could.

Charmeleon did as I told it, now spotting the wind attack coming straight for it. This meant that he and I could now distinguish the real Absol, as well. He jumped straight up into the air, but the sharp attack grazed his feet, making a slicing sound as it hit.

“Char!” He yelled angrily.

“It’s okay, it hardly hit you,” I said, my eyes darting back and forth from the real Absol to my Charmeleon. “Um, trap the real one with your fire spin!”

Charmeleon nodded, sending out a similar-looking attack to his flamethrower. Only this time, the fire spin surrounded Absol, and the coiling flames ensnared the dark Pokemon.

“Absol!” I heard its scared cry through the circling, roaring fire.

“Okay, great! Use your dragon rage on it!” I said, taking advantage of Charmeleon’s anger.

The fire Pokemon opened its mouth to reveal a yellow ball of light. It sent the dragon attack spiraling towards Absol, who still remained in the fire. Remarkably, though, the entire fire spin shifted, allowing Absol to dodge the attack.

I scowled as I remembered that fire spin did not make Pokemon stationary, it just made it so they could not escape battle. “Try another dragon rage!”

Once again, the yellow ball formed in Charmeleon’s mouth, and he sent it flying towards the swirling flames that held Absol inside. Once again, Absol dodged it, and I watched in amazement as the entire body of fire moved to the side and out of harm’s way.

“Wow,” I heard myself mutter. “Um, dragon rage, but this time, get closer!”

Charmeleon jumped up and ran straight for Absol. At the same time, he prepared the dragon attack, once again. When he was close enough, he released it, and it slammed straight into the fire and hit Absol.

“Yeah!” I cheered happily.

Just then, I could hear the sound of rushing wind. The fires that surrounded Absol suddenly started to fade, as it sent a razor wind attack straight through them. Charmeleon, still close, was pummeled by the attack. It connected directly with his forehead, sending him flying.

“Oh no! Charmeleon, are you okay?” I ran to my Pokemon’s side, and saw that he was unconscious. “You fought well,” I said, as I lifted his pokeball and returned him. The red light from the button absorbed his energy, sending him safely to his home.

I got up, thinking quickly. Absol was much more powerful than I’d expected it to be. Its strength was unimaginable, and I figured that I needed a way to decrease its attack power. I reached for another pokeball, and threw it out onto the ground.

Once again, the white light formed into that shape of a small Pokemon. My Pikachu looked around curiously, its ears twitching while it smiled happily.

“All right, Pikachu, let’s do this,” I said, prepping it for battle.

Once it realized what it was doing here, it jumped down onto all fours and lowered its pointy ears. Its eyes narrowed threateningly at Absol, who now appeared to be quite tired.

“Use your thunderwave!” I commanded.

The electric Pokemon sat up and clenched its fists as it released brilliant electrical energy. The energy was headed straight for Absol, but it narrowly dodged the attack.

“Again!” I called.

Pikachu did the same as before, and this time, it hit. The electricity surrounded Absol, tightening against its body. It let out a cry of frustration as the attack paralyzed it.

“Now, give it a quick attack!” I said.

Pikachu ducked down low and sprinted straight for Absol. The familiar trail of light ran behind it as it slammed straight into the dark Pokemon and knocked it over. Being paralyzed gave it no chance to react or dodge.

“Now use thunderbolt!” I exclaimed.

“Pika!” It screamed as it sent bolts of electricity from its body to Absol. The electric attack hit, causing Absol to yell out in pain.

With all its might, Absol forced itself to stand up. It was momentarily able to shake off the paralysis and use another quick attack against Pikachu. The electric rodent tried to dodge, but the massive Absol slammed into it, causing it to roll along the ground.

“Pika!” My Pokemon yelled angrily, getting back up.

“Try a quick attack again!” I called.

Pikachu listened and without hesitating, ran at full speed towards Absol. It slammed its little body into the exhausted Absol, causing it to only stagger. The dark Pokemon returned with its own quick attack, forcefully knocking Pikachu to the ground.

“Pikachu! Get up and jump onto its back!” I cried.

Pikachu listened, recovering from the attack rather quickly. It sprang from the forest floor and up onto the paralyzed Absol, clinging to its fur. Its opponent reacted by trying desperately to shake the electric Pokemon off of it, but to no avail. Pikachu hung on tightly, not willing to let go just yet.

“Now, use thunder!” I commanded.

Pikachu let go of Absol for one moment daringly, and prepared itself to use its most powerful attack. From the sky, a thick bolt of lightning emerged, headed straight for Pikachu and Absol. The attack connected with Pikachu, sending it straight through itself, into Absol, then into the ground.

Pikachu triumphantly hopped off. It turned to face Absol as it stumbled clumsily across the ground.

“Ab… sol…” It managed to say before plummeting to the earth, finally fainted.

“You did a great job, Pikachu!” I yelled as I grabbed an empty pokeball from my bag. I tossed it at Absol, and it snapped open. The dark Pokemon’s body converted to light energy and was sucked into the ball.

I watched as it shook once… twice…

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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis


Story: (Details, Plot, Length, Reality)
A not-bad story I must say Silver Frost. For an Absol it is fine, yet, longer is always better. You have done this quite well I assume, with a good story line which is also a continuation for the previous story. Yet, I say again, it can be better with even better plot. This section is "OK".
What helped you in this section was the rather nice length for an Absol and the very good Details you have thrown around the story. I could feel it, walk through it and see whats happening easily; nevertheless, more details could be more fun and more secure way to capture a Pokemon. Anyway, no one is perfect, though this is kindda way from perfection

Grammer, Spelling & Structure:
You have done very good in here, there weren't any spelling mistakes at all. Yet I have noticed some minor, and yes, minor grammatical mistakes through out the story like not capitalizing Pokedex, Pokeball, attacks of Pokemon like Thunderwave. Of course I have noticed some minor mistakes in the coma use and It's which should be Its. Everything else is perfect dear ^^

Battle: (Length, Details, Reality):
Now this was very good battle against Absol, a Charmelleon that fails so you sent your Pikachu. Very exciting that I managed to watch the battle on TV. Good job in here with a good battle length (Which could be more) and good battle details (Which could be more-er than length too ). As an overall, this section is well covered. Good job!

OUTCOME: 84/100 which is a good for an Absol. (Of course if this story was for a stronger, evolved or a rare Pokemon you would have got less than 70/100). Anyway, good job Silver Frost and have fun with your new Absol. have to wait for an official Grader to grade this for you. Good luck in your catch SF ^^


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Default Re: The Master of Hypnosis

SF- I enjoyed this story and the length is just fine. Use Tamer's advice.

Outcome- Absol Captured!

Tamer- Pass.

Congrats to both!

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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