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Default Chapter 10 : DogNapped

Suicune ducked and weaved through the forests kind trees, which did their best to cover his tracks with their leaves and trip and snag those who pursued. Pokemon in trees and burrows watched scared as the men pursued on foot, each one barking orders at their respective Pokemon as they skipped and flew through the forest. One such Pokemon, a Rapidash, galloped before the rest and kept pace with Suicune. The red maned horse kept pace with ease, its beautiful white and red frame built for sustained bursts of speed. He watched the stallion as it reared before him and blocked his path teeth gritted in determination.

"I could destroy you Fire Horse." He said matter of factly to the fiery maned and tailed Pokemon.
"Nothing you could deal could match their punishment for not acting upon orders, Legendary pig." The Rapidash spat back in Poke-talk. Suicune doubted that.

Suicune leaped towards the Rapidash, spewing a fountain of Hydro pumped water at its torso, sending it tumbling helplessly into a tree trunk that did its best to catch it within its hardest knots.

But the Rapidash had done its work, for before Suicune knew what had hit him more Pokemon had come to the fray. As he ran, a Pinsir knocked him over from the side, its serated clawed hands reaching for him as he fell. He tumbled and rolled smoothly to his feet only to be pounced upon from behind by a dark Scyther who held him fast as the humans finally began to catch up. The Scyther pinned one half of him down while the Pinsir held his other as the white coat finally approached, weapon in hand. He heard chuckles from the humans as he unleashed another tirade of hydro pump at the Pokemon holding him. The Scyther hissed at him in hatred.

"Tsk Tsk Suicune. Surely you know when you’ve been beaten." Neonil hissed through his cruel smile as he struggled and growled fearfully.

"You cannot harm me Human. As we speak Pokemon of the forest come to my aide. Do not let your guard down so quickly.” Before he’d even finished, a massive Ursaring, giant and wise loomed behind Neonil, his bear-like features muscular and powerful. Several Stantler and other forest dwelling Pokemon of mature, strong and powerful make, started to approach the scene to assist the friend of the forest and giver of life. One of the humans’ Pokemon, a Persian leapt sharp claws bared, upon the Ursaring, who was closest to Neonil. Ursaring calmly and easily swatted the cat out of the air and into a bush of thorns, never taking his eyes off the threat before him.

A mighty battle ensued, wild Pokemon against Code Gravity's. Blasts, beams and explosions of all sorts blew their region of forest apart. Human and Pokemon alike were charred, frozen, pounded and drenched in a matter of seconds. Trees were reduced to wood chips and smoldering heaps. Finally the Ursaring, who seemed mightier than his friends and foes beyond compare, lurched out of the throng towards Neonil who stood over Suicune, gun swinging wildly around, alert for coming foes.

"Do not come a step further!" Neonil screamed. "Or I will kill him and the rest of you with him!" and with this he aimed the barrel of his weapon at Suicune between the eyes, who by this stage was in a wondrous state of intrigue and happiness. He couldn’t seem to think clearly. Neonil fired directly at Suicune s head and he instantly started to shrink, lose his mane and de-evolve.

Nothing but a puppy Pokemon remained, baby blue and looking amazed. Bright eyed and dazzled by the simplest of things, one of Neonils henchmen picked it up by the scruff of his neck and threw him inside the cage that held the puppy Raikou, who was blissfully sleeping, unaware of what happened just now. The cute and wide-eyed puppy shrank back from his captors to the back of the cage and cried quietly. Those battle-weary wild Pokemon, both entranced and mortified by this development, disappeared to deliver the terrible news to their friends. They had fought as hard as they could but ' Suicune was lost.'

Miguel awoke again in a terrible state. His moaning and gasps for breath were loud enough for Valthor this time and he was by Miguels side when he finally awoke, drenched in sweat and sticking to his soaked sheets. He cleared his damp hair from his face, revealing glazed and bewildered bright green eyes. He looked at his concerned friend. "We have a royal visitor this morning." Even he wasn’t totally sure what this meant.
by Kyo
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Default Chapter 10 continued...

The Dragonagi Pokemon handlers had more experience in their field than most Pokemon trainers dreamt possible. Head Pokemon Handler Zinne was given a rather unusual and rare opportunity. He was handed the task of treating the one and only Entei. Once in his long and distinguished career, Zinne had the chance to witness a Pokemon known only as ‘Ho-oh’, but that was a long long time ago when he was merely an apprentice, trying dismally not to get in anyone's way. Even then, the sighting had been pure chance. The observation crew was simply transferring their office to another location when the beautiful and rare Pokemon glided past riding the air currents a magnificent stream of rainbow waving behind it. It was more exciting than his wedding day just seeing that small distant glimpse.

Now he was faced with heading the biggest healing operation he'd ever seen. Something deep inside connecting his heart and lungs stiffened as the limp form of the flaming legendary dog was carefully lifted into his emergency ward. He couldn’t put his fright and awe into words if he tried. The six assistants struggled and strained with their load as they placed the still form of an obviously exhausted Pokemon onto the biggest bed available.

He had prepared the bed void of any flammables. Its coat was a combination of reds and oranges, his body brutally strong to look at. They quickly made room for Zinne as he inspected the Pokemon, using special gloves made for handling such high temperature Pokemon. He probed and poked in silence as the poor beast breathed erratically, eyes closed and plainly low on energy. The ward cracked into action.

"Peartree, get me two hyper potions and one of those full heals. Robin, could you be so kind to retrieve my pack from the third draw down and remove from it a small viol marked Megafuel please. Hazel, Campion could you escort your dear friend Daphiel to the sink, he's about to be sick." All his commands were smooth, precise and carried out without question and in no time at all. The potions were applied and Zinne had to force the weak Entei to swallow the concoction from his pack marked ‘MegaFuel’. But once the great hulking flame Pokemon had the liquid downed, things changed quickly.

Entei snapped his eyes open and sprang off the table, roaring his fury at being so rudely awoken. He backed off into a corner defensively. Although still remarkably weak, he was about to send this foreign room to the pits of hell and back when he realized these people weren't the ones he'd been running from for over a day and a half. Fatigue, dizziness and light-headedness setting in, he noted directly in front of him was he who made him drink the awful tasting but marvelously silky warm liquid. He grunted as he realized he was replenishing. Healing thanks to these humans. Thanks to that one quietly telling the others to leave. 'He doesn’t want to frighten me. Hmph. With the amount of fear I smell on him, it’s a wander I can smell anything else at all.'

"Are.. are you feeling better Entei? Did you like my potions?" The man asked softly.
Entei stretched his front and back legs testing them in a show of strength for the amazed man. He could smell the wonder and amazement for his own beautiful existence. Entei had no problems letting the man bathe in his glory.
Entei groaned in pleasure at being so marveled. "YeS. THaNK You…errr?" Entei waited for the introduction.

"Erhem, Zinne. My name is Zinne." the agent stammered.
"YeS ThaNK You, Zinne. You HaVe DoNe Me a GreaT SeRViCe ThiS DaY."
Zinne was in shock. He was actually talking to the great Entei in his own office. People roam the lands forever searching for just such a Pokemon and here was this one, dropped right on his doorstep. He watched the beauty and majesty of this magnificent specimen in complete unhidden awe. Then it dawned on him.
"Entei… What happened to you? How did you end up at our Head Quarters? Who did this to you?" Zinne was amazed at his own forwardness. He wanted to help this great Pokemon in any way he could. He noticed quite the crowd gathered outside his office door.

Entei began with a grudging and powerful growl-like rumble. He started hesitantly, slowly warming up to explaining his experience. "I WaS HuNTeD DoWN aND TaKeN BY SuRPRiSe. HuMaNS aND Pokemon aLiKe TrieD To CaTCH Me BuT TheY WeRe uNSuCCeSSFuL, aS You CaN See. I WiLL NeeD SoMeWHeRe To StaY FoR aWHiLe. I WaS ShoT BY a STRaNGe BeaM aND I CaNNoT QuiTe FiGuRe ouT WhaT iTS DoNe To Me, BuT I'M SuRe iT WaS MeaNT To ReVeRSe MY aGiNG PRoCeSS. I FeeL SoMeHoW YouNGeR… MoRe aDoLeSCeNT. I WaS ChaSeD aND ChaSeD aND MeN iN a TruCK RoDe Me DoWN. I CouLD HaVe SwoRN WhaT I SaW In The BaCK oF ThaT TruCK a PaiR oF. . . WeLL, iTs iRReLLeVaNT. I'M HeRe NoW." Disturbed, he slumped down dejected and deep in thought.

Zinne was completely taken by surprise. The great Entei needed Dragonagi? He almost seemed to show reluctance to reveal his need for assistance. Could this giant actually be afraid of what that gun could have done to him? Suddenly Entei, who by this stage was seated on his haunches and watching Zinne speculatively, looked past him to the door, which swung open.

Valthor and Miguel came to a screeching halt as they saw the massive bulk of Entei within Zinnes' very own office. Miguel cursed to himself in shock and Valthor stared wide-eyed. Houndour and Espeon both immediately bowed their heads in respect, keeping their front ends lowered to the steel floor as they watched on.

"VaLTHoR" Entei spoke his name as if it was common to know it. He spoke it in gentle greeting and gave a tilted nod of acknowledgement as he did so.

"You know my name?" Valthor was surprised at the calmness of his voice. Miguel tried, but he couldn’t seem to stifle the shiver that worked its way down his spine by simply being within patting distance of one of the great Legendary Dogs.

"I KnoW YouR NaMe aND I KnoW WHaT You DiD FoR MY FLYiNG BReaTHRen oVeR a YeaR aGo. I NeeD YouR HeLP NoW aS You HeLPeD TheM TheN." Entei sounded completely humble. He showed Valthor utmost respect.

"Of course Entei. Anything. As Dragonagi, I am bound to serving you. I serve Pokemon and defend them to my death. What is your will Entei?" Miguel understood Valthor, as did Zinne. Dragonagi had one main ideal. To protect Pokemon. No matter what was being done, if there was a Pokemon that an Agent could help, he must drop his current job and assist the Pokemon regardless the cost. Anyone in the agency would have done the same.

"PRoTeCT Me."
by Kyo
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Wink Re: Dragonagi, Dragonagi 2 & Dragonagi 3

Wow! What a great fic! Your really creating something special here WWW! I didn't catch any spelling mistakes, great description, awesome plot. I look forward to seeing more, keep up the great work!

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Default Chapter 11 : Independence

Xvax was immediately informed of the situation and made sure all of Valthors unit had their duties taken over by other agents. Theirs was a more important assignment. Valthor had never been prouder to be a Dragonagi Agent. Never before had he been so envied, so looked on in wonderment. Agents shook his hand in welcome and praise. His word was never questioned and his every command was acted upon as if lives depended on it. Erinn and Galita were both greeted warmly by the Flame hound and though nervous at first, they both quickly became welcome invisible shadows for him. As Valthor would escort Entei around the complex with Miguel walking quietly behind, Erinn and Galita would cover both the rear and front respectively in expert manner. If someone was going to try to capture this Pokemon, it wasn’t going to be on their watch.

By the second day within the complex, Entei was becoming bored with the whole plan. He knew it was safer here than anywhere, but he couldn’t help getting snappy at his friends, often claiming they were babying him. He apologized sincerely straight after and let them know he was just worried for his brothers, Suicune and Raikou for some reason.

Valthor gave him the tour of the Pokemon habitats at which he was thoroughly impressed. Valthor explained the work involved and the way in which the Pokemon within the habitats actually maintain them with there own inner magic. The balance was something many outside Dragonagi were not aware of. Without the Pokemon, the habitats would slowly die off. Entei was beginning to see how much he'd underestimated the wisdom of this ancient organization when his thoughts were interrupted by a visitor, four of them to be precise.

"Valthor! How's the new patient?" Larissa called cheerfully as she, Chad, Ryath and Arken halted their morning jog for the welcome chat and joke at Entei's expense.

"Oh you know, he grumbles a bit. But you learn to ignore him."

"I'm RiGHT HeRe You KnoW." The dog mumbled irritably.

"Really? Wow, has he like… battled for you yet? Are you gonna keep him?"

"Nah, I'm not sure I want him. Besides, he'd just complain about how easy his opposition is."

"I HeaRD ThaT." Arken and Ryath, who were immensely impressed by this find up close, chatted to Galita and Erinn, who approached from both in front and behind respectively.

"So Erinn, do ya think you could take him on?" Arken asked excitedly.

"Yeah, like, where does he sleep. He's gotta have an enclosure all to himself right?" Ryath asked this eyeing the beast sideways and being eyed back just as suspiciously.
"Nah, I wouldn’t wanna hurt him anyway" "HeRM, LiKe You'D LaST Two SeCoNDS." "And no Ryath. He doesn’t sleep with the other Pokemon, he sleeps in the old burnt out lab room. He seems happy there and it's nice and quiet. No-one can hear his rumbling snoring there since everyones sleeping quarters are on the opposite side of the Complex."

"I HaVe a CoLD. I'M NoT WeLL YeT." Entei mumbled to himself as he sat down letting these old friends chat away.

Arken and Valthor shared ideas for a new Dragonagi Pokemon stadium tournament and revealed what each had been up to over the past few weeks. Meanwhile Galita and Erinn both bragged about being sole protectors of the "greatest Pokemon to ever grace the floors of Dragonagi" to Chad and Larissa, who acted as if it happened everyday and that they had more important things to do anyway. Chad in particular seemed defensive about his role in Dragonagi at the moment.

"I mean sure, things are slow, but at least we're going to be warmed up and prepared for if something serious happens." He emphasized serious as he glanced at Entei who looked a bit put out.

That night around midnight, Valthor lay awake in his dorm bed. Lying opposite him, laptop sitting on his legs and typing away in his own bed was Miguel. Miguel never failed to out distance Valthor in the staying up stakes, but Miguel worried about Valthor tonight, for he seemed disturbed. Disturbed enough to remain solidly awake. Miguel closed off his link with a Heonn stone collector, switched off his internet connection and closed his Laptop.

"You might as well scream 'I'm Worried!', Valthor. What's wrong?" No one read Him as well as Miguel did. Even through his apparent 'Darkening', Miguel still always had time for a chat before sleeping.

"Its just that, well, Entei has been getting so much better lately you know. He's been here three days now and each day his strength returns and grows. He seems so determined to get better."

"You think you're gonna miss him once he's gone?"

"No, no nothing like that. I mean, we've grown to be friends over these past few days, but it's not that. Its like, well, theirs something missing. Like theirs something he's not telling us you know? Whenever he's questioned about the chase, he seems to draw a blank on a certain part. He comes up to the truck that was chasing him and then kinda goes all twitchy and thoughtful."

"You think he's in danger still don’t you." He meant it more as a statement than a question. Valthor answered carefully.

"Whatever or whoever was after him must have been pretty serious about it if he ended up on our doorstep so close to death. He must have delivered quite a few deathblows before he decided to run. Can you imagine what it must have taken to get a Legendary dog so beaten? I just wish I knew where to start in finding the men who did this. At least we know he's safe here for now. No one could find him where he is now."

And with that comforting thought, Valthor and Miguel went to sleep, confident their mission was going to be a complete success.

Valthor awoke to deafening sirens and red alert lights flashing in his eyes. A young agent screamed through the dorms as fast as he could. He pulled open the dorm door and boomed the words Valthor dreaded most.

"It's TERRIBLE! Entei's been STOLEN!!!"

Xvax delivered the news personally. It was his decision and although he had fought with the board to be lenient on Valthor, it seemed that they were in poor spirits of late. He waited as Valthor absorbed the adjudication on his failure. He watched as his favorite agent turned a pale shade of purple and red as the news sunk in.

“We’re all Demoted?!!!” Valthor lay back on his bedroll as Miguel, Erinn and Galita let their jaws drop.

“Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds. They wanted to take away your uniform altogether. I was lucky they didn’t fire you Valthor. I fought hard for this punishment. It could have been a lot worse.” Xvax knew nothing but the truth would sate Valthor and his unit. He hated his superiors for making him deliver this news and punishment personally. He dutifully removed a ribbon of rank from each agent and departed to let them chat.

Galita and Miguel roared in frustration.

“Its not fair!!!” Theirs no way we could have slept down there. How did anyone get down there in the first place?!” Miguel was trying to understand the proceedings leading up to his demotion and not liking where it was taking him.

“This is ridiculous!!!” Galita was furious, as were they all. “This is obviously an inside job, Valthor. No one could have simply ‘Guessed’ Entei was in that lab. Someone had to know! Who was on guard down there?”

Miguel answered. "Arken was given a chance to lead his first unit that night. He and three others were on duty. But he says he and his unit were doped. He looked pretty groggy when they were found. A test showed traces of a drug used for tranquilizing Snorlax evident in their bloodstream."

Erinn was both calm and controlled about her demotion. She felt it was more her fault than anyone’s and accepted her punishment.

“Arrgghh! We can't just let this slide Valthor! We should find the culprit and hang them from the roof! We have to save Entei!! And I think starting with finding Code Gravity is the best start! They MUST be behind this!” Galita was starting to raise his voice as angrily as he'd ever.
“I don’t know guys, maybe we should think this…” Erinn began to council, but Valthor interrupted her.

“Yeah! We leave tonight. We will need the best Code Gravity hunter with us if we’re gonna do it right. We need Arken.” Miguel pointed out.
“We don’t want to alert anyone. This is our secret mission. Our deliverance. These guys are going to pay. Miguel, I think you know what to do.” Valthor hinted to his friend who nodded and immediately went about contacting Arken through his laptop. A few minutes later, he looked up.

“He’s in.”

An hour later, outside the Dragonagi compound and within the bright morning of day, Arken approached the four. Arkens’ Noctowl sat upon his shoulder, body bobbing rhythmically to his every step, watching wisely. Ryath strode happily and smiley alongside them. Flicking a pokeball in the air between steps.

“Whats this? You’ve brought a friend?” Galita joked happily.

“Yeah, he was with me when he saw us messaging each other and I had to take him with us. He won’t be a bother.” Arken seemed as if he wasn’t totally sure. Ryath pretty much bribed him to take him.

“A bother? Pfft! I’m gonna be a great help. You just watch and see! My Pokemon are going to be your saviors! Haha.” Ryath, dressed all in black ninja garb in contrast to Arken, who wore his blood-red armor and cycloptic visor, smiled cheerily at the bemused trainers.
by Kyo
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Default Chapter 12 : The injured Ursaring

They immediately traveled by air to Celadon City, where Arken was positive he knew a Code Gravity base was located. He was, as a matter of fact, headed there just before approached by Valthor all those months ago back on the Saffron City skyscraper rooftop. He felt he was a different trainer now. A more cautious and complete trainer. His Pokemon over the months had trained as hard as he did. But they trained under his own instructions and flourished under his care.

They landed down in the main square of the city and as usual, Valthor, and Miguel were in instant culture shock. The hustle and bustle, the closeness of person to person and the noise a city that size was not to their liking. Everytime they were confined to the compound for periods of time, they found adapting to city life difficult and stressful. Eager to get into action, Valthor prompted Arken to lead them to the outpost. They passed all manner of people, none more prevalent than those dressed in neatly trimmed suits and colorful ties. Valthor knew he could never miss the crammed car parks and temptation of delicious fast food.

Galita suddenly made an observation as they followed Arken and Valthor who led the party. The question made absolute sense to him until he asked it.

“Why don’t we ever drive a car? In fact where are all the cars? We’re in a city.” He seemed deeply curious about this. Erinn, Miguel and Ryath all looked at him as if he’d sprouted an extra head. He was evidently going insane. Finally Erinn’s logic prevailed.

“Duh Galita. This is a Pokemon story. No one has cars.” Miguel and Ryath both smiled and nodded knowingly at Erinns wisdom and accepted these words. Her thinking was sound as far as they were concerned. Galita looked at her skeptically. She drilled home her point by speaking to him as if he were a vegetable.

“Well, Galita, do you think Ash Ketchum drove a car?” Miguel and Ryath laughed as they all continued walking. Galita mumbled something inaudible about that possibility being pretty good.

Finally, entering a small dull-lit alley between two tall buildings, the six Agents halted midway, outside a rusty metal door. Their guide signaled this was the hot spot. Arken put his ear to it and tried to listen but to no avail. He couldn’t hear anything. He looked at the lock thoughtfully and proceeded to pick it with expert ease. The lock clicked open. With nothing else for it, Valthor gave Galita the signal to charge the door and all six agents fell in prepared for whatever lay within, Pokemon following suit bravely.

Pokeballs at the ready, and Pokemon wildly looking for a target, the agents assessed the situation as well as they could. Their eyes darted here and there searching for signs of danger. Valthor thought the room was eerily warm.

“Its empty?” Arken was in shock. He was sure Code Gravity in Celadon was based in this building. He'd seen maps and plans all pointing to this exact place. It was a textbook hideout.

“Empty.” Valthor nudged a small can of soda onto its side and he dipped a fingertip into the resulting puddle. He looked up half-puzzled, half-suspicious.

“What are you doing?” Ryath asked even more puzzled than his friend.

“Its cold.” Valthor scanned the large empty room for more clues, as did the rest. Miguel was ruffling through a folder of documents on a table while Erinn and Galita tested the handles of two other doors and Arken stood perplexed in the middle of the room trying to figure out what he read wrong on the plans.

Erinn managed to open her unlocked door and they all followed her in single file through it. Erinn, followed by Valthor (Valor in tow), Galita, Miguel (Espeon on tow), Arken and tailed by Ryath tensely stalked the dark red carpeted hall to its end, where Erinn once again went through the door, unhindered. Miguel whispered to Arken behind him.

“I thought we had ourselves a Code nest here.” For Miguel, this seemed a bit too easy.
“I don’t know whats going on. This ones different.” He whispered back confused and angry. He smelt a trap.

Stepping through the open door, the group came to stand at one end of a large high roofed and skylighted room. The skylights lit only those parts of the floor the sun sliced through the glass with, painting two bright windows of light on the ground ahead of them. The rest of the chamber, which was about ninety nine percent of it, was pitch black. Ryath was about to open the door they came in from to allow more dim light in when it abruptly closed and locked them in. He felt more than saw that all their faces had darted in his direction.

"It was self closing." He explained himself.
"Espeon and Valor say they can't see anything in this two toned light." Miguel whispered his Pokemon message.

“Everybody stay behind me and be quiet.” Valthor breathed to his friends. No matter how many seconds slid by, their eyes simply couldn’t adjust to the two contrasting light levels. They all searched in vain from their positions in front of their locked door for another means of escape, when they could all clearly hear the sounds of shuffling feet from ahead of them. Houndour growled menacingly. Then just as loudly, Valthor heard the sounds of shuffling feet from behind him, quickly sliding from his six o’clock, around him and into the darkness ahead. They were not alone in this hall.

Grouped together, Valthor led his friends into the light supplied by the nearest skylight. Having no other plan, they all followed his lead without question. He knew he was endangering his unit and the two others and he knew they were all afraid, especially since now they could see nothing but the light pouring in on them from above. Fear cold as ice spread through every part of him for he clearly heard laughter coming from directly in front of him, then from all around. The lights flicked and blinked on and he was face to face with his worst nightmare.

“Miss me Valthor?” Senga flicked his pokeball eye level in the air and caught it. Myth, Swoon and Ambre flanked him. Behind them and surrounding his unit and Arken were about twenty trainers. But for some reason, none of this suddenly mattered. He was infuriated by something more devious. Smiling cheek to cheek, Ryath stood at Sengas' side.

Thin skeletal fingers grasped the airborne pokeball.
“I certainly looked forward to this moment my pathetic little weedles. Surely you didn’t think you’d rid yourselves of Code Gravity that easily?” Senga relished the look of despair on Valthors face. It sent warm shivers through him.

“You’re sick Senga!!!” Galita taunted him angrily.

“Shut your mouth, before I have my dark Banette do it for you. Just like in the tournament last year.” Myth intervened emotionless. Void of feeling. He wanted these people dead as soon as possible. Galita wasn’t going to debate the fact Myth had cheated in that battle, switching a fainted Pokemon with one that was identical in looks without the judges seeing midway through.

Erinn tensed as she saw the situation spiraling out of control. Valthor and the boys shared no love for Senga and his Code Gravity members. She had vivid memories of when Senga had actually defeated her in a close battle. He had actually beaten her. Erinn never lost. Senga and his gang were cold-hearted killers. And nothing she could think of seemed to be a non-violent way out of this. A shadow glided across the window of light provided by the above skylight.

Arken was dumbstruck. He hadn't seen this coming. How could he have been so stupid? He cursed himself for his trust. His lack of foresight. Valthor looked at him as if to say “Outpost huh?” which only made him curse the harder. Arken felt even more embarrassed than back at Quirinos. Arkens worst nightmare was being relived right here and now. He was going to be destroyed again.

Miguel conversed with his Espeon, gathering as much information as he could about his foes around him in every direction before the battle erupted. He had so far calmly determined each and every Pokemon carried by Senga and his three vengeful friends through his Espeons' reconnaissance. The other grunts he didn’t care about. He’d rather go down battling the main threat. This time, Miguel wasn’t going to play. This time, Espeon and his party were going to deal some permanent damage. In the back of his mind, he thought he saw something-birdlike fly overhead.

Galita was ready. He’d calculated that since their escape from Chromex Prison, none of these lamers could have leveled their Pokemon up or had time to train them significantly. Whereas he and his friends had used over a year to alter and train there own. He had his hands readied at his pokeballs, strapped by his torso, prepared for when the battle began. In the corner of his vision, he too saw a small Pokemon fly near the above skylight.

No matter how he looked at it, this was ending in bloodshed. Valthor couldn’t see any way out of it. Senga threw down a series of pokeballs and in less than a second all hell broke loose.

“Houndour! Gooo!” Espeon threw a black and blue wavelike psychic blast, knocking down three trainers in one go. Senga released a mighty Machamp its muscular four arms pumped, Seviper its long slippery body coiled for striking and Nidoking its massive bulk primed for pummeling, each proceeding to attack randomly. Erinn and Galita released their Pokemon in defensive formations against the tirade of Pokemon thrown by the Code members. Bright and dark blasts lit up and threw the room into darkness all at once. Bricks were chipped and metal bent and melted. Pokemon from both sides threw their might and power at its foe. Arken and Ryath flew at each other, katana swords in hand, steel ringing on contact as their respective Pokemon battled unsupervised, unprompted. They knew what to do. As he and Senga dueled, something pricked the small hairs on the back of Valthors’ neck as a small, long tailed Pokemon glided overhead.
by Kyo
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Default Chapter 13 : Soul Stone

Watching, MeW could see the Dragonagi members’ defense holding weakly, slowly being driven into itself, destined to be crushed. MeW watched as the Code Gravity members doubled their efforts in doing harm to these valiant trainers, who so valiantly held their formations. But this intrigued MeW less than the man in the doorway at the other side of the hall did. The man holding the gun. The gun which glowed light blue. Light blue like his rock. This man was large, at least six feet high and broad shouldered. He wore a smart black and orange suit made of fine fabrics and he glared upon the battle scene, waiting. MeW knew this mans soul by looking at him. His soul was black as the darkest realm and as cold as the Icy cave. MeW knew the terror this man had been behind in the course of his life. But MeW didn’t fear him.

MeW hovered above the skylight and looked at the gun analytically, thoughtfully. Finally, MeW found what had been pulling at it all this time. There was MeWs' rock. MeW looked unhappy as it noted the rock had been fashioned smooth and unnaturally round. MeW, small white tail and cute form crinkled up in what can only be interpreted as determination and anger, was going to get its rock back.

Valthor’s Pokemon were defeated, the carnage ended. Miguel’s Pokemon had long been recalled, battered and beaten at last, his Espeon licking its wounds within the safety of his long leather overcoat. Galita stood over his fainted Pokemon protectively daring any of the Code members to come a step closer. Erinn helped the limping, bleeding Arken, sword still in hand, back to his feet as Senga and his gang grouped in to deliver their revenge. A final grouped attack.

“Fufufufu. You should have known better!” Swoon snickered tartly. She flicked her long red hair vainly. Her prediction of Valthors demise coming true. This would be the sweetest victory of all.

“Feel my wrath Valthor. You've had this coming a long time!” Ambre roared as hostile as always. She was finally going to pound this weed. Destruction was her specialty.

“Your battle has only just begun Valthor. I’m gonna make you suffer!” Myth clenched his fist in fury. Hate consumed him and his Pokemon, a ghostly smiling Haunter, its form semi transparent and dark, and its eyes full of evil. Dark blood pumped through his veins. He was finally going to have his retribution. Nothing could stop him.

Senga shifted forward before Valthor and his spent friends. He glanced at Ryath who slumped against a wall, trying to halt the flow of blood from his various wounds. Most of them pumping freely under his hands pressure. Senga looked horror struck. He wasn’t succeeding in blocking all of them.

“You two, Help him!!!” He ordered two of the remaining gang members. They hastily went to the young villains’ aid. “You’re going to pay for that, Arken!! No one attacks my brother and lives to tell the story!!” he shrieked as he and his gang moved in for one final attack. Arken closed his eyes in preparation for his last moment alive.

“No!” Above the clattering of pokeballs and shrieks of rage a voice boomed. “Senga, stand down. I have a better idea.” a calm, reverberating voice ordered, and Senga instantly bowed his head and retreated, as did the rest of Code Gravity.

Marcus honored them with his commanding presence. Beside him stood the famous scientist who'd created the de-evolution gun. His mouth quivered with delight. He licked his thin bloodred lips in excitement that in contrast with his pale pasty skin made him look more sinister than ever. His white lab coat almost tripped him up as he pushed a large trolley laden with three small cages, each one containing the scared and tiny bodies of the legendary puppies. Each one whimpered in fright, as they smelt the open wounds and resulting blood. As far as they were concerned, this place was bad.

The two forms struck fear into even the Code Gravity members. Neonil for his sickly ghostly and skeletal appearance. Marcus for his sheer weight in power. They controlled this battle. And they knew they demanded the fear and adulation of their men.

"Welcome to my humble abode, Valthor." Marcus approached, his finger tight on the trigger of the glowing gun, which lay relaxed pointed at the ground by his side. The group of battered and bruised trainers and Pokemon, unable to find any way of escape, watched him.

"I had hoped to see you at a much later date, but as you are so eager to visit, I had a little party planned for you. I hope you liked it. It's going to be your last" With no further words he aimed his de-evolution gun coldly at his nemesis' head and pulled the trigger without so much as blinking. Killing was second nature to Marcus.

MeW, using 'extreme speed' glided swiftly through the brittle glass, as if it were air and flew into the rays' path catching its force full on its stomach. MeW hovered stationary, the only one not surprised by the weapons ineffectiveness in babifying itself. Unaffected, MeW faced Marcus and his gathered henchmen with an irritated expression on its face. MeW, concentrating with little effort, held out its left paw slowly, as it glided carefully towards the shocked man. Marcus glared at his scientist, Neonil, who stared panic eyed at the failure of the gun. He didn’t understand why it didn’t effect the Pokemon. It always worked!!!

Marcus had no idea where this Pokemon came from, or why it was there. All he saw was a dangerously powerful Pokemon aiming its arm in his direction. He fired another blast of de-evolving beam into MeW. The beam struck and seemed to splash off. MeW simply looked up at him and retaliated. It wasn’t happy about the use of his rock.

"Mewwww!!!" It screamed as it threw its mind at the physical form of Marcus. The sheer force of the psychic blast rushed the air past everyone's faces as if twenty heaters had just been lighted. It propelled him across the room into his band of followers who were unable to hide their fear of this obvious threat. MeW held out its arm again only this time, not waiting for a response. The men and women of Code Gravity lay there paralyzed with fear thinking the worst. Hoping for a quick death.

MeW took hold of the gun with its mind and loosed it from the mans grip. It floated midair, then emptied itself of the rock contained within. MeW wandered where it had gotten to. The rock glided over to MeW who pocketed it in some unseen pouch relieved and turned to the now saved humans who called themselves Dragonagi.
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Default Chapter 13 Continued...

Galita and Erinn had no time to bask in MeWs beauty and power. Assisted by Miguel and Arken they collected all the pokeballs of their enemies and stowed them in a spare pack. Erinn and Galita, with the help of their Pokemon, kept the captured menace in a corner. None resisted more than speaking a few choice words. Most starred fearfully at the wonderful Pokemon in the room with them.

Valthor stepped forward for MeW who was looking in his direction for a moment. Finally, He noticed it wasn’t him MeW was looking at, but Espeon, directly behind him. The two were conversing, and from the look on Miguel's face, his Pokemon was relaying everything to him. Miguel was smiling openly. He summed up for his unit leader.

" MeW says he must call upon a friend of ours. He says not to be frightened." And with that, MeW suddenly sent out a wave of psychic power, it was invisible and subtle, but everyone in the room felt its immense power. Like a ripple in water, but tearing through their very bodies and spirits. It was like looking upon the ocean, and although unseen, they knew within that psychic wave were many many depths of mysteries.

Without another second passing, a small speck of piercing bright white light appeared before them. It grew as big as a family table and just as round then stopped growing altogether.

From within, Celebi flew at full speed into Valthors arms who embraced his old friend as happy as he'd been the first time he'd seen it. Celebi was so happy to see all his old friends again, it had almost forgotten MeW was even there, who was excitedly watching and mentally joining them in their moment. MeW was easily caught up in moments of emotion such as this. Celebi, light green and tiny antenna sitting on his head, rejoiced at seeing his fellow Psychic Pokemon. The two joined minds and communicated. What was said was past through each mind in a matter of seconds, and could not be interpreted exactly, but Miguel later told Valthor it went along the lines of this.

"Greetings friend Celebi, healer of the forests, traveler of time and rider of its waves."

"Greetings to you MeW, Psychic child eternal, my friend and my family. Why have you summoned me?"

"The time has come. We must act."

"But to interfere is not our function, MeW. I wish it were so. I am sorry. I cannot." Celebi sounded these words, to Espeons reckoning, like they had not been spoken for the first time.

"You have felt first hand these humans hearts. They beat like ours, like I have said. I feel much akin to them. They deserve our help."

"MeW, we cannot interfere. Your are correct. These humans are beautiful and I love them as I love you, but we cannot act for them alone. We do not exist for them like that." The words sounded rehearsed, as if spoken often.

"I do not ask for us to act for them, friend Celebi, but for myself. Do you sense that which I hold?"

"Yes. You have on you your soul stone. Why is it not on its shelf below the ocean?"

"Something dire has occurred. The Guardian no longer dwells there. My rock was stolen. I have just now acquired it from these bad seeds." Espeon couldn’t fathom what "the Guardian" could be when Miguel asked.

"They have directly threatened you friend MeW?"

"Albeit unintentionally. They were not aware of the power they held within their very hands. They were not aware that they held my soul. Such is their nature not to look before they leap. But as you can imagine, a threat nonetheless."

"Yes, MeW. You're correct. What have you in mind? Deliverance?" Espeon let Miguel know just how much she wanted to stop listening in at this point. Listening to two Pokemon talk of death as freely as this was not to her liking.

"Thoth." Espeon then found it disconcerting to hear the two Pokemon laugh uncontrollably and gleefully for a few moments until it was Celebi who regained its composure first and continued. Both were in jolly spirits. It was strange to hear Pokemon communicate with such caring and so much love all at once, while talking of punishment.

"Oh beautiful MeW. You make me laugh so. Very well, I shall assist you. Lend me your power MeW. I shall make this so. Let there be humans on the darkness of Thoth."

"Thank you Time rider. But first I need you to assist me in the undoing and misuse of my stone. Its path back to me was a long one."

"Of course, MeW."
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Default Chapter 14 : Mew Music

Valthor and his unit watched as MeW and Celebi joined tiny hands and faced the forgotten but ever curious pups. Peering from within their cages, they seemed unable to avert their stares. Three pairs of baby blue eyes glued to the two small Pokemon as they began to charge their powers, weaving a spell of such intricacy and precision that no other Pokemon could possibly conceive its detail. Suddenly, quietly but rising in volume, a beautiful and childlike melody, both astoundingly simple and complex, could be heard coming from MeW.

The pups ears pricked up as they listened, calming their tense minds. Its sound soothed every inch of Valthors being. Its every note like a burden lifted. It was a beautiful sound and one no one who heard it could ever forget. The spell was thrown over the three pups like a blanket, clearly visible to all in the room. The blanket was made of hundreds of marvelous twinkling stars, twinkling energetically and wonderful waves of rainbows, all blending together, and lighting up every face in the room in a colorful display. It was a dazzling display of Pokemon magic at its most potent. Something never again to be experienced ever again.

Valthor and his friends, and even the criminals in the corner had completely forgotten whatever was on their minds before. Now they were all fixed on the transformation before them. All couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. MeW psychically probed and unlocked all three cages, floating the three pups out onto the bare floor as each began to grow. None looked frightened anymore and all seemed drowsy. As the blanket absorbed itself into each pup, they grew and matured, producing their great manes and sprouting their brutal forms back to their former glory, each one as deadly as the other. Each shook off the magic's effects and shivered for a moment before lifting their fully-grown heads up to face everyone. They looked as noble and kingly as the next. Valthor almost wanted to bow for them and get on one knee.

"You're all going to pay for this! Your all fools!" A weak and guttural voice spat from the corner where every Code Gravity member had been gathered. It was the bloodied and pale form of Ryath. He drooled and frothed, wrath masking his fear well. He looked hellish, the wounds delivered by Arken obviously disabling him, but not completely finishing him off. His eyes were riddled with insanity.

"Yeah, you heard me. Fools! I easily tricked all of you into believing I was one of you. No one thinks a guard would dope himself and his own unit to let their precious guest get kidnapped. Well, believe it! I did." Entei moved menacingly towards the blood soaked form of the ninja, claws stretched out and gleaming deathly shiny in the light.

"Stay away from me you stinking Dog! You deserved whatever you got with Professor Larwood. I'm sure he gave you all a lovely time in his lab. Hehecoughcough." His laughter deteriorated into a rasping and bloodied fit of coughing. He didn’t cough long however for Entei swooped over his body roaring his vengeance and with one foul sweep of his forepaw, Ryaths' existence ended in a spray of sticky mess. Senga wretched as he watched his nephew's execution.

Entei coldly turned to the gathered members of Code Gravity, who all cowered behind their master. Marcus stood, barely showing emotion of any kind. He breathed calmly, waiting and watching. Evaluating his every chance for escape, of which he found none, he smiled evilly. Of all the ways he'd predicted this project to end, this was not among them.

"You waste your breath testing the air for fear from Me, Entei. I fear you not." Entei had to hand it to this human, he was not afraid. "Were it not for the confiscation of my pokeballs, I'd battle you into the ground and your brethren with you right now. You're head would be a mighty trophy to hang on my wall. One of many great Pokemon to fall at the hands of Marcus. Prove me wrong!"

Entei listened to his taunts unblinking and replied without hesitation once the sharply suited man had finished. Entei wasn’t so easily fooled into being angry.

"Hrmf, I don’t do requests." He turned his back on him and strode to his brothers who kept their eyes on Marcus and his fearful gang.

MeW and Celebi floated smoothly in front of Marcus just as he'd taken a step in preparation for a last ditch effort to wrest his pokeballs from the pack not ten feet away. He stopped dead in his tracks at their glares of defiance, their small forms blocking the way to his powerful Pokemon.

Clasping hands once again, the two ancient Pokemon intertwined their powers. MeW lent his every spark of energy and guidance to Celebi, who with no small amount of struggle and intense concentration, opened up a particularly special and far-reaching portal. The air screamed around them as the Portal opened up. Its blackness swirling and calling invitingly to all around it. MeW concentrated with Celebi to hold open the portal, as the three legendary Dogs had the pleasure of coaxing the band of evil doers into it, with one tactic being throwing their pack of pokeballs into its pitch black interior. Once all were within its vast darkness, Celebi snapped the gateway shut gratefully and slumped to the ground exhausted with MeW who rested alongside equally energysapped.

Everyone seemed amazed and confused, and happy all at the same time.

"Where were they sent?" Valthor was shocked at this course of action. He'd had himself prepared for transporting the felon's back to Chromex Prison. Now he'd just witnessed two of the strongest Pokemon ever known combining powers to send his worst enemies somewhere obviously far away. The power of their magic still had him tasting strange "alive" currents in the air. It was as if the air itself was happy to have witnessed what occurred. Happy to participate.
by Kyo
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Default Chapter 14 : Mew Music continued ...

It was Suicune who answered, although none saw his mouth move in speech. His words were smooth as the water through a river, ever running, and timelessly wise.

"They have been taken far away, to Thoth. Thoth is an evil place, more so than your minds can comprehend. It is where the Pokemon known as Dark originate. But far worse things abide there also. Worse by far. A more terrible fate I cannot imagine for those wretched souls. They are surely doomed." Suicune turned his nose up at this.
Miguel seemed thoughtful. This place sounded fun, but he was more worried about the plan of punishment by the Pokemon. He was looking forward to punishing them himself.

"Will they live their forever? Will they be able to return?" It was Raikou who answered this time. None could doubt it was, for his voice crackled and sizzled as if static, powerful and supreme.

"They will survive long into history there. Time moves hastily there and even if they do find a way out, they will be aged far greater than you will have. The foul beasts, which call Thoth their realm, will no doubt rule them, thus giving them no chance for retribution here. Such things crawl in that damned place, that I was glad to see the back of. Pokemon they be called, though in form they are not so beautiful as those we have amongst us." He gestured with his head to MeW and Celebi, who giggled.

Erinn couldn’t hide her disgust for the place called Thoth. She was feeling sick thinking about a place that makes the legendary Dogs sound disapproving.

"What is Thoth? It sounds like it isn't a natural place."
This time it was Celebi who replied, its voice deep, echoing, as if bouncing off of the walls of time itself. He, like the Legendary dogs, spoke kindly and humbly.

"Oh, Erinn. As fair as you are wise, you never cease to amaze me with your thoughts of curious logic. You are right. Long ago was Thoth created by an Overseer of great power. Created for the purpose of containment for all things deemed unworthy by nature. Of course, Nature resides here and places far distant. Little can I tell you now, for these things are not yours to know. But know Thoth is not a place for such fair people as you."

The question hung on Valthors mind. Overseer? Deemed unworthy by nature? Who?

Suicune and Raikou looked severely bored. Both looked at MeW imploringly who flicked its head towards them, evidently hearing their thoughts. Reacting, MeW mentally prepared itself, whipped its long tail, slapping the floor, finishing off a spell of transportation and blinked the two hounds away in a heartbeat. First they were there, then they weren't. For a couple of seconds all that remained was a bright white outline of where they were.

Galita, who was totally obsessed with these great Pokemon was sad to see them go without so much as saying good-bye, and swore on an oath to see them again one day. Maybe even catch one or convince one to join his party of Pokemon. It seemed like it was something that he felt destined for. Their farewells continued.

Each member of Valthors unit said good-bye to MeW and thanked it gratefully. MeW was more than happy to share a hug and a word or two with each, who were extremely honored to have talked with it. MeW was so kind and cute, none of them hesitated when he hugged them warmly.

MeW and Celebi both hugged as old friends and MeW parted without another word, its cute form gliding so fast out of the buildings skylight that it took the humans a while to realize it hadn't actually shattered. It simply passed through it. MeW flew far away, positive it would see those humans again one day, hoping they remain as fair and wonderful as they were right then.

Celebi and Entei stood facing each other inside the sky-lighted room. The two conversed before Entei was blinked away back to his fiery volcanic den, somewhere only a select few know about. Miguel later told Valthor the conversation was easier to hear than the previous.

"My brothers show little gratitude for your help, Time rider. I thank you on their behalf. Their pride hinders their duty. You have done us a great favor today." Entei sounded both submissive and respectful.

"Thank MeW, noble Entei. It was the Eternal Child who summoned me here." Celebi responded equally as respectful.

"When will MeW ascend…?" Celebi interrupted Entei here, much to his annoyance. This question had been on his mind for a while.

"Tut tut Entei. Our eavesdropper may be invisible to you, but I see you Espeon, seer of the future." Espeon almost snapped his link shut to the two at this point, pure shock claiming her. "We shall discuss that subject another time Entei. Is there anything else before I say my good-byes?" Entei looked at Espeon at this news and didn’t take his ancient giant eyes off the seated Pokemon until the conversation was over. He seemed disturbed by his inability to sense the psychic Pokemon, his brow furrowed. Espeon pretended not to notice the suspicions aimed at her. She was still youngish for a Pokemon and still coming into her powers.

"Just know that one day, when you and yours finish your duties for the Overseer, I will personally welcome you back to this realm in this time so that we might talk over a meal. I owe you that much." This seemed to be a joke between the two ancient Pokemon for Espeon let Miguel know they laughed here openly. They laughed wearily as if a great thing burdened them.

"See you then, Entei and not a second sooner." That was when Entei was blinked away in a flash of bright white light. A white shadow all that remained of him for a couple of seconds.
by Kyo
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Default Chapter 15 : Destiny

Marcus followed by a weeping Senga, a weary Myth, a sniveling Swoon and grimacing Ambre stumbled through the blackness of the portal into an almost darker environment. The eight others followed timidly looking at the great leader of their gang for a sign of hope.

Dark gray stone and dry dirt covered the planet for as far as the eye could see. Leafless blackened trees, like dark skeletons spotted the uneven surface here and there. Great shards of the dark earth jolted up through the already uneven ground like fingers trying to reach the ski. The hellish blanket above them was made up of massive dark red and black swirly wisps of cloud, both raining down in places with fire and lightning respectively. Mist, dark red like floating clouds of blood drifted here and there, as if alive and seeking something along the ground.

But none of this compared to the terror of the realms inhabitants from their vantagepoint on the hill. All gasped in horror as it registered in their minds just how dead they all were. Marcus was glad Entei was not there with them, for he would have at that point smelt the sickly sour smell of fear on him then. He looked down at the backpack, roughly thrown by Suicune into the portals depths before they entered. Pokeballs had rolled out and settled next to it. As one of the nightmares roared mightily not far away, Marcus took charge.
"Grab your pokeballs. This isn't over." He braced himself for the upcoming war.

Back at Dragonagi Headquarters, Blue and Sven questioned their new prisoner. During the interrogation Blue couldn’t resist letting Siryn know the latest news about her ex-boss.

“You do realize Marcus and the rest of Code Gravity are as good as dead don’t you? Surprised to here this? You shouldn’t be." He saw pure disbelief on her pale face. Siryn's stay at Dragonagi hadn't been pleasant in the least. Sven and Blue had made certain of that. She had proven to be a most quiet visitor. "Doubt me do you? I’d bring MeW and Celebi in here to prove their handy work, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Lets just say they aren’t coming back anytime soon. Where they are, even the legendary Pokemon dread. It shouldn’t be long before the remnants of your little organization are completely mopped up for good.”

It turned out one Code Gravity member survived the battle in the Celadon warehouse. A grunt no less. She had survived only to be taken by the Dragonagi Agents into Chromex penitentiary where Siryn found her in a state of psycho shock. Apparently no-one talked or associated with the weird Code Gravity member because all she ever did was ramble about MeW and Celebi, the “death Pokemon”.

This proved Blue’s story, enraging her to no end. She vowed to avenge her boss and continue Code Gravity once she was released, One hundred and ten years from then.

Erinn, her newest year of holidays well and truly earned, swam and dived in the shallow forest pools of a beautiful untainted forest somewhere in the Kanto region. She chatted with a newfound friend. Her Wailord and Politoed played and swam with her, laughing and splashing happily in the crystal clear pond. Her beautiful Ampharos and Arcanine chased each other energetically and leapt upon each other through the lush undergrowth in a mock fight as her Vileplume jumped off an overlooking cliff, clinging gleefully to a vine and dived in, splashing everyone. Erinn was having the holiday of a lifetime.

Suicune made certain, Erinn would not be disturbed on these holidays. He watched over her, talked with her and played with her Pokemon, feeling much more at ease with this human, than any other. He hoped all humans were as beautiful as this one some day. He splashed at Politoed who laughed merrily with a "LiiiiPoli!"

Miguel, receiving generous promotion along with his fellow Unit members to above that which they started with a year previously, smiled at his wonderful Espeon.
"Isn't it beautiful, Espeon? It's where I'd like to be born if I were a Pokemon. You must be very proud of your birthplace." He was very envious.

He and his party of Pokemon, his special Espeon, shiny Flygon and Marill, Umbreon Dragonair and Sableye, all stood on the dream-like plains of the Dark Star Realm. Its dim lighting and dark exterior was the only thing it shared with the horrid realm, Thoth. It was a magical place of magnificent berry growing trees that sprouted brightly glowing flowers, lighting pathways. The sky was a deep marine blue and its stars shone a rainbow of colors. The Pokemon that resided there in its dark forests were numerous and mysterious. Some curious about this light fleshed two legged Pokemon with green hair, some more menacing than Miguel would have thought.

Miguel was in heaven. He'd traveled this magical plain once before with Valthor as his companion. It was only accessible with the psychic ability of those born there, like his Espeon and Sableye. This time, he had the rare privilege of having the creature that created the realm as his guide, hovering beside him excitedly.

"You read my dreams when you made this place, MeW. You read my dreams."

Galita, using his holidays as only he would, battled his heart out in the final of a major Pokemon battle tournament in Gedyn. His battles had consistently been a perfect mix of tactical excellence and offensive prowess like nothing anyone in the realm had ever seen before. Record crowds gathered to watch him and his major draw card.

He had never felt so free and never known being a Pokemon trainer could be so much like a dream come true. His graceful and deadly Scizor fought valiantly in the final and had been the key to most of his victories so far. He was a beautiful green gold color and all in his party knew he was an exceptional battling machine.

His Glalie took an unlucky one hit KO by his final opponent but Galita, only one Pokemon left, smiled devilishly, loving the look of fear upon his knowledgeable foes' face. His next Pokemon may have been new to his trainer, but he by no means was new to this. He laughed in pure ecstasy.

"I Choose You! Raikou!!!"

Arken, wounds fully healed and with a clear mindset walked the dirt path with Valthor to Quirinos. His pride was of no consequence, his dignity something he had never lost.

"Dunsparce should be migrating soon." Valthor noted referring back to his days as a Pokemon Ranger.

"Really?" Arken continued walking, his mind on other things and nothing all at once. He struggled to find something to say to his new friend, for they had talked the whole trip, both on the ground, water and air currents.

"So….What do you think everyone else is up to?" He finally asked for lack of a better subject. Valthor looked at him as he contemplated his answer.

"Oh, You can bet they are bored out of their minds."

This settling their blank thoughts, they trooped on, blue striped Houndour rolling his eyes as he followed.
by Kyo
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