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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 02-28-2007, 01:05 AM
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Post All or Nothing! The School of Dangers (If a mod comes across this, please close it)!

All or Nothing! The School of Dangers!

John: The main character and our new hero. He is a nice, 11 year-old boy, with dark brown hair, blue jeans, black shirt, brown eyes, very white skin, and an A+ student. But what will happen when he starts failing his Pokemon Battles?

Steve:The main character's best friend. He is really funny, but goofy at times. The reckless 11 year-old has spiked up hair, blue eyes, and is awesome at Battling.

Daniel:The main character's other best friend. He is excellent at battling for a 10 year-old. His partner, Walrein, is truly divine. Dan has dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and always wears blue jeans with a white T-shirt.

Mr. Suraci:The only nice teacher in The School of Mons. He keeps his hair neat all the time. What kind of challenge will Mr. Suraci give John when John starts failing?

Team Doom:One word: EVIL. They don't care about the Poke'mon at all, just about themselves. They have rough Houndoom, and many oyher tough Poke'mon.

The story shall start after I finish writing chapter 1. My 1st story,also! ;)

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Old 03-18-2007, 06:25 AM
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Default Re: All or Nothing! The School of Dangers!

Chapter 1: A risky Lesson

"Aaaah, what a beatiful morning it is in Little Root today," John yawned. "You know, Treecko, it's going to be sunny out today. That means outside battles at school today. We better be prepared!"

Treecko looked at John, his big blue eyes shining from the sun. Treecko seemed to grin in excitement.

"Johnny, your breakfast is ready! Come down here!" Shouted John's mother.

"OK mom! Be down in a minute!" John replied.

Treecko headed down the stairs, anxious for a fight.

"Hey! Wait for me, you green rat thing!" John yelled.

John and Treecko were like brothers. They were always fighting, yet they shared a special bond.

John and Treecko were having breakfast when the tiny lizard Poke'mon spotted a shady group of men outside with a few Poke'mon.

"Oh, is that those Team Doom I've heard so much about? I wonder what bad thing they could be doing out there, especially at this time of day,"Mom said, with a little worry on her face.

John looked at Treecko. Treecko smirked at John. John knew exactly what Treecko wanted. A fight.

"Let's go," John smiled.

John and Treecko walked out the door, feeling a little brave,and a little nervous. They were taking a big risk!

"Oh, do becareful," Mom told herself, worrying about John and Treecko.

Treecko and John hid behind a tree, spying on the shady Team Doom.

"No way! It can't be! Thats just so cruel!" John whispered to Treecko.

Team Doom seemed to be torturing a wild Totodile with a couple of Houndooms! That's just wrong!

Treecko loves to fight, but he hates fighting wild Poke'mon for an uknown reason.

"Treecko, use your fastest Quick Attack on those Houndoom. We have to stop them," John quickly said, hoping they could save the young water Poke'mon.

Treecko obeyed. He moved extremely quick, trying to inflict as much damage as possible.

Both Houndoom screeched from the intense pain, but the rough, black skin scraped Treecko a little.

"Were did they come from?!" One of the shady characters said angrily.

"No matter, we'll just take them down also!" Another said. "Use Flamethrower, my Houndoom!"

One of the Houndooms bent his head back, ready to realese a vicous fire move. And so he did. The searing flames headed toward Treecko, an instant faint if hit.

"Treecko, jump up to dodge it! Then strike with a Slam!" John shouted to Treecko, not even thinking before he spoke.

Treecko jumped up before the attack hit. Treecko was then going to use Slam.But, out of nowhere, the second Houndoom appeared behind Treecko in the air! Houndoom, using all his strength, slamed Treecko down with his tail. The relentless Houndoom seemed as if he was going to fire a flamethrower, when...

"Go Ludicolo! Use Hydro Pump!"

A stream of clear water hit the Houndoom, making it suffer from the strong, super-effective water attack.

"Eh, it's getting hairy over here. Let's escape!" One of the shady men said to his partners.

"OK!" The gang said to their leader.

The evil Team Doom jumped in a black, giant, jeep and drove off, leaving John in the thick dust it left behind (it didn't taste good, either!). The little Totodile also ran off.

"That was.....WIERD!" John said. 0.0

"Are you OK?" The man with the Ludicolo asked.

"I think so, but I wish it was the same for Treecko. Thank you.............Mr. Suraci," John stated.

"Let's take Treecko to the Poke'mon Center, OK?" Mr. Suraci smiled.

"OK, but what about class?" John asked.

"John, you WERE the class!"

John's whole class appeared behind the bushes.

"Nice move, dingbat!" One of the classmates shouted.

"This is weird," John staired. "How did you guys know this was happening? And I'm not a dingbat!"

"Your mom called us because she was worried, so I decided to take the class along," The teacher said. "We didn't want you to get hurt!"

"I did!" The same kid shouted.

"Mom, I should have guessed!" John said, rolling his eyes.

"It's been a rough day, so bring Treecko to the Pokemon Center for some healing, and I'll see you in school tomorrow." Mr. Suraci said. ;)

John said bye to everyone, and then he brought Treecko to the Poke'mon Center. Treecko was in pain, yes, but nothing was badly injured. Just a few scrapes here and there.

After the Poke'mon Center's hard work at making the grass Poke'mon feel better, John and Treecko went home, ready for their next adventure.

Well, fellas, I hope you liked Chapter 1! And sorry it took so long! I should have Chapter 2 down by Monday! :)

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Old 03-19-2007, 02:53 AM
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Default Re: All or Nothing! The School of Dangers!

Chapter 2: The Fight at Night

"Zzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzz." John slept. "Hu-Huh? What was that noise?" John asked himself waking up in the middle of the night.

Treecko was sleeping at the edge of the bed, but when John got out of bed, Treecko woke up.

The noise was getting louder and louder, until John finally decided to go out and explore.

"C'mon Treecko, let's see what that is," John told Treecko.

Treecko jumped on John's shoulders, and they tiptoed out the door, trying not to wake anybody up. They headed South of Little Root to the Klec Forest where the sound was coming from.

After walking for about 45 minutes, John started to grow tired.

"Oh boy, this is getting strange. The noses stopped about 20 minutes ago and-" John was interrupted by the mysterious sound.

"There! Behind that bush! Treecko, go see what's in it!" John commanded, dieng from all the suspense.

Treecko jumped into the bush head first.

"Wha-what is it Treecko?" John asked.

"TREEECKO!" Treecko yelled, flying out of the bushes by a Water Gun attack.

A Totodile Jumped out of the bushes with an angry look on his face.

"I-is that the Totodile that Team Doom attacked?! It must be! It has scorch marks all over it from those Houndoom!" John said in shock.

Treecko fell onto a tree, but he wasn't too badly hurt.

Now Treecko was angry. He couldn't care less if it was a wild Poke'mon or not, but he wanted to destroy it!

Whenever something like this happened, Treecko would not listen to John or anyone.

Treecko charged toward Totodile,rising one fist. Totodile somehow bent to his side, dodging the attack! Treecko was vulnerable to an attack! Without hesitation, Totodile bit Treecko's tail. Totodile shook Treecko around, then spit him out. Ouch! Treecko was in pain, but Treecko got right on his feet, angered at the tiny Totodile. Treecko tryed using Quick Attack now. But before Treecko touched Totodile, the Crocodile Poke'mon let out a rapid Water Gun. Treecko was in too much pain to get up on his feet.

John had to stop the fight. The only way to do that was to return Treecko to his Poke'ball.

"Return, Treecko!" John exclaimed

John looked at Totodile, Totodile looked at John. Totodile laughed at the young boy, then danced around.

"Er, I'm going home," John said, feeling defeated.

It was a long walk home, but it would turn out OK if John's parents did not wake up or find out about his rumble with the nasty little Totodile. Treecko would also be just fine by the time John left for school.
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