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Pokemon News Here you will find the Pokemon news that is on the website, posted here also so you can reply with any comments/questions.

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Default Pokemon Learning League: Teaches Skills Needs for School and Life!

Pokemon Learning League: Teaches Skills Needs for School and Life!

Press Release

Pokemon Learning League Teaches Children Skills Needed for Success in School and in Life
Pokemon Learning League provides parents and teachers engaging way to reinforce positive social skills to prepare children for life's challenges

A growing body of research, including a study published in Child Development in January 2006, indicates that children's social, emotional and physical well-being have a significant impact on academic achievement. Children need both academic and life skills to make smart choices and to become productive members of society. To that end, Pokemon USA, Inc., has added new topics to Pokemon Learning that focus on relationship-building, positive social skills and bullying prevention. The online educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for children 8-12, is aligned with school curriculum standards to reinforce classroom lessons and extend learning into the home. Comprised of a narrative tutorial (watch), guided practice (try) and an interactive challenge (apply), each lesson delivers a supportive learning environment for children that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Many parents say that raising children in today's world is especially challenging because of the harmful messages children are exposed to on a regular basis. According to the 2002 Public Agenda report, "Easier Said Than Done," 47 percent of parents say that the biggest challenge they face is protecting children from negative societal influences. Parents know that helping children develop positive social skills is essential to prepare them for life's challenges and to mitigate the destructive messages and influences that are an inescapable presence in society.

Increasingly, education leaders are focusing on educating the whole child, an approach that embraces a full curriculum to address all areas of children's development. Educators are incorporating social and emotional learning in the classroom, not just the counselor's office.

Making Friends, one of the new life skills topics added to Pokemon Learning League this month, is important to every child and contributes to his or her overall well-being. Through the Pokemon Learning League lesson, children learn about what makes a good friend and how to be one. Additional topics added this month include Teamwork and Bullying.

"In addition to direct instruction, it simply takes practice and cycles of meaningful feedback to change deeply engrained habits, such as how we respond to conflict, set goals, or eat nutritionally," stated Laura Parker Roerden, former publisher for Educators for Social Responsibility and an advisory board member for Pokemon Learning League. "Pokemon Learning League is particularly well-suited to help children develop a toolbox of skills they can use to make healthy choices in their lives.

"The topics offer children a unique opportunity to acquire these new skills through a medium that is both relational and private enough for children to take risks in their learning that they might feel uncomfortable taking in front of peers. Pokemon's familiar characters help to create both a sense of safety and intimacy necessary to do this work."

The Pokemon themes of sharing, collaboration and helping others are also woven into academic lessons in math, science and language arts. Pokemon Learning League's diverse male and female Mission Guides serve as mentors to students, leading them through the lessons and demonstrating positive attitudes and life skills such as cooperation and perseverance. Then, students and the Pokemon characters exercise their new skills as they work together to solve academic challenges.

The program is available to schools, households, and after-school programs through paid subscriptions. For more information, visit .


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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