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Old 03-10-2007, 12:52 AM
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Default The Shine Stone sign ups

The Shine Stone Plot

In the future Pokemon and humans live in peace, but their advanced technology got the best of them. When they began to develop new technology the Earth got polluted… too polluted too sustain life.

The clouds became black and the ocean became green, the humans knew that they couldn’t stay on this wretched planet any longer. They developed new spaceships that could take them to new planets that supposedly could sustain life. When the new spaceships were finally done they started loading them up with people and pokemon. Some were lucky enough to get on board one of the fleets others were not as lucky; the unlucky ones were left behind.

When everyone was aboard the spaceships they could finally take off, then the announcements came on, “ This will be a very long journey, about four years worth. You better get used to this ship and when we arrive be ready for anything.” Everyone even the pokemon were frightened about what would become of their world.

They finally got into space when they saw the Earth desecrating and diminishing, everyone was sad but they had to be brave so they could live happily on a new planet. In the beginning of the journey everyone started to feel lazy and not active, this was of course because they couldn’t run and exercise much on the spaceship. After about three and a half years of the trip had passed, food started to run out and everyone soon became hungry with little food. The announcements came on “ I’m sorry for this inconvenience we will be landing in a couple of days, please begin to pack your bags.”

But as we started to land all of the pokemon noticed something, something very strange. All of the humans began to suffocate and choke! The Pokemon became scared but luckily the plane was on auto land, when the they landed they figured out that all of the humans were dead… Then one by one the pokemon came out of ship frightened and nervous, they thought that they breathed differently than humans and that was why they survived. They had to figure out a way to sustain life on this unknown planet. They all worked as a team gathering food and water, making homes and making sure there was a controlled population. Then in a couple of months they began to settle down to their new home planet. The planet came to be known as planet “ Shine” because there was always a bright shine on the planet.

That’s when they noticed they weren’t the only ones living on this planet. There were other creatures living there they couldn’t really be described, but they were like people fused with moths. When they finally got to meet the moth people they offered them food and water, they appreciated this and never harmed the pokemon. Then out of nowhere the moth people mysteriously began leaving and the pokemon had no idea why they left. After about three days the moth people still haven’t returned and the pokemon were getting worried. A couple of days later they started returning but they didn’t seem happy as though they just got back from a vacation, but as though they were just shot and were seconds away from death. The pokemon noticed that they laid some sort of eggs right outside of their little village. The pokemon soon realized that there would be new moth people but probably not for a while.
The pokemon sent some people out to investigate the rest of planet “ Shine” and when they came back they spread a rumor about a stone. They said it was very bright and it was what made the planet “ Shine” shine, but they also said as a joke “ Who ever possesses this stone will have infinite power and would be invincible.” Some took it as a joke others took it seriously.

When the word spread people got greedy and decided to go after this stone, but people who went alone never came back. But the people who took it as a joke just stayed behind in the town. Then people noticed that if they never succeeded at it alone why not form groups. So the pokemon formed separate groups that would do anything to get this stone, and if they encountered other groups they got into fights.

So now it is up to you to tell us who will get to the Shine Stone first, and if it really does have special powers.
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Ok there are going to be five teams and any pokemon can be on any team. Remember you can only be pokemon and not humans they all died. The five teams are as followed:

Team Shining Crusade- This team is an honest team and will sometimes help out other teams, but they will still be a team to beat.

Team Death Strikers- This team tries to wreak havoc wherever the.

Team Hollow Heads- These pokemon are very clumsy but are as strong as everyone else.

Team Lightning Knights- These pokemon are very fast at doing everything, they even think fast.

Team Ghostly Horror- This team is very greedy and will do ANYTHING for the stone.

__________________________________________________ _______________________
And now for the sign up sheet:

Sign up Sheet:

Species of Pokemon:
History (How you got on the spaceship and how you got on your team)
RP example (optional but will help you in the long run)

Try to make the Personality, Appearance, History, and RP ex at least like 4-10 sentences each.

Rules: Standard PE2K rules (godmodding, bunnying) etc.

Okay this is my first RP and I tried really hard I hope you will join, I guess I’ll get like 3 people for each team before I start.

Eeveeking929 is co-GM
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Old 03-10-2007, 12:54 AM
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Default Re: The Shine Stone sign ups

I'll post my sign-up a little later. Oh, and for future reference to everyone, I'm co-GM for this.
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