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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Default Evos Contest Stats

Team Evolution's Trainer Stats
------------------------------- Name: Michael MSN: Ask through PM. AIM: Charmander 4 lyfe Position: Pokemon Trainer, Grader, Gym Leader, Ref. -------------------------------
Money: $2000 Items: Choice Band, HMs/TMs: (Surf HM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Rock Polish TM) -------------------------------
FFAs: First: 1 time. Second: 2 times. Third: 2 times. Fourth: 4 times. Fifth: 0 times. Under Fifth: 1 time. -------------------------------
Battle Record: Total: 319 Won: 152 Loss: 166 Drew: 11 (Stupid Voltorbs >_>) -------------------------------
Miscellaneous: Total Grader Wages: $8,500 Random Money: Quizzes; $9,500 | Summer Story Competition; $3,000 -------------------------------
Badges Kanto: Vermillion (x2) Johto: Olivine Hoenn: Dewford Rustboro Mauville (x2) Sinnoh: Oreburgh

Contest Wins: 2


Name: Golem (Tomato Paste) Gender Male ♂ Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Rock Tomb TM) Battles: 24 Obtained: -------------------------------

Name: Metagross (Husnain) Gender Genderless Ability: Clear Body TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Light Screen TM)(Rest TM)(Shadow Ball TM)(Brick Break TM)(Rock Tomb TM)(Earthquake TM)(Rock Slide TM)(Sludge Bomb TM)(Substitute TM)(Aerial Ace TM)(Explosion TM)(Reflect TM)(Thunderpunch MT) Battles: 12 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Tyranitar Gender Female ♀ Ability: Sandstream TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Dragon Pulse TM)(Dragon Dance BM)(Hidden Power {Ice} TM)(Stealth Rock TM)(Brick Break TM)(Flamethrower TM)(Aerial Ace TM) Battles: 42 Obtained: Normal Cool Rank Contest Ribbon, Super Cool Rank Contest Ribbon Stats:| 135 Cool | 10 Beauty | 49 Smart |Trade -------------------------------

Name: Crobat Gender Female ♀ Ability: Inner Focus TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Sludge Bomb TM)(Toxic TM)(Substitute TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Roost TM)(Rest TM)(Hypnosis BM)(Taunt TM)(Nasty Plot BM)(Hidden Power {Rock} TM)(X-Scissor TM)(Shadow Ball TM) Battles: 7 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Flygon (Flying Bait) Gender Female ♀ Ability: Levitate TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Earthquake TM)(Sunny Day TM)(Flamethrower TM)(Solarbeam TM)(Iron Tail TM)(Hidden Power {Water} TM)(Toxic TM)(Stone Edge TM) Battles: 57 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Lanturn Gender Female ♀ Ability: Volt Absorb/Illuminate TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Thunderbolt TM)(Charge Beam TM)(Surf HM)(Ice Beam TM)(Toxic TM)(Double Team TM)(Endure TM)(Attract TM)(Return TM)(Substitute MT) Battles: 3 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Espeon Gender Female ♀ Ability: Synchronize TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Shadowball TM)(Rest TM)(Calm Mind TM)(Return TM)(Yawn BM)(Substitute TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Toxic TM)(Hidden Power {Ground} TM)(Fake Tears BM) Battles: 52 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Sneasel Gender Male ♂ Ability: Inner Focus/Keen Eye TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Brick Break TM)(Ice Punch TM)(Shadow Claw TM)(Poison Jab TM)(Rest TM)(Substitute TM)(Swords Dance TM)(Sleep Talk TM)(Snore TM)(Aerial Ace TM) Battles: 1 Obtained: Story -------------------------------

Name: Dragonite Gender Male ♂ Ability: Inner Focus TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Dragon Claw TM)(Dragon Dance BM)(Brick Break TM)(Stone Edge TM)(Earthquake TM)(Surf HM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Ice Beam TM) Battles: 7 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Roserade Gender Female ♀ Ability: Poison Point/Natural Cure TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Solarbeam TM)(Sunny Day TM)(Double Team TM)(Hidden Power {Rock} TM) Battles: 14 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Poliwrath Gender Male ♂ Ability: Damp/Water Absorb TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Focus Punch TM)(Brick Break TM)(Icy Wind TM)(Surf HM) Battles: 1 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Electivire Gender Male ♂ Ability: Motor Drive TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Thunderwave TM)(Charge Beam TM)(Ice Punch TM) Battles: 24 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Cradily Gender Male ♂ Ability: Suction Cups TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Giga Drain TM)(Toxic TM)(Sludge Bomb TM) Battles: 14 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Blastoise (Toyz) Gender Male ♂ Ability: Torrent TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM) Battles: 0 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Exeggutor Gender Male ♂ Ability: Chlorophyll TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Sunny Day TM) Battles: 1 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Walrein (Fast Food) Gender Male ♂ Ability: Thick Fat TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM) Battles: 23 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Bastiodon Gender Female ♀ Ability: Sturdy TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: --- Battles: 8 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Magmortar (Deep Fried Chips) Gender Male ♂ Ability: Flame Body TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: --- Battles: 23 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Gyarados (Battered Fish) Gender Female ♀ Ability: Intimitade TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM) Battles: 12 Obtained: Story -------------------------------

Name: Steelix (Link) Gender Female ♀ Ability: Rock Head TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Swift TM) Battles: 3 Obtained: Trade -------------------------------

Name: Woobuffet Gender Female ♀ Ability: Shadow Tag TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: --- Battles: 11 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Butterfree Gender Female ♀ Ability: Compund Eyes TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: --- Battles: 15 Obtained: Pokemart -------------------------------

Name: Kabutops Gender Male ♂ Ability: Swift Swim TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM) Battles: 7 Obtained: Pokemart --------------------------------------

Name: Houndour Gender Male ♂ Ability: Flash Fire/Early Bird TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: Battles: 0 Obtained: Trade --------------------------------------

Name: Pelipper Gender Male ♂ Ability: Keen Eye TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM) Battles: 0 Obtained: Gift from Leman. Normal Rank Tough Contest Ribbon --------------------------------------

Name: Tyrogue Gender Male ♂ Ability: Guts/Steadfast TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs:Battles: 0 Obtained: Trade --------------------------------------

Best Ref in the World: Volcan - Times he has reffed for me: 50 matches and counting! -------------------------------------- Story Deals: April: 1. Ralts to ST for Lileep + Tms :P (Done) 2. Chinchou to Leman for his Meditie + tm (Done) May: 1. Steelix to Rust for Nosepass (Canceled) 2. Bellsprout to Ataro for Aron (Canceled till later) June: 1. Open 2. Open Credits: Husnain: For the awesome stat layout. :) -------------------------------------- Backup stats:


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