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Old 03-27-2007, 04:20 AM
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Default Blow this, I can't gather the time to finish it up.

Sing the Night Away!
Status:CLOSED. I can't finish, so lock this, please.
Jayan is a ten-year-old boy. He had somewhat short, brown, scruffy hair, and brown eyes. However, unlike other kids his age, he doesn't own a pokemon. He rarely has even seen a pokemon, and when he has, it has merely been a few Wingull or Taillow flying over his home, which is an old, bland small apartment building. Jayans parents have always said someday they would get him a pet pokemon, but it never came true. The owner of the landlot the building was built on believed pokemon were a nuisence, and refused to let anyone in the building own a pokemon.

Oh, Jayan would hope and dream day and night to someday own a pokemon. He dreamed of exploring Kanto with a Charizard flying by his side, or riding through the waters of Johto on the back of a Feraligatr, or even clinging to a Sceptile's back while it was leaping through the trees. But it was only a hope; it was only a dream that he would never see for real.

"Oh, mom, can't we just move to where we can keep a pokemon?" Jayan asked his mother before going to sleep one day, torwads the middle of Fall. But his mother said the same thing as she had said when he had asked about four months earlier.

"You know we don't have that kind of money," Jayan's mother said sternly, and Jayan replied by sighing heavily with disapointment. He went up to bed, and fell stomach-first onto his bland white sheets. He sighed again, and rolled around in his bed, holding his dull grey pillow against his stomach tightley. After a few minutes of rolling around in his bed, he heard a, ear-piercing yowl from the outside.

"What was that?" Jayan yelped, shooting up from his bed, looking at where the sound had come from. He heard the loud, searing noise again, and went a little closer to the fogged-up window. He suspected the source of the sound was a harsh, icy wind.

"Eeeeyyyyyooowwww..." The painfull screech echoed again, stinging Jayan's ears once more. Jayan slowly creeped over to the window, pushing away the blinds forcefully, also wiping his hand across the window to clear away the fog. He still couldn't see clearly, but it was better then nothing.

"Eyyooowww..." The noise screamed into the night yet again, getting more intense. Jayan cupped his hands over his ears and fell down, nearly to his knees.

"Jayan! Keep it down up there!" Jayan's mother called up to him in an annoyed voice, but Jayan just ignored her. He stood back up and looked out the window again. All he saw was the dark city bellow, lighten by what seemed like thousends of glittering office lights. He looked down on the fence surrounding the landlot, and felt like he had fallen fallen through the floor as he fell to the ground after seeing two large, round, flashing yellow eyes standing atop the fence, a single narrow black pupil in each.

"What was THAT?!" Jayan yelped as he picked himself off the floor. He felt under his bed, and grabbed a PokePhamplet that listed all of the pokemon that existed. He turned to a part of the phamplet that listed urban Pokemon, and started skimming through the pages. He finnaley stopped at a page that had the picture of the Pokemon who had eyes exactly like the eyes Jayan had seen. There was a picture of a pokemon that looked like a pale-tan cat, with black ears, long whiskers, brown tips on its curly tail and long feet, sharp claws, and, best of all, a yellow coin on its forhead. He read the page carefully.

"Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokemon. Adores round objects. It wanders the streets on a nightly basis to look for dropped loose change.
Attacks:Scratch, Fury Swipes, Screech, Pay Day" The page said. Jayan looked back out the window and looked at where the Meowth was still standing. It howled again, and leapt off the fence post. It hopped on the fire escape and began to zip up, up, and up, onto the windowsill outside Jayan's window. It meowed in a somewhat high-pitched voice and leaned against the window, but hopped off with freezing pain, and nearly fell off the fire escape.

"You're a pretty cute Pokemon, Meowth," Jayan said, laying his hand against the window with a happy look on his face. Meowth purred softly, placing his head against where Jayan was holding his hand, happily absorbing the extra warmth Jayan gave off.

"I wish I could keep you..." Jayan said miserabley, his smile slowly melting into a frown. Meowth also began to frown, but scratched at the lock on the window. Jayan understood, and opened up the window. Meowth smiled again and rubbed Jayan softly, purring loudly.

"So this is how it feels to pet a Pokemon," Jayan said, a warm feeling gathering in his chest. Meowth meowed again and continuousley rubbed against Jayans shoulder.

"What's your name?" Jayan said, holding up Meowth in his hands. Meowth turned his head slightly and meowed.

"Can't you say anything but "Meow?" Jayan asked Meowth, but Meowth responded with another quiet "meow".

"Guess not, huh?" Jayan said, happily looking at Meowth, "How 'bout I nickname you Milo? How's that sound?" "Milo" responded with a happy mew, and leapt down onto the cheap wooden windowsill.

"Hey, where 'ya going, Milo?" Jayan called after Milo, who was running down the fire escape. Milo didn't understand that Jayan couldn't follow him and play, but he kept on running.

"Wait, Milo! Come back!" Jayan yelled after the small, pale-tan scratch cat, but Milo kept on running. The Pokemon turned around to look at Jayan, mewed happily, flashing its yellow eyes at Jayan. It turned around, climbed up the single tree in the lot, and leapt out, crossing the fence.

"Jayan! Shut the window; You're letting in a draft!" Jayans mother yelled, who happened to have appeared from no where. Jayan sighed, and shut the window. He leapt into his small bed, letting out a big breath of air.

Over the next few weeks, Jayan and Milo became accustomed to the routine of visiting eatchother every night. All day, every day, even while his mother was homeschooling him, Jayan thought about Milo. He drew pictures, wrote stories, and even sat in his bed, talking to himself about the Scratch Cat.

However, the other peole in the appartment building didn't like Milo. In fact, they all hated the poor pokemon. Milo always sang at night. But he didn't sing very well. He just sat on the fense surrounding the lot, and screeched loudly. The other people in the building threw objects at him, yelled at him, one man once even attacked the Scratch Cat. Jayan always sadly watched the Scratch Cat get chased off at night, running off into the wide open city streets.

"Say, Milo, do you have any siblings?" Jayan asked Milo one night, "You know, like brothers and sisters?" Milo stepped up on his back legs and pointed torwards a pitch black messy area, not far from the apartment building.

"Mya mya!" Milo mewed loudly, began to run down the fire escape, and meowed at Jayan to follow him, once the scratch cat was half way down the fire escape.

"Hang on, Milo!" Jayan yelled down to the pale-tan pokemon. Jayan rand to the mess of clothes across his room and dug around. He pulled out a navy blue sweatshirt, and pulled it on quickly. He ran at the window, and climbed out the window, and began walking down the fire escape. He ran by Milo's side, torwards the dump that Milo had pointed out.

"Where are we going?" Jayan yelled to the tan pokemon, who replied with a meow. Milo stopped in front of the high chain-link fence, and began to crawl over it.

"You're just gonna leave me here?" Jayan yelled to Milo. The pale pokemon leapt off the fence, about a 12-foot jump, and started throwing multiple coins at the fense. A hole exploded, just big enough to allow Jayan in. Milo motioned his tail, and Jayan followed. The two walked for what seemed like an hour, until Jayan could just faintly see the gate to the old dump. Villianous-looking yellow eyes began to appear on the horrizen, and began to approach.

Finally, the shadow owners of the ghastly yellow eyes showed themselves, and happened to be more Meowths. They hissed and walked up to Milo, sniffing curiousley. The backed away, growling angrily because of Jayans scent upon Milo. Milo stood up on his back legs, waved his arms, and began to jibber quickly in pokemon at the other Meowths, who, after hearing Milo, calmed down and walked over to Jayan. The emotionless Meowths rubbed against Milo's legs and purred what sounded like a motorboat.

"I'd love to stay, but, I just can't... I havta go to my home..." Jayan said, kneeling over to pet the shadowey Meowths. He gave Milo one final pet, and turned around to go back to the run-down apartment. All of the Meowths began to cry loudly, and chased after Jayan, but Jayan ignored them, and ran back to the apartment.

The shadowey Meowths turned around and faced at Milo, growling loudly. They hissed, and spoke to Milo in pokemon.

"Foolish brethren. You must stay here. You are too adventurous. It is too dangerous. The humans, now knowing of our living here will bring dogs. Large, hulking, howling dogs. They will kill us. Without elders, our kin will face the same fate as we will. We have officialley died." The leader of the Meowths, covered in shadows, said to Milo accusingly. "Promise us you will adventure no longer. Or else."

"He isn't bad! He isn't going to kill us! I know him, he just wants to be our friend! You can't blame him! Or me! I won't stop!" Milo squeeled to the other Meowths furiousley.

"Very well. You will meet our overlord," the shadowey Meowth said. All of the Meowths growled, walking off to the side. A large, shadowed-over cat that resembled a Meowth, but with more feline legs, a jewel on its forhead, and a straight tail, strutted out of a large box, growling loudly. A whole flock of Murkrows in thje far distance scattered, crowing loudly. It leapt forward at Milo, claws extended, slashing Milo across the face. Milo screamed eerily into the night, holding his paws over his face. He took step back, got down on all fours, and ran off. The pale-tan Pokemon scaled the fense around the dump, and ran back torwards Jayan's apartment.

"Jayan! Where have you been? You're all dirty!" Jayans mother yelled as soon as Jayan got home. He hadn't have thought about his mom, he had completely forgotten.

"I... uh... Uh.... I was getting some milk..." Jayan stuttered, unknowing of how to get out of the pickle. His mother gave him an angry glare, and questioned him.

"Then, where is the milk, young man?" His mother said, leering at him angrily. Jayan continued to stutter, then cry.

"Just, leave me alone!" He yelled, tears forming in his eyes. He began to run, landing in his room. He grabbed his bland grey pillow, and cleared his throat.

'Why do I make such a big deal out of everything?' Jayan sobbed into his pillow. Now he would never be trusted again. 'If only I hadn't of followed Milo!'

Milo appeared by the window, meowing to Jayan. Jayan picked himself off of his bed and walked over to Milo, who he petted, swallowing back the last of his tears.

"Aw, you'll always be here," Jayan said, his face breaking into a smile. Jayan noticed the large scar that was streaked across Milo's face.

"What happened, Milo?" Milo began to bear a sad frown across his face, pointing his clawed paws torwards the dump, mewing loudly. The cat stuck out his claws, hissed, and darted back down the fire escape.

'We'll always be friends, no matter what, Milo...' Jayan said quietly to himself, watching the tan cat pokemon zip away in the navy blue night.

(Will finish later!)

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Default Re: Sing the Night Away!

Part Two

More time went by. Milos scar from the Persian attack faded, leaving only a light red X-shaped mark on his face. The two friend's relationship grew much larger. However, the other people of the building became more and more infuriated. They began to offer rewards for the capture - and death - of Milo. But they fortunantley alway failed. But now, they were going to kill him, once and for all.

"Mya, mya, MYAAARRRAAAA...." Milo squeeled into the night, chasing a small Oran leaf outside the old apartment building, a happy grinslapped across his face. A large man with short brown hair, who wore a tan shirt and blue jeans, who was the owner of the building, and was named Mr. Aerorai. He glared at Milo, gripping the Butterfree net firmly in his hands. Several humans that lived in the apartment building stood behind him, all held something to stop Milo, mainly cooking knifes and nets.

"Get him!" Aerorai yelled, charging torwards Milo. The other humans rampaged behind Aerorai, yelling louldy, waving their Butterfree nets wildly. Milo yelped and bounded off across the landlot,panting heavily.

"Huh? Milo?" Jayan said, dropping the PokePamphlet he was reading. Peering out the window, he looked for a sign of the scratch cat. He saw a golden shine, which he recognized as Milo's coin. But, some shining white stars were chasing him about.

"What's going on?" Jayan asked himself quitley. He grabbed a pair of binoculars, which were shaped like two Doduo heads with their mouths pryed open. He stared out the window, watching the lights spin around, acting as if they had no purpose but to move. He clicked a button on the stiff brown binoculars, and Jayan's sight became clearer. He could then see several people dashing at the cat, yelling, waving knifes about.

"Stab the cat, now!" Aerorai yelled as he swept his net over the cat. A tall, thin woman, with curly brown hair, wearing a dark-purple dress that was pinned down torward the woman's waist by a lavender appron, took a large knife at got ready to smash it right at the pale-tan pokemon, who became incredibly tense, sweating enough that it could be seen in the dead of the night.

(Me finish this later)

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