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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 04-26-2007, 02:52 AM
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Default NoaN- URPG Statistics

Samantha Richardson
[Username]- NoaN
[AIM]- N/A
[Bank]- £0000
[Battle Record]- 0 Wins, 0 Losses, 0 Draws
[Position(s)]- Beginning Trainer
[Inventory]- Empty
[Badge Case]- Empty

-Shiloh the Snorunt-
Ability- Inner Focus
Moves- Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite, Icy Wind, Headbutt, Protect, Crunch, Ice Beam, Hail, Blizzard
HMs/TMs- Empty
Hold Item- None
Obtained- Starter Pokemon

-Grey the HootHoot-
Ability- Insomnia
Moves- Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Peck, Hypnosis, Reflect, Take Down, Confusion, Dream Eater
HMs/TMs- Empty
Hold Item- None
Obtained- Story: Do I hear a HootHoot?

-Pippy the Piplup-
Ability- Torrent
Moves- Pound, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Peck, Bide, Bubblebeam, Fury Attack, Brine, Whirlpool, Mist, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump
HMs/TMs- Empty
Hold Item- None
Obtained- PokeMart

-Goliath the Goldeen-
Ability- Water Veil
Moves- Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Supersonic, Horn Attack, Water Pulse, Flail, Aqua Ring, Fury Attack, Waterfall, Horn Drill, Agility
HMs/TMs- Empty
Hold Item- None
Obtained- Story- The Risk Of Hoot-Hoot

Samantha Stories -For Hoot-Hoot
Samantha Stories -For Goldeen

-Money Log-
+3000-Starting Money
+2000-URPG MAY 2007 Quiz
+3000-Collaboration Contest Voting

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