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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default -Canceled-(Lock/Delete please)

I'm requesting a lock for this story. I have no inspiration to write for it. Sorry to anybody who liked this story. Could a mod lock this?

Prologue: P is for Powerful. O is for Outrageous fun! K is for Kewl. E is for Energetic. B is for Bouncy. A is for Awesome. L is for Limerick...L is for...Lime. E is for Excellent. R is for RIGHTEOUS DUDE! POKEBALLER...every trainer can collect, these little balls of joy. POKEBALLER, you can be a master. They're spinning even faster. POKEBALLER, buy a starter deck today and become THE BEST POKEBALLER EVER! This is the comercial you'd hear if your country had Pokeballer. Pokeballer is a game based off of actual Pokemon. I am WTF, one of few kids whose name is in cyberchat. Together with my friends LAWL, RAWR, and STFU, we learn what it takes to be THE BEST POKEBALLER EVER!

Filler Log 002: The Best Pokeballer Ever!

The day the very first commercial was released, I was right in front of the television. I am WTF, I usually wear blue jeans and a white shirt. My brown hair covered my eyes. Suddenly the phone rang. I walked through the hall and picked up the white phone. One of my friends, RAWR was on the other line. He and my two other friends help me through my troubles of not being able to get a Pokemon. My mom hates them for some reason.

"Did you see the comercial?" he asked.

"I sure did," I replied.

"Did you ask your mom if she can take you to get them?" he asked, "My mom is taking me next Saturday."

"I'll ask her right now," I said, setting the phone down.

I ran down the hall and almost crashed into one of the white halls. I walked into the kitchen. Sitting at the granite counter was a woman with brwon hair. That was my mom, one of the two people I who hate Pokemon. The other was from our old neighborhood. I sat down on the stool beside her.

"Mom," I began to ask.

"I heard the comercial from here," she sighed, "I'll get you a Pokeballer next Sunday. But I never want to hear another word about you wanting a real Pokemon.

I hopped off the stool and stared at the green wall of the kitchen for a little while. Mom always said the color hurt her eyes, but I cluldn't understand. I walked down the hall and picked up the phone.

"We're goint next Sunday," I said smiling.

"Awesome!" RAWR replied, "I wonder if STFU and LAWL saw the comercial?

A week passed, and RAWR had gotten his starter set. It was only a matter of time before he came in to start bragging. However, I was just as interested in Pokeballer and was curious on how it works. The doorbell rang, I walked up the the brown door and pushed down on the handle. Behind the door was a boy with a grey jacket and black pants. RAWR had a weird watch on today, as he made his way to the green coach.

"What's with the watch?" I asked.

"This isn't a watch," he replied, "Its a PDA, or Pokeballer Digital Assistant. It keeps data of all the Pokeballers you own.

"Cool!" I exclaimed, "Which one did you get?"

"They come in several sets," he explained, "One of each set goes to the store. I picked out a set called 'Just Plain Average.' It has a lot of Normal-types in the set."

He set up a weird arena that was attached to his PDA. The arena had grey walls and a trampoline-like floor. I watched as he messed around with the PDA settings. First, he showed me his "best" Pokeballer. It was a little purple ball with the word "Ditto" under it. He explained that Ditto had one of the highest bounces. Then he showed me a brown ball that said "Eevee" on it. He explained that Eevee has an average bounce and spin. Finally, he showed me his "worst" Pokeballer. It was a cat with a gold coin called Meowth. He said it has weak spin and bounce.

"How do you play?" I finally asked.

"That's easy," he said, "First you decide how big the battle is going to be. Then you spread out the arena until it is big enough. After that, you decide which Pokeballer you want to use. You launch it out and it bounces off the trampoline. When it hits the trampoline, a spin mechanism activates, a method of attack pops out, and the Pokeballer starts to slowly build up speed. Also, depending on how good the 'bounce factor' of your Pokeballer is, that is how high it will bounce. Each bounce builds up a bounce-o-meter and when it fills, you can use a Pokemon attack. The object of the game is to knock your opponent's Pokeballer out by hitting it enough to stop the spin. If you battle with a specific Pokeballer enough, it'll evolve."

Pretty soon, it was time for RAWR to go home. I led him to the door and then went to my blue bedroom. I had trouble sleeping that night. The green blanket fell to the ground as I tossed it off. The night was quiet, and yet I could not sleep. I sat down and finally calmed down. I was worried that the Pokeballers would be sold out. The next day finally came. Mom took me to the toy store.

The store was oddly empty. I walked up and down the aisles, admiring the colorful toy shelves. We couldn't find the Pokeballers, so my mom had to ask somebody. A man was stocking a shelf. He had brown and and was wearing a green vest.

"Excuse me, where are the Pokeballers?" she asked.

"You have to get them at the register," he replied, "Lucky, there's one starter kit left."

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