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Old 03-10-2004, 03:09 AM
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Cool Nick's Pokemon Journey

This is the story I started on PE2K and got up to his Journey in Johto, so I will be continueing and starting it over here. Also Nick will have diffrent Pokemon.

Chapter 1: The begining

Dream sequence: The last day I saw my dad was when he left to go to Saffron City. He was to become the gym leader and take Sabrina's place. I beat him and now am at the final four to the championship of Kanto.
Me: Ok go Sharpedo.

My side of the field turned into water and my Sharpedo showed.
Me: Use tackle!
Opponet: Use razor lef Bayleef...

A huge blue spark hit my arm and I woke up. Then a huge Pikachu scream went off. I looked at my Pikachu alarm and hit it. It shut off.
Mom: Nick are you up?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Well you need to hurry because is that day.
Nick: Oh yeah. I need to hurry!

I quickly threw a light blue shirt on and dark blue jean shorts, grabbed my backpack with ten pokeballs, a cell phone, and the Pokedex Oak gave me.

I am fifteen years old and I wanted to start my journey at eleven when I first found out how my cousin Ash Ketchum went on his journy. I was so excited.

I looked at my room knowing it would be the last time I will probably see it. I had a Charmander poster with it flamethrowing a Squirtle, a Hounder doll since that is my favorite Pokemon, a Hounder evolution poster, my TV with my Gamecube and PS2 hooked up to it, and my bed that was all blue. I walked out of it smiling knowing that one day I would be back.

I went to my mom's room to tell her bye.
Mom: Nick becareful.
Me: I will.
Mom: Do you have clean...
Me: Yes mom I do. Well I neeed to go.

I kissed her on the cheek and left. As I was walking out the door my pet Hounder named Max came to me. It rubbed its head on the side of my leg. I bent over and ppet it.
Me: Well I am going to go buddy, but I will come back one day.
Max: Hounder...Houn!

I pet him and walked down the path to Oak's. I kept walking and it seemed like forever. I finally got up to a big white lab. It had a huge Pokeball on the roof. Oak did some renovations about a month ago and his place looks better.

I was ready to get my Pokemon and start my journey.

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Old 03-12-2004, 03:52 AM
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Post Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 2: Nick Chooses Corphish

I rang the doorbell on Oak's door and about two minutes later he came up.
Oak: well hello Nick.
Me: Hi, I am here to get my Pokemon.
Oak: Ok come in. You are lucky, you have been the fourth and last person to come.
Me: Fourth?
Oak: You'll see.

He took me to the back and three other kids were there, two girls and a boy. I knew the boy his name was Chris.
Oak: All four of you are here tog start your journey. It will be long and hard. So I will give you each two items.

He pressed a button and four books and four Pokeballs appered.
Oak: This is the book that I hope when you guys get it you all read it. It is by the greatest trainer I've met Ash Ketchum.

A lab assistant came up.
Oak: This is tracey.
Tracey: Hi.

Tracey grabbed the books and handed the all out. The book was called A Starter's Dream. Then Oak looked up.
Oak: Ready Tiffany?
Tiffany: Yes.
Oak: Ok who do you want?
Tiffany: I

Oak grabbed a blue ball and threw it to her. She caught it and ran out in joy. Though when she passed me she gave me an evil glasre.
Oak: Ok now you Chris.

He just pointed to a red ball and grabbed it. Oak frowned then let him walk out.
Oak: That was Torchic.
Girl: My turn and I want Chikorita.
Oak: Ok here you go.

He grabbed the green Pokeball and threw it out. She ran outside.

Oak smiled and then looked at me.
Oak: Nick you have a huge family line that you are going to follow.
Nick: I know, my dad and Ash.
Oak: Yes and I watched both start and still watch them. Well your dad started witha Gastly when we were allowed to give out ghost and psycic types and Ash got Pikachu. Now you will start with your own type unless you want to wait till next month.

I sat there and thought.
Me: My answer will be no. I've waited a long time.
Oak: Ok well this Pokemon has also waited a long time. I am hoping you two will be the best of friends. Nick here is a Corphish.
Me: A Corphish! I love this Pokemon I used to play with Ash's all the time and battled with it against his Taillow, but lost.

Oak laughed then picked up a lighter blue ball then Tiffany's. Oak handed it to me.

Then after a while the ball popped open. Oak then looked in shock.
Oak: And so the legacy continues. All of you guys have had your starters stand by your side.
Me: Awesome.

I looked down and saw a red crab, with yellow belly. I looked deepp in its eyes and we both smiled. I picked Corphish up and put it o my back. [Like the episode when Ash had to rush Corphish to the Poke Center]

I shook Oak's hand and also Tracie's. Then walked out. When I walked out Tiffany and the other girl battling. Chris then walked up to me. Hed had red hair like me and wore all red. He also had the red And Ones on.
Chris: Want to battle?
Me: Yes!
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Old 03-12-2004, 03:37 PM
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Default Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

This story looks great so far, I can't wait to read more! I wonder who Nick's father is?

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."
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Old 03-15-2004, 02:18 AM
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 3: The start of a rivalry

Chris and I stared into anothers eyes and could see flames. Then we each took five BIG steps back and got into a ready posistion.
Me: Ok go Corphish!

My red crab jumped into the middle of us.
Chris: This will be hard, ok go Torchic.

He threw the red sphere and out came a small red chick.
Torchic: Torchic! [In a high pitch voice]

I looked at Corphish and it looked bored. I quickly pulled mmy Pokedex out.
Pokedex: Torchic: This is a fun loving Pokemon. It can stand flames up to 1000 degrees.

Corphish: It belongs to the crustation family. It has a very aggresive attitude.

Chris looked up and smiled.
Me: Lets get this on. Ok Corphish use tackle.
Chris: You too Torchic.

The two Pokemon ran towards another and nailed eachother in the head. They both stumpled backwards and then looked up.
Me: Tackle!
Chris: Ember!
Me: What!?

As corphish was going in for a tackle he got nailed with small fire balls. It started to roll backwards and hit a tree.
Me: Ok use bubble!

Corphish quickly jumped up and opened one of its claws. Than he shot about six bubbles. All but one hit, and it did a lot of damage. Also Torchic's speed fell.
Me: Tackle!
Chris: Ember!

Since Torchic's speed fell it didn't get its move off. It got hit and then soared into a tree. When I looked at Torchic it was very hurt and had bruises on its body.
Chris: Oh no!
Me: Well I guess you lose?
Chris: No. Ember!

Torchic shot once again some small fireballs.
Me: Dodge Corphish!

Corphish jumped to the right. All the fireballs went rite past Corphish.
Me: Sorry I have to do this Chris. Use bubble!

Again Corphish shot six bubbles from its claw. They all hit Torchic sending it flying into another tree. The impact was so tough the tree fell over. Torchic was KOed.
Me: Great job Corphish. Come back.

It crawled into my arms.

Chris looked down and then returned Torchic. He looked at me and smiled.
Chris: Well I can tell you will be a great trainer.
Me: Thanks.

We gave eachother a handshake, when we released I found five hundred dollars in my hand. When I looked up he disapeared.
Me: When this looks like we have started a rivalry Chris.

I laughed, looked at Corphish who had a smile on then put the money in my backpack.
Me: Ready to go buddy?
Corphish: Cor!

I looked at the route and started off with Corphish.
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Old 03-16-2004, 03:29 AM
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Default Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 4: Team Meowth?

Corphish and I were on the route to Viridian City. I got two new Pokemon's data and it was Pidgey and Rattata. Though both Pokemon got away from me.
Me: Well Corphish I know that we haven't had the best of luck but we will catch something.

Corphish just looked in the sky and then let a little sigh out. I was upset that it seemed like my Pokemon disliked me because we haven't caught one Pokemon.

After a while of traveling I saw a flock of Pidey, than one in the front. It looked strong and fast. I needed to catch it.

I put Corphish on the ground.
Me: Ok see that one rite there? Well use bubble on it.

Corphish nodded opened his claws up and sent about six bubbles out. It hit the strong looking Pidgey. It looked angrey and then flew up. In a quick second all the other small brown and white birds lifted up in the air. Then at one movement of a wing all started to dive after us.
Me: That one must be the leader of the pack. Hmm...we better run!

I turned and saw Corphish already starting to run. I ran after it, and picked him up on the way. The Pidgeys were rite on my trail and I was starting to run out of breath. The pack almost hit us when a huge net caught them. I turned and saw this. Though only one wasn't caught the leader. I was scared. It wasn't really paying attention, the Pidgey was looking at the net. Then on a small cliff to the left of my three figures showed. Two look like a girl and a boy and one looked like a cat.
Girl: Team Meowth
Boy: On the speed of light
Girl: Surrender now
Boy: Or prepare to fight.
Girl: Jesse
Boy: James.
Both:: Team Meowth will scratch your dreams.
Meowth: Thats rite!

After hearing the last few lines I laughed.
Me: Well Jesse and James finally got kicked ot of Team Rocket.
James: Yes.
Jesse: And don't laugh at us. We are working on our moto. Though anyways we have all these Pidgeys and ther is nothing you can do.

The small Pidgies were frantic and so was the leader one. It flew around the net about twenty times till it looked at Team Meowth. I then looked at Corphish and nodded. He crawled up to the bottom of the mountain.
Jesse: Go Spearow!

I looked at the net and saw Pidgey trying to naw part of the net to make a hole.
Me: Bubble!

Again bubbles shot out of Corphish's claw and nailed Spearow in the face. The Spearow fell and I saw a huge white light appear. I looked at Pidgey, it turned white and turned into a bigger bird Pokemon.
Me: A pidgeotto.

The Pidgeotto Pokemon chirped and then started to flap it wings.
Me: Corphish try to cut the net open.

My red crab Pokemon jumped over to the net and opened and closed its claw over the net. After about five tries I heard a snap. Then I looked at Team Meowth who were all hugging eachother while Pidgeotto flapped its wings over them. Then alll the Pidgeys were flapping their wings, and over thirty gust shot at Team Meowth. All four of them shot up in the sky.
Three of them: Were blasting off...

I laughed than looked at the pack.
Me: Sorry for attacking you Pidgeotto.

It chirped. Than it and its back flew off. Corphish and I waved goodbye to them.
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Old 03-17-2004, 03:46 AM
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 5: Viridian Arrest

Corphish was almost jumping up and down in my arms. We could see the entrance of Viridian and I coldn't wait.
Me: We're almost there!
Corphish: Cor...Phish!

I started to run and got closer to Viridian City and then as I hit the entrance, I stopped and looked in awe. The buildings were shining in the sun and the Pokecenter's Pokeball roof was having a light reflect on the gym's roof.
Me: Well thats my uncle's gym and I know alreday that I can't battle him unless I have all seven badges. Then I would have to battle him for our eighth.

Corphish nodded.

I started to walk to the Pokecenter and as soon as I stood in front of it Officer Jenny jumped in front of me.
Jenny: Nick you are under arrest for stealing that Pokemon.
Me: What?!


An hour later...

I was sitting in a jail cell with Corphish. Surprisingly they had me keep him with me so that Corphish couldn't run away.
Me: I am sorry for the confusion buddy.
Corphish: Corrrr.
Me: I know that you know I didn't steal you.

Corphish jumped on my lab and then curled up to sleep.

I looked at the corner of the room and a strange shadow figure was straing at me.
Stranger: Well hello Nick.
Me: What how do you know my name?

He stood up and smiled.
Man: I am the reason why you are here. Under your uncle's order's I told the cops you stole Corphish and then I was caught for stealing.
Me: So what does that help me to know...

Then I had a flashback to the day I got Corphish. Chris got in and out of Oak's lab and did not say one thing. Then after I beat him he dissapeared in thin air.
Me: Its you.
Chris: Great guess buddy.

Corphish jumped up and than I did too.
Me: Why?
Chris: You will see.

Than Jenny walked up to the cell. She opened it up and looked at me.
Jenny: Nick we have found you innocent.

I looked at Corphish and picked him up. I then walked back taking one glimps of Chris.
Jenny: We got hold of Oak and he told us.
Me: He always comes in handy.

As I exited the station a loud boom went off near the cell I wasin. Jenny and I ran over to it finding that chris got loose.
Me: Mo way he got away.
Jenny: I will tell everyone to watch out for him.

I looked at her and frowned.
Me: That won't work with my uncle on his side.
Jenny: Trust me iit will.

She told me to head off and I did. I walked to the Pokecenter and grabbed a room. Then I went to the room and put Corphish next to me in the bed.
Me: Tommorow we will go to Viridian Forest and try to capture a frien.

Corphish nodded. Then we fell asleep.
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 6: Nick's First Capture

The next morning I woke up and got Corphish up. He looked very entergetic so I took him to get healed real quick. Than after he was done I bought breakfest for the both of us. I had a ham, chees biscuit and he had Bacon flavored Pokefood.

We both ended at the same time so I took the dishes up and thanked Joy. I grabbed my backpack, swung it over my shoulder, and Corphish by my side walked out of the Pokemon Center. We are headed towards Viridian Forest.
Me: Ready Corphish?

I asked that whle we were like a quarter of the way there.
Corphish: Phish. Pish...Corphish?
Me: [Laughing] Of course I am ready.

A few minutes later Corphish and I got to the entrane of the forest. I could see all the trees and some Pokemon flying in the air. I was ready. Corphish and I started to run. As soon as I entered the forest I could see Caterpie's crawling on the floor, Weedle's tackling one another, Pidgey's dancing in the sky and Beedrills fighting against Butterfrees. It was a magical site.

I started to walk and found a small opening. I knew that it was time for a rest.
Me: Lets sit down here Corphish.

At the sound of my words he just fell down on the floor. I laughed. Then I pulled out a gronola bar that had small choclate chips in it. Then I gave Corphish some original Pokefood I bought. After a while a small Spinarak came crawling threw the open field and then a Pidgeotto followed.
Me: It looks like Pidgeotto is trying to get that Spinarak. [Turning to the bird Pokemon] Hey how about you pick on someone your own size.

The medium sized brown and white bird stopped in its tracks, then looked at me. It started to come and tackle me, when Corphish jumped up and both Pokemon tackled eachother in te head. Pidgeotto fell down and so did Corphish. Than they both jumped up.
Me: Ok use tackle.

Corphish went in for a tackle. Pidgeotto moved but its right wing was hit on the end. The bird got mad and then started to flap its wings.
Me: Its using a gust attack, move!

Corphish wasn't quick enough and got hit into a tree.
Me: Ok now use bubble.

Corphish shook the attack off and shot six bubbles out of his claws. Four hit and Pidgeotto dove to the ground. Its speed fell.
M: Tackle while its falling!

Corphish started to sprint and before Pidgeotto hit the ground it was tackled and flew into a tree.
Me: One more tackle!

At that command Pidgeotto also started to fly after Corphish, but since its speed fell Corphish beat it and hit Pidgeotto rite in the gut KOing it. I grabbed a Pokeball out of my backpack and threw it. The red and white sphere hit Pidgeotto on the wing, popped up, opened and sucked Pidgeotto in. The ball shook once, twice, the Bing! Pidgeotto was caught.
Me: Allrite you did it Corphish. We caught Pidgeotto.

I ran to the ball and threw it up in the air. Pidgeotto came out, then I clipped its ball to my belt. I hugged Pidgeotto and he hugged me back. I knew this Pokemo would be perfect for my team.
Me: Welcome Pidgeotto.
Corphish: Corphish.
Pidgeotto: Eotto.
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Old 03-18-2004, 07:38 PM
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Default Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 7: Nick vs. Thomas the Bug Catcher

After a while of getting to know Pidgeotto I started to train with him and Corphish.
Me: Corphish use bubble on that tree. Than tackle, Pidgotto use gust on that tree. Than quick attack.

Corphish shot six bubbles at one tree. It didn't do much. Than Pidgeotto started to flap his wings shooting off a small tornado. It hit the tree and cracked it halfway. Than both Corphish and Pidgeotto rammed into their trees. Pidgeotto's fell and Corphish's cracked halfway.
Me: Well its ok you both doing great. Return Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto was sucked into his ball and I placed the ball on my belt. I than picked up Corphish.

I started to walk and saw more Pokemon. Nidorans [Male and female], more Buterfrees, and Ratatas. Some trainers were fighting on the side and they didn't look intresting. I kept walking when a Pokeball flew rite in front of me. Out came a Scyther.
Scyther: Scy...ther.
Pokedex: Scyther the mantis Pokemon, this Pokemon has quick speed and attacks with its scyths.

I looked at the green mantis Pokemon and it gave me a weird look.
Me: Who do you belong to?

Than after I finshed my question a boy jumped out from a tree and landed like in Ninja form.
Boy: It belongs to me.
Me: That doesn't help.
Boy: Oh ok sorry, my name is Thomas, Thomas the Bug Catcher.
Me: So why did you send your Pokemon out?
Thomas: I want to battle you one-on-one.

To be continued...
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Old 03-19-2004, 04:18 AM
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 7 cont...

I looked at Thomas and then looked at his Scyther.
Me: Ok I agree. Go Pidgeotto!

I grabbed the red and white sphere that holds Pidgeotto and threw it up. Out came my medium sized brown and white bird. It chirped. The green mantis Pokemon moved it scyth in a slash movment.
Me: Ok Pidgeotto use gust.
Thomas: Use scratch.

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings and than shot a tornado at Scyther. Though the bug Pokemon jumped to the right and than got in my Pokemon's face and scratch him. Pidgeotto fell down.
Thomas: Go in for a tackle.
Me: Move with quick attack!

Scyther started towards Pidgeotto, than as it went to attack Pidgeotto quickly dissapered and from behind tackled Scyther.
Thomas: Wow that was an awesome move. Though let me guess you are a rookie.
Me: Yeah but I have een a trainer for about two days now.

Corphish looked up and than fell asleep on the ground
Me: Who cares though go Pidgeotto gust.

Pidgeotto started to flap his wings again. The tornado was a little bigger than normal and it shot off towards Scyther. The bug Pokemon was hit and was thrown into a tree.
Scyther: Scy...ther!
Thomas: Oh no! Scyther use double team!

Scyther jumped up and than twenty forms of it apeared. Thomas started to laugh.
Me: How did it do that? It like duplicated itself.
Thomas: Ha I knew this would get you.
Me: Use tackle on the one if front of you.

He started to flap his wings towards one of the Scythers. Then when he hit Pidgeotto went straight threw.
Me: Its a halagram!
Thomas: Good job. Use scratch.

All in one second all the Scythers combined and made one. Than it jumped up and scratched Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto fell and let out a loud squak.
Me: Pidgeotto!
Thomas: Scyther use double team again.

Again about twenty figures of Scyther appeared. Pidgeotto got up and flew higher up in the air.
Me: Ok only one is real so lets figure this one out!

I looked around and thought of an attack. I kept thinking and then got it.
Me: Gust!

Pidgeotto came closer and than started to flap its wings. A tornado came up and hit about half of the Scythers. Than all dissapeared, except one who was again thrown into a tree.
Me: Quick attack!

Pidgeotto started to move to the left than the right than the left again. Scyther almost got up when Pidgeotto hit him in the head. Scyther was KOed.
Thomas: Wow that was good. Return.

His Scyther was sucked up and he clipped the ball to his belt.
Me: Thanks, your good too. Return.

A red beam sucked up Pidgeotto and I clipped the ball to my belt.

Thomas gave me a hundred dollars and we said goodbye. It was getting dark so I stopped and fell asleep with Corphish by my side. I was ready to get out of the forest and face Brock.
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 8: The Spinarak Affair

The next morning I grabbed some sticks and made a fire out of it. I grabbed a pan out of my bag and stuck some eggs i found in the forest. Than I got Pokemon food out for Pidgeotto and Corphish. When they were almost finished my eggs were done. I ate them and packed everything up. Than Pidgeotto took flight and I grabbed Corphish.

We were walking down a trail and than we came to two signs, one said: Pewter City the other said: Cerelian City. I took the exit to Pewter City. We were walking down the path when Pidgeotto was pulled down by a white string. I turned around and there stood the small green little spider, Spinarak.
Me: Hey what did you do that?!
Spinarak: Spina!

I turned and looked at Pidgeotto who snipped the string off. Than I got it. It was the same Spinarak that Pidgeotto chased.
Pidgeotto: Geottoooo!

He started in for a tackle. Than Spinarak lowered its head and both rammed into eachothers' heads. They both fell to the ground and than Pidgeotto stood up.
Me: Use gust!

Pidgeotto started to flap its wings and than a small tornado hit Spinarak into a tree. It screamed a cry of pain.
Me: Quick attack!

Pidgeotto started to move left than right than left really fast. Than as it went to hit, the small spider shot a string knocking Pidgeotto down and had him tied up.
Me: No!

Spinarak than headbutted Pidgeotto. The bird Pokemon slid across the ground. Than the string broke.
Me: Gust again!

Once again the bird Pokemon flapped his wings and shot another tornado at Spinarak. The spider Pokemon hit a tree.
Me: Quick attack.

Once again Pidgeotto started to move fast, but since the silly string hit him it took some toll in his speed. Then Pidgeotto hit Spinarak and KOed it. In the process the tree broke and fell over. I grabbed a Pokeball and threw it. The ball hit Spinarak and 1..2..3..Bing! I caught Spinarak.
Me: Great job Pidgeotto! Return.

Pidgeotto was sucked up by a red beam and I stuck both balls on my belt.
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Default Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 9: Nick vs. Chris part 2

After my capture of Spinarak I continued to walk down the trail to Pewter City. I looked up at the sky and it was turning grey.
Me: Well Corphish it looks like it is going to rain.
Corphish: Cor!
Me: Oh yeah you like the water, haha.

I continued to walk and Corphish jumped out of my arms. He startedc to walk and than headed towards a bush. It started to move.
Me: Corphish come back!

Than out of no where a black ball hit it. Out jumped Chris.
Chris: I got your little crab.
Me: Give it back.
Chris: Battle me for it.
Me: No I won't ever battle for the sake of my own Pokemon.
Chris: Than I will take it.
Me: Fine two on two!
Chris: Fine and this will be the third stolen Pokemon added to my team. Go Meowth!

A small white cat with a golden coin on its head came out. The small cat liked its paw.
Me: Go Pidgeotto!

My medium sized bird Pokemon came out and took flight.
Chri: Use scratch.
Me: Gust!

The small cat jump up and extended her claws. Pidgeotto started to flap his wings and the small cat got caught up in the tornado. The tornado hit a tree and Meowth fell out.
Meowth: Meowth!
Me: Ok go in for a quick attack!
Chris: Payday!

Pidgeotto started to move left than right very fast. In the middle of the attack Meowth grabbed its coin and threw it at Pidgeotto. A coin went back n the spot and Pidgeotto fell to the ground.
Chris: Use tackle!
Me: Dodge!

Meowth went in for the tackle, but instead it hit the ground. Pidgeotto got up real quick.
Me: Use...

All of a sudden Pidgeotto's wings turned white and than he attacking with his wings. Meowth was KOed.
Chris: Return!

Meowth was returned and than he grabbed a black Pokeball.

To Be Continued...
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 9 cont...

He threw the black ball and out came a Spearow.
Chris: I took this from a worthless trainer that only had this Pokemon and a Skitty. It was easy, so easy it was like stealing candy...
Me: From a baby, so how did you catch it.
Chris: Actually I weas going to say from an amatuar trainer. What do you mean though?
Me: Well the kid had to have the Pokemon near full health so how do you catch it wihout weakining it?
chris: Oh these balls lower the health of a Pokemon by half, but after a day it regains all its health. It also has a healer in it, how do you think I always win.

He started to laugh. I knew that I couldn't let him win.
Me: Use quick attack.
Chris: Dodge and peck

Pidgeotto started to fly real quick. Than Spearow moved to the right and pecked onto Pidgeotto's left wing. He fell.
Chris: se gust.

Spearow started to flap his wings and shot a tornado making Pidgeotto fly into a tree.
Me: Get up and use wing attack.

Pidgeotto slowly got up and turned to Spearow.
Chris: Gust.
Me: Dodge.

Spearow started to flap his wings, but instead of waiting for the attack, Pidgeotto started to fly towards him. His wings turned white and smacked them in Spearow's face. The small bird fell down. It looked like the attack took a lot out of him.

Pidgeotto started to breath really hard.
Chris: Return.

He returned Spearow into the black ball. Than he threw Spearow back out, the bird looked back in health, completely.
Me: No way thats cheap.
Chris: All far in Pokemon battles.
Me: You have the stupidest sayings.
Chris: Peck.

The Spearow moved really fast and started to peck Pidgeotto. After a while Pidgeotto fainted.
Me: No way! Return.

Pidgeotto was sucked up by a red beam. I looked at my last Pokeball Spinarak and wondering if he could make it.
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 10: Tangled Battle
I picked up Spinarak's Pokeball and threw it at the ground.
Me: Ok I choose Spinarak.
Chris: Do you know how easy this will be?
Me: It won't be that easy. [Turning to Spinarak] We really need to win buddy, he has Corphish and if we lose he will take it.

SPinarak jumped up and turned to Chris and Spearow.
Me: Like I said it won't be that easy. Ok Spinarak tackle.

Spinarak started to crawl and than jumped up hitting Spearow in the gut. The bird barely hovered over the ground.
Chris: Ok use peck.

Spinarak looked up and the small bird Pokemon pecked Spinarak on the head. It kept pecking. I could tell that Spinarak was getting tired and aggrevated.
Me: Dodge!

Spinarak looked up and shot some needles at Spearow. I pulled out my Pokedex and opened it up to see the attack. Chris looked very scared.
Pokedex: The move is known as Poison Sting.

Spearow started to look down. He fell to th ground and let a cry out.
Me: Tackle!

Spinarak started to run and hit Spearow, the small bird slid into a tree. That time its cry was worse. I looked at Chris who just brought out the black pokeball. Spearow's face went black.
Me: Its poisoned, Spinarak use string shot at the Pokeball.

Chris lifted the ball up with a smile, than Spinarak shot a rope of web at the ball and knocked it out of his hand. Than Spearow KOed because of the poisoning.
Me: I won. I mean we won, return Spinarak.

I grabbed its Pokeball and returned the small spider like Pokemon. Chris released Corphish who was really tired. I clipped Spinarak's ball onto my belt and grabbed Corphish's, than I returned him. I placed his ball on my belt. I threw the black ball at Chris's face and it hit him.
Me: You deserve that Chris, I can't believe the cool friend I used to know has become a loser jerk.
Chris: Well Nick me and you have both changed in diffrent ways. i have become a jerk and of course you are popular and a great trainer. Here is a hundred dollars.

He threw it in my face as I caught it and placed it in my backpack, then he returned the bird Pokemon and I started to run towards Pewter City. Chris ran towards the entrance and I was in shock of how he changed. I saw the entrance of Pewter City.
Me: [thinking out loud] Uncle Giovanni you have ruined my friends life, but I will ruin yours. Brock I am on my way.
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 11: Old Meetings

I was walking down the trail to the Pokecenter. I looked around and saw Pokemon battles going on. Pikachus versus Bulbasaurs, Pidgeys versus Ratattas.
Me: I wish Corphish could see this.

I kept thinking about how Chris could've easily stolen my very first Pokemon. My three Pokeballs stayed in the same spot imobile and I smiled.
Me: Good thing Spinarak came threw and my two new Pokemon learned a new attack.

I looked up and saw the door to the Pokecenter. It quickly swung opened and smacked me in the face.
Me: Ouch! Hey what up with that?
Kid: Well well if it isn't Nick.

My vision was still sortof blurry. I saw a hand come towards me and lifted me up. After a few minutes I got my vision back and there standing in front of me, my friend from fourth grade, Doug Wright.
Me: Doug, what up!?
Doug: Not much, just healing my Pokemon after the battle against Brock. He's tough.
Me: You fought him?
Doug: Yeah I will tell you it when we get inside.
Me: Ok.

We both walked in and I walked up to the desk and standing there was a beautiful Nurse.
Me: Hello.
Nurse: Hi my name is Nurse Joy. Can I help you?
Me: Yeah I need my Pokemon to be healed.
Joy: Ok.

I grabbed my three Pokeballs and handed them to her. She took them, put it on a silver tray and gave it to a pink Pokemon with an egg in its stomach.
Joy: Chansey will be about ten minutes.
Me: Ok.

I turned around and Doug had two Pokeballs on the table. I walked to the table and sat down.
Me: Coushined or not coushined this couch isn't still comfertable.
Doug: [Laughing] Yeah I agree.

He looked sortof depressed and I knew we shouldn't talk about the Gym battle.
Me: So what Pokemon do you have?
Doug: Well I have a Butterfree and Bulbasaur.
Me: Cool let me see.

Doug threw both Pokeballs down on the floor and two Pokemon appeared. One looked like a butterfly and had a purple body. Its wings glimered with the light from above and even from the sunlight that came threw the windows. Its wings were a green, red, and yellow mixture of colors. The other Pokemon was smaller and was all blue, besides its bulb. It had big red eyes, there was a big bulb on its back. Its body was a light blue and the bulb was a dark green. I grabbed my Pokedex and flipped it open.
Bulbasaur: The seed on its back is filled with nutrients. The seed grows steadily and larger as it grows.
Butterfree: Water-repellent water on its wings enables it to collect honey, even in the heaviest rains.

I closed the Pokedex and smiled. I put the small red device in my backpack.
Me: Well I can't see why you lost to Brock. Opps I'm sorry.
Doug: Na its cool, see you learn from loses. Though I can't believe that I lost also, espicially against his Onix. It used a certain move that it wrapped his body around Butterfree slowly taking its energy out. I can't remember what it is called though.
Me: Thats ok I will just have to look out for it.

A bell went off and a sign that had a needle on it lit up.
Joy: Nick will you please come get your Pokemon.

I looked at Doug how she knew my name.
Doug: She finds out somehow by your Pokeballs.
Me: Oh ok.

I went up to the desk and got my Pokemon. I turned around and Doug returned his Pokemon, I clipped mine to my belt.
Me: Well Doug it was cool to see you again.

We started our secret hand shake, then in the middle he stopped.
Me: What?
Doug: Well I was thinking, why make this the last time we do this untill next time we see another. How about we become traveling partners?
Me: Well you know I have always wondered how it would be on a journey and now I sortof know.
Doug: Nick not another story just cut to it.

We both started to laugh.
Me: Yeah its cool. How about you go get your rematch and I get my battle?
Doug: Thats cool, lets go.

We walked out of the center and I was ready to take on Brock. I started to think of my startegy when Doug chirped up.
Doug: I remember the move name.
Me: What!

I couldn't wait I needed to know the attack name.
Doug: Bind.
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Cool Re: Nick's Pokemon Journey

Chapter 12: Doug vs. Brock

Doug and I kept getting to catch up when we both stood in front of a huge building that was made out of boulders. I looked up and smiled.
Me: So this is it?
Doug: Yeah. Well lets get inside.

I kept staring at the gym made of boulders and Doug pratically pushed me into the Gym. We walked in and a flash of light came on. Sitting on a boulder criss cross apple sauce like a man that had medium skin, orange vest, and green pants. His eyes looked like they were squinting.
Me: Who is that?
Doug: That would be Brock.
Me: Oh.

I sortof lowered my head. I then looked up and Doug smirked at me.
Doug: Who guess first?

I looked at Brocl again and he spoke up.
Brock: Nick can go next. Doug do you want your rematch now?
Me: You go.
Doug: Ok yes I will go first.

A lot of lights lit up and the whole battlefield was showing. There were boulders on the sides and almost in the middle. Though in the middle a huge white Pokeball was were I would guess the Pokemon would be. Brock walked up to a red box and Doug stood up to a green box. Then on the right side a referee appeared with a red and green flag.
Ref: This battle will be one-on-one. Let the battle begin.

Doug grabbed one of his red and white spheres and released his Bulbasaur.
Brock: Well lets see how much better this Pokemon has improved. Go Pokeball.

Out came a Pokemon that had a brown shell with many holes and its head slowly popped out.
Pokemon: Shuck.

I quickly pulled out my tiny red device.
Pokedex: Shuckle: It stores berries in its shell that decompose and become gooey liquid.

Doug looked at the Pokemon confused.
Doug: Isn't that a bug type Pokemon?
Brock: [Chuckiling] Yes though it is also a rock type Pokemon.
Doug: Doesn't matter, Bulbasaur use vine whip.

Two vines shot out threw the bulb and I thought it was going to work.
Brock: Withdraw!

Shuclke stuck its body and head into its shell and the vines hit. Nothing happened. The vines went back in.
Brock: Rock throw.

Shuckle popped out of its body and jumped onto a boulder. Peices of rocks were flying everywhere, but Bulbasaur kept running away from them. Then a small sized boulder hit Bulbasaur in the head. It fell to the ground and screamed. Than Bulbasaur slowly got up.
Brock: Tackle!

The Shuckle some how was moving pretty fast.
Doug: Vine whip.

Again two vines shot out and hit Shuckle in the face. The small Pokemon stopped in its tracks.
Doug: Poison powder!

A yellow mist shot from Bulbasaur's bulb and Shuckle tried to get away. Though it couldn't get away fast enough and all of it hit Shuckle. Than the shelled Pokemon started to shake around.
Brock: Oh no!

Doug smiled and than I remembered that the posion slowly but surely weakens a Pokemon. Shuckle went into its shell.
Doug: Ok wrap ur vines inside the shell and throw it into a rock.

Again two vines shot out. When it went towards Shuckle the vines split up. It started to wrap around the holes of the shell. After a minute the Bulbasaur lifted Shuckle up and threw it into a rock. When the Shuckle hit the rock its body came out and it was KOed. The ref raised the green flag and spoke up.
Ref: Bulbasaur wins! The match goes to Doug.

Doug jumped in the battlefield and picked up Bulbasaur to give him a hug.
Doug: I knew our plan would win.

Brock walked up and handed a small grey metal piece to Doug that looked like a small boulder.
Brock: Congratulations you have won the Boulder Badge and a TM called Bind.

He handed him a small box and Doug stuck it in his pocket. Then clipped his badge to a silver bracelet on his right wrist.
Brock: Your turn.
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