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Default Naruto: The Shinobi Wars

Author's notes: I decided to write a Naruto fan-fic. Sue me. I've come up with a plot that I think can work, and I'm going to give it a try. And this time, I've taken caution with my writing. Comments are appreciated, and the pole is for a few chapters in, once you actually get to know the characters better..

Background information: This story is set during the period around Kakashi Gaiden, where Konoha and Iwa are at war. This follows the actions of one team during these wars.


Naruto – The Shinobi Wars

Chapter 1 – Infiltration

The compound was quiet at night. There were very few guards normally, and not many more in wartime. Three guards walked past a deserted corridor, not even glancing to see who might be lurking there. It was hot and humid in Iwagakure, the Hidden Rock village. The guards didn’t want to work; they simply wanted to go home. But this was to be their mistake.

There was the faintest of sounds from the deserted corridor. A slight tapping sound and a small breeze were created. Both were gone in a split-second.

A teenager, no older than sixteen, leant up against one of the walls. He was breathing heavily, but taking the greatest of care not to make much noise. He was of average height – roughly five foot eleven, and had wild brown hair that hung limp from the top of his head. He was quite well built, and would have been handsome had it not been for the many cuts littering his face, many fresh. His loose black shirt was ripped in many places, as were his black trousers. He wore kunai holsters on his left and right leg, and had a pouch tied around his waist. He put a finger to his right ear, lightly touching the communication device that he was wearing.

“I’m in.” His voice was cold and sharp, yet shaky.

He looked down at the exploding tags clasped in his hand, and then down the corridor.


Elsewhere, many bodies were piled atop each other. Blood tricked from the pile, all of the bodies dead. Two guards stood around the bodies, quaking in fear and facing a shadowed figure. One of the ninja dropped a kunai with a loud clang, and backed away.

“W-what are you?” one cried, barely able to keep the terror out of his voice.

The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing a pale face with blue eyes and a pointy nose. Frizzy dirty blonde hair hung long over his forehead and one thick strand hung across his right check, hiding a wide scar. He took a step towards them, and his Konoha headband gleamed in the little amount of moonlight.

“Rena,” he said, holding his right hand and clenching it into a fist. Chakra erupted around him, all swirling to one point in the centre of his palm. He began to run towards the Iwa guards.

“Karyu Heikou!”


The corridor was deserted. Not a guard was to be seen. A single figure ran down the dark, narrow corridor. Small splats of blood dropped at intervals, leaving a faint trail from the window at where he had entered to where he was currently.

The ninja suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“I didn’t think this’d be so easy.” He sighed, and allowed his body to slip into a fighting stance: feet slightly apart, his right arm outstretched and his hand clenched into a fist, his left by his side, palm parallel to the floor.

Three ninja, each of them wearing a headband with the symbol of the Hidden Rock village, grimace at the boy’s haste.

“Rather hasty, aren’t we? There’ll be plenty of time to deal with you.” He glanced at the boy’s headband.

“Ah, a Konoha ninja.” Another piped up. “They send a child to do their dirty work? Who do they think we are, genin? Hah!”

The boy smiled, and leapt forward. However, before he had even taken two steps, he had stopped again and a smile had crossed his face.

“It took you a while.”

The guards had suddenly become motionless, and their eyes became eerily blank. All of them fell to the floor, limp and lifeless.

The boy relaxed his stance, as another figure protruded from the shadows; a girl. She wore a loose navy blue t-shirt, and a matching blue skirt. Her hair, slightly longer than shoulder length, was straight and elegant as though they were not in a war, they were back at home.

“I thought you could use a hand, Kuro,” she said simply. Her voice was sweet and warming.

“But you know better than to worry about me, Hana.” Kuro’s face broke into a smile – the first time he had smiled since entering the compound. “Where’s Heikou?” He continued.

“He went ahead, we should probably catch up or he’ll blow this place on his own!”

The pair continued down the corridor, towards the sounds of screaming.


Heikou looked at his hand, watching the thick blood trickle down his hand and onto his burnt forearm. He wiped it on one of the dead man’s shirts. He flexed his fingers, feeling the strain on them after using that technique. He frowned, and looked up as two familiar figures ran towards him.

“Where have you two been?” asked Heikou, quickly shaking his sleeve down so that it covered his wrist and the burn marks.

The two figures stopped running, and smiled at their team mate.

“Cleaning up.” Kuro started towards Heikou, and his eyes flickered towards Heikou’s wrist. “What happened?”

Heikou frowned before replying. “You know what happens, idiot.” Heikou’s eyes opened wide, and he knew he had been taken for a fool before the words had even left his mouth.

‘Kuro’ had jumped and drawn his right foot back, while ‘Hana’ drew a kunai from her right leg holster – but she was left handed. ‘Kuro’s right foot swung at Heikou’s head, but before it could make contact the impostor was thrown against the nearby wall. He slid down and crashed to the floor, leaving a small crater in the wall.

Before ‘Hana’ had any chance to react, she had been propelled into the air. She landed on the floor, knocked out cold. There were two quiet ‘poofs’ and smoke surrounded their bodies. ‘Kuro’ was now a surly, bald man with a scar running the length of his face and ‘Hana’ was a young konouchi, not much older than Heikou was. Her red hair was matted with blood.

“Idiot.” A familiar voice sounded once again. Heikou turned, raising his fists at the newcomer. Kuro dropped down from above, and Hana followed suit behind him.

“Wait!” cried Heikou. “How can I know it’s really you?” His hand instinctively reached to the kunai in his right leg-holster.

“I see you’ve been using that technique.” Kuro nodded towards Heikou’s now partially covered wrist.

Heikou relaxed his body, and began to feel his wrist aching. He clutched at it, and dropped to one knee, the pain becoming almost unbearable. Kuro and Hana ran over to him, crouching down.

“What do you think, Hana?” Kuro turned to his team mate, who was bent over Heikou’s wrist, examining it.

She frowned, and then sighed. Finally she came to a judgement, and crossed both of her hands over Heikou’s.

“You shouldn’t be using that jutsu. You heard what Sensei said, your body can’t take the strain. How many times did you use it?”

Heikou grimaced, but didn’t move. He had felt pain before, but none compared to this. Perhaps this was what jounin go through every day, he thought. And now I’m one of them, he reminded himself.

“About… three, I think.”

Hana gasped; a loud, sharp sound that echoed throughout the corridor. Kuro’s hand shot out, covering her mouth so that she was incapable of making any sound.

As the echo subsided, Hana removed Kuro’s hand with one of her own. She replaced her hand upon Heikou’s, and closed her eyes.


A green aura surrounded her hands. Heikou could feel the pain easing up, and the burnt skin began to heal. All remained still and silent for a while, nothing heard except for the faint humming of the Shousen jutsu healing Heikou’s skin.

Heikou flexed his wrist as Han brought her hands away. He stood up, Kuro and Hana following suit after exchanging nervous glances.

“Thanks, Hana.” Heikou breathed deep.

Kuro reached into his pouch, and drew out a glove. It was jet black, and had a flame superimposed on the palm. The flame glinted in the pale moonlight.

“Here. I got this as a present. You know, for becoming jounin and all.” He handed the glove to Heikou, who put it on immediately.

“It’s fireproof,” continued Kuro. “So now you might not need healing every time you use that move.”

“Thanks…” He clenched his fist, and felt the material sticking to his skin as though there was no glove there at all.

“I don’t know how we’ve got this far.” Heikou glanced up and down the corridor. “How far until the central room?”

As soon as the words had left his mouth, he had taken out two kunai – one in each hand. Kuro had moved into a taijutsu stance and Rena had formed the tiger hand seal.

“**** it, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.” Hana sighed.

The nine Hidden Rock ninja surrounded the trio. Six held a kunai in each hand, the other three were unarmed. The largest of them, presumably the leader, took a step towards them and chuckled.

“Heh, it looks like we’ve got some Konoha bugs to squash.”


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Default Re: Naruto: The Shinobi Wars

Chapter 2 – Kyatsu!

Heikou looked about him, sizing up each of his opponents, his piercing eyes analysing all that they could.

“You know the drill, guys,” he said softly out of the corner of his mouth.

One of the larger, more broad-chested shinobi reached into his backpack, and drew a small scroll. He bit his thumb, and opened the scroll, smearing the blood the length of the scroll. A large puff of smoke was conjured, and when it vanished a large, spiked wooden mace was sitting idly in the hands of the ninja.

“Well, let’s get cracking.” The leader stressed the final word, and stepped towards the three as he said this.

Two of the ninja, both, rushed at Heikou; three more, one armed, at Hana and the remaining three at Kuro, only one with a kunai. The ninja with the mace rushed forward, and swung his heavy weapon down upon Kuro. The mace hit met Kuro’s open palm, but travelled no further.

“What….?” The Rock ninja’s mouth opened in disbelief, and the other two simply stood around him, watching.

Kuro raised his head slightly, revealing a sly grin across his face. He began to grip the mace tight – so tight that large cracks appeared from where he gripped, until the wood simply splintered in his hands.

“Wh-who are you!”


A male ninja and a konouichi, both armed with kunai ran at Hana. The teenager ducked as two swift flashes of metal passed above her head, sending the tips of her flailing hair to the floor.

She straightened up, and immediately felt cold hands gripping her wrists from behind.

“Ugh! Get off me!” She struggled against her captor, but to no avail – he was simply too strong. The konouchi opened her mouth and let out a short bark of a laugh, before dropping her kunai and forming the ox seal, followed by the horse and tiger seals.

“Katon: Housenka no jutsu!”

A small sphere of flame erupted from her mouth, cutting through the air swiftly and hitting Hana square in the chest. She cried out in pain, and went limp. The large ninja behind her smirked, but did not let go.

All of a sudden, Hana’s body exploded into a thousand small shards of ice, drifting gracefully into the air before falling to the floor.

“What?” The three ninja looked at each other, dumbfounded.

Then, the ice shards began to rise from the floor, bringing a severe chill into the area. The Iwa ninja didn’t realise, they simply stared; unable to move from fear. The shards circled the three, before darting at them with outrageous speed. Screams echoes through the compound as the ice ripped through their skin, deforming the bodies of its victims and stain the floor red.

Hana stood smiling as her victims rolled about on the floor, completely unharmed. Her right arm was folded across her left, and her left hand formed part of the tiger seal.

“Magen: Hyourin no jutsu.”


Heikou ducked, as a group of shuriken passed over his head. He focuses charka into his mouth and exhaled, releasing a stream of fire along with his breath.

“Katon: Goukakyu no jutsu!”

The flames set the flak jacket of one of the ninjas alight, causing him to run down the corridor screaming. Only one left.

Heikou smiled, and flicked his wrist at the ninja, a small senbon flying from his wrist towards the ninja. He smiled, and caught it between two fingers. As he did this, Heikou leapt into the air and kick up at the shinobi. His foot connected with the man’s chin, sending him flying through the air. He hit a wall where he slid down, barely able to see through the blood pouring over his eyes. The last thing that he saw was a flash of silver and felt the touch of cold metal to his chest.

Heikou looked up at the leader, who began to back away.

“Who…. Who are you people?”


Kuro’s fist connected with the man’s stomach. He dropped the mace, and was thrown back against the wall with extreme force, hitting it and seemingly meeting no resistance, leaving a gaping hole in the wall.

The other two ninja backed away, turned and began to run. They turned to find Heikou blocking their way. Hana stepped up next to Kuro.

“Well, well boys. It doesn’t look like you’re going anywhere.” She smiled at them.

Kuro and Heikou approached them, and they simply stood with their lips shaking.

“Let’s have some fun.”

Kuro was already behind one of them when the words had left his mouth. He swung his heel round, hitting the ninja closest to him and sending him flying into his companion. Both were knocked off their feet and hit the wall, both were unconscious as they slid down it.

“Quick,” said Heikou, suddenly serious. “Let’s keep moving. We don’t have much time.”

The other two nodded, and followed him at a run along a corridor to the right.

“Okay, the compound should be just through here.” Heikou indicated a large wooden door. “Kuro!”

Kuro nodded and ran ahead of the pair, towards the door. He drew his fist back, and as he reached the door he threw a punch at it. Kuro’s punch hit the door, and continued right through it. The door splintered into hundreds of pieces, all of them littering the floor. Heikou turned to the other two.

“This is it. We plant the tags, we get out.”

Kuro and Hana nodded, turning to look at the room. Their eyes were greeted by a marvellous sight.

Thousands of weapons lay upon an endless row of tables: kunai, shuriken, senbon, exploding tags and katana. Hana strolled casually up to a table, picking up a mid-sized katana with a fine black handle and gleaming silver blade. She picked up its strap and sheathed it, then swung the strap over her shoulder. She smiled, turned and flick her hair.

“What do you think?”

Kuro could feel himself going red, and tried to say something reassuring.

“Well… I… I think….,” he began, only to be interrupted by Heikou.

“No fooling around.” He placed an exploding tag on the underside of the table upon which numerous other tags lay.

Hana smiled, and walked over to the kunai tables, to place her own exploding tags. Kuro smiled weakly and took out his own tags, counting them as he went.

“Twelve,” he said to himself, and began to place his own tags on the sides of the walls. After the wall was covered in tags a sensible distance apart, he looked down at his remaining tags. Two left.

“Let’s go! We’re done!” Heikou yelled, and darted out of the door having placed his last tag atop another tag.

Hana finished wrapping her last tag around a kunai, and followed Heikou out of the room.

“Hurry up, Kuro.” Her voice was as sweet and warm as ever, despite their current situation.

Kuro ran out behind her, holding one tag in each hand. As he passed the empty hole where the door should have been, he slapped his two remaining tags onto the wall.

They met nobody as they ran down the various corridors, retracing their steps until they were at the very same unguarded window that they had entered through.

“Almost there,” Kuro whispered to himself as they approached.

Heikou leapt onto the 10-foot ledge of the window in one bound, and jumped without hesitation, landing softly and silently on the grass. Hana followed close at his heels, and landed just as quick. Kuro was the last to leave. He jumped up to the window ledge, but as he jumped down he closed the window behind him.

The trio began to run again, as fast as they could away from the compound and towards the Iwa-Taki border. Heikou formed the ram hand seal as he ran; bringing his palms together, with his index and forefinger sticking directly up, his fourth and little finger on his right hand overlapping the corresponding fingers on his left hand.


They kept on running, the border in sight – this compound had been specifically picked as it was close to the border.


Hana and Kuro began to form the same hand seal.


Each of the three ninja concentrated their charka, using the hand seals to help mould it. Heikou smiled.


The compound exploded with a noise that could have been heard in the Hidden Mist Village, in the far-east: windows were blown out as flames erupted from the building, completely engulfing it. There were a few more explosions, and the foundations of the building collapsed, and the giant building toppled over. It was certain that nobody was going to get out alive. It was impossible to survive an explosion as big as this.

Thick black smoke began to rise from the wreckage of the weapon compound, spiralling higher and higher into the air until it was impossible to miss – surely someone would spot it.

But it did not matter; the team had already crossed the border and were already in the safety of Taki, on their return journey to Konoha.
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Default Re: Naruto: The Shinobi Wars

Chapter 3 – Celebration

It took the Konoha team two days without resting to return to Konoha. They knew that there was little possibility of them being pursued, but even so they kept checking back over their shoulders as they leapt from tree to tree.

Just a few hours out after leaving the Earth country, when the sun was only just starting to rise, Kuro had asked, ‘How far back to Konoha?’

“At least two days run from here.” Heikou had replied briskly, and they had lapsed back into silence, the only sounds being the thud of their sandals on the tree branches.

The team remained silent until they had crossed back into Konoha and, as they saw the sun rise, Hana piped up for the first time since they had set back.

“I could use some food. I’m starving.”

Kuro and Heikou smiled at this, only just becoming aware of how hungry and tired they both were. As the approached the great entrance gates of Konoha, which cast such as shadow on the forest as the sun began to rise, their hearts skipped beats. Everything was familiar: the mountain with the faces of the three Hokages carved into them, and the smell of ramen – Ichiraku must have been cooking.

They reached then final tree, and then jumped down back to ground level, where two familiar Jounin were waiting to greet them. The trio stopped before them, and the taller one – who had long, dark hair almost obscuring his eyes – spoke to them.

“You’re early. The Hokage wasn’t expecting you for a few more hours.” He smiled, and ruffled Heikou’s hair.

“Welcome back.” The other, a man wearing a bandanna, spoke for the first time. “You can go on up to his office, he’s been up for a few hours already.”

“Thanks.” The three, led by Heikou, began to walk up to the all-too familiar red building with the ‘fire’ kanji superimposed upon the front of it. They passed a block of flats, and stopped as a voice drifted across to them.


They all turned their heads towards the building, and away from the sunlight.

The figure jumped down and stepped in front of them. He straightened up, and the sun fell across his face.

He had messy blonde hair that had been whipped about his face, and his Konoha headband was hidden under his fringe. His eyes, big and blue, were kind and welcoming as was his smile. He had a giant scar running from ear-to-ear, cutting across his nose. He was young – maybe in his mid-twenties.

“I trust the mission was a success?” He spoke to Heikou, but it was obvious that he had acknowledged the other two.

Heikou smiled before replying.

“Of course.”

“As I expected. Congratulations, Heikou. Your first mission in charge, and you pulled it off. Well, you’d better go report to the Hokage.”

He stretched, and in doing so drew himself up to his full height. He was tall – really tall. He easily dwarfed the tallest member of the squad, Heikou, who was at least 6 foot tall. He had no leg pouches, and no backpack. He had one scroll tied to his belt, but otherwise he was unarmed.

“Okay, we’re going Akarai-sensei.”

“Okay, see you later.” He turned to Kuro and Hana. “See you later, you two. Good job.” He raised his fingers, and then simply vanished into thin air.

“Come on, let’s go.”


They reached the Hokage’s office in almost nice time. The corridors were deserted as they ascended towards the top floor, and they could only assume that it was about 4 ‘o’ clock in the morning.

They reached the patterned oak door, and Hana knocked three times.


The rough voice spoke only one word.

Hana pushed the door open, and Kuro and Heikou followed her into the Hokage’s study.

The Third Hokage sat in his chair behind at desk that was littered with all sorts of documents at the far end of the room. He had spiked brown hair that was beginning to turn grey, and there were dark circles under his eyes.

“Ah, you’ve returned.”

“Yes, Hokage.” Heikou, as the leader of the mission, spoke.

“Mission success?”

“Do you think we’d have returned had we not been successful?” Heikou replied, a slight grin flickering across his face.

The Hokage sighed.

“You’re one of a kind, Heikou. Congratulations, S-rank mission completed.” He then continued to hand each of them a bad of money – payment for their accomplishment.

“I’ll be calling upon you tomorrow – I have another mission for you all.”

The three bowed, and began to make their way towards the door. Kuro’s hand was on the door handle when the Hokage suddenly spoke again.

“Oh! That reminds me.” He sat up a little straighter in his chair. “Akarai’s planning a party tonight, to celebrate you completing your first S-rank mission. He wants you to meet him at the Togamura sushi restaurant tonight at nine.”

Kuro and Heikou exchanged glances at these words, and the Heikou did the same with Hana, who was behind him.

“A party?” It was unlike their sensei to do something like this.

“Yes, now please leave. Get your rest for tomorrow. And remember, the Togamura sushi restaurant tonight at nine.”


They left the Hokage’s office, and then stopped outside the building’s entrance. It was nearly four-thirty – the Jounin would be reporting for work soon.

“Akarai’s throwing us a party?” Hana asked inquisitively. She was obviously shocked by this.

“That man’s full of suprises.” Kuro added.

Heikou yawned, and then spoke to them.

“Well, I’m off. I’m tired and hungry. See you both tonight.”

“Bye,” chorused Kuro and Hana, as Heikou walked towards the east of the village, where his house and his parent’s bar was situated.

Hana also turned to leave. She looked over her shoulder, the light dancing against the dark tones of her hair.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

She smiled and began to walk to the east of the village – her parent’s flower shop was also there.

“Yeah… tonight…”

Kuro returned to the block of flats where he met his sensei before, and began to walk up the side of the wall towards the third floor, where his flat was.


Later that night, Kuro leapt from his balcony on the third floor. His parents’ flat, who were now dead following an unsuccessful mission, was where he had been living alone for the past seven years.

The sun had set and Konoha was lit only by the many lamps that hung from houses and shops.

Kuro smiled. He loved the nightlife in Konoha – there was so much to do. He began to walk to the west of the city, to where he would meet the rest of his team for their celebratory meal.

He had changed into jeans and a loose-fitting white shirt. His hair was still wet from the shower he had before he left. Before that, he had spent practically the whole day asleep, and suspected that his team mates would have done the same.

He arrived outside the busy sushi restaurant shortly after setting out. Togamura’s was a large and expensive restaurant, and always attracted many customers every night. He was surprised to see that Hana was already there, sitting by a table in the corner. Upon seeing Kuro, she stood up and waved to him.

She was looking stunning in a red and black kimono that ended slightly below her knees. Her long black hair, which usually hung down to just past her shoulders, was tied into a neat ponytail. Kuro smiled, and walked over to her table.

“You’re early.” She said, sitting down once he had also taken his seat.

“So are you.” Kuro replied, taking the seat next to her. “No Heikou or Akarai yet?”

“No. She rested her hands gently on the table and crossed her legs.

As soon as she had spoken the words, Heikou and Akarai appeared at her shoulder.

“Hey.” Their sensei raised their hand as he and Heikou joined them at the table. “I’ve already ordered us drinks. I hope sake’s okay, even if you are underage.” He added the last part in a whisper, and winked at them.

Their drinks came quickly, and Akarai raised his cup.

“To Team Akarai, and a successful S-rank mission!”

The three team-mates raised their clashes and knocked them gently against one another, but the chinking of the china was drowned down by a huge explosion towards the main gate.

“What the…?” Akarai rose from his chair and gripped the scroll on his belt.

As everyone looked around in confusion, a yell of ‘Up there!’ could be heard. Everyone looked into the sky, and saw a giant boulder of earth – big enough to destroy the entire restaurant – hurtling towards them.

Screaming people ran everywhere, some running as far away as they could while others cowered under tables.

Kuro stood atop the table and drew back his right fist.

Hana, who was also ducking, grabbed his left arm and tried to pull him down.

“What’re you doing?”

He shrugged her off and she fell to the floor, astonished.

The boulder rocketed into the sushi restaurant, sending dust and rubble flying everywhere.

Hana moaned as debris hit her in the face, but as the dust cleared she realised what had happened. There were many rock fragments of rock lying about, and the restaurant was still intact. Kuro had been knocked off the table, and blood was pouring from his knuckles. He appeared unharmed.

“Ugh…” He picked himself up from the floor in time to see scores of ninja running towards them, obviously heading towards the Hokage’s office. Every one of them bore the headband of the Hidden Rock village.

“Team Akarai, assemble!”

Akarai was already blocking the path, and had drawn forth the scroll that hung from his belt, and he was holding it in his right hand. His thumb was bleeding, and the same blood now dripped from the scroll.

Kuro, Heikou and Hana took up their positions behind him, and watched as the Iwa ninja ran closer. A gunshot-sound cut the air, and a puff of smoke surrounded Akarai’s hand.

As the smoke cleared, it could be seen that Akarai was holding a guard-less short-sword, gripped in both hands.

Seconds later, a blue light began to emanate from the blade. The blade became completely engulfed, and sparks of electricity began to shoot in all directions. The blue lightning covered the blade of the charka sword completely, and Akarai raised it slightly, letting the blue lightning set the area alight.

“Let’s go.”
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