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Old 06-29-2009, 08:17 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Location: Lanfax City
Gym Name: Lanfax City Gym
Gym Theme: Mansion
Gym Trainers: Maid, Butler
Gym Badge: Prism Badge
TM: Trump Card

Trainer 1

Maid Jolie
Intro Speech: Hello sir, how may I help you today? Oh? You wish to face Master Stanford? You will need two keys to get into his room. If you beat me, I will lend you one key.

Lv. 19

Lv. 21
Defeat Speech: Oh dear...Master Stanford won't approve of my lack of work.

Trainer 2

Waiter Lucas
Intro Speech: You would like to battle Master Stanford, correct? He is just behind the door there. You still need my key to get through. Unfortunatly for you, you must defeat me for it!

Lv. 21

Lv. 23

Lv. 24
Defeat Speech: Goodness! That was rather embarassing, eh?

Gym Leader Stanford
Intro Speech: Greetings, my name is Stanford. I am an expert on Normal-Type Pokemon. My collection is the finest in the world! You wish to battle me? Very well, young one, but I am quite a formidable foe. I will not go easy on you!

Lv. 26

Lv. 29

Lv. 30

Lv. 31
Defeat Speech: My dearest Pokemon! You wretched child! I-I'm sorry...Please forgive me, I am not well aquainted with defeat. You have earned this Prism Badge. Take this as well! It is a move known as Trump Card. The less PP you have, the more powerful the attack. It is quite useful.

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Old 07-03-2009, 08:00 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

My second Gym for my Birronne Region.

Gym Location: Scawnsas Town
Gym Name: Scawnsas Town Gym
Gym Theme: Steel
Gym Trainers:Ace Trainers,Hikers
Gym Badge: Bronze Badge
TM: Gyro Ball

Trainer 1
Hiker John
Mawile lv.19

Trainer 2
Hiker Nathan
Magnemite Lv.18
Bronzor LV.18

Trainer 3
Ace Trainer Breanna
Aron lv.17
Bronzor lv.17
Skarmory lv.19

Trainer 4
Ace Trainer Bradley
Lucario lv.20

Leader Cameron
Aron lv.20
Bronzor lv20
Metang lv.23

By the way how do you post sprites?
Old 07-09-2009, 02:03 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

the league of super-
i mean the GYM of superheroes!

theme: superheroes
pokemon: no theme
gym town: on top of Mt Silver in Jhoto

trainers (3 total)

trainer 1:
Sidekick ChurroGuy
opening text:
"I'm SuperErinMan's sidekick! you aren't gonna beat me!!"

Monferno lv 30
Gligar lv 28
Floatzel lv 32

closing text:
"Holy halibut, SuperErinMan! We need backup!"

trainer 2:
Hero Vincenzo
opening text:
"Heh, you aren't gonna beat an all out hero like me!"

Shedinja lv 28
Absol lv 32
Lucario lv 34

closing text:
"Tell me, are you a hero too?"

trainer 3:
Hero Artisan
opening text:
"Being a hero is like art: it's never easy!"

Smeargle lv 30
Milotic lv 32
Umbreon lv 30

closing text:
"My, you seem to have mastered a few forms of art yourself!"

Superhero SuperErinMan
opening text:
Hello there, challenger! You've come to my hall of heroism, have you?
Expecting a win, are you?
Well there's one thing you need to know about me:
*strikes a pose*


Heracross lv 32
moves: brick break, megahorn, aerial ace, horn attack

electivire lv 34
moves: thunderbolt, hp grass, flamethrower, ice punch

tentacruel lv 32
moves: toxic spikes, bubblebeam, sludge bomb, protect

Sceptile lv 36
moves: detect, mega drain, hp fire, dragon pulse
item: sitrus berry

closing text:
"...Wha....? I lost? Impossible!"
trainer got P5000 for winning!

Wow... I can't believe it...
ALRIGHT! Fair is fair. Here you go, my badge."
Trainer got the HERO BADGE!
"Wait, take this too. Think of it as a gift for your future victories!"
Trainer got TM10!
"TM10 contains hidden power. Use it to unlock yours!
*strikes a pose*

Platinum FC: 2750 9224 1685

Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.
Old 07-09-2009, 09:46 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym theme: One-gender Pokémon
Gym Location: Outside Meteor Falls
Trainers: Lass, Gentleman, Beauty, Schoolboy


Lass Anne
Opening text: My Pokémon may be a girl, but she'll still take you out.

Miltank: lvl 42: Gyro Ball, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Captivate

Closing text: You're mean! How could you hit a girl?!


Schoolboy Andrew
Opening text: My Pokémon is super macho. It will take you down no problem.

Tauros: lvl 44: Payback, Attract, Iron Tail, Giga Impact

Closing text: Whoah. He was out-muscled. Maybe he needs to pump iron.


Gentleman William
Opening text: Ah, the romance between my Pokémon is so sweet. True love will conquer all.

Jynx: lvl 30: Perish Song, Lovely Kiss, Water Pulse, Flash
Hitmonlee: lvl 50: Blaze Kick, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Counter

Closing text: You overpowered their love?! Well then, they'll just have to increase their passion until it can conquer anything.


Beauty Wilhelmina
Opening text: Gorgeous girls, cute boys, I really don't care. I'll beat anybody who comes at me.

Mothim: lvl 46: Psychic, Air Slash, Double Team, Captivate
Vespiqueen: lvl 46: Attack Order, Swagger, Double Team, Sludge Bomb

Closing text: I lost? I'll get my boyfriend to teach you a lesson.


Gym Leaders Sam & Samantha
Opening text:
Sam: You've done well to get this far...
Samantha: But you won't beat us.
Sam: With my boys...
Samantha: And my girls...
Both: We're the ultimate team!

Nidoking: lvl 50: Earth Power, Giga Impact, Fire Blast, Focus Energy
Nidoqueen: lvl 50: Earth Power, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Protect
Gallade: lvl 54: Close Combat, Hyper Beam, Bulk Up, Psychic
Gardevoir: lvl 54: Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Rest, Sleep Talk

Closing text:
Samantha: You beat us...
Sam: So take this Heartbreak Badge.
Samantha: You can have this Attract TM as well...
Sam: and use it to battle Pokémon of different genders...
Both: Just as long as you never use it against us!

Prize: Heartbreak Badge, Attract TM, P10,000

Yes, I am aware that Gardevoir can be any gender.
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Talking Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym: Dazzling Gym
Type: Normal
Location: Moneybucks Heights
Leader: Nils [ The Charmingly Eccentric Young Gentleman! ]
Theme: 1st-Class
Trainers:Gentleman,Socialite,Rich Boy,Lady
Badge:Posh Badge


Gentleman Demetre 9999p
Munchlax lv. 60
Munchlax lv. 60

opn.speech....Good day,young trainer,do you have a reservation,no,then we battle!

end.speech....Oh,you,wicked,horrid,beastly child!


Socialite Harriet 9999p
Skitty lv. 52
Skitty lv. 52
Furret lv. 53

opn.speech....Oh,my,you beat my darling Demetre! You will pay for upsetting my husband so!

end.speech....HOW DARE YOU! Demetre! I need a hug and some tea!

endout.speech....YOU BRAT!!!!

Rich Boy Nelson 9999p
Jigglypuff lv. 54
Clefairy lv. 54
Sentret lv. 55
Glameow lv. 58

opn.speech....Hello! My word,look at your horrid outfit! Have you no class?! I shall knock you down you guttersnipe!

end.speech....You imprudent little wretch of a trainer! No matter,I am richer than you!

endout.speech....I think I shall go train an my private island.

Lady Janice 9999p
Pidgeot lv. 52
Pidgeot lv. 57
Swablu lv. 58

opn.speech....My darling boyfriend Nelson! I shall avenge his loss you....BEAST!


endout.speech....GET OUT OF MY SIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!

Leader Nils Anthony Nigel Nicholas Teatimme 999999p
Miltank lv. 70
Lopunny lv. 69
Blissey lv. 67
Snorlax lv. 65
Togekiss lv. 64
Porygon2 lv. 62

opn.speech....What?! Who dares interrupt my teatime?! Security! Oh, you wished to battle moi?! Ohohohohoh! You must be jesting, for my Normal-Type Poke'mon are supremely classed in the art of battling....fine,you shall soon see the error of your stubborness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end.speech....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You impertinent little brute of a child! I..I..I see now you are even more of a horrid,daft old codger than before! Fine! Take the Posh Badge! Even though I hate to give it to a ragged old guttersnipe like yourself! Take this with you too, it is TM Attract, it makes the opposite gender fall in love. NOW GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CALL SECURITY! I think i am going to faint....ohhhh....*BUMP*!

endout.speech....Ooooooooooooohh....get....out.... now....uggh....

TM Attract....Posh Badge


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Old 07-09-2009, 06:42 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

gym: Cloud
Type: Flying
Location: Sky Tower
Leader: Scorpius
theme: Sky


Wind Warrior Heidi

Beginning speech: "Hello, can I beat you?"

Pokemon: Staraptor Lv. 67

Ending Speech: "*Sob*"

Rich Boy Pinto

Beginning speech: My amazing birds will defeat you"

Pokemon: Noctowl Lv. 68

Pidgey Lv. 61

Ending speech: "Amazing, how much were your Pokemon worth?"

Leader Scorpius:

Beginning Speech: I'm Sky Tower's leader, Scorpius, show me your skills!

Pokemon: Noctowl Lv. 76

Yanmega Lv. 77

Honchkrow Lv. 89

Ending speech: "Take this Flap Badge, and the TM Hurricane, it can knock out the enemy in one shot!"
Once known as riolu42
Old 07-10-2009, 09:18 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Location: Shrinette City
Gym Name: Shrinette City Gym
Gym Theme: Psychic
Gym Trainers: Psychics
Gym Badge: Mental Badge
TM: Trick Room

Trainer 1

Psychic Corey
Intro Speech: "...Hmm? Hello [NAME], I knew you would come. What? Oh, you're suprised I know your name? I also know that I will win this battle!

Lv. 8

Lv. 9

Defeat Speech: "I was wrong? I couldn't be..."

Trainer 2

Psychic Leina
Intro Speech: "What do you want? I don't like being bothered during meditation!"

Lv. 9

Lv. 9

Lv. 8
Defeat Speech: "It's because I wasn't focused enough! Go away!"

Trainer 3

Psychic Emmett
Intro Speech: "Ok, I know what you want. Let's go!"

Lv. 9

Lv. 10
Defeat Speech: "Ah well. Go face Miran! He'll put you to the test."

Trainer 4
Gym Leader Miran

Intro Speech: Hello...My name is Miran, the Gym Leader here. The townspeople look up to me as a symbol of power. I will not let a trainer like you tarnish their image of me.

Lv. 16

Lv. 15

Defeat Speech: "You have defeated me...And yet, I sense the people will still revere me. Then I have no quarrel with you. Take the Mental Badge, and this TM. It contains Trick Room, which allows slow Pokemon to move quickly and vice-versa."

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Old 07-11-2009, 04:05 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

I am going to redo my gyms

Gym Location: Ashes City
Gym Name: Ashes City Gym
Gym Theme: Fire
Gym Trainers: Youngsters and FireBreathers
Gym Badge: Melting Badge
Tm: Flamethrower

Trainer 1

Youngster Jimmy
Intro Speech:" There's no way you'll be able to get through here, Cause You'll burn up.HaHaHaHa!"




Defeat Speech:" This is impossible. I cannot lose to you. You should have been Burned."

Trainer 2

Firebreather Andrew
Intro Speech:"I'm suprised you made it this far, But oh well, You won't make it to the gym leader without beating me!"


Defeat Speech:" Hmmph, well I'll beat you next time."

Trainer 3

Firebreather Robert
Intro Speech:" I am your last challenge, and I am also where you will turn to ash."



Defeat Speech:" Fine you win and I will now let you face the leader Leah."

Gym Leader
Gym Leader Leah
Intro Speech:' It seems you have done well on your journey so far and even though I just became the leader here, I will not go easy on you!"




Defeat Speech:" Uh, Uh, (Sigh). Well you defeated me so I must reward you with the Melting Badge. Here take this as well. That is Tm Flamethrower. It is a very powerful attack that may burn the opponent."
Old 01-18-2010, 07:22 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

9th gym in kant0;


trainers- rich boy sam

gutarist dave
chatot lv.57

tuber boy lewis

chef brian

aroma lady sarah

(double battle)
gym leader kane

and gym leader dexter
red gyarados-lv.84

a very hard battle

prizes- special badge
pallet ticket(lets you enter ash's house in pallet town and challenge him to a battle[he has all lv.100's!!!])
Old 01-19-2010, 07:47 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym theme: Artificial Pokémon
Gym Location: Engine Town, Kanto
Trainers: Engineer, Scientist, Worker


Engineer Larry
Opening text: My Pokémon are artificial, but they control nature itself.

Castform lvl 64 Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Frustration
Castform lvl 64 Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Weather Ball, Flamethrower
Castform lvl 64 Hail, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Psych Up
Castform lvl 75 Weather Ball, Frustration, Rest, Sleep Talk

Closing text: Wh-wh-what! I-I must have gotten sunstroke or pneumonia.


Scientist Sam
Opening text: I watched your last battle. I've gotten all the data I need.

Porygon lvl 66 Lock-On, Zap Cannon, Recover, Blizzard
Porygon2 lvl 71 Hyper Beam, Recover, Agility, Psychic
Porygon-Z lvl 78 Double Team, Protect, Recover, Toxic

Closing text: Impossible! My data has no errors! Could this be a glitch?


Scientist William
Opening text: The gym leader has created invincible Pokémon. To let you battle them would be to let your Pokémon die.

Voltorb lvl 85 Rollout, Swift, Thunderbolt, Sucker Punch
Electrode lvl 92 Hyper Beam, Return, Flash, Explosion

Closing text: You fool! At least let me tell you which Pokémon he uses. He has a... choke...has a...a...a...urk Must obey. Must obey Must obey.


Worker Tom
Working is good. Working is good. Working is good.

Grimer lvl 88 Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Acid Armor
Muk lvl 96 Sludge Bomb, Dark Pulse, Stockpile, Swallow

Closing text: No master! I tried my best! Please! Forgve m... urk.


Gym Leader Xanthos
Opening text:
I see you defeated my minions. No matter. I have created invincible Pokémon for myself. You can't defeat me, for I have enslaved the most powerful Pokémon alive. Soon you will be under my control.

Electrode lvl 96 Thunder, Explosion, Hyper Beam, Magnet Rise
Muk lvl 98 Gunk Shot, Dig, Minimize, Disable
Castform lvl 98 Hail, Toic, Endure, Rest
Porygon-Z lvl 94 Recover, Lock On, Zap Cannon, Psychic
Mewtwo lvl 100 Recover, Aura Sphere, Iron Tail, Flame Thrower

Closing text:
Xanthos: No! Stay away Mewtwo! I am ordering you to stay a.. aaaaghh!
Mewtwo: Hmm. I suppose I owe you my thanks for knocking me out of his mind control. Here. Take these.

Prize: Creation Badge, Hyper Beam TM, P50,000
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Thumbs up Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

cool gyms yo!!
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

I can't make my own gym!
Old 02-04-2010, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

can somebody reply i'm getting bored...
Old 02-04-2010, 10:01 PM
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

can somebody just reply already I'm getting mad!!
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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

I'm getting delirious!!
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