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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-12-2007, 09:42 AM
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Post A Journeys Start

Chapter One:
Into The Forest

‘Dear Professor Oak,
I finally arrived in Viridian City today, it took a bit longer than I expected. As you know I recently started my Pokemon journey in Kanto and I’ve just signed up for the Pokemon League. I am going to head towards Viridian City next to face my first gym battle against the gym leader Brock. Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur are all doing really well. I let them out of their Pokeballs on the way to Viridian City. The only thing that went wrong was Bulbasaur and Squirtle had a fight because Squirtle splashed him with some water! I stopped it though so everything is fine.
As you told me I will send you regular letters of my progress. Next stop Pewter City!
From Cassie.’

Cassie stepped out of the post office, having just sent her letter to the Professor. It was a lovely sunny day, very warm but with a slight breeze. Viridian City was a lovely place. It was much bigger than Pallet Town, her home town, and she was sad that she wouldn’t be staying very long. She had to get on with her journey though; however she planned to spend the rest of today here and then set off to Pewter city via Viridian forest tomorrow morning.
It was already the afternoon because she had woken up quite late and spent a while getting ready. She knew that every time she got to stay in a hotel she had to use it to the full as it would become a luxury in days to come. After taking a shower and getting changed she had written her letter and posted it to the Professor.
She was wearing black shorts with a short yellow skirt over the top of them. Her top was yellow and short sleeved with a black sleeveless top on top. On her feet were some yellow and white trainers and on her back was a yellow rucksack. Her long black hair waved about in the breeze against her pale face.
She saw, across the street, a posh restaurant and immediately felt hungry. She sighed, realising that there was no way she could spend the money to eat in a place like that. She had to ration herself now. She brought some take away food from a cheap café and went into the local park. She sat down on a bench and, one by one, took the three Pokeball off her belt and released the Pokemon inside them. Out came Bulbasuar, Charmander and Squirtle. Cassie took some Pokefood out of her pocket and gave the Pokemon some each.
“Have you two made up now?” she asked Bulbasaur and Squirtle.
Squirtle gave her a big smile and grabbed Bulbasaur in a hug,
“Bulba! Bulbasaur!” cried Bulbasaur, with the same smile on his face.
“That’s good! We have to work as a team now, what with all the training that’s coming up. We are going to Pewter City next where the first gym leader will be! I’ve heard he specializes in the rock typed which means you, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur will have a big advantage!” she told them excitedly.
“Don’t worry Charmander!” She said, smiling at the Pokemon, “You’re still going to be taking part in lots of battles! I haven’t forgotten you!”
“Charmander!” said the Pokemon happily, before resuming eating.
“Excuse me?” said a small voice.
Cassie looked up into the face of a boy the same age as her. He had short light brown hair and a nervous look on his face. She guessed that he too has just started on his journey.
“Yes?” she said excitedly. This boy could be asking for a battle! She hadn’t battled against another trainer yet and was desperate to battle someone.
“My name’s Marcus and I’m wondering if you would battle me?” he replied.
“Of course I would!” said Cassie happily, jumping up off the bench.
“Thank you!” said Marcus standing up and moving backwards to give the oncoming battle space. He took a Pokeball off his belt and threw it into the air. A Rattata appeared.
Cassie considered who to send forward first then chose.
“Go Charmander!”
Charmander jumped up and ran to face his opponent.
“Ok Charmander lets start this off with a tackle!” ordered Cassie.
Charmander ran forward to tackle Rattata.
“Quick attack Rattata!” shouted Marcus.
Rattata ran towards Charmander and then quickly behind him. He then tackled Charmander, sending him flying. Charmander quickly got up again.
“Charmander! Ember!”
Charmander opened his mouth and a short burst of flames shot out at Rattata.
“Dodge it Rattata!”
Rattata’s speed allowed him to quickly dodgy the attack.
Cassie didn’t know how to get an attack in; Rattata was to fast and could easily use Charmander’s attacks against him.
Suddenly a net came out of nowhere and scooped up Rattata and Charmander.
Cassie didn’t know what was happening. The net began to rise above the ground and she saw that it was attached to a hot air balloon that was rising away into the air.
“What do we do?” asked Marcus. He looked extremely worried and scared.
Cassie looked around and her eyes fell on Bulbasaur.
“Bulbasaur use vine whip on the string connecting the net to the balloon!”
Bulbasaur sent out a small leaf that sped swiftly towards the string but it missed. Bulbasaur’s aim wasn’t good enough.
Suddenly a Fearow came out of nowhere with a figure on its back. It was a boy a few years older than Cassie with long black hair. The Fearow bit the string and the net fell to the floor. It then flew up and pecked a hole in the hot air balloon which began to fall to the ground. As it wasn’t too far up, it was most likely nobody got hurt.
The Fearow landed on the floor and the figure jumped off. He stepped towards the net and freed the two Pokemon who went running to their owners. Cassie picked up Charmander and hugged him tightly.
“Are you ok Charmander?” she asked.
Charmander nodded. She put him down on the floor next to the other two Pokemon and walked up to the boy who had saved them.
“Thank you so much!” She almost went to hug him but decided it would probably scare him.
“It was nothing!” he replied, “My name is Nick. The people who tried to steal your Pokemon are known as Team Rocket.”
Cassie looked at the balloon and saw two people crawling out of it. She stepped in front of her Pokemon again protectively but the Team Rocket members ran away quickly. Some people followed them but Cassie stayed put.
“What you did was amazing!” said Marcus, beaming at him.
“It all comes with a bit of training.” Replied Nick, “Your Pokemon will be strong too one day. You just need to work at it. I’ve only been a trainer for two years and look where it’s got me! Now I must leave. Maybe I will see you again some day?”
With that he got back onto Fearow but, before he left, he looked straight into Cassie’s eyes and smiled. Then the Fearow took off into the air. Cassie watched them until they disappeared completely.

Later on, as Cassie was walking back to the hotel in which she would be staying the night, she passed the Viridian City gym. This was the last gym a trainer would face before going to the Pokemon League. She stood there wondering if she would ever get that far and then remembered what Nick said. She believed him, she believed that she could do anything if she really made the effort. She then decided that she would really train with her Pokemon and be the greatest trainer ever. She knew she would meet Nick again. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. And when she did she would battle him. She would win. Nothing could stop her doing her best, not even Team Rocket. She smiled and walked to the hotel as the sun began to set in the sky.

The next morning Cassie found herself leaving Viridian City. It was quite early so there weren’t many people about and she was moving slowly because she was so tired. She had to go through Viridian forest to get to Pewter City. She got to the forest edge and looked at it. It didn’t look too scary. In fact it looked quite peaceful. She walked inside and decided to stick to the path that lay before her.
She had been walking for ten minutes and surprisingly had seen no Pokemon. She hadn’t had any breakfast that morning so she decided to sit down and get herself something to eat. She had made herself some sandwiches the day before and she got one of them out and began to eat it. She was just finishing it off when she heard a faint noise. Something rustling above her. She frantically stuffed the rest of the sandwich into her mouth and looked around. She jumped when she saw that behind her was a Caterpie attached to a silvery string. The Pokemon dropped to the ground and looked up at her.
“Caterpie?” it said.
Cassie quickly pulled out a Pokeball, remembering Nick’s words. This was the perfect time to do some training! She threw the Pokeball into the air and out came Bulbasaur.
“Bulba! Bulbasaur!”
“Ok Bulbasaur! We can work on that aim of yours! Use vine whip!”
Two vines came out of Bulbasaur’s back and they whipped Caterpie who was knocked backwards. Cassie waited for the Pokemon to get up but it didn’t.
“Well that was easy.” She said. She sighed. That probably hadn’t helped her training at all. She returned Bulbasaur and looked at the fainted Caterpie. She remembered in school being told that a Caterpie evolved in a Metapod, then a Butterfree. She realised that with the right training, a Butterfree could be a really powerful team member! Not to mention amazingly pretty! She took an empty Pokeball off her belt and threw it at the fainted Pokemon. It opened up and Caterpie disappeared inside. The ball wobbled for a second and then stopped. Cassie jumped up the air and cheered. She had caught a Pokemon by herself for the very first time. She ran forward, picked up the Pokeball from the floor and added it to her collection on her belt.
Suddenly she heard clapping. She looked around, but nobody was there.
“You’re doing well Cassie!” said a voice.
Then, a girl that Cassie recognized very well stepped out of the bushes. She wore black jeans that were skinny fit and white trainers. She had a black short sleeved top with a pink sleeveless one on top. Her hair was long, dark brown and tied in pigtails. Her name was Layla and Cassie used to go to school with her. They had never really been best friends, but they weren’t enemies.
“Hi Layla!” said Cassie, “I didn’t see you at the lab the other day when everyone was getting their first Pokemon.”
“That’s because I went early, to get an early start. I’ve been training a lot in Viridian City. What Pokemon do you have at the moment?” she asked.
“Well I have a Bulbasaur, a Charmander and a Squirtle! I also just caught a Caterpie!” replied Cassie, smiling happily.
“Wow! You have quite a team already!” said Layla, “I didn’t choose one of the normal starters. Professor Oak had me a special Pokemon ordered!”
“Really?” asked Cassie, amazed. Then she got annoyed because Layla was showing off.
“I started with a Ditto!”
“A Ditto?” asked Cassie, laughing inside.
“Don’t think that Ditto isn’t strong! Ditto might be normal and have only one attack, but don’t forget what we learnt at school. Ditto can copy and Pokemon’s looks and stats. If you want, I’ll challenge you to a Pokemon battle! One on one!”
“Ok!” agreed Cassie, “Lets go!”
Layla threw a Pokeball into the air and a Ditto appeared on the grass. Cassie released her Squirtle.
“Squirtle use Bubble!” shouted Cassie.
Squirtle opened his mouth then blew out small bubbles that hit Ditto. Ditto fell over, but got up.
“Ok Ditto! Transform!”
Ditto began to glow white. His shape began to change and when the glowing stopped he looked exactly like a Squirtle!
“Ok Ditto! Lets go for a water gun!”
Ditto, who was now a Squirtle, opened his mouth and let out a powerful stream of water which hit Cassie’s Pokemon in the chest. He was sent back and hit a nearby tree but quickly got up.
“Shake it off Squirtle! Hit him back with your own water gun!” ordered Cassie.
Squirtle let out his own water gun but Ditto dodged easily. Squirtle kept aiming more and more water guns but each one managed to be dodged by Ditto.
“I’ve trained my Ditto in it’s speed attacks! It won’t be easy for you to hit him!”
“Squirtle keep going!”
Again Squirtle continued to aim water guns at Ditto, missing each time. Then the Pokemon had an idea. He aimed the attack just to the side of Ditto and Ditto dodged straight into the attack, knocking him over. He got up again though, shaking himself off.
“Ditto withdraw!”
Ditto, still in a Squirtle form, withdrew into his shell.
“Ok now skull bash!”
Suddenly, in the shell, Ditto began to spin and went flying into Cassie’s Squirtle. Squirtle was knocked into the tree and fainted.
“No!” shouted Cassie. She got out her Pokeball and returned Squirtle.
“Don’t worry said Layla,” while returning Ditto, “I’m sure with a bit of practice you could maybe beat me.” She smiled and then walked off, leaving Cassie standing there, stunned.

Next Chapter Coming Soon
All Suggestions For Story Lines Welcome
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Default Re: A Journeys Start

Not to be rude, but this is very generic and the writing is choppy. You don't need to say Cassie in just about every sentence, because even if you did, that's what pronouns are for. Now, on to the generic part. I'm assuming she just magically got all three starter Pokémon for no reason from Oak?

Onto your battles: I found that they were short and weren't really described well. You need to use adjectives and synonyms for common words more often. I know it was a short review, but I hope it helped.
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Old 05-12-2007, 06:27 PM
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Default Re: A Journeys Start

Yeah thanks for help. I'm not usually great at descriptive work and I'm doing this also to improve my writing skills.
Don't worry about the three started Pokemon, there's a story involved. I just haven't got round to adding it in.
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Default Re: A Journeys Start

i like this, cant wait for it to be finished xD
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