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Pokemon News Here you will find the Pokemon news that is on the website, posted here also so you can reply with any comments/questions.

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Old 06-02-2007, 02:04 PM
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Default Pokemon Time Capsule: One Comes Out, One Goes In!

Pokemon Time Capsule: One Comes Out, One Goes In!

As reported by The Herald-Dispatch, former fifth graders at Cammack Elementary returned to the school to open a time capsule they buried back in the year 2000:

Cammack Students Take a Peek Back Into The Past (The Herald-Dispatch)
Before the new schools and the new names come into play, the students from the past came to reminisce and catch up on the things that were important to them seven years ago.

"You guys get to see what was popular when we went to school here," Clark Evans, a 10th-grade student, told a group of Cammack Elementary students that were awaiting the opening of the time capsule.

One of the first things that Evans pulled out was a Time Magazine with Pokemon on the cover. Other items included pictures, banner, Beanie Baby, drawings, disk, picture of Randy Moss, tennis ball and painted handprints.

"Pokemon was it back in the day," Evans told the crowd.

"It still is," replied some of the elementary students.
To read the entire article, go here: Cammack Students Take a Peek Back Into The Past

Yes, it definitely "still is". And to prove that point, here's another Pokemon time capsule news article, and this time, instead of pulling a Pokemon item out of a time capsule, the Pokemon item is going in.


As reported by the Times Union, the Class of 2007 of Burnt Hills Ballston Lake High School created a time capsule for students in the Class of 2057:

Students Send Message Into The Future (Times Union)
The criteria was that the items had to represent students' values and how they live. The items also have to be able stand the test of time, that is, they would exclude anything that would easily deteriorate.

The first items considered but ultimately rejected were electronics: iPods, a cellphone, a CD player. The batteries in those items would corrode and destroy the contents of the box, said Rick Reynolds, a social studies teacher and local historian who guided the students through the process.

The compromise: pictures of popular electronics printed on acid-free paper.

Some other items that will be preserved for members of the Class of 2057, who won't be born for 33 years:

A yellow "Livestrong" bracelet, the kind that became a popular fashion statement and a fund-raising phenomenon for cyclist Lance Armstrong's foundation that raises money for cancer research.

A Daily Gazette newspaper from Sept. 12, 2001, reporting on the terrorist attacks.

Articles from the Times Union and other local papers about BH-BL's record eight sectional titles in varsity sports this year.

A packet of Pokemon trading cards, which many upperclassmen played with when they were children.

A penny.

Sam Roecker, a 15-year-old sophomore, thought the penny was a good idea because it's possible that the smallest denomination of currency may soon be extinct.

Classmate Meaghan Gregory said she liked the variety of items included in the time capsule but was a little surprised to see the Pokemon trading cards. The trading cards depicting Japanese cartoon characters are a pastime many people her age had in common, even if they grew beyond the fad years ago.
To read the entire article, go here: Students Send Message Into The Future


Both articles were published on the same date too (June 1st, 2007). So there you have it, as one Pokemon item is pulled out of a time capsule, another Pokemon item is going in another time capsule. Will the students in 2057 put a Pokemon item into their time capsule? Only time will tell.


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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