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Old 06-03-2007, 12:48 AM
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Default Eeveelution Movesets

If the Senmurv were to make a team of full Eeveelutions, what would be good movesets? I have a Vaporeon with this:

Water Pulse
Ice Beam
Aqua Ring

I also read about an Espeon with this set in another thread:

Shadow Ball
Grass Knot
Calm Mind

Any help anyone has to offer would be great!

Tsukasa: Level 40 Colo / Sakura: Level 55 Pearl / Haku: Level 10 Pearl
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Old 06-03-2007, 02:10 AM
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Default Re: Eeveelution Movesets

I see you're a fan of my Espeon moveset; let's see what else we can whip up for the other -eons:

First Generation

Vaporeon- Easily split between tanking or Water Sweeping, while adequate at both:

-Water Pulse / Surf
-Substitute / Acid Armor

Having a S.Def that can cap out at 317, you may want Acid Armor to cover both aspects of tanking; and if that's the case, you may want to consider replacing IceBeam with Toxic, as most tanks have. Having a Max HP of 464 is great for Substitutes, making them impervious to Seismic Tosses and Night Shades. Surf vs. Water Pulse all comes down to more power for Sweeping (350 Max S.Atk) or 20% Confusion to aid in tanking.

Jolteon- The Speed Demon, easily lays groundwork for other and works exceptionally with Vaporeon:

-Rain Dance
-Thunderbolt / Thunder
-Thunder Wave
-HyperBeam / Shadow Ball

The third fastest pokemon. Rain Dance not only helps you, but your buddy Vaporeon as well; giving you 100% accurate Thunders and Boosted Surfs / Water Pulses. Thunderwave is a nice way of slowing down the competition to aid the other -eons. Hyperbeam / Shadowball is simply a means of dealing with Ground types (if you don't switch out) or to take down Psychic's who think they can be as fast as you.

Flareon- High Attack power that is finally put to good use.

-Fire Fang
-Bite (too bad, no crunch) / Return / Iron Tail
-Dig / Return / Iron Tail
-Giga Impact / Sunny Day

Normally, all of Flareon's Atk went to waste since Fire was always considered S.Atk, but I guess we owe thanks to the new battle engine. Your basic Physical Sweeping here, Dig / Iron Tail against your Rock weakness, but switch out against Ground and Water, unless you feel confident to OHKO with Giga Impact.

Second Generation

Espeon- Explained here.

Umbreon- Explained here and a bit here (Post #2).

Fourth Generation

Leafeon- This was taken from a PM I sent to Keisuke:

I'm not so sure what to say about Leafeon. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed by its stats. It has nice Defense and decent Speed, but most people will come after it with a Fire or Ice type. However, if you can successfully follow up with Sunny Day still in play (Maybe from Flareon) you might be able to pull it off.

-Leaf Blade

Hiding behind Leafeon's high Def, will only get you so far. However, if Sunny Day is still up and you use Rest, Leafeon's Leaf Guard Ability will kick in and cure you of Sleep Condition right after fully restoring your HP. A nice high Atk (Max 350) makes Leaf Blade quite powerful, especially with a high Critical Hit ratio, and Dig is great for confronting your Fire Weakness. Toxic is somewhat a last resort that you should be able to slap onto an opponent before going down. Also, you can hide underground with Dig safely while Toxic whitles aways at your opponent.

Glaceon- Kind of like a scaled down Vaporeon, gaining IceBeam's STAB, but also some weaknesses.

-Hyper Beam / Shadow Ball / Hail

Having max 394 S.Atk, like the opposite of Flareon, Glaceon is basically the Bane of Dragon types. However, when you're faced with adversary from Fire Types, make sure you're holding a Focus Sash and Hit them back with Mirror Coat. Having a max HP of 334, an averted OHKO will retaliate for 600+ damage. HyperBeam is primarily a last resort, Shadow Ball is in there for Ghost and Psychic Sweepers, and Hail is there just incase you wish to activate Snow Cloak, though I wouldn't recomend it.

Whew! So there it is! Hopefully this'll help you out as well as any other trainers using an Eeveelution. and good luck in your training!

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Old 06-03-2007, 04:21 AM
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Default Re: Eeveelution Movesets

Thanks! I never thought about Leaf Guard+ Rest that way.

I'd love to get Wish on Vaporeon, but it's my starter from Gale of Darkness, and didn't come with Wish. I plan on having her hold Leftovers, then she Subs, after that she'll use Aqua Ring. The two together recover 1/8 of her HP every turn, and with massive Substitutes in play, she'll be around to tank awhile. (Vaporeon's Calm-Natured, which adds to her Sp. Def.)

Not sure Jolteon would survive to Rain Dance without a Focus Sash. Though I'll admit changing the weather can at times be advantageous.

What to do about Flareon... I'd personally avoid Dig because of Earthquake.

And yes, I like your Espeon Moveset very much. I think I'll start playing Colosseum again very soon :)

Any ideas about Natures and Hold Items? Any help is appreceated!

Edit: I have a Bold Glaceon with the following IV's (estimated, she's level 10). Is this any good?
HP: 24 Atk: 14 Def: 24 Sp. Atk: 24 Sp.Def: 30 Spd: 30

Tsukasa: Level 40 Colo / Sakura: Level 55 Pearl / Haku: Level 10 Pearl

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