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Default Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]

Hello, everyone. How long has it been now, almost two years since I last posted a fan fic? Have many people missed me, I wonder? Well, I'm back. Maybe not every day or week or maybe even month if worst comes to worst, but I'm back. Later on, I will host links for pages of this officially drawn by moi like a manga. ^^ I guess, without further adu, I should give you what you clicked the thread to read.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 [Obvious post is obvious!]
Chapter 2

Many tales have been told of the future of us human beings. Some stories depict epic scientific advances, extra-terrestrial life forms, and most importantly social advances of the human race we belong to. But this story is different. 200 years into the future, the earth we know will change and slowly begin to die…. Air temperatures have dropped drastically, and technology is starting to fade. Energy resources of today were expended long, long ago. In this time, the blood of livestock has been found to support a chemical that powers the energy of the earth. Or at least… that’s what’s been disclosed….

Tomb Blood

Silver moonlight pierced through the pained clouds above. Moving farther and farther in their arduous journey across the night sky, a black wind pushed against them. It was their story, and they had reached their own climax. But this, my dear readers, is only the beginning of a new story.

Teka… Teka… Teka… Combat boots slowly padded their way through a grey shadow alley. The red bricks that lined the narrow path were reduced only to a threatening rusty brown color. Shadows danced across their faces, laughing and taunting nothing in particular. Small dripping sounds were as loud as thunder in the chilling atmosphere.

Bota… Plip… Bota… Teka… Splurch… Bota… Teka….

Moonlight finally smiled and touched the face of a young man. His hair was golden and shone like royalty even in the darkness. It was parted into two at his forehead, with a long strand tossed across his face. Two locks peeked out from behind his ears to bounce lightly on his shoulders. The rest was an unruly mess that nonchalantly reached just below his scapula. His skin was the color of ripe peaches; nice and smooth and tanned slightly. His nose was dainty and pointed slightly at the base. A piece of cloth the color of his hair was spread from one cheek to the other. An enchanting yellow-gold eye met the light of the moon and reflected it with a passion. The coin-like eye was surrounded by a thick black outline that accented it magnificently. Overall his face was shaped like that of a fox or a wolf. A rusty red, almost maroon colored, short sleeve jacket with a high collar danced to the cold wind’s touch. Four silver chain loops strung on either side of the jacked clinked ominously. Under the jacket he wore a low-cut black shirt. A studded belt held his sandy brown combats. His sable combat boots reached to about his knee, knitted up and down with laces and buckles in the back. Two spiked wristbands curved along each of his wrists.

Teka… Teka… Bota… Bota… Splip... Plip... Teka....

Deep crimson blood, stained near black by night was left in his tracks. He gripped a dagger tight, but not by the hilt. Blood joined his victim’s from his clenched fist.
“Two hundred years since they first started to hunt us down… and now of all times they want our help …?”

Bota… Bota….

“They think they’re in charge of this little experiment…. But they’re just simple lab rats running in circles….”

The young man raised his dagger up to his face and stared at it without trace of emotion on his shaded face. A raking sound came from his tongue as it brushed against the razor edge. He savored the life-giving liquid like it was wine against his parched throat. It trickled down his lips and hung lamely under his chin.

Golden eyes shone with a passion to kill… a passion for vengeance….

“Ne, Saori?” a meek feminine voice asked.

“Hm? What’s up Azami?” another female voice responded. This one was more upbeat and confident.

“Are you scared about going back to school?” Azami asked her friend.

“Scared? Azami, we’re juniors now, what do we have to be scared of? … Okay, tests… and worrying about college, but y’know, whatever,” Saori smiled back to the humble Azami.

“Sorry, that was a stupid question….”

“Ha-ha, no it wasn’t. Not at all. Tell the truth, I’m a little nervous, but that only means I can work harder and overcome the obstacles to come right? Am I right?” She elbowed her fellow gently.

Azami giggled lightly and gave Saori a smile. “Yeah, you’re right Saori. Let’s do our best again this year.”

“You got it.”

Saori Akimoto was 16 years old. She lived alone with her older brother, Daiyoshi, who took control as a father figure after their mother died three years ago. Their father went on a business trip to Germany when Saori was seven, but never came back. This was one of the last planes to ever take flight in the world. Cars… planes… trains… these have all been shut down within the past few decades. Only sometimes a quick glance of a car may be seen every few days on a highway.

Saori, despite the loss of her parents, was a cheerful and hard-working young lady. Her hair was cerulean blue and fell cutely to her shoulders. Two small strands parted over her left eye, and on the right side of her head, her hair was fastened into two poofy side-tails secured by a pair of hair ties that supported a bright red plastic ball. Her eyes were a shade of blue violet and gave off a calming aura. Normally she would wear a black T-shirt with a blue rose in the center, sometimes a plain black T-shirt and a tangerine colored tank-top over it. But always, always, always, an insulated jacked that was pink and white checkered on the inside. Nagasaki, Japan had become increasingly colder and colder year after year. The news predicted in the coming fifty years a new “Ice Age” would once again cover the Earth in ice and snow for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. It frightened people. Nobody knew what they could possibly do, except listen to the officials and the government. Right now, the government knew how to handle everything, and every bit of advice or pointers they gave out seemed to work in keeping the society stable.

But today, Saori wouldn’t be able to wear her preferred wardrobe until after school let out. Her uniform was simple: A long-sleeved white blouse edged at the sleeves with black, and the traditional sailor’s style bib-like tie, also black. The dark skirt the girls wore reached about halfway between knee and thigh. Some girls wore long tights, some just wore knee socks, and others went without either. Saori was one that liked to wear knee high white socks.

Azami Miyazaki was Saori’s best friend since childhood. Unlike Saori, Azami was tender, humble, and lacked self-confidence. She was extremely polite and kind, and very beautiful in most people’s eyes. She had been asked out dozens upon dozens of times, but every time turned them down out of pure shyness and embarrassment. Her doe-like eyes were stately amber brown. Her copper-colored hair was nice and well kept and shiny, and danced from the parts that rested over her ears from the base that perched over her dainty shoulders.

Bells started to echo a deep and hearty ring across the school campus.

“… Aoyama Mio… are you here?”


“Aoyama Mai? … Oh, twins I see?”

“Yes, Mr. Yamashita.”

The Aoyama girls, Mio and Mai, were fraternal twins. Mio was short and a bit stocky, and had dyed her hair blonde during her time in middle school with Saori. Mio was laidback, easy going, and procrastinated often. Even so, reading was her prime focus. If she had a book in her hands, you were hard pressed to see her put it down. Ever. Her sunny hair was pulled into two pigtails that bobbed up and down childishly when she walked. Mai was the more flamboyant of the two girls. Mai usually pulled her velvet black hair into a long ponytail. She was at the top of the class: frighteningly smart, beautiful, and popular. Saori hated to admit it, but she was slightly jealous of her friend.

Mr. Yamashita’s role call seemed absolutely and completely random as it went through the class. What was it based on, Saori wondered? Saori cupped her chin in her palm and stared blankly out the window. Already Mr. Yamashita seemed very boring. His voice droned on and slurred at random intervals. His face seemed to just fold in on itself by the time it reached the base of his neck, like he was a cup of jell-o come to life and formed in the shape of a man. His glasses were crooked and were practically falling off his out of place nose.

“Himura? Mr. Himura?” the old man looked up from his list and slowly scanned the faces of the class. It was dominated by girls mostly, and it looked like the student in question wasn’t there.

“Mr. Himura, are you here? Mr. Shuu Himura?” Yamashita called out again, and pushed up his glasses.

“Well then, I guess he’s n—“

SLLLL-PAM! Wood cracked against wood as the sliding door was thrust to the side.

A young man was panting as he stood in the doorway. His raspberry red hair didn’t seem to be arranged in any manor as it was thrown in front of his eyes without mercy. Two locks obscured his ears, and the rest was left to waste just below his shoulders. The young man’s eyes were a cold cerulean blue, blazing with cool anger. He wore the boy’s uniform very casually: the collar was unbuttoned and thrown out on either side of his neck, all the way down to where it ended by his pockets. It wasn’t very often you saw a guy, even a cocky one, wear his uniform like a simple jacket at Saori’s school.

Mr. Yamashita wrinkled his nose with disinterest.

“Are you Mr. Shuu Himura?”

“Yes, that’s my name,” replied the boy.

“Ah, good, good. Take your seat, my boy, take your seat,” Mr. Yamashita stretched out his hand to an open seat… right next to Saori. Saori looked at him carefully as he walked over. Shuu dropped his bag down carelessly and flopped into his chair. As he cracked his neck, he noticed Saori’s eyes boring into him.

“What’s wrong with you?” his voice sounded accusing.

“Nothing much,” Saori passed off his rude tone, “I could ask you the same question. You wanna get beat up like that?”

“Beat up like what?” Shuu tilted his head and raised his eyebrows without surprise.

“Miss Akimoto?”

“Here,” Saori raised her hand slightly then turned right back to the stranger. “Are you new here or something? Look, everyone knows that if you just dress yourself all willy-nilly like that, it’s just a big bright sign blinking on your head. Y’know what it says?”

“What?” he rolled his eyes.

“’Kick the living crap out of me.’”

“Uh… huh. Interesting. I don’t care. I can handle myself against your horrid bullies. A name that suits most of them, since they’re so full of bull,” Shuu’s eyes left Saori and focused up towards the board. When he found nothing of interest, he zoned out of Mr. Yamashita’s introduction and closed his eyes.

“Hey!” Saori shoved him with her elbow. Shuu opened his eyes calmly and looked back at her. “Seriously, you don’t want to get the wrong enemies on your first day here!”

He rolled his eyes again and sighed. “Like I said, I can take care of myself. I’ve done this kinda think before.”

“You’re a real cocky one, aren’t you…?” Saori’s voice lowered to a threatening tone as she narrowed her eyes.

“Whatever you want to call me, little Piggy,” he shrugged and pointed vaguely at Saori’s blue pigtails. Instantly her cheeks flared with hot anger.

“Shut up!” she hissed, “There is nothing wrong with me wearing my hair like that!”

“Then there should be nothing wrong with me wearing freaking clothes.”

Saori huffed and looked the other way in pure frustration. How could someone that looked so… well… cute, she admitted, be so anal? First day, good day, bad day, or whatever, it didn’t seem like a good excuse to be a plain out jerk. As Mr. Yamashita started to lecture on, Saori promptly began to tune out and lay her head in her arms over the cold desk. He probably wouldn’t notice in a million years anyway, with how long he took to realize that Shuu jerk wasn’t even in class at first.

She closed her eyes leisurely and began to drift away from class completely without a second’s hesitation. Who cared what the heck was going on? Honestly, it wasn’t like anything really mattered right now? All it was would be introductions, course outlines, random back story, oh, hey, break time, do whatever you want! No matter what, it would always go like that.

“Yo, Piggy.”

Saori jumped up in astonishment as she felt a quick but sharp blow to her head. Her head swiveled left and right, left and right. Her gaze came to rest right on Shuu. She scoffed.

“What do you want?” her shoulders slumped.

“Well, the geezer stopped talking, went for some coffee, we’re free. ‘Sides your, uh, friend Azami wants to talk to you. She couldn’t wake you up so… I took the liberty of doing that for you.”

Saori’s hand brushed up against the back of her head. A dangerous pout formed her face. “And just what do you think you were doing to Azami? Telling her off like me, huh?”

Shuu smirked and shrugged. “Hey, at least I was treated more hospitably by her than I was by you. I’m nice to pretty girls.”

Saori’s mouth dropped into a dumbfounded gape and Azami blushed and giggled behind her. Her eyes darted back and forth from Azami to Shuu, still smirking.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! … Hey, wait a sec! You’re saying I’m not…” Saori shoved her chair back and curled her hands into tight fists. “Take that back! Apologize!”

Shuu’s expression fell back into a flat line, and he raised an eyebrow. “Or what? You’ll beat me up in the place of some big macho man?”

“I most certainly will!” Saori’s voice started to become shrill and cracked. Azami opened her mouth to say something, but closed it. Worry started to spread on her frail face.

“… S-Saori, it’s okay, really. I know… S-Shuu, he’s not being very polite to you but… he really is nice; you just need to let him,” Azami tried to break up any fight before it started. It was like it was her job and good too, since it saved Saori from deep trouble multiple times. Saori lowered her fist and grit her teeth. Her eyes wouldn’t narrow quite yet, but she sat back down all the same.

“My, oh my, Saori, just what do you think you’re doing, assaulting this cutie here?” Mai had wandered her way over to their area in the middle of conversation. Her eyebrows were raised curiously. Saori looked away angrily and would not answer. Mai remained silent for a moment, before taking a seat on top of the desk in front of her friend.

“Okay then, have it your way,” she looked down to Saori, and then her eyes beamed nice and bright on Shuu, “So you’re Shuu, huh? My name’s Mai, Aoyama Mai. My sister’s the one with blonde pigtails in the back there reading. Nice to meet you,” Mai’s voice took on an extremely friendly, almost admiring tone, and bowed at her torso slightly. Her fingers twiddled under her knees, and she aimlessly kicked them out like she was on a swing set.

Shuu gave her a kind and polite smile back. “Nice to meet you, Mai. Your hair is very nice and silky; you look beautiful.”

Mai clapped her hands to her cheeks and squealed. “Oh my, gosh, that’s too much! The cutie thinks I’m beautiful! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. That means a lot!”

“Anything for a pretty girl like you,” he turned around back and smiled at Azami, “Or for a gentle doe like Azami.”

“You’re so totally right,” Mai chimed in.

Saori puffed out an exasperated breath. How disgusting! He doesn’t even know them! Saori thought. I’m just as pretty and good as Mai and Azami… how come I get mistreated? Tch… that Shuu’s just trying to get on my nerves… don’t let him. … If everyone else likes him, well… I may as well suck it up and just… try. But I’m sure as heck not goin’ to like it….

Saori gulped regrettably and tried to put on an honest look for an apology. From the look Shuu gave her, it must’ve looked like a pathetic failure. In that fell swoop what was left of her wall of pride had been punctured by flaming arrows. She swallowed again as her eyes started to dart over the desks, the floor, her socks, bag—everywhere her eyes could reach except for up.

“… S-Sorry, I guess,” she began to spit out. “Sorry, we’ve only just met and I guess I was a bit to rash to decide that you… well… too quick to give you heat.” Saori stood up and took a bow, careful to keep her eyes shut tight. A few seconds passed in silence before Saori had the courage to stand up straight again. She still shut her eyes like if she was to open them, she’d never be able to see again. As she drew in breath, her eyelids began to loosen and drew away from their embrace. She found herself looking directly into Shuu’s sparkling blue eyes. They were deep and… irresistible… they drew you in like a mother would lead her child to the candy store by the hand…. Saori jumped slightly, surprised at her sudden lack of composure and tried quickly, desperately, to focus on something else. They ended up finding his desk. What she saw broke her away completely, and struck her with amazement.

“Whoa, what is this?” Saori’s voice changed completely into admiration. “What is this? What is this?”

Shuu raised his head slightly in confusion—it looked like he had been in some sort of slight trace, daydreaming maybe—up at Saori. She picked up a bright blue book and started running her fingers over the letters.

“E-N-D-E-R-S …. G-A-M-E.” She began to spell out. “En… En…”

“Ender’s Game?” Shuu finished. “What’s wrong?”

“I had no idea you could read an actual book in English! You can, right?” she waved the book in her hand.

“Oh, yeah, I can. My mother taught me English and German when I was growing up, and my dad taught me Japanese.”

Saori’s eyes widened and a smile crept across her face. “Wow, that’s… that’s amazing! You grew up learning three languages?”

“Oh, yeah. Amazing? I wouldn’t say so myself,” Shuu sat back and slung one arm over the back of his chair.

Mai grabbed Saori around the waist. “C’mon, hon, look at him. He’s cute, he’s confident; he must have a brain to go with that right? Like me!”

“Oi, oi, don’t compare yourself to him quite yet. I don’t think he’s qualified enough for that,” Saori said in a flat tone. Her head turned to Shuu once more. No more did she regret her apology from a second ago.

“So your mom and dad taught you three different languages?” she asked again. Shuu nodded. “Do you have any other family? Like a big brother or a little sister?”

Shuu stopped dead and what was of his small smile turned into a tight frown. His eyes grew cold and still and dangerous. “… I don’t want to answer that.”

Saori exchanged a short look with Mai and looked down. “Oh, uh, sorry… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to, uh….”

“No, just never mind,” Shuu let his eyelids close and turned away. “Forget it. Just forget what I said about my family…. Just forget it all.”

Mai let go of Saori and took her seat back in the front row without a word. Saori felt it was the time to play it silent again, and glided back into her seat. Her thumbs danced against each other awkwardly.


She looked up and scanned the class. Who just said that…?


~~~ CHAPTER 1 END~~~

Please give me feedback on your thoughts
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Default Re: Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]

*waves hand in the air* Ooh, ooh, I missed you! Well, your fanfics anyway. Lucky for me, I get to talk to youz all the time. x3

*ahem* Anyway.. I love the description in this. Especially at the beginning. It seems as though this is going to be a very interesting story, so of course I'll definately want to read more. *subs thread* And now I'm off to get more readers for ya. ;D *grabs armful of rope*
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Default Re: Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]

Originally Posted by DarkAmethyst View Post
*waves hand in the air* Ooh, ooh, I missed you! Well, your fanfics anyway. Lucky for me, I get to talk to youz all the time. x3

*ahem* Anyway.. I love the description in this. Especially at the beginning. It seems as though this is going to be a very interesting story, so of course I'll definately want to read more. *subs thread* And now I'm off to get more readers for ya. ;D *grabs armful of rope*
^^ thank you, thank you. That means a lot, bestestest buddy o' mine *huggles* I guess that's to be expected xP

thanks, again xD;
Beware of the Bakura fangirl

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

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Default Re: Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]

Ok, so no one has replied other than DarkAmethyst yet. Well, that's ok. I don't expect this to be an instant success kinda thing. Chapter 2's a LONG one. Sit tight.

~~~ Chapter 2 ~~~

“Ehhhhhh~?!” Saori reeled back with surprise and disgust.

Grades from last week’s English test were on full display right outside of Mr. Yamashita’s door. The class was small, only comprised of twenty students… and Saori’s name held a firm seat at the bottom of the list. The lowest grade; the failure.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” she let out a sobbing whine as her bright blue hair flew all around her head. “That’s not fair! That’s totally not fair!”

Azami poked her head in behind Saori’s shoulder to take a peek at her grade. She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth, but managed to utter out a smile of embarrassment. “I got stuck right in the middle… I actually thought I’d do better…. Don’t let it make you feel bad Saori; I’m not even sure we’re even going to have any event outside school that we’ll have to speak English.”

Saori’s eyes flickered to her docile friend. They wavered on her for a mere moment, before boring imaginary holes into the paper.

“But it’s not my fault! I tried my best, and I still fail! Lucky you got tenth at all! I mean, look at Mio’s! Mio got second and she never even does the homework! I can’t stand having a bad grade when I work my brain to dust!” Saori threw her arms up into the air. “I don’t deserve that!”

“Yeah but… the test wasn’t hard,” Saori turned to see Mio yawning beside her. “You do know why I don’t do anything right? ‘Cause it’s too easy, it’s boring. I don’t have any motivation to do something like that.”

Saori threw a sour look at Mio, and scoffed. “Yeah, whatever…” she muttered.

Mio brushed some locks of her blonde bangs to the side and actually scanned the list carefully. “Heh, look’s like Shuu made it through without a scratch.”

Saori’s pout was swiped right off her face for a moment. “Wait, what? What does that mean?” Mio grabbed her head and thrust it to the paper and pointed a finger to the top spot.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see that.”

It was true, what Mio said. Right and bold at the top was Shuu’s name, and his score. Perfect 100% test. Not a single question was marked. Saori’s bright violet eyes widened with amazement—and jealousy.

“Whaaat?! He—he got a… Holy crap I don’t believe it! He got a perfect paper?! That’s no fair, he had to have cheated!”

“Hey don’t be so sure. He brought Ender’s Game to school right, and it was in English?” Mio let go of Saori’s head and slinked back to her standing position. One hand started to fiddle more with her golden bangs. Mai peeped her way out of the crowd to join them.

“What’s this I hear about Shuu getting a perfect score?” she tilted her head curiously. Shuu was right behind her, arm in arm being dragged with her, actually. He didn’t seem to be very fond of it. Mai’s onyx eyes scanned the paper quickly.

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive~!” she chimed and pulled the poor boy closer, catching him off balance. He managed to break free of her grip and silently fell on Mio’s right. A small flat line made up his mouth. Saori stared at him for a second. He didn’t move.

“Shuu…? Is there something wrong? ….” Saori asked. Shuu’s head perked up slightly, and turned to her.

“Huh?” he blinked.

“You see?” she pointed vaguely to the grades. “It’s pretty impressive you got the first score… I’m really jealous, y’know.”

“Only natural; that test was just plain pathetic if you ask me. Sorry you got the worst; maybe you shouldn’t sleep during class as much, Piggy.”

Saori’s cheeks started to warm up with a pink flush. “Oh, wow, don’t I feel appreciated.” Saori shut her eyes, crossed her arms, and headed right into class. She stopped just after sliding the door over and gave her friends a hurt look before ducking right in.

Mai stared at the door for a moment before tugging at Shuu’s tie. She pulled his face close to hers and hurriedly whispered something in his ear. His mouth twisted into a bit of a frown, and slowly nodded. Another nod and Mai let go of him.

“I don’t need your help…” he hissed. Mai’s eyebrows arched with curiosity and amusement. Her mouth curved into a pert smile as she crossed her arms and put her weight onto one hip.

“Of course you don’t,” she mused.


Mr. Yamashita had already begun slurring a lesson together when Saori promptly fell fast asleep to it. Just… something about him, made her want to do one of two things. One, sleep, and two, throw a desk at him. If it wasn’t something she was interested in, Saori became very bored very easily. Often she needed to do a lot of catch-up work though… those plans never always worked out the way she wanted them to.

Her dream began to swirl around randomly like the Milky Way. Casually it sent her off from one place to the next that would never make sense outside a dream. Her older brother, Azami, Mai. Everyone was there, wherever she was. It seemed familiar to her in the extreme, but her mind was master of this world. It made sense. Shuu stuck out like a sore thumb with his bright red hair. He stood stiffly, with his bangs full force in his eyes.


Never again what? What do you mean?

She could hear laughter now. Everybody was having fun. Smiling and joking, and playing games. Saori could feel herself smile as well, and started to run to them.

“Hey, Piggy, wake up. Piggy. Piggy… Oi, Saori!”

Saori squeaked frantically as she jumped up. Shuu held his hands to his ears and winced.

“Sometimes I wonder how such a big voice fits inside you,” he pouted. Saori rolled her eyes and lay back on the front of her desk with her head cradled inside the nest of her arms.

“Anything of national importance you woke me up for?” she said.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Yes there is,” Shuu said pertly. “Guess what you get?”

“What?” she said dryly while her tongue inside her cheek.

“You get me as a study partner as of tonight, so says Yamashita. He still didn’t know you were asleep, by the way,” he cocked his head to the side and smirked.

Saori looked up with a look of confusion, surprise, and frustration. “What?”

“You heard me. Because you failed and I flew, I’m supposed to tutor you in English. Got that now, Piggy?”

Saori’s mouth opened wide and her jaw went slack. You. Have got. To be freaking. Kidding me, her voice rang out inside her head. Shuu?! As a study partner?! That’s so... that’s so not fair! Wh-why can’t… but… but…

“Oh my God!” she moaned and slumped even more. “I’m so screwed… I’m so screwed….”

Shuu raised an eyebrow. “Look, I’m not going to kill you. Just meet me at Dagel’s Bagels after school, OK? I’ll give you a lesson or two there.”

Saori stopped in her despair fest and looked at him quizzically. “Why Dagel’s Bagels?”
“Just because,” he averted his eyes and looked to the ceiling. “Anyway, just be there, okay? The next test is in two months, so that’s how long I’m supposed to tutor you.”

No more whines or groans would find their way past Saori’s tongue. She simply let her head fall limply onto her desk. She sat there for a moment. Her eyes ventured upwards slowly.

“Don’t smother my brain, OK?”

“I promise, Piggy.”

“I’m ho~me…” Saori tried to chime, but failed. Her older brother, Daiyoshi, was in the kitchen heating up some cup ramen.

“Welcome back. Hey, what’s up Sport? Somethin’ got you down?” He looked over his shoulder. Daiyoshi, six years her senior, lacked Saori’s stately blue hair, but he shared a similar eye color. His hair was tussled around and rather messily kept. Most of it was a nice black, though in the center it was colored blonde. He had begun to grow a goatee, which actually made him look rather attractive.

Saori let out a sigh she had been holding in for what seemed like forever and dropped her bag. She glided into a chair in front of the table, centered in the middle of the kitchen.

“Yeah, kinda. ‘Member that Shuu guy I was talking about before?” she said.

“Yeah, what about him? He give you some more trouble or something?”

“No, no, not at all, really,” she waved her hand. “So, Yamashita put grades up from last week’s English test, see? Since I got the worst score, and Shuu got the best, Yamashita thought it would be a good idea to make the two of us study partners,” Saori spat out the last bit like it was a sour apple. The microwave’s timer went off and Daiyoshi fetched his ramen.

“You want some, Saori?” he offered.

“Nah,” she shook her head and he shrugged. “I’ll pass. Thanks anyway, bro.”

“So… study partner, huh?” he said. “And Shuu’s going to teach you English? Sounds fun actually.”

Saori rolled her eyes. “Oh, yeah, greatest fun in the freaking world. Call an ambulance; I think my heart’s going to overflow, not—” Daiyoshi began to laugh loudly and heartily. Saori threw him a puzzled look. “What the heck are you laughing at?”

You, dummy. Heh, watch out; your heart may just overflow,” he raised his eyebrows and his laugh started to die down into a slight chuckle. Saori’s puzzled look began to breed frustration.

“And just what do you mean by that, bro?” she demanded.

“Oh, c’mon, isn’t it obvious?” Saori shook her head, and Daiyoshi put his two index fingers up. “See these? Watch.” she nodded as her brother began flexing his fingers to make it seem like they were walking. His fingertips touched together and ran over each other. Instantly Saori saw what he meant, and her cheeks became hot with red anger.

“Oh grow up! It’s totally not like that!”

“Uh-huh, riiight. I see exactly how it is.”

“Bro, we’re not dating! And I guarantee you, we’re not going to. Ever,” Saori’s voice dropped. She shook her head to change the topic. “Well, anyway, I’m going to meet him at Dagel’s Bagels around 3:00, so I’ll be leaving in ‘bout an hour, m’kay?”

“Mmhmm, gotffa,” Daiyoshi said with a mouthful of noodles.

Saori pushed herself out of the chair and wandered over the sink. She stared out of the window down, down, all the way down to the gray, lifeless streets. She furrowed her brow.

“Hey… big brother?”

“Ya?” he continued to shovel food into his mouth.

“What’s the temperature outside?”

“Umm…” he lifted his arm to his face, and pulled back his long sleeves to consult a silver watch. “Negative ten C. Huh, that’s the warmest it’s been this week. … How come?”

Saori shook her head, but her eyes never moved from the ground below. “… Have you ever seen snow?”

Daiyoshi stopped engorging for a moment to think. His hands pointed at nothing as he was trying to remember.

“Yeaaaah…. Like… one time only I think I was six or something? I dunno, it was before you were born.”

“How come it never snows? It’s more than cold enough to.”

“Well… you know how it goes. It’s just too dry for rain anymore,” he shrugged. “Everything’s just shades of gray, not black and white.”

“But… why? All these books I read say stuff about how pretty the snow is. They say stuff about grass growing, and planting flowers that die in the winter then rise like phoenixes in spring. Rain being spat down from the sky. Why? Why don’t we have any of that?” Saori spun around, with tears started to surface on the brims of her eyes.

Her brother gave her a sympathetic glance, before slurping up a bit more ramen. He set his bowl down and stared at it in thought.

“Maybe because we made a huge mistake nobody knows about. Maybe the gods are punishing us. Maybe it means we humans aren’t allowed to roam any longer. We’ve outlived our welcome. I don’t know, Saori. All I know is that we don’t have any snow, any rain, any grass, any flowers, only shells of the trees that once danced in the wind, and the dissatisfied faces of the clouds that circle around the world forever and after. I don’t think I have any idea what went wrong. I don’t care if it’s something magic we could never find, or something right in front of us we still can’t see. All I know is that that is what we got, and this is the world we live in, and this is the time we’re stuck in. And we can’t change anything.”

Saori’s eyes fell to the cream tile floor. A tear or two fell from her nose and solemnly hit the floor. She heaved and tried to recompose herself.

“I know. You deserve a world better than this.”

Saori looked up, puzzled. Her mouth twisted into itself, and she nodded.

“Guess I’d better get my books together, huh?”

“Probably, yeah. Oh that’s right, I’m going to be performing at 7:00 tonight, so you’ll have to make your own dinner and stuff, got it?” Daiyoshi swallowed the last of his noodles and stood up to wash the bowl in the sink.

“OK, I got it,” Saori said. “I’m not allowed to come along?”

“I’ve been asked to play at a bar, stupid. Of course not.”


Saori clutched her flannel jacket as harsh wind began to blow over her. Her pigtails were buffeted mercilessly, and her bangs whipped before her eyes. The few people out on the street hustled into nearby shops. Her pace began to slowly break into a run. Dagel’s Bagels was just down the street, categorized by the head of a giant cartoon German man holding up a half eaten blueberry bagel. The wind began to grudgingly back away as Saori jogged to the small restaurant. A soft chime sounded when Saori pulled the door out and stepped in. Seven small booths and three tables filled the space of the yellow plaster walls. Only two couples and a student Saori recognized from class C at school were here. Saori looked around and expected to see Shuu, but it didn’t look like he had come yet. She sighed and decided to set her textbook down at a table to the left of the front table.

Well… this is a fast food place… may as well pick something up while I wait. Her eyes drifted up to the menu overhead the kitchen. She put a finger to her lip as she tried to pick something to order.

“Umm… let’s go with… a sourdough with poppy seeds, yeah. That sounds good,” Saori smiled to herself. She walked up to the counter and pressed down on a small bell to call the cashier.

“I’m Comi’m,” called out a voice. Saori cracked her neck during her short waiting period. Once the cashier came out of the kitchen, Saori’s mouth dropped like a loose lock. Shuu worked here? Shuu worked here?! … In a baker’s apron no less…. The instant he saw Saori’s baffled face, he chuckled.

“Flies might get in there if you don’t close your mouth soon,” he sneered. “I know what you’re thinking—” he adjusted his voice to try and make it sound girly. “’Oh my God! Shuu?! What the heck is he doing here?! He works here?!’ Am I right or am I right?”

Saori’s mouth managed to readjust. Her eyebrows furrowed with confused interest. “Yeah. Pretty much word for word, even… How’d you do that?”

“Eh, you’re just so easy to read, Piggy,” he said, still with a firm smirk on his face. “So what’ll it be? I’m off for my half hour break in a few minutes, and then we can get started, all right?”

Saori shifted her weight to one hip. “OK. One sourdough bagel with poppy seeds, please,” her last word appeared to be strained a bit.

“Alright, that’s 279¥. You can go ahead and sit down; I’ll get your bagel and you can eat while we work,” Saori pulled out a few bills and some coins, gave them to the red-headed boy, and with that he disappeared into the kitchen. Saori stared after him for a moment and blinked. She gave up with a shrug and took her seat where she left her bag and textbook. Saori tilted her head slightly and put her tongue in her cheek. Pages jumped out to her, mixed with her native Japanese, and horribly foreign English. Her eyes fumbled around with the words. She could separate individual letters fine, so she at least knew how to do that but… the rest was all gibberish to her.

“Here’s your order,” Shuu said right behind her, and dropped a paper bag onto her book. Saori jumped slightly, and glared at him for a moment. But her look changed to helplessness once he took a seat on the other side of the table. He had taken off the apron and could be seen in a striped black and blue T-shirt, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a thick studded belt, and beige cargo pants ripped at the knees and ankles. Saori took a peek into the bag.
“There’s two? How come?”

“One’s on the house,” Shuu said simply.

“Ah, thanks I guess.”

“No problem. So, English. What are you having trouble on?” he sat forward and rested his elbows on the glass surface of the table.

Everything. OK, well, I can do letters. A to Z I know them all. But… other than that, well, I’m not doing very well at all,” Saori said.

“Lemme see the book,” she passed it to him. “You wanna start off on Lesson one?”

“Sure, whatever,” Saori shrugged.

“OK. So, am/is/are, what/who? All righty, let’s get started, shall we? So, it explains here some of the basics like ‘I am, you are, he/she is, it is, are not, is not’ in English. So, in English, I’d say ‘I am Shuu’ and write it like this,” he paused to pull out a pen from his pocket and wrote the letters on his hand. “Why don’t you try writing your name?” Shuu handed her his pen. Saori hesitated for a moment then carefully lifted the writing utensil out of his hand.

She took a moment to think of exactly how to write it, and attempted to imprint it in ink. Saori paused to look it over, decided it looked right, and showed her palm to Shuu. Her hand read “I am Saori” in perfect English. He smiled and gave a slight nod.

“Good, good. You got that right. You really sure you want to start this far back in the book? I mean, it looks like you at least have Lesson One down. You know what all the other stuff means, right?”

“Um, sorta. I can write what they mean in Hiragana, at least,” she said. “Want me to pull out some paper?”

“Please do, that’ll help, since our hands can only take up so much room.”

A few seconds passed for Saori to translate the covered topics into her native writing.

“Only thing I don’t get is… why use that uh… English makes it really specific right? So you can’t really write it in Japanese without a subject?”

Shuu nodded. “That’s right. How about greetings and introductions? Are you okay with those?”

“Um… I can say “Hello” or whatever, and like, say my name obviously. But I don’t know what words to use to describe myself. Can you help? Seriously, please don’t tell me any bad things,” Saori’s eyes took on an innocent light.

Shuu closed his eyes and his mouth twisted to the side. “Hm, let’s see…. Here, can I see the paper?” He began to write down adjectives in Kanji and wrote English equivalents then passed the paper back to Saori.

“Umm… how do you say this exactly…? En, uh, ener—energetic…? Um, ec-ec… how do you say this one?”


“There’s not much to describe me,” she said. Shuu paused, taken off guard slightly.

“Well, uh… there isn’t very much to describe. You’re pretty strange, and simple, but you have spunk. You also tend to base things on luck, and while you’re smart, you don’t have a lot of motivation, so you can be lazy.”

Saori looked away and cupped her chin in her hand. “Oh… I see….”

Shuu bit the inside of his lip slightly, remembering what Mai had said to him earlier in the morning. He tried to swallow his pride, but it wasn’t easy at all. “Um… hey, you want me to get you something to drink?” he offered.

Saori didn’t look up, only shook her head. “No thanks.”

He sighed and reverted right back to his usual self. “All right, tell you what? I’ll give you a special couplet and we’ll finish the lesson for today. That sound OK to you?”

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Default Re: Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]

Saori’s mouth moved inaudibly then looked up with a glum expression. “What kinda couplet?”

Shuu raised his index finger to signal her to wait, and scribbled down two sentences then passed the paper back to Saori.

“I suggest you keep that,” he said.

Saori stared at it blankly. She was interested in what it meant but… couldn’t read it to save her life. She held it up by the edge and pointed to it.

“What the heck does that mean?”

“That is not dead which can eternal lie/ And with strange aeons even death may die,” Shuu smirked, saying the couplet in English. “Search it up, if you have a computer or a dictionary or something.”

Saori gave him an accusing look. “Computer? You’re kidding right? Computers are for rich people, and I’m not rich.”

“Well that’s a shame. I have one, and I’m not rich,” Shuu quickly checked his watch. His tongue clicked against his mouth and he sighed. “Looks like my half hour’s just about up. Same time, same place tomorrow, OK?”

“Agreed,” Saori finally reached into the paper bag and dug out one of the bagels. “Thanks Shuu, for the short lesson, not just the bagel.”

“Sure thing,” Shuu stood up and gave Saori a small salute. “I’ll see you later, Piggy. G’bye.”

“Goodbye,” she said as she waved slowly.



Saori’s progress in English had completely skyrocketed. A mere week, and Saori, thanks to Shuu, was able to read a short children’s book in English, opposed to not being able to recognize a single word. Day after day she had gone to Dagel’s Bagels, and day after day, she was starting to see Shuu in a different light. Sure, he could be a jerk, but so could she. He cared about his friends, and calling her Piggy was just a sign of that. Yes, indeed, there were feelings for him growing inside her heart, though she herself had not found them yet. But, those feelings were just about to be tested….

Mr. Yamashita had left on his daily coffee break, leaving the students in class D to do what they pleased. Mai had dragged off Shuu to talk with him and Mio, leaving Azami and Saori to themselves.

“I think it’s kind of funny how Mai drags Shuu around everywhere, but she’s already dating Tarou, isn’t she? From class A?” Azami asked, while staring at the other three.

Saori had her arm slung over her chair and was twirling the ends of her hair around. “Yeah, but you know her. She just likes to mess around a lot; it’s just how she rolls. Plus, Mai’s not his type. I dunno what is, but just a vibe I get, y’know?” she said.

Azami looked down and her cheeks began to take a faint pink glow. Saori turned and looked at her quizzically. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Ah, um… S-Saori… can I ask you a question?” Azami began to stutter.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Uh, umm… well, how should I put this…? I want to know… do- do you like Shuu, by any chance? Because I… I, um, I was wondering if- if it was all right if I… if I….” Azami began to rush and slow down her sentences like mad, her blush growing pinker every second. Saori was caught completely off guard by the question.

“Is it all right if you…?” she tried to continue her friend’s sentence.

Azami gulped. “Do you think it’s all right if I… went on a date with Shuu?” her feverish words became very tiny and squeaked out like a mouse. Saori’s eyes widened in surprise.

“A date with Shuu…?”

“So, please, tell me. Is it okay? Because if you like him I’ll just let you—.”

“Oh, no, we’re just—well, he’s been tutoring me so—we’re just good friends. Like a, um… kinda like a… a teacher-student bond. Yeah, that’s it, we’re just good friends like that. It’s okay with me if you, uh, ask him. Go right ahead,” Saori tried her very best to put on an honest smile. She was happy for her friend because it could mean she’d finally get a date but… with… Shuu? Why did it have to be him of all people?

Saori’s mind began to race at the thought. Small seeds of jealousy were being planted and nurtured inside her mind. Did she like Shuu? Well, not- not really, she thought. But, w-wait a moment, if she didn’t like him, why did she smile and laugh so much with him? Why did she like being with him now, when she was dreading the lessons at the beginning of the week? Why was she even worrying about this?!

“So, yeah. Nah, I don’t like him like that,” Saori lied. “Seriously, you should give it a shot. Go and ask him if he wants to after school.”

Azami smiled with a red face and looked down. She seemed very genuinely happy that Saori had said that. Saori, on the other hand turned away, and her face sunk. She remained silent and dismal for the rest of the break. It was only cured by sleep once Mr. Yamashita had re-entered the class and begun his dull and dreary lecture. The school bell rung, signaling that Saori had slept through the last class successfully. Sometimes, she wondered if Mr. Yamashita was really that naive to not notice that she was never awake. Today she didn’t hesitate to bolt out the door. For some reason she just didn’t have the guts to speak to Azami. She didn’t have the guts to even look at her friend and hurried to her apartment without a word.

She could feel freezing cold tears begin to flow down her cheeks as she ran.


Wednesday, April 18th, 2213. The day after Azami’s alleged date with Shuu. Saori could hardly sleep the last night. She was nervous, she was scared, and above all, incredibly curious. She had to know, she just had to know what happened. What did they do? What did Azami say? What did Shuu say? She was sitting in class early this morning, quietly waiting for one of the two to walk through the door. Her thumbs pressed against each other fitfully in anticipation. Every time the door slid open her head popped up like a spring board. Still neither had come yet. Finally the first one to show was Shuu. His raspberry red hair seemed more unkempt than usual this morning. Saori meekly waved at him then got up. His mouth formed a tight line and closed his eyes as she neared him. She cocked her head to the side.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“Did you see Azami yet, or did she not tell you?” he sighed. Saori tried to play dumb, something she regrettably admitted she was very good at.

“Tell me what?”

“Azami asked me out on a date after school,” his bangs were covering his eyes, but Saori could tell by his voice that he was unhappy about it. Very unhappy.

“She did? Seriously? Did you go?” Saori’s eyes widened anxiously.

“Yeah, I did. Just out to some dinner but…. She’s nice and all, and yeah, she’s still my friend. I didn’t want to hurt her by saying no, but I didn’t want to go. It was just awkward,” Shuu’s mouth creased and he wandered to his seat then flopped down into it. His eyes finally showed through his thick hair. Something… something about them… scary….

Saori stared at him, right into his eyes. There was something… cold, menacing, and dangerous. They didn’t seem to be the calm water blue but more like an icy blue-white. He was clenching his teeth hard and seemed to be muttering something. I never thought that they’d come here of all places… It can’t be… It can’t be they finally found me? Shuu bit his lip slightly. I thought they operated exclusively on the main lands! Why now do they want—!

“Hey Shuu, are you feeling okay?” Saori’s eyebrows twisted upwards. She was worried about him; she hadn’t seen him look so spiteful before. “Did something bad happen with Azami?”

He twitched and looked up at Saori, whatever just happened with him seemed to disappear. He shook his head.

“No, nothing like that. Like I said it was just awkward. I just had a… well an unsettling dream last night,” he waved his hand. “Not anything to get excited about.”

If only it was a dream that I saw them lurking around…. He thought.

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry ‘bout that,” Saori started to fidget in place. “Hey, can I ask you a favor?”

“What kind of favor?” his eyebrows rose, but his look seemed to darken a bit more.

“See, uh, my older brother was curious about you, since we started the whole tutoring thing last week and he was wondering if you could come to our house after school today. He wants to meet you.”

“You have an older brother? Never told me that,” Shuu said.

“It just didn’t seem like something you’d uh… like to talk about,” Saori’s eyes darted around the classroom nervously.

Shuu nodded without hesitation. “That’s true,” he said. There was a slight pause.

“So, do you think you can? I mean, I know you have to work ‘n all so—.”

“Eh, I work there so much it’d be a relief to take a break. Just gimme your address and I’ll be there. Around what time do you want me over?”

“Usual time would be nice,” Saori smiled. “Thanks.”

“Not a problem,” he shrugged.


Shuu held up a slip of notebook paper and checked the address on it again.

Apartment two blocks from school. Close to auto parts store.
Room 131 “Akimoto” 5th door on the third floor

He looked up and pulled off his hood. The name plate to the side of the door read Akimoto, and the number on the door was indeed one hundred and thirty-one. He took in a breath and knocked on the door. Footsteps could be heard shuffling after a second.

“Yes, who is it?” a female voice asked. Shuu assumed it was Saori’s mother.

He cleared his throat. “Um, yes. I’m Shuu. From Saori’s school?”

A lock clicked and the door opened to the limit of a chain. Saori’s bright face peeked out from the gap. That pretty much just shattered the thought it was her mother at the door. He swallowed in slight embarrassment.

“Shuu, hello! Here, lemme just unlock the door. Come on in,” she released the chain and the door opened in widely. Saori was wearing a long sleeve red and black striped T-shirt and a pair of jeans with fur at the ankles.

“Ah, excuse me,” he said as he entered. Shuu took off his shoes and looked around. Their apartment was Western styled, with a kitchen in your face the second you walked in. A table lay in the center of the room, refrigerator behind it, window and sink to the left of it, and oven with a microwave in front. Next to the fridge was a door. Saori grabbed Shuu’s hand and she led him along. A small tan curtain next to the microwave acted as a door to a hallway. The hallway split into three rooms at the end: one room with a closed door to the right, a bathroom, and another room to the left. Saori let go of Shuu peeked into the open room, Shuu at her heels.

“He’s here bro, come on and say hello,” she chimed.

Shuu looked over her shoulders to see a toned young man plucking at an acoustic guitar. His eyes were the same color as Saori’s, but his hair was black with a separate layer of blonde on top, and he had begun to grow a goatee. A heater hummed like the drone of bees beside his bed. His eyes darted up to meet Shuu’s and he set the guitar down then got up and walked over. Saori moved to the side as her brother extended a hand to Shuu.

“Ah, nice to meet ya, Shuu,” he said. “Name’s Daiyoshi, but you can call just call me Yoshi like my band members do if you want.”

Shuu took Yoshi’s hand and shook it. “Un, nice to meet you as well. Saori never mentioned you before, so I wasn’t sure what I’d expect from you.”

Yoshi laughed a deep laugh. “Nice grip you got, kid. That’s funny. ‘Cause Saori talks about you all the time,” he grinned and threw a sarcastic look to his sister. “Where’s the love, huh? Where’s your love for your big brother?”

Saori rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Anyway, aside from his bland humor, my brother’s the leader of a small band. He gets asked to play all sorts of places, and I asked if he could play at our school before, but the school couldn’t get the money to fund them to play there. You should hear him sometime if you get the chance, it’s really amazing,” she said. “But, um, if we could go to my room and do some studying now?”

Yoshi’s arm lightly wrapped around Shuu’s neck, and his fist ran through Shuu’s hair. “Aha, I like you already, kid. But I’m going to check in on you two every once in a while, got it? It’s OK with me if you two study English only. Don’t be studyin’ anything else, hear me?”

“Yeah, I got it. I’m not that kind of person. Now, if you could please let go of me, that’d be great…” Shuu’s eyes grew dull. Yoshi released him and gave him a slight push.

“If you two need anything, just gimme a shout.”

“Yeah, we will,” Saori said then grabbed Shuu’s arm and led him to the other room; her room, obviously.
Saori’s room was painted a light tan, almost cream, color. Her bed was also Western styled, with thick flannel and fleece sheets for the freezing nights. To the left of her bed was a mahogany desk lined with books, paper, little figurines, pencils, erasers, an opened bag of chips, folders, and a small CD player and stereo. On her bed were piles and piles of stuffed animals she had collected. Anywhere from Teddy bears to dolphins to frogs, her collection also included characters from anime or manga she might have been a fan of. Shuu was dragged inside and looked around. In the right corner of her room, in front of her bed, was a dresser with many drawers. On top of it were two small jewelry boxes and some painted clay piggybanks, along with some earring holders that glittered with dozens of diamond, gold, and ruby studded accessories. A closet filled with clothes lay parallel on the other side of the door.

“Dang… I didn’t think you’d have this much stuff in your room, Piggy,” Shuu said, taken aback slightly. Saori “hmph-ed” and shut the door behind them. On the door were a few posters of various anime boys and singers. She swiped a book off her shelf and flopped onto her bed.

“C’mon, we don’t have all day. We gotta finish Chapter five, right?” her hand patted the bed in front of her.

Shuu looked at her strangely for a second before slowly settling down on the fleece sheets. He couldn’t deny that he felt pretty freaking awkward right now.

“Riiight… Chapter five…. Um, let me see the book, Piggy,” she handed him the book. “OK, ‘More about People and Titles.’ Okay this says that the name of countries, cities, nationalities, and first and last names always begin with a capital letter. Um, can you get some paper?”

Saori glided up, swiped a sheet from the pile on her desk, and sat right back down.

“Thanks. All right, so then see that picture?” he pointed to a photo of an infamous American man. “It wants you to answer the questions ‘Who is this?’ ‘What is he?’ like, what was his occupation? ‘What country does he come from?’ ‘Where was he born?’ and, though it’s kind of a ‘Duh’ thing, ‘What nationality is he?’ So go ahead and try it out,” Shuu passed the book back to Saori.

She stared at the picture for a moment then began to scribble down on her paper. Shuu watched her as her hands moved up and down, left and right along the paper. He was impressed by her ability to catch up so quickly but still wondered why she couldn’t do this well in class. He couldn’t blame her, but still. He was bored with class every day too, mainly because he knew all this, but he still didn’t fall asleep like Saori.

She handed him the paper, expecting him to correct her answers. “George W. Bush,” “He was a President of America,” “He come from America,” “He was born in Texes,” “He is American,” was written on her paper. Shuu picked up a pencil of his own and crossed out the errors then wrote in “He came from America” and “He was born in Texas” above her mistakes then handed her paper back.

“Good job with that. You’re really making progress. Now let’s answer the questions ourselves to try and remember it better, OK?”

Saori nodded. “I’ll go first then. I am Akimoto Saori, I am a student at Moriku High School, and I come from Japan and was born in Nagasaki. I am Japanese.”

“Very good, very good. You’re really getting the hang of this, Piggy,” he clapped slightly. “I guess you want me to go next, huh?” Saori nodded. “Okay then… My name is Himura Shuu; I’m also a student at Moriku High School. I come from Germany and was born in Dresden. I am a Japanese-German. Although, I personally call myself ‘Germanese.’”

Saori stared at him for a moment, hints of curiosity blooming in her eyes. Shuu looked away. He never liked being stared at, and he knew exactly why she was staring at him. “I didn’t know you were born in Germany. Oh! That explains why you grew up knowing German and Japanese, right? What were your parents like?” God, I don’t want her to ask me that…. I know it’s for the lesson, but I shouldn’t have done that, he thought.

Before she could open her mouth, he cut her off. “Yeah, I know exactly what you must be thinking. Just save it, all right? Please?”

Saori’s eyes contracted, and she slowly nodded. “OK… but um, just one question? Please let me ask just one question?”

Shuu stared into her eyes, and almost reeled back, but prevented himself at the last second. She wants to come to—!

“Is it all right if I can come to your house? It doesn’t have be tomorrow. Is that OK? You don’t mind? I don’t mean to be a burden or anything.”

“Um…” Say no, say no, say no, don’t say yes, you moron! “Sure, that sounds okay. Friday, the usual time?” You freaking *******! Why did I say yes?!

But the smile on Saori’s face when he replied was too innocent to make him keep arguing with himself. He tried to put on a smile, but there was regret steaming just past his lips. He knew he made a mistake, but somehow she made it all right… even for just a second.

“Well, anyway, let’s get back to the lesson Shuu.”

“Oh… right. So, then the emphasis is that most answers in English are one or two words….” Shuu drifted off and sighed. “Hey, Piggy, sorry about this, but I’m going to call it short today. I haven’t been feeling very well lately so I’m going to leave now. Truly sorry I’m leaving so early, but I should probably be in bed right now. So I’ll see you later. I live not far from Dagel’s Bagels. Just go a few stores down, take the western street and look for a maroon colored house on the right side of the street. Trust me, you can’t miss it,” Shuu closed his eyes and drifted to the door. He paused for a few seconds before turning the knob and walking out. Saori stared after him, as if trying to linger behind him mentally.

I just hope my movements aren’t attracting any attention to me. Nobody needs to be put in any more danger.

---> Next one's the last part
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Default Re: Tomb Blood [PG-13, original work, constructive crit. is appreciated!]


Saori and Azami followed along the empty street on their way home, Friday afternoon.

“I wonder why Shuu wasn’t at school today….” Azami said.

“He said to me the other day he was feeling sick,” Saori’s tone was sympathetic but wondered about the same subject. “Maybe he just stayed home because of that. I should probably give him his homework. I mean, originally, I was going to have a study session with him, but if he’s sick I’d best not be a bother to him, y’know?”

Azami nodded. “I know exactly how that can be. Well, if you’re going to pay him a visit, tell him hello for me, please. I’ll see you on Monday then. Good-bye.”

“OK, I will. See ya later!” Saori waved as the two parted ways.

Empty streets gave way to the shopping district, which then opened up into a square with a very old water fountain that had long since run dry. Saori took a left at the fountain and continued down a crowded, but still equally colorless street. The houses were all dull colors of brown and gray and white. Her eyes continued to probe the right-hand side of the cracked asphalt for a maroon colored house, just as she was told. It wasn’t hard to find, but it took a good amount of time to. Sure enough though, the maroon it was painted was very stately and stood out pretty potently among the other houses.

Saori hesitated a moment before deciding it was safe enough to go inside the fence. Her hands trembled slightly as she knocked on the door.

No answer.

She knocked again, this time a little louder then waited.

The fumbling noises of a doorknob were heard on the other side. A lock clicked and the door yawned open. Shuu stood in the doorway, looking slightly confused.

“Piggy? What are you doing here?” he asked.
“Dropping off some homework for you,” she said simply.

“Ah, I see. Come on in then. I’d prefer if you don’t stay very long though, sorry to say.”

“That’s okay, I didn’t plan to. Excuse me,” she said as she entered through the door. Inside, as opposed to her own house, Shuu’s house looked highly traditional. Tatami mats, wood brown walls, rice paper. Several scrolls and paintings hung on the walls. Saori looked at everything in the room admirably. It was rather empty, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

“I was just making some soup. Once it’s done in just a minute you can have some if you want. Feel free to wander around, just try not to touch a lot of stuff, got it?” Shuu gave her a stern warning before disappearing through one of the sliding doors. Saori placed her shoes on the doorstep and stood in awe.

“Shuu?” she called out.

“Mm?” his response was a bit faded.

“Where are your parents?”

A pause.

“They don’t live with me. I’m on my own,” Saori could detect a spiteful edge to his voice, so she decided to just stay quiet and wander around. Her footsteps were light and very careful. Dining room, tea room, a room with a small shrine, living room, kitchen—she waved awkwardly to Shuu, and let him continue his cooking— and… bedroom.

Opposed to the other rooms, which were innocent and empty, Shuu’s room was full with all sorts of random objects everywhere. A futon was laid out in the middle of the floor. His clothes were thrown everywhere over his floor and Saori reeled back slightly at the sight of his boxers…. Books and paper and homework were scattered about. There were trading cards, combs and a hairbrush, and a small reading lamp. Pencils and pens lay in a heap, and his sling backpack began to spew out its contents. Saori let out a huffed sigh and decided to leaf through some of his belongings— careful to spare the underwear of course. She began putting aside books and folders when some fuzz emerged from the abyss of paper. She perked up as she unearthed an old threadbare stuffed teddy. It was sepia brown, with stitch marks mainly around its arms and ears. Buttons on its left eye and nose indicated that the bear had gone through a lot in its time. Saori smiled gently, aware now of a sweet soft spot in Shuu’s heart.

A glinting flare caught Saori’s eye. She looked down to find an old photograph right where the bear was. Perplexed and utterly curious, her fingers trembled as she picked it up tenderly. It was a black-and-white photo, but she could still tell right away that it was a picture of Shuu’s family. The backdrop was surrounded by pine trees, and a small cottage stood meekly to the right. Four people stood in front of everything. A beautiful woman in an apron with long braided hair. She looked so sweet and pretty… but fatigue and weariness were plain on her face. Beside her was a strong looking man, clearly Japanese, with black glasses and neatly arranged hair. He, like Daiyoshi, had a goatee, and like the woman beside him, shared exhaustion. In front of them were two young boys. The smaller one Saori instantly recognized as Shuu. His eyes were bright and happy, much happier than Saori thought was normal for him. His hair was shorter, but it was set in a similar manner to the Shuu she knew. In his arms he held a teddy bear, the one that she must have just found. To his left was an older boy, who seemed like a near mirror of Shuu. His hair was undoubtedly lighter than Shuu’s but it looked like almost the same style. His eyes were narrower, but honest. He looked nicely toned, with a strong build. But he too had a tired look of worry. It seemed little Shuu was the only one that showed no signs of it….

“Hey, Piggy! The soup’s done!” Shuu’s voice echoed through the house. Saori jumped slightly and set the photograph down. But curiosity still gripped her, and she turned it over quickly. 6-18-2205 the picture date said. Shuu was a mere eight years old. Now Saori scampered to but the bear and the picture back and hurried to the kitchen.

So he does have a family after all. But… how come he never talks abou—no, it can’t be…! … Can it…? They’re not… dead… are they? … Whatever it is, there’s something he’s not telling me. There’s something he’s hiding from everyone.

Suddenly, Saori began to hear faint voices. Faint voices, calling out. Calling out right in the back of her head.

Ahh! Vati! Mutti! N-no! Big brother, let go of me! We need to—

Shuu! We need to get out of here NOW!! Don’t worry about Vati or Mutti; they’re going to be OK! Just run!

Ah—! My teddy! Please! Let me take teddy, please!!

The voices began to scream in her head. Screams and cries of terror, all the while, the image and sound of roaring flames dancing with hunger. Saori stopped dead in her tracks.

Wh- what the…?! What just—what the heck was that?! It… I heard someone say Shuu’s name but…. This…. Just what in the world is Shuu not telling us…?

“Saori? Are you still here?”

“Ah—I’m coming Shuu!” … I will find out what happened, Shuu. You can bet on it.

~~~ Chapter 2 END~~~

So, that's the last of the second chapter. Phew. It was a long one. 21 pages in Word ._.;

Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism? nnnnnn?
Beware of the Bakura fangirl

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

What part of Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn Don't you understand?
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