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Old 12-23-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Chapter 16: Butch Rydel

And so by a twist of fate, Steven Stone, THE CHAMPION (now that he’s left, Cassidy, Shupster and I say that with stuck-up champion faces) brought us to our salvation out of the cave, out of that gosh-darndly scary VOID of Shupster’s passion, and back on the sunny seashore of Dewford Town. Despite the fishermen that surrounded us, we were in high spirits – I mean, it isn’t every day that you almost DIE of starvation in a cave of void and then have some stuck up Pokemon Champion coincidentally discover you and save you and tell you what to do next as well as give us some tips for our future adventures. As Cassidy said, we may have been insulted, but at the end of it all it’s a three-in-one. She also mentioned that Steven was eye candy, but neither I nor Shupster agree.

It was only when we followed Steve’s instructions and tried the first trainer in that Brawly-whatever’s gym that Shupster realized our Pokemons’ levels were a tad low. Emo Taillow got smashed in the first round despite being a Flying Pokemon which Shupster had informed was effective against Fighting type, and we were one drop of Ralts blood away from whiting out and losing all our money in May’s backpack. Lifting the Ralts pokeball onto the nurse's counter, I poked Shupster.

“So?” I asked. “What do we do now?”

Shupster shook his head and sighed. “How the banana pancakes should I know? From what I’ve seen, there’s no single grass patch for us to find wild Pokemon in. Looks to me some of those – ” he made a disdaining face at the word – “FISHERMEN are catching Pokemon to battle with using their rods. But I’m not going as low as that,” he declared, and rolled his eyes oh-so-Shupsteresquely.

“Uhm…” frowned Cassidy, swiveling her head to the right.

“What? Don’t tell me Egbert’s here as well – ooooops.” Shupster grinned sheepishly again as he followed Cassidy’s line of vision and rested his eyes on the jolly old fisherman, who seemed to have not heard. “Phew, probably hasn’t heard….wait, wait, wait wait wait.” Shupster’s eyes were now about as bright as his disposition. “That’s it!”

“What’s it?” I asked dubiously.

“What’s it to you?” snapped Shupster. He paused to see if I was insulted and apparently was disappointed – I do believe I’d built up a nice indifferent front to insults over this travesty of a journey. He went on: “Anyways… don’t you think after what we did for his Peekablob whatever, he’d want to help us for the rest of our lives?”

“So whatcha want us to do, ask him ‘Heeeey Egbert, would you mind acting as a punchbag Pokemon so that we can train ours to fight Brawly in the Double Leaaaaague’”?

“No,” replied Shupster simply. “We can ask him to take us back to the mainland. Simple, isn’t it? Or is it too much for your limited brainpower to grasp?”

“You – ” I fumed. Yes, I admit, my anti-insult front needs working.

“Haven’t I TOLD you two to stop wasting so much page space!?” said Cassidy impatiently. “Hey, Egbert!”

Egbert turned around and smiled immediately. “Why gee, it’s my old friends! I thought you were dead meat in that ol’ cave o’yours! How’dya get out?”

“We got rescued just in time by a magical liopleurodon. Look, Egbert. We’ve got a favor to ask from you,” I said hastily.

“By golly, a favor! But I’ve already done you a favor, right? I’ve sent you here in my grand ol’ boat, over to Dewf – ”

Shupster, in a split second, was inches from the old guy’s face. “But another one won’t hurt, RIGHT?” he whispered menacingly.

Egbert’s face instantly turned pale. “N-n-no,” he stammered.

“After what we DID for you,” said Shupster in a sinister voice I had yet to hear emerge from him before. He glided backwards smoothly. “We’d have the authority to take it all back, wouldn’t we?” Shupster’s expression changed for a split second, as if he was shocked that all this evil talk was coming out of his own mouth. But it soon vanished as Egbert nodded in panic, and he continued in his normal casual speech. “Look, what we want you to do is to give us unlimited, free boat rides to and back from Petalburg to here. Would that be too much of a problem for you? Thank you, nurse,” he said as the nurse placed Ralt’s healed Pokeball onto his head. I grabbed it and put it in my belt. “Or are you too busy with Peekablob and your happy times together?”

“It’s Peeko,” grumbled Egbert. “Well, my dear Rockets…” He turned around to see if anyone had heard, and we acted like we didn’t know him. “I don’t know, really. Me ol’ Briney got a whole lotta things to do here and I ain’t got time to wait until you guys need a ride back – ”

“But you got time waiting for your ol’ Peekablob, dontcha?” Cassidy said coolly.

“AND it seems to me you have enough time hanging around doing nothing in a Pokemon Center and sneaking sneaky lil’ looks at Joy?” I questioned.

“Look, Rockets,” Egbert pleaded as we pulled him out of the Pokemon Center, “I really don’t want you to hurt dear Peeko. But I can’t do this for nothin’, y’know? I needta eat, and drink, an’ – How about… a small fee of $20?” He tried to grin.

Shupster fixed his bright eyes on the man. “I do believe,” he said benignly, “that what we just asked for a few minutes ago was unlimited, FREE boat rides?”

Egbert sighed. “$1?”

Shupster looked at me, then at Cassidy, then back at Egbert. I shrugged, Cassidy shrugged, and Egbert looked amusingly hopeful. “I think we can agree to that,” he said. Egbert’s face broke into a wide, relieved smile. “Mind taking us back now?” said Shupster.

“Money first,” said Egbert simply.

“Why don’t you register on our Pokenav?”

“DON’T think I’m stupid. You guys don’t intend on returning Jessie and James that money, do you? I don’t expect much either. Come on… it’s one dollar.”

“Look, old man, I wouldn’t go that far if I were –”

“Eh ehe hehehhehehehe….” I held Egbert and Shupster apart and fished a dollar bill out of my pocket. “Heeeere you go!”

And in ten minutes’ time, we were back at Petalburg, and we headed towards Rustboro. Checking in to the Stalactite Cave Motel at the edge of the city, I felt happy about where this adventure was going – tomorrow, training would be in order!

[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Chapter 17: Brawly Takashima

I lifted my new imported set of Olympic-weight barbells – they hurt, but I’m almost making it to five seconds. Gyahh. I guess I seriously need more work. Guess what? The people behind the league called in yesterday and told me that if I couldn’t lift that barbell for more than five seconds by the end of the week, I’d be disqualified as a Fighting gym leader and be deported to training Normals. What the heck, man. I'm a surfer, not a dumb weightlifter or anything. ALSO, Fighting’s supposed to be super effective against Normal. I’m not THAT bad, am I?

I received another phone call from the Japanese government the other day, saying that I was a pride of Japan and all that stuff. Well, remembering that sure makes me feel better. At least now I know I wasn’t sent here to Hoenn just to get pushed around by these cocky elitist league people. I’m a Gym Leader. I may be kinda young, but I deserve respect. Where else’re they gonna find another fighting leader? Nowhere. It’s me, Brawly Takashima… no one else.

Here’s another reason why I’m fed up with this joke of an organization called Pokemon League. What the heck’s up with that new Double League thing? What’s the point? There aren’t even that many trainers who fight together. Being good enough to fight together doesn’t mean you’re good enough to go solo. That’s my philosophy. So is this like a league for suckers to get their confidences up? If so, that’s the stupidest thing these organizers have ever dreamed up of. Next to, of course, their ideas to make me a Normal gym leader. Psh. So much for promoting Mr. Ash Ketchum to CEO, eh? Now it’s all going down the drain.

I stood up and looked at the candescent LED bulbs that surrounded the boxes and the sofa thing I’m sitting on that are supposed to make this gym look tough. I mean, seriously. I know my Knuckle Badge is supposed to allow people to use Flash outside battle, but using this growing circle of LED bulbs after beating a trainer as a demonstration of what it’ll be like is just lameass lame. Only Ash could think of something as stupid as that. May all the challengers today pray they’ve got enough to handle a pissed-off Fighting Gym leader… because that’s what I am at this moment. Psh.

I glanced across the room at my Makuhita, diligently refining his Bulk Up move and training against the wall. “Good work,” I said, pleased, as I walked to him, holding out my Pokeball. “But hey, boy, you’ve worked all night. Time to get some rest. Three hours before 9 AM and the first challengers come in. You don’t want to be caught off guard, do you?” I smiled and opened the Pokeball, and he entered in a red flash like the good natured obedient Pokemon he always was. I retrieved Machop, who took a bit longer – once he starts training, he can’t stop unless you give him something. Like a pink Pokeblock. This was just our average early morning work-out – I wake at half past 4 in the morning, come to the gym with my Pokemon, and train till 6 – it’s the way we’ve done it for a long time. And now it was time for our three-hour rest before our battles get kicking. I crashed down on the sofa, pulled my Japanese good-luck blanket over my head as I always did, and fell asleep with the Pokeballs in my pocket.


I was awakened by the persistent poking of the guy who’s supposed to stand in front of the two pillars at the entrance of the gym all the time and give advice to trainers who come in. Since he left his spot, I guess it’s important. I grumbled and pushed the blanket out of my face. “What?”

“Brawly, get up,” said the guy, continuing to poke me insistently. “It’s three minutes past nine, and something very offensive is happening to your final employed trainer.”

His poking finger swung and pointed ahead of me to the battle chamber that came before mine, softly glowing with LED bulbs. I followed the finger and saw two trainers, 20-ish, brutally dragging off the pants of my employed trainer Todd. They were removing things from his pockets sparing neither cell phone nor wallet and a hovering Shuppet beside them yelled something at each item extracted. I scrambled to my feet.

“And this’ll be for calling me a ‘stupid talking piece of cloth’,” announced the Shuppet as he telekineted a glinting BlackBerry from Todd’s ravaged trousers and dropped it into the red-and-white bag that lay beside them. “Although,” the Shuppet added as an afterthought, “I appreciate your usage of a decent noun.” Despite myself, I couldn’t subdue a snork. Todd looked at me despairingly, and my sense of duty returned. I grabbed the redhead’s arm, stopping her foot which had been in the process of swinging into Todd’s no-no place.

“Woah, woah, hey, what d’you think you’re doing?” I demanded. “That’s my trainer here. You’re challengers, show basic respect in the gym at all times, aight?”

“Hey, HE started it, alright? He WANTED a battle, he walked up to us,” retorted the greenhead.

I stared. “Well, DUH, dumbnut, coming into a gym, whaddya expect, free entry to the leader’s crib?”

“He wouldn’t give us half the money due for a defeat,” accused the redhead.

I rolled my eyes at Todd and sighed. “Todd, don’t do this. What’s gotten into you today? Give’em their money. It’s common courtesy.”

“THEY DIDN’T ASK FOR HALF MY MONEY,” wailed Todd. “They asked for all the stuff I had on me including my clothes –”

“Dude, what the – guys, you’re supposed to be CHALLENGERS –”

“And who are YOU supposed to be, kiddo?” asked the redhead. “What’re YOU doing here telling us what to do?”

I shrugged. “Brawly Takashima, Dewford Gym leader at your service. And I have full authority to refuse a battle with you two simply because I don’t want to.” Double leaguers, obviously. Low-class with no manners. I turned and began walking away.

“Hey, wait!” I turned back – the greenhead’s attitude had obviously changed at the news. “Sorry if we offended you,” he apologized quickly, “we’d like a chance at a badge –” The redhead pushed him out of the way before he could finish, and stepped up to me.

“Fine with us,” she said. “Hope you don’t mind us taking a free badge and moving on then?”

“Dude, what the – ” I had barely finished the “heck” before realizing she’d strode over to the suitcase and was now working the lock. Almost as quickly, however, I felt a rush of energy in my pocket as a Pokeball broke open and my Makuhita burst out, dashed to the suitcase and threw a low kick straight at the redhead’s face.

“Hey, assault to the trainers – we could sue you for that,” screeched the redhead.

“AWESOME work on your reflexes, Makuhita,” I shouted. “Watch out for that weirdly colored Taillow,” I quickly added as I spotted it on the battle floor. I shrugged again at the challengers. “I guess we’re in battle, eh?” I laughed. “Makuhita, smack that bird with a Tackle!” Yeah, yeah, they thought I’d be dumb enough to use a fighting move, eh? Apparently not! I watched proudly as Makuhita tackled the black-and-white Taillow to the floor.

“Emo Taillow, I mean Taillow, use peck,” yelled the Shuppet.

Crapsters, I forgot that was a flying move. It never used to be, but after Ash got promoted… gyah, this isn’t the time to complain. I winced as Makuhita’s HP dropped to yellow, and the Shuppet smirked. “Howsabout the time to give Mr. Shupster some experience points?” he cackled.

“Oi, watch how you talk about my Pokemon, Pokemon,” I snapped. Shupster returned it with a long, spitless raspberry.

“Shadow Ball, baby,” yelled Shupster as he flung a dark blob of stuff at Makuhita. “Fire in da hole!” Makuhita’s HP dropped even lower as he doubled over from the impact of the attack, and in a fit of panic I commanded: “Counter with a Vital Throw!”

Oh crappy crapsterpieces! I totally forgot Ghost types were immune to Fighting moves! I tried to take back the command but was of course too late. Makuhita flew straight through Shupster (who was cracking up, obviously – that guy needs to be sedated) and hit the wall hard, slumping in a faint.

“DAMMIT,” I cursed. “That was pretty tight though,” I said. “Good job, guys.”

They looked considerably surprised. “Y’know what, you’re the first Gym leader we’ve met with a decent attitude,” Shupster commented.

“Glad to hear that,” I replied. “What’ve you got left?”

“A Ralts, a Taillow and a Treecko,” said the greenhead.

“Aight.” I threw up my hands in a willful surrender. “Here’s to one of Ash Ketchum’s exceedingly rare sayings that have any meaning at all: Good trainers know when to give up. I’ve got a Machop left, but I don’t really want it getting hurt, y’know? So.” I walked up to the greenhead and then the redhead, shook both their hands, snapped my fingers in a concluding motion, and gestured to the suitcase. “Good game. Take a badge.” I turned to Shupster and dropped my voice. “As for you, my friend, you need to be sedated.” He looked a bit hurt as I turned away and laughed.

The redhead worked the lock and picked up a Knuckle Badge. “That badge will enable you to use Flash outside of battle,” I told them.

“YES, STEVEN,” answered the three unanimously.

“Anyways. Up for a little trade?”


“Here.” I held out a box. “This is the TM for Bulk Up. It boosts both your attack and defense stats in a battle.”

“Gee, thanks – ” The redhead reached out to grab the box. I held it away.

“Nope, nope nope… give Todd his stuff back.”

“Ripoff,” complained the redhead. “I’d rather not have it then.”

“Aight,” I shrugged. “Suit yourself. Seeya then, enjoy your adventure!” I said, reassuring Todd that insurance would cover this theft case. I started walking back to my chamber but stopped when I saw Shupster come over to me.

“Oi. I won’t get sedated, but… you’re a cool guy, Brawly Takashima. A real cool guy.”

“Thanks,” I grinned, flashing a thumbs up. “Catch you later, guys. The next city is Slateport, across the sea in the opposite direction. I'll be giving surfing lessons there. Peace out!”


“That’s one-fourth of $10000,” said Cassidy happily, as the three walked away from the gym.

“That’s one nice guy over there,” said Butch. “Really deserving of respect, that Brawly. NO, DON’T say ‘unlike you’, that’s predictable.”

“Bulk Up’s no use anyway,” said Shupster. “Let’s see what we got… Cut, Quick Claw, Flash, Steel Wing from Steven, THE CHAMPION… well, I think we’re good. Butch, how many Egbert trips did that take?”

Butch frowned and began counting on his fingers. “One, two, three……” The other two stood and waited. “Thirty-four,” he finished.

“Well, that’s not too bad,” smiled Shupster. “And it’s about to become thirty-five. He said the next city's Slateport, which is a boat ride in the opposite direction. Up for it?”

“Let’s hope Egbert is,” said Cassidy, and they headed for the Pokemon Center.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Love this one...Brawly is so nice...xD
And where are the sedates??

Anyway awesome fic. Really should read it more..

Credit for the Rapidash TCG recolor goes to my beloved pair...Shiny Loser.
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Chapter 18: Shupster

Have to say, that was a really good battle we had just then. I’m referring to, of course, the battle between me and Egbert Briney’s Peekablob. Well, dude sure asked for it, that selfish bastard, welching on our damn agreement even after we paid him another 50 cents. You don’t want affiliations with Rockets? Well, too bad, you’ve already made one. You need time to care for your Peekablob? Let’s see how much time you’ll need now since he’s just been possessed by one of my Shadow Balls. I pounded that damn Wingull to the ground black and blue with a flippin’ broken wing even though I have no physical attacks to speak of. But hey, can’t expect anything out of fishermen, can you?

A reluctant Egbert pulled his boat up on a soft, white, sandy beach. A sign stuck in the ground next to a kiddie play area said “Route 109”. We got off and thanked Egbert, rolling our eyes all the way. “Well… good luck on your trip,” said Egbert sullenly, and threw one last dirty look at me before he took off back into the sea in his boat. I just gave him one of my hot-chick winks.

We carried on walking, the two humans’ shoes squishing in the spongy sand. I swiped a bag of soft fine sand from a little girl when she wasn’t looking – I’ve heard that it boosts ground attacks. Not that I know any ground attacks, but the others might learn one sometime. Suddenly Butch tapped Cassidy on the shoulder and pointed to a large shop a few feet ahead. “Seashore House,” he said excitedly. “Might have some things worth stealing?”

“We’re done with stealing,” declared Cassidy. “We want something, we get it fair and square.” I looked away in pretended innocence. Entering the Seashore House, I finished off the kids who challenged us with the help of Emo Taillow, Grandiloquent Grovyle and Retarded Ralts. As the latter defeated the last kid with a Confusion, she ran crying to the owner of the shop.

“DYADDAYYY!!!” she bawled. “That mean green thing killed my Pokemon!!!”

The dad looked at us, comforted her daughter for a bit, and came over, clapping his hands in obvious relief. “Thanks, guys. Those kids and their Pokemon’ve been bugging me out these days. The noise is unbearable. I’ve opened up this activity for trainers in hopes of getting ‘em knocked out soon, but so far you guys are the first. Here, have some soda as a reward,” he said, handing us a six pack.

We spent three minutes expressing our unlimited gratitude at his kindness, and we headed down the route each with a soda in hand (no mistake, I made it hover). In our high spirits and improved battle ethics we made it through a horde of trainers and then we were in Slateport City, a vast, busy, pleasantly noisy metropolis complete with skyscrapers, malls and impenetrable glass doors. Something seemed amiss amidst all this modernness, however, and with a quick tour around the place I recognized it.

“This place ain’t got a gym,” I mused. “What’s up with that?”

“Strange,” said Butch. “C’mon, let’s get out of here then. We be moving on to the next gym.”

“No gym, no money,” quipped Cassidy. “Race you two to the end.”

We tossed our empty soda cans on the floor and sprinted full-speed until the edge of the city and a beginning of a new route was in sight. Three men in light blue and black uniforms were standing in front of and completely blocking the open gate to it. “FIRST,” I yelled back at the two as I reached the men at the gate, who were sharing a beer. Five empty cans littered the ground around them. “Oi, mind letting us through?” I said to the guy closest to me without looking at him. “We know you’re probably doing traffic control but y’know, we’re more important than you – ”

Suddenly I stopped and stared One Republic-style. “You!”

The Aqua grunt’s face filled with disbelief. “YOU! Holy – dhyurrrrr!!! DRRRRR,” he wailed mutely as he frantically poked the grunt beside him. “IT’S DURRRRRRRM, THAT’S DRRM, Jake! Jake!”

Jake, the tallest and oldest of the three with uncut, slick brown hair, looked back nonchalantly. “Huh? Who? Gimme a drink,” he drawled, indolently grabbing for the beer can.

“Jake, not now,” pleaded the grunt, passing him the can anyhow. “It’s THURMM,” he repeated urgently. He pointed at Butch and Cassidy behind me. “Rockets? Remember? Destroyed me in the forest? Took all the goods and all my stuff? Ripped off my – GAUGH, IS THIS REMINDING YOU AT ALL!?” He broke down bawling as Jake took a swig out of the can.

“Well, Timmy, if they’re as good as you say they are,” droned Jake half-drunkenly, “I’d know better than to pick a fight.” He staggered and motioned, his arm slack, past the door.

“But Jake,” said the third Aqua member, a skinny, red-haired kid, “Boss told us not to let anyone go past until we get the goods.”

“And Boss told us not to spend emergency money on alcohol,” laughed Jake. “Anyways – ”

“We’re supposed to tell them to go to that ship museum thing and – ”

“Shut up, y’don’t know nothin,” spat Jake. “Anyways – ”

“IF YOU LET THEM GO,” bawled Timmy hysterically, “I’LL TELL BOSS YOU’RE DRINKING AGAIN AND YOU TRIED TO LET SOMEONE ENTER ROUTE 110 AND HE’LL CUT YOUR PAY AND HE’LL DEMOTE YOU AND – ” he took an exaggerated breath, “ – you’ll be stuck your whole life cleaning the Sharpedo feces taaahahahahanks……! HUUUUUP!”

That seemed to sober up Jake, at least a little. He blinked and passed the can to the red-haired boy. Butch and Cassidy crossed their arms and glared at him impatiently. “Mind if I do a test run?” he inquired lazily.

“A test run?” I frowned. I didn’t like that term…

“Y’know,” said Jake. “Like… if you three totally like…” He swung his limp hands in an exploding motion. “DESTROY my one Pokemon I got here, I’d let you through, ay? No tattling to the boss about what I’m doin’?” He shrugged. “Maybe after giving me the goods…”

“They don’t HAVE it, stupid,” wailed Timmy. “Probably sold’em all, thieving b – ” His insult was cut short by Jake’s hand.

“Alriiiiiight. You guys seem ready. Go, Swalot,” said Jake, flinging a white Premier Ball in the air. A huge, round, purple Muk-like Pokemon burst out, and the only difference was that with its beady eyes and whiskers it looked much more mentally challenged. “SWAAAALOT,” it blubbered loudly, almost stupidly.

“Level 18, eh? Go, Ralts,” ordered Cassidy, slamming shut the PokeDex. “Confusion!” The little white thing, somewhat different without its dedication to escape, delivered a mindbending psychic wave which struck the Swalot square in the beady eyes.

“Kickin’,” I encouraged Ralts.

“No thanks’ta you,” she replied.

“Yeeeeowch,” remarked Jake, stumbling slightly as he pointed a finger at Ralts. “Swalot, use Sludge.” Swalot shook mightily and with a trembling roar expelled a gigantic glob of purple gooey substance, whatever it was, which flew at an almost unbelievable speed straight at Ralts’s head. Ralts, who must’ve been practicing her escape tactics, dodged it swiftly, and the scene ended in a poor little Shuppet with gooey whatever-it-was splashed all over his handsome face. Ralts skillfully issued another two consecutive Confusions, hopelessly dazing both Swalot and Jake. She received medium-magnitude damage from a sharp Pound and another Sludge attack by Swalot’s thick, sticky mass, but in the end, the Angel of Success took a **** on our heads and we watched the Swalot slump in a faint and his owner slump in his intoxication, indifferently.

“Well, Rockets,” Jake laughed, finishing his beer. “I ain’t mad at losing. Go ahead. It’s all yours. Just… give me the goods if ya got’em. Hahahahahaha. Isn’t it funny how this kid’s so afraid of you?” He swung his head towards Timmy and fixed his eyes on him. “And Timmy, you’d better keep quiet. Ol’ Jake needs some fun once in a while, aight? One word from you and I’ll shove your head down the feces tank you mentioned.” He reeled away from his spot, leaving the gate open. Timmy and the red-haired boy looked at each other worriedly but said nothing.

“Gee, thanks!” said Butch, and crossed over to the other side.

“Call me,” said Cassidy as she winked at Jake, entered something into her PokeNav and crossed over to the other side.

I turned my attention to Ralts, who suddenly looked like she was evolving. And indeed she was. The small, green helmet, in a flash of light, turned into two bright green pigtails, the horns split into two, and the white body split up into a skirt – the green interior turned leaner, longer, and much more feminine. The eyes grew larger and resembled my own.

“Ya dig?” she grinned.

“I’ll have to get used to it, Miss Retarded,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Kirlia? What a nice name,” smiled Cassidy. “Anyways, guys, let’s go.” She retrieved Kookoo Kirlia and I followed suit to the other side. “Seeya, Aquas,” we yelled simultaneously, and off we went down Route 110.

“Hey,” I said happily to the two, “did you know that what the Aquas planned for us was actually to go into the Ship Museum and by my wild guess, fight tons of Aqua members and at the end hand over the Devon goods, which they’re looking for and we don’t HAVE, of course, to the guy that’s being held hostage there?”

“Haha, I heard the Museum part as well,” said Cassidy. “Definitely sounds like what they might do. Dramatic and all that.”

“We all gotta thank Jake for selecting his fun-time so precisely!” exclaimed Butch. An uproar of agreement followed from me and the rest, even the Pokeballed ones.


“Uh, hi, Boss,” stammered Jake.
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Chapter 19: Grovyle

That shameless chap Jake is a right drunkard. To be quite frank, I strongly believe it is people like him who are responsible for the filth and misdoings of which the Earth is fraught. What in heavens’ name could he possibly have been thinking, unheeding his duty in exchange of momentary pleasure? On second thought, however, it is perhaps not righteous to criticize the young tippler, as his actions have allowed us, apparently, to eschew a whole mission regarding the stolen Devon goods. Or so Shupster assumes.

After a rather energy-consuming series of battles with bric-a-brac trainers along our search for a Gym-containing city which seemed to have yet no confirmed destination, I caught sight of, from the Pokeball interior, a distant, mauve-tinted outline of a city ahead. “Let us take our chances at that city,” I said to Shupster.

“Oh my GOSH, I can’t understand how you can be so PRIM AND PROPER even after we’ve searched for over an hour for a city,” muttered Shupster. “Show some enthusiasm. Hey, guys,” he said, in a brighter and significantly less annoyed tone of voice, “I think we have ourselves a city.”

I ignored, habitually, his comment on my apparently over-scholarly speech. In almost no time at all, the prodigious city in all its grand, violet-hued glory was in clear view. The name of the city, gaudily engraved on a framed fluorescent yellow board supported by a rod impaled into the dusty concrete, read “Mauville City” – perfectly explaining the more-or-less uniform colours of the buildings and the outline I had discerned from far away. And anon, I discerned something, or rather someone, who appeared to be familiar. The light, grass-green hair, small, slightly slumping frame, and pale, whitish face – ah yes, it was Wally, the child who had referred to me as “scary”. I do not easily dismiss a grudge.

Clearly, Wally did not either; for the second he noticed us, his face was overcome with childish fury, complete with a slight trembling that I did not know whether it was anger or sorrow of which it consisted. In this fury he strode to us and stood stoutly, even tossing his hair a tad, in front of Butch.

“Hello, MISTER,” said Wally sarcastically, crossing his arms in an inauthentic show of courage.

“Aw, hey, it’s that Wally kid,” said Butch amiably, unaware of it not being mutual. “Fancy meeting you here. Look, kid, I’ve been wanting to apologize for the Ralts thing, I suggest we just forget about it and call a truce, no?” He held out his hand. Wally’s hands remained crossed as he returned the sentence with a cold glare.

“No thank you, mister,” Wally replied. “In fact, you’ll find that I do not easily dismiss a grudge.” I blinked at this particular selection of words. Wally stood up tall. “I would like to battle you, for REVENGE, with a Pokemon I caught myself,” he stated. “Although of course it’s not as rare as a Ralts, no thanks to YOU.” He pouted defiantly and somewhat melodramatically.

“Battle for REVENGE, eh? BRING IT ON, BIEEEETCH,” jeered Shupster. Wally cast him an irate glare.

“Yeah, I will,” he declared, and for an ephemeral second he resembled uncannily the typical Pokemon-Master-on-a-mission trainer as he hurled his red Pokeball determinedly to summon a petite, attractive Grass Pokemon, with two flowering roses in place of hands and the hear partially enveloped with a delicate, leafy crown. “It’s a Roselia,” said Wally triumphantly. “Isn’t it pretty?”

“You’d be surprised to hear this,” said Cassidy. “This dummy over here – ” she gestured to Butch – “didn’t actually KILL that Ralts. In fact, it had only fainted, and guess what? We trained it and made it turn into something…” She casually tossed a ball and summoned the newly-evolved Kirlia, the latter who performed an elegant mini-pirouette before descending into battle temperament. “…just as pretty,” Cassidy concluded proudly.

Wally gazed at Kirlia in awe and enthralled wonder. “She’s beeeaaaautiful,” he sighed emphatically. He regarded Kirlia, who appeared to enjoy the attention, intently, his eyes filled with admiration for the Pokemon, and soon his mind seemed to have completely drifted away from his intense wish for revenge. My trainers, however, did not let him off that easily.

“Confusion on the Roselia, Kirlia,” commanded Cassidy. Kirlia’s Confusion was considerably more potent than what her pre-evolution could muster. The ultraviolet mindwaves slammed fully into Roselia’s narrow figure, badly damaging the poor flower and leaving it shuddering.

“No fair,” whined Wally. “Roselia, Magical Leaf!” Roselia lifted her flowery hands and a series of sharp-edged, coloured leaves fluttered at Kirlia, ruthlessly lacerating her face. Kirlia, however, was not weakened significantly.

“Hey, I think Kirlia has that attack herself,” said Butch thoughtfully. “Kirlia, Magical Leaf!”

“NO!!!!” screamed Shupster. “YOU STUPID FREAKIN’ FLIPPIN’ ****IN’ – ” His vulgar rant was curtailed, however, by the sight of the sharp coloured foliage speeding towards the enemy and slicing one of the rose blossoms clean off. The severed bloom twitched helplessly, and Wally’s lips assumed the same motion. Then his face finally collapsed and he started bawling uncontrollably again, the distraught sobs racking his body.

“WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! ROSELIA!” wailed Wally. “Wahh….WAHHHHHHH!!!” He picked up the flower and desperately tried to reattach it to the Pokemon. “No… NO!!!!!! Get back on, you… WAAAAHHHHH!!!” Then he turned around, his face filled with a blazing, hysterical ferocity. “Bad guys,” he said weakly. “BAD GUYS! YOU’RE ALL BAD GUYS! Wahhhhahahhahhhhhh!” And with that, he retrieved the Roselia and dashed off into the distance.

“Extra grudge for you,” said Shupster. “Oh hey look, there’s the gym. It was just behind Wally.”

“Ooooh, goody, let’s go,” said Cassidy.

Due to our yet undefeated 2-0 victory, my trainers had all but forgotten their tendency to fear a humiliating loss at a gym. And so without the usual hesitation, they strode over to the gym. Without the usual hesitation, they dramatically flung open the doors. And with horror – not usual at all – they, and I, looked in.

Four trainers, presumably the employed trainers of the gym, lay dead on the spacious, neon yellow gym floor. Their bodies were fixed in skewed, unnatural, torturous positions. Their eyes and mouths were partially open, an unfinished, muted cry of excruciating pain. Infixed in all four of their lifeless faces was the expression of true, genuine fear. There were obvious signs of futile struggle, and yet no blood was visible, nor of any of the aftermath that ordinarily followed a murder. There was something strangely, chillingly awry about the four pale, still forms strewn across the room...

“Dude, what the in the name of heck happened here?” said Butch quietly.

“I know, right… it’s freakin’ creepy,” whispered Cassidy, biting her lip. “Maybe we should take a look around…”

As they stepped vigilantly about the deathly silent room, another dreadful sight met my eyes. A Magnemite, lying inert in a corner, was dented and torn grotesquely, the broken metal split open in shards and the magnets shattered to bits. I cast my eyes around and found, to my horror, that broken, utterly destroyed Pokemon lined the walls and corners. A Voltorb was ruptured along its equator from the apparent impact it had suffered and an Electrike lay in a pool of green blood that dripped from a deep wound in its head. It appeared as if unimaginable force had hurled them and lethally smashed them against the building. Suddenly a weak, strenuous voice penetrated the bleak silence, a straggly, despondent scrap of sound forced painfully into the despair that surrounded us.

“Get out,” croaked the voice hoarsely. “Get out… Take a badge from the suitcase and… get out. Call the police… but get out.” The speaker took a last, labored breath and the voice was gone.

My trainers dashed to the source of the voice. We cast our gaze downwards at a withered, bearded man in a brown jacket, now lifeless like the others. “Must’ve been the gym leader,” said Butch. “Let’s get a badge, get out of here and call the police.”

“We can’t call the police, idiot, they’re looking for US,” snapped Cassidy. “Damn. I don’t want to know what’s happened in here. But we’d better blow this place.” In an abrupt, deft motion she seized a lustrous yellow badge from the suitcase that lay solemnly next to the gym leader. Then they turned to go.

It was only then that I took, ever since we had entered the gym, my first look at Shupster, who was hovering in place by himself at the edge of the room. His frozen, traumatized face contained a sort of disbelieving, aghast horror – the usual optimism and life in his eyes had been completely replaced by a dazed, almost fearful look, and the droll smile I had never seen him without was now a panic-stricken slit, silently trembling, as if attempting and failing to deny what he believed this had resulted from. The room was once again quiet save for his shaken, rapid breathing, and I realized that he, talkative apparition like he was, hadn’t spoken once upon our entrance.

“Hey, Shupster, time to go,” said Cassidy.

Shupster followed mindlessly, his expression unaltered. We exited the gym hastily with the badge, and yet I couldn’t help thinking…

“Holy…. crap. That’s the creepiest thing I’ve seen for weeks,” murmured Cassidy, shuddering. “What the hell… all those people. Dead. Just… and the Pokemon. Do you think we should… find out about it? What happened… I mean, I don’t want to but – we can’t just – ”

Shupster’s constant gibbering became unusually audible, almost like a reply to Cassidy’s comment. “I should’ve,” he mumbled. “I should’ve been… I should’ve done… my fault… I should’ve done…” The terror was still apparent on his face.

“Dude, what could YOU have done?” asked Butch. “How could you have done anything? It’s not your fault, you’re not as awesome as you think you are, alright?”

At this, Shupster suddenly exploded into an abrupt, furious rant. “You don’t understand,” he yelled. “None of you understand. So don’t ****ing try to,” he fumed. “Okay? You don’t understand.” He turned away. “It’s me,” he said bitterly. “It’s all…I should’ve…”

Shupster did not speak to us when we checked in to the closest motel, located at an agreeable spot on the edge of Mauville Lake, and he insisted on sleeping alone.
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn (PG-13)

Chapter 20: Shupster

Before my eyes was a dark, obscure space, occupied mostly by a thick, cloudy vision which seemed to be bent on preventing me from seeing beyond. In my blindness I took the time to wonder where I had last seen these clouds before, but I couldn’t think clearly for some reason – meaningful thoughts wouldn’t process and my senses were still partially numb. As consciousness began to collect in my head, I continued to try to make sense of my surroundings and attempt to look past the fog but soon realized that the only way to find out where, what, and why this was, was to begin moving on… I did so, hoisting myself up tentatively. It wasn’t the cave; it was something further back…

Now enshrouded in the fog, I floated cautiously, feeling strangely weighted and resisted as if I were moving through water. The image of the trainers and the Pokemon burst like strained blood vessels into my mind, and the effort of strenuously prying it out of my mind must have caused some actual vessels to burst as well… A searing pain in my head stopped my panicking thoughts as all this not knowing had been building up a dreaded apprehension. “Cassidy? Butch?” I called, my first words up till now here. “You guys out here? Are you anywhere?”

Heart pounding, I realized I was emerging from the hazy clouds into a dull yellow light that came from far back. Breaking into the light, my surroundings plunged into a sudden clarity – in a split second, everything became horrifyingly familiar. No strangeness, no confusion, no cloudiness – clear as day. This terrifying notion had barely time to register itself in my wildly panicking brain before an all-too-acquainted voice punctured the silence and my suspicions:

“Welcome back, Shupster.”

Ringing pierced my ears and an invisible hand clasped my air tract. I choked and tried to speak, in futility – the fear that had seized me acted as an unforgiving cage to all my anger and emotion, censoring them out in stifled gulps.

The smooth, fluid drawl continued after a light chuckle. “It’s been a long time since we last met, eh?” I faintly heard sound of a swivel chair’s wheels and then, I was seeing him. Him in all my dreams, visions and radical emotions. The cave and the memories. Why?

“Why not?” smiled Proz, his amber-like eye gleaming with amusement.

I gasped and bit my lip. I hadn’t realized I had said it out loud.

“You didn’t,” said Proz.

Oh, yeah. I remembered…

“I knew you would.” His eye gleamed some more. “Okay, I’ll stop that.” He chuckled again, the short, silky sound reverberating in the stone-walled laboratory.

The imaginary piece of desiccate cheesecloth which up until now I had felt gagging my mouth was released, and I choked out, through my incessant shivering and the fear that seemed to fasten me in its grip, my first word since I had entered: “You…”

“And good evening to you too,” replied Proz.

I struggled to control my emotions – anger and fear all mishmashed in a strange unreal compound. “You did that?” I whispered weakly. “You…?”

Proz’s smile widened. “Yes. I did that. Not without regret, of course. I am, after all, human.” He winked his despicable amber eye. At this, something inside me cracked, I lost control, and the words burst out of my liberated mouth through the fear and hatred as I fumed:

“Human? Killing is HUMAN? YOU THINK THAT’S HUMAN? You think what you do – what you DID – you think any of it’s justified to be righteous in human existence? There must be something WRONG with you.” Something inside forbade me to stop myself, as much as I feared him. “You have a SICK, TWISTED mind if you think what you’re doing is human. PROZ.” I spat out the name bitterly.

Proz looked apparently unperturbed, even slightly entertained, by my rant. I glared at him heatedly. In a split second, his face was inches to mine. “Gained bit of a temper over the past few weeks, haven’t you?” he said quietly. I stared down into his eye, the wild fear seizing me once more.

“My reasons for what I did were justified, Shupster. They wouldn’t comply, you see. Death was their selection.” He gently pushed himself away from me in the rolling chair. With a click of his fingers, a dull orangeish glow, one not unlike the freakish hue of his left eye, lit up the laboratory. Tubes crisscrossed the ceilings into a grotesque contraption at the back of the room. Stacks of paper reclined on the crudely cut stone desks. I spotted an unfamiliar structure at the far left – it appeared to be a satellite dish of some sort, some kind of weird, distorted information receptor prototype that connected to a giant screen spread across the opposite wall.

“My research to a latest project,” said Proz breezily. “One that would’ve greatly involved your services, Shupster. Your power. A spellbinding, accomplished entwining of the abilities only present in Pokemon and my own. The Electric type plays a part… to say the least.” He laughed softly and pushed off in his chair towards me again. “A high-caliber experiment of the advanced technology that is Pokemon – justified enough?”

My words broke free. “Over the past few weeks, I’ve traveled with two humans whose actions are more justified than you ever will be in your pathetic, murderous life.”

At this, I thought I detected a spark of anger flicker across Proz’s face. It went as quickly as it came, however, and now I could spot no difference in his relaxed, carefree expression. He turned away from me in his chair. “Judging from your last sentence… I assume you’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent without me?” he said.

“Yes,” I said firmly.

“I see.” He turned to me. “Unfortunately, I myself must say otherwise. I’ve sorely missed your presence ever since you…” he paused for a second, and the final word emerged softly from smiling lips. “Escaped.”

“I prefer to call it emancipating myself from the ****ing torment you put me through,” I muttered.

Both Proz’s eyes were now twinkling in fascination. “Ever so fluent in the English language, dear Pokemon. Maybe even more than back in the day. Though I must comment on the increased vulgarity… the lack of control, perhaps?”

He pushed a strand of his black hair out of his right, regular eye. I suddenly realized I couldn’t breathe. Something was brutally forcing my mouth shut, along with my abilities to speak and respire, and I instantly knew it wasn’t a product of the terror screaming in me again. No….

“You were my prized possession, you see. I’ll bet my life I won’t find as intelligent a Pokemon as you, ever. It’s too bad you don’t realize your own potential, my dear Shupster. Luckily, someone did – that was me, wasn’t it?”

Possession, eh? I thought bitterly through my fear and pain – Proz’s power persisted, and I was suffocating. A dull, all-too-familiar ache had gripped my head in its vice. No…please…

“You could have stayed, Shupster,” said Proz. “We’d go through the best and the worst. You’d be the key to the treasure chest of my plans. You’re powerful, Shupster. Even before me. Immensely powerful. Only needed some fine-tuning.” He chuckled again. “You and I, we’d be the driving force of existence. But…”

Suffocating. I no longer had the strength to keep myself hovering – I hit the floor heavily. A paroxysm of pain, now sharp and real. I couldn’t breathe…

“Perhaps it was my fault I hadn’t assumed you and I did not share the same dream,” Proz was saying, a distant voice in a distant universe. Yet he was right there – a blurry shadow with his hand outstretched, his freak eye burning dementedly, the source of my pain. “My plans go far and long – even before you. I hope you understand how truly regretful I am to have not been able to utilize you to your full potential.”

The laboratory blurred and dimmed – my consciousness was wavering. The unimaginable pain pressed into my mind. Suffocating. Where was my energy? I had no energy. Not even enough to lift my head. Drained. Let me breathe, you sick bastard. Let me breathe.

“You’re not my possession any more, you see. You’re of no use to me. In fact, you’re even a threat to me. You’re powerful…though perhaps not any more, are you?”

I’m dying, screamed a voice in my head. My vitality began to collapse under the weight of the agonizing torture, my life squeezed and seeping out of reach, the thoughts…

“Guess I’ll regret this for the rest of my pathetic, murderous life, eh?”

As laughter rang out in the stone-walled laboratory, I saw black and felt nothing.


Where am I?

I blinked. Proz had gone.

I wasn’t lying on a cold, hard floor, my consciousness sucked out of my very being, suffering, suffocated, murdered. I felt energy coursing through me, enough to lift my head and open my eyes. What met them was a window, and through that a silent, white mist spread out across a deep blue lake in the darkness of 4 AM. Mauville Lake. An alarm clock

I was in the motel. Of course.

Guess that’s enough negative feeling for a whole meal today, I thought bitterly. Then I hovered to the bathroom and was violently sick.
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn [PG-13]

Just to say I love this story and hope you finish it ^^

I am only at chapter 13 at the moment, but it has given me many laughs xD
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn [PG-13]

^^ Same here. Quite entertaining. I'm only at 10, but I like it so far. Your writing is excellent, I don't see any grammar or spelling errors or anything. Keep it up! ;D
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Default Re: Butch and Cassidy - To Trash Hoenn [PG-13]

Originally Posted by The Politoed Hunter View Post
Just to say I love this story and hope you finish it ^^

I am only at chapter 13 at the moment, but it has given me many laughs xD
Hey! Thanks a million! Sorry I hadn't replied to this earlier. I've been writing on different forums, I switch time to time :p

Thanks. I'm really glad you're enjoying it, that's the real thrill of writing a comedy - to have people laugh :)

Originally Posted by Chillaxed09 View Post
^^ Same here. Quite entertaining. I'm only at 10, but I like it so far. Your writing is excellent, I don't see any grammar or spelling errors or anything. Keep it up! ;D
Thanks! I try my best at the grammar, I know what it's like to read a fanfic with atrocious spelling/grammar/punctuation xD

I think I'll be able to get to writing more of this. I really enjoy it :)
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