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Default A Partner with Psychic

A Partner with Psychic

Nautas walked down the soft road it was a bright afternoon and many flocks of Pidgey, Spearow, and Starly were flying around in the air. Nautas and his Pokemon, Altaria, were walking down a paved way. Nautas way a fairly new but experienced trainer who loved his Pokemon, especially his mystical cloud winged Pokemon, Altaria. Nautas had long brown curly hair that stopped at about his shoulders. Nautas’ teeth glittered in the sunlight. Nautas was wearing black denim jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. It was a tough time, as it was becoming winter quickly and Nautas was making his way to Sunnyshore city.

Nautas had numerous Pokemon with him, all were special to him. His first was his Surskit that evolved during a battle with a ferocious Mawile, which he caught. Houndoom was a fierce dog and a strong battler, it had a scar on its back after a fight with a Meowth. Nautas had a scary big-jawed Pokemon named Mawile, she was strong and could wipe out a lot in seconds. And finally Altaria, whom Nautas met during his way to Celestic Town to research ancient Pokemon. Altaria was a Swablu at the time when Nautas saw her in the grass.

Now Nautas made sure his Pokemon were ready to go at any costs whenever he needed them. Now Nautas was leaving the plaza where he had stayed the night before. The route between the two places wasn’t to long and time went by quickly anyway when you strolled around on the beach. The fluffy winged Pokemon flew ahead looking like a powerful swimmer in midair. Nautas heard voices up ahead, a sailor and a boy were arguing over something, Nautas went up to both of them calmly.

“But I want to go on the voyage!” the boy yelled.

“You are way to young to do it!” the sailor wailed back.

The sailor turned his head toward Nautas and asked, “Why is there ANOTHER one?” he asked.

The young boy smiled and said, “See there are others, you have to let us go,” the boy said.

“Fine, if you want to go that bad then come, but you don’t cry home to your momma if it gets scary!” the sailor yelled. Nautas had no idea what he had just got himself into.

“The boat is over there,” the sailor said sighing. Nautas walked towards the boat, it was small but big enough to carry at least six men.

The other boy had ran towards the boat like a speedy Sceptile. Nautas lagged behind, now he was to go on a boat journey, when all he wanted was to view the Pokemon League with the telescope in the lighthouse. He had been planning on returning home soon after that.
Nautas didn’t want to go but he didn’t want to disappoint the boy since it seemed he really wanted to go, and it seemed that the only way he could go is if he went. Nautas decided to just go along with it. The boat had rough edges and Shellder had latched itself onto the sides. The long panel the linked the dock to the bock and this lines so cargo wouldn’t fly off.

Three other men came aboard the ship carrying a large crate. Then they put it in the back with three other crates.

“Where are we headed?” Nautas asked hopefully not somewhere dangerous.

“Johto, we plan on dropping something off then coming back, but it’s a dangerous journey and we told people they shouldn’t come,” the sailor said.

“By the way, I’m Richard, he’s Phil,” he said pointing to the sailor right of him, “And that’s Thomas,” he said pointing to the left. Both sailors waved a little to him.

The boy sat at the front of the boat he looked out over the ocean waves, waves got bigger, and the sky was clear, a perfect day.

Nautas walked up to the boy, “What is your name?” Nautas asked solemnly.

“Michael, yours?” the boy said quickly.

“Nautas, why did you want to go to Johto so bad?” Nautas asked.

“Because I always have, it seems so much fun there,” the boy said.

“Right well, have you ever gone to Hoenn or Kanto?” Nautas asked again.

“Why do you ask so many questions?” the boy yelled. Nautas was startled and walked away. Nautas found an open spot where there was nothing and laid himself on his back, he was tired and it was becoming night, Nautas tilted his head back and feel asleep. Altaria was in her Pokeball like the rest of his Pokemon. The Captains were getting ready to launch the boat into the sea and before he feel asleep, he felt the boat rumble and launch itself towards Johto.

Nautas’ eyes blinked open a few times the morning sun shined brightly down onto his face. Nautas stood up slowly stretching his legs hard. The sun was bright and some clouds had formed in the distance. Richard was steering the boat and Nautas walked up to him and asked, “Where do we get breakfast?”

Richard blinked his eyes in disbelief and slowly said “Over there with Phil,” Nautas nodded and headed towards Phil. Phil gave him some bread and crackers Michael was already eating his share of the food.
“About how long will it take us to get there?” Nautas asked Phil.

“A few days, maybe a week,” Phil said without looking up at Nautas. Phil seemed grumpy at most times, “Waves might make it more difficult though” Phil said again looking down at his bread eating it.

Nautas tore off a piece of his bread and stuffed it into his mouth, it had a nice flavor. Seeds were hidden inside the wheated bread. Nautas thought it was a brilliant morning, he went over to Richard and asked, “Can I let one of my Pokemon out?”

Richard sighed and said, “Fine, just don’t let the Pokemon be to heavy,” Nautas nodded slowly. There was a wave that rocked the ship back and forth throwing the bread over the place. Phil sighed and picked it up, Nautas threw his arm over the rail so he wouldn’t rock out of place. He picked up his favorite Pokeball’s from them all and let it out, a puffy cloud winged Pokemon came out,

“Altaria!” Nautas and Altaria called at the same time, Nautas laughed and Altaria took off into the sky, the morning sun shined through some of the clouds, white big ones they were to. Nautas watched as its white wings blended with the clouds around it, Nautas felt a drop of water come down on his head, water. It was going to rain soon.

“Alright,” Richard started saying, “We all need to get down before more rain ruins all of this,” Richard continued. Rain came in heavier drops and hit down on them harder. Phil, Thomas, Michael, and Nautas ran down to the lower level, Phil stayed above to guide the ships. Rain was coming faster now, lightning struck in the distance, thunder roared like growling dogs. The under of the boat had a nice bed and some drawers, the men huddled into a corner, wind flew in the door books were knocked over.

“I hate these times,” Phil said, Thomas nodded his head. Michael shuddered at the thought. Nautas muttered something quietly. Altaria was next to Nautas its head tucked into her wings. The strings on her head had popped out as more wind came into the room, there was no door to it, and even if there were a door no one would want to go get it. Thunder boomed outside and Lightning struck in the corner of their eyes, it was a really bad storm.

The ship rocked to the sides forcing the men to lurch to the other side when it rocked their way. Richard was trying to still steer the boat, but soon after he came down dripping.

“I’ll let the boat steer its way today,” he said with a cold voice. The other men nodded their heads in agreement, and shivered with that to.

“I ho…hope the storm ends soon,” Michael said slowly. Phil and Thomas shivered and agreed Nautas swallowed hard in his throat.

A big wave pushed the boat hard knocking many things onto the ground. Glass broke and books opened as they touched the ground. More waves hit the boat, more things hit the floor crashing hard. Altaria dug its head deeper into its wings. Its face was worried as it gleamed.

Harder waves hit the bow of the boat the ship was starting to flip, but it didn’t matter soon there was a boom in the boat and water rushed in filling up the back, the boat started to lean that way at more and more water filled that half, all of the men screamed as the water poured in, none wanted to get hurt. Michael rushed out the door to the main part of the top. Phil was rushed in to, everyone jumped up into the top, and Altaria returned to its Pokeball and Nautas rushed out the door water was beginning to reach the top of the boat.

“Why did this have to happen?” Nautas thought angerly.

“It’s the way life is,” Michael, said, as he knew exactly what Nautas was thinking at the time. Nautas shook his head as water rushed through the boat taking everything in its path, the wood and everything else on the ship was being destroyed everyone screamed. Soon the water took everything and everyone was lofting in the middle of the rain dying slowly.

Nautas eyes had the last few blinks and then they were closed, the last thing Nautas heard was rumbling and air moving past him…

Nautas felt something put him off and then he was on something warm, without opening his eyes Nautas thought,

“So this is what hell feels like,” Nautas thought. His blinked a few times to see a blue sky up above him trees were to the side, he got up slowly sand fell down like a sandy waterfall, Starly squawked as they saw Nautas rise from the beach, Nautas’ head was wheezy from the whole ting he was confused at most. Sun came from behind the trees, he was on an uncharted island.

Nautas turned his head to the water to see a few Wailmer playing around they had probably saved him Nautas was happy to be alive but he worried about the other crew member he had along, where they dead or alive? Were they drowning in the sea or floating on a piece of wood or life ring? Many things seemed to venture into his mind at that moment bad thoughts consumed his mind as he thought about the world.

Nautas snapped out of it very soon and stared out at the rushing waves, Wailmer had saved him and he was very happy because of it. Least he wanted to do was hurt them, the sun on the beach burnt Nautas’ feet.

Trees covered the end of the beach and formed a forest, Pidgey and Starly sat on the branches squawking loudly at the sun.

“Why must life be so unfair sometimes,” Nautas thought in his head. A Pidgey flew over and a dropping feel onto Nautas shoulder, Nautas looked over to his tore shirt to see white dropping on it. Nautas was filled was anger but let it out, what was there to do on a stranded island without anyone else, have pie? No Nautas was in trouble and he knew it.

Nautas headed towards the trees thinking, “I guess I’ll need some fresh food, who knows what I’ll find there anyway,” he thought.

Nautas seemed to limp his way through the forest the opening seemed to flash into his eyes. Nidoran both male and female scurried through as couples, mankies swung across vines and Ekans slithered up trees. Nautas loved all Pokemon even the mean un-merciful ones.

There was no road just bushes to be pushed past through and trees to avoid. Slakoths hung from high trees yawning as they pulled themselves across the brown wooden branch that was connected to the tree. Nautas sweat under the hard sun drops ran down his nose and his eyes itched. Nautas’ stomach tightened and butterflies flew in is belly as he walked farther in.

A slug like looking creature with a green head and a red boomerang sticking out of its head was standing there, its mouth was like a circle and an echo went through his head,

“Come with me I can help you find food and water,” the voice stopped, the Ralts was using telepathy to communicate with him. Nautas looked up with a happy expression on his face, the little Psychic type could save him. The Ralts smiled, Nautas was happy to have help.

“Follow me,” Nautas heard the echo in his head again, Nautas nodded his head up and down. The Psychic Pokemon turned itself around and moved the way it came, the suns rays seemed to have no effect on it, Nautas couldn’t see its feet but the Psychic slug thing moved pretty fast.

“It must be happy…” Nautas muttered under the sun.

“Well…it’s a nice island, I have my family and no human to ruin it,” Ralts said, although it didn’t seem like it ment to be mean. Nautas couldn’t argue with that at all and felt bad about the Pokemon he had captured.

Nautas didn’t say anything and just followed Ralts the whole way through.

“But when we do see a human in need we help then, we don’t think its right to see people get hurt, like how humans make our kind fight,” Ralts sent more echo’s to Nautas’ head, every time making Nautas feel worse, but with what he was doing so far, he figured now he wouldn’t start. He just couldn’t feel the pain of releasing his Pokemon after being around with them for so long.

The Ralts stopped and turned around in front of a tree but without any telepathic waves it nodded and Nautas knew it was behind the big trees in front of where the Ralts was now standing now. Nautas tried to run and get around the trees but they all were shut together only his Pinkie could’ve made it through. He backed off and looked at the Ralts.

“How do we get through now?”

“Watch this,” Nautas watched as it seemingly gained energy in his head and was concentrating to his mind. Seconds later Nautas felt a strange energy go through him and he closed his eyes, the feeling stopped and Nautas opened his eyes to hear a lake with Poliwags swimming and Surskit’s gliding on the tip of it. Sun came in from the opening of the trees. It was paradise to everything and everyone around it.

Nautas looked at Ralts with his mouth wide open, they had a secret spot on the island.

Nautas went over and saw a Gradevoir and a Gallade standing there with smaller female Kirlia and Ralts was there. Nautas eyes wouldn’t blink; it was like a human family but with Pokemon instead.

Ralts showed Nautas to a patch of leaves and said,

“This is where you will be sleeping,”

Nautas stared at it with a frowned face; it was going to be a long time…

(A couple of days later…)

A few days later Nautas was ready to go again, he had stocked up on food and water, plus he had to find out if the crew was dead or alive. The sun shone onto the leaves where he had been sleeping for a while. Little Pokemon were playing

Ralts was waiting at the pushed trees,

“You are ready to leave, correct?”

“Yes I am,”

“Before you leave, may I ask you one thing?”


“May I come with you?”

Nautas was startled with the question because it had been so sudden Nautas thought of something quickly and then had the answer,

“Yes you can, but you have to prove you can handle it by battling my Altaria,”

“I will fight and I will try my hardest,” The Pokemon sent thought his mind

“We have a battle field in case anyone ever wants to test their strength over there” Ralts sent.

“Okay then, lets battle,” Nautas said walking over to the battlefield.

The field ha a flat surface except for some rocks that were seemed to be placed in specific places Ralts placed himself at the other side with a Teleport,

“Lets go Altaria!” Nautas shouted and the big flying dragon was ready to go.

The fight was on!

“Okay Altaria lets start with a Sing Attack!” Nautas yelled.

Altaria shook her head to agree with Nautas and opened its mouth to sing; by the time she turned her head to face Ralts he was starting to Teleport. Nautas saw it to and was stunned.

“Hurry up Altaria!” Nautas yelled out. And out from Altaria’s mouth came a soft melody, but Ralts had already disappeared. Nautas heard an electric sounding noise and saw Ralts to the side of Altaria. It concentrated deep and wrinkles came to his face, it let out an invisible energy source at Altaria knocking Altaria to the right.

“Alright now Altaria lets try something else, start with Dragon Dance!” Nautas yelled hoping that if he raised his stats it would give him a better chance. Nautas watched as Altaria danced as a Dragon and flames rose, making the Altaria stronger and her wings flapped harder making her faster.

A sweat dropped off of Nautas’ hair onto the rough ground. Nautas knew what to move now.

Before Nautas could call out anything Ralts sent out another powerful attack at Altaria. Nautas couldn’t react to it, it had happened so fast. The Ralts smirked at what he had done.

“Argh…C’mon Altaria lets use…Fly!” Nautas shouted. Altaria blasted itself into the air with her feet, her wings flung them self into the air tree rattled in the air, Altaria was high in the air flapping her wings hard wind pushed down on the ground as pebbles bounced around.

Ralts looked high into the sky to see Altaria it smirked again and its eyes turned purple and rings came from them as they headed towards Altaria.

“Altaria dodge the Hypnosis then attack!” Nautas yelled out to Altaria, its face turned from blue to red fast. Altaria swerved over the Hypnosis leading it straight down at Ralts, there was no reaction time, all there was, was a hit.

“Go Altaria! That was awesome, lets keep it going with Dragon Pulse!” Nautas yelled with excitement. Altaria wasn’t the best with Special Attacks but they had practiced this move over and over and it had been put well together.

Ralts was first to move this time it sent out a weaker Psychic Attack at Altaria, Altaria took it well and recovered fast. It was about to attack when Altaria toddled to its sides leaning back and forth.

“Oh god its confused,” Nautas thought. Ralts mouth opened to laugh but was cut-off when Altaria formed energy into a ball as it grew bigger and bigger, Altaria released it at Ralts its eyes showed with jealousy of the strong power.

The attack was powerful and hit Ralts without it being able to do anything. It lay there and Nautas seized his chance, he grabbed the last spare pokeball he had with him and threw it hard at the Psychic Pokemon.

The Pokeball engulfed the Psychic Pokemon with a crimson red light. The Pokeball popped away as it wiggled back and forth.
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Default Re: A Partner with Psychic

Dude, your story made me mor emo. I'm gonna go cut mahself now. :P.

Introduction: Your introduction stateted everything pretty much, but it didn't feel right. Why were the random sailor and trainer fighting, because there were a few more kids on the boat. Why exactly was the kid going to Jhoto though? Just for the hell of it? :P Motives for a story should be a bit better than that.

Plot:A boy walks on a dirt road, to get on a ship, and he meets lots of people. After going to sleep, the ship rocks and rolls-shipwreck! The boy floats around for a while, turning into a emo kid in the process, and then he finds himself ashore on a beach. A Ralts greets him, and he takes him for food and water, since it thinks it should help out all humans. Natuas agrees, and finds himself living with the Pokemon for a few days. Ralts asks if it can go with him.

Battle:It was alright, but lifeless a bit. Ralts ends up getting confused and losing the battle, but I wish the battle was a little more exciting. It was just boring to me.

Detail: Good detail, but its a bit abstract and doesn't really flow with the story well. The Ralts pops out of nowhere, and other stuff that makes it less of a story, since the overall detail made it quite boring to read.

Grammar:No problems here, as far as I can tell.


FINAL OUTCOME: Ralts captured!

Read the parts on how to improve your stories more. You got the capture, but remember to make your detail exciting. Always have your character do something intriguing.

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