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Pokemon Wi-Fi Trading Center Offer your Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum for trade or request Pokemon for trade.

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Old 07-28-2009, 10:34 AM
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Default Nyurgh's Breeding Shop(Second Attempt)

Nyurgh's Breeding Shop


Yo, my name's Nyurgh. I breed Pokemon. My main goal is to complete the Pokedex, maybe win some battles on the side. I also want to help the Pe2k Battling community in the most helpful way I can think of: Breeding/EV Training Pokemon. Now, you may notice that this is a second attempt. My internet is... how should I put this? Varied at times. It has its good, and its bad. Hopefully I'll have it fixed in the next couple of weeks. But as for right now, it's to the point where trading is not impossible, but may be difficult at times. Also, if I should happen to disconnect before I can successfully trade your Pokemon over, I will keep trying, so don't bail on me please. Just push through the wait, and I promise I will try to deliver.

What I will Breed For
  • Pokemon
  • Gender
  • Nature
  • Ability
  • 1 BM
  • 1 TM(This depends on availability, I will let you know in advance)
  • EV's(Not breeding, but I'll EV Train for you)

What I WON'T Breed For
  • Shinies
  • IV's(This might change, depending on how easy it is)

The Form

Friend Code:
Desired Pokemon:
Do you have a member of the Pokemon's Evolutionary Line?: In case I don't have that Pokemon with me.
Gender(O): I'll probably have to breed for a Female anyways, so this will be no sweat. :D
BM(1 only, O):
TM(See above note, and note on TM's, O):
EV's(O): I might accidently slip and throw an EV on an unwanted stat, in which case I will inform you of this, giving you the option to have me restart. Any serious screw-ups will be auto-restart.

O = Optional, the more you add, the longer it will take.

What I Want

I'm not too picky, like I said I want to help. Just make offers, and I'll let you know what I want. As I mentioned, I want to complete the Dex(plus it'll help my business), so I'll almost always accept a Pokemon I don't already own. Shinies I don't own are auto-win. I'm also interested in that Shokotan Pichu everybody is crazy about, so that will be greatly appreciated. The more information you provide about your offers(Nature, gender, etc.) the more I like it. Also, if I don't currently have the Pokemon you want me to breed for you, but you do, I will take one of that Pokemon's egg for myself. You will get back the original Pokemon+The one I bred for free.(Well, Filler Pokemon technically)

Too Long; Didn't Read @_@
  • Offer Whatever, provide details please
  • Shinies I don't already have = Auto-Win
  • Shokotan Pichu = Auto-Win
  • If I don't have the mon you want me to breed, and you provide me with the mon, one of the eggs will go to me, and you will get back your mon+the egg you requested


As mentioned, my internet is the main wrench in my plans, having successfully taken down my previous attempt. This time, it's improved, but there may still be troubles. Don't worry, I'll try and get your Pokemon to you ASAP. Just remember, there is always that risk when you do online trades. Not really a disclaimer, but HACKS = Okay as long as they don't uber-pwn my game.(Just give me a heads-up, even if you just think it's a Hack) :D One final note, I hold the right to decline any request I find too hard to do. In which case, you will be refunded any Pokemon you already handed over to me.

Contact Me

If for any reason you need to contact me, be it to thank me for a job well done, to let me know if I made a mistake, or to just offer some friendly advice, feel free to contact me.

Over AIM: Nyurghdude

My Friend Code


Last Successful Trade

7/29/09 - 2:30 AM(GMT - 7) - Received Rhyperior(OT: Nyurgh) in exchange for Mercenary the Scizor(OT: Jason)

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Old 07-28-2009, 10:35 AM
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Default Re: Nyurgh's Breeding Shop(Second Attempt)

This post is reserved for...SCIENCE!
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